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Just a girl born in the wrong country, trying to live life to the fullest :) Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend.

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@paulwesley I like that! :)And another song I instantliy fell in love with ♥ Thanks @SaraBareilles ;) #1000TimesI dreamt I was fighting Death Eaters. The Harry Potter dream saga continues.
Retweeted by CarmenSydney. The land of drunk 18 yr olds learning to walk in heels. #protect your children. #heelskill. #wtf ##
Retweeted by Carmen3 years ago I liked it so I put a ring on it. It was the first step to starting our family and was the… http://t.co/2sg4Nauqsz
Retweeted by CarmenBut, you know, the life we had, that was amazing too. It wasn’t a spell or a prophecy, it was real. #Stelena http://t.co/nT5guJGtel
Retweeted by CarmenI just found out that there will be a new album!!! When does it come out? Great news! :-) ♥ @natashabdnfieldDon't know how I could forget about #WildHorses...one of my all time favorite songs! ♥ Now again, I can't stop listening:D @natashabdnfield
@julieplec OMG! Yes! We are from the same place?!!
Retweeted by Carmen@julieplec whaaaat ooh god!! :O
There can only be one hashtag for tonight's amazing #TVD episode....#DirectorPaul. Congrats, @paulwesley!
Retweeted by Carmen@sixxTV We need to trend #TVD100 !! Because it's the 100th episode in Germany tonight on @sixxTV!RT to help? ;) @iansomerhalder @paulwesleySagt ihr Ian & Paul Bescheid, dass wir #TVD100 heute Abend in den #TT sehen wollen? Danke.
Retweeted by CarmenBehind my Vines w @TheEllenShow http://t.co/1L5BgIXDxd #SexSymbol #DoesThisHurt #Caught My Vine Page https://t.co/qFMsNSHV3Y
Retweeted by Carmennothing better than texts like this 😻💕 http://t.co/vr9HHwGakS
Retweeted by Carmenthe song in your headphones can change the way everything looks
Retweeted by CarmenTonight is my first night away from my little boy. Missing those early morning snuffles and sniffs that make your heart jump.
Retweeted by CarmenThat moment when.. http://t.co/kc38ZCH1DV
Retweeted by Carmen"Dear whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office; I will find you. You have my Word." #ClassicJokeWednesday
Retweeted by CarmenAussies!!! Help us, please, get Youth Off The Streets.... http://t.co/O7EhhqXHtO
Retweeted by Carmen
@Alyssa_Milano absolutely!!! This is so sweet! :)Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful man: http://t.co/Nezjdcs453
Retweeted by Carmenall I want 👌 http://t.co/ImwFfr2NAl
Retweeted by CarmenOprah makes Pharrell cry! Here are 5 other celebs she's brought to tears: http://t.co/welnKbmWwT
Retweeted by Carmen.@paulwesley reveals the most romantic scene he's shot, and who Stefan should date here: http://t.co/wXOZiymPJJ http://t.co/tvp4co3jOL
Retweeted by CarmenYou deserve to be happy. Choose things that make you happy
Retweeted by Carmen@FriendsShow Germany! :)Friends Fact - The big white dog in Joey and Chandler's apartment belonged to Jennifer Aniston.
Retweeted by CarmenFriends Fact - The six friends had a private huddle backstage before every single episode.
Retweeted by CarmenJohnny Depp? More like Johnny DEEP.....good morning😂😂😂💔 #piratesoftheCAREaboutcha Lol http://t.co/tWLr45UhxN
Retweeted by Carmen@rimpledarra @FriendsShow @friends_6of1 @_FriendsLines Aaaah I want that!!!! :D *-*@natashabdnfield anything new planned? :) ♥Sending love to you my dears. I'm so thankful for all the support of my music thru the years. You are my muses! #Lovers
Retweeted by CarmenJust finished season 10 and did my last scene with Sandra today ,she will be deeply missed on the show, :-(
Retweeted by CarmenTonight's episode made me proud that I got to be a part of this crazy show called Supernatural. Great job all. #Supernatural #SPNFamily
Retweeted by Carmen@CandiceAccola I have no words for how jealous I am! :DOnly girls would understand. http://t.co/ZeEVyzLGsg
Retweeted by CarmenDelighted with the show/prescription-painkillers tonight!! #TheOriginals http://t.co/K7jhsvtV32
Retweeted by CarmenTo quote @QuestionAnders Friendship really is the best ship.
Retweeted by CarmenThis is beautiful! #dearfuturemom http://t.co/HxGrm2mqKR
Follow my friend @KateWalsh. She's a wonderful person and I know she'll tweet you right. http://t.co/un0Lux4GdD
Retweeted by CarmenWisdom of the heart has no age!!! <3 > RT @Pink: Trying to explain why some people are mean, my two year old... http://t.co/nteymc2tmT
Retweeted by Carmenhttp://t.co/9zAc8fu88A
Retweeted by CarmenSo cute. http://t.co/ORkE2LcWgS
Retweeted by CarmenSmiling is the best way to face any problem, to crush every fear and to hide every pain.
Retweeted by CarmenFamily is everything.
Retweeted by CarmenIf you wait until you're ready, you'll be waiting the rest of your life.
Retweeted by CarmenA positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you
Retweeted by CarmenPeople will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
Retweeted by CarmenThe fest is over but the friendship continues... & @Michael_Trevino phone remains at large in the fields of Coachella http://t.co/lE9mspRXEo
Retweeted by Carmen#FRIENDSbestmoments http://t.co/04Dx7Ia5TV
Retweeted by Carmen#LOVE ☀ #LA #SUN http://t.co/F1V3AEEgi2
Retweeted by Carmen“Sometimes you have to forget what’s gone, appreciate what remains, and look forward to what’s coming next.”
