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The homie @jon_ccc will be handling the finest DJ selections at itsasafehouse for our #StilettoHNLhttp://t.co/1NOYLLCa0u@durkinmusic played it Monday night... It slaps in the clurb... But you already knew this... YOU WAS RIGHT WHOOOO!!"Three way poncho that is..."💀And then Prodigy from Mobb Deep found the retweet option on twitter... (,-.-,)@Jackie_Perreira what about her toe-thumb tho? (,-.-,)
@reinaleilani WHAT IN THE ENTIRE FUCKK?!! #lame #gtfoh@landonjumpoff EXCEPT FOR THE FOODTHIS -----> "RT @siik: Rich Michelle Kwan"@Wells_P @theDYNAMICS B-Legit, Mac Mall, Hieroglyphics, DJ Shadow, Mark Farina aren't doing any walk up music for em.@theDYNAMICS lulz you had me fucked up for this one hahaha@jawnita has a reggaeton artist ever had reggaetonSILITIS tho? (Try the veal... I'll be here all week...)@mashable maybe so, but where did the camera roll disappear to??@Gnaraly_ not at all, but the graphics are decidedly different for being the same genre.@Gnaraly_ true. The girl version of what I was referencing LOLPETER SAVILLE.HERB LUBALIN.I am really glad there is a wealth of archived '80s punk flyers. The hand drawn/xeroxed/DIY element is forever paramount.@desusnice TWEET OF HOLIDAY '14.When the world been wiped out by ebola but your cyborg body is unaffected cuz of roids http://t.co/RblfRLzXft
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@caaaaaitlyn I JUST WANT BEIGNETS.@caaaaaitlyn I JUST WANT BRUNETTES.@oddfuckingtaco @shavbaranks SHE STRAIGHT PARTIED HER ASS OFF AT THE CLURB ON SATURDAY NIGHT. (,-.-,)@GetliveRO @caaaaaitlyn @alanview BANH-NED. PHO LYFE. LOL@_chriskono I will look for it next time I'm at my parent's place@_chriskono haha oh shit. Read the name wrong. Lol. I have a receiver I found at a yard sale.Maybe it's Ebola or maybe it's Maybelline.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@JakeUno @BigJacks don't let Supreme hear you say that! Lol@JakeUno @BigJacks damn. Hope he gets better soon. I always liked him bc of his Polynesian heritage.@_chriskono trench coat. The signature Mcintosh piece.@JakeUno @BigJacks nice. What is Kutfather up to these days?@BigJacks @JakeUno listening to it now, it sounds like he had a lot of help in making his rap sound on beat in post.@Davidheartbreak and if, in that voice, Siri started off every reply with "let's do it"@_chriskono I got trenches. Might be too big for tho.#DuragHistoryWeek http://t.co/9TjUJeom9D
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSIf this isn't the pinnacle of the durag's Golden Age, then I don't know what is. #DuragHistoryWeek http://t.co/Zuv7XqAZHk
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSIts like volcano type hot in here... TRADE OFF: there are a lot of really hot ladies. #IN
Last tweet was a: NOTE TO SELF.My brain hurts. I keep tryna do tricky mixes (wordplay transitions, basslines, melodies). Sometimes you gotta just let certain songs breathethe thing i respect most about babies is how flawlessly they pull off mild obesity while being mostly bald and wearing a lace headband
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSPhoto: Tonight (MON 9/29) I got the bol @debin spinning with me at Lulus Waikiki for our #IN party from... http://t.co/VgZJLXzP7dPhoto: #moodboard http://t.co/ZN32e4jnrnPhoto: #moodboard http://t.co/YonSOhYb0WPhoto: #moodboard http://t.co/k0evB4iotnPhoto: #moodboard http://t.co/pQeLaQrbtdPhoto: #moodboard http://t.co/OTpfNPLOs7#NP RICH GANG "I know it"Friends dont need to have sex together friends can stay friends and enjoy being alive together - Lil B
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSVideo: "Isn’t Bangkok the capital of Thailand?" http://t.co/EnCmbDrtI8.@apple !! "RT @the_blueprint: i deleted those shits for a reason. RT @angie_goodwood I don't like this "recently deleted" album. The fuck.".@apple SERIOUSLY "RT @Evidence: iPhone is missing "camera roll" and now can only see "recently added" - dumbest shit of all time."
