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Normal: Family, Video Games, Karate Kid, & Public Speaking Not_Normal: Winning A Reality TV Show. [New Book Out Now: http://t.co/aaUX4nNtR0]

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Going live with Day 2 of Cave Story+ - really good. http://t.co/vd2xZLuvFF
WHAT IS YOUR STREAK NUMBER?: http://t.co/kLMAqM11CV via @YouTubeThat dedication! RT @_Blake_83 26 hours into my marathon (yes I counted) Just hit #86 https://t.co/aUNOao0tt1 #IWillMakeIt@StovallSeth Happy birthday Seth!@KapeBretonGirl Thats exactly it! LOLLet's Play: Wing Commander - EP 18 [WOW]: http://t.co/NnIC8DyWVR via @YouTubeWhen changing lanes to pass people in the car I'll make the Ace Ventura face to them directly as I drive by. I highly recommend you try it.@Banks Missed you at PAX - must have been at the aquarium?Just finished recording a podcast for @Schmittastic. She convinced me to finish the 365 day vlog challenge, so thank (or blame) her.@MericanMan21 @YouTube Hey MM, just wanted to thank you for watching the series, and liking all the videos. That means a lot.@FamilyJules7x Well you nailed it! Whenever you stream again, you should play Punch Out. It still holds up today.@Muckbeast But I would be willing to give it a shot on the iPad, can't knock something until you try it. :)@Muckbeast I'm not big on Tower Defense or Columns (Genesis) type games.@WhenChukAttacks At some point, I will do this on my channel and refer to it as the Chuk's Rite of Passage. How long did it take u2 beat GuyIf you like Mike Tyson's Punch Out @FamilyJules7x just released a song worth adding to your workout playlist: https://t.co/KAn76TlZF5@WhenChukAttacks Also...in terms of new platformers...@YachtClubGames Shovel Knight may be the Holy Grail: http://t.co/DF6qBms2J4@WhenChukAttacks Oh god, have you played/beaten any of the other IWBTG games?@WhenChukAttacks Glad to have you. Any new platformers on your radar?@WhenChukAttacks Excited to see some more of the story unfold. Yeah it stinks but I had my eyes off chat the majority of the time.@WhenChukAttacks I'm guessing you beat it a long time ago? :)@WhenChukAttacks Hey Chuk! Didn't know you were in there in lurk mode. Thanks for stopping in. 1st time playing it, REALLY enjoying it.Dan Plays: Minecraft - NETHER MARCH [EP #192]: http://t.co/F629fArlr5 via @YouTubeLive now playing the classic Cave Story for the first time! http://t.co/aiVCUq3FXF
Let's Play: Wing Commander - EP 17 [Thrusters]: http://t.co/gQvxJFJW2q via @YouTube@CzenStar No punching!Just wanted to say thank you. I appreciate your support. From me to you: http://t.co/EwVdy1N8sP@realblankspace What race are you playing?@Rosieu87 Thanks Rosie! I appreciate that. :)@iKasperr @CobaltStreak Kasperr odds on favorite to bring home the 1k. Where do we place our bitcoin bets?@signguyMA Gotta be on the boss list.@fionn_ Not watching this season!@Blayja_ ...@TheTrickTowN Hahaha Outlast is no joke. No sir I am not.@blakebead Thanks man, no LoL for me.@LynnCamper No kind sir, I do not.@BrandySST :) LMK what you think of it.@realblankspace Tried Dominion earlier. Not sure which way to roll yet!@TheBroBQ Logitech 920!@Thetogg My life became a 24x7 game. :)@NicholasBarbati @SonsofAnarchy It is closely approaching Dexter status, that is NOT easy. Nice recommendation!@iKasperr @CobaltStreak Dat poly. I didn't see it but Cobalt said you went flawless against Isaac in Cathedral, insane! Hoping to watch live@CobaltStreak @iKasperr Just watched Kasperr's Game 3 win! GG!!Let's Play (Live): FTL Advanced Edition [Episode 8]: http://t.co/mqAx10itOC via @YouTube@DrunkenMoogle Likewise. Keep me posted and LMK if there is anything I can do to help you.Working on the monthly Q&A newsletter. It should be sent in about an hour! You guys had some good questions this month!@DrunkenMoogle GL!@MathasGames Listen for the sweet sounds of Angels playing the harp as you open that box.@turtlebeach UO best MMO of all time.Dan Plays: Minecraft - ReZources [EP #191]: http://t.co/1k2HLvNoXa via @YouTube#DGLG is live now - trying out @WildStar! http://t.co/vd2xZLuvFF
Just finished Season 4 of @SonsofAnarchy. All I have to say: Jax Teller *mic drop*Let's Play: Wing Commander - EP 16 [New Ending]: http://t.co/DWjJgpyw0z via @YouTubeLet's Play (Live): FTL Advanced Edition [Episode 7]: http://t.co/JV2Jy3s1Vj via @YouTube@freytagb Classic. Duck and cover.@yelotree @dakotawolves Bambis.<--- Hoping the Easter Bunny drops off Dark Souls 2 for me today.Dan Plays: Minecraft - CLICK CLICK [EP #190]: http://t.co/qUvyGzqofC via @YouTubeHappy Easter to you and your family!
