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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Contributor for CFA's Inside Investing blog. http://t.co/RGkjXGmBf9

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So many angles on this $KO thing, will just settle on shame on the mutual fund industry. Continuing their pathetic job as fiduciaries
Retweeted by David Schawel@ThinkClubUK fixed income, commodities, and currencies@DividendMaster @groditi Not sure, maybe some trend in the general collateral repo space?Wow. Barclays planning on another 7,500 job cuts in its investment banking division. Roughly 5k expected to come from FICC@ThinkClubUK Almost impossible to have lost money in fixed income this year, but it was time for a change anyways!@PrestonMui Haha@ThinkClubUK it's good - i just switched too@ThinkClubUK you joined the new avatar pic club too!@naufalsanaullah @TheStalwart look at you throwing around granger causality studies so flippantly@naufalsanaullah @TheStalwart spurious correlation FTW!@montoyan Yes, I will say what I want about them@DavidHaugh He's definitely no Dan BazuinLowest economist estimate for new home sales this morning was 428k, consensus was 450, came in at 384k@given2tweet you're getting hosed - you should be able to get more@given2tweet have you made some nice $ lending shares?Dec 15/16 eurodollar spread still very steep at 118bps$11B Numericable Junk Bond Deal Poised to Set a Record http://t.co/CLhAfIsa1Y $JNK $HYG http://t.co/ptkvVCzjSU
Retweeted by David SchawelWow that's quite a number for new home sales- hard to spin this as positiveGreat Blooomberg interview with El-Erian going on right now. True professional as he refuses to speak badly of Gross.@rich_rudolph booooo!
#EinsteinWasRight Q: In April 2007, someone offers you 7 yr bond w/ a 6% coupon or the total return of S&P, which do you take? A: 6% > 5.6%
Retweeted by David Schawel@pmarca @howardlindzon why Dropbox?@NoSleepCapital @jonsticha I'll be surprised if Jernigan goes that high but the cowboys are known to reachCalling it now. $NXST will be back at high before yr end. Aero will have to pay for content; retrans mo'; good ad yr; JSA px'd in; spectrum
Retweeted by David Schawel. @cpb24 is a great follow who rarely tweets but provides solid actionable investment ideas in the HY market@DavidSchawel how bout something actionable? If I nail this after RSH, TEVA, TWC calls = best picker w no followers. https://t.co/ywRbqAxfUi
Retweeted by David SchawelWould like to see the top chart by quartile http://t.co/QzHPmi7gm9@cpb24 good way to put itI'd characterize this phase/inning of the yield chase by investors willingness to sell liquidity for historically small premiumsGenerally not a fan of comparing bond yields to dividend yields however... http://t.co/7wJZ6OYY3TDoes anyone still use Sharespost and/or Secondmarket? Or were they just popular when people wanted access to FB and TWTR stock?@ThinkClubUK maybe he doesn't realize you can see who views your profile@ThinkClubUK whoa, you have a legitimate stalker?!?@mbusigin @M_C_Klein theory vs practice applies here. If not HF's then what? There's a cost of mgmt no matter what vehicle.Easy to say indexThe fact that it’s now mainstream conventional wisdom to avoid homeownership tells you something about how it’s priced relative to renting.
