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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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Chicago shootings since Friday: 8 dead, 27 injured... http://t.co/qvuZXII3yu via @sharethis
Retweeted by Ed @andilinks @BigFatDave :)@PatDollard You should take a look at what is going on south of our border@Nan_Imburgia @Hilary_Farr @sunlorrie @RDSimper This one will make the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon pale@andilinks @BigFatDave Whoever drew that picture doesn't know how bullets actually work@CraigR3521 He was drunk the day his mamma got out of prison...But before he could see her she was run over by a train (a damned ole train)@PaulSmithTO @sunlorrie @RDSimper I always have a friendship w/the sparrows, larks, ravens, gulls, doves, falcons, hawks, pigeons that visitAs I watch NBA playoffs, remember not long ago the refs were throwing games in order to win their bets/ point spreads. Is it happening now?@Hilary_Farr :) Always appreciate my friends in the north@mistervermin @sunlorrie @RDSimper How do those spotted owls taste?@EDinCali @sunlorrie @RDSimper On Bright Side, live near Wind Farm & get free Bird Parts for Stews & Pies #onpoli
Retweeted by Ed @exposeliberals Even worse are bird deaths from wind turbines/solarWSJ: More Than $1 Billion in Superstorm Sandy Aid Could Be Spent Around the Country http://t.co/Gedw3XH2K5
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @RDSimper Nope. "Do as I say, not as I do" is their official motto.
Retweeted by Ed Here in Calif, after years of whacko rule by the left.The breadbasket of the US, now in our markets much of the food is from other countries@sunlorrie @RDSimper :) Never a lack of hypocrisy from the left and that clan@EDinCali @RDSimper I think it's finally getting underway despite fierce opposition from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Which is hilarious.
Retweeted by Ed @sunlorrie @RDSimper I hope they can hear the familiar whump whump of the turbines as they chop up the indigenous bird populationPaycheck Fairness Act-Affordable Care Act...What do they have in common? Both purposely misnamed-Both do the opposite of what they claimThe Paycheck Fairness Act Will Harm, Not Help, Women http://t.co/Bh10pNqK3h via @Heritage@gretawire @SharylAttkisson Yr not too shabby yourself Greta :).@WestWingReport the federal excise tax of 18.4 cents per gallon is roughly double what any oil firm makes off a gallon of gas in profit.
Retweeted by Ed @gretawire @SharylAttkisson I'll 2nd that!@SharylAttkisson it is true. I call it like I see it. I would not have said that if I did not think you earned all our respect.
Retweeted by Ed @BarbaraLedeen @RosieGray @BuzzFeed Sid Vicious@JBrenn @dcexaminer The big union push is to get all govt employees unionized..The final goal is to unionize the armed forces@JBrenn @dcexaminer LOL!@RDSimper @sunlorrie What happened to that wind turbine complex slated to be installed near the kennedy compound?@sunlorrie Not one of al gores Inconvenient truthsThe ONLY diversity that needs to be accomplished in our schools/ universities:Political Diversity. The left has a stranglehold on education@EDinCali They ignore she stepped on the necks of Native Americans to get there, making her ragtime about privilege all the more galling.
Retweeted by Ed @DonIrvine There are people in other time zones who haven't seen it@JazzShaw Softy Scott Brown let her off the hook for her lying, now we have her as a senatorMore Magazine does a puff piece on Elizabeth Warren, ignoring how she lied her way into Harvard claiming she was a minority@gretawire @SharylAttkisson Any investigative journalist delve into the Obama glossed over scandals w/ the same zeal as Watergate?@SharylAttkisson they are lucky to have you
Retweeted by Ed @SharylAttkisson Is non partisan investigative journalism encouraged at UC Berkeley? Or only real/imagined transgressions of the right?Looking forward to heading to UC Berkeley for the Investigative Reporting Logan Symposium...I'll be moderating a panel entitled...
