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David Damore @Admore Detroit, MI, USA

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@vpostrel Did you inspire the Nest? ;) Just read your post “Rising Heat” from 1998. http://t.co/FRq2nrVjbg"Amazing fruit" looks widespread. http://t.co/WKYifRYYWFSeeing questionable tweets. Looks like some accounts are compromised.NYT: "In Detroit, Judge Takes Offbeat Tack in Hiring Help" – @nytimes http://t.co/3t8AMy3WQsWSJ: "Why You Shouldn't Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" http://t.co/zanDvG9M7c
Amazon Studios http://t.co/xCbiCY1bBa“Have the next big idea for a movie? Submit a 2-15 min. concept video to Amazon Studios for a chance to have your movie made.” ← Amazon.
@BrianSozzi Who’s the clown in that picture? ;)@dacort We had a beautiful day like that here in Detroit too. *There were clouds and some wind.@dacort Is it raining too? ;)@davidhoang They probably want prospects to be so invested in the process they feel they can’t walk away. *This is a really great apartment!@BrianSozzi Not in the store by me. http://t.co/agonVSGkPg *Store locator.@parislemon @parislemon The Daily Double is behind Passport Photos.“Knowledge is of little value unless it is spread and understood, and that is the role of teachers.” #JCiA87 p. 201“The Innovation Revolution is based upon the rapid obsolescence of products, services, and, in some instances, people as well.” #JCiA87“Every turn of the economic wheel throws some to the ground and raises others to new heights.” #JCiA87 p. 166
@shinyinfo Yep. *I’m commenting for a friend. ;)@shinyinfo Digitize those receipts. Then shred or recycle.@SonicElectronix You folks on Vine?@finnllow If you can, make a Vine video of that.@finnllow Prepare to ram! ;) ;)@Dr_Becki Where can Best Buy find more customers like you?Vine → Feed → TV https://t.co/kqHtH2dJUg *This looks interesting.@DavePeckens I have Match. Like the commercial free radio stations one can create.@adellecharles Do you want them to go to a Google Spreadsheet or something like that?@adellecharles IFTTT. Send Twitter Fav to … https://t.co/ZqWSOvkxkgThis is the Starbucks NYT offer. http://t.co/BVtU2zPpgJ@iankibble And they don’t tell you what the parameters are for setting up a password. Have 3 version in 1P now.So, Starbucks and the New York Times do a promo and there are problems every step of the way.“Passwords can contain only letters [a–z], numbers [0–9], periods [.], underscores [_] or hyphens [-]. Please try again.”“Please provide a password that is between 5 and 15 characters in length.” ← New York Times! You can do better.
@pnkrcklibrarian Is that a pheasant?
“These workers insist upon good recreational facilities and schools and will choose to settle in areas that offer such amenities.” #JCiA87"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly." - English Proverb. You can't flourish if you don't persevere
Retweeted by David DamoreYo @msuster @jason Thanks for the book referral. Just ordered on @audible_com +Kindle too. http://t.co/BagCIjmcIx
@benblackmer what a fine day it is.@MindyHansel That Dell sounds like a sweet machine. Any interest in selling it? ;) ;)@marcoarment That’s a location based service to tell if where you are has bad coffee, right?@marcoarment Is that your future coffee app for after you sell the podcast app? ;)@loyalelectron Zuck must have strong hands. That’s a stainless steel tumbler. ;)@shinyinfo FTW!@shinyinfo Bruce is from Michigan, right?@bjstrawter for some people, an iPad is their first digital camera.@bjstrawter Those folks paid good money to learn how to use iPad. ;)At the Apple Store. They are teaching seniors iPad photography and selfies.
Create a twitter list of the right people posting the right stuff and you have "exposure to ideas at the leading edge of change." #JCiA87"High rates of innovation depend primarily on brains, not land or harbors or cheap labor." #JCiA87 p. 139"If the response to a setback is an entrepreneurial surge, recovery is likely during the next 5 to 7 years." #JCiA87 p. 115@bhaskarsb Was thinking gasoline transactions. Reduction in fraud for larger purchases. *Is the owner of the card at the pumps?iBeacon for two factor authentication?@sarahlane Is that a cat or a dog paw bear?
