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A lovely @pronounced_ing essay about her PhD mom's improbable love of Betty Crocker in a recent @NYTmag: http://t.co/pmBGVEF8ybIt looks like any GOP bill on the border crisis will be less than $1 billion -- far less than the $3.7 B Obama requested.
Three examples for your plagiarism trend story: 1) http://t.co/5ifgrmRZPu 2) http://t.co/3WehlzeaAX And 3) http://t.co/Pp6VqdOoRtFun White Memo on Obama — POTUS and proud dad — talking about his daughters. By @shearm: http://t.co/2ZmukOkam8
This NYT interactive graphic is fantastic for showing just where, and how extensively, Sen. Walsh plagiarized: http://t.co/boprSc2oydBREAKING: Sen. John Walsh plagiarized his 2007 thesis, and @jmartNYT has the scoop: http://t.co/5ifgrmRZPuRT @JackKingston4GA: I called @Perduesenate to congratulate him and offer my support for his campaign in the General Election.
The Markwayne or P90X?! MT @aaronschock: Ice cream finale w my awesome DC summer interns. Workout begins at 6am! http://t.co/IIWvpuoOcV@TheFix @AaronBlakeWP And my pop two NyQuil and hope my throat no longer hurts in the morning plans...@WizzyProbs Who is the Whitman parent?! Not in Georgia? In Arkansas maybe...RT @rebeccagberg: With Perdue leading, it's looking like there will be a Nunn, a Perdue, and a Carter on the GA ballot this November. Wild.Just passed a girl out for a jog while chatting on the phone, and I was both horrified and deeply impressed.Your Georgia Senate run-off preview: http://t.co/I0alzRJQy7
@ChrisPKenny No doubt surrounded by friends and family.
@VincentMorris As @kasie (and every single Romney reporter) well knows, I always look like a sullen teenager at gaggles, for some reason.The NYT’s @stavernise has arrived on the crash site of MH17, will be updating from her on @nytimesworld.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIF the Malaysian plane was shot down, says @SenJohnMcCain, "This is obviously a game changer and has horrific consequences.""I don't have as much optimism as I'd like," @SpeakerBoehner says, on the border crisis bill.Four Young Boys Killed Playing on Gaza Beach http://t.co/cV3AFpmcQG
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
@JoeSta11ings No. I'm saying she was for it before she was against it.In an interview w @jonathanweisman, Pelosi reverses herself, opposes changing the 2008 immigration law: http://t.co/nFmW3MFCeZCosign RT @seungminkim: my pal @KateNocera has today's must-read on why David Wu just won't leave Capitol Hill http://t.co/aOAE6EBqxsMT @edatpost: SCOOP: @philiprucker has deets of the contract for @HillaryClinton's speeches to a public university: http://t.co/CAhBsM9FcXMT @davidwchen: From tiger suit to Congressional hanger-on: The sad, lonely fall of David Wu, by @katenocera http://t.co/RjsXKOLAgY
Cosign RT @mpoindc: Oh my goodness, I want an iced coffee kegerator so badly. http://t.co/rYaCgR13t7Here's a look at the Cuellar/Cornyn immigration bill, which is likely to be part of any border crisis fix: http://t.co/Y4L6Oix5ud@lenadunham Why no DC, Lena?! http://t.co/5fWsxdeBxH We have a lot of great book stores — Kramers, Politics & Prose, etc.
The couple next to me at the 🍣 bar are reading aloud iPhone news reports of the Middle East crisis. #DateNightInThisTown@IChotiner @Nate_Cohn Look, not everyone wants to RT you fools, and sometimes there's a (physical) price to pay for the ask.The president is in town, and he wants to have dinner. From menu to conversation, @juliehdavis has the details: http://t.co/kiIBHV7PHd@NYTnickc Just remember, you can't skateboard — or, in your case, surf — on the sand!@NYTnickc Nickelodeon. Duh. And I have already set my DVR. Duh. http://t.co/sV3jc2aVMgReminder: "Hey Dude" marathon starts tonight at midnight. Up next: "Salute Your Shorts." ?!?!?!Huckaplane! http://t.co/lUCEFVPGQc
@MrWillRitter Just watch out for those killer cacti...Children of the 90s PSA: There is a "Hey Dude" marathon on Mon (and I could not be more delighted). http://t.co/YiKbLIYObUAlert, @justinesparker: Mom and dad have implemented No AC Austerity Measures for the summer, and it is awful.
