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RT @mollyesque: Fascinating @jasondhorowitz story on the far-flung Obama family: http://t.co/WGQuh0aNIH
Can't wait for @juliehdavis to join the NYT DC Buro. #CrusherAnd here is the v moving story behind the v moving scene at Monday's Boston Marathon: http://t.co/6O4bcvtAbAAmazing on so many levels RT @mauddeitch: ATTN: Taylor Swift is currently shopping the feminist books section at Mcnally Jackson.What a Hillary candidacy means for the rest of the female Dem field. An incisive look by @jestei: http://t.co/FxcT1ZB8Am@NYTnickc @DLeonhardt Manchester has amazing Nepalese food. Cafe Momo. Cc: @reidepstein
@derekwillis I do not, however, remain skeptical of emoticons.🐇🐇💐🌷💐🐇🐇 Or something.
@JoelAchenbach Yes, I totally agree. I liked "Goldfinch," but the end was a little circuitous. "Secret" is almost a perfect full-circle.The only Gabriel García Márquez I've read was in Spanish — "Crónica de una Muerte Anunciada" — which means I did not understand a word.When they were just two political kids http://t.co/rH2cjogCpU http://t.co/kbaoxmqabb
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIn today's NYT: Super PACs and outside groups try something new -- a pivot to the positive: http://t.co/1gTW9UYNcOWaPo's @costareports and @PhilipRucker chronicle Romney's quiet return to the political fray: http://t.co/RVyqZU4WYAMT @costareports: One thing I kept hearing, re Romney, from several top sources: The ex-nominee can't stop talking about The Goldfinch.@shearm And yet, somehow, I'm not. It confounds!Why is packing always so paralyzingly difficult?
A look at super PACs -- masters of the dark arts -- as they attempt to go positive: http://t.co/1gTW9UYNcOWho knew? DC bathroom sex is far more common than you might imagine, by @jsidman. http://t.co/vsbfTGrRJtRT @jwpetersNYT: Running in a GOP primary? Want to reach highly motivated conservative voters? Give them guns. http://t.co/0LcQ7HKouM
And these sorts of comments are just what the GOP is worried about when it comes to Greg Brannon. #NCSen http://t.co/erlxZOrPHyToday @Wawa -- where you spent your last $2 on gummy bears and Gatorade at 3 a.m. -- turns 50! Cc: Everyone I went to college with.RT @tackettdc: Senator Sebelius? By @jwpetersnyt http://t.co/liBDPL493X
BLT in DC is offering 50% off all drinks today…bc tax day! And also "black truffle matzoh ball soup"… bc Passover! And also bc BLT. #PSA
RT @nytimes: Lens Blog: New York Times Wins Two Photography Pulitzers http://t.co/IfQ4PIzZ83Donna Tartt! http://t.co/yXQkxTGT0Z Well-deserved, but let's be honest: "The Secret History" was so much better.From Sun: How the fight for the soul of the Republican party is playing out in NC's GOP primary: http://t.co/BIYL6x3PIQICYMI: On banning "Bossy," reclaiming "Ladylike," and all that jazz: http://t.co/60B2d5SrBUICYMI: Al Franken, Lorne Michaels, and the CEO of Comcast walk into a bar… http://t.co/ax4ygsEZUH
