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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend.

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Cumberbatch bests Jackman's, which was pretty great. This is like a movie. https://t.co/Qqdw3MemwJ
Retweeted by CarmenNo no - one of the awards :) RT @CharlesOsmont: @KatieHeigl @TelevisionAcad The whole show???
Retweeted by Carmen"Let's go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday." –Steve Jobs
Retweeted by Carmen@TheAcademy @TheEllenShow @Myspace she's the best! :-) she should do it every year... ;) #justsaying#fbf That time in 2007 @TheEllenShow asked Clint Eastwood for a photo for her @Myspace page at the #Oscars https://t.co/oacSys5REH
Retweeted by CarmenHad a blast performing #WeAreDone on @FallonTonight last night. Watch now: http://t.co/wsmwp6E2mM
Retweeted by CarmenManchmal musst du vergessen was du fühlst und dich daran erinnern, was du verdienst.
Retweeted by CarmenJust wrapped a table read @filmindependent w @thesamdaly thanks for playing http://t.co/QXE70hrHU8
Retweeted by CarmenThe years will replace your tears.
Retweeted by CarmenI remember crying during the first 6 songs or so.I could barely see her through all the tears:D happy tears!♥her so much @celinedion @cdipnlThat feeling I just got when she started #LoveCanMoveMountains 'Stand up & dance with us' - oh yes we did! ♥ #memories @cdipnl @celinedion#ISurrender. That is all. Wow ♥ #ANewDay #LiveInLasVegas @celinedion @cdipnlhttp://t.co/ibulI9CEL0
Retweeted by CarmenRetweet if you relate! http://t.co/pQmN8e3E2o
Retweeted by CarmenYou know it happens! http://t.co/lCsjuJqC3D
Retweeted by CarmenThe only way to have a friend is to be one. http://t.co/WnsEwR53yR
Retweeted by Carmencongrats @jarpad and @warnerbrostv. 200 hundreds eps is huge. MV
Retweeted by Carmen#SPNFamily #Supernatural #WeDidIt http://t.co/cfzy1mJgfm
Retweeted by Carmen:D @Tatjanasworld RT "@TheFriendships: Legit! 👭 http://t.co/w5Pch5qnSt"welp, this is my favorite thing on the internet today 😍 http://t.co/iF9vO52T2h
Retweeted by CarmenHere's my #ALSIceBucketChallenge, @conniebritton! I donated AND icebucketed, CA drought style... http://t.co/b3gHQ0oS4M
Retweeted by Carmen♥ RT "@kim: ☮ p e a c e"Admit it. We've all done this at least once to someone..... http://t.co/ipVLRwuG5W
Retweeted by Carmen@FriendsShow ha! I do that a lot! :D But there are some people who don't get it because they've never seen #Friends (poor them!!!!) ;)I really needed to clean my car out tonight. But I don't see that happening now, or ever. #JunkInTheTrunk #ButReally
Retweeted by Carmen#ALSicebucketchallenge http://t.co/TapNbzHGnm i think people have misunderstood what i was saying earlier. I have… http://t.co/ZyLXYOuzbu
Retweeted by CarmenIn the theater for If I Stay!!! I am drinking a lot of water in preparation for the inevitable dehydration from the tears exiting my body!
Retweeted by CarmenOk gotta run; they found me! They are knocking on my trailer door. Thanks everyone. #LuckyUsChat @amybloombooks
Retweeted by Carmen#ALSIceBucketChallenge accepted!!! https://t.co/HnkjAgXY6v
Retweeted by Carmen@hartluck I can agree that it is a bit annoying, but I don't see it creepy. Donations sky rocketed because of this: http://t.co/jyJnNFSuup
Retweeted by CarmenAnd it breaks my heart knowing that she's having such a hard time right now..Wish them all the best. Thinking of them ♥ @celinedion @cdipnlSeeing all the faces of the audience...I can totally feel them!Celine is so special.I'll never forget that night♥ @celinedion @cdipnl #loveIn honor of our 1 year anniversary I'm watching #ANewDay DVD. Can't believe it's been a year...god my emotions!!! :D ♥ @cdipnl @celinedion
Highlights from the filming of "Off The Map with Shannen and Holly." Thanks for sharing @DohertyShannen @H_Combs. <3 https://t.co/3Xklvab6Dn
Retweeted by CarmenHappy birthday @HaydenPanettier! I’ve got something in the oven baking for your birthday! I hear you have something in the oven, too.
