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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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People are great.HAHAHA! Best (probably unintentional and just angry) pun, EVER. “@barrielouise: @AnneWheaton @cindy_veidt get off your fucking high horse.”@KrisLugo Hey! I'm 5'8"! That's not tiny! :-)I don't know. It does seem like a poor marketing choice, but to each his own.I'm no expert but perhaps asking for spare change while propped up against a building, smoking the strongest smelling weed EVER is not ideal@MsSlyJones Bourbon instead of vodka. :-)Oh, lookie. It's Kentucky Mule o'clock! http://t.co/5SkJBJAV1iWOW I'M GROSS. http://t.co/a23YlrO2bXWoops. Wrong photo. DO OVER.That time I wrote a Cards Against Humanity answer card for a girl and THEN she told me she was pregnant. DOH! http://t.co/Fb6P2LGYfR@Liamski25 @wilw Another person trying to make something about race instead of appreciating the art that is created.EEEEE! These are in the @EspionageMakeup booth at the @GeekandSundry lounge! #SDCC http://t.co/GQF0F3WMfhWow. This is really awesome. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (Cover) by Daniela Andrade: http://t.co/tzK6r6lTrKA lesson in cause and effect. #sdcc @AnneWheaton @wilw @feliciaday @bonniegrrl http://t.co/WSNX1VdLG5
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@Queen_of_Snark GROSS.Hmm...that doesn't sound right.Wil is going to be in @GeekandSundry lounge from 12:30-5:30 today playing ALL THE GAMES. Maximize your Wheaton saturation all in one place!Today, I'll be in the @GeekandSundry lounge w/ @bonniegrrl in the @EspionageMakeup booth from 12:30-3:30 w/our #VandalEyes nail wraps! #SDCCGOD, HE'S CUTE! “@PHS_SPCA: Benny's(A359010) reaction when we told him he was in our #spay/#neuter clinic. http://t.co/Dum0jtVVCtIf anyone needs any bags, I have two extra ones. They're being stored under my eyes. #SDCCIf you're wondering where all the tireds are, I have them.@YuriLowenthal @bonniegrrl @GeekandSundry @feliciaday DAMMIT!!Backstage #VandalEyes at w00tstock. http://t.co/e2SBwW3QC8BEST. EVER. “@bonniegrrl: It's hoppin' at the @GeekandSundry Dance Party w/ @AnneWheaton & @feliciaday! #SDCC http://t.co/VZsmULmYW7
Some of my favorite nerds. with @bonniegrrl, @BadAstronomer and @bergopolis. I LOVE THESE GUYS. http://t.co/WP6CTJ2KSQNo need to worry I won't return her camera. I gave her collateral of my personal stash of an unopened Emergency Googly Eye tin. PRECIOUSSS.I'm carrying on the tradition of taking an audience members camera from @Stepto, who couldn't be here this year. :-)I'm pretty sure Jennifer Nolan in the audience for w00tstock is going to be very happy w/ the pictures I got for her backstage w/her camera.I got the camera from the person with the farthest seat from the stage at w00tstock and have been taking pics backstage with it.Backstage at w00tstock with @donttrythis. I LOVE THIS GUY! http://t.co/hqVnKC3FMI@Stepto So? DO.@Stepto I will totally so this.IT'S SO CUTE NOW! “@mikeyface: Okay, you guys, @annewheaton fixed Chasm Skulker. I'm gonna sign it and give it away. http://t.co/V9P6KSubwo@MeredthSalenger @bonniegrrl @EspionageMakeup @GeekandSundry YAY!!@singsinthecar They sure were. I hope you and your dad had fun!@AnastasiaW Hooray!!@serialnerd DOH. It was awfully good though. :-)I'll be w/ @bonniegrrl in @EspionageMakeup booth at the @GeekandSundry lounge w/our #VandalEyes nail wraps from 1:30-3 today. Stop by! #SDCC@serialnerd Uh oh. Amanda feeling alright?I think @StoneBrewingCo needs to make a badge that says "I survived HopCon" because that's no easy task, but I did it!@yoawla @StoneBrewingCo So nice to meet you and your friends! Enjoy the rest of your week!
