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Teenage Rebel of The Week (retired) 'To Hell with poverty- we'll get drunk on cheap wine'

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I get the impression that most people on Twitter are opposed to High Speed 2. RT if you agree we should SCRAP #HS2
Retweeted by Suzi BebopUK parliament dissolved, so we have a new interim leader. http://t.co/IHqW2CFRCM
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThe #Tories will go to the weeds for #GE2015. This will be the ugliest campaign- ever Straight out of the US #RepublicanParty playbook.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopEnjoying the most fab carrot & coriander soup at #MiriamsMunchies for lunch #Harrow https://t.co/tiw6NA1RlC
BBC News - Election 2015: Conservative benefit cut options leaked http://t.co/2m87lvzmDP http://t.co/YR8fKu0P2R
Retweeted by Suzi BebopIn this week's We're All In This Together: Iain taxes the disabled and lets carers starve while George ignores millionaire tax dodgers.
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We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopRichard III and Jeremy Clarkson linked on Moral Maze @BBCRadio4 perhaps for the first time
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@Skinner_M Devil's SnackfoodSuperb tasting today for the @Polpo Spring menu. The "lost bird spiedini" were particularly good: http://t.co/cT8ieAMZgB
Retweeted by Suzi Bebophttp://t.co/cOHVni0pnU is a preview of the @bbcradio4 adaptation of Ursula K Le Guin's THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS. This is so cool!
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@Farmhousetree Thank you!Hey just need 4 more lovely tweeps to follow @oxfampinner so we can hit 1000 oooh maybe we could give a little #easteregg to tweep 1000th 👍
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@Farmhousetree thanks- will keep it for reading later. I think.“@guardian: NFL set to change extra-point and take action on ineligible receivers http://t.co/10X119QEk7” and I thought cricket rules deep..“@guardian: NFL set to change extra-point & take action on ineligible receivers http://t.co/10X119QEk7” this is the type of news we need #UK@Farmhousetree @BBCTheArchers ...aaah... Ok...Retweeting this on UK time because I fear it was lost on US followers last night http://t.co/bReDoz5pvB
Retweeted by Suzi Bebophas our beloved Prime Minister commented on the news about that man, who speaks for so many worried about the size of their, um, you know?
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop“@AzizRashid: Love this! @SLSingh tweeted earlier, was created by the brilliant @DavidJBodycombe HT @noneatnamesleft http://t.co/xEt4fHmVp2@BBCTheArchers ....by voting UKIP@GeorgiaHCRfm weeping here. Hooting even.“@BBCTheArchers: “I am a farmer. It’s not a choice I ever consciously made. It’s who I am." #thearchers” Jeez...#sickbagModern meanings: "move on" = I've been caught with my hand in the till, but I went to Eton so it doesn't count.
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@Farmhousetree @BBCTheArchers Is it a bad thing? I thought the pig was helping to clean up the saucepans..#townie #and #proudFans of Alan Garner (appearing tonight @jodrellbank) look at this new book celebrating his work edited by @EricaWgnr http://t.co/wxMwt5FloD
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop"Anyway, I'm sure it'll be fine" - Translation: I'm confident the situation will deteriorate swiftly
Retweeted by Suzi BebopOn a serious note, it would be a nice touch if Jeremy Clarkson posted a small tweet asking his "fans" to stop abusing Oisin Tymon.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopHere is why Oisin Tymon didn't report Jeremy Clarkson https://t.co/XqNkS8djrQ via @VPointNews http://t.co/UYQaXwDrcU
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“@Grammarly: "Are you trying to preposition me?" (Cartoon via @pirarobizarro) http://t.co/7NN5vSNQ6N
Retweeted by Suzi BebopI have just received this http://t.co/WxY0Qsn9Zb
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It’s Child #SexualExploitation Awareness Day. We must unite to prevent another scandal being swept under the carpet: http://t.co/mWUUHIKOeQ
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Well this IS satisfying. Private Eye reveal the truth about Sarah Vine and Ed Mili's communist kitchen (via @jpublik) http://t.co/6bMAePllZ8
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finding the museum w/ @piwi_e_neumann http://t.co/Dcjj613MZ9
Retweeted by Suzi BebopI hear the government are going to give everyone a free unicorn should they get reelected. Can't wait! #ElectionPromises
Retweeted by Suzi BebopCalvin and Hobbes Star Wars! http://t.co/QawAmWt3ge
Retweeted by Suzi BebopKen Loach: When Cathy Come Home was made housing situation was terrible. It's much worse now. #homesforbritain
