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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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@Swampfox1014 @Po_st He says he is a republican@EDinCali @Po_st I guess his body guards protect him when ISIS comes after him
Retweeted by Ed Canis Lupus Libre-U.S. Government Releases Predators Against Its Own People http://t.co/gYvvOx7sac via @EPA_AbuseThen we have this guy-Geraldo Rivera Calls the Second Amendment “Blind and Stupid” http://t.co/HC9V3wRBE4 via @po_stDoing great work again-Reverend Franklin Graham helping a spouse of a wounded soldier with her fishing pole http://t.co/AX3HlxeuZUPresident Obama Job Approval http://t.co/WM6z7c64wD@ott_deb @RegisGiles labor day has different meanings for different folksObama is the 1st President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner. #uniteblue #tcot #ctot
Retweeted by Ed @smdailyjournal Tell them to get in line, there is also a marine in Mexican prison that Obama is ignoringWarning: Any Day Now, ISIS Could Cripple America With A Devastating Nationwide Attack On This http://t.co/dAdRfpPulj via @po_st@ott_deb @GrindTV :)‘Laboring’ Away: The Obama’s Labor Day Weekend Filled with Three Fundraisers and a Wedding http://t.co/bP6nXKIsgo via @regisgilesVideo: Top Republican flays Harry Reid http://t.co/cfXSB2hwCI via @worldnetdailyAbusive elephant owner tries to get Raju back - http://t.co/xv1RuRFCiC: http://t.co/akM5LIxuhE via @GrindTVEPA is Developing Secret Maps They Don't Want You to Know About - Conservative Byte http://t.co/sCZ5eGMxhA via @conservativebytWell suffer this! Former Jihadist: Young Extremists Suffering ‘Identity Crisis’ https://t.co/poVDxAYJtC@EDinCali think bigger...how about the USA!
Retweeted by Ed They are enemies of our country-Intel Chair: Hundreds of Americans Have Fought with ISIS; Some Have Returned to U.S. https://t.co/H3hIiQGk44Joke this! On CNN, Imam Jokes About 9/11 https://t.co/kcTmdxKZNx@EDinCali Hillbilly is the white equivalent of the "N" word.
Retweeted by Ed I wouldn't want to be a country in a position of depending on Americas protection while Obama is President...Say like TaiwanCreeping Commies-Hong Kong Activists Planning Civil Disobedience After China Bans Open Elections https://t.co/VXdBMijano@1969tttt It was meant to be derogatory by the brazillian@acceptjesusnow @1969tttt Especially when you're shooting at some food and out of the ground comes a bubbling crude :)@Swampfox1014 ...they say the watermelon always tastes better out of someone elses patch@Swampfox1014 That's right, I remember :)Mind numbingly stupid policies-Taxpayers Shouldn’t Have to Support Leftist Foreign Policy Centers at Universities http://t.co/8OoeUj9pmGHow Cities and Counties Can Free Workers & Taxpayers from Bullying Unions http://t.co/xSA88h7OOR via @ARKloster @DailySignalDue to Obama/Hillary meddling Islamist Militia Now Guards US Embassy in Libya http://t.co/Ldk06XTxBN via @joewmillerLooney Tunes-Oh My: Dems More Afraid of Climate Change Than ISIS http://t.co/O32TrZ0LEz via @joewmillerThe Dem way: Govt Subsidized Planned Parenthood Raising $16 Million to Keep Senate in Democrat Hands http://t.co/xy11laQBHt via @joewmiller@EDinCali she is a black liberal and therefore --like Sharpton has a free ride--- It allows her to be politically incorrect---
Retweeted by Ed Why is it ok for rancid political operatives like donna brazille to call folks "hillbillies" who criticize obama?..No ramifications for her?@Swampfox1014 Of course I have read l'amour...I like it over near GalwayDonna Brazile insults most of U.S. by saying "concerns that Obama have a "strategy" on #ISIS are "craven political ravings of hillbillies"
Retweeted by Ed @jeanniemcbride Time to expose this rancid political tool@JimmyCoyoteLoco That should give holder & co enough time to shred docs and erase hard drives#Obama~ #Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance. http://t.co/ts4LxA2WaV
Retweeted by Ed One thing's for sure Ed, the current Mickey Mouse U.S foreign policy is so contradicting that Obama can't even keep up with it. @EDinCali
Retweeted by Ed Satellites Show Ice Cap is Thicker and Covers 1.7 Million Square Kilometres More than 2 Years Ago http://t.co/OTOmnS5ZkC via @joewmillerIreland’s most expensive properties - your dream castle or mansion (PHOTOS) http://t.co/6SX630A49rHow will the islamic govt of Turkey react to the west supplying the Kurds the weapons they need to battle the isis islamics?@TheEricErbShow Same to you Eric!VA Scandal Continues: Sweetheart Auditor Assigned to Investigate Hospitals http://t.co/u48v98ranQ via @po_stVideo: London: Britain Unveils Powers To Strip Suspected Islamist Fighters Of P… http://t.co/5TDHrl8h3g
Retweeted by Ed Pollster: Obama's Amnesty 'Would Not Be A Positive' For Dems | The Daily Caller http://t.co/oCJfnic5BB #tcot #teaparty #obama #sgp #tgdn
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Please check out my first attempt to blog.http://t.co/mkjbJC32Lp Feedback welcomed. RT appreciated.
