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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Contributor for CFA's Inside Investing blog. http://t.co/IRXXkzI1el

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Mapping countries' top exports http://t.co/8Xbrwmn3G0
@ReinsuranceM @DividendMaster don't apologize! It has been a HUGE dog. I've been totally wrong so far@DanielleMorrill what are the factors you'd identify of needing to meet to be a good target for YHOO?@Kelly_Evans agree that middle class workers being forced to compete for employment downstream, shift in accretive CapEx mix may be driver@Kelly_Evans good point, and fwiw, arbitrariness that I can get behind !@Kelly_Evans ecstasy index seemed a bit arbitrary but it was def a good readThis #UNC situation is no bueno http://t.co/j8EAKvhxZFTo be clear I'm not saying stocks couldn't plummet, just poking fun at the connect the dots chart I sawPeople tweeting S&P charts with the "doomed chart" technical pattern - almost as funny as the guy doing TA on the Fed's balance sheet@matt_levine if he was trading potash futures (is there such a thing?) that would've been amazing@matt_levine $POT is a 27bil company and much larger a few years ago - hardly an opaque/esoteric market. Seems exaggeratedThoughtful article by @mdc on the fight for non-transparent ETFs http://t.co/WPGvZujOWa@DividendMaster I root against UNC!Reminder [via BAML]: Fed's target "2% on PCE is equivalent to around 2.4% on CPI" -- which rose just 1.7% y/y in Sept.
Retweeted by David SchawelAlright, I wrote one last post: Why Covering The Markets Is So Fun http://t.co/u2r9WRbUQo
Retweeted by David Schawel@ArchMcClure @jamis8891 Arch 1, Jamis 0@jamis8891 open up an IBKR account and go long Yen@IvanTheK I'm skeptical that many faculty heads are steering students to fake classes@mjb1286 close@IvanTheK "Former UNC faculty chair Jan Boxill steered some WBB players to fake classes, rewrote parts of their papers"@ArchMcClure some of this stuff is hard to believe@IvanTheK "Know who wrote the foreward for Jan Boxill's book "Sports Ethics: An Anthology" ?? Dean Smith!"@IvanTheK "Roy Williams' frmr academic advsr says he knew classes were fraudlent at the time, but doesn't recall whether informed coach""2 counselors even suggested to Crowder what grades to give to the athletes.One of them,Jan Boxill, later became the faculty leader for UNC"UNC investigation: Bogus classes were pushed by academic counselors http://t.co/sVBr36WSOpBREAKING: Investigation reveals scope of academic fraud at University of North Carolina; 3,100 students involved. #UNC // "The Carolina Way"@Hooper_Quant about three months ago - he's good@montoyan Yes, purchase index was down, it was all refi@montoyan Yeah a few days sub 4%, there's a fair amount of people whole are in the money at those levels (high balance borrowers, etc)Vol sellers win: here's the VIX curve right now and one week ago http://t.co/5YwUVsF1RXSurge in the refi index today@botabox Yes growth due to gov, but that doesn't give players a free reign to do sketchy things - they are right to hammer OCN@ArchMcClure pouring salt on the wound Arch@Morgan_03 @modestproposal1 Hey, I never said it's a bad thing@marginalidea probably both@DividendMaster he says to be short the EuroBull market in high profile HF managers taking positions in currencies & sov bonds. Tepper, Bass, Einhorn, Loeb, etc@matt_levine @IvanTheK what are the reasons that a replacement should be allowed?@IvanTheK are you saying there should be a replacement?@IvanTheK @BloombergNews a "hanger" as ken "the hawk" harrelson likes to say@IvanTheK @BloombergNews you were ready for that one!@fbonacci @mark_dow that made me laugh out loud!You can argue the opportunities for $OCN & others were born out of changes from the financial crisis - risk just moved not removedWow, $OCN has to correct their first response to Lawsky's letter for inaccuracies. What a disaster.@georgepearkes what's the conclusion with these charts?"It's looks like a bomb" "But it's high yield" "Why didn't you say that in the first place" http://t.co/FeKyD53fnc http://t.co/xcjwK10TvI
