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From the staff of CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley (@crowleyCNN). Watch Sundays at 9a & 12p ET on @CNN.

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WH Chief of Staff: US cannot defeat ISIS alone http://t.co/uhSFGHrg6H
Retweeted by State of the Union.@amyklobuchar on @NFL says league has obligation to public re:zero tolerance of violence against women http://t.co/1vaTnjJW1G #cnnsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionThanks to @cnncrowley and @CNNsotu for the time today. Here's the interview: http://t.co/mnboZw3zlb
Retweeted by State of the Unionhttp://t.co/coWVBJeowC MT @sarafischer @SenatorHarkin's advice to Joe Biden "Hang in there, Joe. U never know what tomorrow brings" @CNNsotu.@SenatorHarkin's advice to Joe Biden: "Hang in there, Joe. You never know what tomorrow brings." @CNNsotu #CNN
Retweeted by State of the UnionDoes ISIS have ability to bring down American planes? http://t.co/eKWZY4Nr2I
Retweeted by State of the UnionGeneral on #Syria: I expect surface-to-air missiles are in hands of people who would want to bring down US aircraft. http://t.co/AJZa5pjI8oIs ISIS able to bring down American planes? http://t.co/AJZa5pjI8o #cnnsotu.@MikeWiseguy: @nflcommish Roger Goodell needs to go. Find out why: http://t.co/YyyUB5AYXe #cnnsotu #NFL.@amyklobuchar on @NFL:obligation when they’re putting out players as role models to set a different culture http://t.co/YyyUB5AYXe #cnnsotu.@SenatorHarkin: ‘We can’t police the world...the American people have the right to ask, what we are doing?" http://t.co/ljTt5dC1kz #cnnsotu.@MikeWiseguy: @nflcommish needs to go. #NFL @CNNsotuOff-the-field violence and the @NFL’s image problem. Sen @amyklobuchar & @MikeWiseguy join us now on @cnnsotu.NOW: Retired Generals @PaulDEaton52 & @ltgrdubik on U.S. strategy in the fight against #ISIS. #cnnsotu@CNNsotu starts now! Tune in on @cnn http://t.co/mev4bzMMpy
Retweeted by State of the UnionWatch @WhiteHouse Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on #ISIS execution of 3rd Westerner 9aET on @cnn. @cnnsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionThe challenges of taking on #ISIS w/retired Generals @PaulDEaton52 & @ltgrdubik. 9aET on @cnnsotu. @cnn. http://t.co/3nITzp0JWUBritish Prime Minister David Cameron: #ISIS are "not Muslims, they are monsters.” http://t.co/K4ASG3DFcn
Retweeted by State of the UnionCan we win fight against #ISIS w/o American boots on the ground? We talk to @WhiteHouse Chief of Staff Denis McDonough- 9aET on @cnnsotu
President Obama’s #ISIS strategy w/@WhiteHouse Chief of Staff Denis McDonough. 9aET on @cnnsotu http://t.co/SFXaGa5JT8 #cnnsotu
Retweeted by State of the Union.@MikeWiseguy says #NFL under Goodell ‘has lost its moral direction’. He & @amyklobuchar are on @cnnsotu at 9aET. http://t.co/KElJ6P65xMWhat will it take to defeat #ISIS? We talk to retired generals @PaulDEaton52 & @ltgrdubik 9aET on @cnnsotu. http://t.co/KElJ6P65xMSenator calling for a zero-tolerance policy on off-the-field violence in @NFL. @crowleyCNN talks to Sen @amyklobuchar on @cnnsotu at 9aET.
