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State of the Union @CNNsotu Washington, D.C.

From the staff of CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley (@crowleyCNN). Watch Sundays at 9a & 12p ET on @CNN.

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Some surprising predictions for control of the Senate in #2014. @seanspicer @MoElleithee @StuPolitics on #cnnsotu http://t.co/zIhwU1KMnv
The fight to halt a shocking number of veteran suicides. http://t.co/z5FLOIEhGS & Sen @JohnWalsh #cnnsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionTalked to @CNNsotu about our strong support for @osce and Ukrainian implementation of Geneva framework. http://t.co/jGIDWYD3T9
Retweeted by State of the UnionThe human cost of war at home. http://t.co/ug6fDw47D0 @TomTarantino & @JohnWalsh on #cnnsotu.@TomTarantino on fulfilling promise to veterans: “I think it's getting better, but it's not there” #cnnsotu @cnnDo you believe the government is fulfilling promise to our veterans? Sen @JohnWalsh: “I do not.” #cnnsotu @cnn.@TomTarantino: if 22 people were dying on battlefield a day, like 22 veterans r dying by suicide a day, no one would ask how much it costsSen @JohnWalsh: we spend billions training people to deploy… we need to make sure that they're ready to go back into society. #cnnsotu.@TomTarantino: Part of the cost of war, is making sure services & structures r in place to take care of their needs when they come home.@TomTarantino: if teach every servicemember mental health first aid – identify & treat – it reduces stigma & makes it just another wound.@TomTarantino: We want an executive order to make mental health first aid part of what u teach servicemembers before they go on deployment.@JohnWalsh: We should give men & women screenings “to see if they're psychologically fit to serve in the military” before entering..@JohnWalsh: we do a very good job of taking citizen & making a warrior. But aren't doing a good job of reintegrating back into society“If u have an invisible injury, you shouldn't walk around w/ it” - @TomTarantino on getting help for veterans suffering from PTS. #cnnsotu.@TomTarantino: “veterans who seek care often get better” but access to care is still a problem for many #cnnsotu http://t.co/r08jrKknBz“Suicide isn't, in & of itself, a problem. It’s the end result of 20 problems, of system of failures” -@TomTarantino on veteran suicide“System of failures” affecting veterans. @IAVA’s @TomTarantino & Sen @JohnWalsh – NEXT on @cnn #cnnsotu http://t.co/NpbFnvM3buFrom Baghdad to Boston: Amb. @FailyLukman is running the @bostonmarathon in solidarity w/victims of terror. http://t.co/dynGQQKh29 #CNNsotu#Midterms: Who will win the battle for the Senate? http://t.co/zIhwU1KMnvNEXT: A need for stronger mental health scrutiny when people enlist in the military? We ask @TomTarantino & Sen @JohnWalsh on @cnn #cnnsotu#Obamacare a winning message in 2014? http://t.co/lV72APc7oh.@JohnWalsh The human cost of war: http://t.co/ug6fDw47D0How much trouble is the Republican leader of the Senate really in? @MoElleithee @StuPolitics & @seanspicer now on @cnn #cnnsotu.@StuPolitics: “it's hard for me to believe that the Republicans can run from now to November just on #ACA” #cnnsotu #2014.@GOP's @SeanSpicer: “#ObamaCare is still the number one, number two & number three issue going into this election” #cnnsotu #2014.@MoElleithee: “you’re actually going to see more Democrats take the president's advice” to defend & be proud of #ObamaCare #cnnsotu.@StuPolitics: “defending #ACA is really a dangerous game for those Democrats” in vulnerable districts. #cnnsotuNEXT: Surprising #2014 predictions from @MoElleithee @StuPolitics & @seanspicer on @cnn #cnnsotu http://t.co/aqQugV66O7A diplomatic triple: @AusAmbUSA -#MH370 search changes, @GeoffPyatt - russian separatists ignoring deal & @FailyLukman's @bostonmarathon run
Retweeted by State of the UnionOn #Easter: The mission to avoid an all out civil war in #Ukraine http://t.co/vqK4eFDFHRIs US fulfilling promise to veterans? http://t.co/aDziRc7d2m
