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Humanist, news groupie, concert addict and pescatarian foodie living the champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.

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I like action. What I really like is ballsy, fearless, make a difference today AND in the future action. Do better Mr. President. XoAirbnb announced a liability insurance program that will provide U.S. hosts with up to $1M worth of protection http://t.co/aLuIxisD1V
Retweeted by Christina Gace18 Tools To Rapidly Execute On Your Ideas And Advance Your Mission http://t.co/FZE7KRgIxl via @startingblocNew Sean Parker-Funded political network Brigade Media announces partners http://t.co/Hr7KDUdGnW via @amy_schatzDo you want to have an ultimate weekend? Of course you do. You can enter by clicking here http://t.co/M1vPQ5fjCW #BeAWeekender.
UPDATE: Obama to address the nation on immigration executive actions at 8 p.m. ET Thursday http://t.co/CTYZyit3By
Retweeted by Christina GaceWe Are Launching The First Annual Women 2.0 Awards http://t.co/WcbUnc5Viw.
Retweeted by Christina GacePutting 6-person team and $1M budget behind opposition research is far different "than doing a @Google search." (@sarahcuda on @SquawkAlley)
Retweeted by Christina GaceVia @nprnews: How 'Double Bucks' For Food Stamps Conquered Capitol Hill http://t.co/wBnOFcqKml
After the ball is over . . . Where do all the leftovers go? http://t.co/NsOCPBikuF via @crainschicago
@ChooseChicago @thefeelin @CityWineryCHI Thanks please add Christina Gace to the list. We are celebrating @SPDelvecchio 's birthday!@annieccheung @sarahcuda Link?U-S-H-E-R R-A-Y-M-O-N-D at @UnitedCenter with @adriana9diaz http://t.co/rTkBQW4xLrDo you go to @ColumbiaChi? Want to work for Red Bull? Apply here! http://t.co/cb7oDsTQXb http://t.co/Eop9fZBGPy
Retweeted by Christina GaceSure, I'll climb out from under this electric blanket to go see Usher for $20.Win 2 tix to see @thefeelin at @CityWineryCHI 11/19 http://t.co/hmMkDFkByx. RETWEET this tweet by 5pm! http://t.co/t86fprKKtD
Retweeted by Christina GaceA dynamite cure for any case of the Mondays is a free pair of tickets to @alexanderclare. RT by 10PM to enter! http://t.co/NjlTY1bmid
Retweeted by Christina GaceWhere the nation's 2.5 million homeless children live http://t.co/I6IVhtJAEE http://t.co/8q0lP33nqc
Retweeted by Christina Gace
Join the next #ARAChicago event @1871chicago! Breaking Barriers: Lessons Learned from Trailblazing Women http://t.co/RX7Hf7XWFp #Chitech
Retweeted by Christina GaceNobody bets on the idea anymore; you bet on the jockey. You bet on the entrepreneur. - Tullman #Elevate14If physical illness were treated like mental illnesses. h/t: @IFLScience http://t.co/U0uJGQfJ2P
Retweeted by Christina GaceStart with what you have: a good plan violently executed today beats a perfect plan next week. - Tullman #Elevate14Tell a simple story: Who are we? Where are we going? Why? - Tullman #Elevate14"I don't know" used to mean you were ignorant, now it means you are lazy. - Tullman #Elevate14"If you built it, they will come. Absolute horseshit." <--- @benparr #Elevate14
Retweeted by Christina GaceBREAKING: Former Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne has died, @Sneedlings reports. http://t.co/07jU7Zck7A
Retweeted by Christina GaceBill and Hillary Clinton as students, 1972 http://t.co/alfy3ukbOW
Retweeted by Christina Gace"We are launching in-country refugee processing for certain minors in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador." -VP http://t.co/o47WfW8rME
Retweeted by Christina Gace@juliacsmith Look for an email from me tomorrow.
