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@EwynFae you look pretty too :)@__Nikkiiii__ wow... look at you! you're mfc famous! congrats@__Nikkiiii__ welp.. lol. tried to get your ass outta bed.. lol...no answer! now this one is headed to bed himself... good luck w/tonight ;)
While I'm on my nap PLEASE RETWEET I want more friends 👸 http://t.co/4MjV7AQgxj
Retweeted by me@__Nikkiiii__ lol... as long as there isn't a lot of leg work@__Nikkiiii__ lol... lazy ass... lol... bet you'd just lay there@__Nikkiiii__ idk about the electric fuck machines but they are expensive... here's a manual one called monkey rocker http://t.co/lEsmG2cXaO@__Nikkiiii__ @1_ghostreaper http://t.co/O0ZSNkCjnE@__Nikkiiii__ @1_ghostreaper hahaha... now i got this image of ET with a massive boner doing you doggy style@__Nikkiiii__ lol... you won my dirty laundry... lol... come get it and clean it :P@__Nikkiiii__ @1_ghostreaper wait... wants your goodies and eat you? lol... does ET want to kill you or fuck you?@__Nikkiiii__ nikki's disney surgical mask vs the deadly ebola virus? nikki wins@__Nikkiiii__ @1_ghostreaper ET masks?@1_ghostreaper @__Nikkiiii__ you tip and i'll post the ET emotes? deal!@__Nikkiiii__ and if you're logging on @ 2 AM i might not make it.. i'll be busy either sleeping or making my anti-Ebola apocalyptic bunker@1_ghostreaper @__Nikkiiii__ lol... if you go into her room... lol... post lots of ET emotes... she loves it@__Nikkiiii__ @1_ghostreaper lol... she's just a big ole chickenshiy...lol... everyone loves ET@__Nikkiiii__ i was all "uhmmm no what?"... lol... and than i saw ET and your hate for that sweet innocent lovable lil aliengreeeeat... Ebola made its way to the US... the apocalypse has begunA patient at a Dallas hospital is the first case of Ebola virus diagnosed in the U.S., the CDC says. http://t.co/jgntHKx2Qr@TattGoddess you're really weird after you get ready... lol... but that weirdness gives me the boners :)
@__Nikkiiii__ lol... give it some chicken soup and rub it's belly so it feels even betterhttp://t.co/7OSuMlydERMan I love chicago this timr of year... its a shame we're gonna be freezing our asses off in a month http://t.co/W5kdxCtYmT
@__Nikkiiii__ lol... perv@__Nikkiiii__ penis head? lol... you vagina face@__Nikkiiii__ you don't say fuck sunday football... sunday football says fuck you :PYep, that pretty much sums it up. RT @AaronRodgersGod MY GOD RT @MsMyaG: Lol http://t.co/3NPSQIRl3s
Retweeted by meWalking to soldier stadium http://t.co/PhjxN2KFU7Bears half time http://t.co/1ONrkqNUozFuck ya http://t.co/UnXsaKLAdb
One more day till I go to soldier stadium to watch the bears kick some damn dirt green bay ass!!!@__Nikkiiii__ fuck the old people.... just stick it out and charm the pants off new people
@InsaneB0lt @apstewart as a life long Cubs fan B0lt... All I got to say is welcome to the clubStock's flying in after hours trading!RT @obra: Holy shit. Yahoo is discontinuing Yahoo. http://t.co/zOppB546EO HT @nygren
Retweeted by me@__Nikkiiii__ you're welcome biotch :slapdik@__Nikkiiii__ idk about that.. cam scores go up/down all the time.. you just cant log on/off based on it... and im rooting for ya sugar titsok... enough procrastinating for this one... off to the gym with me@__Nikkiiii__ i know you can do it if you want to but you gotta work & no not logging on cause the rooms slow and forget your f'n cam score@__Nikkiiii__ ya I know what SM is... but if youre gonna try it out are you gonna let us know what name youre using?@__Nikkiiii__ what's this streamate business? give us details and pertinent info to find you woman
MFC Stereotypes https://t.co/RUDF59nEth Retweet and show support!
Retweeted by me@TattGoddess haha... SNAP! calling some mofo's out! lol... not gonna lie... i was a lil nervous when i clicked play though :P@ComEd i've followed you back@TattGoddess lol... you're prego with a cigarette baby@EwynFae lol... twet topless airplane fight pic's :P
@__Nikkiiii__ seen guys tip models a lot & all the chick said was "thanks" and went back to her convo like someone just passed her the salt@__Nikkiiii__ it's a good greasy sausage pepperoni & mushroom pizza...lol... or the deals off@__Nikkiiii__ lol...you drive a hard bargin.... lol... but i get to pick the pizza... i don't want no gross MN pizza@__Nikkiiii__ lol... if you'll settle for a bj & some netflix i'm in :D@__Nikkiiii__ lol... you're such a sensitive chick when you get drunk@__Nikkiiii__ lol... by cuddle and make out you really mean get prego & have a baby right? lol... i'm onto your evil female ways :P@__Nikkiiii__ what happened?