Retweeted by Carmendear germany, i love you. thats all. see you sooner than i thought 😘 xx
Retweeted by Carmen@christinaperri really? When? Would loooove to see you live!!! :-) #GermanyShe's right! Watch this --》RT "@TheEllenShow: If you watch 1 #ALSIceBucketChallenge, make it this. @CarbajalPhoto. https://t.co/eDU3aINlwz"If you watch 1 #ALSIceBucketChallenge, make it this. @CarbajalPhoto, I'll accept if you come on my premiere show. https://t.co/rCOC4EZ8NN
Retweeted by Carmen@EllenPompeo like who? ;)"@victoriabeckham: Thanks boys! ❤️ Mummy x vb #ALS #IceBucketChallenge https://t.co/EwxkAopn3o" she did it guys!!
Retweeted by CarmenHappy #ThrowbackThursday! Today I’m throwing all the way back. http://t.co/GdqZ0V02zq
Retweeted by Carmen
"@TeamHMC27 OMG IM CRYING. @H_Combs IS SINGING. 😍 http://t.co/SqqFohBTgC @Deborah_A_S @Paguban @HMCArmy @charmedComm @Carlychristina8" 😍😍
Retweeted by CarmenThis scene 😂😂😂 http://t.co/69sfXHrjJb
Retweeted by CarmenNow this is a road trip video. #offthemap #shannenandholly She feels so close to me right now. Haahaaaaa http://t.co/FI3PNCsN8H
Retweeted by CarmenWhen someone you hate gives their opinion about you http://t.co/QeQPBCsukw
Retweeted by CarmenHappy Birthday @ERIKAjaneC and @MatthewPerry! Apparently, everyone born on this day is a multi-talented super fox.
Retweeted by CarmenHow about the fine men and women of the nations police decide to shoot a knee cap. No need to shoot an 18 year old unarmed boy in the face
Retweeted by CarmenALS Ice Bucket Challenge accepted. Your move @robthomas rahulkohli13 & @stephencolletti http://t.co/lZr22EJ6Lr
Retweeted by Carmen♥ RT"@RealSMG: I miss you every day http://t.co/7MAQusaOTz"I know this is late, but.......300,000 followers. Thank you all so much. Contest soon I promise. 💗💗 http://t.co/Ucieh8G9Yv
Retweeted by CarmenLocal commercials aren’t always bad. Sometimes they’re, well, they’re this. http://t.co/ToMNct1oyx
Retweeted by Carmen@TheEllenShow haaaircuuuut :D :D :DRT @AdamSandler: Adam's #ALSIceBucketChallenge. Check out who he's nominated! https://t.co/R09NIXluTr
Retweeted by Carmen@sixxTV Jetzt weiss ich, was ich im Leben falsch gemacht habe. Mir fehlte bisher nur das Reichtumselixier. Einfach ohne Worte
Retweeted by Carmen"Tequila!" http://t.co/UeJrmVKCx5
Retweeted by CarmenWoah, my internet is so fast!!! I'm pretty sure that last tweet tweeted before I tweeted it!
Retweeted by CarmenHappy birthday, @MatthewPerry! I didn’t know what to get you, so I thought I would just remind you of this moment. http://t.co/IvQDZqNESi
Retweeted by Carmenhttp://t.co/wHblvyhb5u Ice Bucket Challenge live at the show in Hamburg, Germany. @qotsa #ALSIceBucketChallenge
Retweeted by Carmen@Imaginedragons @qotsa hahaaa that's awesome :D #IceBucketChallenge@H_Combs hahaa well done Holly! ;) hope we get to see #OffTheMap in Germany, too! :) have fun you two! :-) ♡ @DohertyShannenOh yes I did. #offthemap #shannenandholly #caught http://t.co/nJAIHDjkPM
Retweeted by Carmen
RT "@TheEllenShow:to watch David Letterman’s admiration for Robin Williams is overwhelming.What a beautiful tribute https://t.co/rm1BBWjidh"@TheEllenShow yes it is... ♡ #RobinWilliamsAlright @amellywood @AdamGlass44 @stephenmartines #AidanGlass, I humbly accept. #ALSIceBucketChallenge http://t.co/ug7N8pEq2A
Retweeted by CarmenNaleigh's first homework !!!! Nailed it!! http://t.co/9BbqjeFYVz
Retweeted by CarmenHey @Pink You been nominated to do the ice bucket challenge. A lot of people are wondering if you will do it?! http://t.co/h0Eo5bAdIL
Retweeted by Carmen@Pink donates to a lot of great charities, but we wanna see her pour ice water over herself, right?! RT if you agree! http://t.co/AY5H4JAIwp
