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From the staff of CNN's State of the Union. Watch Sundays at 9a & 12p ET on @CNN.

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SUNDAY on @cnnsotu: @DrMichaelOren, @SenFeinstein, @GovernorPerry, @MicheleBachmann & @peterbakernyt w/ host @DanaBashCNN - 9aET on @cnn.SUNDAY: @SenFeinstein on ISIS & @netanyahu’s speech to Congress w/@cnnsotu guest host @DanaBashCNN. Sunday at 9aET on @cnn..@DrMichaelOren joins @DanaBashCNN on Netanyahu's speech to Congress & what it means for the US-Israel relationship. http://t.co/6CM1Nuuf3aSUNDAY: @DanaBashCNN has an exclusive interview with @GovernorPerry on @CNNsotu. 9aET on @cnn http://t.co/YZFGI6rHfCAs just mentioned @SXMPOTUS - excited to again host @CNNsotu on 3/8. Not changing my slot-just happy to pitch in as requested. #Smerconish
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Follow along on http://t.co/h4uL5iFvqY #CNNOscars #Oscars2015EXCLUSIVE @GloriaBorger interview now with @JohnKasich only on State of the Union "Extreme politics don't work in #Ohio ."On SOTU: @DarrellIssa to @GloriaBorger : #PresidentObama "views America differently." #RudyGiuliani.@DarrellIssa says media is concentrating too much on Rudy Giuliani's accusation that @BarackObama does not "love America."This morning on SOTU: Sec.Jeh Johnson warning for increased vigilance in light of Al-Shabaab threats against malls in the US, Canada and UK.DHS Sec Jeh Johnson tells CNN that- given new terror threats against the Mall of America--shoppers there should "be particularly careful."
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Jeb Bush told @CNNsotu in 2010 that he wouldn't disagree w/brother, fmr. Pres. Bush publicly "until death do us part" http://t.co/l265jZkEVQ
Retweeted by State of the Union.@JebBush told @CandyCrowley in 2010 that he was only @GOP in office who "never disagreed" with his brother. http://t.co/8dUzxZrZL1 @cnnsotu
Are you on #TeamJakeAli, #TeamChrisDon or #TeamErinJohn? The #CNNQuiz #PresidentsDay edition airs tonight 9pm ET/PT http://t.co/X9bb8QbE15
Retweeted by State of the UnionAre you watching #CNNQuiz? Now on @CNN
In honor of our new media segment with @BenLaBolt @mattyglesias and @dcbigjohn (not my best selfie work) http://t.co/4bblNf4jRL
Retweeted by State of the UnionShoutout to @Acosta, who anchored for FIVE hours last night -- filling in on short notice -- and is now anchoring @CNNSOTU
Retweeted by State of the UnionPanetta: "Vladimir Putin is not a mystery.. He is all about Russia."
Retweeted by State of the UnionPanetta urges Obama to arm the Ukrainians: "the west needs to be much tougher." @CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the Union"Yemen has turned into another failed state in the Middle East." Panetta on @CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionPanetta tells @CNNsotu he fears upcoming Netanyahu speech will be "a partisan presentation."
Retweeted by State of the UnionPanetta's big question: "how long is it going to take us to confront ISIS in Syria?" @CNNsotu @Acosta #CNN #ISIS
Retweeted by State of the UnionPanetta on AUMF: "The president has struck a pretty good balance." @CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionFmr SecDef Leon Panetta: “total dysfunction in Washington” is biggest national security threat. http://t.co/fDaTYn3eZXFmr. SecDef Panetta on ISIS: there's no question in my mind that some mistakes were made. Presidents make mistakes. #cnnsotuFmr. SecDef Panetta: ISIS is a whole new chapter in terms of the terrorist threat to that area and to our country. #cnnostuFmr SecDef & CIA Chief Leon Panetta joins @Acosta on @cnnsotu. 9aET on @CNN http://t.co/3qWrNfkaVTState of the Union is live at 9aET with guest host @Acosta. http://t.co/uQoQfdQrbn
Fmr SecDef/CIA Chief Leon Panetta: “total dysfunction" in DC is biggest nat'l security threat to country. http://t.co/PduwlSXuBf. @cnnsotuHappy #ValentinesDay from the #cnnsotu team. http://t.co/iy8fg6yHp9SUNDAY: Leon Panetta, @RepMikeRogers @RepRyanZinke @dcbigjohn @mattyglesias @BenLaBolt join Jim @Acosta on @CNNsotu @cnn – 9aET on @cnn
Excited to be hosting @CNNsotu this Sunday. Our guest will be former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.
