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When @jestei tells you where to eat in DC, it’s best to heed her advice. Immediately. http://t.co/H9KdchOgr8Today's Ebola must-read --> MT @nickconfessore: A+ double-barrel A1 package, by @jestei & @helenecooper: http://t.co/s34fx9O8Hv
The DSCC reserves $2 million in airtime for AFTER Election Day in Louisiana: http://t.co/cJqb3vQ62M
Clickbait --> RT @nytimes: Can pets get Ebola? http://t.co/6lPbeO2lwyJoe Biden’s son Hunter discharged from Navy Reserves after testing positive for cocaine, WSJ reports: http://t.co/8ym8Q7nLf3
RT @michaelscherer: The ethics of wearing an Ebola Halloween costume, explained http://t.co/2YpknnIvZ5Here's a first look at the DSCC's new ad in Georgia, part of their $1 million buy in the state: http://t.co/tFs5D93zNPCory Gardner goes humble and low-key in this closer of an ad to make his pitch: https://t.co/J3EYYwuSGoAn Economist correspondent takes a look at the Iowa Senate race, and finds it both boring and disturbing: http://t.co/Unk4RXI3mH
@NHMeyersohn Thanks for reading!"Mr. Schumer looked as if he needed an Alka-Seltzer.” An epic @jasondhorowitz dispatch on Michael Grimm: http://t.co/SPJEWAMBkwiCYMI, @jmartNYT brings the color in the South Dakota Senate free-for-all: http://t.co/HHyDaS4w5xCheck out First Draft’s Romney Watch, w our resident Mitt Truther, @mikiebarb: http://t.co/Jt9Ii6JMZVBathroom. @RosesLuxury. #latergram http://t.co/nibzvd39HoAnn Romney tells @MaeveReston she and Mitt are "done, done, done" w politics. http://t.co/D8ZWJNSGca
Nice @PhilipRucker @costareports special on that elusive shadow known as Romney 2016. http://t.co/tyLxMTsUJ6@michaelgofman Thanks!MT @POTUSPressPool: Campaigns Find Ad Space Finite, Even on the Web http://t.co/NbNxitp6Al @AshleyRParker up at 3:45 w/ @juliemason to chat.RT @mateagold: Scooplet: Crossroads does not plan to play in 2016 presidential primaries http://t.co/hslvYQ8qiB via @washingtonpostWhat do you think of Wendy Davis’s new attack ad? Weigh in w #FirstDraft and we’ll post the best responses: http://t.co/9AVUsqaQCzICYMI, the Internet can, in fact, sell out, so book your political ads early: http://t.co/JwcvQJhRFNICYMI, @ajchavar, @gdemczuk and I traveled 1,100 miles of the old National Road, talking to voters: http://t.co/M2ZrAIEsD8
Road-tripping through the heartland, finding a weary electorate, in today's NYT: http://t.co/M2ZrAIEsD8The Internet is not limitless -- at least not when it comes to political ads: http://t.co/JwcvQJhRFN
Great @NYTmag video of what happens when six 2nd graders from P.S. 295 in Brooklyn eat at Daniel: http://t.co/IgZcXU0ZhV
@SalenaZitoTrib But of course. Every day. But they’re not QUITE as cool as yours...@GarrettHaake @SaraMurray Neither have I. Any good?Behind-the-scenes look at our NYT road trip through the heartland: http://t.co/hzAU0DdSOIPhew if true RT @Slate: Ebola is not a bioweapon and never will be: http://t.co/KeePzrZdd6 http://t.co/n5OLTNUSCODavid Sullivan is plain vanilla bland, reports @PhilipRucker, and that's exactly why Washington GOP likes him: http://t.co/gYsFNBEz14MT @JoshuaGreen: Fascinating look at TV shows ad buyers use to reach voters. http://t.co/afHs8E0s85@byjayroot Thanks Jay!Over 1,100 miles, 7 states and 5 days, we took the pulse of a weary electorate. Here's what we found: http://t.co/M2ZrAIEsD8Over five days and through seven states, I drove 1,100 miles, talking to voters along the way... http://t.co/mCfw1eDdmvIt should be bad karma--and it is wildly sexist--to tell women it's good karma NOT to ask for a raise: http://t.co/Ui54tYDAvTDanger of conscious uncoupling—> RT @jbendery: Gwyneth Paltrow to Obama at LA fundraiser: “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly.”
