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Let's Play: Dark Souls 2 [Episode 88]: http://t.co/JdXTo7VjL0 via @YouTube
Always respect & cherish your parents. Been a rough few days with my Mom in the hospital unexpectedly but she's tough. Family & friends = A+Let's Play: Dark Souls 2 [Episode 87]: http://t.co/8pDqHmiL3m via @YouTube
Let's Play: Dark Souls 2 [Episode 86]: http://t.co/TOYM5VAvUY via @YouTubeLet's Play - The Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 12 [CHERRY PIE]: http://t.co/7PIBbQd8TR via @YouTube
Let's Play: Dark Souls 2 [Episode 85]: http://t.co/L85y7RqW5r via @YouTubeLet's Play - The Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 11 [BINACA]: http://t.co/KGRfG769ue via @YouTubeNo stream this AM - something important came up, check your email later on today.
@emt9912 Negan.Hey guys, lost power in Michigan so no live tweeting tonight! Keep me updated!Let's Play: Dark Souls 2 [Episode 84]: http://t.co/iTxG0seD76 via @YouTubeOnly @DanGheesling would laugh at this. Haha. Keep up the great work. http://t.co/5oL7TGujWn
Retweeted by Dan Gheesling@KateWardBustle @allisonpiwo @_JennyHollander @bustle What's an Ampersand? &&&&@KYR_SP33DY Found your restaurant in NYC...it is full of Moms serving corn on the cob. @Albi_SideArms http://t.co/z0Z62vUZiJ@yazpistachio10 The mirage is still real, making it unreal.Let's Play - The Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 10 [#BLAMEREGGIE]: http://t.co/lHcPWiuXDb via @YouTubeThanks for the impromptu tweet chat! Plane is taking off now. Going back HOM. #AskDG@sabrinaislove16 Julie Chen. I like Nicole because she is from MI but not sure on her game. #AskDG@ScooterJohnson3 No. Retired. #AskDG@Giraffelover97 Endurances were always fun because you can actually control if you win. #AskDG@_Lord_Coffey_ Neither. I was always PS. #AskDG@PoeticStanziel They're good TV! #AskDG@zschiffman Drink a half gallon of water. #AskDG@alexsierrameow Not laughing at inappropriate times. #AskDG@frenchleigh Yes I love it! A few every month! #AskDG@USConst_Amend_I I watched them in 11, 7, 6 and 2. Just don't have the time to. #AskDG@benksanders Not since the show ended. Really looking forward to playing it!!! @banditloaf is my hero. #AskDG@pdawg_wilz I ran in middle school. So slow. What about you? #AskDG@mckng_jay Hopefully! Coming to FL next week but not for speaking. #AskDG@TheWetDreams LOL yeah right! #AskDG@mckng_jay Loved watching her win! All was right in the world for a moment when she won. #AskDG@DarcieSwango A+ effort. :)@Alex_McDaniel1 Watch Season 1 of Sons of Anarchy. #AskDG@alexsierrameow Know your own story. #AskDG@_Lord_Coffey_ Not really. Ringtone rap is not my thing. #AskDG@Goejthatsmydj Happy birthday! #AskDG@michllelu Awesome. :) I'm really lucky to have the life I do. #AskDG@pkhattra I liked the game twist, TA not so much. #AskDG@BBCTania Start now and ask your friends for help. #AskDG@The_Ikhan I like it. A straight forward twist everyone can deal with. #AskDG@lauramvalez Sons Of Anarchy 1000% #AskDG@karolinaspiak Rooting for Derrick! #AskDG@Pnationx Troublesome, To Live and Die in LA, Hit Em Up...all of them. #AskDG@MelissaKnight37 :)@PWKFrequency America almost always votes the best way. #AskDG@Flamingjoe98 The last three evicted were all fun to watch. So any of those 3! #AskDG@DK833 Agree. #AskDG@XGN_DaZe I downloaded Beta but haven't played yet! #AskDG@kellylync Yes, the competition is soooo long. Don't think it will ever happen though. #AskDG@zohas2 Nooooo Zooooohas. #AskDG@pdawg_wilz Running, spending time with Fam, MTG, and like fishing I just need to get out more! #AskDG@HollyCole610 Not laughing when you really want to. #AskDG@KeltonJay I just watch when @EmmettBlois is on. #AskDG@BigVince74 Don't know enough about her game. I don't watch feeds. #AskDG@sondralou Hey!@_Lord_Coffey_ Ahhh you can't ask that! 2pac and Jay-Z up until and including The Black Album. #AskDG@pkhattra ...none from a gameplay standpoint. They are all fun to watch though! #AskDG@RyanJHouck Concur meaning cosign? I was really disappointed with the end of The Last of Us. #AskDG@samiamm98 Ya: @MemphisGarrett #AskDG@xx_Lynnette_xx @bbuk I'll rely on recaps from you! #AskDG@lauramvalez Why do YOU have the best taste in TV Laura? #AskDG@ToiElizabeth It has helped other people! #AskDG@JHolow3 I'll be surprised if he makes it that far. Too likeable. #AskDG@RyanJHouck Ah...tough one. Stump city man... #AskDG@rogerbarajas "I'm not here to make friends." #AskDG@brittaanybitch :)@qwestwood I'd like to, but when it comes down to it my interests are all so sporadic they don't fit well into a single podcast. #AskDG@MelissaKnight37 I try to avoid FF for sake of my social life. Thanks for the offer though. I will talk trash on behalf of your team tho!@RickiLCA HOM. #AskDG@The_Ikhan @mcflyyyy Nothing left to play for! #AskDG@heyjoshua__ The Last of Us is dead to me. #AskDG@PoeticStanziel CBS reality TV doesn't really work like you might think it would. #AskDG@MelissaKnight37 Noooo. #AskDG@DarcieSwango It depends if your real last name is really Swego. #AskDG@XGN_DaZe My 360 no scope game is too good thanks to @FaZeCBass.@eeking That barf bag though. #AskDG@KeltonJay Slim. But I could see Canada taking a risk like that. #AskDG@brittaanybitch Derrick! #AskDG@Nicola_K 10 was more fun from a hang out standpoint, 14 was more fun from a game standpoint. #AskDG@BagelBoy17 Boogie, Janelle, Britney, Will. Shovel Knight! #AskDG@lnkaguta Only one game is really standing out right now, Derrick's. #AskDG@pkhattra You are underestimating the struggle, because it is real. #AskDG@mcflyyyy No! :) Retired forever. #AskDG@heyjoshua__ Ahhh.....probably Shovel Knight! You? #AskDG@besosyabrazosXO Thanks AM!Hey, if you're awake right now & you want to Tweet chat, fire away using #AskDG. I'll answer any ?s / help you as best as I can!@jackieepatton Thx!!@MissDemolish @EGCrimsix If I need a solid laugh I'll fire up one of his vlogs. A+@MrMickyD @EGCrimsix That's what you would write down in the books as: CoS. Collision of Sweg.@beckagariepy Thanks! Your avatar looks like Ashley Tisdale.@beckagariepy 👎@XxNHLxX The crash is too good.@TheWetDreams Most likely this Halloween I will as long as I am not too busy watching all of your videos.@KeltonJay WoW has come and gone for me in my gaming life. Like an old man trying to send back soup at the deli.@beckagariepy Ya!@jackieepatton No. Need it!! But also A+ on your night. Sounds like a great night.@EGCrimsix I've taught all of my little cousins the proper use of "sweg" because of you. Consider your obligations to society met.@XxNHLxX No, just no.@MissDemolish Hey thanks MD! :)@BBCTania I'm struggling to watch myself fall asleep.
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