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There are infinite reasons to work out today. What's yours? #fitspiration@notaprincess221 Wow, that's amazing! Congratulations!@kdlm Just let our support team know at http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6. They can help you troubleshoot, or get you a replacement if it's defective.
Forbes mentioned us in this recent article about what data could mean for health costs and sustainability. Cool! http://t.co/YKLIwpPGVT@dsgomez1 Thanks, one of our support agents will follow up@frannycakesblog We litterally LOLed. Glad it wasn't lost!@eliseannette If it's still under warranty, support can help! http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6@dsgomez1 Hi David, sorry to hear you're having trouble. If you give us your case #, we'd be happy to have support follow up with you.The best way to hit your goals? One day at a time. #keepmoving
@WKRamses We're working hard to get it out ASAP, but no ETA yet unfortunately.@jacarroll Well, we never checked to see if the Force was manatee-proof!@RhymesWithAlvin Try calling 888-656-6381. A third-party company is helping us send those, but that's the number we have for them.@Stappela That's a great suggestion!@BethMcGale The site estimate is for orders you place that day. You'll receive an email letting you know when your order ships!@shadalicious Hover over your 'Steps' tile with your mouse, then click the 'settings' button in the lower-left corner.Feeling discouraged? Try setting a new goal - then be surprised at what you can accomplish. #fitspirationHere are all 12 days of “healthy hacks” from our spring post series to help you jumpstart new spring routines. http://t.co/PwfStt5xdn
Healthy living is simply making smart choices every day. What will you choose? #fitspiration@Latinhokie Yes! We're working hard to fix the issues with the Force and will re-release it ASAP. We'll announce it here when we do.Fitbit CEO & Co-founder James Park presented Fitbit to Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, while in town for NES2014 http://t.co/kG3VbbAH5y@jakestpeter They absolutely should! They need an update in general, so we'll take note. Thanks for the suggestion.
"As little as 5-10 minutes spent outside can make a difference to your stress level and your outlook." http://t.co/daPx2cf5de@NcCarterFamily Sounds like you're off to a great start!@bailcam We like the way you think.@kevinkliu Thanks for letting us know!@rich_dyson Wow! What did you do to get so many steps?@RunToBeFree10 Wow, 27k in one day is crazy! Congrats!@sregentin That's still remarkable - congrats!@thesassymoon Just go to http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6. The clip has a 365-day warranty, so maybe they can help!@colcastle Try placing it in a bowl of rice for ~24 hours. If it still isn't working, let us know at http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6@laurensmart You're welcome - and congrats on hitting the goal!@1_madeline_3 Close is still progress. Congrats on making the attempt!@NFaubel Nice! Do you keep it up on your days off?@Stappela That's awesome! How'd you do it?@jayweisberger #highfive@carolina_riann Amazing! How long did it take?@RozeSPN Nice work!@DarthJeter That's what we like to hear!@JBOpi1 You're amazing, congratulations!@FIipFlopLover Wow, congratulations! What did you do to get so many steps?Weekend's over: Who managed to hit 30,000 steps over the weekend? Any new step badges? #fitspiration
Fast & Furious star @JordanaBrewster sports a Fitbit! http://t.co/y3hJ8wKvZO
Who's up for a challenge? Let's see if we can take 30,000 steps over the weekend. That's about the same as a half marathon. #FitbitFriday
Ready for a #FitbitBreak? Take the next 15 minutes to get up and move. Your workday deserves some time to de-stress. #getmoving@hogarthww Yes, stay tuned!@h0pbeat We fixed the vulnerability on our servers, and are working on getting more information out to our users. You should hear today.@sdaltons We may be able to! If you go to http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6 and let our support team know, they can help.@rmpeacoc Happy we could help!@NewAngelRising It is! We haven't announced timing yet, but we're working hard on getting available ASAP.@BillAulet We actually opened an office there last year and have been busy hiring! https://t.co/eYhjQZZ3ub@JElsdonLarson We can assure you, you're not alone. #FitProblemsInteresting: In Boston, doctors are prescribing bike-share memberships. http://t.co/ESSIzr7ICp
