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Apple Defines Wearables as Fashionable Computing | Tech.pinions - Perspective, Insight, Analysis: http://t.co/IDUEzLVTweFrom me, this week: Tech will save our planet. http://t.co/IvzkPEe2K8 It will come from everywhere & everything. http://t.co/8cOxhImIwF@inafried @CNBC @PowerLunch awesome! don't screw up!@sjparis curse those with my number!@billykaos burnThis "Raymond Chandler map of Los Angeles" seems pretty cool. http://t.co/F1EJnBnl4n@billykaos ha. i wonder if the few people who watch it do so to laugh7 years in and the iPhone phone is still horrible. Is this a feature or a bug? I'm not sure.Nobody watches MSNBC. But *all* cable viewers must *subsidize* it -- allowing giant corp Comcast to appease the ruling party at a profit.@seetu that's an indictment of bad searchMSNBC ratings are even worse than Headline News! Shite. I didn't even realize Headline News was still a thing.@narenbalaji i actually have a harder time typing slowly. i'm a pretty fast typist.I type in "blind joe taggert" and iTunes says no results. Realize my mistake and type in "blind joe taggArt" and it works. Horrible search.@nickstatt @CocaCola ha. awesome.@nickstatt that joke's on youListening to the Dinwiddie Colored Quartet - Down On the Old Camp Ground - https://t.co/sYEHbjyvUv #iTunes2 college students have sex. Both were drunk. 1 week later he/she claims sexual assault saying "affirmative consent" wasn't given. ??
Retweeted by Brian S HallThis can't be good: "35,000 walrus gather on the shoreline near Point Lay, Alaska." http://t.co/GrTcDYSo3h
Retweeted by Brian S HallUpdate on WH intruder: He may have had snack, brushed his teeth & watched "The Bachelor" before being subdued.
Retweeted by Brian S HallDave Brandon UM AD @DaveBrandonAD is best AD I've been around. Loves Michigan with a passion. All teams, All players. I Trust him completely
Retweeted by Brian S Hallmost outrageous about this scary/moronic @FCC stance on the word "redskins" is the media's pathetically lame response to it #orwellwasright
Retweeted by Brian S HallMSNBC wretched ratings aren’t the point. Giant Comcast uses it as a platform to appease and promote the ruling party. Who return the favor.Unveiling The Bay Area’s 10 Most InDemand Startups of 2014 http://t.co/5d8nmv2qMH via @HireOnLinkedIn
Retweeted by Brian S HallRT @_Cooper: A wearable bed from Japan. Stylish and practical. http://t.co/rsDkvlWYc6 http://t.co/aSAw8Hxx8C #newsnuggie #iwant
Retweeted by Brian S HallFirst > “@kfury: I’m actually surprised Microsoft didn’t just go to Eleven.”Brilliant video from @BuzzFeed on Google search hidden surprises. I've known these but seeing in one clip is cool https://t.co/5hRulZ0GTH
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@OhMDee seem to be prepping for thisYou had one job, Ello. Don’t sell user data. One job.Dude. Listen. It’s a sex lube. But gets you high. Dude. http://t.co/HkjhsGYZlCTech will save the Earth http://t.co/lRlmaZaaZP via @thepushnewsThey let a guy in our unlocked front door b/c they'd rather turn it off than change a battery & u want these clowns to wage war in ur name?
Retweeted by Brian S HallI can fully understand and appreciate Israel’s fear and vigilance.Wow “@nytimes: Muhammad was by far the most popular name for babies born in Israel last year http://t.co/DyACRSfYQHiOS has become exceptionally buggy. This is something I expect from an android device. http://t.co/fwhB2lCH13
Retweeted by Brian S HallA’s and Dodgers have some of the best real fans in baseball. Few teams can match them. St Louis is in that mix as well.@triercompany @selenalarson nice. Thanks.@ShawnKing As won@FreeMrktCptlst boom. Awesome.Sports will break your heart.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall
Currently showing on ESPN the Yankees versus Red Sox.Wow.Hey girl are you the Kansas City Royals because you keep coming from behind.MT @isportsmarina: UM student-athletes issue a press release in support of #DaveBrandon http://t.co/ex5qpp7qRE
Retweeted by Brian S HallHey girl, are you a pitch with a runner on a first on and no one out? Because I'd like to gently lay you down on this grass.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@selenalarson @triercompany I want to change the worldThis is our Ali vs FrazierBaseballWarning: Hubris is highly contagious. “@WhiteHouse: FACT: You cannot get #Ebola through the air, water, or food in the U.S.”
Retweeted by Brian S HallBaseball, bitches. Another win for America.Well, that's what I get for briefly knowing joy.
Retweeted by Brian S HallMicrosoft skips the number 9 and unveils IOS 10 http://t.co/ylq6sSXkhY
Retweeted by Brian S HallMinority police officer "legally justified" in shooting of unarmed white youth: http://t.co/To8oRxXZUt #SaltLakeCity http://t.co/8V0f0DNl38
Retweeted by Brian S Hall#bendgate http://t.co/KEWmLEikNy
Retweeted by Brian S Hall“The truth is, my wife and I don’t really use iPads at all anymore, except as a recipe book in the kitchen.” http://t.co/xDE0RgH9mN
Retweeted by Brian S Hall"Oh, those poor tortured Royals fans." .... "Bite me" say Lions fans.