“One muffin top can overshadow years of accomplishment.” Amazing @arappeport report on Spanx: http://t.co/M6A64UPIXYGOP paints midterm portrait of a dark and scary world, reports @jwpetersNYT: http://t.co/niFEJMZSCwIt's official: @JoeBiden eats hipster ice cream like a boss http://t.co/SAFFdJwuuG via @ArletteSaenz
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBad for Dems--> MTP @davidjoachim: Turnout for the midterms could be lower than in 2006 or 2010, esp among Democrats. http://t.co/d94SLfELFY@elisefoley #Victory. Though I'm a still a Starwood person for now...Little known Hilton Honors Member benefit: No additional overnight guest/ prostitute fee in Cartagena. http://t.co/fQqiAqqdFaLast year, @AshleyRParker reported on how McConnell planned to handle the gender issue. His team kept their promises. http://t.co/t1PtxNKqtY
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@jeremyakahn Agreed. W the lovely SD windmill in the background.Dem lawyer emails me, re Rick Weiland "Wagon Wheel" ad: "That commercial is amazing. I just donated $50."Rick Weiland’s unconventional SD Senate campaign goes all Wagon Wheel... Cc: @chrispkenny http://t.co/MYHGd81yYJAd watch: Political pork is no longer kosher. http://t.co/6Ad2GeV6Kg
MT @juliebosman: Wrote a bestselling book and a hit screenplay? Still a "mom" first, says @peoplemag. #ugh http://t.co/IxvpGufnHNGabby Giffords goes direct-to-camera in a 60-sec ad in support of Rep. Ron Barber: https://t.co/Oh3NCC4cwqAs Leon would say: I love your work, darling. http://t.co/9hC1FbjJRGChuck Todd must be delighted: http://t.co/sDzA0H21szRT @llerer: George HW Bush takes his coffee “stiflingly hot” per @mviser http://t.co/o61LIvCRHDSo when does Rob Portman think his party will embrace gay marriage? “Oh, gosh, I don’t know," he tells #FirstDraft. http://t.co/ZYF1K6Fn4j
"As long as we still have reason to wedge ‘women' as a qualifier before ‘essayist,' the age is not exactly golden." http://t.co/gU4G4VCDOeUnclear how I fell down this rabbit hole, but this whole @Jon_Favreau “Dinner for Five” video is kind of amazing: https://t.co/70OfGdCzPw@davidjoachim @jestei Soup. Dumplings.
@gdebenedetti True. Good point.Jeb Bush is the latest 2016 hopeful to appear in a U.S. Chamber of Commerce ad: http://t.co/EeoWJF8U8pProTip: If you set Pandora to a Barenaked Ladies station, you’ll get some really great late 90s/ early 2000 songs. And it’s so awesome.@evanhughes #Misnamed #Lame@evanhughes Baked and Wired in Georgetown has good coffee (and cupcakes). And it feels like it should have free WiFi...Sen. Tim Kaine — a big Obama ally — parts w the president over war powers, by @jonathanweisman: http://t.co/thhCkWHgczSun. NYT: Dems are increasingly dependent on the outside groups they've fought to ban, w @nickconfessore: http://t.co/1Myg9rHNA4
@Nate_Cohn @IChotiner I already told Nate the girls were not his type...@derekwillis Yep. And still a bit skeptical about loaning out my MiFi for online dating apps.I just loaned my MiFi network to two girls in a coffee shop so they can make a Hinge profile. Because I am a modern day hero.In which @SaraMurray tells you all you need to know — in helpful WSJ video format! — about the Colorado Senate race: http://t.co/iu63qJETRSHere's how Begich built an advantage on the ground throughout vast Alaska. Today's A1 from Quinhagak & Kotzebue: http://t.co/pfKGpz802h
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerHow Dem outside $$ groups have kept them in the 2014 game. @nickconfessore and I report: http://t.co/1Myg9rHNA4
@bairdjulia @oldpicsarchive It looked too good to be true...Late 1960s, Economy Class Seating on a Pan-Am 747 http://t.co/jVHO6b0FKN
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThe only conversation filing out of "Gone Girl" tonight was about whether or not ppl managed to glimpse Ben Affleck naked.
