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Dented Meat @DentedMeat @5by5 Chatroom

The story so far: In the beginning DentedMeat was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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.@siracusa What an incredible Cinderella story!.@daringfireball @gruber “No, no. Dig UP, stupid!” https://t.co/AZztRdMUGB
@johnchidgey /me raises eyebrow and nods knowingly in @johnchidgey’s direction http://t.co/LmYhQLHXKP
Hey everyone, @DentedMeat is back, and he’s making 🍸!
Retweeted by Dented MeatNew MacBook Air Ad Shows Apple’s Out of Ideas Because It Shows An Existing Product Instead of One It Hasn’t Announced Yet
Retweeted by Dented Meat@marcoarment for the coffee, yes. But, speaking as a guacamole addict, their Haas avocados are second to none.@reneritchie @gte @beeso @danbenjamin @hotdogsladies @jsnell this. They don’t call him “BENDIS!” for nothing..@tiffanyarment sorry, since receiving my @studioneat Neat Ice Kit, I can no longer be held responsible for the content of my tweets. 🍸🍹🍸🍹🍸.@tiffanyarment yes, ma’am!! http://t.co/10cZNfay41@haddiebird quite jealous! @saltandstraw was the highlight of my last trip to Portland. 🍨@caseyliss @ismh @imyke OMG the 8-bit sequence in that commercial makes me weak in the knees 👾💕God help @marcoarment if the Trader Joe’s fans hear the latest episode of the Pragmatic Podcast. #brutal http://t.co/YSSV7xUa8C@sensibleworld did you see @alyankovic made a song about your Sportsball T-shirt? https://t.co/2CzKlgQ1f1 https://t.co/haCRen9Lmj
@jsnell @danbenjamin @brando_minich I think you’re thinking of, “Put that coffee down!!”@jcenters @ismh @OvercastFM when this podcast hits 88 mph, you’re gonna hear some serious [Smart Speed Enabled]@AlbatrossDecon @imyke who says he didn’t?Pouring out a plate of pasta for @_theprompt. 😢🍝“I called (555) SHOW CANCL and had my show cancelled before it ever started! Thanks, @imyke!”* * @DentedMeat is a paid product spokesjackal.@izs @siracusa What’s really going to bake your noodle is what if NaN was a number?@ismh 😪
As a public service to others, I pledge to repeatedly flush whenever someone takes a call in the restroom. #TheMoreYouKnow 💫
.@reneritchie @dwiskus Can I be the sidekick for The TV Show podcast that feeds you the names of all the GoT characters you can’t remember?@GlennF @hotdogsladies @theincomparable and you could interview them as you travel to the lobby in vintage elevators@GlennF @hotdogsladies @CKinniburgh @theincomparable hmm. it’s good, but needs a hook. how about “Podcasters in Elevators Getting Coffee”?
@DentedMeat @CKinniburgh @theincomparable PUT that dirigible…DOWN.
Retweeted by Dented Meat@theincomparable @hotdogsladies @CKinniburgh Third prize is - you’re Glenn. Get the picture?@hotdogsladies but of course you have, Mr. Sanfrancisco Fancypants! I bet the two of you commissioned a @lonelysandwich film of the meeting@hotdogsladies @CKinniburgh @theincomparable Always Be Incomparable@CKinniburgh @hotdogsladies @theincomparable I think you're thinking of “Glenning the Cube”@hotdogsladies @theincomparable How about “The Unmentionables” since mentioning what’s said in the chat room only makes them stronger.@theincomparable @hotdogsladies I can already see the t-shirts: “I am Glenn”@hotdogsladies @theincomparable Dirigeables?Me, DentedMeat, agree with Grimlock! My only regret is not knowing about the Transformers 4 drinking game earlier. http://t.co/sYw4mkEZnV@ksliech me * 5 times today 😡Hearing Bumblebee “speak” “I’m perfectly calm, Dude” in Walter’s voice almost made Transformers 4 worthwhile. Almost. Ok. Not really.I will not post on twitter today. I will not post on twitter today. I will not post on twitter today. I will not post on twitter today. wait@theloop @jdalrymple yup - that facebook response was quite enlightening. 😕 http://t.co/ig7KFKue6G
I can neither confirm nor deny that I was consulted as a subject matter expert for today’s Dilbert: http://t.co/8GuBOIC0D9
"Equivalent, Sausage-like Fingers." — @siracusa on @atpfm If that's not today's @atpfm episode title, I'm taking my ball & going home
@ismh oh no! 😢 🚘💥🚕💨
@inkedmn 🍻
@imyke @atpfm @mattalexand “Skin that smokewagon and see what happens…” 🔫😠
@SageOlson @caseyliss But of course!.@caseyliss ugh. “tuh-ple” sounds like something from a Grey Poupon commercial..@siracusa or like @siracusa’s “MAY-rio” (Mario) /cc @reneritchie @hotdogsladies
@craigmod @swilliams I was wondering why he kept insisting I put the lotion in the basket.
