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Good Grief. Don't follow me. I'm lost too. On the plus side I'm not using Twitter to peddle anything

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@gravewriter71 I'd have had more respect for him had he stapled them onHello there, if you like, you can pre-order a signed copy of my record at Newbury comics http://t.co/6jaS982K0D
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@somersetlevel @ALetterOfMarque They're so.... dullHelpful life notes to those who need them. http://t.co/P3TaBXQu2kI can't help feeling the choice of spectacles demonstrates a lack of commitment to the overall style.... http://t.co/FdYqKLtwVEI do not have a wine hangover. I am suffering a grape depression...
@1043MYfm Do you have podcasts of shows for those outside the US who would like to listen but cant connect via iheartradio platform, please?@DebbJay We really know almost nothing about the brain. I've been working with neurologists at UCHL for a few years. It's quite surprising.@Gary_Bainbridge @marlene_EOL @driverminnie shutupshutupshutupshutupshutup IDIOT! She knows what she's doing...@DebbJay Possible. Or it could be that neurons that malfunction in one way overcompensate by firing far more efficiently in others@driverminnie @Gary_Bainbridge @marlene_EOL Will there be a podcast? iheartradio platform has "issues" making connection for some impossible@driverminnie @Gary_Bainbridge @marlene_EOL Silk resonates with most people@pegneck @DebbJay Actually everyone's wrong here. The sentence should read "Help! A thief!" So. Missing "!" not ",". Clear?@DebbJay Surprising isn't it? I'm sure there's a correlation.It's remarkable how little we know about the brain & how & why it works@DebbJay That's true of most actors. It's called "non verbal cueing"@DebbJay I built him a speech recognition unit for his word processor [12 yrs ago this was not easy] & 18months later his 1st film was made@DebbJay Precisely. I worked with one writer who just saw jumbled garbage. He could "hear" the scripts in his head but he couldn't write.@driverminnie Very welcome. Knock em dead.@DebbJay presents me with a sentence grammatically correct but for "there" not "their" I reserve the right to call their "dyslexia" bullshit@DebbJay & those who have had the label placed around their next to absolve everyone for a complete lack of education. However, if someone>@DebbJay writer who can't make a page make sense. I've learned over the years to differentiate those who really do wrestle with the problem>@DebbJay I've spoken at length with several over the years. It's hard to direct someone who struggles to read a script as it is to help a >@DebbJay with some amazing actors & writers who struggle with dyslexia. Mild or severe I have never seen it just apply to homophones.@DebbJay Exactly my position but wanted the opinion of an educator to be sure. I HATE dyslexia being used as an excuse all. I've worked >@DebbJay Has there been some change I'm unaware of that states the failure to distinguish homophones is a form of dyslexia?@stripes54 @HowardStern Out of interest what did he do this time?@stripes54 @HowardStern It's not mean if it's a statement of fact.@MaSenn_ The sad thing is the current mob are there for the taking, there's just no one in opposition capable of taking them on@MaSenn_ He & is shadow were selected as cannon fodder to lose what was seen as an unwinnable election without sacrificing anyone of value@galashielsgirl Thankyou for that piece of generalisation that manages to spin what was stated into something unrecognisable .Bravo.@Boothacus It's a meal in a glass... http://t.co/K3fl9aEeQc@galashielsgirl Which was what?@galashielsgirl I reserve the right to call "bullshit"@galashielsgirl If someone presents me with a sentence grammatically correct but for using "there" instead of their" & claims dyslexia>@galashielsgirl challenge, but also to those who have been let down by poor schools & substandard teaching. The two are NOT the same.@galashielsgirl schools from the responsibility of educating properly. It's not only a disservice to those who genuinely wrestle with this>@galashielsgirl For every one person who must struggle with dyslexia there are a dozen who have been saddled with the label to absolve >If I found fool who struck on the wheeze of excusing poorly educated by labelling them "dislexic" I'd beat him to death with a dictionary@debbiebranki The thing about sanctimoniousness is it only works if you are proselytising from a solid pulpit.@debbiebranki I see.So the fact that I never mentioned in what environment or capacity & you are jumping to huge conclusions is just fine...@debbiebranki Does it?@debbiebranki If you like.@debbiebranki I did not at any point write that I "worked in care"@MaSenn_ Ed Miliband & his Shadow Cabinet are the Tories secret weapon in the next election. Election will be a waste of time & money.@tyler_durdenkds I am a unicorn.@tyler_durdenkds However it behoves us to use those 140 characters to the very best effect .@tyler_durdenkds @KevJStewart So just import Oxford or Cambridge & use it as your default dictionary. 3 minutes well spent@tyler_durdenkds I wasn't till she tried to play the dyslexia card which I treated with the contempt it deserved.