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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend.

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@Carrie1907 Vielen Dank - hier ist deine idolcard von @MSchweighoefer http://t.co/EuV5QGVFoj #MSchweighoefer
Retweeted by CarmenAaaaw *-* :) ♡ RT "@idolcard: @Carrie1907 Vielen Dank - hier ist deine idolcard von @MSchweighoefer http://t.co/CoEuZA4yQl #MSchweighoefer"Persönliche Weihnachtsgrüße auch von mir! ;) Frohe Weihnachten @Idolcard und #MSchweighoefer! :) hipp hipp hurra hallelujah! :DYES YES YES! SO HAPPY!!! ♡ #Faniston #JenniferAniston #PEOPLEMagazineAwards @peoplemag #PerformanceOfTheYear
So proud & happy that #JenniferAniston finally gets the recognition she deserves! :) ♥ You go girl!!! ;) #Faniston #JenAn #Cake.@RealFPJr It's beginning to look a lot like #Christmas 🎶🎵🎶 http://t.co/i7xyNoVwu4
Retweeted by Carmen@TheChloeDawn is it bad that every time I hear @edsheeran I think hey Chloe's favorite singer lol
Retweeted by CarmenHey @jtimberlake, thanks for those camp memories. #CampWinnipesaukee #Fun #ThirdEyeBlind
Retweeted by CarmenJimmy and @JTimberlake sing a little @3eb together at Summer camp: https://t.co/fnmJpwcwgk #FallonTonight http://t.co/ZwPDjA1PGg
Retweeted by Carmen@sixxTV Wow Glückwunsch!! #GreysAnatomy hat einfach treue Fans! ;) ♡Today was one of those days that makes me realize how lucky I am. To have such incredible friends. Such an incredible family. Thank you...
Retweeted by CarmenTräumen wir? #GreysAnatomy holt bis zu 5,3% und gewinnt haushoch den Abend der Kleinen.
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Poor Ross 😂😂 @FriendsShow http://t.co/Emngp9ctfV
Retweeted by CarmenManchmal vergisst man, was die #Weihnachtszeit so besonders macht. Hier ist eine kleine #Erinnerung. #NIVEA https://t.co/pjbknlulbi
Retweeted by Carmen♥ ♥ ♥ RT "@nivea_germany: Manchmal vergisst man, was die #Weihnachtszeit so besonders macht. #NIVEA https://t.co/gNmT4qHuWm"
@julieplec thnx Jules :)
Retweeted by CarmenThe 34 Most Satisfying Things That Happened In 2014 http://t.co/ayJNoKaIT4 http://t.co/9GXfWaMbxG
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Oh man. The @youplusmeoffcl album is just as awesome as I expected it to be. @Pink cannot do wrong.
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Hey, @LaurenTom9000 , I'm glad I had someone to watch that with. The end was to emotional to watch alone. http://t.co/JOEChlMOo2
Retweeted by Carmen@FelicityHuffman Happy Birthday Felicity! Glad you had a great day! :) Greets from Germany! ♥@ProSieben #Gotham !!!! *-*Im Februar @ProSieben: Die neuen US-Serien #Gotham und #Flash.
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These kids are happy and fed thanks to @nokidhungry - and this gentlemen is asking me for my number. http://t.co/TBG9eNNbZb
Retweeted by CarmenHappy birthday @iansomerhalder! Greets & ♥ from Germany! :)Working with Excel. Found the word 'PivotTable'. Thinking of Ross :D PIVOT!!! @FRIENDSshowsays @FriendsShow @FriendsComedy #Friends
;) RT "@glftv: Witzig: Outtakes zum Dreh von Incredible #Furtwangen #glftv - http://t.co/KTNSo93Lis http://t.co/5b0ZxWGgff""Gönn dir #glftv" jetzt täglich bei @HDCampus im Kabel TV um 10.01, 15:55, 21:49 und 3:43 Uhr http://t.co/VCko2Vl4si http://t.co/Dei2s2H4kd
Retweeted by CarmenIncredible Furtwangen http://t.co/ehQTyxhxmh haha :D unbedingt anschauen!!! :))
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current mood: http://t.co/nCd21cTjeQ
Retweeted by Carmenwhen my favorite song comes on http://t.co/u5o9fWB9EJ
Retweeted by Carmenabsolutely heartbreaking & disgusting #ICantBreathe http://t.co/pcl0MakyxU
Retweeted by CarmenI WANT THIS COUCH http://t.co/ZfmeaXRVYq
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The secret behind @Pink's body and acrobatics with @dreyaweber https://t.co/VTdZRPPeiq
Retweeted by Carmen@TheEllenShow yaay! Finally! Missed those dance dares!!! ;)Dance dares are back, people. http://t.co/GJsSaxDA7h https://t.co/UMQWq7Defy
Retweeted by CarmenI watch it. You watch it. We watch it. And then we are together. https://t.co/igYEh8ZRBT
Retweeted by CarmenThe FRIENDly finger ✊✊ @FriendsShow #Friends http://t.co/YbwfqTFOTM
Retweeted by CarmenI still care about my grades but have no motivation to do any work???????????????