RT @sayahillman: Plans fall thru for Friday? Join us 2 watch eye-opening @kartemquin documentary @HomestretchDoc. http://t.co/AkIUWYrEgo
Retweeted by Christina Gace@juliacsmith Does @HomestretchDoc offer any action steps?Wow. HUGE numbers. @juliacsmith: Saw @HomestretchDoc tonight 22k homeless youth in Chicago this year and counting. 22 THOUSAND.News: UCLA gets $10 million for center to spur socially conscious projects http://t.co/mMaNo8iojg @latimes #socent #socbiz #socinn
Retweeted by Christina GaceRevisting: Pregnant Women Just Earned More Workplace Rights in Illinois http://t.co/Vd0JT2hnOK
Sen Harry Reid is in talks with Sen Elizabeth Warren to "create a special leadership post" for her in the US Senate. -Politico
Retweeted by Christina GaceWho in Chicago is dedicated to women and girls? @ChiFdn4Women #ImpactAwards nominations now open: http://t.co/5079GlJSM1
Retweeted by Christina GaceGreat news: International protection for 21 species of shark and ray http://t.co/g83PxBYY1b http://t.co/FRqWhSL01g
Retweeted by Christina Gace@Expedia A10: Just one? A surf/yoga retreat in Nicaragua. #ExpediaChatDailyWorth's 25 Best Companies for Women http://t.co/8nK3RM8IVv
What do your local shopping options say about your area's politics? http://t.co/VjPrSnRQ78.@DrTempleGrandin says there are too many people going into policy that don't know a thing about what they're advocating about. #NI14
Retweeted by Christina GaceKate from the @CaseFoundation gave my message of the day/new personal model: let urgency concur fear. #NI14Keep doing what you love... or find a new path. #NI14Melody McCloskey was discouraged from taking STEM classes in high school. Today, she's a successful entrepreneur: http://t.co/cCNaugsv8Q
Retweeted by Christina Gace
@studioBEnyc Are you hiring? :)Wouldn't it be great if companies didn't compete to be the best in the world, but the best for the world? #NI14 #socentFun fact: Did you know the @benandjerrys dairy cows receive massages? H/T Paul Polman at #NI14
Is the #npo sector not entitled to dream of rapidly accelerating process on solving problems? -Dan Pallotta Let's do something! #NI14
Retweeted by Christina GaceFun fact: Judge Judy earned 45 million dollars last year.Listening to @danpallotta talk about his passion to start AIDS Rides, and am wondering how we can do something similar for Hep C. #NI14Minneapolis friends, where should eat and drink? #NI14My #NI14 challenge for the weekend: talk (pleasantly) with people I disagree with..@Lollapalooza is expanding to Europe with plans for Lollapalooza Berlin in 2015: http://t.co/rTro99KlhA
Retweeted by Christina Gace@IanSohn Ever. Ever. In another life, he would be able to see his success.
Christina Gace: Official Political GroupieChurch of Scientology's L.A. Headquarters Serving as Midterm Polling Station http://t.co/39F6pw3LqS
Retweeted by Christina GaceRallying for Senator @DickDurbin with @tamj http://t.co/P5GhUBAYO3@ellieINchicago it is possible for your heart to break and explode at the same time? All.of.the.feelings.Oh @WendyDavisTexas my heart breaks. Keep fighting for women. We need you!Mark Pryor of Arkansas was the last Senate Democrat to personally oppose marriage equality. He lost, MSNBC projects. http://t.co/DMKgC37cxN
Retweeted by Christina GaceAre you ready to rally? My schedule: Durbin to Madigan to Quinn with @tamj and @MLvSFour Chicago polling precincts open until 8pm due to shenanigans: 1455 S Wabash, 6935 N Sheridan, 1700 E 56th, 3550 N Lake Shore Dr.
Retweeted by Christina GaceToday's guv election doesn't come cheap => Cost of a vote for governor, $23.90. Winning the election, priceless. http://t.co/BaOJJOrkJd
Retweeted by Christina Gace4 polling locations in Chicago have extended voting hours until 8:00 p.m. Find out if yours is one of them: http://t.co/ptxfLUgtBi #twillHUGE news! In the meantime become an organ donor! @cnntech: 3-D-printed organs are on the way http://t.co/OAhkhBI09F http://t.co/ZI2WM4jbqBPlz call Election Central today at (312) 269-7870 first with any voter concerns. This is the quickest route to resolution.
