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"What should we do today?" "Fly around" "Into humans' faces?" "What other way do we do it?" - Flying Ants in London todayGuy on train had a contact listed as "My Wife" Either a big Borat-head or super forgetful.@KevinLehane @HIGHzurrer M:I 5 Baldwins At The Box Office@TheGMcConnachie Should I submit a photo of my balls?@Hannah_Panther @brucemadelost Speaking of things, what time we getting to the party on Sun?@sadqirlsclub It was just a joke about the quality of Kebbel's work compared to the attention he gets.@scottEweinberg I only contemplated the physics of any BoJack make-out sesh the other day, his mouth, so strange.@hide2k10 Walk into me, stare at the M&M store then mob the Leicester Square KFC and go home, completed.I don't appreciate being held to the west coast definition of "midnight."
Retweeted by Andrew JonesAdventures in VHS is 75% funded! Thanks to all who've pledged - and if you haven't do it now:
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@GrimWord @NetflixUK @WetHot No worries, I'm sorta an expert on when to wait for exciting Netflix shows.@GrimWord @NetflixUK @WetHot Netflix runs on Pacific time for new shows, so look to it t 8am.Waking up in the hopes that the season 2 premiere of Review would be on any site and viewable, and it is not. Long day ahead then.@kristapley That's a great number. Coloured very excited now.@kristapley What's the aprox run time?@DrGMLaTulippe Just this for 65 minutes: They turn in an extended premiere of Littlefinger in front of a mirror, trying new voices.@unklerupert @KevinLehane Was Way, Way Back a period one? Can't remember much, probably timeless in that sense.@KevinLehane What were the last ones? Adventureland & Submarine?@MrAlanSpencer I'm not sure that's true.
@Hannah_Panther @brucemadelost Only a few more days. I wish there were a quote from the film to harness such excitement...@Slippery_Jack @TheGMcConnachie Maybe you can explain why Jake's two penises were so different at the end.@ianloring The race back, brutal tension, I was clenching everything.Gazorpazorpfield
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@RobGirvan I was so upset that Malcolm Tucker wasn't there to yell at Hunt for everything he was doing pre-shooting people.@brendonconnelly Eh. I hoped I'd love it. I didn't like it much.Very disappointed in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. Where were the extra Anna Paquin scenes they promised?
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@GregCATaylor Revolver waxes and wains.@GregCATaylor Rocknrolla took a few goes through to click for me, was so hyped on a back-to-basics Ritchie. But it's solid.@GregCATaylor The first Holmes isn't much cop, but the second is a lot better.@EmptyScreens ThinkJam@EoinMason There's a newspaper ad in the film for 'The Hook' with the tagline 'Before You Die, You See...' that's a great The Ring riff.How did Shark Tale not have the line 'Same Fish, Different Fillet'?There are as many movies about Tig Notaro this year as there are Marvel Studios releases.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOp-Ed Helms@androoshaw @davefranklin Clearly has an amazing agent, probably in the CAA exodus he got quids in.@davefranklin Bradley Cooper is Adam Jones, Sienna Miller, Omar Sy, Daniel Bruhl and Emma Thompson?@spliggle @Disney_UK Take him to the moon for me.@EDouglasWW Photos?@TylerScruggs @Live_for_Films Just Room, dropped the The, it's cleaner.@NJ_Film It doesn't improve, just revels deeper in tedium and emptiness. I saw it on a moving seat and it didn't keep me invested.@TVsAndyDaly Maybe break out the bongos for a while and see where that takes you?@GregCATaylor I am. Any Guy Ritchie movie is an excuse to get excited about fun cinema.Digging into Mr. Robot today. Have the title swimming around to this tune, though: have confirmed the death of former Apprentice contestant Stuart Baggs on the Isle of Man.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@MovieEvangelist If we're retitling it I'd go with The Tedium Of Robert Carlyle's Ego@MovieEvangelist (Also, I discovered after typing it like that many times, it's actually Thomson)@MovieEvangelist It's quite awful, sadly.@WEIRDCHRISTMAS No, you didn't like it either.Toby Kebbel's been on twitter for years but people just never noticed.@montimer I hate kids who don't share or even let anyone have a little go, selfish cunt kids.