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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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@D_Shabam @bonniegrrl That's adorable. :-)WOO! TableTop Season 3 is at $650k! Still going to do a video of me & Wil doing Marlowe style zoomies when its $750k! http://t.co/OXKdo8IJh0@jonahray HAHAHA!I accidentally read this pamphlet as "Latter Say Taints." Now THAT would be a religion people could really get behind.
@bonniegrrl @wilw @KeahuKahuanui 11:1damnDefinition-To follow RUH. See also: Scooby Doo. #Scrabble http://t.co/E3HhuQ5bn8@wilw @LAKings Lordy on fire, help us all.@wilw Hopefully the people in the studio you're at won't mind. *bow chicka bow wow*I wonder if @wilw would approve of the replacement glasses I got from my optometrist. http://t.co/JTeLcRd707Table 5, Table 5. https://t.co/bcbaSBdTXR@GeekyLyndsay HAHA!I'm not sure if these paintings in my vet office are meant to make my cat feel at ease or judged by her peers. http://t.co/og6utpitI7@akctyger From @archiestore!@ladyenigma @AnimalLeague @bonniegrrl Rescue pets are the best. :-)@TallysTreasury I thought so too. ;-)@erikmjung They did!@DebbieGibson Jeez, lady. That is scary. I'm so glad they figured out what it is so you can start feeling better. :-)@Bayesianist They're not flannel, they're cotton. :-)@BackpackingDad That would require going outside. I can't do that yet because none of my neighbors are out to catch me in jammies. :-)@BackpackingDad As you can see, I am a classy gal.@NotJoeCreighton HAHAHA!@cindyreddeer Ooh. Make up ready is pretty impressive. :-)Nothing says "Good morning, internet!" quite like a selfie in pajamas, no make up, bed head and googly eye glasses. Nice one, Wheaton. Nice.I think I found the perfect size glasses. They really compliment my face, don't you think? http://t.co/WPzdxhgkqaGoing to get new glasses today because I need bigger frames to accommodate my multi-focal lenses. #ThrowUpThursday@doolbneerg @BethMantey @mediocrefilms Regret?! They're AMAZING. :-)
@justjenn @LATimescitybeat HA!!OHMYGODTHISISINTHEGAME. #CAH http://t.co/E7QTqs3G7gI win. #CAH http://t.co/ue65MtzMT6@mediocrefilms I like to think they made this because of us. :-) http://t.co/lwADSZyAY4@kronda Aww...@BackpackingDad YIPES!@ChristinaBeeWho @wilw Wow, that's cool too! Bonus!Age progression of our nephew (3 months up to 21 months) is more apparent in the same pose with his aunt and uncle! http://t.co/pkJE10nk68@evesims Kick ass!!@MonicaMarieV YES.I want to write an article about laser beams just so I can call it the "Pew Pew Review." #genius
@matthewmspace I'm not an actress so that won't happen. :-)@BadAstronomer That's a dare worth at least $15, Mister.@TheAshleyClem FINALLY!*Knock knock knock* Bullseye! *Knock knock knock* Bullseye! *Knock knock knock* Bullseye! http://t.co/le1LxLEFGFIt took 10 episodes before I was brave enough to do it, but I TOTALLY DID IT. #VandalEyes http://t.co/28T1OfTlB4@tweetsoutloud I bet you could ask @billprady about that. ;-)@Erskinesc YAY!!First on the agenda of fun? Going to the taping of The Big Bang Theory tonight because Wil is in this episode. Yippeeee!!One of my best buddies is on her way to stay the week with me. I'm so excited! *backflip*I wrote this one year ago today, sitting in a hotel lobby bar, sipping a drink with shaky hands. http://t.co/6je6vUTWKT
Retweeted by Anne WheatonWil has the for reals camera and proper lens for taking pictures of the eclipse. I'm sure he'll post them tomorrow. :-)It doesn't exactly translate on an iPhone, but for those asking for a pic, err...here you go? #lunareclipse http://t.co/M8fya54vUl