Retweeted by CarmenElves are back! And tonight they got into my good cake flour! http://t.co/vzucp1S3P0
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When her preschool teacher asked her why she didn't want to participate this morning- Willow kindly said.."I don't want to waste the paper"
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@mari_winchesta Thanks! ;)Aaaaaw he is sooooo adorable!!! :) ♥ https://t.co/bEyvXfAR0A @TheEllenShow@mari_winchesta wooow you're profile picture!!! Oh my god it's so perfect! :D #jealous #much !!! ;D@PinkEuropeans @Pink how much does it cost? :)
Yeeeah go Joey!!!! :) RT"@ProSieben: Joey Kelly will aufs Treppchen #Turmspringen http://t.co/NgnAmySXh9"Joey Kelly will aufs Treppchen #Turmspringen http://t.co/GEcSJ5Fre6
Retweeted by CarmenSchön, schöner, #Turmspringen mit @StefanieGiesing http://t.co/JGKJA1N1Nn
Retweeted by CarmenAbsolutely!!! *-* RT "@BiIlionaires: California dream home ☀️ http://t.co/bk4z37I2cc"Incredible #Furtwangen! #Studieren, wo andere Urlaub machen. Am Dienstag um 19 Uhr unter http://t.co/57A7l0ocLv http://t.co/6Wu1pDvvPT
Retweeted by Carmenhttp://t.co/f7tRwGLINs
Retweeted by CarmenDas haben wir getwittert? RT @gulocked: .@ProSieben Ich vergesse nichts. Kleine Erinnerung: http://t.co/TmPsQ9PkaQ
Retweeted by CarmenEs geht immer weiter. Gleich. RT @jolley_90: @ProSieben @TVtotal #Turmspringen http://t.co/N2GyU0WPV8
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Poor little guy... http://t.co/YZUxkFQCVE
Retweeted by CarmenOuch my stomach hurts from laughing so hard!!!! :D This is soooo hilarious! :D You just gotta love @andylassner ! :D http://t.co/0X2gfHdcsfI sent @AndyLassner back through a haunted house. This time with his assistant, Jacqueline. Priceless. http://t.co/tNjBPj90Kw
Retweeted by CarmenHahaa that's super cute! :D @KatGraham https://t.co/UMnVn2nec0 #KatpediaMe. Every time someone asks me a technical question about Charmed that I can't remember the answer to.… http://t.co/pvwLPHMI4a
Retweeted by CarmenI resolve to watch this video each and every time I am in a crappy mood. #HitTheDeck #Crying #Dying lucyhale's video http://t.co/6qSIH0tXS6
Retweeted by CarmenI have a bone to pick. Several of you have not watched @jensenAckles wife @DanneelHarris & me in this: https://t.co/nCrUacOh7n get on it!
Retweeted by CarmenListen to #sorries by @andeeofficial co-written by @Pink | https://t.co/kp5UsFVpze
Retweeted by CarmenLet out your inner crazy #JimmyKimmelLive @jimmykimmel https://t.co/wBna04RGFU #TheSquickerwonkers #BookTour @titanbooks
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@thelaurengraham meee!!! I'd definitely come over and help you ;)Okay, snuggling down with the family for the holiday. See you all in December! Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for all of you!!
