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Good Grief. Don't follow me. I'm lost too. On the plus side I'm not using Twitter to peddle anything

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@bogbeagle @CarlWil35586309 If you like.@bogbeagle @CarlWil35586309 Also, those missions were flown from RAF Waddington, in Lincolnshire.@bogbeagle @CarlWil35586309 In fact, the brief experimentation with drones by RAF has been roundly opposed from all quarters.@bogbeagle @CarlWil35586309 I think you'll find that Drones are under USAF control.@PJA1066 @CarlWil35586309 No.Apologists & spinless & feckless capitulate to that POV, but the fact everyone is disgusted proves the lie@bogbeagle @CarlWil35586309 I think you'll find it's Americans who deal in remote warfare.@CarlWil35586309 @MCS_Corporate I think that's a very skewed, dangerous & entirely unhelpful point of view.@carefreeCfc77 @will70204 Don't worry about it. I can't type.@carefreeCfc77 @will70204 Nationality is more than just a passport.@carefreeCfc77 @will70204 They are British by documentation, not by value, belief or upbringing which is where it really matters.@MCS_Corporate @CarlWil35586309 I don't think you can tar all with the same brush. These are isolated extreme cases.@Rivermansky63 This emonstrates that despite living here, he was never raised with British values or to see himself as British. Thus. NOT@Rivermansky63 His mental capacity is not the point I am dealing with.He left this country to join a foreign force & abandoned all UK values@Rivermansky63 But they are not people of faith. They interpret a religion in such a way as to lend legitimacy to their actions. Not same.@Rivermansky63 The murderer of James Foley is a fanatical. He has joined a foreign power to fight against values British uphold.@Rivermansky63 Yorkshire Ripper claimed he heard God. Does that makes him Christian? There's a difference between psychotic & fanaticalThe murderer of James Foley may have lived a life in UK but he WAS NOT brought up as British, to have British values, irrespective of accent@will70204 @carefreeCfc77 I think it's time for you to stop now. You've missed the point entirely & are just picking a row@will70204 @carefreeCfc77 then that person IS NOT BRITISH. They just happen to live here. That is an entirely different thing.@will70204 @carefreeCfc77 Bottom line. If someone lives int hsi country but is raised with views that run contrary to our identity & values>@will70204 @carefreeCfc77 for not dealing with it, & on the other they hav morons calling them racist for even raising the issue. No win@will70204 @carefreeCfc77 Radicalisation has been a hot political topic for years.On the one hand they have people like you calling them out@will70204 @carefreeCfc77 But they aren't "dodging the issue. The Foreign Secretary was on TV this morning being grilled about it!@will70204 @carefreeCfc77 I think you should read more. Identifying this person will be the least of problems for intelligence services.@will70204 @carefreeCfc77 And how can the world tell he's British then? Are you suggesting that is known but not his identity? Hm...@will70204 @carefreeCfc77 Oh dear...@will70204 It already is. The offence of inciting acts of terrorism or hared has been on the books for years.@will70204 @carefreeCfc77 in the name of a foreign religious/military rogue State. That makes him a member of that State. Not British@will70204 @carefreeCfc77 IS. Not ISIS. And how will you? Everyone brown coming from an Arab state? This man is on film beheading someone>@will70204 I no longer think they can. However, whether they do or not doesn't alter the fact. He left Britain & denied it's values.@will70204 @carefreeCfc77 person leaves these shores, denies his country, joins another & takes up arms, he ceases to be British.@will70204 @carefreeCfc77 Politicians tried to deny we have a radicalisation problem here & were forced to face up to it. However, once a>@will70204 @carefreeCfc77 Untrue. The fact that he has relinquished & denied his nationality doesn't alter perception of the problem we have@will70204 @carefreeCfc77 He's not British. He may have been born here but he denied this nation & its values.@MaSenn_ It's a nonsense. People aren't "aware of ALS". They are aware of celebs pouring cold water on themselves.@HappySadCross I've never understood those who use an event like this as a means to taint others or skew a perspective. It's dishonourable@HappySadCross They are neither "British" not "Freedom fighters". They are deluded homicidal thugs.@HappySadCross It's trying to say "A Brit killed an American" "There are monsters in our midst" etc etc without saying it. It's bullshit.Charlie Sheen ALS Ice Bucket Challenge http://t.co/eqYUARIfLJ Game. Set. Match. Mr Sheen. #BatcrapBrillianceI must dispel the notion that an excess of beer makes you fat. In fact it makes you lean. Against bars, walls, posts, ugly people...Saddest pool party ever held... http://t.co/83o5iOVIkY@tsetse97 I saw this and thought of you... http://t.co/xwApCZuFMaI wish people would stop describing the IS killer of James Foley as "British". He relinquished any claim to being British when he joined IS.I suspect that "moderate Jihadist" will be to Philip Hammond what "degrees of rape" was to Ken Clarke.Seriously. #AnacondaVideoOnVevo is 5 minutes of your life you will never get back.@springmeister Annoying. Beautiful spot but the litter is killing it. People were just walking past & ignoring the poor thing. Bugs me.@springmeister I rescued a duck from a local lake yesterday who'd gotten snared in a carrier bag. Had to swim out to get it. Horrible.Don't bother with Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda". Not because it's explicit, semi pornographic or "insulting to women", but because it is crap."Nicki Minaj Unleashes Her 'Anaconda' On the World" Let's take a moment to consider that bit of advertising speak & what it says about Minaj
