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@JakeSherman @serial I’m SUPER behind.Cooking dinner, catching up on @serial, and excited about just one of those things.MT @jimrutenberg: So Much Data, So Little to Say: The new conundrum of the political data revolution. http://t.co/9Yr3oCU4VIAlso, @PressSec indicated he would have liked to see Alex Gordon try for home last night
Retweeted by Ashley Parker#Bully RT @WaPoSean: David Axelrod just zeroed in on the most powerful attack against Chris Christie: http://t.co/i77wDeFDI1The hidden problem w Big Data? Big Creative can't quite keep up, w @NYTnickc: http://t.co/9Yr3oCU4VIYep. RT @tommytomlinson: Just a fantastic story by @nytpowell on Madison Bumgarner's dad, who is a quote machine. http://t.co/PwbMIYuRFoDemocrats play the race card in key Senate contests. @jwpetersNYT w the A1 deep-dive: http://t.co/1arW1IrkAY
@mkramer Do you also get the Shady Grove fertility ads on Pandora?!!?MT @jmartNYT: You will find few better writers than our man in NOLA, @campbellnyt. On Louisiana hot sauce gone mild: http://t.co/ukAvywWZCxTell me if you're more excited about Taylor Swift's album or Amy Poehler's book and I'll tell you what age white woman you are.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerWhy we need Alicia Florrick! RT @mikiebarb: State attorneys general should be ashamed of what's revealed here: http://t.co/SrqP9tXOhWLobbyists set their sights on... attorney generals. @EricLiptonNYT reports: http://t.co/ZGNeLCoN71Joni Ernst —self-described “mother” and “farm girl” — tells @sherylstolberg, “I’m not running on my gender.” "http://t.co/LpdN9xaw4ELovely @EliStokols piece takes you inside the world of Colorado Senate politics: http://t.co/fhVuVX7m0g
@derekwillis @ndhapple Gillibrand! (Tho I want you to know I no longer take any joy in this game...)@derekwillis @ndhapple Schumer?@derekwillis Not sufficiently helpful. I quit.@derekwillis I require a hint.@derekwillis McCarthy?@derekwillis I'm guessing one of the 2016 Republicans...de Blasio’s New York RT @marklotto: I just saw a drunk pissing in a phone booth! NEW YORK IS BACK EVERYBODYThis seems… unpleasant RT @InStyle: Halle Berry's secret to staying perky: "Always wear a bra, even to bed." http://t.co/ZWZVw9lcY1Nice WaPo story on how your White House “scoops” get made: http://t.co/zIWmsqg17JNH1 and NH2: smart @jessbidgood piece on the few remaining bellwethers in the country: http://t.co/u5tASiRhHdRT @seungminkim: Thanks to @michael_steel, I now know cordovan is a color. http://t.co/IVfFQVnZfpOn the bumpkinification of 2014. Or: How every Senate race sort of feels like a House contest, w @MarkLeibovich. http://t.co/1etN9ofGcfToday on Martin O'Malley RT @tracysefl: @jasondhorowitz fact: It's always a good read when he has the byline. http://t.co/EE9uu1tguoFor all your Georgia Senate needs, read @jonathanweisman on David Perdue's Romney-esq struggles: http://t.co/D5w9MZcrhJ
The hazards of political canvassing RT @Phil_Mattingly: "Aw, you done broke my frog." http://t.co/rAPnBqLZ7qOn the latest Jeb Bush 2016 boomlet, @peterbakernyt reports: http://t.co/IMDGELEIMnA ceramic frog bites the dust--literally--in a canvassing mishap: http://t.co/8TECOV0U8O @jonathanweisman reports, w a @michael_steel cameo.
