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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@stark_tob Great to hear!@SegNerd It's connecting to an old version of 1Password mini. Ever have the trial installed? A restart of the Mac should take care of it.@j3txs Thank you for letting me know you are interested in this! :)@scientifics Could you try the advanced section here? https://t.co/ErO4qCCKt9@CraiggyPops My developers were wondering if you could provide a screenshot with a larger view of the surroundings of the alert.@joemasilotti That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@stewy2117 Thanks! I just processed the refund so you can purchase on MAS. https://t.co/Ro2sbYXofw Also closed the support ticket.@securitygen And sadly, there is no way to tell the App Store that you purchased a different platform's version.@securitygen There are a lot of folks who use iOS only. If we didn't charge for full features there we couldn't sustain that app.@sspif If that takes care of it, mind if I close out that ticket?@sspif Thanks! 1Password 5 for Mac *is* a free upgrade for v4 users. It will be available when your Mac is running OS X Yosemite.@JBaby_9783 That's an iOS bug. Touch ID is overlaid on top of me. This happens if you put your thumb down before the the prompt is shown.@mattgemmell Glad to hear you found the cause!@CraiggyPops That's the autosubmit script that allows the extension to "click" a login button on more difficult sites.@iPlop Thanks for your consideration! More info and a link to our github repo: http://t.co/onv5PRqEVr // Thanks to you also, @maxhasadhd!@ldesroziers Let's get that taken care of. Can you send your current license to support+social@ agilebits .com.@brianc400 But mini me is now literally a mini version of me.@5g6r Sorry, no, we don't store settings for how a password was generated in the past.@alexfregon Are you using a third-party keyboard as default? If so, Me > Settings > Advanced > Allow Custom Keyboards.@andrejacobs81 Gotcha. I'll mention that to the right folks!@jonathan128k No worries. We just have few folks with the keys to the payment stuff, so it is taking a bit to get through those. :)@remyyh Which sync service are you using?@alexandersibert Aw, shucks. You're going to make my icon turn red. Thanks, Alexander! :D@adamprocter You weren't the only one hoping 8.1 would fix that. :(@ncremins ;)@IchRyan But Mac is not in that situation, so that can't work. And we just don't get enough Promo Codes to go around.@IchRyan In-App Purchases have a lot of flexibility in that regard. They can validate off a previous receipt in the Apple ID.@IchRyan That works with In-App purchases, which we also did in 1Password 5 for iOS. Mac doesn't use those, and we get *few* promo codes.@lefrenchfab 👍@Socialism_Never You're welcome!@justintokyo Let me know if it helps or not.@justintokyo Thanks for the ID! When you disconnect sync, do you restart the device before reconnecting? If not, try that. Should fix it.@andrewpriceau What's the ticket ID? I'll check up on it.@twenster 👍@shauny Right now iCloud doesn't support secondary vaults. We'll support it when we are able.@jvdpoel1 I could do a search with an email address (even partial).@arosenfee Correct, the main Touch ID system has to be active for us to use it.@codeofinterest It's on our list to look into.@Llakovo Use the contact link at the bottom of that page I sent you, and we'll make it right for you. :) (Expect a wait, though)@burnflare 1PasswordAnywhere is still only available on Dropbox. It can't run on iCloud's environment.@AseDeliri That's odd. Mac version is fine? Could you try reinstalling iOS version and re-syncing?@KlaudiaJurewicz https://t.co/NDRTMBkUPE And then re-enable it one device at a time.@KlaudiaJurewicz Sounds like the sync data is the thing that is behind. With sync disabled on all devices, remove the sync copy.(next tweet)@danielvlopes There are reasons for the iCloud change. https://t.co/wQKP8KAoq8 Use the Contact Us link near bottom & we'll do what we can.@stevehuey Thank you for letting me know you are interested in this! :)@thoijohnny I love you too. <3@arnab_das Actually, Dropbox was not hacked. https://t.co/KHtxYeRTje But I hear you and thanks for the request!@steveken Glad to hear it is sorted out! Seems like Safari 8 turns off all existing extensions be default for some reason. Silliness.@nickarner Welcome to the family!@tmazza Does the launchpad icon survive a reboot of the Mac?@NIIICELOOKSEAN OH NO WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?