@DebbJay Most irritating, both article & study limit devices to "iPad, Kindle, print" Kindle is 1 of many e-Readers. So sick of Amazon bias.@DebbJay Yep. My e-reader is for pointless leisure reading during travel & transporting tech library to location. For proper reading-BOOKS!!@CalBeach http://t.co/y1ZsJ7K4iPBBC News - Chris Grayling insists prisons are 'not in crisis' http://t.co/f58EXQ6FlQ <They're just a little stressed@angiemoshonas @CalBeach @MeekoDev @jerseygrl5 http://t.co/cQacB0ZwsM@MistLibrarian @SamanthaJaneS @kim @bonniebell @Sadiesniece @luvparis @Joyce_Blaze http://t.co/cQacB0ZwsM@juliehelenbowle There you go@juliehelenbowle Excellent! A good day.@juliehelenbowle Hi. How are you today?An elegant solution to the problem of long term fruit storage & reconstitution for space flights & Moon Base living. http://t.co/ojc2EHQj7X@DebbJay @the_rantingpony Note to Pritt Stick http://t.co/Iv0okkHZkZ@carolJhedges Just had to show you this last one.....Remind you of anyone?..hahaha! http://t.co/SGBJ9uQmU9
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@DebbJay @the_rantingpony They don't discriminate. They make one glue stick for all. As it should be.@Dory @DebbJay If Only...@DebbJay @the_rantingpony Precisely. I'm howling mad. This is shamefully speciesist AND exist. I Shall Use UHU from now on.@DebbJay @the_rantingpony Are they suggesting I'm less creative? Why isn't there a Pritt Stick for Wolves?@DebbJay @the_rantingpony I'm a boy. I use lots of pritt stick. why can't I have a boys only Pritt stick?Are my projects somehow less valid?At Greggs, the cake is not a lie.@SamanthaJaneS Nah. I made a nice poster & now I'm off to buy cake.@the_rantingpony @DebbJay Show me the blue one that bears the slogan "just for boys"@the_rantingpony @DebbJay No. That one's for aliens. The boy's one would say "just for boys"@SamanthaJaneS I'm not a regular,but some faceless moron has just called me scum who eats shit. I find that... annoying.They've never met me@SamanthaJaneS Someone doctored the Google search so the logo that came up read "supplying shit to scum for 70 years" Not bright.@the_rantingpony @DebbJay The funny thing is, If they released one "just For Boys" the stink that would erupt would be amazing.I'll take the Ice Bucket Challenge seriously when Roseanne Barr, John Goodman & members of the public take it & receive the same publicity.Note to Greggs: http://t.co/lEYG0DhXyn#ListeningToLittleMix? Before you end it all?@dml Fun. Do you have details? Company, channel, broadcast date etc?@dml For...?Just gave an impromptu interview about John Wilkes in front of his statue on Fetter Lane.
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@DebbJay @BelfastJack :o)@BelfastJack @DebbJay In New Yoik, stoic is "De boid what bring de baby"@DebbJay One of the best themes on 80s TV@DebbJay @alexroehl Exactly. In plays/books esp. one cannot just lift something piecemeal without though & not have it challenged.@DebbJay @alexroehl It also irritates that they don't know the difference between "quote" and "quotation" Idiots@DebbJay @alexroehl I've also been blocked by The Pinter quoter & several others. This became a hobby for a short while@DebbJay @alexroehl make such an error so what, I wondered, was he really saying. 3 descended on me like Macbeth's witches. It was carnage@DebbJay @alexroehl I pointed to a grammatical error in a Wilde poem that obfuscated the obvious meaning & questioned it. Wilde would not>@alexroehl @DebbJay The most fun you can have is to question the poster. They melt down like a magnesium flare if you debate the meaning.
@CEdwardsEsq Harrison was an exceptional amateur but he lacked the heart to cut it in the pro ranks & was soundly beaten by journeymen.@CEdwardsEsq "gang-rape". It was a comment that most people found disgusting & it cost him a lot of fans.@kaydeeweb http://t.co/TSDXTX9RHa@Mightymorph "Having a Kevin..."? No.... Wait...@Mightymorph "I'm so distressed I'm Kevin..."?@Mightymorph What is the escalation of emotional an psychological crisis called...?@Mightymorph I am in crisis....On the tube earlier spotted a news headline "Celeb Big Brother Crisis" I assume that refers to it still being on TV...?@driverminnie Can dads & bonkers uncles not play then? ;o)Fellow mums, Please help Children’s Claritin & KABOOM bring playspaces to communities in need. Vote here http://t.co/fnPB5Xcz4j #SPONSORED
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@DebbJay :o)Firefox has crashed. Restore session? Y/N http://t.co/ixdXuFrF2s
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