DOG vs HUMAN: http://t.co/EzhKUeT5Wo via @YouTube@pjones102 Dehumidifier.@ralphles21 I know right?@MorganStradling GoDaddy.@iramos521 Nope. :-/@LoukasT_ Who even looks at bios? Kappa@heckfu I tried @BlizzHeroes - that's enough Moba for me.@mattymonsterz Milania is perfect.About once a day I check the Twitter bios of new people that follow. That's not creepy, I promise.@SquidGrip Thanks for the RT! :)Let's Play: Wing Commander - EP 15 [Knight Fall]: http://t.co/xVEU07tHmX via @YouTube@swiftyislol360 @SquidGrip Squids.@ComcastKeisha It has nothing to do with speeds. My connection gets frozen when uploading multiple files.@bmoffia So many games to play. I have 3 series going on right now! Really want to play TWD but need to finish WC and MC first.@the_real_coach Hahaha, hey Coach.@ComcastKeisha All the attempts have been unsuccessful.Let's Play (Live): FTL Advanced Edition [Episode 6]: http://t.co/5qKEz29oZw via @YouTube@maggiemae802 Thanks, tried about three different ones, no dice.@Mirandakp Yeah still jacked up. :(@gupto Thanks, tried that. Fail.Has anyone had an MP4 file corrupted before? Trying to figure out how to fix it.Dan Plays: Minecraft - DAT NETH [EP #189]: http://t.co/f5PjpUH67Z via @YouTube@ComcastWill 2 Service calls, 5 phone calls, and 1 Tier 2 phone call and issue still unresolved. Any ideas?@banditloaf Happy Birthday Ben!@KaiteK05 Best is to just get in there and start exploring! :)
@EvelDick Get well soon buddy.@ZeeSeeEss Well deserved.@tammyplourde LOL!How To Know You Are Getting Old: It is Friday night and you're at Bed Bath and Beyond...and don't really mind it.Let's Play: Wing Commander - EP 14 [Drayman]: http://t.co/2eq9SK1qBr via @YouTube@_Blake_83 @YouTube We've come a long way sir. Enjoy the ride! Keep me posted of your highlights.Let's Play (Live): FTL Advanced Edition [Episode 5]: http://t.co/k8PfC0WQrX via @YouTube@comcastcares Hey I've been waiting for a call back from your Tier 2 support within the 24 hour time window. It has passed, what do you rec?@WhenChukAttacks NP! Have you completed the Lolo trilogy collection yet?@jgapotter Hey saw you were looking for one of these. Enjoy! http://t.co/1L30IyVKtH@WhenChukAttacks Chuk pro strats all the way down to the console processor! :)@WhenChukAttacks Took this photo at PAX, forgot to tweet it to you. SMB3 comp. http://t.co/S53eG8vAMgDan Plays: Minecraft - FOR THE KIDS [EP #188]: http://t.co/TO5B4HlaCp via @YouTube
@trentfinney Hey thanks Trent I fixed it. Glad to know at lease one person likes the WC playthru! :)Let's Play: Wing Commander - EP 1 [Dead Duck]: http://t.co/XdxUlSF6Ut via @YouTube@Rob_Irvine_Jr Way harder.Wing Commander is still one of the toughest games...but still so good.
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