Retweeted by David Schawel@three2thirty yes"Right now 3% of the loans that Fannie and Freddie make are going to African-Americans and 5% are to Latinos." //Startlingly low“@LendingTree: Rates keep rising, get in before it's too late! " By rising you mean flat for 9 months?@ThinkClubUK nah, but I doubt the froth will emerge in the same exact spots due to negative connotations@M_C_Klein @conorsen Fair enough, but that also doesn't mean you've been ripped off as the article implies@ThinkClubUK structure was just equity & senior pieces 50/50... Sr piece at L+350@M_C_Klein @conorsen It's never as simple as the highest return etc...As a Bridgewater alum you understand risk-adjusted returns@conorsen from the perspective of the State Treasurer w/fiduciary duty, I don't see how you could justify a passive approach just bc of fees@conorsen Was sarcasm. I mean, there's going to be costs either way managing the money - some of the claims are outlandishSaw a proposed bank debt CDO deal cross my desk today - first of my knowledge since pre-crisis@hmeisler thanks!"The activist group crying foul on HF allocation prefers a passive 60% $SPY and 40% $TLT allocation" http://t.co/vO9vsRTuxg@georgepearkes You can't even reason with people like that. @zerohedge Who needs CapEx when you can pay 15 different Ronald McDonalds 1k each?@spz_trader thanks! hope you are well!Who would ever want to be a State Treasurer with crazies like this? http://t.co/vO9vsRTuxg@DividendMaster haven't looked at them yet@DividendMaster selling MBS and hanging out in Treasuries is a gutsy move - time will tell how smart@DividendMaster asset yields came in below street expectation, BV was roughly in line@jake_f nice!!Seeing some VERY creative structures coming in the ABS/CDO space...Last April it was Stein warning on levered carry trades, this April it's Williams http://t.co/Zs2DyrOjGrInflation breakeven curve starting to steepen somewhat after 2s5s became inverted in late FebruaryPE firm Ares Management seeks IPO, another sign of a stretched market?@InterestArb near a multi year high@crampell the correct comparison is rent versus own & the economics of that *today* not in 07. You miss many imp points including cheap debt
@IvanTheK the KFPR keeps falling....demographics?"The best part of twitter is hearing about new jobs for business journalists"@1_lot_hero the intention was to point out people selling bond funds as rates went up, and then stopping once yields fellPrice of the 10yr UST note versus total fund assets of $DBLTX - sadly retail investors "sold the bottom" http://t.co/uY1hMKWLP3"DoubleLine Likes Likes The Other Horses In Secretariat’s Stable" http://t.co/jaWDkN726E Pretty good headline by DealbreakerThe coincident to lagging ratio now lower or the same for four straight months & has appeared to lose any signal value w/ stock pricesCongrats to American @runmeb who won the Boston marathon!@Dutch_Book @StockJockey Yeah c'mon - very uncalled for @StockJockey
@munilass tiramisu is my fav dessert!@LaurenLyster @Convertbond the pendulum always swings too far & still sounds low when you compare it to 44% of the market in 2007@aneep Don't play dumb, he's mocking him by pointing out that he's taking up two seats@darrenrovell No need to humiliate that guy, Darren@JackHBarnes like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut.... never mindHappy Easter from NC! http://t.co/cCSAAsT4lr
@TheArmoTrader it's a really deep draft, you can get a very good player at 20 from what it looks like@TheArmoTrader or praying for the ping pong balls to fall their way?@TheArmoTrader where's your team at? Pebble beach?@GeorgeManiereg series has a long way to go@GeorgeManiereg terrible start!@IvanTheK we've all been there pal"Nothing in our Constitution says there's a sacred set of companies that will never be affected by new technology" http://t.co/UBmtu9KwSW
Retweeted by David Schawel@conorsen @mbusigin I roast coffee myself a few times a year - big time snob... unfortunately convenience still trumps sometimesHaving smooth fresh roasted coffee after suffering through "Char-bucks" during the week is a nice treat
@Nemo_incognito sounds like it's the big metros but need to take a deeper look@John_Hempton id be interested to see the distribution of the %'s in the US vs Sydney and the trend over time more so than absolute levels"half of all renters are now spending more than 30 percent of their income on housing" http://t.co/sKpkLBP3a1@MattVATech haha I don't live there!@jvposter was that from you or Casper?Slow day at work calls for some early 90's music http://t.co/MeaoH0sDKEHere's one for team tighter labor markets than people think http://t.co/YN2b7cItnI@oknotsomuch #FF to you for calling it "pop" #midwestisbest@groditi so you found @Morgan_03 ?I think I'm the only one logged on bloomberg IB today@SylvainBaude nice view!
The greater your wealth, the higher was your rate of return, 1987-2013 (from Piketty). http://t.co/D1ee6EoGgc
Retweeted by David SchawelWas a star football player placed above the law? http://t.co/D5U46oYcBL@ArchMcClure momentum says STL will win - Hawks need a strong start"Woman used fake $20 bills for Girl Scout cookies" Oh c'mon lady, seriously? http://t.co/mDYsjqD75f@ArchMcClure they ran out of gas, totally outplayed last 5-10mins
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