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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@Cafeine @chartier Thanks for your longtime love and support! We're very actively working on making Android insanely great.@DavidADedman Fantastic!@Cafeine @chartier Patience, Grasshopper, great things are being worked on. :)@DavidADedman You should be getting assistance shortly!@Cafeine @chartier Glad to hear, and thanks for buying on Android. We released the overhaul two months ago. Lots of greatness on the way!@DavidADedman 140 characters at a time is just too little to ably help in this regard. Trust me, you are in superb hands on email.@DavidADedman Hard to say without seeing diagnostics. The support person helping you via email will be capable of solving this.@DavidADedman I see my team is already helping you out with this on email ... they'll get it sorted - they're good people.@DiZeRTeaR ❤️@DiZeRTeaR Our iOS 8 update will be free for all existing 1P4 for iOS users. As for iOS 8 itself, guessing after 9/9. http://t.co/COtqKAN710@DiZeRTeaR You will need to use Dropbox for now until iOS 8 is public, and our update for it is out.@DiZeRTeaR Ah, that's it. iOS 8 makes a change to your iCloud *account* that is not backwards compatible to iOS 7.@Cafeine @chartier I can help with that, too. https://t.co/XDIqZMI4Wr@jamie_gaskins Sometimes we apps can be a bit fickle like that.@iMatzeFX Not in the cryptographic sense, but we aim for as close to zero as we can get. See https://t.co/mpYZQpldFF@MichaelBeil So was this. http://t.co/GWEoDnah1a@Cafeine @chartier May I suggest the Emergency Kit for the future? http://t.co/e1lt41A7ZH@Cafeine @chartier Pretty much. If the Master Password cannot be remembered, there's no way to decrypt that vault.@diablojay Awwwwww, man.@chrisheninger @reybango @lukew Good thing signing into web apps in iOS Safari will get much easier really soon. ;)@DiZeRTeaR :( I guess try again in a few moments? Again, you've *never* used the iOS 8 *or* OS X Yosemite beta? Just want to be sure.@DiZeRTeaR Let me know how it goes!@MichaelBeil You just won the internet today. http://t.co/AEqZm45dJZ@DiZeRTeaR This won't hurt data, but may help the files re-download from the server properly. http://t.co/02rSOp64EQ@DiZeRTeaR You aren't using the iOS 8 beta (or the OS X Yosemite beta), are you?@MichaelBeil I'll mention it to my developers! Thanks for the request!@tdragonite Anytime!@nicksergeant @kevinjohngomez @miked_up Oh man, been there before, felt like that panda. Glad you're sorted.@tdragonite That is a known issue we are working on. Sorry for the inconvenience.@JailbreakHum Sorry about that. Sometimes that happens. Only so many keys and shortcut combinations available. Sometimes we bump into others@nmeth @adhodgson That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@timothycd Honestly, who *isn't* excited for @DestinyTheGame?@Mrthebunny Aw, shucks. You're going to make my icon turn red. Thanks! :D@f3ndot I love you too. <3@Scott_Helme That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@f3ndot Nope, I'm Canadian, eh.@MacBenTosh You check out my good pal, @1PasswordBeta. https://t.co/HxHd49aBMv@Mrthebunny Yep.@atheken They are pretty awesome minions. http://t.co/mgFZY9HqX2@eholtam It's going to be great. I can just tell.@atheken Oh no, what was the scary part? Betas can be an adventure.@renesb So do I, Rene. So. Do. I. ❤️@mStyle If you are running the latest, 4.1.1, you can purchase the Premium features at any time. Tap Settings > Premium features.@Ipstenu @Adm_Hawthorne That's good thinking, Mika. ;)@Mrthebunny Not only a Safari extension, but an App Extension. Tell your favorite developers. http://t.co/onv5PRqEVr@ewokninja You just…get me. ❤️@followfabio Nah, I didn't receive an invite, just checking out the rumor sites like any other humble app. :)@AkvileHarlow @davidgallant 👍🎵I'm so excited And I just can't hide it🎵 http://t.co/FPi8bSstob@davidgallant @AkvileHarlow Definitely get me. I'm even on sale right now. ;)@themacmantw @Create_DM ❤️@Create_DM @themacmantw I love you too. <3@Create_DM @themacmantw Only the best for you. ♥️@Create_DM @themacmantw CANNONBALL! http://t.co/G3RzI6oFq7@ichibod You're welcome!