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I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.

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“If we didn’t want to get caught we’d just have sex at home.”5/5 Oh, and btw my money's on a celeb pic trading ring rather than an iCloud breach
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@ow niceAll that Tressel cheating and Ohio won only one mythical national championship. Winning those must be so damn hard.@sbatwater @tytus_s no@HorhayAtAMD if it becomes worthwhile i’ll change my view 😉Even worse than seeing women's privacy violated on social media is reading the accompanying comments that show such a lack of empathy.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall“@CarpeAngela: It’s Almost Midnight, Take Me Home: An Autobiography”In SF Labor Day is a great time to say goodbye to winter
Retweeted by Brian S HallSince Apple PR already hates me, here’s this: I’ve mocked NFC for years. Apple’s embrace of it won’t make it suck any less.Global population: 1 China 2 Facebook 3 India 4 Tencent 5 WhatsApp 6 USA 7 Google+ 8 LinkedIn 9 Twitter 10 Indonesia
Retweeted by Brian S HallThe #InternetofThings – Limitless Dumb Possibilities http://t.co/K4gaBLiy6K via @InformationWeek
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@tytus_s I hear there is a kate upton dispensation"you have the musical taste of a soccer mom who just got divorced" -@nealbrennan to me just now.
Retweeted by Brian S HallIf iCloud really is the source of this pic leak, Apple may have some challenges selling storing credit cards and health data next week.
Retweeted by Brian S HallI have not seen alleged naked celebrity photos nor have I sought them out. If you have, feel bad about yourself.If you don’t have Songs in the Key of Life in your music collection then you are just a terrible person.@kylebrussell commercials are only selective truth. 😄@treestman @TheRomit that’s what I think. Wisconsin line was shoving those LSU lineman around. Run the damn ball.God I hope Samsung does a commercial mocking celebrities who use iPhone.@treestman @TheRomit Still don’t know how they lost that.Isn’t it ironic what a godawful song that is.Apple PR all busy doling out the pre show “leaks” and then get hit with the nude pics story. Gonna be a very busy week.Please take 60 seconds to vote here for Bitcoin panel at SXSW. http://t.co/Bo8LynA3yU
Retweeted by Brian S HallI promise you Tim Cook doesn't have pics of himself on his phone. Bank on that.
Retweeted by Brian S HallOn the latest @techdouchebags, I have a lively debate with @treestman that Samsung copying Apple wasn’t a bad thing. http://t.co/AwtTXykqjK
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@TheRomit blockI just texted a man the phrase “It’s ok, I’m not mad” and actually meant it I had to check and make sure I was still a woman after that
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@haymoose great idea So many possible uses with Touch ID.@brianshall iCloud photos with Touch ID - naught bits are blurry until the fingerprint is verified…
Retweeted by Brian S HallWant my old job? Join the great @typeform team in Barcelona as Content Manager. More info at http://t.co/VYGH5TG4m6
Retweeted by Brian S HallTop Gun better movie than fucking jabroni the notebook
Retweeted by Brian S HallCool dogs not allowed. http://t.co/ixFR5rmlOy@dimitri_12345 all the ladies say…@TheRomit yawn ;-)@TheRomit that is actually a Pac 12 game worth watching ;-)No 5.5 inch iPhone phablet. I predict it will be a iPod-only device, used to control HomeKit devices. http://t.co/ni12wKJocFOpen An E-Checking Account With Nationwide Bank® Today And Receive A $200 Bonus! Click For More Information. http://t.co/VsVu7AHMxk
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@TheRomit no argument hereMy Saturday is set. Virginia Tech at Ohio State. Michigan State at Oregon. And the two top programs of all time, Michigan at Notre Dame.RT if you love #LaurelAndHardy http://t.co/aKkKsrzbXK
Retweeted by Brian S HallYou have to admire the French, over 100 streets in Paris with names of mathematicians -> http://t.co/u4gAelmoM5
