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@TheAVClub Well, thanks for shoving that in a headline to spoil it for those of us who didn't want to know.So, that secret of Nimh... Not so secret now: http://t.co/JjguF29sZXHere's a pic of Mario punching Bowser in the dick http://t.co/G64DEt2280
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@jaykayell_ Week remade.@jaykayell_ There's no picture in this tweet. My week is ruined now.@1sttimewatchers I super wish there was someone here to film something under. It seems perfect.More strobing fun. https://t.co/ULnRJL2DhsStreetlight on my street. Strobe dance party! https://t.co/AQy7UGCm7f@RachelKoz @edgarwright @ChrisHewitt One by me does 12-6 on Sun. Get that sweet early pm coin.
@Zack_Parks But then there's times when it's so fucking good.Great evening talking to @watchinpreacher, a rare time of pure script-nerding out.@chelleajohnson sounds like a blast but by the time I get there I know they'll be hitting up Skillrex stuff.@202chicago it canbe read into there, sure.@RachelKoz @nclowe I saw out-of-context clips last month and got worried. In the film it ALL works. Thank goodness.@ChrisHewitt @robbiereviews So adorable. And also what a dark film that would have been.@maverick99sback dawnDisney really are cash-cowing the Tinkerbell franchise in her new movie "Tinkerbell In A Fairy Home Companion"@nclowe @RachelKoz Get yourselves ready. It's so much a delight.Screenjabber Podcast: Take a Serial break and listen to this ... http://t.co/zBxg5MaP1D
Retweeted by Andrew JonesHoly Capaldi. Doctor Who Season 8 has just arrived on Belgium and Dutchflix. http://t.co/I6CVMVQIZj
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@travisbeacham Firm fingers crossed for Trevorrow.Given today's miserable weather, Sunday grosses might well be higher than estimated. Inbetweeners 2 is year's best debut to date at £12.5m.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesAlmost £13m for Mockingjay Part One in the UK, that's pretty darn hefty an opening.Top intl openings for #Mockingjay: UK $19.9M, Germany $13.7M, Mexico $12.1M, Russia $11.1M, France $10.5M, Australia $10.1M.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesWhat a shocking twist, Saturday Night Live had a funny, toothy political satire cold open this week. What happened?@LondonFilmFan Sung to the theme tune.@LondonFilmFan The dinos, the bubble, the Pratt, the GATES!!!Keep absolutely still while watching this trailer teaser for #JurassicWorld. In Cinemas June 12, 2015. https://t.co/0wdbnmGsNX
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@universaluk Does that mean the film retains the 1.85 AR? Nice.@DrGMLaTulippe What would we call this channel?@ManMadeMovies Kevin Spacey's face graphics in that film are as good as in CoD.@SpencerAlthouse @THR We could sort that out using photoshop, but that would not turn out well for anyone.@Hannah_Panther It's better than nothing, indulge.@jramjee Taste the suet.@jramjee His dessert, spotted dick with custard. Gooey, creamy custard.@jramjee I hear when he came out he became The World's Fastest Indian. With his dick.@ReelTalker which is its current rival on all fronts. Except Knightley's role isn't quite Jones' size.@ReelTalker It has eyes on BAFTAs for certain, but it's so much more involving, smartly written, suitably performed than Imitation Game...A little bit of me dies every time I see someone say they thought What We Do In The Shadows wasn't funny.@sleepyskunk #Blended@Hannah_Panther I'm a firm proponent of corn-based products, but sometimes you need the comfort of sinking teeth into pure cheese.@Hannah_Panther Costner up and everything'll be right with the world.@filmthug But when you play the film back and forward on top of one another it presents an image of things happening.@filmthug But there's the bellhops, one carrying just one chair. IT MEANS SOMETHING!@TylerScruggs I watched that recently, for the first time all the way through I think. Not great.@TillyTweets FC51? Ahh, but that old rustbucket's a classic. Stupid JJ.@NathanaelSmith I dunno, NoFace is a complete rip-off of the concept of Hollywood. It shows you gold then turns it into shit.@thecinemadoctor Part 2.For hardcore Live-Ins and Hop-Ons, waiting for word on the quality of these, but this is coming: http://t.co/dyNVt65mRC@SquidyUK Did he tell us how to find the rainbow connection or was he remaining cagey on its actual existence?Can't wait for Paul Blart: Mall Blart 2? Then Germany's love of Kevin James'll sort you out: http://t.co/ertsn4MQ39@Film4 It can only spell two things, Moon and Room! (Also Moron) Room 237.
