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"Facebook said it wouldn’t immediately use the data gathered from the Nearby Friends feature for targeted advertising." Via WSJ"The Facebook spokeswoman said the company won’t use any data from the Moves app, but that could change in the future." Via WSJ"At the heart of Facebook’s business model is its knowledge about users, which it uses to sell targeted advertisements." Via WSJ@monkbent Nice job getting the audio more balanced in ep 2. Just started listening minutes ago.
@gruber Yosemite. ;) ;) *Listening to the show right now.“He founded the two premier American luxury automotive marques, Cadillac and Lincoln.” Henry M. Leland via Wikipedia http://t.co/uEUgWIE9ZkThe June 2 Programming for Everybody #PR4E on @coursera has 10K students. If you missed the last one https://t.co/FE9TXxTWRx
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@telephase Maybe a toilet in the basement without a sink right next to it?Apple issues security fixes for iOS, AirPort Extreme and Mac http://t.co/I6E6HsnBqp via @ahess247
Retweeted by David DamoreiOS 7.1.1 security update. HT: @waltmossberg http://t.co/WSwbKaUk5v
@Lifeiskitsch Good job on that pace.@vpostrel DM fail?Scary: Bots aren't just followers anymore. Now they can influence political agendas & cause real-life traffic jams: http://t.co/nZIysA3U9K
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Robert De Niro's first 6 second film https://t.co/35VlOfPphj
Retweeted by David Damore@vpostrel Did you inspire the Nest? ;) Just read your post “Rising Heat” from 1998. http://t.co/FRq2nrVjbg"Amazing fruit" looks widespread. http://t.co/WKYifRYYWFSeeing questionable tweets. Looks like some accounts are compromised.NYT: "In Detroit, Judge Takes Offbeat Tack in Hiring Help" – @nytimes http://t.co/3t8AMy3WQsWSJ: "Why You Shouldn't Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" http://t.co/zanDvG9M7c
Amazon Studios http://t.co/xCbiCY1bBa“Have the next big idea for a movie? Submit a 2-15 min. concept video to Amazon Studios for a chance to have your movie made.” ← Amazon.
@BrianSozzi Who’s the clown in that picture? ;)@dacort We had a beautiful day like that here in Detroit too. *There were clouds and some wind.@dacort Is it raining too? ;)@davidhoang They probably want prospects to be so invested in the process they feel they can’t walk away. *This is a really great apartment!@BrianSozzi Not in the store by me. http://t.co/agonVSGkPg *Store locator.@parislemon @parislemon The Daily Double is behind Passport Photos.“Knowledge is of little value unless it is spread and understood, and that is the role of teachers.” #JCiA87 p. 201“The Innovation Revolution is based upon the rapid obsolescence of products, services, and, in some instances, people as well.” #JCiA87“Every turn of the economic wheel throws some to the ground and raises others to new heights.” #JCiA87 p. 166
@shinyinfo Yep. *I’m commenting for a friend. ;)@shinyinfo Digitize those receipts. Then shred or recycle.@SonicElectronix You folks on Vine?@finnllow If you can, make a Vine video of that.@finnllow Prepare to ram! ;) ;)@Dr_Becki Where can Best Buy find more customers like you?Vine → Feed → TV https://t.co/kqHtH2dJUg *This looks interesting.@DavePeckens I have Match. Like the commercial free radio stations one can create.@adellecharles Do you want them to go to a Google Spreadsheet or something like that?@adellecharles IFTTT. Send Twitter Fav to … https://t.co/ZqWSOvkxkgThis is the Starbucks NYT offer. http://t.co/BVtU2zPpgJ@iankibble And they don’t tell you what the parameters are for setting up a password. Have 3 version in 1P now.So, Starbucks and the New York Times do a promo and there are problems every step of the way.“Passwords can contain only letters [a–z], numbers [0–9], periods [.], underscores [_] or hyphens [-]. Please try again.”“Please provide a password that is between 5 and 15 characters in length.” ← New York Times! You can do better.
@pnkrcklibrarian Is that a pheasant?
