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Mom, Grandmom, Canadian, Entrepreneur, Dragon. Living my life like its the only one I have.

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Nothing beats the feeling of overcoming that thing you feared you never could.I cannot even imagine the fear of a child in a war zone. Children do not belong in any battle for any reason.Check out my new "ask an expert" section on http://t.co/W8CmTlmqyj. Have a biz question? We'll have the right expert answer it for you!Take life outdoors this summer with my A-List guide to #summer fun! #FunInTheSun http://t.co/WU1Vn68kkb
"Just imagine becoming the way you used to be as a very young child, before you understood the meaning… http://t.co/sTSTmesCneWait a minute. This is the first year the Tour de France had a race for women??! What the heck? Holy last century.@BROOKS_HOFFOS :)
Anyone remember Mad Mag and those great fold ins on the inside back cover? #random #lovedmadmagThe road to regret is paved with the fear of trying.Here's the http://t.co/yAujQTirwK weekly list of top articles for #entrepreneurs http://t.co/AZHq842QOW@Chris_Bentley77 @FPPTheatre @WhatSheSaid167 aww i love what she does!
Sad to hear of Arlene Flocks passing. A Calgary legend who helped many - especially women-- including me. RIP. http://t.co/x7hDlFzboUEntrepreneurs drive economies. Support them and their businesses.How many of these 5 traits of high-achieving #entrepreneurs do you have? http://t.co/Vab6s8z4r6“Don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in, even if that means standing alone”. ― Unknown. Via @AnnTran_
Mom in her pretty new shirt and pants: "Do I look like a mutton dressed up like a lamb?" That one took me a minute to decipher
It's Love!!!!! #theriverhouse #bigloveball ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ http://t.co/zPzBKAIQ9iLove is in the air. #theriverhouse #bigloveball https://t.co/ey21MyodDoDoes an entrepreneur have ups and downs? Does a rollercoaster?! #rebelsrefinery #balzacscafe describe the ride http://t.co/O8iJS8cwrw“@wwwREMICca: via @ArleneDickinson How Do You Keep Going When all You Want to do is Quit?http://t.co/0VMojpHZml http://t.co/DOsIF0bOJWJust 'cause you love and are on social media doesn't mean you are an expert social media marketer.
Big respect for @OrmistonOnline Amazing, brave, real, on the ground journalism. #cbc #newsCheck Out Our @YouInc Business Infographic: https://t.co/bHTK1zlGLd Thanks to Canadian Investor @ArleneDickinson for this!
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonSocial media is not free nor the only marketing solution. #marketingtip
I think they should offer a new course in Universities: Common Sense 101. #streetsmart“@urbancultivator: 6 amazing things you never thought about growing in an Urban Cultivator http://t.co/QSQPeHCkSj #growyourfoodEver wonder what it's like to pitch to the Dragons in the Den? Find out from @mappedin co-founder Hongwei Liu. http://t.co/HJikKAerTQ
I really had such high hopes for mankinds next steps 45 years ago. #Apollo45Are you a horrible person? Are you driven to say mean things to strangers without provocation? Ask your doctor if Internet is right for you.
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson“@muneebmushtaq: Never let success get to your head. Never let failure get to your heart.” So love this.Rest in peace, James Garner. He mastered the art of being cool without even trying.
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson.@YouInc:WIN great prizes from @scotiabank & @microsoftcanada! Create a snapshot of your #biz for your chance to win! http://t.co/zKWsLrCYOiLooking for some good business reading this Sunday? Look no further. http://t.co/r5FrWYjTba. Via @youinc.com
The Oldest Man. Mrs. ahhuhWiggins #comedygoldMT @krisnoelles:Hi Arlene! I'm a fan and an illustrator. I drew a portrait of u,I hope u enjoy it! http://t.co/EGKDfDloLt Love it thanks!"How the river washes me, it makes me whole again. How the river speaks to me, so I can hear again".… http://t.co/gi3IaeQe9Q
Be grateful for what you have. Hug your kids, be generous, kind. Give love and help others. Our world needs it.Have you heard of @ArleneDickinson ‘s social network for @youinc? Here’s why she started it and more. http://t.co/ngF29iutlg
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“@ArleneDickinson: Join my social site http://t.co/COQi7oWuwW for free today.” Thanks, Arlene! Just signed up.
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson@shogunhckyclub um nope?Are you an entrepreneur looking for help and to learn from other entrepreneurs? Join my social site http://t.co/rjhdATCl4d for free today.@SimpleMoolah northern Ontario@KristianMarina northern Ontario
It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. #mrrogers #wouldyoubemyfriend http://t.co/CX9BSbXniQThe "teenagers" hanging out. #scottandallysfarm #fringeisin http://t.co/ghZk1dvXoO"Every morning you pick btwn 2 choices. Continue to sleep w/ your dreams, or wake up & chase them" #quote #leadership http://t.co/HrE7zj6CL1
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonCreate your #biz #infographic for a chance to WIN a @microsoftcanada surface3 & @scotiabank movie prize pack + $250 http://t.co/zElGevqOQ8.“@WomenBizNetwork: Check Out Our @YouInc Business Infographic: http://t.co/hqUFQRQThu"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear." - Mark Twain #youincspire
Proud new flagpole owner. Oh Canada! http://t.co/9c1v4bgrPX .@CBCRadio's #HeadToToe asks: What do your shoes say about you? http://t.co/n6iLD6w0aX Some #CBC examples... http://t.co/vgfRR3TYiK
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonMy daughter: Do you have bad eyesight grandma? My mom: No. I just didn't take my makeup off #whatgenerationgapCrowdfunding: How it works. http://t.co/rGj2kc3mxZ #infographic #entrepreneurs Join http://t.co/W8CmTlmqyj
My daughter; no I don't think you need a hearing aid grandma My mom: pardon? #whatgenerationgapMy mom: Are those pants Suzie what's its names? My daughter: Lululemons? Yes. #whatgenerationgapHere's a great blog by @ArleneDickinson on power of #positivity. Just what I needed for dreary Monday morning https://t.co/bdo6NoqFNl
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonHappy Birthday to my very beautiful mom. ❤️❤️ http://t.co/mjvHCYMZxNIt's not lack of confidence that stops women in business. It's not being part of the ceos playbook. #genderceiling?