@papsby making of.Just fyi, Boyhood German blu, 2 months before UK release, has BBFC logo. http://t.co/SIWAoL3RgeThe moment that will forever break me, the perfect way to end a masterwork. http://t.co/YuUmu1goEu@EmptyScreens the laptop doorstop moment suggested a level of comedy that was never happening for the next 2 hours.@JoeCunningham14 the Simpsons.@maverick99sback eBay? Amazon.de@Hannah_Panther Rock the house gurrrl.Boyhood's blu ray menu is awesome. Hero & montaged visuals, tears already.@Mark_Searby £18 with P&P. £2.50 more than UK Jan release. Feel it's worth that.@maverick99sback german.@rosstmiller Same. I just decided to hit the German release now, then wait for Criterion. Jan releases will not be full of extras.Movie night! http://t.co/erLnc4lmv7@patmonger They make damn sure there's parking round here.@IncredibleSuit one of the greats.@ChrisHewitt That's the weirdest yet sweetest way to ask to take out your penis.@patmonger The driver's being paid, so he would happily get more orders done.@eddyrose13 Durst?@Screenjabber @iamnotwaynegale Hahahaha, commission.I just watched a Pizza Hut biker pack up, drive down the road, turn the first corner and stop. Not 100 feet. That's lazy eating.@iamnotwaynegale Nice one. Envious for the sake of both the job and the concept of a job.It's been a good week of films. In a year that feels so much stronger/more interesting than the last half decade.@whitakercody They cut the shots of how the concrete used on these bridges was mixed with semen.The Theory Of Everything argues Interstellar's hypothesis that films have to be dull very well.@Valdarocks @awarmann But, why are people not loving it? It's SO good.In The Theory Of Everything and Cemetery Junction Emily Watson plays Felicity Jones' mother. I guess father's genes make no difference.@Mark_Searby It was tip, he did a hard stare more than just in the lift.@Mark_Searby They used his for eye-levels on set.I get the dangerous behaviour and threat, but the PG for innuendo was sorely lacking. Did anyone see Affleck's penis in there?@jaykayell_ Indeed it is. I nearly cried a few times through nostalgia, joy and effective emotional beats.When Paddington hits DVD someone please take Cloud Atlas' letters to Sixsmith and put them over the film. Or I will.@WEIRDCHRISTMAS The Q&A broached #creepypaddington@catherinebray @ChampCelluloid The Ben Wyatt phase really was a new life to the show. The best thing Party Down was cancelled for.Paddington just... is sublime. Beautiful, hysterical, quintessentially English and brings the characters to life perfectly.Paddington is the rainiest film since Seven, and the best Jim Broadbent film where Ben Whishaw reads a letter he writes since Cloud Atlas.@dukemedia_uk is The Homesman his The Conquerer?@corrinacorrina Excited for this. Couldn't find marmalade sandwiches in Sainsburys, sadly.@dukemedia_uk Are you hinting that maybe he's bored, starting to do performance art?@dukemedia_uk I don't think he's 'starting' to do anything. Seems as expected for the man. http://t.co/OGFmO6oOoY@blinkbox Whoever replaced Linkin Park in Trans4mers is a good bet. And the sounds of himself giving a motivational speech in the mirror.@catherinebray Darn tootin'.Imdb lists The Homesman as a western. In response, Tommy Lee Jones has walked out of the database.I have 2 hours empty between 2:30 and (shocker) 4:30 today in London. Anyone about at all?@catherinebray It sounds like you have... Network connectivity issues.@bill_sich They think it's so long it must take place over multiple winters?A good cinematic weekend - Get On Up, My Old Lady, What We Do In The Shadows and Mockingjay are all high 4 star movies. Go out, do films.@ShowbizSimon That's how they keep those white cliffs white.Looking forward to seeing one of today's films, a dear old friend on the big screen, I do hope Paddington is as lovely as he used to be.Our new movie MAGPIE is available for download following a US cinema run. Here's a trailer: https://t.co/4DQq0G4DE2 http://t.co/R02ZxC5vtv
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