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Dave @Dave77062 The Republic of Texas

I am the God fearing, gun owning American that Obama warned you about. Molon labe ego te provoco

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Artist Turns DNA From Chewed Gum Into Sculptures http://t.co/NGI32J3rAshttp://t.co/YfiBE8xHA9Honoring Army Staff Sgt. Jesse L. Williams who selflessly sacrificed his life one year ago today in Afghanistan.... http://t.co/C76wkAREqT
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Watch What Happens When a 76-Year-Old Man Is Confronted By Police for Not Displ... http://t.co/tHFX19NBq1 via @theblazehttp://t.co/7xHJmzChIr
Geraldo Rivera: LeBron James Should Wear a Shirt That Reads 'Be a Better Father' AMEN! #tcothttp://t.co/VNnrw183v6How appropriate they are. http://t.co/XagciRsJjthttp://t.co/eEg5xKghgT@policrits @ButchJocson from that distance..that works.Now we have a full listing of the Progressives among the @GOP Time for the RINO hunting to commence in earnest https://t.co/sj8IlhNxjC
Retweeted by Dave#MillionsMarchNYC #ICantBreathe Which ethnic race Brags about KILLING COPS in their RAP-Songs ?? http://t.co/u5L7ud7Y58
Retweeted by DaveAmerican liberals don't have the stomach to do what needs to be done to terrorists. Compassion has NO place in these dealings.Khalid Sheik Mohammed was tortured..I don't see a problem. #tcotRussia looks at us a weak. That's why all the activity because they know Barry is a joke.
http://t.co/SfTItnTjskSheila Jackson Lee Informs Americans Airline Destinations Are ‘Destinated’ http://t.co/6N8XiVGCcuThe Islamic State issues guide on when it’s okay to beat your sex slave http://t.co/5n12sOLk3a
http://t.co/VwsgcZadJThttp://t.co/KEJEiCqmdlEver wonder why "jihadists" wear masks?
Show em this when libtards complain about water boarding terrorists. #tcot http://t.co/muuosHmO8s
Former ABC Reporter Reveals Unflattering Account of How Obama Sometimes Handled... http://t.co/h9llYVtMui via @theblazeAccording to the IMF numbers, China will produce $17.6 trillion in goods and services this year compared to the U.S.’s $17.4 trillion.
Ben Carson stands by comparison of U.S. to Nazi Germany http://t.co/g9f4nT3XSpBoehner needs to go. http://t.co/kM5MHJVBm9
why is there even an african american education twitter handle. I'm sorry. I was being a racist again. http://t.co/huZttrpztjKind of says it all. #tcot http://t.co/wnc54UXP81Do yourself a favor and give it a listen. Special Version of Hallelujah With a Christian Twist http://t.co/bFx1WEWoBE
"People need to know that black lives and brown lives matter as much as white lives." The Mayor of NY thinks his police don't know this?
Is Mohammed really the most popular baby name in Britain? http://t.co/mkiHalBvLt
http://t.co/oPNQ0hsk9Q'Hope the NFL office' is 'burnt to the ground’: League warned against fining St. Louis Rams players http://t.co/Hj47xEXPwiRep. Al Green from Texas is the stupid son of a bitch in this picture. Ridiculous! http://t.co/wNEf3vp9atChris Rock on NOT gettin' a police ass-kickin'...words to live by, whatever your color http://t.co/Wt7Ul1Sz7o #Ferguson
Retweeted by DaveI'll chip in for airfare... http://t.co/qCWCitASBW
Retweeted by DaveNo more mosques http://t.co/359HCguLtU
Retweeted by DaveSeven Black Witnesses Reveal What Really Happened During Michael Brown Shooting http://t.co/nwTGYZD2Lx via @MrConservative_Of course they are. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Family of M Brown Suing Wilson http://t.co/gV2qRdLzhH via @MrConservative_Hells Angels Members Descend Upon Local Walmart for a Purchase That Brings Stor... http://t.co/k1ozOITjA7 via @theblaze
In case you missed it. Here are the reporters who published officer wilsons home info. Please retweet this. http://t.co/ZhTKti0sV2We need leaders like him. #tcot http://t.co/uGbAZ8uHYLI wish our leaders shared this vision. Never thought I would agree with Putin. #tcot http://t.co/lJgUXSIiCTThird teenager arrested in connection to South City man’s death http://t.co/yI7ZTN69nzSt. Louis Police Officers Association Slams Rams Protest http://t.co/GjcksUXePu | #tcot
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Millionaire football players with the St. Louis Rams are telling me to "check my privilege." Guess I won't be going to anymore NFL games.
Retweeted by DaveBREAKING: Rams multi-millionaire football players raise their hands in remembrance of #Ferguson & #MichaelBrown ... #irony #nfl
Retweeted by DaveStudent Robbed at Gunpoint, Says He Deserved It Due to His 'Privilege' http://t.co/CvY7LKAkOy via @BreitbartNewsVIDEO: Radical Muslim Leader Louis Farrakhan has a Chilling Warning for America http://t.co/TYhi4iJyO0"When I'm president, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely." - Barack Obama, 26 September 2008
Retweeted by DaveWalmart Workers Scarce At Black Friday Anti-Walmart Protest In D.C. http://t.co/8sVtgrj4CO
Retweeted by DaveFarrakhan: 'we'll tear this goddamn country apart' http://t.co/nxpNbnpgA7 Obama's criminal supporters are desperate!