Retweeted by State of the Union.@Seanspicer’s #2014 prediction: “New Hampshire, Oregon, Minnesota and Virginia all trend our way and we pick them up.” #cnnsotu.@StuPolitics’s #2014 prediction: ”Udall loses in Colorado to Cory Gardner in a race.” #cnnsotu.@MoElleithee’s #2014 prediction: “Democrats are going to pick up both, really competitive Republican seats in Kentucky & Georgia.” #cnnsotu.@StuPolitics on IA: an election abt the president & Bruce Braley is in big trouble. If it's about the GOP then Braley has a better chance.@StuPolitics on @CNNsotu now: "The cake is baked on ACA."@BarackObama says @TheDemocrats should embrace the ACA.discuss: Elleithee – @MoElleithee Rothenberg – @StuPolitics Spicer – @seanspicer.@StuPolitics: “The cake has been baked on #ACA. I don't think there are a whole bunch of people changing their opinions now” #cnnsotuIs #Iraq more or less safe now? @FailyLukman says we are "on the right trend" - despite recent bombings.From Baghdad to Beantown: Running in solidarity with victims of terror. http://t.co/gw7kYGFwnh Amb. @FailyLukmanNext RT @FailyLukman Waiting to go onto @CNNsotu to talk about April election, @bostonmarathon & maybe other issues http://t.co/kUg0sW4aLT.@SydneyMornHeral Amb. Beazley:with a dozen ships searching. Who will pay for private contractors-says will be done with "great generosity."Putin says Ukraine is on brink of civil war. Exclusive intv w/ US Ambassador to Ukraine @GeoffPyatt soon on @CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionNOW on @CNNsotu, @AusAmbUSA Kim Beazley talks w/ @crowleyCNN ab how the search for the airliner is at "critical juncture" #MH370 #CNN
Retweeted by State of the Union.@ausambusa appearing on @cnnsotu for latest on #flight370 search and @whitehouse trip to Asia. http://t.co/ZVdlyOTyVd
Retweeted by State of the Union“The cost of war”. @IAVA’s @TomTarantino & Sen @JohnWalsh – 12p ET on #cnnsotu @cnn http://t.co/NpbFnvM3buWill Mitch McConnell hold his seat in #2014? @MoElleithee @StuPolitics & @seanspicer 9aET on @cnn #cnnsotu http://t.co/aqQugV66O7
Please read Axel and I's story on @CNN @CNNsotu & help spread the word about #PTSD http://t.co/J57WHr1Lb4
Retweeted by State of the UnionI'll be on #CNNsotu this Sunday at 7AM to discuss my bill to prevent veteran suicide. Read more: http://t.co/h7M1jScFms #mtpol #mtsen
Retweeted by State of the UnionSunday on @CNNsotu: a very important story: veteran suicides.They served for us, it's time for us to serve them. http://t.co/8tNGcjwMpV
Retweeted by State of the Union.@GeoffPyatt exclusively on @CNNsotu Sunday at 9am to talk about #Ukraine @GovernmentRF & @StateDept . Only on #CNN
Retweeted by State of the UnionRunning in solidarity. Iraqi Amb. @FailyLukman is running the @bostonmarathon for victims of terror. He’s live at 9aET on @cnnsotu.Is it time to “regroup” & “reconsider” in search for #MH370? We talk to @AusAmbUSA Kim Beazley on @cnnsotu at 9aET @cnn“System of failures” affecting veterans. @IAVA’s @TomTarantino & Sen @JohnWalsh – 9aET on @cnn #cnnsotu http://t.co/hM0hWR5yqpObama: Dems “should forcefully defend & be proud” of #ObamaCare. Good advice for #2014? @MoElleithee @StuPolitics & @seanspicer 9a on @cnnThe Uncounted: 'We don't exist in their eyes' http://t.co/jjAcR4ZOh6The fight to halt a shocking number of veteran suicides. http://t.co/NpbFnvM3bu @TomTarantino & Sen @JohnWalsh - Sunday at 9aET on #cnnsotu"Far too often, we're leaving our veterans to fight their toughest battles alone” http://t.co/zLl4eTArHS @TomTarantino & @JohnWalsh #cnnsotu
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“I was a grown man - a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, I was crying in full breakdown mode” http://t.co/NYXIi18KhP #cnnsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionObama:"Democrats should forcefully defend & be proud” of ACA. @MoElleithee @seanspicer @StuPolitics & the #Obamacare effect Sun 9a @CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the Union"Far too often, we're leaving our veterans to fight their toughest battles alone” http://t.co/hM0hWR5yqp @TomTarantino & @JohnWalsh #cnnsotu
A soldier’s battle at home. http://t.co/rr8Orkerj5 #cnnsotu http://t.co/w1SOE23CbO
