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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend.

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I don't care how people make fun of the scene where Ted 'lets go' of Robin. I think its a wonderful and very sad scene. I loved it! #himymFrom this day on, math and I, we're seperated 'people'. I am soooo done! #free #happy #math #Iamdone #happy #happy #happy :-)Finally a reason to be happy!!!! :D I passed my math exam! I didn't expect that! Sooo happy!!!!! #happy #whoneedsmath #finallyoverNope. That's not a fake belly :) http://t.co/Sa3RtdY9nW http://t.co/2MsBWUiOf3
Retweeted by Carmen@SarahDrewGreys SARAH!! AHHHH! Congratulations to you and Peter and now big brother!!! Yay! 👩👨👦👶 #WelcomeToTheJungle
Retweeted by CarmenThank you all so much for all the well wishes! We are all so excited!!
Retweeted by Carmen“@caterinatweets: More Grey's babies!!! Congrats @SarahDrewGreys and Peter. Can't wait to meet your newest bundle. :)” thanks lady!!!
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@sixxTV und Ian hat sich auch eine geschnappt die bei #OC mitgespielt hat ;D@FriendsShow drunk Ross and Rachel in #Vegas! :D #Friends
@Tatjanasworld :D RT "@EveryGirI: Text a girl something stupid and it takes 42 seconds for three of her friends to get the screenshot"Text a girl something stupid and it takes 42 seconds for three of her friends to get the screenshot
Retweeted by CarmenDamnit. This guy just got my phone again!!!! Will I never learn!???! http://t.co/ByZv7Gvo0O
Retweeted by CarmenEverybody please vote for @Pink! And pls rt! :) thx! ♡ #besttour @PinkFans_ @SelectPink @PinkEuropeans http://t.co/XWIRKebjBS
We get these great little scooters here at #SDCC so we can get around discretely & not get mobbed. http://t.co/RC7kh3PEcM
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Woohoo! "@liztigelaar : Check out @julieplec rocking it as the lone woman on the @ew showrunners panel. Yay girlie! http://t.co/EO7RRhLl8g
Retweeted by CarmenProbably my fav pic of my two kids ever. http://t.co/wMYzERlhVj
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Retweeted by CarmenHappy Birthday P-Dubs. @paulwesley #sexywesley #WexSesley #WeslyanAllGirlsSchool
Retweeted by CarmenWhen Ross goes crazy. http://t.co/fxzsFyLGZc
Retweeted by CarmenOh, @tommcfly - you crack me up! This insight into your mind is priceless! Xxx http://t.co/CV0pLXJagY
Retweeted by CarmenHappy Birthday @paulwesley! Cheers to the #sexywesley 32nd! #TVD #TVDFamily
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Seems pretty perfect if you ask me ;) RT @lexihouse3: How sad is my life if I'm ordering pizza before 11 AM & watching the Notebook?
Retweeted by CarmenRetweet if you need a hug! http://t.co/UMn1gG1UP3
Retweeted by Carmen@Jamiechristlow Why? Are you having trouble moving there? :/Dear universe, I'd like to move to LA have an O1 visa & be a working actor or at least an auditioning actor that's not to much to ask right?
Retweeted by Carmenhahahaa whyyyy???? :D :D :D http://t.co/GBF7SsGoWH @TheEllenShow@PinkFans_ @Pink @YoSoy_Peru Woow that actually is pretty good! :DThis is pretty awesome! Reenactment of @Pink's tour performance of Try on Peruvian TV show @YoSoy_Peru #YoSoy http://t.co/iFvdZKW4il
Retweeted by CarmenWhat does the fox...I mean mama say! Hilarious http://t.co/55j9w1sHRR
Retweeted by CarmenWow, that's a tough question, @TheAcademy, I don't think I can choose! #Titanic https://t.co/bHaqipSOWT
Retweeted by CarmenThis is effing adorable. Grinning like a goofball. http://t.co/Jo4a0iv5n0 thank you sweet ones.
