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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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Four days in southern Oregon and I already acclimated to their weather because OH GOD SWEATING BECAUSE IT'S 87 HERE. #girlytweet@levarburton I think @MicaBurton gets more beautiful every time I see her. And more grown up. STOP IT. ;-)@kevingchristy Whoa, buddy. Keep it clean, will ya?@feliciaday Next time, lady. NEXT TIME. You would've loved it.@WilMcQueen OMG awesome. HA!
Holy crap if you ever get the opportunity to see Erasure in concert, GO. @AndyBell_info is an amazing performer. SO AWESOME.OMG BEST CONCERT EVER. #erasure http://t.co/DetDidI7mvEver go to an Erasure concert with hundreds of people and you run into @YuriLowenthal and @taraplatt? #boom*Impatiently waits for band I've never heard of to stop playing so ERASURE CAN GET ON THE STAGE AND BE AMAZING*I have been informed by someone that I'm tweeting too much. I will be quiet now. Have a great weekend!There are so many elementary school age kids on my flight that I put my noise canceling headphones on while waiting at the gate. Holy louds.@blairbeveridge My brother had that, too!@BackpackingDad HA! Awesome.@cavaticat I got rid of my piano two years ago. DOH!@r10pez10 there was only you and me...I subjected my children to this for many years when they were little. They thought it was funny, but not so much when they got older. HA!Of course, learning how to play "Heaven" meant I had to exaggerate the raspy singing of Bryan Adams to accompany this.@JennaBusch HAHA!!In high school, I'd learn how to play songs I'd hear on the radio. I was reminded of that today when I heard Bryan Adam's "Heaven." Yipers.@cavaticat Oh, damn. HA!Funny how you forget things until a punch to the brain reminds you. WHAT DID YOU DO *punch punch*The airport bar is playing Bette Midler's "The Rose" which just reminded me I played that song at a piano recital as a kid OH GOD.@thevowel Jesus. That's awful.ARGH. Delayed flight again. FAIL.Someone just said the shooters were just got caught. Whew! They were hiding in a canyon by my friend's house last we heard. OY.Again with the guns. Seriously, people. This is out of control.SACRAMENTO I AM IN YOU! PLEASE FIND THE SHOOTERS SO MY FRIEND'S KIDS CAN GET OUT OF SCHOOL LOCKDOWN.@BarlowAaron @tabletop @wilw YAY!!@fangirlingjess No plays. Just enjoyed the scenery and tasty restaurants.:-)Goodbye, Ashland! Thanks for all the yummy! And now, to get home in time to see Erasure in concert tonight. OH BOY!!
The moral of the story is this: In life, there are things that suck. But if you can make it through with minimal embarrassment, you're set.So, in my panic I decided if I looked down then he couldn't see me but then I freaked out and peed on my hand. Me and panic don't blend wellI pulled over by some blackberry bushes to pee because HOLY HELL I held it for a long time but then a dude drove by and saw me.I tossed flowers over a bridge in memory of my mom but then had to pee really bad so I tried to do that discretely outside. Um..not so much.Do you ever do something that totally sucks that's balanced out by something ridiculously funny? Me. Today.I always just post what I'm thinking or feeling here. Sometimes I forget there's people on the other side of it. Thank you for your kindness@GayleOS :-(@wilw I love you too, Puss.@mikeyface *smoosh* :-)Rough day is rough.Took a scenic drive to visit my grandparents in the veteran's cemetery for the first time and on to where my mom died 21 years ago today.@darthclue @wilw @feliciaday @GeekandSundry I'm so glad we got to do that. :-)@eaganj Absolutely. ;-)I'd like to take this home with me. Can I get a to go container? http://t.co/029GzZVAhkYummy. https://t.co/UkSm4XFgBN@catobie Kick ass!!Ok, mom voice done. Carry on.@TallysTreasury It just makes me cringe in embarrassment for them. Yeesh.This all feels like schoolyard bullies who don't get their way so they storm off the field and take the ball with them. Dumdums.I don't play video games (beyond 8-bit technology) so I don't get why men care so much that women play. Guys, you're embarrassing yourselves
@WilliamShatner @heykim @wilw O_o@WilliamShatner @heykim @wilw Sometimes a girl likes a guy in uniform. *oontz oontz oontz*@TheDecoySnpr @wilw We are in separate states.@TimProbable HAHAHA!@wilw One that was the style at the time. Or at least 10% of an onion.Maybe.I also told him that I waited tables for 8 years when I was younger and that kind of comment may have contributed to farting on their food.We had the same waiter, who told us he's heard worse in his 12 years as a waiter. I was mortified on behalf of those ten percenters.@__madreloca HA!Old couple seated behind me in restaurant to waiter: "You EXPECT us to figure out what 10% is?!" AARP is calling. They'd like to punch you.@JeanneRuairi What a sweet face!@wilw Good call. #hawt@wilw I gave it a boot to the head after the fire, just to be sure.@wilw It's wacky tacky turkey man, of course.NO. http://t.co/ncuR4KPmf6@mimi78 So pretty!@jessievigil08 West Linn, outside Portland.@Commander_Kzin HAHA!@cavaticat ;-)Can you tell this California girl who's originally from Oregon misses the seasonal changes we just don't get at home? HA!Autumn leaves and rain on the way. Wheeeee!!! http://t.co/eQHqxL8Ron@Bergiott Not yet but soon!What a dump. http://t.co/PQjrKrO9xY@metalupis Pretty!Yippee! Autumn leaves in Ashland, Oregon! http://t.co/ylGwSkhUaR@IW1911 HAHA!@mamamarti HA!HA!! “@kevingchristy: Not covering your mouth when you sneeze at an airport is basically taking an air dump.”MyFitnessPal yelled at me about eating bacon beignets with salted caramel ice cream on my hotel floor last night. Judgmental fucker.
Yes, we all see that Renee Zellweger parts her hair on the other side now. I know it's a big change, but let's move on.@Perfect_Anomaly Target!#whitetrashchic http://t.co/6WJbpYlOWL@thegamesmith Always.I am the poster child for "white trash chic." #flamingopjsandtogofoodFTWSitting on hotel room floor in pink flamingo & trailer flannel pj's, eating salted caramel ice cream bacon beignets out of to go container.@Thedreadpirate Let's ignore the fact that you were going 70mph when you took that photo. ;-)@Scott_Graham38 YES!!I win at happy hour. #numbernerd http://t.co/Q4PvfuBY4q@sizemore @Houseplayerz OH GOD.It may be 50 degrees outside, but ima gonna eat this twisty cone anyway. http://t.co/uxLXr0q61dHoly crap look how low Lake Shasta is. Yipes! http://t.co/iJZ8rEZADGSACRAMENTO I AM IN YOU! *oontz oontz oontz*We were supposed to board our plane 35 minutes ago but it isn't even here. THE FOG ATE OUR PLANE.Holy Super Fog 5000 at the Burbank airport WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.
@NerdRage42 @wilw @paulandstorm @donttrythis @Molly23 Instead you found a stub for a place where money was well spent. ;-)@MKColleen We hired one this week, yet I still did ALL THE THINGS today. That's going to take some getting used to. :-)I'm a disaster.My bag isn't packed but at least I've tripped over the cat and kicked the bed post w/my little toe. Everything is truly coming up Milhouse.@ChristinaBeeWho What a cutie!@laina622 I mean, I'm practically packed just by talking about it. Clothes in a suitcase is just icing on the cake at this point.
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