@giantquesadilla Let’s not think of the horrible past. We’re together now, and that’s all that matters. Let’s never be apart. <3@ckhicks I think one of the coolest things about you is that we're buddies. ✌️❤️🔐@alexandre786 @vladcampos Tell your favorite developers that you like a little bit of me in their apps. :)@ichibod Oo, thought of a little workaround: use 1Password mini. Just use Opt+Cmd+\, then start typing, and you have search results.@ichibod You're welcome! I'll be sure to let my developers know you are interested!@frank_spin Let me know how it goes. (May not be a bad idea to also restart the Mac to clear any caches).@ichibod Unfortunately, no, there is not.@zachwaugh Hard to say w/out a look under the hood. Please email us a Diagnostic Report so we can better assist you: https://t.co/Jyvt5guel9@frank_spin Could you try removing and re-installing the extension?@jeremypuk Thanks for recommending me!@andreacbravob @leecasey I wouldn't change you either, Andrea. I think we make a great team. Let’s never be apart. <3@thepoch That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@cnicolaou I may be a little biased, but I think it's pretty awesome!@davidhellmann You're welcome! ✌️❤️🔐@Osvi_Mongi Sorry, I don't have any available at this time. But I am on sale right now for $9.99 (normally $17.99).@fletcherprevin That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@frank_spin Oh no! May I ask which versions of my main app, extension, OS X (or Win), and Firefox you are running?@zakx Anytime!@davidhellmann Yeah, iCloud is changing a lot between iOS 7 and iOS 8. Once iOS 8 is out *and* our update for it, you can switch back.@davidhellmann … for a while longer yet before we switch that to Cloud Keychain.@davidhellmann The only difference is that iCloud uses the newer Cloud Keychain format, and Dropbox is using the legacy Agile Keychain …@zakx No. After Primary, they are sorted alphabetically. I'll note your request to my developers!@jszotten @graemegoulden A good night's rest is best! Stay safe out there. 🔒😴@TymenBailey It's already on the list! I added your vote to it. :)@kevincassidy Behold, the Big Green Button shall lead you to password tranquility.@jonathanfh You're welcome. I wish I could be of more help. Documentation is especially challenging to have translated.
@abc_nyn Sorry for the trouble! Could you please email a diagnostics report so my team can investigate: https://t.co/tKyrbbsKIx@abrad45 Unfortunately my beta program is full at the moment. Sorry!@mcdaniel_isaac Hi, Isaac! No, it's not possible.@Catatonic You're most welcome, glad I could help. =)@Tyrexionibus I wouldn't know, Giacomo. I just sit here and look pretty. They don't tell me stuff like that. =P Thanks for the kind words!@YevP Thanks for the shout-out, Yev!@PlummerKCCO Really glad I can be there to help. Thank you for the kind words. <3@PlummerKCCO Thanks, Josh! I'm so excited! :D@Matt_Gerlach That would be awesome. Thanks, Matt!@gryghostvisuals Currently I can only fill forms for you in your web browser. For apps, ⌥⌘\, search, ⇧⌘C to copy password.@bthdonohue *squee*Just integrated @1Password into @instapaper for iOS8, 27 lines of code for password magic.
Retweeted by 1Password@Bomarzo97 My license is per OS. Mac version is available as a separate purchase in our store or the Mac App Store. https://t.co/3RGzYy8ulz@DavidADedman Aw, shucks. You're going to make my icon turn red. Thanks! :D@DavidADedman Just so you know, we have over 20 dedicated support humans that are always ready to help, and of course, at no extra charge. 😄@TheColonial @rhysparry I recommend pouring a glass of wine to go with WINE. 🍷@DavidADedman Thanks for your kind words and support! :D@rhysparry Semi-related, use the worth a try section here to disable VerifyCodeSignature. https://t.co/tVdNFYnkOR@rhysparry It should. We have an extensive forum discussion on the details. https://t.co/GgamwOziKH
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