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@ConcertWeirdos you know you're a concert weirdo when u take the setlist with u after the concert XD http://t.co/hoy4WODIGd
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™I'd rather be broke with unforgettable memories. #letsgotoashow #concertweirdos
I only pretend to weigh pros and cons of going to a show. The correct answer is always yes. #concertweirdosOrlando! Make sure to grab tix to see @paradisefears @williambeckett @HWoodEnding @RickyFicarelli this Sunday!!
Will do anything for concert tickets. #concertweirdos@RickyFicarelli see you Sunday! :) http://t.co/XNpoBYnRmfIf you love @ArianaGrande @BeforeYouExit @5SOS @HoodieAllen you HAVE to watch this awesomeness. https://t.co/m70UNccbPL @RickyFicarelli
Sorry, not that sorry. #concertweirdos http://t.co/44f2mP0NVrYes, I see you staring. No, I don't care because my JAM is ON!!! 💃 #concertweirdosYou might be a #concertweirdo if the show isn't on sale for a week & you're freaking out about who's getting the tickets. @ConcertWeirdos 🙆
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™
Exactly my point. #concertweirdos http://t.co/kCtQtIL0COI didn't choose the concert life. The concert life chose me. #concertweirdos@ConcertWeirdos or how fast.
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™I am not responsible for how long I talk when you ask me about my favorite band or how a show was. #concertweirdosIt's not you...it's your music taste. 😜 #concertweirdos
Been to 19 different cities so far this year with at least 5 more to come...all for concerts. I mean that's normal, right? @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Just wanted to take a quick sec to say how much we love our #concertweirdos! Y'all are always so sweet! Its great having people that get it🎶@ConcertWeirdos I just love your tweets. You feel me so perfectly. :') Thank you so much.
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@ConcertWeirdos you are one of the best accounts on Twitter ... you understand me xx
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Never let anyone judge your taste in music&don't judge anyone else's either. You never know if that artist/song saved them. #concertweirdosOnce a band hits your heart, they'll be there for life. #concertweirdosI would rather be at a concert. #concertweirdosYou might be a @ConcertWeirdos if you want an actual ticket and not those email ones.
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Concert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/6e48bMa1nVOther people when they turn 21: yay I can drink at concerts now. Me: yay I can leave a venue & re-enter as I please. @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Me meeting one of my favorite bands/artists after years of only seeing pictures and videos of them @ConcertWeirdos http://t.co/SSNkaFcHQU
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Congratulations to our next @paradisefears concert ticket giveaway winner @akajewell for the 9/18 Houston date! View DM for more info! :)Photo: Today’s band of the day is @FrankIerohttp://t.co/BU3O8AhyI0
When the show you've waited so long for is over in the blink of an eye&you don't know when you'll see them again #CW http://t.co/YfQLMb8jk0Thankful to my favorite bands for writing lyrics that constantly remind me it's okay to be myself and that I'm not alone. #concertweirdos@ConcertWeirdos RT @LiveNation: Concert Tickets = Happiness http://t.co/qw78Ubbr8x http://t.co/b1iPxafOGd
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@ConcertWeirdos http://t.co/bhtsVSfGYs
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™My preferred exercise routine is a concert. #sweatforhours #concertweirdos@BeebaRooLy I apologize, I didn't realize your tweet said the show was tomorrow! Too soon unfortunately to give tickets for that show :(
@BeebaRooLy It's all random! Apply and you'll have a shot :)Me today after going to the pf concert then 1d concert in a row #pcd #PostConcertDepression @ConcertWeirdos http://t.co/b2qkng29vG
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™http://t.co/6uGmHp8LwB
Im pretty sure I must unconsciously run @ConcertWeirdos because its like they're watching my every move. The tweets reflect my life too well
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Dear people who hate on others for going to lots of concerts and meeting their fave artists, you look stupid and I'm having fun.I still say "concert friends" instead of just friends cause lets be real, they're on a whole different level 💁 #concertweirdosMe: finds out about a tour/show weeks before it exists. Finds out there's a test a day before it comes 😑 oops. #concertweirdosRT & tag your fave concert buddies! http://t.co/0f4VSJmcxEGetting front row is an accomplishment in itself, as is keeping it. #elbowsout #concertweirdoswe’ve still got a couple tickets left in our @paradisefears giveaway! don’t forget to enter! cc: @ConcertWeirdos http://t.co/lCQ8nSwVIA
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@K_Faye_B We sure are!! Don't forget to use the hashtags and add the picture and date you wanna go to enter :)
When you lock eyes with your favorite artist, everything else fades. #concertweirdos
Everyone is like "Fall means boots, sweaters, & pumpkin spice lattes!" And I'm all like "Concerts/tour announcements tho..." @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™You know you're a #concertweirdo when you've met some of your best friends in line for a concert.@ConcertWeirdos It's the truth http://t.co/FSNFCSz71Z
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Focusing on anything on show day is basically impossible. #concertweirdos
The @ConcertWeirdos twitter page is so me lol
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Good music doesn't have an expiration date. #concertweirdosRT if people know (and get annoyed bc) they know you can't make plans until tour dates are revealed.@ConcertWeirdos All I want in life is to find someone who enjoys music and concerts as much as I do! #KeepDreaming
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@ConcertWeirdos xD http://t.co/efYujwNzWH
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™"@ConcertWeirdos: You know you're a #concertweirdo when all your countdowns are to shows." Me. http://t.co/4DFsezLyDN
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™You know you're a #concertweirdo when all your countdowns are to shows.
