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Humanist, news groupie, concert addict and pescatarian foodie living the champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.

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This is how designer dogs are made http://t.co/yqcAJ8LAL8 via @TIME
L.A. City Council to vote on a proposal to raise hourly pay of thousands of workers at big hotels to at least $15.37: http://t.co/Ptjb2q5SAL
Retweeted by Christina Gace@ConorAltier @DantesPizzaChi Did they bring back the pumpkin pie slice yet?@aprilscissors @adriana9diaz I know what to get April for her birthday.
Note to self: Adam Devine is not Adam LEVINE. Calm down. #iHeartRadio @adamlevineMusic always reminds me of the beauty in the world. #iheartradioColdplay! Let's couple. #iheartradio http://t.co/0s5jpRDIAhWow this is an experience that is truly priceless. Thank you @MasterCard @iHeartRadio and @CW_network! #iHeartRadio http://t.co/kcZlSxXKcWI'm not going to lie... I feel in love with @taylorswift13 tonight at #iheartradio. http://t.co/GazvtaMuStAnd this is the epic brother/sister duo meeting in Vegas to see @NICKIMINAJ. #iHeartRadio http://t.co/Y5KbYqF6qlIn case you wanted to meet my brother his name is Anthony. http://t.co/hXbxoxlQPfOur view for #iHeartRadio at @MGMGrand! Epic brother/sister trip. http://t.co/wrYG4e0HRSThe check - in desk at @MGMGrand may be a tad crowded with people excited for #IHRMF. http://t.co/8Uic6sopBvWe are here, and heading to the @MGMGrand for #IHRMF. This weekend will be epic. Thanks @iHeartRadio! http://t.co/ryXtZsmWsb
@RachelPortell Though, the fact we thought it could be true speaks volumes.@RachelPortell It is. It was originally posted on a satire site and picked up by other blogs without sourcing.How Chicago is rapidly advancing public good technology: http://t.co/2ePy3SXOlM via @BuiltInChicagoI'm flying to Vegas tomorrow with my (used to be) little brother for the @iHeartRadio Music Festival. This will be e p i c. #IHRMF
We say No! No! No! @redeyeeatdrink Aldermen Moreno's office responds to WP business concerns about ChiXmasCrawl: http://t.co/tFEbYfAFHJLooking to give back? my friends @christinagace & @ellieINchicago need your help! They're off to @StartingBloc in DC! http://t.co/ygqIImBJU2
Retweeted by Christina GaceIn case you needed one more reason to watch: "Gloria Steinem will guest star on 'The Good Wife'" http://t.co/mxY1wXtcF5So excited for @StartingBloc w/ @ChristinaGace next month! Your contribution helps us, & gets you cool stuff http://t.co/gXMoyu8caW. Donate!
Retweeted by Christina GaceAdvocate for domestic worker rights wins MacArthur 'genius' award http://t.co/PsMeQfhwQj
Retweeted by Christina Gace
Health News: A Blood Test For Depression Shows The Illness Is Not A Matter Of Will http://t.co/vdl16OBPJ9The 50 Most Influential LGBT People in Media | http://t.co/v9JjTNuN5v: http://t.co/t1S88lL3hzCBS you pulled my song last week, now you wanna slide it back in this Thursday? NO, Fuck you! Y'all are sad for penalizing me for this.
Retweeted by Christina GaceWe must #RaiseTheWage! RT if you agree. http://t.co/LtLixTcg7a
Retweeted by Christina Gace"At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling." Shanti http://t.co/uIcCmjbtYl #levoinspired
Retweeted by Christina Gace
Hey future @StartingBloc fellows, @FlyFrontier has a mega deal. I just purchased RT tickets to DC Institute for $96. Jump on this.
I guess the @nfl just doesn't get it. There is a theme of perpetuating this culture. - former fan.Once again, the @nfl is tone deaf. Cutting @rihanna from the line up because she didn't fit the "tone" penalized the victim once again.