Retweeted by Carmen"I feel like we should hug or something." #followingfriends
Retweeted by CarmenAww happy birthday little Finn!!! I hope you had a great day at #Disneyland! :-) @Baby_Warren @autumnreeserTrying to explain why some people are mean, my two year old interrupts and says... "Maybe they just need love" #my2yroldissmarterthanme
Retweeted by CarmenI want your life this week. So badly. “@CandiceAccola: Hanging out in heaven... Maui #FSMaui #MaiTaiTime #bliss http://t.co/vAw9m5JLZ5
Retweeted by CarmenHanging out in heaven... Maui #FSMaui #MaiTaiTime #bliss http://t.co/H7q2Q3RVHm
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@ALTL2508 achsoo okei ;) jap da geb ich dir natürlich recht! :-)@ALTL2508 hab ich was verpasst? :D a woman like...who? :DEveryone's so excited about Game of Thrones, I think I wanna start watching. Can anyone catch me up really quick? #SoFarOnGameOfThrones
Retweeted by Carmen@autumnreeser yaay that's awesome! Have fun, enjoy your day! :-)@GilmoreGquotes A Richard & Emily one: when Richard played the Bill song to Emily at their 2nd wedding. 😊
Retweeted by Carmen“@DaBiebzSwaggy_: @GilmoreGquotes @thelaurengraham when lorelai and Rory go ratchet ball 😂😂😂 most funniest scene ever” me tomorrow 😳😁😂
Retweeted by Carmen"Trig I can do, but boys and dating...forget it" @GilmoreGquotes #truth #mylife #seriouslygivemethetrig
Retweeted by Carmen"A little nervous breakdown can really do wonders for a girl" #truth #gilmoregirls @GilmoreGquotes
Retweeted by Carmen"Life isn't measured in the amount of times we breathe, but the moments that take our breathe a away."
Retweeted by Carmen@TheRealSambora Pls RT 4 3yr old Sienna @sarahhancoxuk raising funds to help her beat cancer https://t.co/Io0EWWlPGB http://t.co/1Dbh9p4rJN
Retweeted by Carmen@kim thanks! This is gonna be a short one :) you too!! :-)Red Faced Friendship @ErnestoRiley http://t.co/9iDrYUZ8r4
Retweeted by CarmenBlood Brothers @Michael_Trevino @ernestoriley http://t.co/CsIRhws0jZ
Retweeted by CarmenSo...you ever have one of those nights that make you feel like at the end of it someone is going to yell, "ANNNNNND CUT!!!" @Pink #weDID
Retweeted by CarmenIf brunettes didn't do it better than the wife emoji would be blonde 👰 #sorrynotsorry
Retweeted by Carmen@QuestionAnders woah. Jealous. Much.@Alyssa_Milano @Jezebel aaaw this is sooo beautiful! :-)I don't understand why babies fight naps! Naps are the greatest! Why don't they know that?! (Cc: my favorite adult napper @ChristaBMiller)
Retweeted by Carmen
A lot happened here tonight that resulted in me talking to the cops. I said, "But that's a moo point" to 1 of them. Yes, I really said that
Retweeted by CarmenMy daughter called me "Yeti Legs" today... guess I need to shave.
Retweeted by Carmenshooting one of our last scenes. :( http://t.co/3rd2RbllMA
Retweeted by Carmen“@DohertyShannen: @drewfuller you did that again???!! I told you it wasn't a good idea” I'm not confirming anything...was just giving advice
Retweeted by Carmen“@DohertyShannen: @drewfuller dinner Tuesday at hozza's house” you know what? I think I'll bring cupcakes
Retweeted by Carmen@drewfuller Shush your face. Isn't it past your bedtime?
Retweeted by CarmenThere's something very cool yet very creepy about a baby moving inside your belly. Regardless, I'm pretty sure she's gonna be a gymnast.
Retweeted by Carmen
@FRIENDSshowsays Nooooooooooo it would spoil everything ! It's better that way :)
Retweeted by CarmenIt's hard for inspiration to reach you if you don't listen. Listening with your ears isn't enough; your soul must absorb it. –Marala Scott
Retweeted by Carmen@Michael_Trevino @cadlymack well, THAT's gonna go well.
Retweeted by CarmenMer and Derek are such a perfect couple. RT if you agree! #GreysAnatomy http://t.co/c3i4ssYASY
Retweeted by CarmenHave you ever had second thoughts about a decision you made? #GreysAnatomy
Retweeted by Carmen@TheAcademy "Mary Poppins" is my favorite classic film because.... https://t.co/fo0plifb1h
Retweeted by CarmenYou mean chips aren't heart healthy food? #GreysAnatomy
Retweeted by CarmenAllein dieses Händchen halten...das geht direkt ins Herz :-) #Katherine #Stefan #TVD @sixxTVIch mag Katherine. Und ich mag Stefan. Und ich mag Katherine und Stefan! ;-) #TVD @sixxTV@TLaunt @peopleschoice id cry. Like actual tears.
Retweeted by Carmen@peopleschoice @thelaurengraham Somebody get Amy Sherman-Palladino on board! I have never wanted a movie so bad. #Justice4GilmoreGirls
Retweeted by Carmen@rightiho oooh voll schön! :)At my last read-thru. Lots of feelings. Goodbyes are starting. http://t.co/knGDSIBWoK
Retweeted by CarmenEr kommt in #Frieden. Heute 20:15. #TVD. #iansomerhalder http://t.co/XBuYIaISQo
Retweeted by Carmen@sixxTV oooh wow, was für ein Bild... *-*Zum 99. Mal #TVD! Wer hat alle Folgen gesehen? Dann, please RT.
Retweeted by Carmen
That's a wrap! Much love to all. TVD Season 6 coming your way....
Retweeted by Carmen
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