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@MarketWatch Hey @MathasGames maybe time to branch out?Guessing this is hilarious RT @BaerTaffy @MathasGames @NorthernlionLP @RockLeeSmile on favorite indie games of 2014! http://t.co/DymJGmwlFpIf you take a step outside today & listen very closely you can hear the screaming joy of kids getting out of school for Christmas break.Big thanks to everyone who was at the stream tonight and to @NorthernlionLP for hosting!
Somehow in this @EAMaddenNFL Lions season we've gotten to the Super Bowl. Lets see what happens now: http://t.co/aiVCUqCk7JFinishing the @EAMaddenNFL Lions season. Will we win the NFC North? About to find out: http://t.co/aiVCUqCk7J@tylerhartman24 bruh@NorthernlionLP @YouTube "be boop"@BaerTaffy @MathasGames @AEO I'd match that contribution@MonsieurWorm Hoping to! Haven't made any time to play it yet been catching up on work :-/@MathasGames Congrats man! Can't wait to watch this video.@GilesKyle agreed@Zophar321 truth@TestOfPower that's a lot of plastic and wires sitting around not being used@MJohns404 Doakes would know@FerrisNY we'll see@vitalrival shots fired@BigstackXombie :-)@PokerDean I got this@tkad will do once I get some time with the ps4@kerley_p agreed@miss_petulant NAHHH...@rojeezee not happy with the X1@PennyKardos Happy bday@IrrelevantAnth Thanks Anth!@pSylliboy yes why yes I didMy dental hygienist thought that Safari was the GPS app on her new iPhone. 😂@ericquine Going against your Alma mater?Got up extra early this AM spend a little time with my Xbox One before I say goodbye to her. Making way for the PS4. http://t.co/aiVCUqCk7J
@SirScoots Always fight for Reality TV@BaerTaffy did you get the Skype virus I msg'd you?@MathasGames Your new plaid logo looks like your face, I keep seeing it in my Tweetdeck...just leering at me@speckproducts Hey I've had your case for about 3 months and it broke in normal use, what is your policy on this?@MathasGames I'm gonna guess Jan 5th at 12:12pm.@grumpygamer @feliciaday A+ tweetAnyone who likes Mega Man & is looking for something to listen to while working check out @RushJet1's new MM2 remix: http://t.co/QUMTLKBkhi@jmhs1990 nice shirt!@tjair007 a-@jeffmocini Might steal this one...@loveisvein Thanks Britt!@Mirandakp :)@DJDaveWheeler Wha?@ytownoh330 Keeps you awake?@the_exTIMinator Yes! Check your Twitch inbox/gaming email later today!@indeimaus @lovelykaitkim Likewise! Glad we could connect thru Kate's thumbnail lolNyQuil is no joke - it puts you in a "getting hit by a cartoon anvil" sleep. Fighting this flu to hopefully get some recordings done today.
@RockLeeSmile Wilson is one of the greatest@BaerTaffy Did they make you cough?@BaerTaffy @lovelykaitkim@grahamorama :( @Weezer@MLGPuckett Just came out @RushJet1 http://t.co/QUMTLKBkhi@lovelykaitkim I like that new thumbnail!Had a great vacation, but I'm excited to be back home! Lots of work to catch up on! :D@MathasGames Good luck today CMDR Mathas. @EliteDangerous
@BaerTaffy @NorthernlionLP http://t.co/frqPWXO2Fo@NorthernlionLP 4, 8, 15, 16, 24, and ???@NorthernlionLP Hurley or Desmond?@JenniferTealer @Niyruhh Happy bday!!!@kevinbrokeit @WhatTheFFacts Baaaaa
Lions --> Super Bowl.@BananaRex pretty bad aka evo champ@BananaRex Is there any game you're not good at?@JeremiahWehler which did you get
@lazygamereviews vipers rule@churrosandtrees Get it done in the next 60 minutes or else what is life?@churrosandtrees Its Saturday!Alex, what is Darude Sandstorm?@8bitbabylullaby @SoundCloud When is the new album coming out? :)I hope you have a strong to quite strong Saturday.
@tyronerodriguez plz don't block me@Mirandakp A+++@iGoHarden Its awesome!! Do you have a good recipe?@donamadrina Sounds like a great twist!Puerto Rican beans and rice are incredible. Never thought something so simple could be so good. If you ever get a chance, try it.@JeremiahWehler Congrats man! Glad we met courtesy of your employer :)
#RickRossPear #Pear https://t.co/nC7uAF42Be@Albi_SideArms @JahovasWitniss corn changes everything@DavidBrownTV Shred my life video?@BaerTaffy That blender video though.... KREYGASM@CobaltStreak @sammyrocha42 Is that leDarius stream highlighted on your channel?@LizaFromer @AntonyRobart I heard @KieranGS is buying you a new Ford Explorer for Christmas...@murtzjaffer Yeah he played really well! Really good guy IRL@sammyrocha42 @CobaltStreak Please live tweet that class period. #LaDariusLesson@sammyrocha42 @CobaltStreak "sounds like a wizard's name" *dead*@murtzjaffer He's REALLY nice & intellectually smart yet very naive guy - proud of how he played. Thought he would be a challenge beast only@sammyrocha42 @CobaltStreak When will you teach your students about the a Legend of LaDarius?@jeffschroeder23 Jeff my buddy Jon is from Michigan - show him some Midwest sympathy plz 👍@tyronerodriguez Depends if the game comes with Pizza & Beer. When is Castle coming out???@robcesternino @RobHasApodcast I hope you brought some serious knowledge for him@GamingSynchro @MathasGames ^^^@baskin_yep @Sara_Paxton what is life@MES_Prime No prob - hope you guys can deliver on what you are promising!@MESEvents Looks awesome! Great to see this happening in #Detroit! Would love to come check it out@VZWSupport Thank you!For anyone into Space Sims & Virtual Reality - it's here. A real look at it via @MathasGames: https://t.co/EIBErEvrMV@VZWSupport Hey guys, does Roaming apply in Puerto Rico (US Customer) or is there extended service for data/voice?@SpontaneousNoms @MathasGames Hahaha busted! I really didn't which made it actually pretty cool to see
@h_sessler Enjoy! It's an awesome ride!!@SirScoots SAD hype@KevinCwalinski 15 is a good age you can drive soon
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