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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Contributor for CFA's Inside Investing blog. http://t.co/IRXXkA0ast

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@BromonaTheBrave don't you dare abandon them!@nayafia @pmarca returns could be worse than the investments she passed up, but still better than average seed returns@FedDocumentary main risk is the discount to BV widens.@careyescapital it pays a huge divvy, are you looking at the chart inclusive of that?$ZFC is a very attractive risk/reward..IMO you'll see strong total returns across a multitude of rate/vol environments over the next 9-12mo@IvanTheK @igoreilly TWTR was a nice prize for you@Dutch_Book just teasing @given2tweet@given2tweet too many people thought i was subtweeting them - I really was just subtweeting you!@EriosBearios Self loathing is okBeing snarky & pretending you're long a stock that's up big is a very tiresome jokeToday's @Muni_Mkt_Advis report has an article from Thomas Doe on "What issuers can learn from Taylor Swift"@PipCzar NZD w/ a 84 handle@ReformedBroker could she believe it was actually you?@Dutch_Book oh no, i'm so sorry man.... band 10 is brutal.... hang in there@jonsticha yes@naufalsanaullah @Wex2 agree - i do think falling EZ yields are putting some pressure on US yields too but not smart enough to say how much@DividendMaster securitized by royalties from the franchises@TheArmoTrader good for them!Applebees/IHOP out with a $1.4bil BBB rated term ABS whole business securitization@IvanTheK maybe but this hypothesis would be mkt bullish for next 1-2yrs (thus early hike), but then negative after that@IvanTheK how would that nuance be seen in stocks? W bonds you have the diff points of the curve etc@joshuademasi @IvanTheK yesPolicy error meaning too quick of a tightening/hike, leading to economic impact hence long end strengthContinue to wonder if a Fed policy error is being priced in with these recent UST moves@MacroHedge @naufalsanaullah kiwi for breakfast again@PipCzar I'm hoping for 0.80!With cash fleeing China, Beijing finds itself in a pickle http://t.co/l3GoCBXFmp@andrewlbeaton you're failing to account for the trajectory -he's hit a ton of line drives which are low & just get out but would keep going
@zhtroll agree on ABS$JGW has been a pure disaster - no other way to frame it"federal corporate tax receipts were $303B in the past twelve months, an increase of 11.4% versus a year ago" - First Trust
Retweeted by David Schawel@oinoatis :)@hmeisler @IvanTheK it's scary stuff@IvanTheK co-worker's friend was the doctor who passed away@conorsen @Hooper_Quant the out of work blockbuster video manager & former FL house flipper don't want to drive an 18 wheeler@KondorKawKaw what is it about you that screams "She'd love the senile one" ???@KondorKawKaw sounds like a sitcom$VIPS up 3,840% since its IPO in 2012, now a $12.2bil mkt cap@ArchMcClure @georgepearkes @conorsen To his credit, I've never seen a Duke grad with as much personality as George@georgepearkes @LadyFOHF @conorsen Go sit in the corner George@conorsen @georgepearkes on google finance nonethelessGuidance on Guggenheim AAA tax lien deal is S+95bps / 2yr@Chris_arnade many people have difficulty understanding nuanceObama floating the idea of a student loan jubilee@LadyFOHF @Pawelmorski you're just mad we didn't like your pac-man chart@talktoskirt huge pet peeveThe corporate move to Twitter continues, first @PIMCO, then @CreditSuisse and now @GoldmanSachs posting charts tooInbox: "Can Pfizer get it up for earnings?" #bluecard@mark_dow and maybe they aren't behind the curve in the first placeJust hit 100bps of 5s30s flattening since the last November's peakDoes the MOVE index even have a pulse anymore?@ericjackson how so? Doesn't appear they got them on the cheap
$NZDUSD starting off weak again http://t.co/e6M1KPH8Lx@LorcanRK out of prime funds to govt ones - euro bank commercial paper should sell off to account for these costs / illiquidity@LorcanRK coffee, alcohol, and twitter will get you through it@LorcanRK money market mutual funds... Isn't it like 3am over there?@davealevine 90% of my tweets are technical! ps: get off twitter, you're on vacation!Go into a prime fund w a floating NAV & gating fees for 2bps more or an UST fund w none? Bullish short USTs at the marginThis MMMF topic needs more attention. Floating NAV and gating will have big implications and spillover effects@IgorGreenwald you're in my state! That's a beautiful place, enjoy!@zerohedge I'm well aware, but you don't get paid for what should/could have happened....You don't short into 2.8 trillionFisher: Fed policy has caused "beer goggles" for market participants http://t.co/LIXjShS9hY@Fxflow precisely@ReformedBroker Twitter Capital LLC“@zerohedge: John Hussman: "Make No Mistake - This Is An Equity Bubble, And A Highly Advanced One" // He was bearish in 2009 too@jay_21_ depends if you fear duration more than credit risk@Claudia_Sahm such a Gladwell quote@IvanTheK "Twitter market minute, sponsored by....."@traderscrucible @IvanTheK but for the average person (not saying you) I would bet they are eating at a place where sugar is added@traderscrucible @IvanTheK disagree based on what? do you think many dishes are without added sugar?@davealevine great spot!@JustinVerlander arguably underrated too! People forget how dominant he wasAccording to Cranes, there's only a 1.3bp diff b/t prime & govt MMMF's -thus mkt believes CP & deposit yields will need to rise w/ new rulesWith institutional prime MMMF's moving to a floating NAV, will we see a switch to more fixed UST fund demands? Incremental UST demand?ML: We continue to recommend the move down in credit in securitized credit & reach for the higher yields in non-agency MBS & CMBS #honesty@DavidHaugh btw that MVP that Frank lost to a juiced up Giambi is a travesty@DavidHaugh @thekapman probably had trouble filling it up@Dutch_Book Hernandez's house?@ReformedBroker aka "dating"?
Why practice actually makes perfect, how to rewire your brain for better performance http://t.co/7ZkWEoa8na@DanielleMorrill what are some qualitative things that can better ascertain what's series a vs b?@JohnDarsie company has a membership@JohnDarsie it really is - just pure golf (no houses, etc)@JohnDarsie yes how did you know?Saturday http://t.co/C7j9Q3a0wt@nokamber @groditi right, would depend on lots of things: WAC vs current mtg rate, loan size, seasoning, etc@nokamber @groditi PSA accounts for the typical ramp up over the life of a mortgage while CPR is a straight annualized prepay rate@nokamber @groditi yes there's an inverse relationship between PSA/CPR and interest rates
And a great kid he was http://t.co/xD0ilZID3V@RussianBear #neversettle.@stewartij No dodge...40,000 genomes sequenced in the history of all time...going to billions...and Ilumina has 80-90% of the market.
Retweeted by David Schawel@Morgan_03 twitpic or it was "girl with the dragon tattoo"To Save Gaza, Destroy Hamas http://t.co/CT7Svc8laK@treehcapital @WilliamCohan in their position they can't simply say "we are just flying by the seat of our pants"@RussianBear well, we're all following you on here@treehcapital @WilliamCohan it's not that they aren't smart - it's that even the brightest are very limited in what they can predict@GeorgeManiereg I'm very average@ReinsuranceM that bitesBorrower behind loan pulled from Goldman Sachs CMBS in Nov faced w' lawsuit by C-III: http://t.co/egH3ywcB7m
Retweeted by David SchawelHitting the driving range on Friday - a summer tradition http://t.co/4YWBkahxGI
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