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@amberlissshh try the veal. I'll be here all week, ladies and germs...#FACTSONLY "RT @Wells_P: John Holt made "I Will" one of the best songs ever."@BeatsByESTA you think that one is craze... try Beneath The Skin.@BukkakeBlaise I heard its really good. They probably only had 6 eps as a tester. Full blown season 2.WAR IS HELL #fury #moviereviewsinthreewordsorlessI REALLY hope Peyton Manning doesn't go the Pitbull route and start calling himself 'Mr.509'... #nflAndy Warhol shopping for Campbell's Soup, 1965 http://t.co/grOjMrrCso
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSTWEET OF THE DAY #BELUGA "RT @FranBoogie: Rihanna gonna' congratulate Peyton with a headbutt #509"SIX DEGREES OF THE WIRE "RT @lowbeezy: Cutty, D'Angelo, now Carver...when's McNulty gonna come stumblin in those woods?"Photo: MATH. NOT EVEN ONCE. http://t.co/d5rYHv24pgreasons white people riot: 1. their sports team wins 2. their sports team loses 3. no more tickle me elmos 4. tea 5. pumpkins
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSMy man @JON_CCC is putting on a clinic @TheManifest RN! #SUPERHANDSOMELIFE GOALS "RT @caaaaaitlyn: Pizza party in the dj booth, tho? Yeah we did that. #GOODsaturdays #rme10 http://t.co/q0oQFDbFLZ"
My man @djseeko is spinning an incredible set at this @TOKiMONSTA @SpellsHawaii event!PANDA EXPRESS YOURSELF.Its me and the bol @jon_ccc at @kickshi tonight (SAT 10/18) for #SUPERHANDSOME Saturdaze. Come thru… http://t.co/V3wVsG5W4yFirst the Fat Boys break up...new resample. One of my faves in awhile. Bobby Bland - Ain't No Love (Doc Adam Edit) https://t.co/Mm5afK08vD
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@elle_kae @arexsauce oh but before it was illegal... LIFE WAS REALLY GOOD!@JubileeDJ is this real life?@OlenaHeu where is this??
@lovettbrianna (,-.-,)@NicoleAVelasco haha I just feel like they are all just cute names.@nekachoo ruh rohSpencer Hawes plays in the NBA during his off season from being an irl viking.Jamal Crawford with the filthy behind the back crossover. Lordy@NicoleAVelasco these hurricane namers need to step up their intensity levels... Hurricane Deathtrap Annihilator 3600 scares me. Ana doesn't@hippieturtles ALWAYS REFER BACK TO THE CHART YOEbola seems a lot less scary if u say it like the horn blower dude in the Ricola commercial
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSPhoto: Today: PUMPKIN CRUNCH/BLACK SESAME http://t.co/FaJdAQduuTPhoto: NAH ITS JUST A FRONT, YO. http://t.co/fLaYm8KxLa@_sarahaimee you should tweet this again.@N_C_B congratulationsPhoto: The talented @kaikeakimura throwing down a caveman 50-50 + kickflip combo at the Crooks building... http://t.co/WKEEvXMpddBigger picture: Seahawks are clearing up $$ to sign Wilson to a legit contract.Percy "BEEN HAD PROBLEMS" Harvin.@kNycol OOOOOH GURRRRRLLLLLLL...COS THEY WIMMIE NAH!Photo: NEVER HANG UP WHEN THE MONEY CALLS. http://t.co/EUS8HyD2O2Photo: NEVER FORGET. http://t.co/u3dB0TSZJV@limeass @landonjumpoff this fact does nothing for me, Melissa. (,-.-,)@limeass @landonjumpoff DID SUM 1 JUST MENTION "TACO BELL" AND "FOR LIFE" IN THE SAME TWEET?@Suberashiuk damn you are correct, sir. Its close for me tho to be honest.My favorite David Fincher film remains "The Game" tho.@BianchaYalung that is rude actually.
BITCHES BE CRAZY. #moviereviewsinthreewordsorless #gonegirlI couldn't get over the fact that Ben Affleck was in a movie titled "Chasing Amy" the entire time watching "Gone Girl".OH MAN https://t.co/HxROXSD0hgLose me when a skinny white model mosh pit will rage to trap instrumentals but look confused at "Simon Says." (Jk I'm not surprised at all.)
