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The Voices was very funny, very fucked up, and Ryan Rodney Reynolds is amazing in it. A niche must see.@JonathanHatfull So many puppets with tongues stuffed through necks. For kids!Shakspeare's birthday? Perfect time for @JFGinDigital3D to kickstart Shakspeare In Time as a movie.@JonathanHatfull He's on one side, Yonderland on t'other, same show though.Rehearsal was insane. This is gonna work!!! @DevHellSeriesIn case anyone is interested: May 3-8 are previews for Bad Neighbours in UK so will have, in effect, a nine-day opening in May 9-11 chart.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesAvril Lavigne's new single 'Hello Kitty' is co-written by Chad Kroeger and it's exactly as horrendous as that sounds: http://t.co/PCbMFv5FXG
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@MrBarrySteele Did 9 eps on Monday. It was woeful. Nothing was going on at all. But with just 12 eps in a new country it should work.Films today include Ryan Rodney Reynolds' talking cat and Michael Fassbender's papier mache head.@TalieBTRC All about the innuendo-laden title.Book title advertised on underground: "The Bone Season" Can't wait for them to film that adaptation today between 3 and 3:12pm.Anyone got a copy of Star Wars eps 1-4 handy? I need an emergency screengrab.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@ChrisHewitt With the help of John "Jesus" Malkovich.@DeusExCinema Electro's big power in Spidey 2 is to create a blackout. And that is it.@Scruggernaut Just feels like one in terms of cinematography and scale of story. 3 acts and resolution.So after 9 months of riffing and writing with @EoinMason and @SDCain today we rehearse the pilot to our show. Exciting times ahead.@DeusExCinema Blackout? Shield are integrating Spider-man 2 into the plot as well now? Bold.@Chris_Bryant_ @Y2Neildotcom @VODzillaMag @iFlicks We can all cry sweet tears and think of the fun times Jack had yelling at terrorists.@Scruggernaut Eh. Maybe?
@C_Cartwright Yay! I'm sure it'll be a fun film to enjoy as a group...@GaryGreenScreen It's just...never happening.@MJL77 Mmm. Hope at the moment is it'll be on Netflix US soon.@MJL77 BVA has no listing, but FDA has no cinema distrib, so still not on any system officically.@MJL77 No way?@rosstmiller 5 seconds, as soon as JK screams "crap" at Parker it'll be back in heaven mode.@rosstmiller He could be Spidey's M.Now, where the frak is The Spectacular Now in the UK?Got confirmation of Fruitvale Station Sundance screening on Sunday, missing tomorrow's press screening. About time for this film.@TraceBeaulieu and I will be appearing at the @scifilondon film festival this week. Can't wait! - http://t.co/aqYFSApIBP
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@rosstmiller They just called it The Dick Knight Rises in the end.@Filmaluation Weirdly they planned on getting a massive voice cast for an English language dub of the audio commentary of Bad Lieutenant.Mainly because who even remembers the film adaptation, and the full title?Of all the great punchlines in films today, this was my favourite for They Came Together, no spoilers: http://t.co/nSztpCpxax@Filmaluation The wind has begun its decimation of the human race, which will be destroyed in five hours, along with the albino alligators.Boy, the extended TV pilot, In Your Eyes, really is weirdly paced and lacking a specific punch to it.@RichardGeorge37 And Giamatti. He was right there pulling a silly Russian accent and they ignore him..@eazy_fo_sheazy Thanks Odie! Yep, Season 1 coming to Netflix this June and Season 2 coming to IFC this Fall. 10 new episodes in the works!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@sjbowron Because you like to like things I hate?Oh vimeo, I really like spending $5 to not be able to load a video for 20 minutes so far.So, Electro's dubstep character motivation spoken word song, if you want to believe it exists: http://t.co/8xQkGqEuOE@MovieEvangelist Scary.@MovieEvangelist You know how sometimes when two people try to do the same thing at the same time and jOBS happens? You mean that?I hope they each rebound on a Paul Anderson as their next co-writer, and they meet at a restaurant when it becomes super awkward.Orci and Kurtzman are done? Maybe they, too, saw TASM2 and realised what a mess it was, narratively.Kurtzman and Orci break up. Run, Kurtzman, run, and don't look back.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesAlso a #SundanceLondon review of #TheOneILove http://t.co/Vw2zh4gQyE@Guitargalchina @EoinMason See you in the afternoon.Reviews of #SundanceLondon films #Hits http://t.co/s8NMX7mu1j and #TheyCameTogether http://t.co/bpGbIDIipA@NickdeSemlyen Oh my mi mi mi mi!Good to see Disney aren't using the Muppets to shill random stuff: http://t.co/uA2LQVZauo
