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damn... the cowboys are dominating the hell out of indyWhat I look for in a man http://t.co/UyBbe3ojlG Please RT and show support! ❤️ http://t.co/F0e0qEqoug
Retweeted by me@apstewart @TattGoddess lol... i predict the next time jess logs on there's gonna be a rash of guys talking up their crossword puzzle skills
@MMFlint wow... lol... one no talent hack throwing stones at another no talent hack! Whats next? You hating on fat liberals?@JFoxLetter @johnlynn3 i would like to see a blog/website or something more in depth from you@missdanniwylde hey.... make me meatloaf woman!
@carlquintanilla @JoeBelBruno North Korea REALLY thinks they'll get the same responds attacking a sovereign nation they did hacking Sony???
@JFoxLetter been watching your twitter fed this yr... been very impressed with it!
@InsaneB0lt haha Speedy Pickle-Pants would be a brilliant name though@InsaneB0lt lol... i'm Cookie Glitter-Balls
Haha @movieplex is playing the 1967 movie "President's Anal" with James Coburn http://t.co/rQbVa1ofVM
@carlquintanilla @janewells @CNBC why is cnbc showing the Orion splashdown????? it's not cnn!
@ScottWapnerCNBC SocGen also made the exact same predictions last year which didn't come true then either.. which should have been mentioned@EmorySky i'm great... lol... why would you ever doubt that? And everyone loves me :P
@EmorySky haha... listen to you! lol... I was just doing a wellness check like the cops & making sure you weren't hurt #youmissedmemore@EmorySky where the hell you been at? mfc just isn't the same without my fav pain in the ass
Wow... lol... just had one of the most awkward wtf moments ever!!!
#starwars Harrison Ford says I shot first!! http://t.co/4bUHZqRyZ9
Retweeted by me
@meganmedellin hey... lol... hookers need love too
I was talking to my 3yo brother on the phone and he says, "you know what's a bad word? Motherfucker." You can't punish the kid, he's right😂
Retweeted by me@EmorySky there wasn't a lot of cash in it & getting new CC's wasn't a huge pain... lol.. i just wasn't looking forward going to the DMV
@__Nikkiiii__ @TheFleshMarket i read thru your twets there killer.... lol... you're pretty much the broken toy in the toy box aren't ya?
If you don't mind, could you please report eroticgabriella? I don't want to mention the account, I just had their FB taken down
Retweeted by me@apstewart @TattGoddess reported the shit outta that account.... i reported it hard! that account ain't gonna walk right for a week :)YES!!!! Someone returned my wallet to me! no money in it & i had to cancel my CC's but no trip to the DMV for me! #itsagoodday
@meganmedellin lol... and they all think lil johnny's the next Picasso when he does poo his pants and uses it to draw on the wall@meganmedellin everyone thinks their kids a genius too... lol... and they're wrong about that too
Wtf.... I lost my wallet last night... been going crazy tearing everything up looking for it... not looking forward to replacing everything
@EmorySky lol... so rude@EmorySky lol... finally finished drying your eyes cause I wasn't online to log on yourself?@EmorySky thats a good question... I guess i'm just a tolorant guy. .. lol... I hang out with you don't I? Btw..headed home... still on?@EmorySky lol... 1 or 2...lol... but they annoy the hell outta me@EmorySky lol... I should be home in an hour or two... lol... so stop crying into your pillow@EmorySky lol... i'm surprised youre not in the parking lot watch me & my friends right now@EmorySky not at home right now... lol... but youre welcome to join the party in my pants :P
@Rawbwhytt33 @__Nikkiiii__ read this turds comments & loved when he said "all u do is sit behind a screen" after insulted you for no reason
@EmorySky yup... lol... that's what i believe. :D@EmorySky no balls... lol... you KNOW what you can't resist the whole package that is me #banbodisha@EmorySky so rude... lol... no penis for you :P@EmorySky lol... feel free to refer to me as "your majesty" from here on out@EmorySky puhleeeezeeee...lol... i'm the king of relevance@EmorySky lol... it's your fault cause I say it is :P@EmorySky pretty good...lol... other than the bears got their asses handed to them on a historic level... lol... which I blame you for :)@EmorySky just saw this... why has the last cpl days sucked?
