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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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@wilw Oh, Wil.@dsgnJenn Yay! The pictures turned out pretty great thanks to your awesome camera. :-)@frostillicus2 As far as I know, he's attending to do game stuff with @GeekandSundry but I don't know the schedule for that either. DOH!@frostillicus2 I don't know. Is he scheduled to do that this year?@MamaMinx @wilw HAHAHA! :-)AWWW YEEAAHHH.... https://t.co/b48br5k79Y@JamesBenEmery He's lost 25 pounds since October. :-)@mimi78 WHAT. That's crazy!OH GOD. HA! “@YKnot: @AnneWheaton @TheJillKushner @wilw it's a Kilt,Baby! Here, you Need This: http://t.co/v9UnUHyoUe@MommyofDarkness Mine too!@BadAstronomer Chandler is such a sweet, young man. :-)AWW YEAH...“@TheJillKushner: My favorite host looking particularly sexy today. @wilw #LegsForDaysBaby #wilwproject http://t.co/ZIfvKcUJOe@BadAstronomer HAHA! PRESS, CARL!@Cassia_ Hey!! ;-)Dude. I am totally laughing out loud at that while I walk by myself. Ahh...the 'ol portable audience I supply for myself.BUMBARDED, CARL!!Goodness, there's a lot of panhandlers out in Pasadena today. I'm feeling a bit bumbarded.@ckwright Beautimous!Sorry. No pics of Wil looking skirty & flirty from me. We went our separate ways for the afternoon but I will tell you, he looks GLORIOUS.@NikaHarper He prefers to save his snout up the skirt action for when you come over. ;-)When Wil asked me why I was wearing a dress, I told him it was too hot for pants so he put on a kilt. It's updraft Friday for the Wheatons.@Nerdtastic_ @wilw Aww...that's from a photo shoot we did for @clockwork_ctr about a year and a half ago. :-)@AngieKinSeattle Yay! Happy birthday!!Facebook is down. Someone tell it to stay there.
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@nitemareprncess I believe there is some game play stuff happening with @GeekandSundry at GenCon but I don't know the schedule yet.Wil and I are both going to GenCon this month. He's there Wednesday to Sunday, I'm there Wednesday to Friday afternoon. Cram in the fun!!One convention, two birthdays, and one movie screening party down. Two more birthdays and one more convention to go. Yaaayyy, summer!!My phone just *gets* me. http://t.co/Hn960rN83S@tweetsoutloud @wilw It's only 20%. That could be anyone's fault.What's important here is how much I've accommodated this bed hog. http://t.co/OkFnjab7Vi@JessicaChobot @DIYNetwork He really knows how to stop, collaborate, and listen.@Quoylette HA! Nice. :-)
@sirwheaton @KoppNolan Now that's love. *chkchk* PULL!@dingodadd When that hit my face during filming, I totally started laughing. :-)You eating apple? WE LIKE APPLE. http://t.co/ECuZlnPwJs@orangarnold :-)Wil made up a bunch of funny lines that can be seen when the DVD comes out! “@GeraldWebb: Behind Scene http://t.co/VWcU63g7IZ” #SHARKNADO2@kevpaq One. :-)Watch out for the shark! “@DannCook: @AnneWheaton the faces... http://t.co/gpfJLQ1XLM@ClareKramer @Syfy @juliebenz @GrantBowler HAHA! We're just covering all the eye line possibilities. ;-DLooks like #SHARKNADO2 is airing in the U.K. now. The love and gore cinemagic continues! *chomp chomp*@bergopolis @wilw This is SO AWESOME.You can even see the shark! HAHA! “@seanbonner: This happened! #Sharknado2 #Sharknado2 AnneWheaton, Wil Wheaton https://t.co/9z5IHK2FJuHA! “@jontando: @AnneWheaton @sirwheaton Happy birthday, T-Shirt!”@DirectingTitan @mikeyface @sirwheaton HA!@sirwheaton Aww...does that mean I can't call you Pootie Woo anymore?Best #TBT, ever. Twenty five years ago today, I brought an 8 pound 5 ounce baby boy into the world. Happy birthday, @sirwheaton!@joefortunato It was ridiculously fun to do. :-)@PatrickStutzman It was me. :-)
FIN https://t.co/a43Yuh465FWith this ring, I thee dead. YEAAAHHHH!!!! #SHARKNADO2YES #SHARKNADO2 https://t.co/1fbewSTP89SHARKS ARE MOVING IN. #SHARKNADO2 http://t.co/pKSRZBdEotSharks are on fire. IT DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS. #Sharkado2HOLY MERGING SHARKNADOS. ITS GOING TO BE A SUPERSHARKNADO. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!! #SHARKNADO2 http://t.co/BS3gEgmxZHShark step. https://t.co/mI7V4bCdV8@AnneWheaton TOO SOON.