SAN DIEGO WE ARE IN YOU AND NEED FOOD AND BEER STAT!Well, thank GODS this zit is forming on the side of my nose. I really needed the beauty boost for the week. Thanks! *flips bird at face*@thegamesmith It's so bad it's GOOD. Embrace the sharks, Boyan. EMBRACE THEM.@thegamesmith Don't you trash talk my Sharknado, mister.@tinkerbell71787 Our delay was because of a fatality, not a normal part of Amtrak issues. We will get there when we get there. :-)@Pramas @YuYu_Kami Mm...frozen waffles...300 people boarding, in case that wasn't clear. :-)Delays? What delays? http://t.co/t7dacbp82oBoarded our train after 3 hour delay only to find out we will be at the next stop for an hour while 300 board. Holy. Balls. On. Fire.DAT FACE. “@PHS_SPCA: Some of our shelter dogs take the term "office dog" quite literally. Pictured Gloria (A359361) http://t.co/YfZmjdB8MV@Pramas Dude. I freaking love chomping on frozen tater tots. I think I was dropped on my head as a child that makes this okay to me.@tweetsoutloud @KeahuKahuanui @sizemore @Rileah @OneEyedJedi @tjchambersLA @Nedopak Dammit! Even cats with laser beams are with you! GAAAH!!@TheBloggess Not wearing your face right is the best description, ever.@TheBloggess If it doesn't burn like battery acid and smell like cat pee and Windex, it isn't Ogilivie.@sizemore @tweetsoutloud I knew that Metrolink took off with all of our buddies. I KNEW IT.@CheesyG This is the first time we've experienced a delay with the train. They are almost always right on schedule.@cascio @wilw That is THE BEST.@ClareGrant @SethGreen Yay! Happy anniversary!!There are so many ways to get help for depression. Talk to friends, doctor, call hotlines, go to free clinics. Seek help. You deserve it.Our train is delayed because someone jumped in front of the NB train in Ventura so all trains are stopped while the coroner is there. Awful.Nothing like waiting on the platform for your on time train arrival only to find out the train is delayed 2 hours. Yay.....adventures! O_oI have 3 tickets to #w00tstock 6.0! Orch Row L #SDCC Please DM if interested! @paulandstorm @wilw @SD_Comic_Con @donttrythis
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@BoingBoing Now that's using your head.@scalzi There's a joke in here somewhere about a being a pine tree because you get to the point instead of the tree everyone leaves.
@wilw Keep it down in there, will ya?Living with a nerd is very noisy.*Forgets something he needs to do on computer, restarts it, Tardis noise* *Walks out of office, Star Trek door slide sound*What I hear across the house as Wil gets ready for bed. *shuts down computer, Tardis noise* *puts coins in Pac-Man piggy bank, chomp sounds*@Rileah @TheGlitterJedi In the @GeekandSundry lounge!@seanbonner I HAVE THE POWAAAAHHH!@tweetsoutloud BYOBontheT@xOSaabx I thought the six tins I actually packed was excessive for this photo. ;-)@JasonRitter I love that you are on Drunk History right now. THE BEST.@Marcia_Cat @StephenOglesby Woohoo!EEEEEE! NEW DRUNK HISTORY IS ON!@TheGlitterJedi @bonniegrrl OH BOY!! I can't wait!@BradWillis @cavaticat DAT NOSEI doubt the train would have w00tstout 2.0 when the obvious mass supply of it is in COSTCO IN SAN DIEGO DAMMIT.The 1st time we had beer from @StoneBrewingCo was on the train to San Diego. It would be pretty awesome if they had w00tstout 2.0 tomorrow.@BackpackingDad Yippee!!PEOPLE OF SAN DIEGO!“@StephenOglesby: W00tstout 2.0 @ my Costco! Just in time for ComicCon weekend. Cc: @AnneWheaton http://t.co/Pxs6Vv3Z4KOMG AWESOME. “@withonea: Wheatons of the Caribbean @wilw #photoshopwilwheaton http://t.co/8Cz3p53n88@djharvey64 It is!@terrymaximo HA!@Herne I picked him up at some party 18 years ago and he's been around ever since. ;-)My super hero tote bag was made by Carey Payne who owns http://t.co/T1leRfZGUc. ALL THE NERD THINGS!FAQ: My Crusher shirt is from @HerUniverse, Emergency Googly Eyes from @archiestore, and #VandalEyes nail wraps from @EspionageMakeup!@alivia_marie It's one of two different sets @bonniegrrl and I designed with @EspionageMakeup!I have worn this shirt before so if you see me wearing it at SDCC, the guy behind me will most likely be nearby. ;-) http://t.co/0x2zdv0LMKAlmost forgot the most important thing! Hello, tote bag of happiness! http://t.co/AuOFKn0ZRZMy supply of actual nerd gear that's coming with me to SDCC may be small, but it is mighty. http://t.co/O2zDk7pNlqI'M PACKED! I'M PACKED! I"M PACKED! THIS NEVER HAPPENS EARLY! I'M PACKED! *cue brain kicking in all the things I've probably forgotten*Every time I tell @MarloweWheaton how much I already miss her when I'm packing for a trip, I get smooches. PUPPEH! http://t.co/b4RYXNcRFLI know w00tstout 2.0 has a limited supply, but @StoneBrewingCo is doing a special release of it this fall as well. There's hope to find it!I don't know where w00tsout 2.0 is being delivered to. Best to ask your local markets or @StoneBrewingCo directly. :-)One bottle per customer per day. One left. I'm going to be nice and leave it but it's at Burbank BevMo so go get it! http://t.co/ip9h93OP0VI am not comfortable with this. http://t.co/ftyaQdMnvcFill 'er up! #VandalEyes http://t.co/sQP7crbKL4@CYLONmatrix Woohoo!
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