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Here's what's coming out on Netflix UK this month: http://t.co/jCt3r8LTQ7
Retweeted by Andrew JonesWatched Sex Tape. Yesterday it was a feature length Apple advert disguised as a comedy. Today it is a horror movie and cautionary tale.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@robbiereviews The Animaniacs skit Goodfeathers is finally getting a feature-length spin-off?@sansastarc poor Jesse :(@rosstmiller Freaking weeeeeird stuff that kind of imagery.@heathrowboy The audience did it?@cdavismusic Int. Speech Therapist Office - "I keep pluralising simples. Help me doc" *electroshock therapy*Reboot Osmosis Jones as a found footage film.2 festival line-up announcements in the next two days, I enjoy this part of the year but do wish there was more substance to it all.http://t.co/tS0UP3vnvQ ad parodying Confucious as Confusedus: Get A Quote! Hire me, ad people, I have tens of ideas.@androoshaw Boom! Take that Crossbones.Malkovich has been on NBC all summer playing Blackbeard? I am so bad at TV.@movie_mad So people have mentioned, yet the US cover has etched off the apple logo from the laptop...@movie_mad I've been a fan of Segel and Jake Kasdan for so so long. I am not even bothering with this one. Bad Teacher syndrome.Follow up tweet, I have no fucking clue what that whole thing is about, but more Hot Rod for all now.Nominated by @rosstmiller for #cinephilephoto & I throw to @EoinMason @RealMattDamon & @DogAteMyWookie http://t.co/2bZ1iYDwpDScreenjabber is seeking London-based film writers ... http://t.co/pn4LwrnT9S
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@ManMadeMoon It's a great poster, won't be pulled down for years.@bloodonthedice Academy Award nominated turn from a young Jennifer Lawrence also starring John Hawkes and Dale Dickey Winter's Bone.@RealMattDamon @MarieMJS We could make jokes about The Beaver but that'd be Like Crazy.@MarieMJS As a film guy I expect only the best film jokes, people trying to do Catching Fire riffs make me sad. Go obscurer!Do you love 'In The Flesh'? @digitalspy wants to hear from fans of the series for an upcoming feature - tweet me if interested. PLEASE RT
Retweeted by Andrew JonesI'm mostly offended at the lack of "Winter's Boner" jokes being made today. The internet has fucked people over twice in 24 hours.NEW TODAY! Christian Slater, @emilyjtennant and Vinnie Jones in WAY OF THE WICKED (2014), now available at http://t.co/eehoUrKFbJ (UK only)
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@DapperDan @AmazonUK With @Zavvi I paid a high price for an exclusive, it didn't send until the day after release and didn't arrive for ages@DapperDan @AmazonUK Worse than Zavvi? Goodness me. online retailers are getting worse.Ricky Gervas gives atheists/Brits/people with annoying laughs/Muppets co-stars a bad name.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@The_Shiznit Shaun The Sheep Movie Into Darkness@Lips_Loose I can pictureit.@EmptyScreens Darn tootin'!@Lips_Loose Ho ho ho, Merry Chris Messina! Is he back in movies again? Stupid Mindy Project taking up 9 months of his time.@ChrisHewitt @NickdeSemlyen He truly is the master of 'deer in the headlights' acting.
@DeusExCinema "Freedom!" - Alan Ball@NickdeSemlyen Blended's DVD campaign is certainly grand in scale.Three's a crowd! #SexTape opens in UK cinemas in 3 days! http://t.co/izqaOrr2kz
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@SquidyUK Me Big Fish, You Pond Too Small, Bye.Walk The Line is on TV. They play this so straight. Hysterical. #DeweyCox@Mark_Searby Same.@awarmann @DIYFilms Wish I had a day job. Skint for Boxtrolls.@rosstmiller Adored it.The Boxtrolls is simply wonderful. Can't praise it enough. Could murder a cheese platter now.... #Boxtrolls
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThe Boxtrolls may be better than ParaNorman. Hysterical, beautiful, gorgeously crafted. A stunning piece of art.My hair is coveted by Boxtrolls. One made a grab for it. I'll take that as a compliment.@iFlicks Outside.I may be still asleep or there are giant Boxtrolls walking around.Short film I produced as part of @ActionOnTheSide! Watch it, yeah? http://t.co/jQ2BBhSs3z
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@robbiereviews Before Ryan, Before Ruffalo...@movie_mad Went very quickly.