Weird to see it getting dark outside as the moon gets covered up but so cool to see it turning red with Mars above it! #totallystayingawake@Tehkella That is the coolest thing, ever. Lucky!Must. Stay. Awake. #LunarEclipse@TRina_Lockary Me too. :-)@BackpackingDad When adults act like that, my first thought is always "Boy, I sure hope they don't have children."I will never understand how someone feels good about saying a hateful thing to someone else. And for that, I am eternally grateful.@SeattleLuna I recently wrote one for $1.09 for balance of a medical bill not covered by insurance. The hell, people.@spud64 Yep!@Eris0303 I pay extra on bills online. In the comment box, write "additional to principle" so they know you're paying down balance!I sometimes write checks to pay when online bill pay isn't an option. I'm not that lady writing checks in the grocery store for fuck's sake.How much do I love that I just wrote check #1414 on 4/14/14? ALL THE LOVE. Also, I'm still a check writer. So there.@1TrueDAS We're still working on how to do that. It's still pretty new to us. :-)@geekfitgirl @cavaticat The to/too and lose/loose one kills me. KILLS. ME.@dumbleao HAHA! That's awesome. :-)WOO! "@Abstruse: @AnneWheaton You use the Oxford comma, and that's good enough for me.”So basically I'm winning at Monday is what I'm trying to say.At least my fear of writing an email to a writer tweet has the correct use of your/you're, using an & instead of and, and lacks punctuation!@cavaticat I find this hard to believe. :-)Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department.When you're emailing a writer & over-analyzing your own writing of the email because you aren't a writer & your email writing probably sucks@KellyFremm Almost. ;-)@getcrackin Hmm…now that's a thought. ;-)Damn you, bowl of pistachios that I can't stop eating. DAMN YOU.@bonniegrrl @wilw @tweetsoutloud @KeahuKahuanui 4:14 on 4/14/14 HOLY BALLS I AM GOING TO IMPLODE WITH #NUMBERNERD EXCITEMENT WHEEEEE!!!!!!!!@wilw And here I am, buying you socks in the hopes they would be seen. Silly me. http://t.co/FiQwnWMpbTHope the people around me enjoyed my windows down, radio blasting while I belted out "Power of Love" by Huey Lewis as much as I did. Woops.@NitaO66 Thank you! You too. :-)@AnikoTevvit I do it ALL the time. ;-)@bad2wrs I never tell anyone in another country that they do things wrong. I think it's awesome that there's differences. :-)Yes, I know you think the country I live in is "wrong" for not doing things the way your country does. Aren't we past that? YEESH.@CarpeMagica My time and date tweet was just a numbernerd tweet. My following tweet about the dates all week was about palindrome. :-)@leilams THAT is awesome. :-)@BadAstronomer That's better. ;-)I think that makes me some sort of Queen Numbernerd. HAHA!I think I've been sent, no joke, at least 300 tweets in the last 48 hours letting me know the dates are palindromes all week. HA!Whew! Typed that fast because I didn't want to miss it AND I GET A WHOLE WEEK OF #NUMBERNERD GOODNESS OH BOY!!11:14 on 4/14/14. #numbernerd
@D_Iz_Rod @wordnerd23 @bonniegrrl I love it!Are you going to bed? I LIKE YOUR BED. http://t.co/0ZVj8ahynk@MoxieBombshell @bonniegrrl @EspionageMakeup @TheBloggess That's when I took this picture. HA! http://t.co/A3q2tQEh86@MoxieBombshell @bonniegrrl @EspionageMakeup I think @TheBloggess would be proud. :-)Most satisfying episode, EVER. #GameOfThrones@ConanOBrien @MTV Whoa, that looks so much like the "Stewardess, I speak jive" piece I once saw in 1980.@jeffsaporito Whoa.Announcement at baggage claim: "Was anyone playing cards on board? You left behind a 9." Man, I love small airports. #Burbank@dadbert97 PRETTY!@James_LRR I heard it's going to rain here next week. Apparently we are taking the sunshine with us. :-(@KelsieVosburgh GROSS.@dagraffman @wilw Haha! Sorry about that. ;-)@animalkg SWEET.Springtime in Oregon. What a dump. http://t.co/JwLGA8KVQv
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