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@BREKONE its bc I had to create a new desktop name which effed everything up. The files are there but not with the same location as prior.@BREKONE so its like I have to reload everything. Not that bad if I didn't have a lot of big parties coming up...BUT I DO. So it is. Welp@BREKONE thank you brother. I'm good. I recovered the harddrive but in serato, it wasn't recognizing where the files are now...@BREKONE they making it right but money don't organize a serato library for you tho :(@BREKONE nah. I should've I was still in shock my laptop went for a swim.@BREKONE security did. I was just in shock.@bradbaris @tittahbyte real.@tittahbyte new laptop. Saved the harddrive tho..@tittahbyte nope. Chick spilled her drink on the entire dj set up last night in the middle of my set. My laptop went for a swim. (,-.-,)Fun fact: rebuilding your entire Serato library from scratch is not fun. Silver lining: I still have all my songs.
@lovettbrianna crazy handsome!Just landed back in HNL! Straight off the plane to the clurb! #IN face melters tonight with me + @SSSOLUTION! http://t.co/gOl1xfrNIIText/DM me for the #IN guestlist tonight (MON 8/25). I got @SSSOLUTION spinning with me from 10P-2A at Lulu's Waikiki http://t.co/ITDCvdkSB8People get way too lost in technology. Still enjoy conversations with friends over the phone. I'm not killing my fingers with all that text.
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONEPhoto: Oahu, I am back tonight (MON 8/25) for #IN at @lulus_waikiki from 10P-2A! I got the homie... http://t.co/ALZvZ8L0MxPhoto: This is a Roscoe’s beanie I bought last night with all the ceramic bottles on my desk at... http://t.co/ptymU6mOOoPhoto: @fourcolorzack I see a shark in a shoebox in your immediate future. http://t.co/Vik0BP0n8GPhoto: @eunbiericacho kept telling me I looked like No-Face from “Spirited Away” yesterday. Its cool tho... http://t.co/ah6tFFryigPhoto: Game: 1998 or yesterday? 📷 @hyo_mtv_raps http://t.co/G9qxNI8HtFPhoto: After THE DO-OVER is the DO-AFTER… *jay-z voice* Roscoe’s on Pico and Gower. Late night smorgasbord. http://t.co/Km1DCQ65ntPhoto: I got to witness my nephew FCZ spin the mighty THE RUB™ party in NY in January, and yesterday he... http://t.co/81N9NydHpZPhoto: Do-Over LA fam: @roial1 @waldorules. Regram from the homie @roial1. http://t.co/phwvwMaNEbPhoto: The Do-Over™ was on all-time lvlz yesterday! Thank you to @jamiestrong @haycoxxx for the awesome... http://t.co/zDsGwEXN9oPhoto: "I CAN’T FEEL ME FACE, MATE!" @darkalino at his finest. http://t.co/IhxqyK3xXNPhoto: More from the Soulection party at The Standard DTLA. Through the looking glass by the pool deck. http://t.co/NJSk9Q3evMPhoto: "Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Alice In... http://t.co/wtMaW7qq24Photo: Somewhere in the sea of people on the Standard DTLA rooftop, Esta is spinning. Taken at the... http://t.co/LnJ3tUZKqk
Photo: Fam dinner. @ceesean @darkalino @bleucollar79 @jannellisswell 📷 @jannellisswell http://t.co/szTDpRD3ZbPhoto: My favorite wallet. And @jannellisswell’s too - so it would seem. http://t.co/SbxxUwLIaZPhoto: "I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU WAS ON LIKE THAT!" http://t.co/ZAkmEsS3koPhoto: Q. What do you do when the juice on special is either lemonade OR watermelon? A. Ask them to make a... http://t.co/DJfYFksXjbPhoto: S/O to the OG @bleucollar79 for the plug on Cha Cha Chicken. NY-SEA-HI-LA connect. http://t.co/WLaFAG0hrKPhoto: Vantage point: Hawaiian Airlines parking lot, 7th floor. http://t.co/ZqVxBfD8RVNow its @Fashen at @Do_Over! What a great Sunday evening this is!Zack just dropped "Hussle In The House"! Its a wrap! LA shit! @Do_Over on overdrive now!@SkillzVa @Fourcolorzack @Do_Over respect the OG! Nod Factor! Supafriends!So @fourcolorzack is pretty much is FEASTMODE rn! @Do_Over vibes are v strong!!Oh word @Fourcolorzack is playing @Do_Over?!! And Mad Skillz is on the mic?!!The bol @cosmobaker is spinning an incredible hip-hop set! G00d l0rd! @Do_Over salute!The @Do_Over is going all the way off! Nuff respect to the original dons @haycoxxx @Jamie_Strong @aloeblacc!Back at @TheLineHotelLA tonight. Good times.
Do white guys know that jumping is not a dance?
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@landtheftauto @cheynnabrie @chittom ny is in a couple weeks. I'm in LA this weekend brah.Who still claps when a plane lands? ...OH, EVERYONE ON THIS STUPID FLIGHT! (,-.-,)Something I am pretty decent at: finding power outlets in airports.@rianastellburg or try trusting yourself instead of doubting. In the end, you win out.SO REAL. "RT @khal: When Bay found out that shorty was a cop. http://t.co/XqSEli1WJb"@jensuki amen.@kutcorners I had a similar idea but call it "GuestList" and if anyone in line says "but I'm on the guestlist" then they get sent home.I want to start a club night called "Dresscode", but have no Dresscode.