@MikeBeas I thought slo-mo was all the rage these days witht he new iPhones. :p@karlstanton If you send a message to support+webstoreicloud@ agilebits .com we'd be happy to make things right regarding iCloud sync.The spotlight has been on Mac & iOS lately, but Windows is back in the limelight with 1Password 4.1 for Windows! http://t.co/uzdVwqTZCI@rdoddala Thanks! There is a bit of a wait. May I have our ticket ID that BitBot sent?@joshstrange You're right. It has boiled down to time. Every time we sit down to do it, something else comes up that needs more attention.@leebennett High five! Welcome to the club!@swb1192 @due3die Screenshots/videos very much appreciated.@swb1192 @due3die What exactly is happening? And steps to reproduce?@TheJacobHolt Someday I will be everywhere. Someday.@alistairholt You're welcome!@blisster138 So those credentials are not in any backup? :(@its_MichaelW Please contact us at support+webstoreicloud@ agilebits .com & we'll make it right. Let me know your Ticket ID when you get it@eduardomart Try disabling sync, then restart the phone, then enable sync again. Should clear it up.@Intecpsp You can store just about anything in me with custom fields or a secure note. That said, I do not have a specific category for that@omathes We'll see what we can do, but it seems it isn't being created as a document until dropped on desktop.@Jckwhet https://t.co/X0U5kgrGwp@Jckwhet Hm, if you unchecked the box in Preferences > Updates, you shouldn't get them. You may want to try downloading stable fresh.@kevinglowacz Yes, sorry about that. Have seen this with old Amazon logins. Re-saving it should resolve the issue.@elvenjen I appreciate the feedback and will pass it along to my devs. =)@ScarPixel Hi, Scott, sorry for the confusion. My legacy versions are listed at the bottom of our Downloads page. https://t.co/X0U5kgrGwp@ronoffringa You're welcome, and I love you too. <3@fredrikalm The thing is that Logins are the only items that can fill login forms on the web. Email items are for reference.@TobyRyan Just call me the Daymaker. ;)@t87 We don't have any sounds in 1Password, so I am unsure what would be causing that. Must be some sort of system sound.@createdeletenew Our Wi-Fi sync was recently turbocharged with automatic sync, and attachment sync. :)@itisJames If you use only Mac (Yosemite, Mac App Store version) and iOS 8, then sure, give the new CloudKit sync a whirl.@stevenringo Please write to us at support+webstoreicloud@ agilebits .com and we'll make things right for you. :)@dagrassel Can you get Wi-Fi sync to work? Just so you can get both devices up to date first?@Patric3B My team is dealing with a big backlog, so sorry for the delay. I have nudged them to have a look, thank you for the ticket ID.@ronguest If you only use Apple devices, CloudKit is a super fast and robust solution. If you need cross platform, use Dropbox.@JoeFerrante We do support the new Family Sharing from Yosemite in the Mac App Store.@JoeFerrante Unfortunately, yes. Apple doesn't provide a way to move web store customers to Mac App Store.@Falkowski Thanks, Brendan! The new menu bar icon is there in version 5 for Yosemite.@riddle May I ask why you are wanting to quit mini? May provide context to better help.@riddle We can look into that. Control-command-q should quit mini, as well as the main app.@jcontonio Oy. Try disabling sync, restart the device, enable sync again. Really sorry about this.@mryaleman Neither of those should be happening. Could you make sure sync is up to date, then try reinstalling the app from the App Store?@markrickert Did you check this box when exporting? http://t.co/aZUhb6ROR8@bbaugh0 Thanks, someone will answer it very shortly.@dunderweiser It can take a few business days.@RobinB92 Agreed, that's why we're having a hard time finding the culprit to fix it.@brysonholland Try using just plain http://t.co/hx05iMROxW & http://t.co/iKexfk5mQK as urls. That's how mine are set & they work every time.@peelman In other things, try option-command-\, and you can copy fields to paste in other apps.@eculcire …send a description of the problem and diagnostics to support+ios @ agilebits, and we'll have a look. http://t.co/13mHwH6THg@eculcire Next time you see this, can you please enable Settings > Advanced > Troubleshooting > Log Settings > App, Lock, and UI Lock? Then…@marciplan ❤️🔐@peelman May I suggest the super cool Command-\ shortcut for me? It will change your life.@charlesv That password was incorrect, Dave.@bvvelzel Looks like it had been merged with another ticket and I am having trouble finding it. Partial email address?
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