@marcoarment Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. The bokeh is simply dreamy. /cc @tapbot_paul
@jessiechar I will… in spirit. :( /cc @hotdogsladies @scottsimpson@imyke @ismh 🇺🇸💚🇬🇧@imyke @ismh Now you’ve me wondering how many colloquial variations there are on “Put a [angry insect] in your [body part/head covering]”@imyke don’t listen to @ismh. “Put a flea in your ear” is totally a thing we say in the States. Really. #⌘Space💯There’s a fine line between adequate water pressure and “accidental bidet” water pressure.
@ismh two outta three ain't bad, right?@danbenjamin @moiseschiu @Ergotron @marcoarment so you chose the “Fly by Night” option?@danbenjamin @moiseschiu @Ergotron @marcoarment if you choose not to decide (on expedited shipping), you still have made a choice
@danbenjamin I think you just summed up the plot for Transformers 4 in a single tweet. /cc @moiseschiu @joelhousmanCurrent status: ☕️
@imyke do you even have to ask?
@inkedmn likewise!!Boarding 5hr plane ride jacked on Sightglass Coffee. ✨😳💥✈️Adios, SFO! Great catching up with @imyke & @ismh and hanging with the jackals at the @5by5 party thanks to @danbenjamin & @haddiebird!USA Today captures @siracusa amongst the natives. http://t.co/9GLCrvQ9O2 http://t.co/ud5GhJHY2c
@ksliech @haddiebird it's near the intersection of Alone & Abandoned #friendless@ksliech @haddiebird at the corner of Lost & Confused@ksliech @haddiebird I think you're thinking of "annulment"@kimroen yeah, we good. @haddiebird@haddiebird thanks auto-(mis)correct@ksliech @siracusa @afwaller he was at Super Duper enjoying a burger with extra mustard while no one was looking..@imyke is my hero. /cc @ismh @caseyliss@ismh I resemble that tweet. *hiccup*Jackal powers engaged. Hope they get me through the madness that is a WWDC Thursday night. http://t.co/czWxX538Vv
@moiseschiu @caseyliss #jealousMost prized possession of WWDC 2014. http://t.co/7CRhDv3P6wDid you come to the @5by5 party? Here’s our video from the meetup! http://t.co/sdYGAGo8Lj
Retweeted by Dented Meat.@danbenjamin Cinderella story. Outta nowhere.@ismh I'd tap (to share) thatJoin me, @superpixels, @arnoldkim, and @haddiebird live for a special … something today at 6pm ET at http://t.co/3Rj6hvFHyP
Retweeted by Dented Meat@uffel @viticci 2016: The Year of #PastaAtFive@faitherina oh bugger. Safe travels back to ATX! ✈️👋TIL that @imyke can't say "Handoff"without giggling.@imyke stop. It.Tune in to hear us now. RT @5by5: Bionic with @mattalexand & @imyke is starting now - http://t.co/PxRgPmP27T
Retweeted by Dented Meat@marcoarment he's waiting for the people who don't "exit to the right of the theater"@faitherina are you still in SF? Can a jackal buy you a chai latte?@imyke !!!!!Guys. Me and @mattalexand are getting ready to record Bionic. And we're going to STREAM IT LIVE. #GETREADY
Retweeted by Dented Meat
@ttscoff @afwaller So say we all!Filed under "Things you only hear in SF": "…so yeah of you want to step on the gecko…" WAT?@kimahlberg @ksliech @thetalkshow Handsome!@imyke @sensibleworld @ismh … and my axe!!! Oh wait. Wrong movie.My biggest disappointment of WWDC thus far: I haven’t seen @ttscoff.@tiffanyarment safe travels! ✈️@_DavidSmith @imyke I think I need to lie down.So has anyone told @siracusa they secretly replaced his Sprite with Sierra Mist at @thetalkshow?@QManning @moiseschiu #Punisher \oo/ O_O \oo/@faitherina likewise! 😉@faitherina do I have to say it? Are you going to really make me say it?! It's bad enough you're making me admit that I have a conscienceWell, great. Finally got to meet @faitherina in person and now I feel bad for being such a jackal in the chatroom. #JackalGuilt
If you have a fun time at the live @thetalkshow, be sure to thank @jessiechar!/me pours one out for @drunkgruber
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