@filmthug @Big_Pants Lots of solo work outs...@LondonFilmFan Naturally.@LondonFilmFan My favourite board game, touch the sides and the buzzer goes off.@Big_Pants This is just a sad picture of me, alone.@Marc_V_Price Makes it hotter.@giruaro Each result read out in a different accent.@sansastarc No one is as entertaining as Leslie Knope's epic book.@LondonFilmFan Sounds like a regular day at Neverland ranch.@TheFilthyTab Next time you screen Kingpin/Lebowski/There Will Be Blood there's your excuse.@OfficialPGriggs Well put.@LondonFilmFan Aye.I'm sorry but this seems like an inappropriate and just odd promo http://t.co/avuTcAzZuI
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@jramjee Atallone only works in films he writes, after Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot he doesn't trust writers who aren't him.@jramjee It's some damn fine Bessoning. No The Family/Lucy crap, no arthouse pretension, just Die Hard In Space.@ManMadeMoon When will you post your review? What star rating are you going for?@jramjee Thank goodness it had a script worth ignoring the CG for.@Mark_Searby Touring. Money in books and selling stories to Franco.@adamhopelies "This is what happens when you leak my scripts!"@catherinebray Great to hear. I do trust Laika to be worth getting up early tomorrow.@Mark_Searby Nope, all just a love-in about the film/book selling. And that's perfectly fine.Great time at the Prince Charles, a light doc on The Room, some astounding original script performances, just damn fun.@jaykayell_ Alright, now I feel this is just becoming a personal attack on me.Tonight it's the Prince Charles and some book-based The Room fun with Greg Sestero.Hey pals in the UK. OC opened yesterday in your area. Here's a list of theaters. I MEAN CINEMAS: http://t.co/E6wxSCOEZO. <3
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@janenotvictoria Just missed out on a great quiz to find your Home On The Range personality.@moulder5000 There is, thankfully Netflix just ain't doing one-and-done shows.So the Wikipedia page for the John Hughes film Baby's Day Out is kind of weird http://t.co/RYtacCY1IJ
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@andyffgibbons Not every CalArts student can become a Disney movie director.Dear @VDOOZER @kbiegel Myself and @NicholasATorres have your next season sorted #CougarTown http://t.co/SODk7FpdCW@sansastarc Nice.Up at 5 to record a pilot podcast, it is now 8:20, the idea of 5 minute episodes has not worked out...@DazzMcGuinness I do love a good Charlie Day Day.
@DazzMcGuinness But one was from Eastenders apparently.First review of the DVD! http://t.co/oSUEei5VHQ
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Screenjabber @marcfc @Mark_Searby Never been in Nandos? What are you, chicken? I kid, chickens are always in Nandos.@Screenjabber @marcfc @Mark_Searby Arrow offices embrace the stench, adds to the vibe for Halloween month.@Mark_Searby @Screenjabber @marcfc Ooh, cookies.@marcfc @Screenjabber @Mark_Searby I've got my steelbook ordered, so I'd feel guilty saying yes.Sky, sports ads during Futurama re-runs? Know your audience.@Screenjabber @marcfc @Mark_Searby Get some sardine pretzels out to celebrate.Garfunkel and Oates continues to be git good. http://t.co/ZH1R5pDoSQ
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Screenjabber Aye, want it?Anyone up for The Boxtrolls on Sunday morning? New Laika!Bill Kerr, last surviving regular of Hancock's Half Hour, died whilst laughing at Seinfeld!: http://t.co/roEz8j9K3G
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@PatrickDane I got up at 12 and am asking the same thing.To celebrate today's release of #NightMoves @HeyUGuys are giving out #KellyReichardt Boxsets! http://t.co/lU4cbAUMci
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@VODzillaMag It's the nose, it fools everyone. I'll take it off.@VODzillaMag It's recognisable when everyone says he's unrecognisable though.Tony Jaa's second Warrior King now on US Netflix. First one is my favourite of his works.Netflix just paid a ton of money for the streaming rights to The Blacklist http://t.co/0Bn8Hw9FqC
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@AlJean (Hope that didn't sound like a dickish thing, just figured it'd be a silly joke)@movie_mad Well, that's tempting, but still... The Incredibles 3D is coming soon!!! Edna Mode with depth.
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