Photo: (Y) http://t.co/grrKtRv4AuPhoto: http://t.co/l6VId2llYyPhoto: http://t.co/LeziidHxQ0Photo: It was hot out today… http://t.co/yzzHEYajGfThank you, famo! "RT @Steve1der: My man @DJDELVE putting on a clinic right now @TheManifest"
#thepandasfriend http://t.co/AB51udapsv
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSPhoto: Come dance to the vibes laid down by myself, JON C & SSSOLUTION at The Manifest tonight (SAT 9/27)!... http://t.co/s0wmZWw70aHAIL MARY! *tupac voice* #USCPhoto: Mind blowing set AND a hana hou encore on top of that! http://t.co/FKSv8sKPnaPhoto: Thank you to @spellshawaii @rbma @redbullaloha for making that secret Daedalus show happen last... http://t.co/U8yba4Bs4XPhoto: The homies getting their paparatz on last night. http://t.co/GPsIG1VPY6@KwaliIsILL nah just roll by and hit the shmoney dance on 'em.This is from like a year ago. Still knockin'. https://t.co/Ra2O9aEAHs@KwaliIsILL eel recognize eel. LOL@DJDELVE holy fucking shit, your name is Finesser Hudgens. I just saw this. I wanna dap you up so bad for that, breh. Nice.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSThe homie @PRIE808 has been steady laying down some real bars: https://t.co/AFQz8oCnJH. #HAWAII #YKWWSPhoto: Head over to the good folks @greenleafcheck for info on limited $10 presale tickets… ESTA &... http://t.co/2ZraYpk6xV
Uh so I'm watching Daedalus remix Kaytranada's "At All" live and its incredible! Thank you @SpellsHawaii @RedBullAloha @RBMA!!Photo: When its hot & humid out, a Rainbow Drive Inn slush float is the answer 9.9 out of 10 times. http://t.co/akZ5XhEQ0iPhoto: I see girls do this every single Saturday night when JON C & SSSOLUTION spin at #SUPERHANDSOME... http://t.co/YVpWgOZyPu@amberlissshh its really good.Just printing on Champion blanks isn't a collaboration. It's like claiming printing on an Alstyle is a collaboration.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSSeeing Rose Byrne in "This Is Where I Leave You" only rekindled my crush on ol' sad eyes.
@nicoleforever @arielpadon I would even go as far as putting money towards materials...@MarsBlvck bruh.@nicoleforever @arielpadon that would be so rad!@MaddyOreillyxxx yo I've had that song on repeat in my car and been spinning it a lot. Its way better than "no flex zone".@MaddyOreillyxxx YES! CUPS WITH THE ICE!!I'M FLYING FLYING FLYING OVER YOUUUUU...http://t.co/MwbuefepFx
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@jawnita ode t'haughton@jawnita she def has her own essence of haughton down.@noISez its like an onion... an onion with a financial advisor.RICH WHITE FOLK RUIN THINGS... SO MANY THINGS... https://t.co/EwGHaiqVC7@RobMarkman clarification: on the field as a football player, correct? Lol@sprlwky their arms are tired and needed something permanent to rest them on@jawnita that "drink smoke break up" video gives me feels."If there's one thing I'm really good at, it's the internet!"I can't even remember half my PIN numbers, haha, but I can remember what I was doing and wearing when a song dropped 5 yrs ago. #ilovemusic
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSman. “It’s Finally Time to Stop Caring About Lauryn Hill” by @DeathStripMall https://t.co/S4u79EBmLR
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@TatiOnYourRadio Bob's Burgers Season 2 Episode 6. HILARIOUSPRINCE OF PERSUASIA.Hate finding typos in REALLY funny tweets after its been tweeted. Funny ones meh, but REALLY funny ones... excruciating! (,-.-,)There is no time for THEE clearest pronunciation then the moment you declare out loud your love for "peanuts".@arielpadon @nicoleforever COLLAB ON A SCULPTURE PUHLEASE@ryansenaga facts only.*DEAD* "RT @irenechoi: My favorite time of the year!!!! 😊🍁🍂 http://t.co/eaAlrII7K9"@nataliejmooney can I use this Groupon I found on the internet?It stems from a game I used to play with the Living Room staff. "RT @ItsaSafehouse: Watching @DJDELVE transition out of anything is magic"
@mashable MY PRECIOUS!
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