Retweeted by Dave111 police officers have died in the US this year. Uhm Jessie, Al, Barry where is the outrage?@BradleeDean1 I'm done with him.US flies 85% of airstrikes against ISIS. #tcotObamas approval by religion. Guess who is the highest. http://t.co/GlvBFq5m15According to a recent Gallup poll conducted in the first six months of 2014, 72 percent of U.S. Muslims approve of the job Obama is doingObama approval rating for working class whites is 27%.#ShowUsYourPits http://t.co/pTV6tJKcxX#ShowUsYourPits http://t.co/6bXm84i3JePlease retweet this. Turnabout is fair play. Hell give em a call and say hi! http://t.co/u3gOhbUek0
If This Guy in Ferguson Really Believes the Message on his Shirt, Then We Have a Huge Problem in America http://t.co/RfFewlqqsL
So I see a guy wearing a "I am Mike Brown shirt" I ask him, what you are a dead thug who attacked a cop? It didn't go over too well. #tcot
http://t.co/4JLSS5OM9bhttp://t.co/OxlQB9qEWGThere is always, always, always something to be thankful for. -- Author Unknown Happy Thanksgiving Friends!Honoring Command Sgt. Maj. Wardell Turrner who died Nov. 24 in Afghanistan. Honor him so he is not forgotten. http://t.co/RzGxVSvymM
Retweeted by DaveThink about all the comments from celebrities the next time you want to go to a movie. #tcot🇺🇸 CAUGHT ON TAPE: #Ferguson Arsonist Torching Convenience Store on Monday Night http://t.co/IeXfSirRKB
Retweeted by DaveIgnorance and Death Threats from Hollywood Celebs After Ferguson Decision http://t.co/IIEp4shCri
Activist Attorney General Eric Holder to Officer Wilson: It’s Not Over Until I Say It’s over. Is anyone surprised? http://t.co/HvmAP0gj3W"The Constitution cannot protect us unless we protect the Constitution." ~Thomas Sowell #tcot #ImmigrationAction
Retweeted by DaveNot 2 mention the church that Michael Brown was baptized in was burned down by these fools. What a way to protest by bringing down your own.
Retweeted by DaveHow exciting we have our own protesters in Houston. Greeaaatt..http://t.co/K3QDSfRS5cAccording to Fox News protestors are gathering in Ferguson...uhm thanks for the news flash.Parents offended by "Nutcracker" Christmas tree. You can't make this stuff up! http://t.co/PJKCp94TKHHi NYC Retreads... Why Are You Chanting "Hands Up Don't Shoot" When That's NOT What MB Said?
Retweeted by Dave@Patriotic_Me @Paratisi @CBSNews @ABC @NBCNews @msnbc @CNN stop buying from their sponsors as well.How is rioting an "understandable reaction" Obama is an idiot.The President called the rioting in Ferguson "an understandable reaction." What? No it's not, it is totally and unequivocally not acceptable
Retweeted by Dave@FloriBrula I'm sure. I heard a bunch of crap from some of them yesterday. Give 'em the finger and move on. The truth hurts. lol.Don't buy any products of their sponsors either. Starve the beast! @CBSNews @ABC @NBCNews @msnbc @CNN @good4politics @HonkyTonkJew
Retweeted by DaveThe leading cause of death for black men in America, is other black men. #Ferguson
Retweeted by DaveIt is absurd to say that the fact that Michael Brown didn't have a gun means lethal force was not justified. He could've taken Wilson's gun.
Retweeted by Dave@DavidLimbaugh read the transcript from the grand jury. He just about did get his gun."Not a Ferguson problem it's an American problem" ..Barry. So how exactly is that there Bar..?Racism is alive and well in America and being carried forward by people like Barack Obama & Al Sharpton.
Retweeted by Davehttp://t.co/JAEnFEcjnx
Here is the transcript of Officer Wilson's testimony. The man deserves a medal. http://t.co/ouiPp8do0ohttp://t.co/WddhYsY02NIf #BundyRanch deserved 2 have a small army brought against him and his cattle,how much more the rioters and looters of #Ferguson? #tcot
Retweeted by Dave@oh_deal nope just the protesters, looters, race baiters and other miscreants.Here is the solution for #Ferguson http://t.co/8qzXYj2nHhThis is what Ferguson looks like the day after riots http://t.co/Kk2ei3KBy9 http://t.co/2vkBptGD4L
Retweeted by DaveSo explain to me what the hell this has to do with a jury verdict? http://t.co/aJTTRtQUn7Speaking of #injustice: Natalie DuBose, owner of Natalie's Cakes in #Ferguson, after her store was attacked #tcot http://t.co/QjoFHFCEYB
Retweeted by DaveThe President of the United States is on TV begging thugs not to riot in a small town in Missouri. This is an embarrassment to America.
Retweeted by Dave"Some negative reaction.." Obama is an idiot. Somebody turn on his television.
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