“These workers insist upon good recreational facilities and schools and will choose to settle in areas that offer such amenities.” #JCiA87"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly." - English Proverb. You can't flourish if you don't persevere
Retweeted by David DamoreYo @msuster @jason Thanks for the book referral. Just ordered on @audible_com +Kindle too. http://t.co/BagCIjmcIx
@benblackmer what a fine day it is.@MindyHansel That Dell sounds like a sweet machine. Any interest in selling it? ;) ;)@marcoarment That’s a location based service to tell if where you are has bad coffee, right?@marcoarment Is that your future coffee app for after you sell the podcast app? ;)@loyalelectron Zuck must have strong hands. That’s a stainless steel tumbler. ;)@shinyinfo FTW!@shinyinfo Bruce is from Michigan, right?@bjstrawter for some people, an iPad is their first digital camera.@bjstrawter Those folks paid good money to learn how to use iPad. ;)At the Apple Store. They are teaching seniors iPad photography and selfies.
Create a twitter list of the right people posting the right stuff and you have "exposure to ideas at the leading edge of change." #JCiA87"High rates of innovation depend primarily on brains, not land or harbors or cheap labor." #JCiA87 p. 139"If the response to a setback is an entrepreneurial surge, recovery is likely during the next 5 to 7 years." #JCiA87 p. 115@bhaskarsb Was thinking gasoline transactions. Reduction in fraud for larger purchases. *Is the owner of the card at the pumps?iBeacon for two factor authentication?@sarahlane Is that a cat or a dog paw bear?
@OvercastFM How does one apply to be a beta tester?@davidhoang It makes sense. Reminde me of high school. People have changed with time was my finding. *High school reunion.@DanielleMorrill Is Google considered SaaS? It does a job but ads pay instead of the user.@DanielleMorrill is SaaS about paying monthly and on a per user basis?@davidhoang Does Facebook essentially highlight (& amplify) human shortcomings etc?@DanielleMorrill Did any computer software firms serving education in early 80′s IPO? Perhaps my definition of aaS is off.
@inafried Or a contempt of court charge?@lesley48220 Sunshine coming through the windows at work? *If yes, that’s good right?
"The act of starting a new business, be it income substitutor or entrepreneurial, requires a great deal of courage ..." #JCiA87 p. 76Technical progress / innovation. Same, different, how related?@sama That sounds interesting. Send a few to me at name @ domain . com and I promise to read them. ;) @paulg
“Full access to The Wall Street Journal Online is unavailable due to technical difficulties. …” http://t.co/fPC0LN0D39wow. @dropbox DMCA takedown in personal folders . . . this is new to me. http://t.co/fSKxJUrFus
Retweeted by David Damore@brianalvey Here are the @SaraBareilles songs I have. Any more I should add? http://t.co/pTEjlm3JA8@brianalvey Who needs a music discovery app when there are people on Twitter sort of making it in to a game?@johnbattelle What’s the name of that shoe exchange app? Brilliant idea. *Only sort of joking. Cheers. :D@brianalvey Just bought the @SaraBareilles song Vegas. *Quote leads to a sale. http://t.co/p9yOXVmBRj“… his assistant had to explain what the strange noise was, as well as how to use a rotary dial phone.” #DialTone@msquinn Is that a billion bitcoin operation? ;) ;) *funny, not funny? cc: @parislemon #Tulips
@BowerGulley Are you trying to tell me they are sold out already? ;) #Oberon14@faitherina Is that the kid in the middle? *Humor attempt *Did it get a smile or half smile?@jdalrymple Jim, you’ve been working hard all morning. It’s time for a Heineken. ;)@suzytrotta You image host is reporting lots of clicks on one of your images. #meow@BowerGulley is #Oberon2014 out now? Maybe one after work will brighten your day.@DanielleMorrill That’s a great idea for an app! ;) ;)
@AndrewWarner How many people don’t know about that sliding clip on Apple earbuds? Well demonstrated in your picture.
@vpostrel Bookplate arrived today. Thank you. #ThePowerOfGlamour
@librarythingtim I’ve been thinking about what kind of movie(s) one could make with just 6 seconds. Sort of a 140 like constraint.@librarythingtim Is simple, short and easy perhaps the way for a person to start? More complex and in depth with time?@librarythingtim Thanks. Something for me to think about.@librarythingtim Really? Hmmmmm.Vine + Yelp! = ??? *Could be some creative things done there. *Six Second Venue Review.
@Jmartens Do they have a big jerky end-cap too?@GregBensinger Did a WSJ blind bracket and ended up with Florida as champs.Is Y-Combinator like a small elite college? cc: @paulg
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