Retweeted by CarmenOh my god, I bloody well won. Thank you! http://t.co/ybxaaTxJeQ
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Dreharbeiten für #glf. Läuft bei uns :) #HDCampus #glftv #furtwangen http://t.co/tiJo2awJG5
Retweeted by CarmenFind a guy.. http://t.co/TnOgvKIzKT
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Wir hatten viel Spaß bei unserer Sendung heute! Wir hoffen, ihr auch! :) Bis nächsten Dienstag! :-) #glftv #CampusTV http://t.co/TXjJMmJNoz
Retweeted by CarmenJennifer Aniston vs. @LisaKudrow in Celebrity Curse Off! @JimmyKimmelLive #FRIENDSreunion https://t.co/kTJB0lP8IA
Retweeted by CarmenJennifer Aniston Takes on Lisa Kudrow in Hilarious Celebrity Curse-Off! | http://t.co/XO9gTIEZPX http://t.co/UU6bp818s3 via @sharethis
Retweeted by Carmen@christinaperri you are in Germany?! :O hope you enjoy your stay here! :) any tour plans for Germany....???? ;)
Tränen, Freude, Gänsehaut, Emotionen, Gänsehaut, Gänsehaut --> Lieblingsfolge ♥ @sixxTV #GreysAnatomy #DerSongHinterDemSong #MusicalEpisodeOne day you'll wake up at 11:30 AM on a Sunday with the love of your life and you'll make some coffee and pancakes and it'll all be alright
Retweeted by CarmenConfession: I ❤️ LA http://t.co/9VIx6qy66x
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@jasonmanns @dicksp8jr @RobBenedict @jarpad @mishacollins @JensenAckles hahahaa oh yeah, me too! ;DThis picture brings me such joy. I felt I should share. @dicksp8jr @RobBenedict @jarpad @mishacollins @JensenAckles http://t.co/ExkZiaTiTC
Retweeted by Carmen
Ooooh I love this woman! :) ♥ http://t.co/5Sq5gP3E7b #JenniferAnistonI LOVE this!The song,the lyrics(!),the video-everything about it!:) @thescript @TheScript_Danny https://t.co/ElgOPRcrH6 #NoGoodInGoodbyevidAb wann zeigt ihr Staffel 9 von #Supernatural? :) @ProSiebenMAXX
"darf ich dir ein Kompliment machen?" "aber wieso denn nur eins?!" :D #deviousmaids ist ja so klasse @ProSieben
Retweeted by CarmenTrying this tomorrow in school http://t.co/1Xz1s9nrW5
Retweeted by CarmenWe’re performing #IBetMyLife at #TheAMAs this Sunday - here’s a behind the scenes look of the making of the song... https://t.co/LXPmoieaen
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#Paparazzi am Set! Unsere bezaubernde Saskia ;) #glftv #Livesendung #CampusTV #Furtwangen http://t.co/6ycnvswsG8
Retweeted by Carmen"Why aren't you excited?" -Lorelai "I find nothing exciting before 11 am"- Rory
Retweeted by Carmen#HarryPotter star Tom Felton played this awesome prank on former costar Rupert Grint: http://t.co/xnlSxlLV0x http://t.co/tNGdF5FMt3
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Still gives me goosebumps. God this is so beautiful! http://t.co/CPUm7FOaRq @Pink @TheAcademy #SomewhereOverTheRainbow@autumnreeser woow one year already! Happy birthday @Dash_Warren! You seem like a really happy boy, so you had a great pary huh? ;)
Just in case? http://t.co/tc326GbJNp
Retweeted by CarmenSchnief. #FürImmerLiebe
Retweeted by CarmenUuuund da fließen die Tränen. :D Einfach zu schön! #FuerImmerLiebe @ProSiebenheute Abend wieder rumheulen auf #Pro7 #fürimmerliebe http://t.co/UmGWcwp7BJ
Retweeted by CarmenHuch. RT @Fraeulein_R_ Ich weiß jetzt schon, dass ich den Abend heulend verbringen werde... Hachz... Danke @ProSieben #FürImmerLiebe
Retweeted by CarmenHerzzerreißend! :( RT "@ProSieben: Gleich wir es romantisch: #FürImmerLiebe"'Ich krieg doch mit wie du ihn ansiehst. Ich weiß es, weil du mich früher so angesehen hast.' DIESER Satz! :'( #FuerImmerLiebe @ProSieben2:23 Uhr. #Peter gewinnt 2,5 Millionen Euro. Glückwunsch! Glückwunsch! #SdR
Retweeted by CarmenGreat performance at #SchlagDenRaab in #Germany tonight! :) ♡ @TheScript_Danny @thescript@ProSieben Ich! The Script war ja jetzt da ;D Viel Glück Peter! #TeamPeter #SDR
Wann kommen denn endlich @thescript? :D @ProSieben #SDRAt what time will you perform at #SchlagDenRaab? @thescript @ProSieben #NoGoodInGoodbyeCelebrating sweater weather with my TVD Momma! emmalalonde1 #TOMSforTarget #togethersweater http://t.co/PQJfVMAnPq
Retweeted by Carmenthe worst part of having a baby is when you say "i love you" and they don't say it back and make things super awkward
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