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From the staff of CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley (@crowleyCNN). Watch Sundays at 9a & 12p ET on @CNN.

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This governor says #ISIS fighters might be crossing into U.S. from southern border. http://t.co/5I7YEeuFI1 #cnnsotuThings got heated between @donlemon and @TalibKweli. See their debate about #Ferguson: http://t.co/YPqz5o2ilk http://t.co/OgZWLAzXKh
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Can a case be made for militarizing police forces? Rep @LacyClayMO1 & fmr NYPD @BernardKerik. @cnnsotu. http://t.co/5PTifAs8Ip #FergusonAn evening of peaceful protests devolved into another tense standoff in Ferguson on Monday night. http://t.co/7rbfCbITEw
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fmr NYPD Commish @BernardKerik why police "absolutely" need military equip. Rep @LacyClayMO1 on misuse of same http://t.co/paCe9VUnUp
Retweeted by State of the Unionno news on ferguson shooting investigation but Mo. @GovJayNixon , calls for "transparent" justice http://t.co/3dJuP4vK1Q
Retweeted by State of the Union.@iJesseWilliams: plenty of white kids steal yet blacks treated as "thug worthy of their own death" b/c petty crime http://t.co/hGGeGsdEHt"This is about finding justice for a kid." Actor and activist @ijessewilliams on the and narratives around race. http://t.co/hGGeGsdEHtThe case against @Governor Perry. Craig McDonald of @TxPublicJustice on @cnnsotu. http://t.co/ej7hjrJNQQStriking a balance on police militarization. Rep.@LacyClayMO1 & fmr. NYPD commish@BernardKerik on @cnnsotu http://t.co/5PTifAs8IpIs there a case to be made for militarizing police forces? Rep.@LacyClayMO1 & fmr. NYPD com@Bernard Kerik on @cnnsotuhttp://cnn.it/1uIV3MV.@GovJayNixon on investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown #cnnsotu http://t.co/uA1FRXDnOG.@GovJayNixon on "militarization" of Ferguson police response. http://t.co/ay0WKWhxyCThanks to all for joining the @CNNsotu #livetweet this Sunday morning. Please keep those opinions coming. Tell us what you think.@tarasproduction on @CNNsotu: don't get ahead of case, but even if @GovernorPerry is cleared, seems indictment designed to impact Perry 2016McDonald of Texans for Public Justice on #CNNsotu: no opinion on punishment if @GovernorPerry actually found guiltyMcDonald tells @crowleyCNN @GovernorPerry crossed the lineCraig McDonald (Director of Texans for Public Justice) says @GovernorPerry flap is not about the veto, is about intimidation@iJesseWilliams tells @CNNsotu "plenty of white kids;" yet minorities treated as "thug" "worthy of their own death" b/c petty crime@iJesseWilliams don't "start the story in the middle," all facts are needed to cover and view incidents like #Ferguson@tarasproduction media shld take more responsibility; yes cover breaking news, but need in-depth discussion about incidents like #Ferguson@iJesseWilliams on #CNNsotu: there is a double standard, ownership mentality in US where minority victims are tried "for their own murder"@tarasproduction on#Ferguson: this could be anyone's brother or son, and it should be unacceptable -- #CNNsotuComing up soon @cnnsotu .. how divided are we on race relations in America? @iJesseWilliams @Locs_n_Laughs & @tarasproduction.@LacyClayMO1 tells @CNNsotu he doesn't think his calling the #Ferguson shooting a "murder" usurps any prosecution or case@LacyClayMO1 on @CNNsotu also says police need better dialogue with the African-American communities that are "paying their salaries"@LacyClayMO1 tells @crowleyCNN on @CNNsotu that police departments in African-American community simply aren't diverse enough ...@LacyClayMO1 tells @crowleyCNN on @CNNsotu protests shouldn't have been such confrontational scenes@BernardKerik to @crowleyCNN: smaller police departments around the country receive military equipment, but may not have proper training@LacyClayMO1 scenes in #Ferguson of militarized police "unacceptable," colleagues in Congress raising questions about training@GovJayNixon to @crowleyCNN re last night: "We knew we had to keep people's property safe and peace in order to get justice here"@GovJayNixon to @crowleyCNN re stories of decades of institutional racism in area: "across the country, these are deep wounds"@GovJayNixon insisting that #Ferguson must "focus on peace to get justice" on @CNNSotu@GovJayNixon tells @crowleyCNN on @cnnsotu says he appreciates the DOJ parallel investigation in #Ferguson@GovJayNixon tells @crowleyCNN on @cnnsotu says he wants the "the local prosecutor to step up," will let prosecutor lay out his timetable"We are trying to use the least amount of force" ... while still protecting people in #Ferguson @GovJayNixon tells @crowleyCNN on @cnnsotuWe're live ...Missouri @GovJayNixon joins us shortly to discuss #Ferguson @cnnsotu w/@crowleyCNN – 9aET on @cnn.