@tyler_durdenkds @THISis7SPARTA their/there to/too/two etc drives me mad. Doing so & claiming "dyslexia" insults those with the condition@tyler_durdenkds @THISis7SPARTA I honestly don't care about typos.Most of the time I type with flipper fingers. However confusing homophones@tyler_durdenkds @KevJStewart Auto correct works from your internal dictionary. If this is wrong correct it.@galashielsgirl No one mentioned stupid.However,using dyslexia to excuse laziness is hugely disrespectful to those who do have the condition@tyler_durdenkds @KevJStewart tried unsuccessfully & incorrectly - to be clever.@tyler_durdenkds @KevJStewart Oh FFS, I didn't criticise. I corrected. Politely and succinctly. Then she decided to be aggressive and you >@tyler_durdenkds @KevJStewart Yes... Blame the tool.@THISis7SPARTA Read a book. Bimbo@KevJStewart @tyler_durdenkds @THISis7SPARTA I preferred to correct by example. Otherwise they might start using "grammar Nazi" slurs@THISis7SPARTA Then it is clearly the mildest and most selective form of dyslexia ever discovered. That makes you unique.@tyler_durdenkds @THISis7SPARTA Dullest is the superlative form of most dull. I am grammatically correct. And I never discuss grammar club@SaltedJosh @Boothacus I once stopped in the middle of a packed supermarket & bellowed "SOYLENT GREEN IS PEEEEEPLE!" No one got itThey're not applauding Ed Miliband's speech. They're applauding because it's finally over & they can get to the bar.@THISis7SPARTA It's a very selective dyslexia that only prevents you from differentiating their/there. Perhaps this is one for the journals.@_youhadonejob @DebbJay But his son/nephew now has the coolest bedroom on the planet!Note to the world in general. Dyslexia is not an excuse for piss poor spelling & grammar.Using it so degrades those who DO struggle with it.@THISis7SPARTA No thanks darling. I've worked with dyslexics in literary environments for years. I know what I'm looking at.@THISis7SPARTA But only when it comes to homophones. The txt spk contraction apart the rest of your sentence was fine.I often wonder how Tories get away with the mess they're making, then Ed Miliband or his cohort open their gobs & all I can think is "Oh..."@THISis7SPARTA "Their"David Miliband may just be the most dull public speaker I have ever heard. I keep zoning out so that I'm only vaguely aware of a nasal whineForced to ask Mmiliband why his previous Govt failed to build anything & why his plan does not mention social housing once.@SaltedJosh @Boothacus Cant we just turn them into a new fuel source?@ThePoke @Boothacus They missed out "I am an antisocial c***"@DebbJay You work in education. There is no plan. The plan is a cake.@Boothacus the carrots away every evening so he'd think his pet was eating them [they were give to our real rabbits instead]@Boothacus i may use it at some point. It was very sweet. We never found out where e got the cuddly rabbit from either. We took to taking>@DebbJay Ah. Something important then@catherineloder @UsVsTh3m http://t.co/wH70Nc1GRu@UsVsTh3m @Boothacus Salient political commentary is a commodity to be highly valued in any civilised society http://t.co/1ZhQdfNQjK@DebbJay Is this breakfast or galactic domination?@sue5728 http://t.co/Z2KgdVhYdK@sue5728 was superb and the script translated the novel very well. I should imagine it has dated somewhat but it is 40 years old@sue5728 The Gary Oldman thing? Stylish enough. Dreadful in all other respects. The BBC adaptation from 77 was very faithful. The cast>@sue5728 There was a very fine BBC adaptation with Louis Jordan in 1877. They did another in 2k6 in which Marc Warren was hopelessly miscastGiven how many adaptations there have been of Stoker's novel calling this latest "Dracula Untold" is the 1st clue as to the writing quality.@driverminnie 5.30pm GMT http://t.co/RTpdZDs3cu [For those whose radio mast isn't big enough to span the Atlantic]So I'm playing on My fm 104.3 tomorrow morning at 10.30 am PST Acoustic , stripped down, just me and a guitar and some songs.
Retweeted by EbenwolfeBillyBob took his yearly bath night very seriously http://t.co/18FLa0kQ6WVery possibly the saddest product on the shelves http://t.co/jowB2DZN9gWhen I was very young we had a border collie who'd steal carrots from the kitchen for a toy rabbit he had hidden behind our hazel tree.http://t.co/85qKV3SC9a The perfect soundtrack to a little inner reflection.It's a tremendous blow to one's self image as a dashing hero when one recognises a growing affinity with the views&positions of Dave GormanDavid Moribund... sorry... Miliband Wants a decade to fix the country. He's had half that to fix his Party. How's that working so far?@Boothacus ............................................................................@Boothacus Do you think that's a bad thing?@Boothacus @RonHall46 "Respectfully"? People don't converse. They take turns ranting@Boothacus @RonHall46 No change there then...I was offered a pulled pork sandwich for lunch today. My hopes and expectations were momentarily a little high...The important thing to consider about Emma Watson's equality speech is that, especially in this day &age, it should not have been necessary.British Airways are to introduce new customer services in order to compete with budget airlines http://t.co/iJZhQzhW2m#IfFriendsWasBritish it would have been called "Coupling", starred Gina Bellman Jack Davenport & Sarah Alexander & would have been crap
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