By @jonathanweisman RT @NYTNational: In Senate, Even Bipartisan Bills Are Felled by Election Maneuvering http://t.co/XZu3eS5jYU
House lawsuit against Obama will focus on Obamacare: http://t.co/EF2HtcTb0c"We have no idea what would possess someone to drop their pants and poop on a passing train, but… it's happening." http://t.co/4NzWnjIY97GOP Rep. Diaz-Balart is in the middle of a press conference basically begging his leadership to allow an immigration vote.Boehner fired up on border crisis: "This is the problem of the president's own making. He's been president for five and a half years!"
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerA look at the incredible gang violence facing Honduran children, many of whom are fleeing to the US: http://t.co/r02YhQCfM4The complicated politics of the border crisis, w/ @calmesnyt: http://t.co/GxDLgbv52N
The Cornyn-Cueller immigration leg. would modify the 2008 law, so that Central America would be subject to the same laws as Mexico.Chelsea Clinton commands up to $75,000 per appearance, and Clinton-whisperer @amychozick has the details: http://t.co/n2p9TwGlOa
And Germany has officially won this game of H-O-R-S-E.
NY's @SenSchumer may be the only senator who understands the difference between A1 and the National dress page: http://t.co/ofSolTe0IZ
"Hot flash!" Burpees and box jumps with members of Congress — and a very sore me. http://t.co/mk9jNl5ryC@bcoyne Yep! That was me! One of my favorite shirts.
MT @AdamBKushner: Great @nicksummers on how Tinder's corporate culture can be as misogynist as Tinder itself can be. http://t.co/OPLwKgGTc0@tackettdc Hey! I may have only done half of the workout, but I was definitely twice as sore...I worked out w members of Congress, and I did it all for you, @BresPolitico. http://t.co/ES3x11SmFJ"Fmr Mass gov endorses fmr Mass sen to represent NH." RT @thecaucus: Romney Endorses Scott Brown in NH Senate Race http://t.co/08gWylNG46--> RT @katephillips: The incomparable @calmesnyt on 'Sex and the Single Vote' -- #women. http://t.co/M16TKGBi4fGreat @arappeport story on the man whose "résumé reads like a list of America’s biggest bureaucratic nightmares." http://t.co/GpYkcj1wpHI tied the algorithm. I can accept that. http://t.co/YjP6QkS4cu
Am late to this Brett Smiley ad, but I think more political ads should be done in the style of Wes Anderson: https://t.co/NLZmvCeNVGFinished "Malaria Dreams" by @stuartpstevens, and it is delightfully funny.
And now it's officially dead. RT @JuliaPrestonNYT: White House says @SpeakerBoehner told @BarackOBama no immigration vote this year.
Is & Pizza the new Jumbo Slice?
RTed by the uncool everywhere MT @nytimes: What happened to cool kids from middle school? The uncool kids passed them http://t.co/aKuvpv8C99Fun piece on the not-so-healthy food on Air Force One by @ehuetteman: http://t.co/DTL2PndXmx
Politico's @seungminkim and @cbudoffbrown have a good tic-toc of how immigration reform unraveled: http://t.co/CufSjdF6n6So, immigration reform is all-but-dead: http://t.co/GI3LcrXmpX@jsidman WHERE, exactly, is Dolcezza Logan Circle?!
