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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@camfisk Ack, sorry, Help > Tools. Got my wires crossed.@screenhero What I meant was let me know the ticket ID you receive when you send the email. ;)@MatthewPalm You're welcome!@screenhero Shoot us an email at support@ agilebits .com and let me know the ticket ID? I'll route it to a developer from there. :)@MatthewPalm Yes, the system dims it a bit. We simply make the call to the system, and Touch ID is an overlay on top of 1P.@mcdanj Thanks! Getting someone on it now!@iLeoLars Thank you for letting me know you are interested in this! :)@camfisk Hrm. On Mac, can you try Help > Troubleshooting > Optimize 1Password Vault?@mcdanj What is your ticket ID? I'll get eyes on it as quickly as I can.@Indy_Larry I love you too. <3@Tworth23 We're working hard on it!@shaolin108 Thanks for the screenshot! If you tap on that red error, what do you see? Another screenshot would be marvelous.@disjointedR Please give me exact steps to reproduce. Is this a new note or existing?@hotgazpacho You're welcome!@hotgazpacho Thanks! A developer is sinking his teeth in right now.@GMCz You're welcome!@robrichman36 You even tried turning off iCloud Drive itself and turning it back on?@Tworth23 We'd much rather do it right the first time, than release something subpar and have to re-do it over and over.@Tworth23 It's still a work in progress. Harder to adapt our layout to landscape than you'd think.@jesperfj @shanselman … in other apps, too.@jesperfj @shanselman Mainly this is a Touch ID issue at the system level. We call Touch ID and it layers over the app. I've seen it stick …@TiccisEspresso ☕️🔐@Syphdias Let me know how it turns out.@GMCz Okay, thanks! Sometimes a restart clears out caches that iOS hangs onto.@hotgazpacho Also, please let me know the ticket ID you receive after sending that, so I can look it up and get a developer on it. :)@hotgazpacho Please email us a Diagnostics Report (support+urgent@ agilebits .com) so we can better assist you: https://t.co/Jyvt5guel9@GMCz Out of curiosity, did you restart the phone at all? Also, double check that same iCloud account is used in Settings > iCloud.@jkarmy Try unlocking the extension and please send me a screenshot of the failed attempt.@jkarmy Yes, the main app and mini read from the exact same database. The extension actually is just a 1P mini instance as far as that goes.@shanselman I just tagged you in someone else's reply, too. Is it the actual phone locking, or can you exit to home screen?@jesperfj @shanselman … But I haven't seen it lock up the device. Home button always takes me home and I can kill app from multitasking.@jesperfj @shanselman I've seen where if you touch the sensor before the prompt comes up, the Touch ID layer sticks. That's an iOS bug. …@GMCz Did that work?@hotgazpacho Is this on the 5.1 release or the just-released-a-couple-hours-ago 5.1.1?@MarkDMill You're welcome!@QuaCKeReD I'm sorry, but I just have no way to refund that PayPal. (I even clicked the button just to see if maybe it would let me)@QuaCKeReD That depends entirely on the card issuer. Most are 30 days.@shanselman Give it a drive and let me know if you continue to see this.@shanselman Haven't seen that at all here. We do have some touch ID improvements in the 5.1.1 release, and some 6+ specific fixes.@robrichman36 Can you give this list a run through? https://t.co/BmZX7ELotr@camfisk We just released 5.1.1 for iOS. If you update to that and let it sync, is the discrepancy still there?@CaffeineComa *hug*@MarkDMill Not yet, no.@MarkDMill You can attach them on the Mac or Windows versions, and then they will sync as read-only to iOS.@notruBykciR You're welcome!@yuusharo The data is written a little differently between the two services, that's where the difference in size comes from.@bfbehrenshausen Aw, shucks. You're going to make my icon turn red. Thanks, Bryn! :D Say, that'd make an awesome iTunes review. ;)@QuaCKeReD The webstore license. Looks like you purchased about a year ago. Paid with PayPal. Sadly, PayPal only allows refunds to 60 days.@__Martinelli Hello! If you are experiencing some problem, I would love to help.@Flighto Have a great day!