Retweeted by Ed Join me w/@MichelleFields, @yaronbrook, @BoschFawstin @TheIPT, @putzelthemovie's @jasonchaet and your phone calls on @wlsam890 at 9PMCT.
Retweeted by Ed @singley9 @jjauthor @chadsdaddy ONLY will happen if MSM does its job as a free press to inform the ignorant public@jjauthor @EDinCali @chadsdaddy Gosh, do you think Reid will say that we can't have Americans ignoring the law in reference to Cummings?
Retweeted by Ed @GayPatriot @WestWingReport @instapundit 2009 Obamas energy chief Chu wants to make US gasoline same price as Europe http://t.co/XGcCtrlMHj@littlebytesnews @AP Send them here...we'll eat themObama Really Did Not Know! ----> http://t.co/mePmGO633y #tcot
Retweeted by Ed Pay raise! “@chadsdaddy: Hypocrite Elijah Cummings Conspired With IRS To T... The Vote http://t.co/P3nWLT3RQr - http://t.co/TFajxvlPEL
Retweeted by Ed @USFWSMtnPrairie How far away is the desert tortoise refuge from las vegas?@littlebytesnews Takes time out to talk Ukraine, while fighting our greatest threat: Global WarmingWestern states move to take over federal land... http://t.co/fJPh3STb4h
Retweeted by Ed @lonniestewart2 @Softpedia 100 times smarterMy favorite bird....if anyone cares :) 10 Amazing Facts about Ravens http://t.co/XjUQdDCJfZ via @softpediaHappy 18 th birthday @JonathanOsteen @JoelOsteen @VictoriaOsteen love and best wishes 🎂
Retweeted by Ed @artchoffin @politico It shows some of the motives behind certain patriotic sounding figures/organizations is not prophetic, but profitWhat's getting in to Fox? Fox executive fired over Flight 370 charity email | Comcast http://t.co/udK7RETPVT@lutsinger That too of course...But the real solution is vouchers for all school age children to bring competition for better educationShould These Payments Be Disclosed? Glenn Beck has received $6 million from FreedomWorks http://t.co/jPdH9ysJnL via @POLITICO@lutsinger Perhaps if retirement pmts started at age 65, there might be enough in school budgets to provide classroom supplies‘I Was Hurt, & Angry’: Elizabeth Warren Whines About Attacks On Her Fraudulent Claim To Native American Heritage http://t.co/n87CvpoTJs
Retweeted by Ed @EWDolan We must pay for birth control and out of wedlock children...Because accdn'g to Obama/Left: It takes a villageCardinal defending Hobby Lobby tells female reporter: Women can get birth control at 7-11 http://t.co/nyCpAX1fv7
Retweeted by Ed Happy Resurrection Day! Join me for Special #Easter Webcast NOW Discussing Christ & how to gain wisdom http://t.co/VnyXWTztyV #EasterSunday
Retweeted by Ed @EktropicEpic @Newsmax_Media Top Chinese General said China was willing to lose couple of hundred million casualties in nuke exchange w/ US@Lonestar357 Just counting actual workdaysLOL! Rouhani says Iranian women not second class citizens http://t.co/AefWzA7sKn via @YahooNewsNumber of cable ‘cord cutters’ continues to rise http://t.co/3mAkc7qYpvChinese Editorial: US Soldiers 'Not Worth Anything' http://t.co/Y8ThVu9CoO via @Newsmax_MediaIsn't that special? More from the religion of peace-BBC News - Pakistan library named after Osama Bin Laden http://t.co/SPo4hWEWKuThe real story of #obamacare-Dear President Obama http://t.co/tqhhIsIx4A via @HuffPostPolCount summer vacays/easter/christmas- What hours do teachers really work? http://t.co/aPmyWp6g7MShock: HuffPo finally admits the existence of global cooling