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop"What do we want? Social Housing. When do we want it? Now!" @4socialhousing #homesforbritain http://t.co/8cpOoOZUMz
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@DanzacRose @DumTeeDum yes!!@wessexwildlife @BBCTheArchers Pestilence- Kate, every time.Excellent exhibition at V&A of photos of the black experience in UK - including this from the mighty Dennis Morris. http://t.co/nIGqFYTKkM
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We could be heroes: six inspirational Londoners doing their best to make this city great http://t.co/9NdY7L5494
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWho can help me publish a beautiful book of Colin O'Brien's LONDON LIFE? http://t.co/8ZVEIx5xur http://t.co/zKuRmUFFfK
Retweeted by Suzi BebopI hope the idiots who rushed to sign a petition, hang their heads in shame. Especially, arch-dickhead @GuidoFawkes. http://t.co/HfcQEuaY1Q
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“@guardian: Would Top Gear survive without Jeremy Clarkson? http://t.co/J3EFkVCwV3” yes. Bring back Chris Goffey & his belted Barbour jacket
Ice Age artists were better than us at drawing animals #art @JamesDayArt http://t.co/ob9BhahJlJ http://t.co/y5VUG6Fme1
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop.@CERN Director General on the possible outcomes of high energy collisions as the Large Hadron Collider is turned on http://t.co/gkiCqCzPSw
Retweeted by Suzi BebopBack @TheJazzCafe 22nd May.... http://t.co/YfQ5xjwCQ2
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop#SaveOurNHS http://t.co/gmwgvKl1Ue
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
LIVE - A Man is knocking door to door in the East of #Harrow asking about "Boilers" in order to gain entry to homes. Call 999 if he knocks.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWashing Socks [infographic] http://t.co/ok2iVOs5mM http://t.co/jvykKUwi9k
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop“@w9maidavale: By public demand re-released on vinyl Elgin Avenue Breakdown by the 101ers http://t.co/3an6Pe0mk7 #Rock #Archeology” oh yes!Because of Blurred Lines verdict, Weezer now owes Pavement $7.3 million and Pavement has to immediately give that to The Fall.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopRuth! You turncoat! Giving up & giving in! #theArchersWe've got @Buzzcocks in session tonight - this flash back for you all - what a joy. @marcrileydj @MichelleChoud http://t.co/39pXtiI4tl
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@chrisdonia @LuckyLiquorCo @the_bon_vivant looks like another good reason for us to return to Edinburgh......A brief history of medicine http://t.co/WMtLt1tXIq http://t.co/psV1EoCDtd
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Thelonious Monk (1959) Rehearsing in a New York loft with saxophonists Phil Woods and Char… http://t.co/QzOEO5yXLO http://t.co/wwChSCg5kD
Retweeted by Suzi Bebophttp://t.co/8sapS5Z4Uz
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop.@toddles23 - my sentiments exactly! HT @BobandRoberta http://t.co/0GgiQg0e79
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Oh yeah and fuck ISIS. #fuckisis
Retweeted by Suzi BebopRepresentative John Lewis is tweeting his memories of the Selma March 50 years on @repjohnlewis. #selma50
Retweeted by Suzi BebopAnd believe me when I say he's a geek, here's our bedding... http://t.co/ejyeOixkhn
Retweeted by Suzi BebopFinally, today's Times has had the cojones to pose the stupidest question ever asked: http://t.co/thHtiXZxTW
Retweeted by Suzi BebopIn 100 years what will remain of Islamic State? Not one solitary brick on another is my guess. They're too infatuated with destruction...
Retweeted by Suzi BebopMale hedgehogs walk up to 3km a night in summer. Females move less than 1km. I want you to know this.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopSunny day in Turnham Green http://t.co/cdEGQBcbXx
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
A #working #lunch with Cordelia #portobello #road https://t.co/ZKZWmUxWuT@holland_tom @Telegraph excellent article.Why are ISIS bulldozing Nimrud? They're out to destroy more than antiquities alone, I argue in @Telegraph: http://t.co/3L7DCdJFZv #Assyria
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#Brighton at a conference #working #hard https://t.co/dzwjrDg9x3Bank of Canada urges Star Trek fans to stop ‘Spocking’ their five dollar notes. http://t.co/UvIAj6FlXO
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“@PulpLibrarian: Ace Of Wands cover for Look-in, 15 July 1972 (opening titles: http://t.co/F5WjZuMbIZ) http://t.co/f6OV1MBL5D”I had this oneAs she lay writhing on the carpet, her naked body covered in cream, I knew one thing. I was never taking her to the Cornish Tea Rooms again.
