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Just sent Wikipedia a few bucks. #ThankYouWikipedia *An amazing resource worthy of our support.@GRPress Has or had?@greerjb On the east side for business?Beautiful Autumn day in Michigan today. Enjoy it while it lasts.#RemixCD *Musical time travel. http://t.co/Gbapga7mwf
To teach x well you have to be an expert not just on x but also on the mistakes people make when learning x.
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Coincidence? Or nah? http://t.co/u668AsVNdr
Retweeted by David DamoreI just backed Carvey, a great-looking desktop CNC machine for 3D work on @Kickstarter http://t.co/Odg8DwzhYZ
Retweeted by David Damore@dwiskus Thanks for the reminder on that app name. Think it’s buried in a folder somewhere and couldn’t find it earlier.
@pmarca Off to create a Twitter list of those folks. This seems interesting.@mrmccarroll I need an iPhone case made for geocaching. *Pen holder for a Space Pen. *Idea from geocaching in GPW today.@mrmccarroll WP: “Osmo announces $12 million funding round, will be sold in Apple stores” http://t.co/0IhOgxya4d “3D-printed its first …”
Saw the first snowplow of the season earlier today. #PureMichiganTexas Instruments Announces First Commercial Transistor Radio (1954) http://t.co/3trhQAybGb via http://t.co/OubOuRLoCf
@natalievenuto Very nice picture. Print and frame worthy, maybe?@jsnell Bakers dozen gets it done. Lucky 13.@mariahc Try cinnamon and/or maple syrup on oatmeal.@mrmccarroll Here are the 3D printer pictures from the other day. https://t.co/JLvEZ1InSS@mrmccarroll 3D Printing articles via http://t.co/F0WiC19sTX. https://t.co/ByS7dKOJwE
The guy who had “new Mac Mini” on his bingo card is, of course, taking a bathroom break right now and missing this.
Retweeted by David Damore@dnanian Just got my drive out and about to SuperDuper a backup.@Ihnatko Baller! ;)WSJ: “Think the Kansas City Royals Are Named for Kings? That’s a Bunch of Bull” http://t.co/dJXybImEUI
Hilarious! Thx @MurphyMediaKM for sending. What Happens When 2nd Graders Are Treated to 7-Course, $220 Tasting Meal http://t.co/ypoKTSx8UM
Retweeted by David Damore@Pistachio Summer camp was a long time ago. That’s the name I remember. *Typo in last reply.@Pistachio boondoggle? *Simmer
Pumpkin spice shaving cream.Pumpkin spice body wash.Pumpkin spice toothpaste.@gruber Will MG be on The Talk Show again soon? Just the other day I was thinking he might appear again soon.
@shawnblanc Hey you, I just wanted to email you about … ;) ;)The Journey. http://t.co/si3IYlyo8R
@chartier Went Pro. http://t.co/3jBUBUw50I@chartier Thank you sir. Have a great day.@ellmcgirt Thank you.@WMUAdmissions @wmunews Hope campus still looks great for Homecoming in a few weeks. #WMUCampusClassic5K@ellmcgirt Cool. I’ll keep an eye out for it. Is there an RSS for where you will be posting it when it is done?@ellmcgirt Is that going to be a future column/post?@chartier What is this Clips app you speak of? Link will be appreciated. Thanks cc: @viticci http://t.co/tlxFdZYeVD@lesley48220 Perhaps you have two opposing thoughts that are stirring. Long-term investing vs. short-term spending.@lesley48220 Ahhhh. Thought you were talking about a rollover.@lesley48220 That’s a natural feeling. One puts so much trust in them it feels bad to take away their business.“Great companies have secrets: specific reasons for success that other people don’t see.” #ZeroToOne https://t.co/iwuUjAnGKw“you can’t dominate a submarket if it’s fictional, and huge markets are highly competitive, not highly…” #ZeroToOne https://t.co/iwuUjAnGKw@Blagica hmmmmmm. Gonna check those out. Maybe on YouTube for video. Cheers.@Blagica What’s a snow bike? Never heard that term before.@krharrison How are the bathroom lines? Asking for a friend. ;) ;)PSFK: “Control Your Mobile Apps via Wireless Shortcut Button” http://t.co/osRUtzmWLM *This looks really cool.