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A first-class ticket from Europe to the U.S. for $70? not so fast @United Airlines says. Here is my @CNNMoney story. http://t.co/nqNc20W7Nm
Retweeted by State of the UnionA first-class ticket from Europe to the U.S. for $70? not so fast @United Airlines says. CNN's @NefiAlarcon @CNNMoney http://t.co/5075tlIBe8
Is @SenTedCruz the Republican Barack Obama for #2016? http://t.co/dUnOyHLUFl @CNNsotuIs the U.S. doing enough to rescue hostages held by ISIS? http://t.co/p23SAhWdP9. @RepMikeRogers @TulsiGabbard on @CNNsotu w/ @DanaBashCNN
Retweeted by State of the UnionUnlike @GrahamBlog @tedcruz does not support sending ground troops into Iraq to fight Isis. Tells me on @CNNsotu only last resort
Retweeted by State of the Union.@DHSgov Secretary Jeh Johnson tells @DanaBashCNN: Furloughs coming at DHS if funding stalls. @CNNsotu http://t.co/p2CjoDHlKgDid @GovernorPerry just call @tedcruz the GOP @BarackObama? Watch what Cruz told @DanaBashCNN http://t.co/lmGSIL3wF7
Retweeted by State of the Unionon @CNNsotu @SenTedCruz told me he disagrees with fellow Repubs: No U.S. boots on the ground against ISIS http://t.co/qPlUdT21bc
Retweeted by State of the UnionFeds: People in U.S. in contact with ISIS - @DHSgov jeh johnson w me on @CNNsotu http://t.co/jCPGTziVAb
Retweeted by State of the UnionSen. @timkaine: discouraged by the Obama admin and Congress on delay to authorize military action against #ISIS http://t.co/9USmwXGg4Z.@DHSgov Secretary Jeh Johnson on @CNNsotu this morning. Transcript: http://t.co/Oh9wMKO66L http://t.co/d63pTkKmV9
Retweeted by State of the UnionOn @CNNsotu Sen. @timkaine says "the U.S. cannot police a region that won't police itself." #ISISNext on @CNNSOTU Sen. @timkaine talks about his push for congressional authorization to fight #ISIS. http://t.co/NYQmu6NApxOn @@CNNsotu @SenTedCruz says he's looking at running for president in 2016 "very seriously."@timkaine agrees with @SenTedCruz re: Boots on the ground. Just ahead on @CNN @CNNsotu !
Retweeted by State of the UnionOn @CNNsotu @SenTedCruz says the President's immigration plan is "illegal" says he doesn't think Senate democrats will support the PresidentOn @CNNsotu @SenTedCruz said the U.S. should not give money to terrorists. It gives them more resources to commit terror, he said..@SenTedCruz tells @DanaBashCNN on @CNNsotu that "American boots on the ground" should be the last step in fighting ISIS..@SenTedCruz tells CNN's @DanaBashCNN The Obama / Kerry foreign policy has been wrong.DHS Secretary: Furloughs are coming http://t.co/1wBdKLl0EK http://t.co/jm3Jb8x2bn
Retweeted by State of the UnionNOW: @SenTedCruz on the war on #ISIS, violence in Ukraine, and his plans for #2016. @cnnsotu @cnn http://t.co/OCjGhxDWjaLIVE NOW: @DHSgov Secretary Jeh Johnson talks to @DanaBashCNN on @cnnsotu. @CNN http://t.co/lvT7Zg7x23
SUNDAY on @CNNsotu: @DHSgov Sec.Johnson, @SenTedCruz, @timkaine, @TulsiGabbard & @RepMikeRogers join @DanaBashCNN - 9am and Noon ET on @CNNSUNDAY: Exclusive w/@DHSgov Secretary Jeh Johnson on @CNNsotu. @DanaBashCNN hosts - 9aET on @CNN. #homelandsecurity http://t.co/0595bytch6SUNDAY: @SenTedCruz joins host @DanaBashCNN on @cnnsotu - 9amET on @CNN. http://t.co/NoQwdPbHkPFamily identifies U.S. woman held by ISIS as Kayla Mueller, taken hostage in 2013 in Syria. http://t.co/525MDyE9rz http://t.co/bWVjS7pvg9
Retweeted by State of the Union.@cnnkyra will be answering questions about #infertility at noon ET. Go to http://t.co/RtRRTjixi4 to join chat.