@montimer I don't directly. But they gotsta learn, we're protesting Pixar for making Lava a thing that we sat through.@montimer There are rules, like 'make good films' and 'stop making things like The Blue Umbrella'@montimer His shirt choice would provide more entertainment than all of Lava.@montimer Pixar need to learn that they can't make Lava and force us to watch it alongside a masterwork. There's a line, and they crossed.@montimer It's King Of Queens by way of Disney.@montimer It's sexism. It's typical patriarchal society sexism. It's Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl pre-bad attitude revelations.We're never gonna hear Jane's Addiction's Superhero in the cinema again. Until I make my Jane's Addiction's Superhero rock opera.@montimer Fuck-me lips, small Renee Zellwegger eyes, long flowing locks.@montimer LOOK AT HER! That's not a Volcano. They're designs of human-like creations, one's a big fat monster, the other's an insanely feminine design. FUCK THAT FILM!@montimer I've mentioned that a few times. It's classic Hollywood bullshit, fat guy and tall thin girl.@brucemadelost Final season so good. Final ep too sad because it ends on a Harris Wittels tribute. Why he gone? I no know. Wish he no go.@brucemadelost Because BBC3 took ages to air anything, then ran through it without telling people, so didn't buy the rest, so Dave did.@brucemadelost THAT'S AWESOMESAUCE!@brucemadelost Hunting's fucking awful. I wrote a few scenes the other day for a spec, based in that world, and it was painful and sad.@brucemadelost Half the world's population are hunting cunts. SEXJOKETIME!@kbiegel That film was way more fun than we deserved it to be.@TheChewDefense I've seen the latest. MI3 is the best one.@TashCurly I think I, more than almost anyone else, know Ethan...@TashCurly Doubtful, her arc seems to be 'I've done that, now on to a new chapter' Which is better than 'I'm in' then nothing for Patton...
There should be essays on the use of reverb on the percussion of Len's track "Steal My Sunshine"The Simpsons - Are the sales really that bad? No, they aren’t
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@FilmFan1971 Oh hell yeah. As I left y'day @Filmaluation & I mentioned the missed ops, it could have been a generation-defining feature.@FilmFan1971 Oh man! That should be the film, yeah. Geeky kids band together against a threat the world cannot comprehend. Damnit Sandler.Time to watch some improv buddies premiere their first sketches ever. So very excited, talent being talented.#windows10 keepin it real #Minecraft style with @EthanRunt
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@jaykayell_ Windows 10 launch party. Free food/drink/events.@jaykayell_ Right!?! Oculus Rift Windows 10 fun.#windows10 @EthanRunt saves the galaxy!
Retweeted by Andrew JonesJust took down a tie fighter and part of a Star Destroyer via Oculus. Awesome? Yes!#windows10 we're in! @EthanRunt
Retweeted by Andrew JonesIf anyone's in central right now, I've got hours to waste, nothing to read, perfect time to hang, right?Well, Rogue Nation was the most like the first film of all the sequels. Not a complete compliment.@cineworld @PixelsMovie And that was all the positive ones you received?As I tweet, Ant-Man has been removed. Ant-Man has left the building, to the incinerator.I'm at the very same IMAX that @craigstevens was at just days ago. Also Tom Cruise, but more Stevens.There's a fallen, ready to be thrown Paul Rudd standee at the IMAX. @JoeCunningham14 will be crushed.@graceuk78 My Hunt Will Go On?Reading Allen Covert's imdb page is utterly depressing. Why do we all bother trying whilst he rides coattails?@KevinLehane Maybe there was a thorn in his paw and he was put out of his misery?Michael Bay should direct more trailers that don't star car robots. up on The Night Before's trailer, B-Tro shoving them DoP skills into gorgeouser comedy cinema.3 days into this week and it'sbeen a lot less than I hoped. A microcosm of the entire year. Hope the tail end picks ip slack.@erickohn Got them in Jan at a screening, very nice stuff. Weirdly suited a giant Olaf.@TylerScruggs "Why hasn't he responded? Come on Bats!"
@FilmDivider What an odd aspect ratio *rimshot*@TheFienPrint SHUT UP TODD!@Valdarocks It is a total Sandler project, all ideas of comedy and creativity suffocated.Pixels joins the ranks of Kevin James-starring films I do not like.
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