Telegram for Mac→ https://t.co/BHi1Wr009f *Looks great so far."How Radio Can Defend the Dashboard" *Interesting read. http://t.co/WOE0VT2SHcConstruction begins on the 30 Meter Telescope in Hawaii. https://t.co/n4MElqdkjB http://t.co/ZcZorwcDHl@JessicaGottlieb A PSA on that would have men tell other men that they will be their DocPal so they can get checked etc…@JessicaGottlieb You have identified a need men have. DocPal ← Not sure what such a thing might be called.OkDork: “What Babysitting Taught Me About Business” http://t.co/a8PKPMowfU
Peak Pumpkin Spice is nearing. This bubble is about to pop."Inflatable Hot Tub Lets You Relax Anywhere" - PSFK http://t.co/AOmKTLBxUrPSFK: "Can’t Wait for the Apple Watch? Print One at Home" http://t.co/WXHe6B7EB0
“... they’ll ask: how can computers help humans solve hard problems?” #ZeroToOne“Advanced software made this possible, but even more important were the human analysts, prosecutors, scientists…” #ZeroToOne“As computers become more and more powerful, they won’t be substitutes for humans: they’ll be complements.” #ZeroToOne
Gonna see if Biggby will let me start a franchise in my kitchen. http://t.co/Jak44Cxibu“Many of the best job opportunities in the next decade are likely to involve careers that don’t exist yet. ” https://t.co/nwJWTHiA3O“Reminder to self. Be real with people and share real life tough situations and challenges.” #DayOneYou interact with life and life interacts with you. Change can happen. Ideas applied can lead to ...Will you dare yourself to just make one small change to see what happens?Are there small changes that if implemented could have a huge positive impact for the organization/mission?Are you artificially limiting your maximum performance because you are not paid for that now?“People at a successful startup are fanatically right about something those outside it have missed.” #ZeroToOne@WSJ What are the trade offs? Less air might mean more broken chips. Might also mean less out of stocks since more product can be shelved.
@KatieBoehret Tineye did something like that as I recall.@ScottMonty Punchline please? Or, was that the punchline?humancode.us: “Secure your iPhone with a Long Numeric Passcode” http://t.co/6buKQt3rsx@mrmccarroll PSFK: “3D Printing Skin Grafts to Heal Burns” http://t.co/2uR2WeQSrp@Resonemus Is it transferable? If yes, does it help resale value assuming one sells at replacement time?
@jdalrymple PSFK: “Marc Newson on Designing Heineken’s Home Draught Machine” http://t.co/HCLpNk3A4a@mrmccarroll This might interest you. WSJ: “Recruiting Tech Talent in High School” http://t.co/E8eFGeRKlz
@bjstrawter Thanks. Will have to get over there soon.
@bjstrawter Where did you get that? The bottle on the left looks interesting.any Michigan designers looking for a freelance gig with a tech / farm startup out of AA?
Retweeted by David DamoreWSJ: "Big Data Cuts Buildings' Energy Use" http://t.co/K6lbVJyZbr"Office hours" *Build skills. http://t.co/jwpnZkA9Hr"What your days look like" http://t.co/lS1iDRohgUInstapaper: "iOS 8, Text-to-Speech, Premium, and Profiles" http://t.co/QsKXjt2rayA social referral does wonders in breaking down walls. A communication bridge it is.The James Altucher Show: 33 "Noah Kagan: What It’s Like to Lose $100 Million at Facebook" http://t.co/JGt7vSQTFFThe coffee challenge. Ask for 10% off. @noahkagan *Listening to the @jaltucher podcast. Episode 33.Mostly clear sky tonight. Look up.
iOS 8.0.1 http://t.co/TIOM4cHD7S8.0.1, as mentioned in the iOS 8 GM release notes, is out now. https://t.co/ACTTeBIU1y
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@pkedrosky When is the podcast of that launching?“Sometimes you do have to fight. Where that’s true, you should fight and win.” #ZeroToOne https://t.co/qIC7rBbdXW“Competition can make people hallucinate opportunities where none exist.” #ZeroToOne https://t.co/qIC7rBbdXW“Rivalry causes us to overemphasize old opportunities and slavishly copy what has worked in the past.” #ZeroToOne https://t.co/qIC7rBbdXW@ijustine Try a smaller size. No one needs a venti PSL. ;) *Have switched to the grande and it's the right size.Small gestures actually make a positive difference.@jdfwarrior Adding to device. *Relistening now. http://t.co/yegABaHcny
@Kels44 its a worthwhile stop on a trip. Hard to say if it’s the only destination.@Kels44 Yep. Long road trip. Should revisit the analog pictures I took in that trip.@Kels44 Going to Yellowstone on that same trip?
@nikki_little Just saw this at Starbucks in Mt. Pleasant. cc: @jasonsurfrapp http://t.co/nK9AZBdw6Z
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