@OvercastFM How does one apply to be a beta tester?@davidhoang It makes sense. Reminde me of high school. People have changed with time was my finding. *High school reunion.@DanielleMorrill Is Google considered SaaS? It does a job but ads pay instead of the user.@DanielleMorrill is SaaS about paying monthly and on a per user basis?@davidhoang Does Facebook essentially highlight (& amplify) human shortcomings etc?@DanielleMorrill Did any computer software firms serving education in early 80′s IPO? Perhaps my definition of aaS is off.
@inafried Or a contempt of court charge?@lesley48220 Sunshine coming through the windows at work? *If yes, that’s good right?
"The act of starting a new business, be it income substitutor or entrepreneurial, requires a great deal of courage ..." #JCiA87 p. 76Technical progress / innovation. Same, different, how related?@sama That sounds interesting. Send a few to me at name @ domain . com and I promise to read them. ;) @paulg
“Full access to The Wall Street Journal Online is unavailable due to technical difficulties. …” http://t.co/fPC0LN0D39wow. @dropbox DMCA takedown in personal folders . . . this is new to me. http://t.co/fSKxJUrFus
Retweeted by David Damore@brianalvey Here are the @SaraBareilles songs I have. Any more I should add? http://t.co/pTEjlm3JA8@brianalvey Who needs a music discovery app when there are people on Twitter sort of making it in to a game?@johnbattelle What’s the name of that shoe exchange app? Brilliant idea. *Only sort of joking. Cheers. :D@brianalvey Just bought the @SaraBareilles song Vegas. *Quote leads to a sale. http://t.co/p9yOXVmBRj“… his assistant had to explain what the strange noise was, as well as how to use a rotary dial phone.” #DialTone@msquinn Is that a billion bitcoin operation? ;) ;) *funny, not funny? cc: @parislemon #Tulips
@BowerGulley Are you trying to tell me they are sold out already? ;) #Oberon14@faitherina Is that the kid in the middle? *Humor attempt *Did it get a smile or half smile?@jdalrymple Jim, you’ve been working hard all morning. It’s time for a Heineken. ;)@suzytrotta You image host is reporting lots of clicks on one of your images. #meow@BowerGulley is #Oberon2014 out now? Maybe one after work will brighten your day.@DanielleMorrill That’s a great idea for an app! ;) ;)
@AndrewWarner How many people don’t know about that sliding clip on Apple earbuds? Well demonstrated in your picture.
@vpostrel Bookplate arrived today. Thank you. #ThePowerOfGlamour
@librarythingtim I’ve been thinking about what kind of movie(s) one could make with just 6 seconds. Sort of a 140 like constraint.@librarythingtim Is simple, short and easy perhaps the way for a person to start? More complex and in depth with time?@librarythingtim Thanks. Something for me to think about.@librarythingtim Really? Hmmmmm.Vine + Yelp! = ??? *Could be some creative things done there. *Six Second Venue Review.
@Jmartens Do they have a big jerky end-cap too?@GregBensinger Did a WSJ blind bracket and ended up with Florida as champs.Is Y-Combinator like a small elite college? cc: @paulg
Little compliments, big (positive) impacts.Can you see greatness in others? If you see a little glimmer, why not engage and encourage them?Will you encourage someone today?@JoannaStern Is the top hat where the wireless battery pack will reside? ;) ;) *All day power as long as you wear this hat.@pmarca Does Hallmark have a card with the right sentiment for this situation? Re: Larry
@Jason Is there a way to see a list of comedians (on Twitter) and see the amount of stars and retweets, earlier today, for each?Looks like Google Talk is down. Just saw @jdrive tweet about it.@CorpMagazine Cool@CorpMagazine Just noticed your tweet was from GPW. Here often or just passing through?@Jason Looks like latest build needs user ratings. *Just downloaded it. Will rate it soon. http://t.co/FGsY4TWPXr
@balanon Place a million dollars in small unmarked bills at the 19th hole and I’ll call you from the Bahamas with the answer. ;) #TheMasters“Whatever its nature, the innovation creates growth opportunities upon which the entrepreneur capitalizes.” #JCiA87 p. 69“Doctors could monitor patients through transceiver hookups, truckers and taxi drivers could be routed and summoned by use of them…” #JCiA87@Lifeiskitsch Did the dog play with Fitbit when you were not looking?
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