Retweeted by David Schawel
@okay_then the bonds they own are very exposed to a risk off & sovereign selloff, a 1pt drop in NAV is nothing@davealevine baby is here?"The U.S. installed 1.13 GW of solar PV in the second quarter of 2014, up 21% over Q2 2013"@IvanTheK just the prosecution of him unresolved!@IvanTheK I might be misremembering - wasn't that how we found out the details on corzine?@IvanTheK MF Global?@MorrisvilleL it really is sad but that's the environment were in today@MorrisvilleL bottom line I don't see a fed hike in '15 but am tactically short ED's as I expected some selloff back@MorrisvilleL maybe with equities staying volatile@kyles09 @mosesaintme I wish I could act like it was just me but most anyone working in non-agy MBS had strong opinions etc@kyles09 there have been plenty of people crying foul this whole time@danielsethlewis I've long been a bond bull but even I am short the front end right now - very surprising there's not been more snap backMarket has rebounded & "feels" healthy yet front end yields haven't jumped, and inflation BE's stay depressed....@kyles09 how's that AAMC to 5,000 manager doing today?@17thStCap I lack an ounce of sympathy and my feelings are probably similar to a lot of other mortgage investorsVery happy for @TheStalwart - hard worker and well deserving of successGoing to be joining Bloomberg to launch a new markets site and a new TV show. Details here ---> http://t.co/Qu1BXdRwGK
Retweeted by David Schawel$ISRG beat@MacroHedge I'm already in@DumbLuckCapital Late submission for CYNK@17thStCap nice call on $OI@jake_f Yes most likely - I own ELD which is similar@InterestArb im surprised too@given2tweet now we all have house money to play with...ammirite?@DumbLuckCapital @BarbarianCap booo! I proactively showed myself out@DumbLuckCapital I'll see myself out now@DumbLuckCapital sometimes it hertzNo company's too big to assail. As Coke, McDonald's and IBM flop, can activists be far away? New post. http://t.co/kw7YxAbPDJ $KO $IBM $MCD
Retweeted by David Schawel@adamcarstens Not surprising, I've had people tell me I'm not allowed to tweet about things lately...@AdvisoryA @RuthlessGravity you guys know where I stand on this topic!@RDW000 plenty of tweets over the last year about them"These borrowers were given 30 days from the date of the denial letter to appeal, but those 30 days had already elapsed" NYDFS to $OCN"In many cases, borrowers received a letter denying a mortgage loan modification, and the letter that was dated more than 30 days prior" OCN@DividendMaster double like@PScatterpatter You can probably guess what I think about all of thisLOL $OCN@IvanTheK you're probably right, but there's no bonus points for getting the why correct@PoorGalRichGal beauty of selling puts on high IV names@jay_21_ honest question: have you ever looked at any bonds serviced by them?@PoorGalRichGal earnings came out, implied vol down“@AxiosCA: Ocwen allegedly backdated thousands of letters: NY http://t.co/SnRuVjcqPC” //shocked I tell you@cthorm I mean, like I said, no words!!!!@cthorm @mdc no words caseyCredit is on fire today - America is back peeps@LongShortTrader boo, thought the sarcasm was thick enough@LongShortTrader what about all those people making $10hr who lost a ton of their massive MLP holdings?@JeremyDSchwartz sounds more like it.@DavidSchawel the FT throwing cold water on the @ecb rumor."ECB has not put corporate bond buying on agenda" http://t.co/Km2prXUHWu
Retweeted by David Schawel@georgepearkes well credible meaning it's not been confirmed@georgepearkes not saying it's not reasonable, just that it's unexpected@georgepearkes didn't think the market thought expanding into such purchases was on the tableThis ECB / Reuters report is hard to believe - is this credible?@The_Analyst you're using an ebook?
@IvanTheK yeah results were a little "thin" on the ipads
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