Flash question/answer time: What are some of your favorite impact driven organizations?Many compete by trying to play the existing game harder, when history shows breakthroughs happen when we break “rules” that aren’t rules.“You cannot dig a hole in a different place by digging the same hole deeper.” - Edward de BonoNo one ever changed the world by cutting corners. How to take #smartcuts instead. http://t.co/0z5PrqdXWA by @shanesnowGuys, it is really happening this time. Damien Rice is coming out with a new album!“People make mistakes in life through believing too much, but they have a damned dull time if they believe too little.” — James Hilton
@JessicaGalliart video proof?Whoever just followed me from @InfoSleepbox, I've been waiting for something like this for eons! Bravo!Great day! So much love for @ChristinaGace and I on our @Indiegogo campaign - http://t.co/Cz09T5Aodh, hope to keep the momentum going!
Retweeted by Christina GaceFortune teamed up with @FoodandWine to find the most innovative women in food and drink. Meet them here http://t.co/uhtoE8KrkkHelp make it happen: Send Two Change Makers to Starting Bloc DC! on @indiegogo http://t.co/41TNvdoJqb <- Look that's @ellieINchicago & me.Decide the city's best Bloody Mary! RT for the chance to win 2 tix to Chicago's Bloody Mary Competition on Sept. 14! http://t.co/sJphVD5GLX
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Funny that we’ve advanced so far that the best way to connect sometimes is to put down the phone.
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RT to enter to win 2 tickets to the @NatalieMerchant show on 9/11 at The @ChicagoTheatre! NoPurNec50US/DC18Ends9/9 http://t.co/vFgjWQoscZ
Retweeted by Christina GaceIf I win the trip to Vegas, the first thing I’ll do when I arrive is sip cocktails poolside at @TheMirageLV! #MVYentry #MirageGotye to Form Political Party and Run In Australian Elections http://t.co/aIzf7yeZVUBig news coming soon! @ellieINchicago: Productive night planning for @StartingBloc DC, get ready @ChristinaGace!
RT @DominiqueCrochu @TripCulture: Girls on their way to school in Nepal. No bridge and no other way to get there! http://t.co/9D03a1JTEq
Retweeted by Christina GaceAnyone else noticing the trend of long term residents and long standing businesses being forced out of UK Village and Wicker Park? #Chicago
This may make me buy a @Groupon! Groupon Offering Reservation-Based Deals; Tested Pilot at Frontera Grill http://t.co/lFT5If5HYfI no longer have patience http://t.co/0jlO2m0kzDEmanuel to Sign Minimum Wage Executive Order http://t.co/jW1z4OUsed via @NBCChicagoQuinn to Live on Minimum Wage for Week http://t.co/2lLx5LZX8U via @NBCChicago
Pre-ordered! @lindseypollak: Can I plug my new book? BECOMING THE BOSS: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders http://t.co/A7WRVO4kN6Who's the most powerful woman in Chicago business? http://t.co/TpB1cbMxU1@SMWchicago For example: PERSONAL BRANDING FOR GOOD on September 22nd.Hi @SMWchicago I signed up for a few SMW events that at the time didn't require a pass, but now do. Am I allowed to attend without a pass?Productivity experiment hack: single tasking Tuesday.2. If America’s health-care system were to become its own economy, it would be the fifth-largest in the world http://t.co/OFKyDWFQe7
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Join me for cocktails and fireworks on the roof deck Wednesday to celebrate my new fellowship: http://t.co/Omq0E4unF5These non - hyphenated name changes after marriage have me confused.“Most of us have jobs that are too small for our spirits.” #studs #laborday
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This 60 y/o man is running across the US in 46 days (!) and they need individuals to run 5k next to him along the way http://t.co/M0sHiWsf4h
Retweeted by Christina GaceHave you bought your tix to the Wings of Hope Gala on 9/20 benefiting @ImermanAngels? Tix: http://t.co/LrIJn5OcDY http://t.co/NGB6YuQRPU
Retweeted by Christina Gace.@jenusellis @kickstarter Hopefully, I just started what will be an avalanche of backers. http://t.co/BQeYwH4EvCI just backed Klingon Pop Warrior Music Project on @Kickstarter http://t.co/0OlAi1dtaO
RT to WIN 2 VIP tickets to #AVFest PLUS $200 @HotelTonight credit! @TheAVClub @hideoutchicago http://t.co/I4Wo0Gpbjf
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@ellieINchicago @adriana9diaz @aprilscissors You had me at female entrepreneurs.Commitment: The revolutionary concept of when you say you're going to do something, actually doing it.
