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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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@bonniegrrl You only mute? Block that shit, baby!!
Holy balls you guys found them. YES PLEASE AND THANKYOUVERYMUCH. http://t.co/oj0u4xrzySOh well. At least I got a picture of those FUCKING AMAZING shark shoes which I totally want now.I joked about #BYOChainsaw for the #SHARKNADO2 screening and @IanZiering actually had chainsaws on his shirt AND I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE.I go to the #SHARKNADO2 red carpet premiere and what's the ONLY picture I take? Shoes on Julie Brown's feet. RAD. http://t.co/qacVZY7iCx@TheBloggess @wilw @bonniegrrl They had several goats there. I'll go back and get one for each of us. They'll make a great drill team.HAHAHA!!! “@Dirtyboy: @AnneWheaton Don't know if I would take used cell phone advice from someone whose specialty is dog food.”Seriously, people.ProTip: If you're buying used cell phones at a swap meet for 40 bucks, chances are they're not from a reputable source.UPDATE Couple in mystery selfie identified; no longer suspects in burglary:http://t.co/diADQep7vE ‘It’s embarrassing’ http://t.co/Sepcg9obFB
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@KeahuKahuanui There's a dog food winner club?! WE ARE ALL WINNERS.@rhiannoncahours Dude, you were scorin' free dog food before free dog food was cool. YOU WIN. #HipsterChowKlout is ridiculous to me, but they just let me know I received a "perk" in something I'm influential in. DOG FOOD. I win. Go home.@TheBloggess Thinking of you... http://t.co/gt6HpNKrXzMT“@GadiNBCLA:Man pictured in selfie tries to talk to detective - but is told come back tomorrow. #LASD http://t.co/WLmhSwcLxK” @AnneWheaton
Retweeted by Anne WheatonWouldn't it be awesome if those people were caught stealing because of their picture getting on Twitter? HA! Dummies..@Yahoo @YahooNews Yes. This is what two thieves who are stupid enough to take selfies with stolen merchandise look like. #whatamaroon“@MotherNatureNet: How bad is California's drought? Before & after pics http://t.co/h9rP5UQs3M http://t.co/Sm5naFiDqI” RT @AnneWheaton OMG
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@okvalleygirl57 @MotherNatureNet Looks like Lake Shasta. Yipes!@brubaker @feliciaday snapSpeaking of Sharknado, we are totally going to see it in a movie theatre tonight. HOLY CRAP SO EXCITED. #BYOCHAINSAWTHAT'S HOW IT STARTS. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! “@HabsLions: @wilw @AnneWheaton The early stages of a #Sharknado ? http://t.co/ddVFhM1uxB@Raynaadi It's from my dentist. It was made right after getting braces off so if I don't wear it all the time, my teeth shift a bit.@NosmoRex I really do. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go scoop up some dog poop in the back yard.*pries way too snug night guard from top teeth, wipes drool from chin, cringes with teeth pain* Good morning!
One of these days, I'll sleep in my own bed w/o Luna clawing the fuck out of my legs for moving and disturbing her. Today is not that day.@AmandaCook627 @Gen_Con We bought 3 copies in the convention that weekend. Fun for us and our friends!@sherrihoover281 I wish!@AmandaCook627 @Gen_Con Boy, that was fun. :-)According to this mannequin in Bloomindales, wearing a Coach purse like a fez is the latest...um...fashion? http://t.co/QAuSrmiWCFThose dishes aren't going to clean themselves. But first, let's have a looksie at Twitter. Ooh, this magazine needs to be read. And also...Man, I love my phone. It always knows just the right thing to say. http://t.co/LAMuaH3Nat@Rileah Happy birthday, lady!
@wilw I'm not going to say I told you so. I'm not going to say I told you so. I'm not going to say I told you so. I'm not going to say...Waiting for your dogs to drink from the fresh toilet of water before you sit to pee is like some kind of love/hate for your dogs/bladder.YES. “@miniktty: @AnneWheaton http://t.co/cuYQVnSRhnI want to create my own superhero villain like Poison Ivy, Cat Woman or Harley Quinn. I think I'll call her Anne Thrax. #genius@ZPrincess Hehehe... ;-)@scalzi DAT FAUCET FACE. cc:@FacesPicsBut then again, someone funded potato salad with a Kickstarter, so there's that.It seems silly that someone has a Kickstarter to put googly eyes around cities when we have been doing #VandalEyes for free for years.@cascio The 'ol Fossilraptor.@YlvaUllsdotter @KoppNolan He looked two months old in the newborn nursery. All the nurses came in to see me, because I had such a big baby.@TheBloggess ;-D@lartist Damn!@BigChris77 HA!*chkchk* PULL! #HappyTshirtCannonDayToNolanI once described pregnancy as being a host for an alien and childbirth as being a vaginal t-shirt cannon. Because I'm horrible like that.HA!! “@2p2TrollCat: @AnneWheaton @KoppNolan Holy shit. That's not a t-shirt, that's a turtleneck. Happy Bday to the little fella.”Twenty- three years ago today, I brought a 9 pound, 9 and a half ounce baby boy into the world. Happy birthday, @KoppNolan. I love you!@cavaticat ;-)@LyssaPearl @wilw Oh god, that's adorable. :-)BLOG: "Challenge (Silently) Accepted" http://t.co/eCjwEMN745@djharvey64 ;-)Stop it. JUST. STOP IT. I can't take it. https://t.co/RRIWowNYcrTen hours of restful sleep in my own bed with my husband, two dogs and one cat tucked in around us. It's good to be home.