My look at the GOP primary captivating North Carolina: http://t.co/uIBEK9IlMvSen. @clairecmc on being "ladylike," taking risks, and reclaiming sexist words: http://t.co/xllFXgWQeUCherry blossom series. II. http://t.co/EvAWDo1ojNCherry blossom series. I. http://t.co/eVYS7RHEaHMT @NKingofDC: Dowd quoting Colbert quoting Neutral Milk Hotel from a song, of course, about Anne Frank. Priceless: http://t.co/qHj6a2ueeP
Tulip. Woodley Park. Washington, D.C. http://t.co/J9oRi9X4a5For Sen. Al Franken, Comcast's latest merger is no joke: http://t.co/adxpK7yJ8p
RT @michaelpfalcone: Who dodged it best? Clinton vs. Bush and a fast-flying shoe http://t.co/Ad3MZxegpo @c_good judges
"Someone threw a shoe at Hillary, so I dunno if I'll make it tonight." #ThisDCLife@Yogurt24 @peterbakernyt @WSJ Disagree. IMHO, only Diet Dr. Pepper ("DDP") and Coke Zero are passable sugar-free sodas.@mkramer I know, I know, it's heresy. But I hate Diet Coke. Though I can sometimes stomach Coke Zero.That's bc Diet Coke is gross MT @WSJ: Diet Coke sales have been down for 8 straight years. http://t.co/gD4Y8T87o9 http://t.co/nlnf1hDWYk
Cc: @ChrisPKenny RT @dick_nixon: I do not feel that happiness is the truth.@mattjmcnally @OKnox @JakeSherman Disagree! It's the most effective way!@JakeSherman I've been to all three, as well. I think Ghibelina and Etto are both really good.In 14th Street Italian news: "Etto and Ghibellina have nothing to fear" from newcomer Lupo Verde. http://t.co/HJ6rI5YWsH
RT @maggiepolitico: Do read @aburnspolitico and @apalmerdc with great details on the Club for Growth war room http://t.co/vzIyB0fg8yVance McAllister goes to Washington… http://t.co/hNQv47tPRa And makes out with his congressional staffer: http://t.co/FzmQyveg8X
NYT's @peterbakernyt on what the outlines of a Jeb Bush candidacy could look like: http://t.co/ao1p52w3bL@Nate_Cohn @IChotiner Issac is a TWEET ME monster-mensch.In which @IChotiner tries to go head-to-head w Stark Raving (Mayor) Rahm: http://t.co/pyZxJJnPuwGreat look at the 2016 "Credentials Caucus," by @PhilipRucker and @costareports: http://t.co/E5RdjrhaGAMT @tackettdc: Democrats seek to make Koch brothers villains in midterms, by @jwpetersNYT and @hillhulse: http://t.co/Oa24CiiSJE
Elizabeth Taylor. 7th and Q St. Washington, DC. http://t.co/rn33oxjmbn
New Push on Immigration Bill Causes G.O.P. Rift http://t.co/9Sg7J3IIBh
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerMT @nickconfessore: The GOP civil war that wasn't? Smart @jmartNYT story on why challenges from right have fizzled: http://t.co/bRyLhE1jtaThe great @MarkLeibovich just gave me the paperback of "This Town" — aka The Bite Me edition — and I am so happy. And grateful. And humbled.RT @MaeveReston: Hillary Clinton: "The double standard is alive and well" http://t.co/YeUZMUOAPcRT @carolynryan: Letterman replacement? @MarkMazzettiNYT Check him out on Colbert show last night. http://t.co/fb07D5zvVE@lisatozzi I just want my identity back, dammit!
