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I am special and unique, just like you. Just a fingerpainting trying to become a masterpiece.

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@Zack_Parks Who have other things to do.@jamieandaston Gone Girl implies taste, Dragon Tattoo implies "that looks like it has potential but I don't know enough about film".@Zack_Parks Better than staying at home, alone.@jramjee Bad ending just to give Nancy a finale. JGL deserved better.@jamieandaston A first date with a good Fincher would be the backbone of a good relationship. Just cos folks is crazy in it...Yvette Nicole Brown leaving Community for family reasons. http://t.co/tM5GsPn3f2 Show will miss her, but she’s needed more elsewhere.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesShirley Bennet exits Greendale's doors. A shame asa fan, understandable as a human.@robbiereviews I have seen people post this all day so clearly this is a majority viewpoint. How the studio missed that is strange.I'm not sure, but I think @Tesco might be judging my shopping habits. http://t.co/blcCRKqOtZ
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThere are days when there's no LFF screenings of interest, then they programme Whiplash opposite Eleanor Rigby.Star Wars Rebels begins on Friday on Disney XD. I saw the 45 min opening ep and it was good. Less humour, more character.@Mullane45 Ahh, that's why I can't see it. Fair enough.@adlow76 When a child is told not to touch hot things it tempts them. When a child touches hot things, it learns them.@Mullane45 Was surprised to see it had 1/2 the Odeon West End ad board.Lot of hubbub on this Netflix/Crouching Tiger thing while no one notices Weinstein's giving away One Chance at Yahoo https://t.co/adl9yegSeq
Retweeted by Andrew JonesCould 'Weird Al' Yankovic’s Silent Film Short Be an Oscar Contender? | Billboard http://t.co/haAuiOZvl4 via @newsle
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@danowen79 He's very good in that show. Never seen Trollied.New blog post: FX renews 'You're the Worst' & 'Married' for longer second seasons http://t.co/KCmvUq5An1
Retweeted by Andrew JonesHoly moly, @MikeRoyce and @kbiegel making a Big tv show, that'll be straight-up gold.Went through the Jim Jarmusch blu ray set today. Can say without a shadow of a doubt this is his best work: http://t.co/MdphL5ouu4@FilmLandEmpire That was Inside Man.Part 01 of my #PerfectMoviePodcast with @TheNickHelm & @MattHighton is now up https://t.co/kMyw9EhLeu YEAH! #PodcastDay
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@robjyoung @drapiroh Because?@JigsawLounge I'd definitely swap the first 2 scores around but then The Master is very much a 1/10 film. Nothing good in that.@jamesmoran Recently gained a cult following?@TheGMcConnachie T3kk3n?The Tribe and Love Is Strange are showing for press at the same time. Sachs wins that tough choice.@LittleBigPicUK http://t.co/WYKusjOu25Marvel's #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy 3D/2D Blu-ray limited edition Steelbook - exclusive to @Zavvi http://t.co/eiGpRWjbQu http://t.co/Rn9vNV6TqY
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@TylerScruggs And you are in for a treat this week.Rupert Wyatt's follow-up to ROTPOTA - THE GAMBLER, is released on 1 May 2015. It stars Mark Wahlberg, Brie Larson and Jessica Lange
Retweeted by Andrew JonesChris Rock's TOP FIVE is released in the UK on 16 January.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesPerhaps a disgruntled moviegoer traveled back in time and made sure WELCOME TO YESTERDAY would never get released.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@DeusExCinema @RobGirvan This.@LondonFilmFan Well played.Anything going on in town between 6-9pm tomorrow? Have a huge gap to fill.Hello @Shaq and @GarryShandling, I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn
Retweeted by Andrew JonesDo you like Star Wars and Lego, you are in luck, i am selling this http://t.co/AM6cgVN777 #ebay #lego :)
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@JoeCunningham14 Hope they do a superhero show then.Everyone, @DevHellSeries has only two days of campaigning left! We've have had a great few days, let's keep it up! https://t.co/nCSwKY6nov
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@jaykayell_ He was always "It's a studio gig, cash focussed" then he got angry at the critics, rather than going "ok".@jaykayell_ Zack And Miri was my final enjoyment. The Cop Out situation destroyed him for me.@jaykayell_ I was once one of them. I do not remember those days too fondly.