@jessicasweet194 dayum gurly! VERY hot pic :)@EwynFae hell ya! skinny dipping show!@__Nikkiiii__ meh... not impressed with her... any hottness is offset by her whoreness... plus she has a gross ass #howmuchsoaptokeepitcleanget the fuck out! there is a 3 boobied Total Recall hooker... lol... some chick got a 3rd boob implanted http://t.co/dN0CnXdfzt
BEARS WIN!!! going to next weeks game so they get to kick them damn dirty packers asses in font of my eyes@__Nikkiiii__ use to feel bad but i'd see the same people on the same street corners for years.. but i got callous & learned to ignore themlol... just had a convo w/a new model that informed me all these models that fap in public are gonna get banned from mfc #newmodelsarefunny
@__Nikkiiii__ lol... why do i see you being stoned, munching on Cheetos and watching SNAPPED and this taking 4 hours to do?@__Nikkiiii__ i wouldn't lose much sleep over it... check their cam scores a week after they lose that *NEW* label all new models get@__Nikkiiii__ ahhh.. the celebration doobie! i remember them well from my old college days.. lol.. and high school... lol... and junior high@__Nikkiiii__ lol.... just write "FUCK YOU SCHOOL! I'M A PROUD CAM GIRL!!!" and sign in Nikkiii___@__Nikkiiii__ time to break out that big brain of yours and buckle down... i got faith ya can get it done!nicely done @DetroitLions with whooping some damn dirty @packers ass@TattGoddess seriously thinking about quitting but after seeing this i might just keep smoking.. lol.. you might have saved a childs life:P
@__Nikkiiii__ welcome to my world@__Nikkiiii__ it was creepy but entertaining... lol... so dont judge me you damn drunk driver@__Nikkiiii__ lol... wound up watching a chick put on a ventriloquist show and then bang its 10" dick...lol... top 5 creepiest things ever@__Nikkiiii__ lol... obviously my invitation got lost in the mail... I logged on around midnight when I got home and yiu weren't on@__Nikkiiii__ lol... drunk driving at 10 AM? lol... i think most the chicks on snapped do that@__Nikkiiii__ hahaha... my 1st clue you wouldn't be on tonight was when you twet'ed you;d be on tonight :P@jessicasweet194 very fricken hot@jessicasweet194 awww... so cute ;)watched a chick put on a ventriloquist act & bang her ventriloquist dummy's 10" cock...lol... only the 4th wierdest thing i've seen on mfc
@__Nikkiiii__ lol.. i got no stones to throw and I have a BA... i'm the laziest speller if it's not work related #mfcmademedumb@__Nikkiiii__ let's hope he reforms into a Bears fan... lol... and maybe sneaks a spelling class or two in there
@__Nikkiiii__ 1 - 100? shots? orgasm? tips?http://t.co/YKwEfbwBkU
Retweeted by me@__Nikkiiii__ lol... if you turn into a pizza i can use lines like "lick your pepperoni's bb" and "finger bang your crust bb"@__Nikkiiii__ lol... you're on a roll@__Nikkiiii__ lol... i better be on tonight? lol... talk about the pot calling the kettle black :P@__Nikkiiii__ lol... just won't be the same without the nikki nooki@ComEd if you lost power as many times as we do in this area... you'd have nothing but contempt for comed too@__Nikkiiii__ lol... guess i'm forced to go look at some strange vaginas now@__Nikkiiii__ damn dirty Minnesota internet@ComEd 2 power outages in 1 day... you guys going for a personal record?Blah.... I know why I rarely get up this early any moreLost power and went to report it to @ComEd on my phone and their power outage web page doesnt support mobile devices #sostupiditsfunny
@EwynFae you got fired & gonna cam full time? YAY! errr uhhhh... i mean awwww sorry sugar tits@__Nikkiiii__ hahaha... that tapped into a deep dark fantasy of yours... lol... start slow with your tongue and work up from there@__Nikkiiii__ lol... come here and lets have "pretend prison sex"@__Nikkiiii__ hahaha... wonder if IL at least permits hand jobs@__Nikkiiii__ hahaha... I heard ramen noodles and knew you dated someone locked up before@__Nikkiiii__ the ole ramen noodles in jail trick huh? i'm gonna need honeybuns too! lol.. i wonder if county lets guys have conjugal visit@__Nikkiiii__ lol... if i wind up in jail i'm fucking calling you every morning collect@__Nikkiiii__ lol... i'm an asshole with a fast car (cop got me doing 57 in a 30)@__Nikkiiii__ wait! what? wtf... lol... is awesome i got traffic court? wierdo@__Nikkiiii__ i'll be bored off my ass waiting for a huge fine then :(
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