@BresPolitico The real question is: Is Normcore allowed in the Speaker's Lobby? PLEASE ADVISE!@megansarahj Interesting. I don't know Hollywood well enough to guess…This is a fun "I was a Hollywood Personal Assistant" story in @NYMag: http://t.co/aCZOAKMV2sRT @MtthwRose: (Happens to me all the time) Coats: ‘I’m at the wrong hearing’ http://t.co/CaXt3lgWIV
The Lede: Live Updates on Shooting at Fort Hood in Texas http://t.co/J8rhakd9dS
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@TheFix Yep. Amazing.All the other girls here are stars/ You are the northern lights.SO SKETCHY, @SamsungMobileUS MT @JoshuaGreen: How Samsung Tricked Obama Into Shooting That Selfie with David Ortiz http://t.co/wMZzUl8YiL--> MT @MichaelPaulson: Congrats to Team @cliffordlevy for NYT Now, new mobile app launched today. Link to install: http://t.co/UtK3YE3Hfp
RT @dhm: "Student groups affiliated with Wharton have already been banned from making reservations at Fado." http://t.co/R17PKSZkmU@ChrisPKenny But you know who it's bad for?! Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower, and butternut squash! BWAHAHAHAHAH.@ChrisPKenny Precisely. It's a combo of "plant-based" and "real food." So mainly, cutting out processed food. In theory, at least..@SenateApprops Correct. Sen. Reid was quoting @SenatorBarb on his NH/Scott Brown quip.I am moving to a more "plant-based" diet. So beware, broccolini. Here's looking at you, asparagus.Reid on Scott Brown's NH bid: "The Constitution guarantees every state two senators, but it does not guarantee every senator two states."RT @jeffzeleny: Look who's coming to the GOP Senate lunch today? It's @SenScottBrown.@benschott An explanation from Schottenfreude himself. I am humbled… Thanks muchly.@singernews Thanks...@SamSifton Ah, thank you muchly.@davidgura Thank you!Serious question: I have twice today seen a certain type of (overwrought?) prose referred to as "purple." What exactly does this mean?Can Obama be feckless, weak -- and imperialistic at the same time? GOP says yes. In today's NYT: http://t.co/9VYVsV8xoA
Obama's "Imperial Presidency" becomes the latest buzz phrase for an angry GOP base: http://t.co/9VYVsV8xoART @jbendery: Scoop: Obama to endorse Brian Schatz over Colleen Hanabusa in heated Senate Dem primary http://t.co/EqVo21yc4V
A great caffeinated opus by @mviser, who takes us into the Wild West that is S Korea's coffee craze: http://t.co/6FKGzqUtBMWho loves coffee more? Koreans or @mviser? http://t.co/6FKGzqUtBMJust finished "Where'd you go, Bernadette?" by Maria Semple. Which was, I must say, a surprisingly funny book.
Inside story by @PhilipRucker, @costareports: RT @meridak: Top Republicans working to draft Jeb Bush for 2016 http://t.co/tvLZWBSc1b@TVietor08 Yeah. It's the former Younkers building, which was apparently under construction.Here is another view of the fire in downtown Des Moines, from the 22nd floor of the Marriott here. http://t.co/8d2VUHXEklAn entire building in downtown Des Moines, right next to the Marriott, is on fire. http://t.co/4lZfWhdnrmAn entire building in downtown Des Moines, right next to the Marriott, is on fire. http://t.co/cOxSTRnyz1
--> RT @SamSifton: Big. @jonathanmahler is joining @nytimes as a media reporter. Welcome him!Questions I am now, sadly, old enough to be flattered by: "Oh, are you a reporter? For the school paper?"
My current GPS has a very "Her"/ Scarlett Johansson voice, and I just want to listen to her reroute me all day long...MT @NYTnickc: Didn’t take long. Cut for TV. RT @AaronBlakeWP: New Bevin ad puts McConnell in a Duke jersey #KYSEN http://t.co/aZ85gyYw7OMT @noamscheiber: How it feels to be 40, smack in yr prime, & dismissed as washed up? Silicon Valley's brutal ageism: http://t.co/nps2tdIzlvLove this profile of @das_kunk, mainly bc he knows the perfect cure for any illness: OREGANO OIL. Cc: @lizzieohreally http://t.co/5q9P0elLiOTrendsetter @justinesparker was talking like an idiot... http://t.co/DcAlhqPclh … before it was cool: http://t.co/EZmBoEeaIC
RT @carolynryan: Can the oldest man in Congress win two more years? Richly told story by @edatpost http://t.co/EkwL87svEcGwyneth Paltrow discovered "oil pulling," and now she has "consciously uncoupled." COINCIDENCE?! CC: @justinesparker http://t.co/bmGOOlWnOYApply for your NYT summer 2014 internships here, party people --> http://t.co/w2oGiFRXy6
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