Retweeted by Christina GaceRIDERS: Pls tell me if you spot bag checks @cta stops this wk, also today if you see politicos @CTA stops. DM or tswartz at tribune dot com
Retweeted by Christina GaceHi @BillyDec saw you on ABC TV's WCL http://t.co/tIJMkw6aZl & want to win your FREE TIX to The Heshima Fashion Challenge at Room 1520
So many women representing tech tonight at the @GA_Chicago kick off party! Never stop learning. #GAinCHII'm listening to guilt trips and razzing directed at people not voting at the dive bar. This is my heaven.Calling all writers - check it! Jill Abramson's New Venture Will Pay Writers $100K http://t.co/5qsVSvhaoI #journalism
Retweeted by Christina GaceRoll call: Who is attending the @GA_Chicago launch tonight?I'm inspired by @motivatedbycara's model to create real, immediate, impactful and scalable change in our communities. Bravo! #trib14I'm excited to be celebrating one of my favorite orgs in the city @motivatedbycara at #trib14.Join me for an Election Night Celebration with Senator @DickDurbin http://t.co/VQBbgAgPhN
27 badass images of women winning and exercising the right to vote http://t.co/Yqhlukj6T7
Retweeted by Christina Gace
The @Teamsters in the digital age: today they are helping Uber drivers walkout. http://t.co/ajHh34j2FGLAST MINUTE SHOW - Kimbra at JBTV Studios at 1:30p: http://t.co/b9zR7zynC0
.@HackForLA team! check out @thorn Innovation Lab: http://t.co/AL0wM5TjMV LA-based tech fellowship to fight child sexual exploitation
Retweeted by Christina Gace
Thanks for the encouragement to jump off more cliffs @cadler! #StartupGrindA VOTE FOR BRUCE RAUNER IS A VOTE FOR A KETCHUPPY HOT DOG EATER. http://t.co/HK20rCucqf
Retweeted by Christina GaceLadies—Busy week? You can vote on Sunday in Chicago. Find out where: http://t.co/OaSEnWTKUf"Struggle is a never ending process. Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation." -Coretta Scott King
For those of you who love voting and profanity http://t.co/yFBlVbziFs HT @NickCatal #GOTFV
Retweeted by Christina GaceMost Viewed: First interview since going public about being transgender, Jennifer Pritzker talks about year of change http://t.co/kevX5yf8lg
Retweeted by Christina GaceAnother source: Cook Co. Commissioner Jesus Garcia to run for mayor, source says http://t.co/fYeZkfxkwi Via @cstearlyoftenReport: Cook Co. Commissioner Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia Running For Mayor « CBS Chicago http://t.co/9VhJPeivPkChicago Housing Authority announcing today it will require contractors, subcontractors to pay $13 an hour. http://t.co/KvWF0g7DkL
Retweeted by Christina Gace
Ever dream of opening your own music venue? Let Bruce Finkelman of @theemptybottle tell you how to do it: http://t.co/pjw4Xx5oMR
Retweeted by Christina Gace
Thanks for the @VeuveClicquot and upgrade @lermitagebh! Our stay had been fantastic! http://t.co/XaIXBzSRvxI just had a Pretty Woman experience at @BadgleyMischka on Rodeo. I was actually planning on buying a wedding dress there.. not anymore.@adriana9diaz @capriottis #sandwichfact
Here are 5 practical things men can do for gender equality http://t.co/hX5gjBV3sNThis is a must-read before you vote: http://t.co/wwpNCX1HOM #VoteQuinnApparently there is someone at Democratic Governors named "Holy Cow". These emails are getting ridiculous.
$99 to London?! What You Need to Know About Iceland's WOW Air http://t.co/GbrUh8Z4BB via @jauntedWhy I left http://t.co/N0xWoJTPSD via @davemckinney123"Others might remember winning or losing; I remember the journey." - Apolo Anton OnoHuge congrats to @jenny_blake on her new book deal! You are truly an inspiration to make shit happen.
Sheryl (@wudunn) and I are big believers that the best escalator out of #poverty is #education! - @NickKristof #CIWFGL #FGLSummit #CIW
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