National Arboretum II. 🍂🍁 http://t.co/lHCIpeOffNNational Arboretum I. http://t.co/K9wlfMZSTn!!! MT @VivianHYee: Today's Sunday NYT front page: nine lady bylines, two men. And amazing stories all. http://t.co/DIPz7TLeNKGround zero for ground game: In NC w @jonathanweisman http://t.co/jcj6XcqlAp and in CO w @MaeveReston http://t.co/GwkXb6wfyG
“Did he really think I’m Malala? And that if I were, I’d be at the Boom Boom Room?” -- @mindykaling http://t.co/Gc0Qz0Culc@danfran6 Thanks!Great @pkcapitol story on Al Franken’s political tactic of “strategic boredom.” http://t.co/7VNsewxnup
News you can use RT @nytimeshealth: Can you get Ebola from a bowling ball? Very unlikely. http://t.co/oKbSPzLHThA @jdickerson vignette on crowd -- or lack thereof -- that turned out for Sen. Kay Hagan today: http://t.co/Q5Bn5NySuk
@NYTnickc Left unsaid: That I am a horrible person. (But maybe a good journalist?).@NYTnickc So much more amazing. We have spanned friendship; wedding season; what partnership means; his hyper-critical standards...I've been eavesdropping on a relationship conversation for an hour. And it has finally paid off in a denouement of both tears and catharsisRT @TheStalwart: Cool video of Zuckerberg speaking Chinese. http://t.co/eXGgnVvtwH (Via @fmanjoo)$$$ Ask @nickconfessore and @derekwillis your pressing political money Qs. They’re wizards! http://t.co/lwu0BaPEdGFLOTUS’s latest Braley gaffe underscores the Dem frustration that the WH doesn’t care enough about this election. http://t.co/D3f3BSg2eoTruth—> RT @BBCNewsbeat: "Twitter is the source of all evil and devastation," says Saudi Arabia's top Muslim cleric http://t.co/Tf6TgW2dfvFury: “I had that, but it was cut for space.” RT @NYTnickc: Times Insider: @MarkLeibovich dishes on D.C. dirt: http://t.co/DnZM1Wz9yvLatest Joni Ernst ad RT @nytpolitics: A Return to the Pigpen, Which is Full of . . . Well, You Know http://t.co/gzcwq3RIyfIn today’s porcine Mad Libs, Joni Ernst says Washington is full of — well, you fill in the blank: http://t.co/PYF3NrM8MSEnergy, environmental and climate change ads surge as the latest force in 2014 -- and a preview of 2016: http://t.co/aURphMBcsMView from my hotel room. Chapel Hill, NC. http://t.co/pZjyISyaI4
Emily's List put $1 million behind this new ad, hitting Thom Tillis on women's issues in #ncsen: https://t.co/V8vo78Av1zICYMI, @jimrutenberg goes inside the $$$ to show how billionaires are becoming their own political parties: http://t.co/nd3w7hwxlxNice @emilyrs piece on the @dccc IE's ad strategy: http://t.co/A7OD2IpuTPIn which @mikiebarb captures the nuances of a changing Iowa w typical aplomb: http://t.co/NvHrFQHyr3Energy and the environment emerge as a force in political ads, @CoralMDavenport and I report: http://t.co/aURphMBcsM
RT @tackettdc: If you have time to read one story, make it this one by @helenecooper on life in Liberia http://t.co/lf9NJILzL5When @jestei tells you where to eat in DC, it’s best to heed her advice. Immediately. http://t.co/H9KdchOgr8Today's Ebola must-read --> MT @nickconfessore: A+ double-barrel A1 package, by @jestei & @helenecooper: http://t.co/s34fx9O8Hv
The DSCC reserves $2 million in airtime for AFTER Election Day in Louisiana: http://t.co/cJqb3vQ62M
Clickbait --> RT @nytimes: Can pets get Ebola? http://t.co/6lPbeO2lwyJoe Biden’s son Hunter discharged from Navy Reserves after testing positive for cocaine, WSJ reports: http://t.co/8ym8Q7nLf3
