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@Thee_AR15 About to run up the score on you - you have X1 or PS4? Hope all is well BTW Allen!@Buckeye_tK @EAMaddenNFL @NobodyEpic Nobody is my Spartan Brother.Finally getting a chance to fire up @EAMaddenNFL for my Xbox One! Lions to the Superbowl!@MathasGames How did the showdown go?I like seeing Nicole play the "country" angle with Caleb. Whatever it takes. #BB16Really interesting to see another side of Caleb besides the cowboy stuff. #BB16Frankie calling out America? Opposite of a good idea. #BB16Derrick's only opposition all season: slippery grease. #BB16Maybe after this Snow Challenge we'll see someone make a move? #BB16Let's Play - The Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 19 [BEEF]: http://t.co/k3OPYrv9VY via @YouTube@_CrazyPaul Ah, skipped Aug 31st in the schedule, just changed it, it should be up now!Let's Play: Shovel Knight - Episode 5: http://t.co/wat76CnLsS via @YouTube@NorthernlionLP @MathasGames @lovelykaitkim @RockLeeSmile ACE was a lot of fun! Mathas just don't play on Nick's team if you want to win. ;)@OfficialCplus That red and black combo too good.@QMGSaint @dakotawolves Wolfpack pride.@KentPittsburgh Maybe an impromptu X1 Madden stream!@baef @katerirosefaith Hahahah!@Scott26_ Thanks Scott!@MrsJahova Been reading your blog and just got home from PAX! You? :)@MathasGames Those donuts...Enjoyed PAX this year! Had a great time hanging w/ @MathasGames @lovelykaitkim @RockLeeSmile & @NorthernlionLP. All really good people.@bernmakes Likewise! 6AM flight is a killer but it was great seeing you and Ben again!@noodbsallowed @CM_Roach What? From Dexter??@CM_Roach 7/10Highlight of #PAX: experiencing Isaac Rebirth with @tyronerodriguez and friends. Believe the hype.
@OneBarTV No I'm up here@OneBarTV Sorry! Just left were at Indie 6th floor area@OneBarTV Headed to Twitch booth!That's a 1st! RT @katerirosefaith YESSS got my favorite #BB player on the Jumbotron at the Diamondback game! http://t.co/k6isl4LnHs@OneBarTV I'm at an appointment now - as soon as I get back to the Hall I'll tweet!Let's Play: Shovel Knight - Episode 4: http://t.co/lD5rxeoIlj via @YouTube@justinwong @theGunrun Yes! Enjoyed more conversation than at PAX East.@OneBarTV Are at PAX now?@OneBarTV It's your's dude. Plan to get it around 3PM!@BaerTaffy Any conversations last night are not admissible on Twitter...except for your love of Hawaiian pizza.Who wants a Sunday/Monday PAX pass and is in the Seattle area? Giving one away - just tweet me why you want to go!@KevinCwalinski Today, 1PM! HYPE.@StreamAdvisor Having a great time! Excited to play Rebirth today!@TigerJustin13 @GoldGloveTV I have not! Wonder if he is at #PAX@DragonFan96 Thx!!@Branch_Mikayla Enjoy! :)@itsBiiTTERSWEET @EDWSnip3down 360 no scope.@RichieHeinz I'll be at #PAX all day today - hit me up I'll be around.@CalliTaitz :)@ShinxBoy1 @BigBrotherLeak It will be interesting to see how it plays out!@delrey_xo Thx!@meldr84 :)@alyssalowery1d Curl.@jimmywhis Need em! Great meeting you as well Jimmy.@TylerScipione FF7@xokoreyann13 @BailyRodriguez @BB_Updates :)@BRDGLLGN I am, for #PAX.@DragonFan96 Was the OLSM game close?Had a great time at the @Twitch party last night. Met some really awesome people!@cgheesling Miss you guys!@cgheesling @FamilyJules7x We may have inappropriately hugged...Let's Play - The Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 18 [GLASS EATER]: http://t.co/jhn738LKqq via @YouTube@apenbear @FamilyJules7x @cgheesling WAY bigger.@4GDTachyon @NorthernlionLP We already wrote it. It's called The Iliad and the Odyssey.Man crush everyday with @FamilyJules7x - sorry @cgheesling. His music: http://t.co/67hzRqercK http://t.co/llLXN5OurkMoby Inspired Binding of Isaac RT @NorthernlionLP A video game based on @DanGheesling and his Big Brother shenanigans http://t.co/ZG7QENuzti@itsBiiTTERSWEET @EDWSnip3down We just made a Halo team without you. Sorry!!!@TheJesseon @NorthernlionLP Jesseon you win life with this response.Home Improvement on PS4. RT @NorthernlionLP: A video game Jonathan Taylor Thomas
@TheJew Thx!Had a great time at #PAX today! I'll see you guys at the @Twitch party tonight.@tarynitup96 @h0t_ta_M0lly Thanks guys excited to come back to Rider!Let's Play: Shovel Knight - Episode 3: http://t.co/N616D6hOpL via @YouTubeLet's Play - The Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 17 [GURGLE]: http://t.co/JfjiM8SovA via @YouTube
@noglesa @SpartanFB_eq THE LEGENDTweeting from the airplane, thanks for all the #BB16 updates guys!@Katelynm47 Whats good there?@mspeanutbuddha ๐Ÿ‘@mspeanutbuddha It shouldn't be required if so just make something up@wizards_magic How many live drafts at PAX is the real question?@FougRyan How certain are you? Mwhahahah.@BrownBrilliance ๐Ÿ‘@theGunrun Hearthstone duel mid air...you in?@donamadrina Near convention center!@EricDarryl @SamsTavern Whats good there?@TheAdviceChimp If I do I'll tweet! :)@TweetingTodd @PureMichigan ๐Ÿ‘Š@donamadrina What's the best for Seafood?@AaronElWhite No plans to - I'll be on the floor and at a few talks. Just day hello if you see me. :)@mcflyyyy WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT IT?@dantheman155 Seafood ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Just saw a kid with Disney Ears on a R2D2 hat at the airport...not sure I've fully accepted this Star Wars/Disney move?@MrMickyD ๐Ÿ‘Š@itsmikeygrande Team tweet back!Headed to Seattle for #PAX. Have any good restaurant recommendations?Let's Play: Shovel Knight - Episode 2: http://t.co/axJ3mPRquL via @YouTube@heyeggshen @shakeshack I always had faith in you Ike - http://t.co/W85cFlMkiG@garyvee Was going to throw Jets in there...but they don't have the Mojo. Maybe once you take over.@garyvee Lions 27 - Patriots 21.@heyeggshen I'm one of those people.@twentyfourcups Thanks! :)@_gingeraffee You must read them all.I'll be live in about 10 minutes on @MorningShowCA talking #BB16. Tune in if you want to hear our thoughts on last night!@grahamorama http://t.co/HALGYp3V6P@grahamorama Going to Ubly for an interview?
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