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Paul McGann & Richard E. Grant in Withnail & I, 1987 http://t.co/ySj2npRsGw http://t.co/pQ32uxEhwJ http://t.co/sqXpeaAlU2
Retweeted by Suzi BebopSpicy tripe #DimSum and I'm OKaaaay #Tripe https://t.co/ozpmPb64om
RT 1960sinPics: The Who hanging out with Jimi Hendrix, 1966. http://t.co/Ym9bFsXobr http://t.co/dx2xLhtUx9 http://t.co/P4zS2QyL7v
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop“@Railwaypast: Arrival of a train at Euston Square Station http://t.co/jzyapvpe3l
Retweeted by Suzi BebopMore than just good toilet graffiti MT @benjackthomas: Well worth clicking to expand the image for this one - http://t.co/DFx8sjrGUZ
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWingedBull destruction on @Channel4News right now! Appalling wanton vandalism & cultural destruction. Foul. Destroying ancient texts. Sinful"Hard-boiled babes like a soft-touch man" (plus Gang Girls!) True Cases Of Women In Crime, March 1950 #pulp #fashion http://t.co/rB5zGXtijp
Retweeted by Suzi BebopDon't miss a behind-the-scenes tour of #TheaPorter with curators @DennisNothdruft @laurakitty http://t.co/OGKwOk98Fr http://t.co/OMOgorWmFY
Retweeted by Suzi BebopJust heard ISIS thugs destroying Assyrian & Babylonian treasures winged Bulls & ancient manuscripts gone! Glad @britishmuseum Has some@RadioAmbridge both, then we'll know that there is a God #archers #tedium #inevitablePHOTO - A metal dressed feminist walking in #Kabul today in protest against women oppression in #Afghanistan. http://t.co/qZTszt29Kk
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop“@Oakelmash: On this day in 1976, I met @Boomchick3 for the first time - here's to the next 39 years! #theartschooldancegoesonforever” yes!
The one & only good reason to get to Reading station early. @TuttiFruttiRdg Mocca & Fruitcake! http://t.co/BxI6Kw4PfQ
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@isetta_windsor @JohnHindeImages lovely! Funiculartastic http://t.co/wT08FDHhzd
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"What do you want to be when you grow up?" "An honest, brave, compassionate human being." "No…I mean, how do you want to sell your labor?"
Retweeted by Suzi BebopSaw this in church vestry this morning. Am not sure I can comment! http://t.co/FZir6LNZUM
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Who just broke the internet re: #thetelegraph fiasco? @thesundaysport: "Dear @Telegraph. Please get out of the gutter. That's our patch".
Retweeted by Suzi BebopJohn Roger's and I will meet folks for a psychogeographic tour of #Camberley. Meet at the station at 12 noon http://t.co/vUewLO3nwE
Retweeted by Suzi BebopI see the fabulicious @DeliaCazzato is in the @MyPinnerNews pg 20. Making Harrow a happier place to live and work! http://t.co/wa2Jg7z0kg
Retweeted by Suzi BebopRT RocknRollFoto: Patti Smith http://t.co/DTEoaTuIFR http://t.co/ssnBULXlsS http://t.co/KtyWyy2Ivj
Retweeted by Suzi BebopRT RocknRollFoto: A very 70s James Brown http://t.co/QjowWPcoY7 http://t.co/kocsDVLbCc http://t.co/grLUNa4V22
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop“@VerusFacts: Constipation is caused when too much water is absorbed in the large intestine and the feces become dry.” Thought 4 The DayWhen you have to work on the weekend. http://t.co/XnCpQnbC9L
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThese stories never go viral -> Muslims form human shield around #Oslo synagogue to protect it http://t.co/6ECFUHDrHV http://t.co/LIiaN7qMuh
Retweeted by Suzi BebopAs a cancer specialist with 20yrs NHS experience, it's my public duty to inform the public that Tories are dismantling & privatising the NHS
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