Retweeted by Brian S Hall“The Greatest Legacy Of Steve Jobs? Freedom From Pornography.” https://t.co/I5GP4gIsqriCloud hack and nude celebrity pics is *way* bigger news than iWatch or iPhone phablet. No labor day off for Tim Cook or the new PR team.@arnab_das well, if you delete them on your phone, they still stay on the cloud unless you delete them there, correct?@narenbalaji yes, something like that. where you have to take action to make your photos *not* automatically sent to the cloud.Where have you gone, Mitt Romney, our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you.@ow if that's real, that's awesomeThis whole NUDE PICS! is partly on Apple. Photos are instantly uploaded to the cloud. Most people do not understand ramifications of this.49ers do love to beat them up some women.@haymoose haThe 5.5 Inch iRemote For The Apple Home by @brianshall http://t.co/oUWRwJfdi4@haymoose I can believe it@sbisson great picnot gig, meg! RT @chetansharma @ValaAfshar IBM 5MB hard-disk loaded on airplane - weight 1Ton, 1956 http://t.co/ekAJ8JBh9g
Retweeted by Brian S HallMy school experience summed up in a picture I found http://t.co/lUBgrfgJB0
Retweeted by Brian S HallThe 5.5 Inch iRemote For The Apple Home http://t.co/mzrIYtwebY@JurMous yep. We know soon. 😄@holdenweb did he put his money against Apple I wonder?Firefox Takes Price Wars A Notch Higher In India With $33 Intex Cloud FX Smartphone http://t.co/zCSkfk5Kiz
Retweeted by Brian S Hall#DownSyndrome @RicharDawkins gets his basic fact wrong. http://t.co/4fVuELDrcW
Retweeted by Brian S HallMr. President. Taiwan on line 2, sir.Love this. RT @Mikecanrant: #IfMyPhoneGotHacked http://t.co/ys3NB0u17x
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@SuzieZUMO yup@ow @kashhill that can be so dangerousCeleb saying she deleted photos from her iDevice may be learning for first time that deleted photos stay in iCloud. http://t.co/bRFiybiXlq
Retweeted by Brian S HallLadies, please. If there are nude pics of you, please store them on an IRS phone. That disappears faster than a snapchat.
@FreeMrktCptlst yeah. Think I’m done.@martingicheru I call them coneys#ifmyphonegothacked http://t.co/NcndDeSdRA#ifmyphonegothacked http://t.co/57A9LafkTs10 discontinued foods from the '90s and '00s that you can still buy on Amazon: http://t.co/SMCQOo247u
Retweeted by Brian S HallFUCK THE MONDAY
Retweeted by Brian S Hall#ifmyiphonegothacked http://t.co/idAMIUYIay#ifmyiphonegothacked http://t.co/PVA58vA4yz@samueldfell same ;-)@Nithin i was surprised by how bad it was.@samueldfell always@samueldfell yes@HorhayAtAMD yeah. good song.Posit: Thor: Dark World was just a non-comedic remake of Ghostbusters.@narenbalaji ha. i doubt there's been an iCloud hack. Just chatter.All these highly coordinated well-planned Apple "leaks" before the big event and boom: celebrity nudes, iCloud "hacked". Best laid plans...#IfMyPhoneGotHacked http://t.co/NdDqkRgnm8
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@alex @jeffkibuule ah. earlier than i thought. but baylor was 1845 ;-)@alex @jeffkibuule a university in texas several decades older than university of chicago ;-)@jonrussell maybe. but i've seen at least a dozen, probably many more. they appear to block out everything around them. seems odd to me.My biggest, perhaps only problem with the ALS ice water bucket challenge is it asks us to stare into a camera, ignoring everyone around us.@TheLeeBase @blenderhd i got office 365 and one drive as wellThe second Thor movie was dull as shit. Reminder: a story is always better than no story.Disgusted that @Uber doesn't better vet it's drivers to at least see they have valid licenses!
Retweeted by Brian S Hall2.6 Million Images from Books Published Over Last 500 Years on Flickr http://t.co/BAzNibmFuwFour from @techpinions will be at the Apple event: @BenBajarin @Bajarin @jandawson @bobodtechAmerica Needs Entrepreneurs. Instead Of Programming Teach Children Fantasy Football. http://t.co/RpnXtFju8NiMessage from Tim:"Not saying there's a problem, buuuut you might want to wipe your iCloud photos 😬" You're the boss Tim.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@rogifan they're not Cook's guys. It's not about what they want.@KrissiBex yes@rogifan come April 30, 2015, you get to prove me wrong@rogifan my prediction based on the evidence of all the other senior execs closest to jobs "leaving"I've taken my bows and my curtain calls. You brought me fame and fortune and everythingthatgoeswithitithankyouall...
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