"It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream." - Bern Williams. #theriverhouse http://t.co/3zoauBZWqC
Golfing with Maguire, Currie and Gaynor. Kept having to explain no nets or goalies. #hockeyruleshttp://t.co/o7HXZ5oNwh
This 78 post dedicated to anyone over 45. #Vinylheaven. #parker #coltrane #petersen #davis #sinatrahttp://t.co/4VFg3rsHjaHere's this weeks roundup of great articles for entrepreneurs from http://t.co/rjhdATCl4d. Happy surfing! http://t.co/MlaxBvHM0KPeople who have the "need" to win are not the same as people who have the will to win."You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice." --Bob Marley. Via @MariSmithBeing an entrepreneur takes strong emotional resolve. Great new blog on http://t.co/W8CmTlmqyj by Cindy Wahler. http://t.co/8nIQtZV5XaRead how Sarah Doherty took a walking challenge and turned it into a positive step forward http://t.co/3opARp4PTb.
@TheLegoFly great job Nathaniel. Hollywood next? Can't wait to see the finished product. Xo@ArleneDickinson PLZ RT! Hi Arlene Finally! My teaser trailer about my trip to Africa! hope you like it! http://t.co/w8foh0dYqw #comingsoon
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson"Thinking young and growing older is no sin" -- The Byrds.@jannarden @taratheslone might have been blood sugar levels. Just sayin. Shall I bring car parts with me on 23rd?@taratheslone @jannarden 3am. In solidarity. :).
“@lisagabrieletv: Just overheard a guy say he's looking for his "Tinderella". Yup. Yeah.” Too bad she's out looking for a Prince.Dear kids: I was never part of the "cool crowd" in school. I have made out okay. You will too.Toronto Mayor Rob Ford claps, but stays seated, for #WorldPride standing ovation http://t.co/cK5OSYmuep #TOpoli http://t.co/kpPWQ7ZUZt
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Honesty is the most powerful thing a person has.This is MORE trouble. @jannarden @taratheslone @burkie2020 http://t.co/trroa6wOhvThis is trouble @jannarden @thetarasloan. http://t.co/PyEIxOi7YiI felt the twitterverse tremble about ten minutes ago. Did something catastrophic happen? #gameover
Nitescape #2 Renaissance city #yyc #stampede http://t.co/YLAK8ZkEMP"We are a business family not a family business". Carl LaPrairie, LaPrairie Group of Companies Love love love this.Heading to Ranahans for our annual @VentureComms client soirée. Gotta love #calgary #loveyyc #stampedeYou know that sneeze in your elbow thing? Yeah.....try doing it when wearing a white shirt and red lipstick. #inventedbydrycleanersThere is a direct correlation between the level of adversity you conquer and the level of first world entitlement you have.GREAT article on women and TV sports by @lizrenzetti in @globeandmail http://t.co/iepvwie6ii. Cc @cwhl_insiderEntrepreneur? Looking for expert advice? Love tales from the trenches of business? Join http://t.co/rjhdATCl4d for free today.Have you seen @ambermac's NEW YouInc #infographic? http://t.co/ubMS17Zt3h Create one for your #business here http://t.co/xWMcCP4qwW
This week in Seat 3A, #roadwarrior tips from @DanielWGalhardo, CEO, @TenkaraUSA. http://t.co/z5hIczClOWHey kids - wonder how quickly the years go by? Watch a cornfield this summer."Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards." Vernon Law Via @GreatestQuotesHappy flowers. #theriverhouse http://t.co/SW7gzyaRcX@DanBFraser @marayna I know. How can that be even possible. I am only ...., haha.Happy 30th birthday @marayna!💗❤️
Q. What do two narcissists talk about? A. Their fav monologues..@YouInc .@ArleneDickinson thanks for the awesome infographic tool! Here's ours! #mompreneur #familybiz #startup http://t.co/X2tJdwU7TS
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson@lovecanada_ tough question. The freedom. The peace. The natural beauty. The people. The diversity.@cheesegallery you're most welcome. Best cheese store around Casey ❤️The weekend reading list for #entrepreneurs: http://t.co/jrJry6uCuQ. Happy reading! Via @YouInc
@CBCJeffDouglas thanks for the entertaining company while I was driving this evening #ilovecbcradio #asithappensI thought it was called singing not stripping. #popmusicMaintain a #healthy lifestyle & keep up with your busy sched as an #entrepreneur w/this exercise from @FitMissy9 http://t.co/Ch1V28XHiD
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