SUNDAY: @WhiteHouse Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on the President’s plan to destroy #ISIS. 9aET on @CNNsotuLooking fwd to a friendly debate about 2014 with a great panel on @CNNsotu with @crowleyCNN this Sunday! @HooverInst
Retweeted by State of the UnionTwo key partners in the fight to destroy #ISIS. http://t.co/pWOvjtsHEX #cnnsotu
Two factors that could hinder U.S. efforts to ‘destroy’ ISIS. http://t.co/pWOvjtsHEX #cnnsotu"You don't have the facts Mr. Carney!" Watch @SenJohnMcCain and @JayCarney's heated debate: http://t.co/KwnksfVo49 http://t.co/5G3r35EmJk
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Prepping before today's taping - @crowleyCNN with producer @MikeRoselli1. #cnnsotu http://t.co/0ND4kZfp2dI discussed the need to confront ISIS on @CNNsotu with @crowleyCNN on Sunday. Watch here: http://t.co/FrtbrwPAz2
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Will Obama’s approval rates drive the midterms? #Arkansas #Colorado http://t.co/9QPDqzeYkAIs Obama’s foreign policy just cautious or weak? What do you think? See what our panel says: http://t.co/mXBLpluOec.@secupp @Locs_n_Laughs @newtgingrich_@MariaTCardona Did Obama betray Latinos? http://t.co/V4UgUOyu0j.@RepMikeRogers Intel Chair: Obama needs an endgame on #ISIS http://t.co/Nu8HG5slAe.@RepCardenas frustrated w/ Obama and Latinos 'really pissed off' with the @GOP ; here's why: http://t.co/9rw4qs1to8 @latimes @Telemundo.@CNNEE @RepCardenas now on @CNN says he is frustrated that @BarackObama did not act on #immigration executive orders.Intel Chair @SenFeinstein: #ISIS is a major threat and believes they will try to attack a U.S. embassy overseas http://t.co/4lTTRZPoMQ.@SECupp says Obama is damned if does and damned if he doesn't on ISIS and it's his own fault. His foreign policy is "don't be Bush.".@newtgingrich says Obama's language on immigration in the summer was so decisive and his actions now are so cowardly that it is astounding..@MariaTCardona: President's delay on immigration is the political equivalent of the hippocratic oath: first do no harm. #cnnsotuI'm on @CNNsotu this morning at 9:30 ET.
Retweeted by State of the Union.@newtgingrich@Locs_n_Laughs @SECupp &@MariaTCardona join @cnnCrowley for immigration, ISIS and midterms talk #cnnsotu.@RepCardenas says while Latinos are frustrated with the president, they are "really pissed off" with Republicans. #cnnsotu.@RepCardenas says he thinks the president will eventually take executive action but would prefer he act now. #cnnsotu.@RepCardenas says he and many Latinos frustrated with President Obama on immigration but most of the blame should go to Congress.Don't miss our @cnnsotu roundtable w/@newtgingrich @Locks_n_Laughs @SECupp and @MariaTCardona coming up shortly..@RepCardenas reacts to President Obama's executive action delay on immigration on #cnnsotuSan Diego's Mayor @kevin_faulconer says terrorist threat is constantly evolving and cities have to be ready.#Philly's mayor @michael_nutter says cities constantly changing procedures to stay a step ahead of terrorists.#Boston's Mayor @marty_walsh says securing cities increasingly in mayors' hands. #cnnsotuBig city security & the #ISIS threat. We talk to mayors:#Philly's @Michael Nutter #Boston's @marty_walsh #San Diego's @kevin_faulconer.@SenFeinstein tells @crowleyCNN Iran's help would be useful in fight against #ISISPresident Obama to give speech on "ISIS strategy Wednesday #cnnsotu.@RepMikeRoger says president needs to engage Congress and the American people in preparation for fight against #ISIS.@SenFeinstein says she believes ISIS may attack U.S. embassy in Baghdad..@SenFeinstein says Obama now on offense against #ISIS..@SenFeinstein says House should pass Senate bill on immigration..@RepMikeRogers says it is risky for President Obama to take executive action on immigration.@RepMikeRogers says Obama being "prudent" in delaying immigration action #cnnsotuCould ISIS attack in America? Intel Cmte chairs @SenFeinstein & @RepMikeRogers o n the #ISIS threat Sunday at 9aET on @cnnsotu9AET on @cnnsotu:@SenFeinstein\@RepMikeRogers@RepCardebas@Michael _Nutter@marty_walsh @kevin_faulconerDoes #ISIS pose a direct threat to Americans? Intel Cmte chairs @SenFeinstein & @RepMikeRogers on the #ISIS threat - live on @cnnsotu.
President Obama delays action on #immigration until after the Nov. election. @RepCardenas joins us live from the border at 9aET on @cnnYou won't want to miss our @cnnsotu roundtable w/ @newtgingrich @Locs_n_Laughs @secupp @MariaTCardona – 9aET on @cnn. http://t.co/4lTTRZPoMQ
Sunday: @SenFeinstein @RepMikeRogers @Michael_Nutter @marty_walsh @kevin_faulconer @newtgingrich @Locs_n_Laughs @secupp @erikkaknuti on @cnnI will be appearing on @CNNsotu with @CrowleyCNN this Sunday to discuss ISIL and the situation in Iraq and Syria. Be sure to tune in.