Retweeted by CarmenThis is the best interview with the lovely @Alyssa_Milano- In Bed With Joan #Great :)via @InBedWithJoan http://t.co/Iy7SIFqNrY
Retweeted by CarmenThese cute puppies figured out a clever way to raise money for dogs in need. Watch and enjoy. #sharefordogs http://t.co/fNOa6wTGgT@vampirediaries @paulwesley @tvdfansonline Ooh I just love him :D@shondarhimes Wow! That's amazing! How can you say you are scared of giving speeches? You've done an amazing job there! Great speech! :-)Was blown away by @shondarhimes Dartmouth commencement speech. So proud to know her! http://t.co/g0ZZtjVA9x
Retweeted by CarmenI came up with a great new invention for people who like to stay fit and answer the phone. At the same time. http://t.co/fKefJjwZc7
Retweeted by CarmenOk, stop what you're doing and watch this performance. Blew me away! https://t.co/5X5jJVwoAj
Retweeted by Carmen@cdipnl That's so cool! She's such a wonderful person :) Is that video on @YouTube already? :)@joshduhamel @VerizonWireless The girls are sooo cool! :D I would've been kinda nervous :D Luuucky lucky girls! :D@JoshRadnor hihiii that's cool!!!! :)@joshduhamel @PedigreeUS God you're so perfect! :D Loved it! :)Have you seen my @PedigreeUS #DogTales video yet? Check it out! http://t.co/3Oj1uCAsa2 #ad
Retweeted by Carmen@julieplec hope us fans who can not be there get to see these videos, too? :-) #TheOriginals #TheVampireDiaries #ComicCon
It is time to VOTE guys!! --> RT @MixPhiladelphia: @PinkFans_ Does @Pink put on the #BestLiveShow?!? Vote and RT ---> http://t.co/sSTk6YolV0
Retweeted by CarmenTime to vote, have fun and spread the word!! Who's the BEST? P!nk !!!! > RT @MixPhiladelphia: @PinkEuropeans Does... http://t.co/sZgg2c6RV3
Retweeted by CarmenIch liiiiebe eure Vorschau für #GreysAnatomy! Rundum perfekt ♡ #JohnLegend #AllOfMe @sixxTVRT "@MSchweighoefer: Es ist Zeit für eine Welt ohne Krieg!"Don't forget to dream
Retweeted by CarmenPS To the good people and honest people in Gaza and Israel, you are in my thoughts and prayers.May peace find its way to you & your families
Retweeted by CarmenHappy Birthday @robinwilliams :)Thank u for being one of those awesome celebrities that live up 2 what I hoped you'd be like! #fromacrazyone
Retweeted by CarmenHappy Anniversary, Babe... #soinlove #MCM http://t.co/GmzEaScJ1t
Retweeted by CarmenSo honored that Reba asked me to lend my voice to this new song she wrote! #prayforpeace http://t.co/tRhw3nHVTx
Retweeted by CarmenI love love love this! :D @joshduhamel https://t.co/yOUjDEqjag@joshduhamel @VerizonWireless hahaa that's sooo cool!!! Lucky lucky girls!!! ;).@williamshatner, you use the terms: entertaining & queazy? I think "educational" & "delicious" are more accurate... https://t.co/xbJvzL0r2v
Retweeted by Carmen@mishacollins @WilliamShatner Seriously,that's my favorte thing EVER! :D I was laughing tears!!! LOVED it! :) Soo adorable!!! MORE PLEASE!;)"@VerizonWireless Watch @JoshDuhamel give the best virtual massage on a #DreamDate https://t.co/Qqc6PxLf5q …" My hands still hurt!
Retweeted by CarmenBefore @TheConjuring, there was #ANNABELLE. Watch the exclusive new trailer: https://t.co/9HaoB6B0Oj
Retweeted by Carmen@wbpictures @TheConjuring Why? Whyyy would someone even want such a scary doll?! :D I mean, dolls are scary, horror movies prove that :DHad to share! http://t.co/yNUL1E1dfv
Retweeted by Carmen@FelicityHuffman Woow! That's soo cool!Guilty dog apologizes to baby for stealing her toy: http://t.co/lGxqGhqVZX /via @CarrieFairygirl
Retweeted by Carmen@Bubberroyal @PinkFans_ @Pink Wel at least you got two! ;) Who replied? Be happy about that ;) Oh and happy birthday!!! :-)So important! #peace ♡ RT"@kim: ☮ p e a c e"Best *restroom memory* 4ever, 4sure. was amazing meeting you and talking to you @pink . Thx for taking so much time ♥ http://t.co/vVRsP615v7
Retweeted by Carmen@Pinksknitter @PinkFans_ @Pink aaaw wow that's soooo cool! *-* ♡ lucky you! ;)Why isn't @Pink nominated for @MTV #MTVHottest .... Seriously, get your priorities in order. Stupid.