@mikiebarb I will pinpoint said freakout to when you and I bought the LAST HAND SANITIZER AT THE CVS IN FARRAGUT NORTH.@ElaheIzadi “Oh, the traditional spelling of King. With a K. Perfect.”@KateNocera @ElaheIzadi “How do you spell your last name again?” Except when the last name is, like, King or something.@Alex_Roarty @daveweigel I would totally purchase.@KateNocera Yes, that part clearly seems a bit overexcited. But mixing up one middle-aged white guy with another… Happens to the best of us.To be fair, a lot of House members all sort of look alike: http://t.co/q43M3H5j4dUNFOLLOW—> MT @michael_steel: Anyone who follows for the mix of beer, bacon, baseball & Boehner news. Going to NC-centric the next few weeksRT @jestei: This is so cool. Forty Portraits in Forty Years http://t.co/j72zpe8Gj9Presumably this latest bit of Monica Wehby plagiarism makes it harder for her to blame her former campaign manager: http://t.co/z2Wyo2lqPmThe talented @maggiepolitico w the skinny on Hillary’s midterm blitz: http://t.co/YMTpNJEVJL#psa—> RT @katherinemiller: Michael Hastings National Security Reporting Fellowship, 2015 http://t.co/TEpvSYOkFl
@andyndelaney Correct. It's all about managing expectations.FroYo shops should not also sell custard, bc it makes you realize that FroYo is not nearly as delicious as you’ve convinced yourself.RT @jonward11: btw, @AlexConant and @caitlindunn6 are headed to Iowa to help the Ernst campaign. http://t.co/Oe5DsgvE5wThe NRA, expecting a run-off, drops more than $1 million in Louisiana for AFTER the Nov election. http://t.co/BlAM1jmkmkAd News: The NRA becomes the latest Republican group to reserve airtime in Louisiana for a run-off. http://t.co/jbSSqN3GXl@amychozick @EaterNY No doubt. My other haunts that summer, however, are too humiliating to share.This was my go-to place the summer I was 20 and lived in NY. RT@EaterNY: Farewell, Yaffa Cafe: http://t.co/bSWcLjeKhf http://t.co/ALhKNyOcbl
Say yes to the dress. Or to Gov. Rick Scott. Or to white after Labor Day. Your latest zany political ads: http://t.co/jiBaZAIeVXRT @NYTNational: Secret Service Director to Resign http://t.co/4zrHHpIQmpIn #FirstDraft, @mikiebarb breaks down why a Romney 2016 bid is actually quite unlikely: http://t.co/x8Hf77sv3l
GOP Rep. Mica currently holding up an ADT security system sign as a suggestion for Secret Service director.So you’re saying there’s NOT a chance… RT @mckaycoppins: @BuzzFeedBen pours cold water on the Romney boomlet. http://t.co/qgtYr2x6MBSo just how far did the White House fence-jumper make it? Quite far. See our handy map —> http://t.co/hw0kFrK8zjRomney tells @MarkLeibovich that if he ever ran again, he'd hire his own full-time tracker to help prevent gaffes: http://t.co/IsSvjOsfIgMitt Romney isn't ready to quit just yet (!!!), reports @MarkLeibovich, after lunch in Wolfeboro: http://t.co/IsSvjOsfIgThis is the ad Mitch McConnell thinks is going to get him reelected. http://t.co/frhy56XpjU http://t.co/gmWzcRer7L
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
Crossroads is going back up w the “Spelling Bee” ad in Arkansas, this time with $1.1 million behind it: http://t.co/LlXLjzAN1A
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