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Good Grief. Don't follow me. I'm lost too. On the plus side I'm not using Twitter to peddle anything

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@Michael_Oh2L Happy to help. Don't quote me but I'm pretty sure Sellers originally did that skit for a TV show about Lennon & McCartney@Michael_Oh2L Pleasure. There are several so you might want to read this and explore a bit http://t.co/Bzcd319c8N@Michael_Oh2L The Secret Policeman's Ball. Pre-dated Comic Relief by a couple of decades.@Boothacus Is that why they keep shooting each other?#UnderwaterCelebs Kim Conga Eel@tumour @driverminnie Edwin Starfish #UnderwaterCelebs#RuinTheBeatles What would Cowell do without Au-to-Tune? Would he lose all his shows on TV....?#RuinTheBeatles "Let Ringo sing this one..."#RuinTheBeatles http://t.co/2bUP89tvN7 I can't be the only one who remembers this...@driverminnie Is Ariel your secret identity?Sad as it is, there are probably hundred of people all over the country looking at "Ebola" on their trend list & wondering who signed him...@Boothacus @FactsInYourFace Meanwhile, in Paris, Bastille Day was celebrated in significant manner http://t.co/Sw27NP31xUMiranda Hart is perfectly pleasant but if you want an example of a funny woman - Victoria Wood.In case I wasn't clear. E.L.James is a juvenile compiler of bad fanfiction & those who squirm damply over her drivel are sex starved morons.@ThisOneNerd Her year 7 internet forum drivel makes me long for Ray Bradbury's prediction to come true@ThisOneNerd Who said I forgot? Do you then not regard Tropic of Cancer or Delta of Venus as classics? & why haven't you mentioned Chaucer?
@ThisOneNerd Molly Parkin was writing witty erotica before EL James had seen Secretary, read Twilight or decided to rip them both off.@ThisOneNerd I could compile a list but there are only so many characters. I suggested the most... edgy...I wonder if those devotees of 50 Shades of Grey have read Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Pauline Réage, Virginie Despentes or even Molly Parkin?@50ShedsofGrey @Boothacus "Give me 12 inches & make me bleed!" she screamed. So he had her 6 times then hit her with the bedside lamp.Why did Dick Wolf agree to change the theme to Law&Order franchise to that awful Casio keyboard composition?@tonyhazzard Degree of expansion divided by the change in temperature. Basically why the ceramics on the shuttles were tiles, not sheets.@tonyhazzard Night@tonyhazzard As I understand it it's mostly about sitting in the sun watching the grass grow & drinking beer with breaks for tea & lunch.@50ShedsofGrey @Boothacus Well.. they're fucked.@tonyhazzard sweet dreamsso... The G app is basically Siri's little brother in drag....In actual fact, despite the "actioner" road he followed, Vin Diesel is remarkably good. Watch The Boiler Room. He stole it.Why is everyone online surprised that Vin Diesel is a sensitive, intelligent, ordinary bloke? He's an actor FFS!@Boothacus I will sit on a cloud, have a quiet word with whatever God turns out to be, set him/her/it to rights, then go fix something elseNote to @Twitter. Arbitrarily deleting my banner header is a niggling irritant, but that's the point. It's a niggling irritant#Hitman was only a half decent actioner because Timothy Olyphant is a cut above.@Boothacus I don't want to come back. The inevitable conclusion to what is happening now is not pretty & the masses do nothing to change it.@DebbJay They are protecting an economy based on energy production instead of creating a new way of living. It's myopic.@Boothacus @FactsInYourFace I believe this. i would be far happier if I lacked the ability to read situations & people, & see consequences.@DebbJay These people are morons and our grand-kids will all die cold and dark and broke.@DebbJay We have so many new blocks going up in London & hundreds more in social housing stock.Any 1 could have been panelled experimentally@DebbJay This is what they went for instead http://t.co/XID8NSlAfY http://t.co/c4EsWe5s69 Cost billions, generated nothing. I'm in aweJust saw the trend "#StrictlySA" & immediately assumed it would involve a short urban chase & a tyre necklace.@DebbJay But what the hell would I know? When I suggested it I was shot down. That's s6 months of my life I won't get back.@DebbJay It would create a new industry overnight, take 100,000s out of fuel poverty, remove need for so much nuclear & solve energy crisis@Boothacus Depends n the bit-depth. An 8-bit image for instance has 256 & it gets higher. The book however has only 2. It lacks any depth.I just saw a "news" headline "25 Questions '50 Shades of Grey' Trailer Left Us With" I have only 1. "Why the F*** are you making this sh**?"@AlamoRick @Boothacus @HavanaTed Since I can see the Olympic Stadium for mine I expect to represent GB as a fat smug bastard & win gold.@DebbJay You look great for your age...@Boothacus Was Jose his child or a boyfriend? If the former, were there dips? If latter did you suddenly go to San Francisco?@DebbJay I'm an advocate of a UK solar panel industry & State sponsored installation on every building, starting with council/social housing@tonyhazzard I tend to be carer rather than caree@gigaom @dml Which means that continuing to call the plan "unlimited" is in breach of trades descriptions act sice, clearly, it no longer is@tonyhazzard Short lived relief. Storm blew over & pressure returning. head.s like a barometerMy trend list starts with #LifeWouldBeBetterIf. Then I read down a bit & can only conclude: "No. It really wouldn't..."BBC News - Ed Miliband: I can't beat Cameron on image http://t.co/IkXh0yHtcQ <No one cares as long as you & yours beat Govt on policy.Moron.Welsh athlete Williams fails drugs test http://t.co/QoKA8dzp6C <I can think of someone who will not be happy about this.BBC News - UK economy back at pre-crisis level http://t.co/tTQjwtRGBD <Untrue. Economy only functions with interest kept artificially low.