Retweeted by Ed
Like this from Heritage to GOP: If you want to catch a wave you have to paddle....2014 mid termsGlass house: Samantha Power lectures Russia to tell the truth...theater of the absurd@MorteAiTiranni truth is stranger than fictionUK Soldier Converts to Islam, Gets Surgery, Becomes First Transgender Gay Muslim Woman | FrontPage Magazine http://t.co/rZifYenzn1Arctic Ice Cap Expands by 41 Percent in Two Years; Al Gore Thought It Might Be Gone by Now http://t.co/SVzUAG1shW
Retweeted by Ed @slone @LenaSiberian San Jose Calif has had 2 major attacks on its power grid and the public has heard little or nothing about it@WAGNERGIRLE @Warwick7th @dkzades @GOP :)@WAGNERGIRLE @Warwick7th @dkzades @GOP I have heard of flag, touch and tackle football before :)@Callisto1947 @JimmyCoyoteLoco Typical dem style, everyone else pays for itResult of 6 yrs of Obama/Hillary/Kerry & Co foreign policy? Our friends dont trust us, enemies dont fear us...and world is on fire@Pilot0360 @neilweekes I don't like to see their ears lowered when they're staring at me..AND I am unarmed@prfekrdumbrella Hi Melody...Good to see your bright smiling Patriotic face on my tl this AM :)Did MSM report this? These U.S. Allies Did Something Major Behind Obama's Back, And He Will NOT Be Happy http://t.co/KjLKZcrieC via @po_stExclusive - Mexican Diplomat: Sgt. Tahmooressi Will Be Released 'Sooner or Later' http://t.co/I7gLM0WHLR via @BreitbartNewsObama Goes Fund Raising as Islamists Threaten America http://t.co/FFgnsmClOA via @po_stWhen a lawyer dons a black robe does that automatically give him honesty and integrity?@Stephen_Gash Because that is the federal responsibility, states now allowed by lawWhat passes nowadays as "the quest for civil rights" is mostly a demand for redistribution of wealth through the power of government. #tcot
Retweeted by Ed Judge Finishes Striking Down Ban on Polygamy http://t.co/TyU5m3tPzJ via @po_st@tahDeetz But coal industry leaders are clueless, disorganized when it comes to getting their message out to the public@EDinCali a "reduced capacity check due new EPA regulations" should cover it. Advertise it up front.
Retweeted by Ed @jjauthor and Germany will show how get bankrupted by letting the left guide your energy policues#BB4SP: Michael Brown Allegedly Involved In Second Degree Murder Case http://t.co/vzUsP9iLXd http://t.co/mCVUzGo31j
Retweeted by Ed @20committee @tahDeetz All dependent on how the MSM wants to spin itA shame all those lives, not to mention our troops, and he hands it to ISIS. We need to kill them and walk away. @EDinCali
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Trust me, I know, Californians will be paying $1.00 per gallon to Sacremento to pay for AlGores hoax...and liberals will spend all
Retweeted by Ed I would like to see the coal industry do a few rolling blackouts of their power plants to see how valuable coal is to our modern societyHow about some of our leaders getting up on their hind legs making law American citizens fighting for jihadists not be allowed back in US?How many water and hydro electric dams are being attacked by the left/enviros in order to return rivers to natural states? How about us?@Apolloslair Follow the money@AuthorAnnBaker Nobody gets out of here aliveThe msm is the main tool in the fraud being perpetrated against the public by perpetuating global warming myths and demonizing carbon fuel@AuthorAnnBaker Tough one Beka...At least he didn't make you shoot himAs the truth starts to be revealed on the fraud and bankruptcy of green energy, they say it only needs a bit more of YOUR money to succeedAll you have to do to see where the lefts (Obamas war on fossil fuel) energy policies will take us is look to Germanys green energy failureObama won't reinforce the border because it will show he has failed-Imminent Terror Attack Warning By Feds on Border http://t.co/64wYJHEhnu@masquer08er I thought sping was a more powerful expression@AuthorAnnBaker @Krishnafred Arkancide=Gunshot to to back of the head@MathewSHarrison I think that's closer to the truth AND Obama could show us his/the lefts mastery of nation building done right@geronimo100 @Ironwand But the left hates fossil fuelsWords coming back to haunt: Germany says solar is path to bankruptcy-http://t.co/BLnPfQatZf@EDinCali @Po_st Ambitious plans for a "JV" squad...
Retweeted by Ed @AuthorAnnBaker @Krishnafred The left feels that happened to their honest and integrous John F MurthaCan someone please explain why it was important for the Obama administration to kill the leader of Libya Moammar Gadaffi, who was our ally?Terrifying: What Was Just Found On This ISIS Laptop Shows They Are Plotting To Kill Millions http://t.co/ojf1WAJYCJ via @po_stHeard about the chinese chef who was killed by the cobra he was preparing for dinner@EDinCali I think #Kerry is playing catch-up in the MidEast ... or maybe Catsup?
Retweeted by Ed The rubber is now hitting the road w the adolescent left being in charge of our foreign policy for 6 years@SaCDav Germany let the left take charge of their energy policy and now they are on the brink of energy collapse...Adolescent reasoningHave no fear, the haughty and illustrious John F Kerry will set things straight in the mideastSatellites; ice cap is thicker & covers 1.7million square kms MORE than 2 yrs ago...Gore's said no ice by now! http://t.co/nKTm5foyxV
Retweeted by Ed @SaCDav Either way it is back to hunter gatherer status@RealJamesWoods @RiskRank But the real work is done at the 19th hole
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