Retweeted by State of the Union.@mikeroweworks has a new show on @CNN and he wants you to share your version of the theme song. http://t.co/6vdVevclbT #gottadoit
Could ISIS attack in America? Intel Cmte chairs @SenFeinstein & @RepMikeRogers on the #ISIS threat. Sunday at 9aET on @cnnsotuCould Democrats win in red Kansas? http://t.co/7H9NEIRQZU #cnnsotu#NATO leaders address #ISIS threat and a world in crisis. http://t.co/7H9NEIRQZU #cnnsotu
.@VP @JoeBiden says U.S. will pursue #ISIS to “the gates of hell.” http://t.co/n8I7oililf #cnnsotuWhat would Chuck Hagel do about #ISIS? @jimsciutto interviews the Defense Secretary, 3pET: http://t.co/ppFjNuiYIV http://t.co/CGM9sJSDKZThis guy shoots one whole day in a single photo. Stunning: http://t.co/f2CPKQN6ps
99.9% of the time I want answers, .1% of the time it is more fun not to get one. @tomdelay on #cnnsotu http://t.co/pIhRKnnPuX
Retweeted by State of the Union.@RepKinzinger: we have to be concerned about protecting Americans in another part of the world now. http://t.co/HjvEBZp5iU #cnnsotuHouse Intel Cmte's @Call_Me_Dutch tells @crowleyCNN this is now 'the most dangerous place in the world'. http://t.co/HjvEBZp5iU #cnnsotu@lanheechen@KSoltisAnderson @pennyleedc and @marclamonthill dish on the wild cards of the 2014 elections on @cnnsotu. 12pm ET.Will new poll numbers change @MittRomney's mind about a 3rd WH run?@lanheechen @KSoltisAnderson @pennyleedc &@marclamont hill on @cnnsotu2016 politics and the indictment of @GovernorPerry with @tomdelay on @cnnsotu. 12pm ET.A Russian invasion or incursion in #Ukraine? And what should the U.S. do? @crowleyCNN talks to @SenatorMenendez on @cnnsotu. 12pm ETU.S. strategy for #ISIS? We'll talk to @Call_Me_Dutch &@RepKinzinger on @cnnsotu at 12pETUK raises terror threat level due to #ISIS. Should the U.S.? @Call_Me_Dutch &@RepKinzinger on @cnnsotu at 12pETThousands of Russian troops are in Ukraine engaging in what clearly is "an invasion" @SenatorMenendez said on @CNNsotu from Kiev
Retweeted by State of the UnionRussian "INVASION": on @CNNsotu @SenatorMenendez says thousands of Russian Troops are in Ukraine; it is "clearly an invasion"
Retweeted by State of the UnionOur panel with @lanheechen @ksoltisanderson @pennyleedc & @marclamonthill is live now on @CNNsotu. http://t.co/6OOOxzgT38.@SenatorMenendez says Europe and the U.S. must give the Ukrainians the wherewithall to fight for themselves. #Russia #cnnsotu.@SenatorMenendez: Putin has a war against Europe being fought on Ukrainian territory. #Russia #cnnsotu.@SenatorMenendez says thousands of Russian troops are engaged with Ukrainian forces in "what is clearly an invasion." #Russia #cnnsotu.@SenatorMenendez calls what's happening in Ukraine now a "watershed moment." #Russia #cnnsotuRep. @Call_Me_Dutch: 'Syria is the most dangerous place in the world" #cnnsotu.@RepKinzinger says President Obama can rally Europe to help in fight against ISIS. #cnnsotu.@RepKinzinger calls President Obama's 'we have no stragegy' comment "unfortunate. #cnnsotu.@Call_Me_Dutch says when time is right "we will do whatever we have to do" about #ISIS #CNNSOTU@cnnsotu is minutes away and the control room is ready to go. http://t.co/i72cPL1PYZWe will be talking #Iraq and the President’s indecisiveness tomorrow morning on @CNNsotu. Don't forget to tune in!
Retweeted by State of the UnionLive now on @cnn. RT @Call_Me_Dutch Joining @crowleyCNN @CNNsotu @CNN this Sunday @ 9AM to talk #ISIL. Tune in.Where are our Arab allies in the fight against ISIS? @Call_Me_Dutch & @RepKinzinger 9amET on @CNNsotu w/Candy @crowleyCNN
Retweeted by State of the UnionNOW: What threat does #ISIS pose in the U.S.? @Call_Me_Dutch & @RepKinzinger join @crowleyCNN on @cnnsotu. http://t.co/W5Zncz9aGz
.@lanheechen, @KSoltisAnderson, @pennyleedc & @marclamonthill join us live on Sunday at 9aET. http://t.co/W5Zncz9aGzUK raises terror threat level. Should the U.S.? We'll talk to @Call_Me_Dutch & @RepKinzinger about the #ISIS threat. http://t.co/W5Zncz9aGz
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