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RT @Monster: If I wasn't at my current job, I would be ________.#Networking in #SanDiego: 8 groups to broaden your network including @sd6degrees, @SanDiegoSCORE, @letipofsandiego: http://t.co/tYaobntDVf@carlosmiguel167 Thanks for the RT / support :-)How was your Labor Day weekend! Ready to get back to the daily grind?@LevyRecruits Fair assessment. Do you think that it's any less true, though?Why keeping track of your employees' every move is so last century, from @CordeliaCallsIt: http://t.co/fitBGibM1K #workplaceHow to talk up your #travel experience in your next job #interview, from @TravlJunkette: http://t.co/sEa2TpP3TRHow to Give Quality Feedback When You’re a New Manager http://t.co/pNB8qJnFAK
Crazy interesting: RT @graemeowens: How Millennials Describe Themselves vs How HR Professionals Describe Millennials: http://t.co/H6vWqsQk3TRT @UPCareers: Beware These 5 Easy-to-Make Job Search Mistakes http://t.co/dPEFZd4Y1lAn oldie but a goodie: 5 Ways to Build Your Credibility as a #Freelancer (and Make More Money!) from @BaehrRye: http://t.co/qvZiKstAjFImportant! RT @UndercoverRec: Job Scams and How to Avoid Them http://t.co/US76TXxFXK@gregfaxon Excellent. That's what we like to hear.Networking in San Diego: 8 Groups for Broadening Your Professional Network http://t.co/PT8TliDvw7Every email you send is a chance to improve your #network. Use these rules from @heytheresar to make them better: http://t.co/fdnfqMnPcq@verymaberry So glad :-) Pop culture rocks!How many of you have flexible scheduling at #work? Great article from @HRDailyAdvisor: http://t.co/IkYMrYk668Monday again! What #career developments do you have going on this week?How to Talk Up Your Travel Experience in Your Next Job Interview http://t.co/2YxslKoo3W
Thoughts? RT @Beyond_com: Can Unemployed Jobseekers Complain When They Have a Liberal Arts Degree? http://t.co/OKQVopiXUf @RecruiterDotComRT @UGACareerCenter: What can @jimmyfallon teach you about job interviews and likability? http://t.co/LZGDt678LzThe hours you spend watching reality TV are not in vain. They may actually help your #career, says @DereksAlterEgo: http://t.co/Q5zvNgHxO9#GenY tips: RT @amyruberg: 10 Things You Must Do Before Leaving College And Joining The Real World http://t.co/vJLy7l1zxGYour emails suck. These 3 rules from @heytheresar will make them better: http://t.co/irwHghpOa4 #career@YWDBoston Psyched to have you!RT @_Randy_Campbell: Register today for the Raytheon Virtual Career Fair on September 5th 12 -3 pm CST @ http://t.co/UKsO0zONBOYour #MBA essay is a tall order, but you’ll be off to a good start with these three tips from Jon @Admissionado: http://t.co/mfWiwDAZpp@CornOnTheJob Exciting as usual. Love all the energy. What about you?Why pretty much everyone is bad at remembering names, from @Inc: http://t.co/FZDyZUccRw #careertipsWhat ways can you think of to make yourself stand out from the competition in your #career? http://t.co/RLe8HcXWrp
#Productivity tips RT @Worktank: Working in the office? Try these work-from-home tips that can apply to you! http://t.co/9IYWfVj2mBRT @WSUCareers: The Successful Lunch Interview: Good manners, Choose the right dish, talk well, end well; Read http://t.co/KRi3WRHb9PTime for some Sunday humor! @UndercoverRec has a list of some funny things job applicants have on their #resume: http://t.co/80Msq50VxSInteresting read: RT @hrbartender: The Difference Between Knowledge, Skills and Abilities http://t.co/q3vycVzAVL@ForwardMotionUS Awesome resource. Happy to share :-)3 tips for writing a stellar #MBA application, from Jon @Admissionado: http://t.co/3v1Lnf5UqP@NickGagalis Boom.Fun quiz from @CAREEREALISM to discover what type of #employee you are: http://t.co/4Gk17YYByXThe amount of #job competition means finding a way to stand out from the masses of applicants. Here’s how to do that. http://t.co/AyCf2JnK1x
Cool infographic for #Millennials: RT @MarkSBabbitt: Must demonstrate: 8 Traits More Important Than Your Resume http://t.co/6cmrSzjMgERT @PurdueCCO: A look inside what it's really like to work at Google (from a non-techie) http://t.co/MASGp6ztNEAsking for a #salary bump from a manager is never easy. Here's some tips: http://t.co/gD1RktjNbmRT @AlisonDoyle: Prepare for a phone #interview the same way you would an in-person interview. Here's how: http://t.co/vNDgdj6Hnc"Accounting ninja. Social media unicorn." What do these #job titles MEAN? Val @CareerShift deconstructs: http://t.co/YfHJqFmnrx@SCSCareersUIUC Thanks! Love the enthusiasm!Hiring the right people is easier said than done, but it’s a pivotal part of #smallbiz. Here's how to hire SMART: http://t.co/dpeiab3pCz@James_Quigley That's great! Did you enjoy her post?Soft skills are traits that make someone a good #employee. @hrbartender shows how to use them: http://t.co/KOdcBW7sWJTime to #gethired: RT @jtodonnell: 5 Tips to Prepare for Peak Hiring Season: http://t.co/ifKMstoZhxYour Emails Suck. These 3 Rules Will Make Them Exponentially Better http://t.co/NkFrSOhovt
