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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Contributor for CFA's Inside Investing blog. http://t.co/IRXXkzI1el

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@munilass @Dutch_Book like Bill Murray on ghostbusters?@chrisrudolph9 it really is weird - yeah I told rich that skins are better off w Cousins anyways@chrisrudolph9 yes but the first half I was yelling at the tv, second half i didn't think it was the bears playing@chrisrudolph9 hahaha"Today the House passed H.R. 5405, a bill that has multiple capital formation aspects including the SBIC Advisers Relief Act of 2014"Reggie Bush Might 'Harshly' Discipline His 1-Year-Old Daughter.... https://t.co/XWMt9gb7kdThis is something I hear from the smartest investors I know specifically related to new issue conduit CMBS https://t.co/iiDSa5cnxAWhat's being put into new issue CMBS conduit? For example, a $90mil loan at 4.4% to Queens Atrium Corporate Center http://t.co/9Z8O8HBNbHHa-Joon Chang on importance of real life numbers: Greek workers work 30% more than German workers. Mexicans work 25% more than Americans.
Retweeted by David SchawelThis country is so obsessed with returning to pre GFC growth & employment distributions that it's driving right back into more problemsBBG: U.S. officials will work with mortgage lenders to ease credit and boost homeownership said HUD's Castro// Should be counter cyclical@IvanTheK @boes_ sorry, a bloomberg news fed survey of economistsvia @boes_ "53% think "considerable time" stays in the policy statement after tomorrow's meeting.". @InitialView, a neat start-up helping foreign students gain admission to western universities https://t.co/xFrPXiGl6b@IvanTheK first time I've actually seen what a bond looks like@JeffCNYC Agree@modestproposal1 I would assume those would not be the lions share of funds if they acted how they were designed toTheory: HF backlash is pro-cyclical & happens after passive investing outperforms. Shift to long term "passive" investing at worst time.@ilkandcookies @TheStalwart So pretty much anywhere they've ever had Survivor taped?@_the_goose above my pay grade, might be a @DividendMaster kind of trade@georgepearkes It really is tough, imagine getting asset prices only one per month (not exactly the same, but just an example)@georgepearkes watch it, I got him into MBS!Nothing more nerve wracking than waiting for prepays to come out on high premium MBS@nicolatheron I'm not following your point. Chart shows how many turns you need in different classes to get 10%. I never said good/bad.@nicolatheron where did I say there was something wrong w/ leverage?The chart on $WYNN since this spring is something else - China worries? @jvposter @groditi @conorsenLeverage needed to meet 10% yield bogey http://t.co/jbQGqabjRv@MacroMick1 I think so too - but could be volatile near term
@MarketPlunger thanks brother, but not necessary to defend me!#santabarbara http://t.co/oQzLe1xa0h
Retweeted by David Schawel@gbdavis1 this week is a coin toss w everything - no strong conviction here@gbdavis1 @BarbarianCap was this a good enough call for you wise guy? https://t.co/S8911rOu72@BarbarianCap says the Columbia MBA!!!@ArbCowboy Dogs@Chris_arnade define boom?@IvanTheK @dimsumyoulose @georgepearkes @34bps dsFTL@georgepearkes @dimsumyoulose @34bps I went to NC State & you went to Duke, should be how it works!@georgepearkes @dimsumyoulose @34bps it's ok George, I can report to you! Cool by melolololol timestamp called someone who runs a billion dollar portfolio a "wannabe"? lolololol
Retweeted by David Schawel@dimsumyoulose @34bps haha, guys I can hear you!!!Haven't been this excited about the markets going forward in awhile - looking forward to it!@MBlockRhino thanks buddy! Always appreciate your thoughts as well!The 102 finance people you have to follow on Twitter http://t.co/cRo5yy37KW