McCain told me he'd have informed the WH about inviting @netanyahu but says WH relationship with Israel is a tragedy http://t.co/7rw8JRSML0
Retweeted by State of the Union.@SenJohnMcCain tells @DanaBashCNN - no regrets on calling protestors "lowlife scum" http://t.co/EdV3QrhJbN @CNNsotu http://t.co/bwdCoHTZC0why is @SenJohnMcCain endorsing @GrahamBlog for prez? McCain: No one better than Graham for the country http://t.co/hntiAFztyz
Retweeted by State of the UnionMcCain: I thought Romney was going to run http://t.co/T4ybEbvOWq what the former gop presidential candidate told me on @CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionMcCain: Palin would be an asset in 2016 http://t.co/Gou3da8l8L and he wants her to campaign w/ him again in AZ in 2016 #CNNSOTU
Retweeted by State of the Union.@DonnaBrazile calls @GovWalker a fresh face for the Republicans. #cnnsotu.@SenJohnMcCain defends calling Henry Kissinger protesters "low-life scum." McCain: "I think they're terrible people." #cnnsotu.@SenJohnMcCain: No other president has had a worse relatioinship with Israel than President Obama. #cnnsotu.@SenJohnMcCain calls White House relationship with @Israel a tragedy. #cnnsotu..@SenJohnMcCain No one better than Sen. @Grahamblog for the country. #cnnsotu.SenJohnMcCain:Palin would be an asset in 2016. #cnnsotu.SenJohnMcCain on @MittRomney's 2016 decision: "I thought he was going to run." #cnnsotu.GovMikeHuckabee is an @DallasCowboys fan. #cnnsotu..GovMikeHuckabee grudgingly rooting for @Seahawks in tonight's #Superbowl..@GovMikeHuckabee opposes same-sex marriage but says "I have gay friends." #cnnsotu.@GovMikeHuckabee on @Mitt Romney not running in 2016: "I'm hoping the others drop out and leave it all to me." #cnnsotu.@GovMikeHuckabee is third among potential Republican presidential candidates in new Iowa poll. @GovWalker takes the top spot. #cnnsotu@GovMikeHuckabee talks with @DanaBashCNN about "trashy women" flap, his 2016 plans and same-sex marriage at 12pET on @cnnsotu.NOW: @danbalz @donnabrazile & @KevinMaddenDC on @CNNsotu.@GovMikeHuckabee: room under the GOP tent for people who disagree on gay marriage. #cnnsotu@GovMikeHuckabee explains bubba-ville vs. bubble-ville to @DanaBashCNN Just ahead on @CNN @CNNsotu at 9amET
Retweeted by State of the UnionMinutes away from @CNNsotu 1 year from iowa caucuses talking to mike huckabee and john mccain tune in! http://t.co/ql38DMDgkX
Retweeted by State of the UnionIt's only one year to the Iowa caucuses. @DanaBashCNN talks to @GovMikeHuckabee on @CNNsotu. #2016
SUNDAY: @GovMikeHuckabee joins @DanaBashCNN on @CNNsotu. 9aET on @CNN
Yes, @CNN is now on @Snapchat. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. http://t.co/FsLys16alj #CNNSnapchat http://t.co/NR7RLREiGl
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.@AmericanSniper wins at box office, but comes under fire - Iraq war vets @RepKinzinger & @RepRubenGallego next with me to discuss @CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionAs I told @PeterHambyCNN - like @realDonaldTrump I am “seriously considering” a run in #2016 @CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionWEB EXCLUSIVE: Soames: No such thing as a no-go zone in the UK http://t.co/T6j944sZTVWEB EXCLUSIVE: Should we have a weekly State of the Union address? http://t.co/J8xnrsnONiLegacy of Churchill http://t.co/mF7RDRMu9w#AMERICANSNIPER "American Sniper" hits raw nerve http://t.co/cUzTGRICjQ#AMERICANSNIPER Rep. Kinzinger: "American Sniper" most realistic film http://t.co/UoghseDZbV#2016 Republican cattle call in Iowa w/ @PeterHambyCNN ) http://t.co/keT8OeujsbIs immigration is the engine of economic vitality? #2016 http://t.co/OYFwLUNr0l#2016 Second time a charm for Santorum? http://t.co/uivXTgJdwDPartisanship spills into foreign policy http://t.co/X7eDNuzdUIMcDonough: We don’t negotiate with terrorists http://t.co/r1TemCK6wgWH Chief: We'll take action where there is a threat http://t.co/MwweVAtvGD#2016 @GOP kicked off in Iowa this weekend - @RickSantorum was there & joins me next @CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionAppreciate WH Chief of Staff Denis McDonough nod to my hometown @CNNsotu #Doylestown
Retweeted by State of the UnionMission control for @CNNsotu right now http://t.co/m2apCiz4Qf
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