wtf!!! 28-0 and it's barely in the 2nd quarter!!! way to crush my inner child @chicagobears
just found out my old roommate from high school died a couple months ago :(@EmorySky having keyboard problems... changing laptops
@EmorySky lol... keeping telling yourself that@EmorySky lol... this is the highlight of your week and you know it... lol@EmorySky ok... lol... try to contain yourself... i'm done with what I was doing@EmorySky lol... which means "yes" in psycho chick talk... and i gotta get some shit done... so gimme 30 min to an hour@EmorySky lol... that's still not a denial :)@EmorySky lol... ok... lol... that's a HUGE yes@EmorySky can't wait to see me huh? lol... bet you're on watching your friends list to see my name pop up@EmorySky lol... blah blah blah@EmorySky lol.. just as well... lol... probably would have been terrible@EmorySky lol... you done with my meatloaf yet woman?@EmorySky you shut it... lol... it's called "keeping you in your place"@EmorySky never mad? lol... maybe the term "you piss me off" has a different meaning in psycho chick language@EmorySky truth hurts... lol... so cute when your mad@EmorySky if you asked me nicely and said please... lol... I might let you play with my wiener@EmorySky lol... and it pisses you off@EmorySky ohhhh I AM the boss of you woman...lol... and deep down you know it and love it@EmorySky lol@EmorySky lol... ask nicely@EmorySky lol... youre so cute when you try and get tough@EmorySky lol... yes@EmorySky haha... you would cry into your pillow if I wasnt around@EmorySky lol... ban me :)@EmorySky lol... and by ban you mean you hear your ovaries calling my name@EmorySky lol.. come at me@EmorySky i don't shut up.... lol... you shut up@EmorySky you got real quiet... lol... you must be touching yourself thinking of me@EmorySky lol.. yes I do thank you@EmorySky hahaha... look in the kitchen or the laundry room for it :)@EmorySky lol... yes and yes@EmorySky haha... you love my bullshit...lol.. now make yourself useful and do my laundry@EmorySky shut it woman... and cook me a meatloaf... lol... and suck my ding-a--ling while I watch the game@EmorySky lol... yes I am... lol... and i'm also right...lol... hence the whole "you puss me off" business of.yours :P@EmorySky denial isnt a river in Egypt@EmorySky lol... its true love@EmorySky yup... lol... and I saw an incredibly handsome man being stalked by a psycho@EmorySky such a smooth talker... lol... Dumb ass
@Kitty_Wilde i been wanting to play skyrim for a week... been stuck on level 43 for a month@meganmedellin most grammar nazi's are idiots but they need something to hold onto to "win" their augments withApparently shitting into someone's vagina is called 'an Alabama hot pocket' 😂 fuck sake
Retweeted by me@apstewart @TattGoddess just dusted the crops myself a lil bit ago... lol... and i made airplane wings w/my arms & noise when i did it :)
@EmorySky ya...lol... I saw it in my alerts and was all "did she forget she sent this to me?"@EmorySky haha... did you twet me and then delete it? really? :P
@EmorySky rude? Me? lol... NEVER!!! You're the rude one ;)
@EmorySky lol... i bet it's Ebola... hope ya feel better soon loser :D@meganmedellin why would he get it himself? lol... sounds like he trained good :)
@EmorySky shhhhh :bequiet :)@EmorySky i should be home around 10 :D@EmorySky i'd love to sit here and talk about how wet i make you.... lol... but we're FINALLY getting ready to go to eat so i gotta go@EmorySky lol... I do have some pretty awesome bullshit dont I?@EmorySky lol... how about you admit it and you accept things... k?@EmorySky lol... come here and make me@EmorySky lol... such a bad liar ;)@EmorySky lol.... ohhhh i think so... and fyi... lol... now would be an appropriate time to say how much you miss me :D
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