Retweeted by Brian S HallI waited 29 years for this? Next time don't take out your starting pitcher.
Retweeted by Brian S HallI don't care how much U2 loved Joey Ramone. They're still using his image to sell their spam album and it doesn't sit well with me. Oh well.
Retweeted by Brian S HallSay this word and Dear Father will excommunicate you.FCC Could Punish Broadcasters for Using Redskins Name http://t.co/8vPl1PsG1B > What insanity
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@hriefs @The_Millions undiscovered = turned into big budget Hollywood movieIs everyone at Pando still getting their monthly Tony Hsieh stipend?Windows 10 is really Windows 11: Windows 1, 2, 3, 4 (95), 5 (98), 6 (ME), 7 (XP), 8 (Vista), 9 (7), 10 (8), 10 (11) http://t.co/9Ie84Ju0RC
Retweeted by Brian S HallHow to confuse a man: 1) Talk, like seriously just say anything.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@TheMacAdvocate yep. You’re right. A8. M8.Ebola has up to an 18% chance of coming to America. Here's why you don't need to panic. http://t.co/I7QsRoYHzT http://t.co/73zanOwsjv
Retweeted by Brian S HallGirl are you infected with the Ebola virus? Because I'm afraid of traveling back to your home town and getting close to your family.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@greggweiss AppleTracy Morgan: “I can’t believe Walmart is blaming me for an accident that they caused." http://t.co/76zZ9kMyUi
Retweeted by Brian S HallDon't worry about Ebola spreading in Dallas. The Cowboys have shown us that people in Dallas can't catch anything.
Retweeted by Brian S HallURGENT The crew that transported a patient -- later diagnosed with Ebola -- to the hospital has been isolated.
Retweeted by Brian S HallTablet and Smartphone Futures: Specialization | Tech.pinions - Perspective, Insight, Analysis: http://t.co/r6TEiJQiNXRT @JammieWF: Good News: CDC Issues Ebola Guidelines for U.S. Funeral Homes http://t.co/gHGHHflnfL
Retweeted by Brian S HallThe White House trespasser got all the way to the East Room. The Secret Service responded -- "Whoa - there's an EAST Room? #fallonmono
Retweeted by Brian S HallLike 78s? And Hawaii? Look: http://t.co/9KzkXz9GPO Great show by @ERSBand John Heneghan & one R Crumb.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@melindagates thought of Gates foundation when I wrote this. http://t.co/8cOxhImIwF@Mark__Snyder @MickMcCabe1 Michigan fan here. Don’t care now about firing or who falls on sword. Seems too easy STILL to miss a concussion.I think people badly underestimating long term value of iPhone M7 chip.@5hyamatix no idea. Why.Paypal got kicked out of Apple Pay for working with Samsung 😂 http://t.co/Wp1vZ8xBh4
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@5hyamatix yepSee why @brianshall believes tech can save our planet: http://t.co/CyzkqEldaN
Retweeted by Brian S Hallwhen bae is winning an argument so u pull out some old stuff http://t.co/YM8AYsyUzC
Retweeted by Brian S HallCindy Sheehan: Pelosi, Dem Leadership Reverse Racists, Only Support Obama Because He Is Black: Tuesday on News... http://t.co/136L51xpjb
Retweeted by Brian S HallI hear the Microsoft haters everyday. No big deal. But today they are trying way way too hard. Makes me think Microsoft may have done well.The @Path Talk app is incredible - lets you chat directly with local businesses. Way to go @davemorin! http://t.co/43Y1E3xBQr
Retweeted by Brian S HallGovt can't protect the President but don't worry about Ebola; govt can protect us from that, no problem. Fer realsies.
Retweeted by Brian S HallA big deal @fromedome: That Apple bothered to do a big VIP event—at Colette no less—suggests it’s paying attention. http://t.co/urVgW5VYrNThe last time the #Royals were in the #MLBplayoffs,1985...Ronald Reagan was President. #KTVU #Athletics http://t.co/q6zyIm3eTB
Retweeted by Brian S HallForget the haters. Tech will save the world. http://t.co/lRlmaZaaZP via @thepushnewsHero Mother Makes Ultimate Sacrifice For Unborn Daughter [VIDEO] http://t.co/KNHLvmSi6C
Retweeted by Brian S HallExcepting rich VC insider interference, I’m sticking with my Bitcoin back at $300 before $600 prediction.@ZacharyJeans which one’s which ;-)@richarddeitsch @sjkauf @Johnubacon adorable3-2-1 until inevitable "The post-Paypal eBay is in play" chatter starts. Alibaba, baby.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@pkedrosky I tweeted this inevitability early early days. Back when Pando staff were living there on Hsieh’s money. For me, an easy call.Damn. When the Forbes tech bloggers be dissing you….@pkedrosky @lesamitchell of 0 surpriseAretha still got it. http://t.co/BlOiwliT3q via @youtubeI'll be on @FoxBusiness talking #Windows10 and Netflix at 2:30 PM ET. #TV
Retweeted by Brian S HallThe #BayBridge officials APPROVE a $2.2 million budget for 300 tons of old span to go to ART projects. #KTVU http://t.co/Pw2mnRlwMA
Retweeted by Brian S Hall
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