RT @Beyond_com: 3 Things That Show a Candidate is Serious About a Job http://t.co/ReoExqUoJ5 #HR #HiringRT @NorthwesternUCS: #Interview tip: Always bring extra copies of your resume and a list of references. #northwesternAn oldie but a goodie: The Best #Leaders Have Mastered This Underrated Skill, from @Joe__McCormack: http://t.co/GuC3PFgWUoRT @india58: Are You A Forgettable Job Candidate? Here's How To Fix That http://t.co/Hilg2fJwDD @3PlusIntIf you care about #companyculture work for one of these 25 employers, from @jenniferesnyder: http://t.co/PIGMjwNboT@CLUCareer So true! Something so sentimental and personal about it.Email Tips: If You Want a Response, Never Start a Message Like This http://t.co/KBLisk5OG1#Job titles are getting more bizarre by the day. Val @CareerShift shows us how to decipher them: http://t.co/ymc0NpLzxJ@InvenioJobs Thanks for the RT. Love handwritten letters!3 tips for writing an AMAZING executive #resume, from @flexjobs: http://t.co/aWjzaS2sh5Hire SMART: 7 strategies you can employ to make better hiring decisions: http://t.co/yDDLsRsAEd #HR3 Tips for Writing a Stellar MBA Application Essay http://t.co/TjOU5Y2zr4
Very interesting MT @Beyond_com: Ladies play better w/ others. Study suggests gender matters in workplace competition http://t.co/swcFFr7lwWRT @UGACareerCenter: Here are some things to keep off of your LinkedIn Profile according to @aptaube: http://t.co/8ZDx8GR6aFIf an interviewer asked you to describe a problem you faced in your #job & how you solved it, how would you answer? http://t.co/04Kf6Vx807Great #careeradvice RT @heatherhuhman: 20 Networking Tips to Master By The End of Summer http://t.co/IwatMbzaaRHump day! How's your week going so far?@ElysianHue That's always amazing news to hear. Brightened up our day!@TeamConroyRoss Thanks for the support :-) Great quote, right?Ready to find your dream job at the Accenture Women in Technology Meet Up?! Online Event begins 8/27, 12-2Pm EDT! http://t.co/FHNjsObUYyUp Your Job Search Game: 6 Things You Must Do to Get Hired http://t.co/IBTGfSLuaCWhat jobs make for great #lifestyle careers? @MetNightOwl has got 4 for you: http://t.co/pyHH6QUH5K@Pen_Heaven Don't have any on hand at the moment, but we'll be on the lookout! Do you agree with the general sentiment?Can't wait to attend The @Accenture Women In Technology Meet Up! Just need to be online, no traveling necessary! http://t.co/SZbbJ4Jyav
Retweeted by Brazen CareeristWhy you're a forgettable #job candidate, from @dailymuse: http://t.co/p6rI503GtaIf you want to run a #business with lowered risk, here are the best resources to do so, from @lieshapetrovich: http://t.co/lIGWfyDo6yWhat the Heck Is an Accounting Ninja? How to Decode Deceptive Job Titles http://t.co/DwuxDAD1bp
Great #telecommuting tips! RT @Worktank: From bunny slippers to board meetings - how to work from home! http://t.co/WBGYnh5zEvRT @UPCareers: 8 Traits More Important Than Your Resume [Infographic] http://t.co/ekZJqaSNIsDoes your GPA really matter? Here's some truths for recent #graduates, from @ryan_niessen: http://t.co/oj8YROtV3GFor recruiters: RT @CAREEREALISM: 5 Tips to Prepare for Peak Hiring Season: http://t.co/1PrpUSXP7Z #gethired4 insanely flexible #jobs to help you escape corporate America, from @MetNightOwl: http://t.co/yNiplGKiAE@thegayngler Better late than never, right?You don’t need to risk your life savings to start a profitable #sidehustle. @lieshapetrovich has the tips: http://t.co/1EobRVKIJc@nametagscott Great article!Is "experience required" a suggestion or a rule in your #jobsearch? Answers over @YouTern: http://t.co/lvHhTbh170Are you a Woman? Love Technology? Looking for opportunities at @Accenture? Join in on an event worth being a part of! http://t.co/FHNjsObUYySmart Hiring for Your Small Business: 7 Ways to Find the Right People http://t.co/UbqKYT6D9L
RT @jacobshare: Why You Shouldn’t Be Looking For A Job - #jobsearch http://t.co/O9e20CfVyPBasic, easy, and spot on: MT @CareerBuilder: Take 5 minutes this weekend to make sure your #resume is up to date: http://t.co/T4yPwJFnzu!10 creative #jobs for every personality, from @InsideJobs: http://t.co/Ai9eU5rOOFRT @jtodonnell: 18 easy conversation starters for #networking events: http://t.co/QMdN6pHHBu #MingleIf you want to run a #business without substantial risk, use these resources to design it, from @lieshapetrovich: http://t.co/jHZccR6p5R4 Insanely Flexible Jobs That Will Help You Escape Corporate America http://t.co/3wuwgFhYAJHow @TheMotleyFool is using their employee handbook to turn #recruiting on its head: http://t.co/fTZRrZTXpkConnect with #Accenture recruiters @ the Accenture Women in Technology Meet Up! http://t.co/FHNjsObUYy.@Glassdoor discusses why women should help out other women in the #workplace: http://t.co/D8zF51Yl7uRT @dailymuse: Don't let a little #weekend reading stop you from conquering your workweek: http://t.co/gpPGuYPjtj http://t.co/PxlPb1sM0OA Risk-Free Way to Start a Side Hustle (While Still at Your Full-Time Job) http://t.co/vrotiuHBzP
RT @LeaMcLeod: 7 Ways to Become Your Boss’ Dream Employee via @TIME http://t.co/gz3QypHaND
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