TX @GovernorPerry indicted on two felonies – what will it mean for his #2016 ambitions? Latest on @cnnsotu at 9aET. http://t.co/WkU3ELZxTe
So with that--I'm unplugging from Twitter a couple of days. Me and my bleeding heart will be on @CNNsotu this Sunday. Be good to each other
Retweeted by State of the UnionSUNDAY: @iJesseWilliams @Locs_n_Laughs & @tarasproduction join @crowleyCNN on @cnnsotu. 9aET on @CNN.SUNDAY: Missouri @GovJayNixon on tensions in #Ferguson. 9aET on @CNN http://t.co/WkU3ELZxTe #cnnsotuThe officer who shot #MichaelBrown stopped him bc he was "blocking traffic." http://t.co/ybMds3akgR. What questions do you have? #FergusonQs
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Tensions escalate in #Ferguson, Mo. http://t.co/QLz0qlmh2W #cnnsotu
U.S. is considering an air evac of thousands of Yazidis stranded on a mountain & threatened by ISIS. http://t.co/56iejhuqjD #cnnsotuIraqi PM Nuri al-Malaki is fighting efforts to replace him as his support crumbles. http://t.co/56iejhuqjD #cnnsotu.@KenCuccinelli: Harry Reid is "lead blocker" http://t.co/pgSi4mCkrh #cnnsotuHappy #LeftHandersDay! Here are a few A-Listers who are proud of their right to be lefties: http://t.co/OXzLKnAjxi http://t.co/yds7AzJojM
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.@joelockhart to @crowleyCNN: "I don't think a lot of people know this, but Jim Brady kept the title of..." http://t.co/0TKq5wu6qP #cnnsotuU.S. launches a new round of airstrikes in #Iraq. Five separate targets over a period of five hours. #ISIS #cnnsotuComing up on @CNNReliable at 11am ET: @drsanjaygupta, @secupp, @ABarnardNYT, etc. Here's the full lineup http://t.co/DJRydpsi7w.@AlHuntDC @joelockhart and @anncompton share their memories of former Reagan press secretary Jim Brady with @crowleyCNN #cnnsotu#Tea Party goes 0 for 6 in GOP primaries. It is losing influence? #sotu political panel weighs on at 9aET on @cnn.Gen. Jim Jones: The Kurds are our best friends and we must not let #ISIS take over Kurdistan. #cnnsotuGen. Jim Jones says time is not on the U.S.' side in #Iraq. #ISIS #cnnsotuFormer National Security Adviser Gen. Jim Jones says U.S. military has enormous capacity to deliver in humanitarian drop in #Iraq #cnnsotuWhat's at stake in #Iraq with former National Security Adviser Jim Jones and Amb. Zalmay Khalilzad. @cnnsotu at 9aET.@SenJohnMcCain says when the #United States withdraws from leadership in the world it creates a vacum and bad things happen. #cnnsotu.@SenJohnMcCain tells @crowleyCNN that #ISIS is "metastasizing" across the Middle East #cnnsotu.@SenJohnMcCain: This all goes back to the U.S. not leaving a residual force in #Iraq. #cnnsotu.@SenJohnMcCain says President Obama's #Iraq plan is "not a strategy." #ISIS #cnnsotu.@SenJohnMcCain calls President Obama's airstrike strategy in #Iraq "ineffective." #ISIS #cnnsotu.@SenJohnMcCain says #ISIS is a direct threat to U.S. national security #iraq #cnnsotu.@amCoren: Is the United States going to hold #ISIS at bay or push them out of Iraq? That is the question #iraq #cnnsotu. @SenJohnMcCain on #ISIS threat to the Middle East and U.S. @cnnsotu at 9aET. @crowleyCNN talks with @SenJohnMcCain about U.S. airstrikes in #Iraq. @cnnsotu at 9aETIs U.S. doing enough to save #Iraq? @SenJohnMcCain on @cnnsotu at 9aET.