@tonyhazzard Last weekend was washed out. this weekend is threatening the same. Air pressure is killing me though Pushes headaches too far@albertarabbit They are both wrong. The word they are looking for is neither "alleviate" nor "prevent". It is "eradicate". #poorvocabularyRT: @albertarabbit "@Ebenwolfe ....I have no words to describe the evil here; http://t.co/QJ3zHQOwH2"<The semantics of the bureaucratWhen I look at Ed Miliband I see someone who at least once a day sits by himself in a corner, rocking & muttering & occasionally giggling...@Livingstone_S @dml @Telegraph I'd be far more impressed by OFCOM getting a grip on the travesty of Openreach & UK cabling infrastructure.@DebbJay She's lost weight.@DebbJay Did Roseanne follow you home?#LifeWouldBeBetterIf al the effort & wealth expended on blowing each other up was put to productive use instead. Imagine what we'd achieve.@tonyhazzard I have an old head on shoulders hurtling toward middle age.@tonyhazzard Did you return the favour?@606club @driverminnie We'll call that settled bar the details then.Joey Barton and Yossi Benayoun discussing Gaza/Israel/Palestine is like Katie Price & Jodie Marsh discussing string theory.Shouldn't #NigerianEconomicReportWorldBank be delivered by email & promise a squillion quid if you provide them with your account number?@tsetse97 hence "vegetable" [singular]. No need to get carried away is there? 1 between 5.3m is plenty.@tsetse97 Cripes. You'll be breaking out in vegetable nextThought for Friday. Misery loves company. http://t.co/WGbHwEyzAk@BBCr4today @dml @jimmy_wales Research sometimes means doing some actual work & not just scanning the 1st 10 hits on Google.@BBCr4today @dml @jimmy_wales links to his articles were removed from Google but were still on BBC site &easily located through their search@BBCr4today @dml @jimmy_wales Only if you accept that Google is the only way to find things. Since everyone is using Peston as an example>Forget 50 Shades of Grey. Forget Christian Grey. Substandard plagiarised crap. This is the original & it is excellent http://t.co/IKBeqi7crM@driverminnie @606club Entirely my pleasure. The important thing is to put you & the venue in touch which I have done. Timing is details.@driverminnie @606club Talk to Laura there.She'll help you work out whatever you need to. I'll DM you her number when i get back to my cave.@driverminnie Come to London. Do your thing at @606club Proper little jazz club. Good people great mates. You'd love it..@driverminnie is coming back on August 7! The last show sold out, so grab your tickets in advance here: http://t.co/yeynCHuTSL
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@Boothacus I'd class it alongside Boxing Helena & point out there's bound to be a reason why it was recast so many times...Just reminded of this http://t.co/wUaThRbeEV Sammy Davis. Class act. If you don't have the urge to dance & join in, you're dead@Boothacus It was originally web published then as an ebook. Proof that it's not just cream that floats@Boothacus To paraphrase Stephen Fry it is "arse gravy...loose stool water" of the lowest possible standard. Poor, plagiarised wannabe porn.@Boothacus It was a web published fan-fiction knockoff that somehow gained a folowing. for some reason iking it became "cool"@Boothacus I don't understand sub/dom sexuality & sexual violence, even consenting, makes me profoundly uncomfortable.@Boothacus Secretary was dark & disturbing but very well made. I appreciated it for the difficulty & the daring but never connected with it@Boothacus Oops sorry. I failed to read back & thought we were talking about West Side Story. My mistake@Boothacus As adaptations go it was original. The soundtrack made it exceptional@Boothacus Boy, boy, crazy boy, Get cool, boy!........@TweetsofOld @Boothacus Oh these kids today with the clothes and the music...@JonathanFoyle @dml There was no Messiah. Just some very naughty boys...@Boothacus Not appreciating a little cheek...?
@SoVeryBritish @dml If you put a bowl of Ice in front of it you'll get "cooling mist"@ellyb25 poorly written fanfiction that ignorant morons decided is daring & that the author is intent on claiming full credit for.@ellyb25 example is Cruel Intentions which was a brilliant modern reworking of Le Liaisons Dangereuses 50 Shades of Grey is just crappy >@ellyb25 Stories are retold & ideas re-used & developed all the time. I don't have a problem if it's handed well & credit is given.A perfectNote to "fans" of Mr Grey. Your idol is a cheap knock off a decade late & a mile short on class #FiftyShadesTrailer http://t.co/idOp4kgKgc@ellyb25 I'm just going to keep on digging at the plagiarism & the idiots who think it's a fantastic original. It's the least I can do...@ellyb25 It was well written & far more daring given that 12 years ago attitudes wee such that it was branded widely as misoginistic@tonyhazzard @DebbJay Sometimes the absence of a comment is comment enough. Now excuse me. I left my glasses in the fridge...@Boothacus Ah. Booth speak for "I like the attention"... Glad the suggestion was of use. Happy to help
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