#FF @sarahlyall RIGHT NOW for some delightful (slightly out of context) tweeting about the NBA Draft.HUGE congrats to @AlexNYT — Dowd researcher extraordinaire — who makes his NYT debut… on A1! http://t.co/VxOfEEpRVRCheck out the great @jimrutenberg on Mark Sanford, in his debut feature as a full-time @NYTmag correspondent: http://t.co/UN9zjdEBehRT @NYTnickc: Woah. RT @postlocal: Photos from last night's storm http://t.co/OyqcwUAWzK http://t.co/7auY9ks7xg@GMalkiewicz Thanks! Nice to hear.
Up close and on the trail w Thad Cochran's cheerful, if languid, quest for victory: http://t.co/TUph4J9KduMazel! RT @PhilipRucker: Congrats, @DavidMuir! The Romney Ramblers can say we knew you when...@ahrferrier Sweet tea, catfish and whiskey bread pudding…@ahrferrier Thanks! Now, come back to the Hill. We miss you.@DeveloperFredie Ha, of course. Thanks for chatting.A cheerful, if languid, Cochran pulls it off RT @thecaucus: Thad Cochran Wins a Race He Considered Not Running http://t.co/Mz3ViHe2JOI spent eight days in Mississippi. My up-close look at Thad Cochran's bumpy road to victory: http://t.co/uGrEup85ZD
#FF @jonathanweisman, @teddyschleifer for live, on-the-ground Mississippi reporting, and @Nate_Cohn for all your polling needs.
Can someone please explain the difference to me between Tico's, Estadio, and Barcelona? #14thStreetProblemsReporting live from Mississippi, @teddyschleifer captures the closing arguments from Cochran and McDaniel: http://t.co/4KJAGkdJq5RT @nytimes: Get to know @jakesilverstein, the new @NYTmag editor http://t.co/vLKxI8BpIl.RT @LisaMascaroinDC: The showdown in #MsSen, a tale of two campaign stops — via today's LAT: http://t.co/Bajuzn4DCpFun story by @bterris MT @Phil_Mattingly: Wish all comms folks chatted on record "over Coors Light and vodka shots." http://t.co/5uFSDhbelL@ChrisPKenny Yikes. Did I actually say that? And what about Darius Rucker?!Old Crow Medicine Show's new album, courtesy of NPR. Cc: @ChrisPKenny #RockMeMama http://t.co/ME7jRZW4JVMT @PhilipRucker: Does Hillary have a Romney problem? The politics of Clinton as a 1 percenter: http://t.co/MpUekNWW4g
RT @doreeshafrir: I wrote about being alone in NYC and how freezing my eggs seemed like it would solve everything http://t.co/UDmDZprrGnBaptism by Fire: A great #longread in today's Sunday NYT. http://t.co/ZXFJiDAFyv
RT @jmartNYT: On pg 1 today: @AshleyRParker @teddyschleifer and yours truly on Cochran effort to win black votes http://t.co/GKYxDUKxe1
Inside Thad Cochran's quixotic quest to woo black voters, w/ @jmartNYT: http://t.co/GKYxDUKxe1Coming soon to a political ad near you: Gay Republicans and their same-sex partners. http://t.co/aC7RVdfJ7p
House GOP reaches for continuity and stability w new leadership. @AshleyRParker and I on the wake of Cantor's loss http://t.co/XMboKXreaC
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerGreat scene RT @costareports: INSIDE one of the most dramatic days in the House in years http://t.co/nEkbowbtTPRT @DraperRobert: Back when Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was naught but a Whip, my 2011 profile: http://t.co/xETgEIOWgQBaptism By Fire: A sneak preview of our weekend story and video about making it in the NY Fire Dept. http://t.co/Zw6hQsgV4aRT @natehodson: And CMR... MT @AshleyRParker: Your GOP leadership team: Boehner/McCarthy/ScaliseYour GOP leadership team: Boehner/McCarthy/Scalise RT @tackettdc: per @AshleyRParker Scalise wins whip on first ballot.And we have a new majority leader... RT @tackettdc: McCarthy... story @ashleyparker @jwpetersnyt http://t.co/2d217iX8tRI'm also pro Lemuria Books, in Jackson RT @gardenandgunmag: A writer's ode to a storied little Mississippi bookstore. http://t.co/AahSoVqFzY
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