I keep seeing people dumping huge buckets of water filled w/ice over their heads for a charity and it makes me cringe for our drought needs.Turns out "Wonderwall" by Oasis on repeat has consistent sound throughout the song to drown out baby crying sounds.@PcanRockOutLoud *waving back*@Stepto Mostly my blanket. So that's nice for warmth.@aionVlad We were on a flight once where the parents did that and then the baby never cried.HA!Update: In an attempt to get more comfortable in my seat, I launched my entire beer across the aisle of the plane. So, you know, awesome.Update:Somewhere over Colorado, baby behind me is crying. I'm now drinking beer because even these noise canceling headphones aren't helpingUpdate: still waiting on the Tarmac, baby finally stopped screaming and now I'm wide awake and hungry. Now it's my turn to cry #WAAAAAAH@Sidrat2011 I am in first class. The screaming knows no sound limit. ;-)When you get settled in for your flight and just want to sleep but sit on the Tarmac for 45 minutes w/ a screaming baby behind you instead.Did you fall from heaven? Because it looks like you landed on your face. #AwkwardPickupLines
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@TammyRosenfeld If you missed when I made the potato salad a second time, using wasabi mayo from trader joes made it even better.@TammyRosenfeld Thank you. :-)@RoelVeldhuyzen Ivy vines growing up the walls of the building.Goodbye, New York! Thanks for all your tasty food and awesome weather! http://t.co/4itprIRwCy@TheCrowMother TURN. AROUND.Happy Monday!@fishheadned THERE IT IS. ;-)@TheVulcanSalute @YuriLowenthal @taraplatt @bonniegrrl THE BEST.
@JosephScrimshaw HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!@andrewtavin @MaraWritesStuff They might be, but I wouldn't count on it.My night started in a bar in New York w/ awesome friends and ended in a concert where they gave me their set list. http://t.co/Q3zkNEdIFh@ocularnervosa That's weird. Why?HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE BEST, EVER. https://t.co/9nKch9zMxLWhen you sneak into an Echo & The Bunnymen concert. https://t.co/AknKTLNYav@johnroderick @kmcgivney @MolecularAtom DAT FACE.@johnroderick Your voice is filling this room in song as I celebrate birthdays w/ @kmcgivney & @MolecularAtom & it makes me miss your face.What a disaster. “@akafrancie: Some blonde chick at this bar ponting gluten-free brownies out the window like a hacky sack. So classless!”@AnneWheaton Ants: WOOHOO! Brownie! ::scurry, scurry:: ::climb, taste:: CURSE YOU, ANNE!
Retweeted by Anne WheatonAre hacky sacks made out of gluten free brownies that get punted our onto sidewalks? Uh, because I'm totally asking for a friend.I am not chucking gluten-free brick brownies out the window of this bar in New York. Nope. Because I'm a classy gal and these aren't gross.@lesleygodd1982 Don't mind if I do!@BySusanFinch *punchpunch*@NikaHarper I'm so ahead of puffy eye fashion it isn't even funny. #HipsterPuffBloomingdales salesgirl: "This serum will help w/ the puffiness under your eyes." Me: "Less late night bourbon & Rock Band will help more."Purple bruise on my hand from playing tambourine in Rock Band last night is quite the souvenir from my trip to New York.
@BadAstronomer @TheBloggess @bonniegrrl Man, I hope this has something to do with Vagamite.@TheBloggess How Britishy of you.@TheBloggess FYI, pasties doesn't mean the same thing here as it does there. So, you know, keep that in check. #girlytweetMore Than A Feeling...and a purple bruise on my hand. #RockBand http://t.co/a4uFF6ZFpqOh, Rock Band, how I've missed you and your willingness to let me shriek Boston songs in your face and bruise my hand playing tambourine.Sometimes the decor in a Mexican restaurant needs a little improvement. #VandalEyes http://t.co/wnYgsvridr@cca_99 @feliciaday I am SUPER allergic to avocado. :-)@Stepto I know. I had to make due. So ugh.
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