Concert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/1Eai7EILmfThe chills you get when the lights go down and all you hear are piercing screams. #concertweirdosDon't worry, @paradisefears fans! More chances to win coming up!! Info below, good luck!! http://t.co/2SN3TxsBTSCongratulations to @Irwinkless for winning our @paradisefears ticket giveaway for the 9/13 West Hollywood date!! Check DM for more info! :)
Being a #concertweirdo means defending your music whenever someone insults it and remembering that: http://t.co/Q7Ly9YdlenYou know you're a #concertweirdo when the live version of a song becomes the normal way to sing it.
Every concert-goer's saying: "Nosebleeds is better than no seats." @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Win @paradisefears tickets! Multiple winners. #weird4PFears http://t.co/OgIABwFtwcThis feeling is what I live for! #concertweirdos http://t.co/WgPnaRxcNbI can make friends in 5 minutes at concerts but it takes me like 5 months at school. @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™
Fall = fall tours. Yessss 🙌 #concertweirdosAh, the feeling of claustrophobia, elbows in my ribs&face, and sweat in places I didn't know existed. #concertlife #concertweirdos
Music makes me feel less alone. #concertweirdosThat dreadful moment when you have to choose between two concerts that are on the same night @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Don't fret, more chances to win our @paradisefears #giveaway! Info below! #weird4pfears http://t.co/T0HQXHzu8xCongratulations to @Vanessa_M_320 for winning our @paradisefears ticket #giveaway for the 9/8 WA date! Check DM for more info!
Concert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/1Eai7EILmf Stories via @ConcertWeirdosOne day over is one day closer to SHOW DAY! #concertweirdos
Concert friends won't put a time limit or frame on how long you can talk about a certain moment from shows. #concertweirdosI love how seeing your favorite band again is like a huge concert friends reunion. #concertweirdos
This could not be more true! I am truly at my happiest at concerts! :) @ConcertWeirdos http://t.co/NusDxu4xvK
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™
U know ur an @ConcertWeirdos when happiness is finding out ur fav band is coming to ur hometown & a **happy dance** commences.
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Enter to be guest listed at one of @paradisefears upcoming shows! #weird4PFears #giveaway http://t.co/CyvDH84euLStarting off with 'just one video' on YouTube and then all of a sudden, it's 6 hours later.. 😳 #howdidthishappen #concertweirdos
Headphones in = don't talk to me. #concertweirdosBesides a ticket, I don't have anything physical after a show but I'll always have my memories. #concertweirdosYou know how guys take a peak at boobs? Today on the bus, I realized I take a peak at music players to see what they're into. Oops.Photo: Today’s band of the day is @RadnorMusic! http://t.co/sazCvI0TZd
Go check out @allaboutabubble on tour!! :) http://t.co/Z9KeYbRWfr"My idea of a perfect song is one that makes me forget where I am." #concertweirdosKeeping front row is just as important as getting it in the first place. #elbowsout #concertweirdosDon't forget to enter to win tickets to an upcoming @paradisefears show! Info below. #weird4pfears #giveaway http://t.co/wXXNoUKJZP
Non-concert days are boring days. #concertweirdosI'm going to be broke when I get out of college because half of my income is going to concerts @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™No one and nothing gets in the way of me seeing my favorite band. #concertweirdos
Don't worry, fellow @paradisefears fans! More chances to win coming up. Information in the photo! #weird4pfears http://t.co/Fu4QdUx32rConcert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/1Eai7EILmf Stories via @ConcertWeirdosCongratulations to the first winner of our Paradise Fears ticket giveaway, @nataliafordays for the 9/4 NE date! Check your DM for more info!
RT for Demi and fave for Ariana. I wanna see who wins....Why is that on concert days I can stay up for days at a time no problem but on normal days, I can barely keep my eyes open? #concertweirdos@ConcertWeirdos I can relate to this ----> https://t.co/KCZWQkHnXt
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™
@miradyan yes you!! On my birthday :)Some of those are signatures are from the summer set, stereos, lights out, rocky loves emily, Debby Ryan, Amely, we are the in crowd!
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