http://t.co/JEUEMRkt85 via @BreitbartNewsIsrael and Egypt: A Natural [Gas] Match: http://t.co/cCmSTBbbmT via @themotleyfoolMore from the religion of "peace"-14 more Nigeria schoolgirls escape Islamists http://t.co/hUIz3BhoCU via @YahooNewsJustin Bieber Deport Petition: The White House Responds In Statement https://t.co/Zw3Ob16edD via @YahooCelebrityWho to believe?Not accdn't g to Carney-NYT's Editor:"I would say most secretive White House that I have ever covered" http://t.co/EumpYs1rum@jjauthor @ericbolling To help "Surfer Dude" pursue his dreams..Isn't that special?@jjauthor @FBNStossel "Geniuses" Like Elon Musk & John Dillinger, go to where the money isThis should be very entertaining-Roseanne Barr to Host New Series on Extreme Helicopter Moms | RoseanneWorld http://t.co/fbl3lgfkNl@jjauthor He and the left have weaponized govt against USThe Shameful Hypocrisy of the Modern Green Movement http://t.co/c0MP952l7qBig Labor Escalates Tactics as Mid-terms Approach http://t.co/U5Ta1AFEsGBoeing Provides a Spark to the Economy http://t.co/Zl3hkUz44RBOOM: 100′s of Parents & Students Try to STOP Michelle Obama Speaking at Their HS Graduation http://t.co/yfF87Y1i8h via @Doug_Giles@DailyCaller That would be deemed racistJohn Adams"In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress.
Retweeted by Ed @Brian_Sussman Yer not a 420 worshiperReid, Westboro, "Rev" Wright, "Rev" Jackson,...Looks like poc marks are common to all denominations, faiths. It's the frailty of we humans.
Retweeted by Ed
Nothing But Clinton (NBC)s Williams Prioritizes Chelsea's Pregnancy Over Ukraine on 'Nightly News' https://t.co/DBr7IGkelbRand Paul to Brazen Liar Obama: Not So Fast With That Supposed 8 Million Enrollment Number https://t.co/1dxGt3BCTrOnly in power due to a corrupt press:Krauthammer: Obama Makes Stuff Up 'With a Brazenness That Is Almost Admirable' https://t.co/wDnAcG2BNMSee? Sorkin Scolded on MSNBC for Saying Hillary May Use Grandchild (Damien) to Soften Image https://t.co/NYvmMavZ5iTheater of the Absurd-Sharpton's Easter Message Is About the Crucifixion and Resurrection ... of Obama https://t.co/MMm6YIxQG0I wouldn't doubt it-Steve Malzberg: Chelsea Clinton's Pregnancy Was Timed to Benefit Hillary https://t.co/RLqKIcS0fZAlways the name calling from the left-Anti-NRA Protesters Say Gun-Owners Are Un-American, Paranoid, Misinformed https://t.co/LPs8LaBSbBPrinceton Concludes What Kind of Government America Really Has, and It’s Not a Democracy http://t.co/qN6Z51Skav via @joewmillerObama/Left weaken our country-‘Ridiculous’: Administration Punts On Keystone, Obama Faces Dem Revolt http://t.co/kItyWt0EI5 via @joewmillerIllinois tumor metastasized to White House-Medicaid Paid $12 Million for Deceased People in Illinois http://t.co/1XZT1VeGcj via @joewmillerThe Chamber of Cowards http://t.co/N0Xe91b53H via @joewmiller
Just In: Obama Accused By Congressman Of Illegal Action At Bundy Ranch http://t.co/6TriCbluNe via @po_st#Jesus was so #brave on #GoodFriday. May #GOOD people of #USA & #World be so in standing vs. #EVIL @DMashak @LyndaG1963 @EDinCali @jen_fos
Retweeted by Ed Burka Joke Of The Day- Barka Dog http://t.co/HylsDllEJl via @BeforeItsNewsObama/the left should get NO credit for our advances in energy-Oil and Gas Production in Free Fall under Obama http://t.co/8HPkjVNKcy
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