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@RockLeeSmile IG@NorthernlionLP Lee GeddysSafe travels to everyone flying to Boston for #PAXEast - I'll see you there tomorrow...hopefully!Castle In The Darkness Let's Play - Episode 22 [Bro Sword]: http://t.co/Ii8LXmxDbS via @YouTube
Live with the weekly stream - @H1Z1game & CS:Go with subs later! http://t.co/aiVCUq37B5@bignliddle Send me your resume.@bignliddle Have you asked for help/leads in your Facebook network?@bignliddle http://t.co/xe2JF211xv@thebeauthebritt @HouseofCards wut@JSmithOTI http://t.co/26Yd26RUwz@ChloeeLarson yaaa@g1Brent We got this@JorgensonRobert lets gooooBoston tomorrow. No snow right?@ObsessedwithBB @OWSteveDiCarlo Or maybe both?Frank is that you? RT @HouseofCards That is the correct answer.What are the benefits of applying for multiple #RealityTV shows? http://t.co/NkWBI0SvHA@PreachingAmigo @BaerTaffy The pride comes before the fall@MonsieurWorm http://t.co/HJ8jAxQYRRGoofball Goals Tournament of Shame [BaerTaffy Game 3]: http://t.co/0vf7BFDPF9 via @YouTubeDarkest Dungeon Let's Play - Episode 5 [Stressed]: http://t.co/dvbO2DffNo via @YouTube@JSmithOTI grounded@JSmithOTI What happened to your car m8
Watching @HouseofCards and you ask yourself: one more episode? Yup!@jedimole RoTThttp://t.co/g8n2egiMKQ has been updated - need to dust off that 0-7 loss I took today. https://t.co/l9yEkqtAIk@NorthernlionLP A+ programming@Etalyx Stream maniac today! Good to see! Lurked a little bit today@Volunteerthecat This is awesome@lizbythewrench I'm good with that. :)@dmavsgirl Whoa@lovelykaitkim It looks good on you Kate!@Coninho_ ๐Ÿ˜‚@michelstafford Haha. Yeah he's 95% thanks for asking :)@fahma311 ๐Ÿ‘Š@Volunteerthecat cute dog!@kathykennedyke ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ‘ฎ@EllaBBCAN3 He always gets it@JennS90 ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ@OSD_Gaming Faunting@allyandkat :)@LaurenBridges21 Makes sense@KarimcgowanHob ๐Ÿถ@MathasGames Best trait a dog ... or human can have.@plsgoy ๐Ÿ‘@ZalebBB16 ๐Ÿ˜ž@gabemcclure He's a good dog@mal056 took the weekend off!@lovelykaitkim ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘My dog Frank will wait for me to get home before he eats dinner. He won't even sniff the food. No clue why he does this?@tyronerodriguez Man I remember being scared of the Drac head when I got this issue!@XZiggymcflyX @NorthernlionLP His YT channel is a reality show about the best way to fry an egg@AlpacaPatrol Right on time!In this week's podcast Ryan asks if applying for multiple #RealityTV shows will hurt his chances... The answer: http://t.co/3QSdBDyIST@BaerTaffy Good luck!@nadiahamdanii Happy bday Nadia!@FamilyJules7x Also @missharvey@missharvey Real people right? No spam? :D@buddobish ikr@fooshound Nah. We're OK.@StovallSeth Wednesday Nights at 7PM EST :)@Sarah_Hittle :)Here's a Tuesday Morning Reddit gem for you. Almost hard to believe: http://t.co/GXzHR0RMqCLet's Play - The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth - EP #82 [Memory Loss]: http://t.co/IBm3x1KLGP via @YouTube
@SirScoots Why did they get rid of the MP5 back in the day?@MathasGames @NorthernlionLP I saw that pop up too - Mathas is being lured by the dark side@Dick_Hammer1 Just take 96 the whole way.http://t.co/CZZhSkHYFO bracket has been updated for Round 1. Most impressive performance? @MathasGames holding @NorthernlionLP to 2 goals?@Allllie_D @celizad That was nearly 100 years ago!@Jennieb618 Hey Jennie - check your DMs@cschellh Thanks! http://t.co/DahyiHX60o@thegreatgq happy bday GQ!Excited for this goofy tournament! Lots of fun & lots of bad play. 1st opponent @RockLeeSmile http://t.co/VyA4uCbTNs http://t.co/EK7d2xmbxh@SteamrollerStds Awesome!@marnie1992 How did you find the site? :)@marnie1992 Thank you! Cleared and wiped the "fake" scores. Kappa - I appreciate your help with no spoilz@marnie1992 where at? can you link?@CrispyConcords :D@tjair007 a+@cschellh I havent in the past :)@JWildest A+@RGreene Best PG in the league.@MonsieurWorm Thanks MW!!@MiranduhruleNYG Why not?@StammaTime A++@RGreene rondo#PAXEast this week in Boston! It crept up pretty fast - looking forward to it. Anyone else going?@EvelDick Crazy right?Does applying for multiple #RealityTV shows hurt your chances of getting cast? http://t.co/941m9CCIgA http://t.co/7e7TnKEZn0Have a great start to your week!
@lazygamereviews @PushinUpRoses @kellygheesling@JeremiahWehler never seen it!@GrimsonnLP Me too! You tooLets Play - H1Z1 - Live Stream #21 [Oversized Group]: http://t.co/xOwbo3pFPj via @YouTube@JSmithOTI Eat your Cheerios son.Have a great Sunday!@BBCanSource Thanks!
@lovelykaitkim it will never die until you change your ways@06bennybronkle @MemphisGarrett@lovelykaitkim Kate plz heal
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