@GMCz We just released 5.1.1 for iOS today. Can you make sure to update to that and see if it helps?@camfisk Are these item counts in the Sync panels, or the All Items count in Categories?@yuusharo Also, on the Mac, how large does Finder say the 1Password.agilekeychain is in Finder?@yuusharo …today and that could help with keeping things in check.@yuusharo That does seem extraordinarily high. It may be worth removing the app and reinstalling from the App Store. We just released 5.1.1…@Flighto Certainly. Simply enable Touch ID in settings. But you have to also enable Touch ID in the device settings. https://t.co/CxHGxVBhbg@pkerwien Thank you, Peter!@markcrosby Most welcome! Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.@shanselman Hi, Scott, sorry for the trouble! Do you mean that even the Home button doesn't work and you have to restart the device?@simonmark My devs are investigating the issue, but in the meantime, the delete-and-reinstall fallback may be what you need to try again. =(@simonmark There is a peculiar hang that occurs and causes this in some situations. Not affecting all, and not always, so hard to pin down.@GraveSpy720 So sorry, Chris. Did BitBot reply with a ticket ID? What is that ID, please?@QuaCKeReD The license is trickier. There's no way for us to migrate you to the MAS. If you purchased recently, we can issue a refund.@QuaCKeReD There are two aspects to this, the license and the technical migration. Technically, it's no problem: https://t.co/Ro2sbYXofw@ploiero If it's happening frequently, I recommend using Wi-Fi sync for now.@ploiero Yes, my devs are still investigating the issue that is affecting app settings, including sync.@hagnas Thank you, Henry! <3@iRodknocker Yes.@commerzbank Sorry for the trouble! What happens when you click File > Backup? Any error messages?@jkarmy Please open main app and restart mini from my Help > Troubleshooting menu, then restart your browser.@Jasonfinn We will all just have to take your word for it. RIGHT?! ಠ_ಠ@simonmark Sorry for the trouble, Simon. Does the problem persist if you restart my app?@GMCz And you've upgraded your iCloud account?@Youngjm Thanks for asking, Joel. We discovered an issue affecting Firefox 32+ so had to hold it back to get things fixed.@jagga08 Thanks, Sid!@kukondo That's wonderful. Thrilled to welcome your family to mine, Ciarán. <3@timonus @Flipboard Wonderful, thank you. <3@nobert Customer feedback helps us prioritise implementation. That said, there is certainly no obligation. =)@jerryluti Thanks, Jerry. =)@davezawislak 👍@mrgnw Thanks for the kind words, Morgan.@BryanRahn Sorry for the trouble, Bryan. My developers are looking into this as we speak. Meanwhile, re-establishing the DB link will help.@TiccisEspresso Thank *bounce* you *bounce* !@teenwolfblitzer <3@Flighto Hello! I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand your question, can you elaborate?@kukondo While we don't talk about future plans, v4 was launched earlier this year, so you should be good to go.@notruBykciR My team and I would love to help you with that. https://t.co/tcPr5o3lPV If you have specific questions, please let me know!@nobert Everyone's experience and expectations are different. Would love to hear your thoughts, if you'd like to share.@siluah This generally indicates a sync conflict, but it's certainly not something that should be happening every time you edit an item.@davezawislak Inability to paste is a bummer, but when a site changes, usually saving a new login fixes the problem. Hope it helps!@thegeekyninja It's pretty great, I highly recommend it. :D@philix5 Hallo, Phil! =)@leothelion96 Really appreciate that, Leonard. <3@jeremyfranklin Thanks for the feedback, Jeremy!@ccwebsurfer Thanks, Clint!@jinwuhan Excellent!@Jasonfinn /me kermitflails and rushes into a slo-mo tackle.@agir Thank you, Agnes, I love you too. <3 (Though I'm feeling a bit bad for your toes, it's starting to get pretty chilly!)@arnab_das I will pass along your kind words, thank you very much. <3@iRodknocker There's something going on that is affecting app settings, including sync. =( My devs are investigating, sorry for the trouble!
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