Retweeted by David Schawel@gavparks @btaubz @Fearlicious hey now! i'm listening!@TheStalwart they have binders full of institutions@TheStalwart Them taking the time to do this tweet shows how much they care & how much it bothers them@lopezlinette @MBlockRhino @TheStalwart Means you guys are doing something rightSpringLeaf selling $2.6bil refinance of SpringCastle ABS deal.@nokamber That's funny. I'm also a big Beatles fan, so maybe I'm just not hip enoughFeeling old & un-hipster that I want the U2 albumLooking over Gundlach's DBLTX August purchases: AAA CLO's, Agency CMO Z tranches, and the rest CMBS & non-agy RMBS@georgepearkes Yeah, definitely, I'm a bit surprised BEs have fallen as much as they have.@georgepearkes Well, look at the chart. Over the last month or so, it's been both. Higher nominals & lower BEs. Lower BEs more confounding.@Dutch_Book Looks like historically CPI is more than 2yr BE for whatever reason - haven't thought through why http://t.co/GoM38ccKEH@Dutch_Book 2yr BE or cash yield?@georgepearkes well A is a component of B, so be more specific... nominals ups & BE's down, so huge jump in real yieldsInflation breakevens 20-25bps lower than when Bernanke had the taper speechThanks to @businessinsider for including me in their "Finance People You Have To Follow On Twitter" Feature: http://t.co/cxsPhMGKzk
Retweeted by David Schawel@spbaines @businessinsider Well done!RT: @Dutch_Book Surveys vs hard data from @GaveKalCapital http://t.co/beOMT3Chgy // Good read on the divergences@IvanTheK as chairman did you have any interaction or influence with the voting members?@michaelmcevilly you're too kind - if I have half the success of you in my career I'll have done well@PScatterpatter Oh cool, I didn't see it.Chinese internet getting mauled today too $QIHU $WUBA $SFUN $VIPS@PScatterpatter huh?@IvanTheK Buy Buy Baba@Hooper_Quant that looks like an old dog@carlquintanilla That's the same Tom Lee recap from the previous 10 interviews!"Stocks and the Barclays Aggregate Index have never declined in same annual period. Hard to believe but true." http://t.co/DbAfY4HMGC
Retweeted by David SchawelWhy did $AAPL get this deal, but $GOOG not? RT @mashable: Apple gets $0.15 on every $100 transaction in Apple Pay http://t.co/SmcCcPCNfn
Retweeted by David Schawel@TheStalwart well apparently @IvanTheK is sending Yo's to @WSJ@johnhenryiucker in this case, the 2s10s swap curveThe jump in MOVE index actually led the recent steepening of the curve - regression would show we should be even steeper here4mil sold in the first 24 hours - unreal8:31 *APPLE IPHONE 6, IPHONE 6 PLUS PRE-ORDERS TOP 4 MLN 1ST 24 HOURSFYI, thoughts on what to expect from this week’s meeting of the @FederalReserve @BV #QE #economy #LanguageTantrum http://t.co/ZKstFlzTmj
Retweeted by David Schawel@bondscoop @nicolatheron They definitely care a lot@georgepearkes they serve income groups that have very little access to credit@SI_PeterKing thoughts on Kyle fuller?@EMostaque @jpsdcfc if a man had no tweets did he really make a call? :)$C's OneMain to file for IPO by month end & solicit offers from potential buyers including $LEAF. Upside to thesis still possible w merger@greggabe Yes, thought injuries would make offense unable to move ball
@NYCBIZ you're turning into a Jets fan!Go Bears! They proved me wrong tonight after that tough first half!@TonyFratto of course but it's far from a gimme@TonyFratto always put the pressure on the other team to make the 2pt conversion@ArchMcClure amazing turnaround. Marshall and Jeffrey look like they're playing on one leg@rian81 wooohooooKyle Fuller - new defensive star for the Bears. Passing of the torch as Tillman goes out w possible career ending injury?@WLV_investor they aren't exactly doing anything to win it@kyles09 I think if someone is pitching you a 9% return in an adverse scenario for conduit CMBS you're being sold a bill of goods@DavidHaugh could be his final NFL play if he re-tore the right tricep@kyles09 data says they won't take a loss or they're a good r/r? More interested in your answer to latter@DanielleMorrill the thing is, even if you can identify the point of things being unreasonable/overdone, they can always overshoot@DanielleMorrill in terms of broader markets, tech, VC? Or all?@kyles09 Of course it can. Better question is what about the space makes you think compelling r/r are available?Won't see many better catches than thatI can't watch this Bears team@kyles09 buying those pieces at this point in the cycle, do the answers to those questions even matter?@DavidHaugh brutal call - wasn't a definitive conclusion
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