Retweeted by Carmen@Pink it's my birthday 2day, friends have challenged me 2 c how many celebs I can get 2 give me a birthday tweets any chance of 1?X
Retweeted by Carmen@Bubberroyal @PinkFans_ @Pink soo how many did you get? ;)@SelectPink @PinkEuropeans RT "@pinkgossnews: @PinkFans_ would you be able to help me get this message to @Pink ? :) http://t.co/hxz9e1Z5UX"@PinkFans_ would you be able to help me get this message to @Pink ? xx :) http://t.co/H5HlnrG2vC
Retweeted by CarmenAnd to all our brothers and sister in Israel & Palestine, stay safe. Heartbreaking week.
Retweeted by Carmen
@JillLayton wow, now that would make it a looot easier! ;DWhy can't the answer key to all of life's problems be listed upside down at the bottom?
Retweeted by CarmenThought I would get my twitter going again with a photo of me from the tca's. #theoddcouple http://t.co/Yc2fZMnUuU
Retweeted by Carmen@MatthewPerry yaaay! Hellooo Matthew! We missed you! :) good to have you back! :)Such a troubling time.. #PrayForGaza #PrayForIsrael #PrayForPeace #IAMUandURME
Retweeted by CarmenI appreciate it when I smile at another girl and she smiles back because it's like wow not all girls are spawns of satan
Retweeted by Carmen@chy_leigh @mrnwest hihii that's cute! :) Congratulations to you two! ;) ♡@FriendsComedy breaks my heart every single time. #Friends #love #bestshowever #TheLastOneThe saddest scene ever. http://t.co/FXYruZozil
Retweeted by CarmenI can't even pretend to understand what's happening in the Middle East right now. It all just hurts my heart.
Retweeted by Carmen@TheRealSambora ...but? Why did you leave? :(Aaaw I know that feeling! :) being an aunt is the best! :) ♡♡♡ RT "@rosemcgowan: I love my nephew. Awwww. http://t.co/cyNviOJK6Z"@Pink @hartluck Hahaa Oh My! Too much of a good thing! How's his memory of the party?
Retweeted by CarmenAnd that's how amateurs end up at 7 pm on their birthdays. Face down and written on. Bam. @hartluck luv yu babee http://t.co/fuS9W3smvz
Retweeted by CarmenI hate when my birthday is over, but I really had an awesome day! :) My friends and family made it special :-) ♡ #thankful #birthday #love
Even if that service is just a smile.
Retweeted by CarmenPlace your hand on your chest, close your eyes, and say: Thank you, I'm grateful for life, may I be of service to the greater good
Retweeted by CarmenIch: Ich kann nicht mehr, Oma. Oma: Was? Nur 27 Stück Kuchen? Schmeckt der dir etwa nicht?
Retweeted by CarmenThanks to all of you for @hartluck s bday wishes, he is so grateful for the extended family you all are.
Retweeted by Carmen
@PinkFans_ @hartluck Happy Birthday Carey! I hope you have a perfect day and one hell of a party! ;) Enjoy it! Greets from Germany! :)Let's all send warm Birthday wishes to the one and only Carey Hart! @hartluck We hope your day is fantastic! http://t.co/HY2eToIlTr
Retweeted by CarmenPhotoset: “From the kiss in your hotel room in Los Angeles, the first night, I knew I would marry you…... http://t.co/JEzDkoqONW
Retweeted by Carmen@PinkFans_ aaaw ♡ they really are perfect for each other! They are meant to be and everyone can see that :-) #TrueLove @Pink @hartluckMy heart goes out to the Malaysian people. This is such a tragedy. Words can't express how sad it is. I wish we could just have peace. #MH17
Retweeted by Carmen@Deborah_A_S aah echt? Ok, dann schau ich da vll doch nochmal nach :D@Deborah_A_S ooh wo hast du die gefunden? :DSeeing @Pink storytellers for the first time.. Us @PinkFans_ are so blessed. Thanks for all the songs and the TRUE LOVE!<3
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