Retweeted by Anne WheatonLet me give you a hand, little girl. -Tara Reid #SHARKNADO2SUPER SOAKER NAPALM LIGHTER FLUID, BITCHES. #SHARKNADO2This is a twister WITH TEETH. YEEEESSSSS. #SHARKNADO2Wait. Was that a... LOAN SHARK?! #SHARKNADO2Because Wil couldn't do the subway scene, they put the two of us in the airplane scene instead. BEST. DECISION. EVER. #SHARKNADO2Fun fact: the subway scene w/Jared was supposed to be w/ @wilw on the platform, but Subway wanted to make a commercial of it. #SHARKNADO2DON'T TAZE ME, BRO. #SHARKNADO2A SHARKNADO AND A SNOWSTORM?! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, CITIZENS OF NEW YORK! #SHARKNADO2@wilw YOU KNOW IT!One ferry ride to Chewnsville, please. #SHARKNADO2WHY ARE THEY NOT AT A HOCKEY GAME PLAYING AGAINST THE SAN JOSE SHARKS. ARGH!! #SHARKNADO2YES!! “@D_Ulanicki: RT @AnneWheaton: @wilw #SHARKNADO2 http://t.co/2yF9REv51o http://t.co/TkvW4i62lnHey, will you give me hand here? -Tara Reid #SHARKNADO2THE BEST. “@DariaBilowus: @wilw & @AnneWheaton catching the redeye. #SHARKNADO2 #Sharknado2TheSecondOne http://t.co/sQHqghwSkEOn stage for #SHARKNADO2 filming, I prepped myself with this rubber shark mobile. http://t.co/c018q2XlckOH MY GOD SHARK WIND. I LOVE THIS!! #SHARKNADO2That doctor is totally going to mend her achey breaky hearty. #SHARKNADO2@AnneWheaton You can also check out the Red Cross guide to surviving #Sharknado2 here http://t.co/Ytu1qZUSS6
Retweeted by Anne WheatonSURPRISE! “@PinkyGuerrero: So @WilW & @AnneWheaton did a #Sharknado2 photobomb BOOYA http://t.co/0xX47IUFEuSECRET REVEALED. You have no idea how hard it was to keep the secret. #SHARKNADO2 http://t.co/2yF9REv51oSO MUCH CARNAGE!! #SHARKNADO2WHAT. #SHARKNADO2 http://t.co/PW8BAi6RuwStewardess, I speak jive. #SHARKNADO2THERE IS A HOW TO SURVIVE A SHARKNADO MANUAL?! WANT. #SHARKNADO2IT'S ON!!!!! #sharknado2#Sharknado2 cake for The Wheatons viewing party! Anne jumped on her kitchen counter. I think she likes it. @wilw http://t.co/XDvOMoNUr3
Retweeted by Anne WheatonTo clarify, we will be live tweeting SHARKNADO 2 THE SECOND ONE, not the first one. We did that last year. ;-)@warrenellis Damn straight, baby!I love SHARKNADO because it's silly, unbelievable & has hilarious cameos & puns. If that's not your thing, mute us during live tweet viewing@warrenellis @wilw You know you love it, Warren. LOVE. IT.This GLORIOUS #SHARKNADO2 cake with it's blood red velvet center was made by @justjenn. HOLY HELL AMAZING. http://t.co/VU8wUDFAq6@feliciaday GET HERE, WOMAN!It's about the red velvet center for maximum killing machine likeness. https://t.co/gkz31K6aaSI decided to have a few friends over to watch the cinematic majesty that is SHARKNADO 2. I ordered food from Sharky's (OF COURSE) and....Movie viewing mascots. #SHARKNADO2 http://t.co/B08AQbAVgyHAHAHA! “@polgeclement: @AnneWheaton Actually it's 6:17 here! #FranceIs it 6:00 yet? Is it 6:00 yet? Is it 6:00 yet? #sharknado2@KoppNolan THAT'S RIGHT, BABY.@tweetsoutloud @Brilliant_Ads Love this. :-)
My favorite birthday boy. http://t.co/s9St2NBKH1What a dump. http://t.co/lWid0XNWklStarting the birthday celebration w/cajun martinis, ending it w/chocolate soufflé. I love celebrating Wil's birthday. http://t.co/c7jiJ9u95EBecause it's a FAQ, you can bet your sweet ass we will be live tweeting watching #SHARKNADO2 tomorrow. OH YES. IT WILL HAPPEN.
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