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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Contributor for CFA's Inside Investing blog. http://t.co/IRXXkzI1el

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@GeorgeManiereg @NHLBlackhawks Who knows, a long way to go still!@GeorgeManiereg go blackhawks!@gadawgck @quantingaway @clintopotamus big reason I'm long $WD - taking massive share of multifam originationsWhile I don't think they're overbuilding multifamily, I *do* think the upscale aspect will go out of favor & properties will age poorly@CapCube hard to say, I think the vanity of "upscale" will age poorly@hmeisler haven't seen it yetSeems to be no end to the "upscale" apartment complexes going up around here #multifamilyboom http://t.co/oJa0U6JFXu
@quantingaway you and others deem the advantages to outweigh the negatives, so you could always leave!@georgepearkes it is what it is!@quantingaway I mean... I loved living in NYC, but I understand why it's not on the listHere's the Gallup "Well-Being Index" showing the top 10 US communities for overall well-being http://t.co/u8gtJv9Z8XHawks win!!!! #Blackhawks@georgepearkes @Nonrelatedsense @ArchMcClure George- I'm more than ecstatic you're rooting for the #Blackhawks@hilarycakes supposedly people mostly post only the good things (makes sense) and omit all the problems they're having@hilarycakes studies say social media makes people depressed@sspencer_smb just delaying the inevitable@dpp222000 @SI_PeterKing because that is a determining factor of who's a good QB? I don't think being a GM is in your future pal!@dpp222000 @SI_PeterKing Rivers might make them a playoff team@SI_PeterKing @dpp222000 Rivers can probably give you 4 more great years- in the NFL that's huge@georgepearkes point taken@MattVATech @talktoskirt yeah but she seems to be talking about the people that are pursuing a relationship@georgepearkes What's quaint about a $TOL NYC luxury building?Good stuff by George. Many sectors leveraging up but deleveraging of Financials skews the aggregate https://t.co/jNyAZitUYJ@lizNNP ha, not sure I'm a celebrity@AbiolaHP the ridicule comes in their P&L, and if not they're just spectatorsValuation apathy setting in for US Stocks? 71% of participants feel stocks are "fairly value".@PAntompietri overconfidence in any outcome in this environment is dangerous@PAntompietri I don't rule out anythingAs always, 91% of Barron's survey participants think the 10y yield will be higher in one year. Improvement from 100% last survey.Scary earthquake today in Kathmandu- thoughts and prayers to the people there@nicolatheron @IvanTheK this is one of your greatest tweets Nicola!@YodleMeHere thanks, will send you an invite
@jalex2003 that's amazing@JasmineM___ ok, what about it?Except for the residential mortgage market, there's almost no borrower that will be turned away in today's yield hungry environmentBrowsing AngelList and it's unbelievable how many alternative lending startups are out there. Risk moving out of regulated banks rapidly.Lennar combining single & multi family housing http://t.co/lLs7A4DBE3@IvanTheK early exit for Sid the Kid@thetailchaser @BarbarianCap anyone who has owned financial assets since '09 is beyond thrilled@BarbarianCap half the people think it's the most hated and half the most lovedWhat you should know about the Armenian genocide http://t.co/Tceg48IukI http://t.co/mjhxquebFq@CounterHedge it's obvious but there's times when valuation matters for stocks more than others so it really depends on when@CounterHedge sounds like a straw man argument - who would say valuation doesn't matter at all?@SI_PeterKing at this point the average fan doesn't really care anyways@LadyFOHF lots of puns@Dutch_Book yes but I don't think the incremental 3 months really matter, at this point you either think we're ready or you don't@Dutch_Book still not moving your goalposts?? That's some hope!@Jesse_Livermore that's why *good faith* is specified@shaneferro @Gawker get off the plane in NC, you'll be amazed at how in shape the NYC crowd isUncommon to hear from people in the media but probably true https://t.co/s4dsoScJaT@IvanTheK $LAFF@Morgan_03 i've talked about it many times! https://t.co/q9kf2vVswm@DividendMaster all the 05-07 peak loans maturing in the next year or two, big opportunity for $WD to take large shareHuge move in $IMH - integration from their online originator looking good so far @17thStCap$WD to join S&P SmallCap 600; immediately pops 4%+ on the news. Nice call @DavidSchawel
Retweeted by David Schawel@georgepearkes @deuxetvingt all negative prints since last July?@IvanTheK is this an auto tweet now for weekdays at 7am?