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSFlooding the market because of the initial groundswell of interest isn't always the right play.I wish Jordan brand scaled back releasing those Jordan Futures so that it would be more drawn out.@the_blueprint Christopher Nolan has not disappointed me to this point. I like Prometheus a lot too.@Fourcolorzack MC SKAT ZACK! LULZ
Actually, it would be half Lil B "Finna Hit A Lik" and Juve "Bounce Back".@Geezy_CashOut hope you good, famo. Stay up.Let it be known: Juve "Bounce Back" is one of my favorite rap songs ever. If I ever had a skate video part, that would be my song.I like "Try Me" v much but damn her first verse is like 875,445,223 bars long tho (,-.-,)BRRRRRR WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT BOY...And now @JON_CCC just dropped that Ghostface "2getha Baby"... on the day @bamparmy announced his concert on Dec.9. Coincidence? #StilettoHNL@celebugay #divaprobsWHO IS THIS R.M. DRAKE CHARACTER AND WHAT HAS HE DONE WITH ROBB HILL SR.?!!My man @JON_CCC playing a dollar bin white label 12" remix of "If I Ruled The World". Its quite good. #StilettoHNL@CraigSJ the original is the best.@LazyVillain yeah its crazeHere is the RSVP link to next Sunday's VANS OTW X PUBLISH party: http://t.co/JZR6tbboy1. 18+ FREE W/ RSVP.@PoserCulture *cues Bowie dance baby dance song from Labyrinth*Fashion people are like muppet babies all dressing up and using imagination LOL
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSPhoto: I will post this a couple times prior to next week Sunday (10/26) because this is a pretty huge... http://t.co/GsVP5i74ZYWho in Hawaii fk with @Soulection and is coming to see @sosupersam & I next week? 💃
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSOCT 26. HONOLULU, HI. DAM FUNK, SALVA & JUST BLAZE. 18+ FREE w/ RSVP http://t.co/JZR6tbboy1 #VansxPublish http://t.co/xYPUudu18LSUNDAY. OCTOBER 26. RSVP TO THIS 18+ @Publishbrand x Vans OTW PARTY NOW: http://t.co/aFoenfsyiA. (Free entry with RSVP.) #hawaiiMore travels (and DJing out of state) in 2015. cc @ceeseancee @Fourcolorzack @CountDarkalinoI only collect art from my friends. Thank goodness I have so many talented friends.@JakeUno what's the latest one?@omgitstiare I WANT A DOUBLE DOO DOO! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS SO FUNNY! LOLOLOLOLLLLLLL@BlackScale on everything.Photo: I would really like to a custom smu of this Jack Purcell. Drop in a lunar insole cushion,... http://t.co/nOFBaN3gCJ
~ Oct. 26th -> Honolulu, Hawaii | DF ~ http://t.co/JsKCsGfvGf
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSdont do drugs. DONT DO DRUGS.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSPhoto: ALLLLLLRIIIIIIIGHT WIIIIITH MEEEEEEEE… #stilettohnl at @itsasafehouse tomorrow night and every... http://t.co/U8DQA8o1z5@EvWill @jayemkayem REAL.When you in the front seat bumpin some fire from the AUX & everybody in the backseat going wild. http://t.co/Yb1fyP3y2L
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSPhoto: We had a special visitor to oversee tech packs today. http://t.co/6a2yV5kkd0How do you find Will Smith in the snow? Look for the fresh prints.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSRecorded this vibey house set a couple years ago live at the now defunct thirtyninehotel: https://t.co/lYu8ubH7c8. Still goes. Enjoy.wonder how viruses feel about the whole 'going viral' thing
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@_YOENEMY lowkey letting the ladies know you cook. Well played.PROTIP: When Dr Phil asks you if you can rap on his show say no.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@johnhammmi GREAT I NEEDED SOMETHING TO HANG MY WORLD'S SMALLEST TANK TOP WITH.My friends are doing a fun sock club: http://t.co/n2e9eN4y6D #noapologiesnoregrets@DJMel https://t.co/qLDwXCKOs2Photo: S/O my brother for my first pair of ZX Flux. Not bad. http://t.co/LX7LFuyQVKEbola is CNNs new Malaysia flight
Tonight (MON 10/13) I got debin spinning throwback, current & future flavors from 10P-2A at… http://t.co/6BGWmdXgggPhoto: Current rotation. http://t.co/vKdTfS1gmoThis BLU "good to be home" album is GOOD!Men lie women lie lemon lime.
"@souljaboy: New Music: Soulja Boy - Finesse https://t.co/yuTJmJDDOW" cc @hippieturtlesPhoto: Man my dude @jarettblake with another tremendous shot! I hate how I look in photos; so anyone that... http://t.co/i6iByGZuhw
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