Retweeted by Christina GaceRooftop + Fireworks + Summer Cocktails = One Awesome Night. Join us to raise funds for our @StartingBloc fellowship. http://t.co/Omq0E4unF5Here's details on today's #JRW parade and rally http://t.co/MSgpSrrhtP Also check our 8-page commemorative section http://t.co/ZwjXUt3gZ0
Retweeted by Christina Gace@ItsKatieKendall No bueno? I was considering joining.
25 Women to Honor on National #WomensEqualityDay >> http://t.co/NFy3k3VTUD via @Dailyworth
Retweeted by Christina GaceThe #RealRauner says he is "adamantly, adamantly" against raising the minimum wage. http://t.co/wK5CpkahXN: http://t.co/PweKwJbymS“How slow life is, how violent hope is.” — Guillaume Apollinaire
Eminem & Sia Release Full ‘Guts Over Fear’ Duet: Listen « http://t.co/AAkTmhX7QH http://t.co/PPlBxw3uFTJoin us Wednesday, Aug 27th as we celebrate the accomplishments of the #JRW team at their Homecoming Parade. http://t.co/GapUU05T5j
Retweeted by Christina Gace.@Uber_CHI @lyft & @Sidecar exemplify the #innovation that keeps #IL at the forefront of emerging technologies http://t.co/G4gIALelWJ
Retweeted by Christina GaceHow fast food companies use geographic data to decide where to open new restaurants: http://t.co/pd2e1P0Zh8
Retweeted by Christina Gace@redeyechicago @northcoastfest Kid Cudi! I'd love to see him live. #REgiveawayQuinn nixes Uber bill, says it would be a disservice to consumers http://t.co/08NKyOFeR3
More pictures from @robynkonichiwa's show: http://t.co/TDmZbRrg2r@ellieINchicago @MLvS Autocorrect fails me again! #NLCCHICAGOFront Row at Pritzker watching @robynkonichiwa http://t.co/NIGeW1CKv9@ConorAltier seats or lawn?Mr. @ConorAltier are you at the @robynkonichiwa show?I'm calling the #ARACHICAGO BBQ a great success. W/ @ellieINchicago @MLvS http://t.co/pofwnRLxZuFor the record, Montreal is another planet. .. They sell calamari chips. http://t.co/JhOkJdPPlK
@leanimpact Are you planning anything in SFO for the Lean Start-Up conference?Love it! #HelloFearless RT @EntrepreneurQ: Fearlessness is like a muscle — Arianna Huffington http://t.co/JRUCSWMfue
Retweeted by Christina Gace
Next book club pick: @ourblackyear. What do your say @adriana9diaz? I met Maggie tonight and it reminds me of many of our conversations.May I just say I love my girlfriends who are nerds and make shit happen? I'm talking to you @ellieINchicago and @adriana9diaz.Meet this year's @inc5000! Everything you want to know about 2014's fastest-growing companies http://t.co/TJdcv2jRkc http://t.co/nVx9mU3rys
Retweeted by Christina GaceThe @YWCAChicago TABOO Panel: Moderator, Christie Hefner with @rebeccasive, @ourblackyear and @DrStreicher http://t.co/pThINgdBMB@formanellie You are here? I would love to meet in person before the night is over.Saying it here first, I want power, I seek power, and I'm doing it on behalf of women and humans. Thanks for the inspiration @RebeccaSiveSign the @Eventhescore petition. Now. RIGHT NOW! Doctor's orders, per @DrStreicher
Retweeted by Christina GaceA thought: Are decisions like Hobby Lobby pushing women into entrepreneurship?Did you know most leases of doctor's office prohibit abortions on premises IN CHICAGO!? Even 680 N Lakeshore Drive. - per @DrStreicher
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