Retweeted by Carmencan I nominate you for the boiling water challenge
Retweeted by Carmen@Operation_Pink Yes! Thanks for posting it! :) Haha ok, I think she deserved it! ;) Looked delicious! :)@mishacollins haha you're awesome! :D #IceBucketChallengeThis is my ALS ice bucket challenge. Please be forewarned: this video contains nudity & an inflatable horse. https://t.co/uNONkojBvQ
Retweeted by Carmen"David Letterman airs Robin Williams tribute" http://t.co/1Eoa9I5Rs5 via @EW" This is beautiful. #RobinWilliams@FriendsShow More like one of those years! :D Yaaay #JoeyHug@PinkEuropeans @ShaniaTwain @LionelRichie love it! :D Come on @pink!!!! ;) ♥Awesome cause, bring the ice @pink RT @SelmaBlair: I happily accepted my #ALS ice bucket challenge from @ cary_elwes http://t.co/a0DFRSYfW8
Retweeted by CarmenHihi love her!:)But one question, who did win in the end?!:D https://t.co/R70jWvk5J2 @PinkFans_ @PinkEuropeans @SelectPink @Operation_PinkWatching this breaks my heart..still can't believe he's gone... ♥ #RobinWilliamsWillLiveOnForever https://t.co/5oVqxPnSen @TheEllenShowThis is the funniest & cutest video of the #IceBucketChallenge! :D I LOVE it! ♥ @BenAffleck #JenniferGarner https://t.co/UdJqUImzm6Friends always cheers me up. http://t.co/m4eKdbwfJO
Retweeted by CarmenHappy Birthday @MatthewPerry :) You'll always be my Bing-a-Ling! LOL #KingOfSarcasm @FriendsShow @Friends_Series_ http://t.co/fCio4ZfMYz
Retweeted by CarmenWer hat auch schon mal auf diese Art einen Film im Bett geguckt? http://t.co/9wjFWtwMe3
Retweeted by Carmen"The worst thing a girl can do is trail after a boy when a love affair is dead." Well said @KinsellaSophie #TwentiesGirl #rereadingchallenge
Retweeted by CarmenIch hasse es, wenn ich rede und realisiere, dass keiner mir zuhört. Dann werde ich langsam leiser und tue so als hätte ich nichts gesagt.
Retweeted by CarmenDie 15.000 ist geknackt. Awesome! Herzlich willkommen alle!
Retweeted by Carmen@ProSiebenMAXX krieg ich fürs retweeten auch ein Follow back von euch? ;)☮ p e a c e
Retweeted by CarmenI challenged Siri to the Ice Bucket Challenge and now my phone won't turn on.
Retweeted by Carmenthehmc dohertyshannen williamshatner Accepted #icebucketchallenge #flyingjidaho http://t.co/HCzbJ4p6Vt
Retweeted by CarmenHAPPY BIRTHDAY @MatthewPerry!!!!!
Retweeted by CarmenOh my god @H_Combs I don't know who made this but it's so great. Zach is officially in the BOS. 😂 #VanquishHisAss http://t.co/l9xtxGlKH3
Retweeted by Carmen
Friends Fans - We have just under a month to do something for the 20th anniversary of Friends. What are we going to do????
Retweeted by CarmenI accepted @gwenstefani's #ALSIceBucketChallenge and I nominate @JoelMadden, @benjimadden, & @JenMeyerJewelry. https://t.co/RdbBhkSV8b
Retweeted by Carmen.@TheComedyStore Thank you for an incredible evening of tears and laughter. We are all "scared to live in a world without Robin"
Retweeted by CarmenLove this @EvaLongoria takes the #ALSIceBucketChallenge for #ALS http://t.co/UeQq09xAcN GREAT to see so many celebs get involved #Charity
Retweeted by Carmen@Imaginedragons just rock! #rnh2014 http://t.co/yU52tfcj4C
Retweeted by Carmen@RocknHeim @Imaginedragons my highlight of the weekend! ♡Why does anyone use Whosay? It always times out before I can open the link. #toolong
Retweeted by Carmen
Yeeeaaah you rooock!!! @RocknHeim @Imaginedragons loooove you!!!!! ;) go on Tour in Germany soon!!!!
Daenery gezeichnet von @Mim78 - ist das nicht großartig? http://t.co/D4YBE5KJO3
Retweeted by Carmen
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