Ferry disaster leaves hundreds missing. http://t.co/2cqm15Ddwr #cnnsotuWhat is war's true toll? The Uncounted: http://t.co/xDQUvfj5Rl - @CNNsotu talks to IAVA's @TomTarantino & Sen @JohnWalsh Sunday at 9aET
Should @VanceMcAllister resign? http://t.co/DyBhZoDEo8Are polarized politicians getting in the way of passing legislation? http://t.co/XPRxeTPw1THow much is the issue of race determining whether #immigrationreform is brought up for a vote in congress? http://t.co/LYguN9P0B9Are voters fired up and ready to go? http://t.co/Q9EAU7Z2bQ.@willripleyCNN reporting on #Flight370 and how #Australia has been supportive of all the extensive search efforts..@paulineCNN reporting from China on how the families of #Flight370 are handling the extended search for MH370..@joejohnscnn 's reports on the state of Malaysian/US relations following the loss of #Flight370..@cornellbelcher on how to get voters to the polls in the midterms live now on @CNN.@LizMair says #Obamacare is still a "moving target". Will there be a reset for the Affordable Care Act?Sebelius, the face of #obamacare, is gone @ronbrownstein @cornellbelcher & @LizMair discuss now @cnn. Can #GetCovered get acceptance now?.@crowleyCNN talks #Sebelius & #Obamacare w/ our @CNNSOTU panel @ronbrownstein @cornellbelcher @LizMair now on @cnn http://t.co/dA5WNbmPG7.@NRCC & @dccc chairs @repgregwalden & @RepSteveIsrael talk #immigration with @crowleyCNN on @CNNSOTU now @cnn.Exclusive with @NRCC chair @repgregwalden & @dccc chair @RepSteveIsrael on @CNNSOTU talk jobs and the economy with @crowleyCNN now on @CNN.@CNNsotu: 2018 regulations for black boxes to have a low frequency signal & 90 day battery life #CNN
Retweeted by State of the UnionAviation expert Ken Christensen @IASLLC "we need to ramp up" technology on aircraft with gps technology..@IASLLCAviation expert Ken Christensen live now on @cnn on what is the next step in the search for #Flight370Beacon maker Jeff Densmore says batteries for black boxes on #Flight370 more than likely no longer able to emit pings.Beacon maker Jeff Densmore answers questions about possible black box pings on @CNNSOTU w/ @crowleyCNN live now http://t.co/dA5WNbmPG7Pings raise hope for missing #MH370. Aviation expert Ken Christensen (@IASLLC) tells us more on @CNNSOTU w/ @crowleyCNN live now..@joejohnscnn live from Kuala Lumpur on @BarackObama plans to visit #malaysia at the end of this month and how #Flight370 affects relations.How long will #Australia search for #Flight370? @willripleyCNN says Australians proud of their role in the #MalaysianAirlines search..@willripleyCNN live on #TonyAbbott and the prime minister's role in the search for #Flight370 now on @CNN.@joejohnsCNN @paulineCNN report from around the world on #MH370 – live at 9aET on @CNNSOTU @CNN. http://t.co/dA5WNbmPG7
A conversation with our @CNNSOTU political panel @ronbrownstein @cornellbelcher & @LizMair at 9a &12p ET on @cnn http://t.co/dA5WNbmPG7Immigration, poverty, racism, the economy and more on @CNNSOTU with @repgregwalden & @RepSteveIsrael cc: @NRCC @dcccMore pings raise hope for missing #MH370. Aviation expert Ken Christensen (@IASLLC) tells us more on @CNNSOTU w/ @crowleyCNN at 9aET.
.@Sebelius: “…the final score speaks for itself." http://t.co/VH5IHerxLG #cnnsotu #ACAShould same-sex marriage be left to the states? http://t.co/kqfdSlco6sThe mini Candys keeping an eye on the Florida Senate http://t.co/QbyOJGbfMq
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.@SenScottBrown is back in the political ring. http://t.co/xiEtiOte5B #cnnsotu
Closing in on Flight 370? http://t.co/QROicEGCg6 #MH370
.@Call_Me_Dutch to @crowleyCNN: We can't have any of the agencies that we oversee, whether it is the CIA, mislead us. http://t.co/GsIWrB2rqS.@NancyPelosi: During the Bush-Cheney administration, VP Cheney set a tone & an attitude for the CIA. http://t.co/lGNGrvp0iJ #cnnsotu
"if she runs for president in 2016, I think her gender is much more likely to be an asset than a liability." http://t.co/bTcFZnRoOF #cnnsotu
Is @NancyPelosi hoping to be Speaker again? http://t.co/LkUP8mFOX9 #cnnsotuShould Congress members get a pay raise? http://t.co/IA2hKhiJ1f @CoreyDade @pennyleedc @DouthatNYT #cnnsotu
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