@codegumbo Congratulations!@martieg1 They can through our website! But we hope you find yours.@holly_cova #FitProblems@DolfMitch The couple that steps together, stays together. Have fun!@nkkl Now that's an awesome manager! You two should compete.@Ian_Manubens We don't recommend it. The Force is sweat, rain, and splash-proof.@Moinois Best of luck!@uberBlanc It won't help your step count, but there are ways to keep your muscles working: http://t.co/QI5J33KzgV@sdsolle If they have a way to sync/charge it, they'd be able to set it up with a new account. But @jenblacker should contact support!@ErinMargolin It's hard to say without more info. Can you contact our support team? http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6Today is as good as any day to make yourself proud. #keepmoving
Fitbit users with friends tend to be 27% more active. Who's helping to push you further? #fitspiration@lisarenee_o Very soon! We'll be announcing it here and via email when we have more news.@smoothsailin_ The Fitbit Flex is pretty slim - about 0.6 inches wide. And it's quite durable, definitely okay to wear during basketball.@StreetFur Hah! We'd love to see those stats.@MNR_Diggette That's awesome, hope you enjoy!
Having trouble talking yourself into going to the gym today? Put on your running shoes, go outside, and see what happens. #getmovingIn case you missed it... 9 tips to getting your sleep back on track. http://t.co/VFxpkhvt0PForgo the gym: do this efficient outdoor cardio & strength workout with zero equipment http://t.co/HwSEcMD7dG w/ tips from @BarrysBootcamp@locksmithdon Nice work!@ClayAllenTour Congratulations, and best of luck hitting goal #2!
Time for a #FitbitBreak! Go take 15 minutes to move. Work can wait. #getmoving@SamiaNash Right back atcha. We do have forums: https://t.co/RBnPkKOEBs Hope they help answer your questions!@pulptone That's great to hear! Tell her congratulations for us.@odaiwai Yes, there's a 365-day warranty on all of our products! Contact the support team to get info on it: http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6@darrenmcknight You can always manually log the activity. Probably "walking" for half a mile?@jamesonjlee Glad we could help you out! Shouldn't all warranty processes be hassle-free?@kylesethgray You're very welcome ;)@four10 Soon! We'll make an announcement as soon as we have a set date.Do time changes throw you off? Here are 9 valuable tips you may not have known. http://t.co/VFxpkhvt0P
Walking, running, and even disc golf: 4 Fitbit employees share how they get active with the extra. http://t.co/KRAe8XXXAr #SpringCleanNot feeling motivated? Just visualize what it will be like to reach your goals. #fitspiration@eeb31 Wow, congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment.@LaniJoyce It's only the truth.@Fizzgyg That's great - let us know if you have any feedback!@arryve Wow, congratulations from our team to yours!@SunnyNaughton You're welcome!@WadsWords Congratulations, and great to hear you're enjoying the sun!@bassthumpa If you're excited to be waking up, then we've done our jobs. :)@krj86 Happy anniversary AND birthday!
@kristakruger Nice work!Would you rather work out today, or regret not working out tomorrow? #keepgoingIt's national walking day! Here's 6 tips to get more steps during the workday: http://t.co/RVGASJH0KM #NationalWalkingDay@ChristinesTwitr It shouldn't have. If you go to http://t.co/3PHHrmIk9t and contact support, they should be able to look at this more.@chimericdream Hi Bill - Definitely content @FitbitSupport at http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6. They will certainly help you get that sorted out. Thx@ChristinesTwitr Are the icons blinking? If so, try pressing and holding the button until you see the stopwatch stop.@andishea1 It's our advanced analytics option. It basically offers more insight into your food logs, sleep, etc.@OdetoFunny Happy anniversary! xo, Fitbit
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