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONE@kowaikowaimusic last second decision cuzzinGonna hit this @Soulection party tomorrow, @Do_Over on Sunday, and some banger food spots in between. Its gonna be a good weekend.This high-end hair stylist gives free haircuts to the homeless http://t.co/QZmmLxYvFn http://t.co/kmBvEq0ICk
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONEWorld's largest rubber duck makes way into LA port http://t.co/40MNSNdQxs http://t.co/Cte6hzrXxr
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONETonight I realized I need a quantized edit of "Rebel Rebel". Other than that, @ItsaSafehouse was much fun!
"She's dancing, leave her alone."
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONEPhoto: The Converse First String team absolutely SNAPPED with these Aukland Racers! The new outsole &... http://t.co/h3LkLeosfbPhoto: Looks better than it tasted (,-.-,) http://t.co/fv2POGt6KYI will DJing some serious dance vibest after the Tokyo Police Club show at @JoinTheRepublik tonight (THURS 8/21)! No cover after the show!Photo: Last night at @itsasafehouse for #stilettohnl was excellence! Let’s repeat tonight as I will be... http://t.co/tIK33BrkZLPhoto: Fun fact: I like to take photos of places at night that are usually busy, i.e. parking lots, gas... http://t.co/k2huM6Dva7Photo: LOST Season 4 Episode 1. http://t.co/z6qx7NWOzW@MYKExKNOWS yessirbefore u diagnose urself w/ depression or low self esteem, 1st make sure that u are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONEYes! #StilettoHNL was SO FUN TONIGHT! Thank you everyone who came thru @ItsaSafehouse and danced til the lights came up!@PeteRock Craig Mack's first record!Well @JON_CCC is spinning an outstanding set RN at @ItsaSafehouse ...and this crowded dancefloor agrees! http://t.co/r0XSiZ2w8DNo. Afterparty. Like no. Should not be a thing. The party is the party. Then go home.
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONE@djdstyles @LOWENDTHEORY WUT.@MarsBlvck mayne if there was a hook on that shit, it would be a bonafide wrap.@nataliejmooney super legit. Unless you smell like fish. Then I got nothing for ya (,-.-,)
@kanyeftkanye @_YOENEMY that's how white girls flip the bird tho, Noel (,-.-,)@kanyeftkanye your white girl shade is intensifying@OlenaHeu @Quiksilver @ODKFOceanFest UGHHHHHHHH.This is still one of the favorite mixes I've done: https://t.co/x2V3ftuo6d. Recorded live at 39 Hotel on March 31, 2012. Dance vibes.Can someone develop an app that electrocutes a person who asks to see a photo on your phone then starts scrolling through all of them?
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONETonight (WED 8/20) I got the thoroughest @jon_ccc spinning with me at @itsasafehouse for #stilettoHNLhttp://t.co/OyWiNnffv3Photo: LOST Season 3 Episode 21 #vans http://t.co/NlgAOtk63h@donta_b @TatiOnYourRadio @WPGC you're totally right. I mentioned that point, in less words, in my second reply.@OhMyPomai @TatiOnYourRadio I watched it 8 times in a row with the sound off lol@TatiOnYourRadio @WPGC exactly. It helps paint a more objective picture vs a he/she said scenario.@TatiOnYourRadio @WPGC its a start. There should be checks and balances. Simply being police should not be the absolute letter of the law.Photo: Everybody HAD to mention Taco Bell in my comments… (,-.-,) http://t.co/2UIRciC2cj@alexa_chung you're great.
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONESomeone needs to make a 'tumbleweed' emoji asap.
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#NP AZ f GHOSTFACE, RAEKWON "new york"#NP SMIF-N-WESSUN "timz n hood chek"@missgypsyone CARPE DIEM U FEKA!Now Mase, on the other hand... RT @stopbeingfamous mace is not proven to calm people down.
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONE@desusnice @choitotheworld @nicekicks IS THAT A FRUIT ROLLUP?!!Dude made kicks out of keloids smh RT @nicekicks: Take a look at Kid Cudi's first sneaker collaboration http://t.co/TBv3osETUK
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONEMos Def " Umi says"
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONE@kanyeftkanye WHAT IN THE ENTIRE FUCCKK, NOEL (,-.-,)@kanyeftkanye INTRODUCE!@kanyeftkanye KNVMDENSHEESH@kanyeftkanye the Palo ALto score just came out on vinyl BTW. Go buy it at Amoeba.EVERY BASKETBALL PLAYER ACROSS THE GLOBE NEEDS TO DO A #TipToeWingInMyJawwdinz DANCE AFTER EVERY DUNK OR 3-POiNT JUMPER ESPECiALLY NBA GAMES
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONEPhoto: Hopefully something besides Zippys, Taco Bell & Jacks are open by the time I get outta here tonight.... http://t.co/ADpPVvqhF1I nominate you for the boiled water challenge. You have 24 hours.
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