@JFGinDigital3D People don't go to hairdressers who can't cut their own hair. Marilyn Manson had his lower ribs removed just to cut his.'They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could finance Clerks 3 that they didn't stop to think if they should.' Dr. Ian Malcolm@JFGinDigital3D Fingers crossed. Really really crossed. Can't go on too much longer in this empty job wasteland.I also got wind of a new Chris Morris project!!!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@JFGinDigital3D Could be better. Pinching pennies at the moment, throwing things to the wind in effort.@JFGinDigital3D Oh really? Bummer.@JFGinDigital3D How's the job going by the way sir?@JFGinDigital3D Wow. To be so tired that dropping £20 on anything isn't a brutal 'yes, no, yes no' game, that's true tiredness.@JFGinDigital3D This is Uber propaganda cited straight from their website. I see what's going on here. Walking and trains are also things.@TheGMcConnachie MoS: DoJ? BvS: DoJ biatch.@JFGinDigital3D That and you're as rich as they come now.@joshbrunsting In the future clipboards and signed documents will be part of the regular bone sesh.@stefanpape29 Good effort. Hope you've had a rockin' birthday.@maverick99sback Great film either cut.Dave, you have issues. #JustTheGosling http://t.co/i8E0vfAE0K
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@natalieholt1982 Beth had more moments that could have worked, Maps is unforgivably awful.Nice to see @WHMPodcast has hit the AV club's Podmass with Secret Window, a must-listen ep.@natalieholt1982 Both are pretty shitty though.It's almost bedtime, so cuddle up with a good kids book, Where Have You Gone Girl: http://t.co/Wy4w4582ceSean Bean's leading a new TV show? So that gets cancelled before the end of the story.Gone Girl Movie Review http://t.co/QmALiiJ9Z6 via @ethanrunt
Retweeted by Andrew JonesQUICK! THE WOMAN Limited Edition Steelbook Blu-ray is only £9.99 (RRP £19.99) for the next 24 hours, from @Zavvi! http://t.co/58kXpxmjxA
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@jaykayell_ I see you, Jake sully.I need work. If anyone knows of any film distribution/ marketing etc jobs going let me know. I'll apparently hardworking and delightful.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@buckleyjack @DevHellSeries Link was a bit fluff, had to reupload: https://t.co/IeLqlS2asNSorry about that, @DevHellSeries is available to read here: https://t.co/IeLqlS2asN #ManOfSteel #Snyder #Nolan@LondonFilmFan I'm sorry, but take a look at this, what is it? Do I need to see a doctor about it? I'll take a picture with flash.Then if you feel like 'man, that could be funny, we'd like to see that' well, we're not above begging: https://t.co/erivzBJXFLSo last night we decided to give you the option to read every ep in @DevHellSeries S1: https://t.co/8C6Tk5TIYp Worth it, not too long.@jaykayell_ Hard 12 for some racism?@Beggar_So I'll probably watch when/if 5 bother to put it on.@Beggar_So Fans of Spadora are happy.@Beggar_So I'm grateful, I enjoy that show enough, the others not so much at all.@RachelKoz If you have to have almost 3 hours every time it's gotta be a huge, important, compelling story or you're a bad storyteller.@ollyog Is it a pimple or a boil? #askolly@RachelKoz Nolan needs to get an editor with a backbone and a studio ready to tell him he has to cut that shit down.How come Brooklyn 9-9 and The Simpsons didn't synch last night and have a death lead to murder investigation?Speaking of good news, here's Up with a Boyhood twist to make you tear up this Monday: https://t.co/A5MqIwXs2ihttp://t.co/0QWFj8jbQA This is good news. Good news.@orangewarrior Definitely. This week's episode was a great opener, proved they can go a little deeper in copland too.@JamiedoesPR Man-Child Booker Prize.This is going to win ALL the prizes: @EthanRunt and the children's adaptation of #GoneGirl http://t.co/n0sPPLQvyO
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@orangewarrior Getting some of that sweet The Simpsons lead-in. At least it's out of competition with other shows, so more can enjoy it.@ChrisHewitt No, they should have a mini-keg in their golf bag instead. #ImAlright #NobodyWorryAboutMeExcited for the brilliant Gone Girl? Try out the new children's adaptation: http://t.co/Wy4w4582ce http://t.co/6uCP6QTEFr@TomWestgate Berocohol!@PaulEGreenwood We'll talk in DMs but I'd like to know what part you think hits an 18 in that. I can see one violent scene, not violent.@Mark_Searby @YahooMoviesUK Because he likes not having more than 2 hours in a booth, counting cash, then never seeing the film.@Swill_i_ams @Mullane45 I'd have been a babe (baby, not a sexy person, however I am the latter now)@Swill_i_ams @Mullane45 Doubt it. It was pre-internet and pre-Tweenies, right?@Swill_i_ams @Mullane45 I'm glad people mentioned who it was cos I wouldn't know a picture of them when I see it in my timeline.@PaulEGreenwood "I know this one!"@MrCamW Mainly because dropping the newspaper to go to a movie is awkward, you're littering for one thing.Of all the truly terrible things Donald Trump has done and continues to do, not knowing what Fred and Rose West looks like is not one.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesClip of The Inbetweeners shown on Last Week Tonight, got a rise out of audience who I guess thought it was real teen footage.@YeardleySmith It was sunny yesterday, honest.Weird Al covers George Harrison's "What Is Life," makes both @adamfgoldberg and @seangiambrone1 incredibly happy https://t.co/2x9HaPMo7j
Retweeted by Andrew Jones
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