What's at stake in #Iraq with former National Security Adviser Jim Jones and Amb. Zalmay Khalilzad. @cnnsotu at 9aETIs the U.S. doing enough to save #Iraq? @SenJohnMcCain on @cnnsotu at 9aET.
Thanks @TheDanRather & Carl Bernstein for flying the way back machine with me. http://t.co/eIr3sp8bYF #cnnsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionPinning the blame on Nixon. 40 years later: Buttoning up Nixon’s resignation. http://t.co/gskqqFMpwh #cnnsotu http://t.co/LdUDSKseod
According to this Obama “women are smarter than men.” http://t.co/gVGBlcY55m #cnnsotu
.@TheDanRather + Carl Bernstein on the resignation of President Richard Nixon 40 years ago. http://t.co/6YvNiDeZEm.@erikkaknuti on @cnn : The House can't keep the Senate out of "their sandbox.".@RepMikeRogers "Somebody needs to be held accountable" #CIAscandal spying on the Sen.Intel Committee. http://t.co/zcbrhkHOgJ.@SenAngusKing on the immigration court process after his visit to the border. http://t.co/m3KbXhA1GJ #immigration.@RepMikeRogers :on the "porous" border, and the dangerous trend of terrorist infiltration into the U.S. http://t.co/tvTNzNmjUF.@SenAngusKing :CIA scandal "undermines trust," notes that false identities were created to spy on Senate. http://t.co/O0aILybVIX.@dallasnews @GovernorPerry :some immigrants coming across border are from countries w/ substantial terrorist ties.http://t.co/McgvEFt0U3.@GovernorPerry a possible 2016 presidential candidate, on U.S. relations with Israel and the Mideast fighting.http://t.co/SLgdfElYYe #Gaza.@wolfblitzer live now from Jerusalem- says operations are going to continue and Israelis not heading towards any new cease-fire..@TheDanRather now on @CNN with Carl Bernstein on the #Nixon resignation 40 years ago. #Watergate.@newtgingrich predicts the "world is going to continue to get worse" and security will be an important midterm issue..@ananavarro : note to #GOP - impeachment talk is actually energizing @TheDemocrats.@newtgingrich @ananavarro @marclamonthill @erikkaknuti live now on whether the #GOP will "screw up" taking over the senate. Will they?.@RepMikeRogers "scary part" of a porous southern border: those who want to harm the U.S. can use the immigration crisis to their advantage..@RepMikeRogers to @crowleyCNN: CIA caused a "serious breach of trust.".@RepMikeRogers up next on State of the Union: the truth and consequences of the CIA spying on Congress..@GovernorPerry Texas ranger recon teams to border to assist in securing the border..@GovernorPerry live now on #immigration #Israel on @CNN. #SOTU
Palestinian Authority on Israel's 'hidden agenda' in Gaza. http://t.co/n8LgZTPjFX
Retweeted by State of the UnionThanks to a patient all-star cast on @cnnsotu this morning: @netanyahu, #Shtayyeh, @rhodes44, @PavloKlimkin, @NancyPelosi & @GrahamBlog
Retweeted by State of the UnionPalestinian Minister Shtayyeh on #cnnsotu: Israel has a hidden agenda. #Gaza http://t.co/glxHtZo089 http://t.co/LJ0GfOOFDcIsraeli PM @netanyahu tells @crowleyCNN: Hamas is trying to 'hoodwink' the world http://t.co/fw7pPH3I7U #cnnsotu http://t.co/s43F8YBz9NRep. @NancyPelosi: #Putin is insecure about #Russia's role in the world now. on #cnnsotu http://t.co/XQqkhUK93W http://t.co/qHD34Owwod.@NancyPelosi says #Putin is a "KGB guy" who just happens to be the president of Russia. #Ukraine @mfa_russiaSen. @GrahamBlog: President Obama has been 'AWOL' http://t.co/EzRB7vCpoa http://t.co/dvtAqtUtPS.@NSCPress @rhodes44 U.S.: Russia 'absolutely' culpable for MH17 http://t.co/wAmsoonlWd.@rhodes44 A bigger U.S. role in Ukraine? U.S. plans to help Ukraine with stiffer sanctions against Russia. http://t.co/cYj663HkpMPalestinian Minister Shtayyeh says Israeli siege of the West Bank,Jerusalem & #Gaza must end http://t.co/glxHtZo089.@GrahamBlog discusses President Obama's foreign policy and the role of the U.S. as a world leader. http://t.co/EzRB7vCpoa
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