RT @michaelscherer: The ethics of wearing an Ebola Halloween costume, explained http://t.co/2YpknnIvZ5Here's a first look at the DSCC's new ad in Georgia, part of their $1 million buy in the state: http://t.co/tFs5D93zNPCory Gardner goes humble and low-key in this closer of an ad to make his pitch: https://t.co/J3EYYwuSGoAn Economist correspondent takes a look at the Iowa Senate race, and finds it both boring and disturbing: http://t.co/Unk4RXI3mH
@NHMeyersohn Thanks for reading!"Mr. Schumer looked as if he needed an Alka-Seltzer.” An epic @jasondhorowitz dispatch on Michael Grimm: http://t.co/SPJEWAMBkwiCYMI, @jmartNYT brings the color in the South Dakota Senate free-for-all: http://t.co/HHyDaS4w5xCheck out First Draft’s Romney Watch, w our resident Mitt Truther, @mikiebarb: http://t.co/Jt9Ii6JMZVBathroom. @RosesLuxury. #latergram http://t.co/nibzvd39HoAnn Romney tells @MaeveReston she and Mitt are "done, done, done" w politics. http://t.co/D8ZWJNSGca
Nice @PhilipRucker @costareports special on that elusive shadow known as Romney 2016. http://t.co/tyLxMTsUJ6@michaelgofman Thanks!MT @POTUSPressPool: Campaigns Find Ad Space Finite, Even on the Web http://t.co/NbNxitp6Al @AshleyRParker up at 3:45 w/ @juliemason to chat.RT @mateagold: Scooplet: Crossroads does not plan to play in 2016 presidential primaries http://t.co/hslvYQ8qiB via @washingtonpostWhat do you think of Wendy Davis’s new attack ad? Weigh in w #FirstDraft and we’ll post the best responses: http://t.co/9AVUsqaQCzICYMI, the Internet can, in fact, sell out, so book your political ads early: http://t.co/JwcvQJhRFNICYMI, @ajchavar, @gdemczuk and I traveled 1,100 miles of the old National Road, talking to voters: http://t.co/M2ZrAIEsD8
Road-tripping through the heartland, finding a weary electorate, in today's NYT: http://t.co/M2ZrAIEsD8The Internet is not limitless -- at least not when it comes to political ads: http://t.co/JwcvQJhRFN
Great @NYTmag video of what happens when six 2nd graders from P.S. 295 in Brooklyn eat at Daniel: http://t.co/IgZcXU0ZhV
@SalenaZitoTrib But of course. Every day. But they’re not QUITE as cool as yours...@GarrettHaake @SaraMurray Neither have I. Any good?Behind-the-scenes look at our NYT road trip through the heartland: http://t.co/hzAU0DdSOIPhew if true RT @Slate: Ebola is not a bioweapon and never will be: http://t.co/KeePzrZdd6 http://t.co/n5OLTNUSCODavid Sullivan is plain vanilla bland, reports @PhilipRucker, and that's exactly why Washington GOP likes him: http://t.co/gYsFNBEz14MT @JoshuaGreen: Fascinating look at TV shows ad buyers use to reach voters. http://t.co/afHs8E0s85@byjayroot Thanks Jay!Over 1,100 miles, 7 states and 5 days, we took the pulse of a weary electorate. Here's what we found: http://t.co/M2ZrAIEsD8Over five days and through seven states, I drove 1,100 miles, talking to voters along the way... http://t.co/mCfw1eDdmvIt should be bad karma--and it is wildly sexist--to tell women it's good karma NOT to ask for a raise: http://t.co/Ui54tYDAvTDanger of conscious uncoupling—> RT @jbendery: Gwyneth Paltrow to Obama at LA fundraiser: “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly.”
“One muffin top can overshadow years of accomplishment.” Amazing @arappeport report on Spanx: http://t.co/M6A64UPIXYGOP paints midterm portrait of a dark and scary world, reports @jwpetersNYT: http://t.co/niFEJMZSCwIt's official: @JoeBiden eats hipster ice cream like a boss http://t.co/SAFFdJwuuG via @ArletteSaenz
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBad for Dems--> MTP @davidjoachim: Turnout for the midterms could be lower than in 2006 or 2010, esp among Democrats. http://t.co/d94SLfELFY@elisefoley #Victory. Though I'm a still a Starwood person for now...
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