@The_Analyst there's been a bunch of senior citizen social networks tried@michaelsantoli that's a good line! And true!@mark_dow you just get tired of it?@michaelsantoli saw him pitch once at Wrigley but was too young to remember muchBronto, a startup that took zero VC funding, was sold to Netsuite for $200mil today http://t.co/aVDsdlKIIO Not everyday you see this@michaelsantoli @CramersShirt Fun fact: I was a freshman in high school when Bartolo was a rookiePeeps still not digging bank loans this year http://t.co/VjBTXxsMvu@krscapital @jamis8891 the dead trader or the blogger @Jesse_Livermore ?@conorsen @stuartawillson @jvposter full study: http://t.co/voUDIi36rJ@jvposter @conorsen Study: Decline in African-American players overstated http://t.co/zrAhHbmnU1The Potential Insolvency of Chicago Public Schools and the Stickiness of Credit Ratings http://t.co/RUBdPKP5eO @tomkozlik @JoeMysak
Retweeted by David Schawel@ReutersLegal @jennablan who knew there are banana moguls?!@carney also TBV multiples@carney slope of the yield curve?@Kelly_Evans @CNBC fresh roasted coffee ala Oren's Daily Roast etc?Lawsky on the tape talking about how subprime auto loans create "a disalignment of incentives for lenders" h/t @JodyShenn $ALLY $SCFrozen & more families taking vacations? $DIS up over 16% YTD@HFMLarryBird first stock you've tweeted about that I own... usually I have no idea what you're talking aboutApple buys 3,600 acres in NC... "Apple plans to use the timber in the production of paper packaging for it products" http://t.co/5lQRz0tmyBDurham donut shop named one of the nations best http://t.co/YDxyPrgtqt Description is a clear knock on Duke$BK coming with a 5yr fix-float deal (potentially driven by CCAR results?), price talk around 5%@IvanTheK the acidophilus of Wall Street
@Jesse_Livermore like I said earlier https://t.co/QeoEWJTysH@carletonenglish no way I'm letting go an opportunity for a pun with a guy named Deets@carletonenglish lol, yes, but it was a pun on his name!@carletonenglish thanks for the deets@groditi do you think the inclusion of this data is justified given the impact of the liability repricing helping debt service?@PScatterpatter love those stocks@IvanTheK do you think that would cause insider trading to be worse?I wish all stocks were like $V and $MA@Nonrelatedsense -4.3% over 1yr? OuchStill really like $WD and the multi-fam origination story https://t.co/5ChNeJM8ko@barnejek You mean limiting losses.. He is off side by 20ticks on 50k 158/161 strangle ... his tweet was not innocent
Retweeted by David Schawel@IvanTheK Paper trading has its benefitsLife is never fair but it's amazing that London "spoof trader" may end up in prison while Mozillo, Corzine, & others skate free.@MSGCapital @NHLBlackhawks boom!!!!!!@davealevine @EquityNYC bottom line I think both are expensive but impossible to know the relative comparison given the environment@davealevine @EquityNYC You can have an expensive 10% yielding bond and a cheap 2% bond, so I don't look at things quite like that.
@davealevine @EquityNYC that FI is "clearly more expensive" than equities@davealevine @EquityNYC with so much uncertainty & unprecedented policy I think it's dangerous to make such assumptions@davealevine @EquityNYC that's a loaded question!@conorsen even in a place like CA? Hard time believing it's less efficient than other forms of stimulus (american recovery plan etc)What's the argument against fiscal stimulus via high speed trains? http://t.co/mxxOf1qdgd
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