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@EoinMason @Guitargalchina The One I Love had a shot of a man by a microphone in a rich house. Nobody Walks.Quoting They Came Together a lot already today. I am so on board for that to take over the world.The One I Love was a mixed bag, Duplass and Moss deliver grea perfrmances but I wasn't a fan of the unspecified weirdness. Logic please.@flyingnelly @Han_So @TheGMcConnachie 15? Those leering sex scenes went on for ages purely for sexualised purposes.Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice will be released in the UK on 30th January 2015.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@alxhuls @TheGMcConnachie That's what Harvey Weinstein tries for every appeal. Also he dresses like Bad Teacher Diaz. Never works.@rosstmiller If Shia goes down on Evan Rachel Wood then it's the NC-17 one.@TheGMcConnachie The Other Women was an R, Diaz met with MPAA, now PG-13, possibly, likely, without cuts, as 12a here.Wait, so Cameron Diaz walks into an MPAA board meeting and now her film is PG-13?@rosstmiller Cut, I presume.Charlie Countryman is now on Netflix US. FYI.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@NewOnNetflixUK I'll help stoke that fire. Sorry, I mean I'll help stoke the fire to burn all copies off the face of the Earth.Can't stop thinking about They Came Together. So many joke. Wonderful wonderful jokes.One strong thing from Hits, Matt Walsh, though ignored for most of the film, puts in a strong performance.@timecake It was shit. Hits was Shit.A shame James Adomian gets such a big role but only one note in the scrip. He deserves much more.@kezzacollins I wann watch it again right now.@timecake Got there super early for it. You in during the week?Bob Odenkirk's Let's Go To Prison is better than David Cross' Hits :(Hits is half a dark social media satire and half broad "Brooklyndia" sketch. Saved from 1 star by final 5 minutes going God Bless America.If there ever was a film to remind you how formulaic rom-coms are, They Came Together kicked out of the park #sundancefestuk
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThey Came Together is the Airplane! of rom coms, a parody with a succesful gag rate of 2 a minute or more. Genius, tears of laughter.@ChrisHewitt He's being replaced by Danny Boyle.@TheChewDefense Tennant's done that as well, because he's so synonymous with the character?@TheChewDefense Like The IT Crowd US pilot having Richard Ayoade too. Some people are just stuck in their roles.Early morning for the first day of Sundance London press, which includes new David Cross, new David Wain and new Mark Duplass.
MASSIVE Game of Thones spoiler on the Telegraph front page.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@CSkinner @chrisblohm Yeah, besides Sunshine, a miracle that it works, Boyle's track record is shitty shit shit.@CSkinner @chrisblohm Seconded.@DavidBedwell @MetroUK Terrible. And spoiling in the first sentence. Disgusting hitbaiting work.I've watched 30 hours of 24 this weekend and not heard the line 'Damnit Chloe' uttered once. Is this like Casablanca?Paul WS Anderson > Danny Boyle
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@iFlicks Babysit me!Boyle counter-acts Sorkin, and thus loses all my interest. Shame that.Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Steve Jobs for Director Danny Boyle Now http://t.co/T9BMlUqjxr #Casting
Retweeted by Andrew JonesLots of enthusiasm for #Review's There All Is Aching segment. Here it is in its entirety, suitable for sharing. http://t.co/zjY422WnQ7
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@TheChewDefense Won't believe anyone who isn't The Kutch in the role.@ianloring Is THAT why they're up in arms? It was a weird messed up scene about people at the brink of everything, & it makes sense in a way@LKaile Don't hold breath. It's a little samey and yet less, in terms of style and basic plot elements.@LondonFilmFan I'm with you on the film, really nonplussed about it, ok not great. But same with the remake.@CSkinner It's only right for a film like that.@shittydeath Good lord, that's a fatal misstep in a re-edit.@SabrinaSpectre As in you're going electric (turning the lights on and sitting by the TV)?@KevinLehane Wait, people write dialogue in films sometimes? Sounds like a waste of time, in most films they improvise classic dialogue well@TheFilmStage The Grand Budapest Hotel Rising from director 'Paul' WeS Anderson.@DapperDan Nicholson warned him...The link to said #Bauerthon: http://t.co/feh6xFvsETThat @iFlicks will be pleased, giving him only 30 more eps to run through to end #BauerthonI'm ahead of schedule for #Bauerthon for @VODzillaMag, this should be my last ep of the day, I can squeeze in 2 more in my shift.@DapperDan Nicholson held onto that role, would hit anybody who tried to dethrone him.
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