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How much exercise is ideal for prolonging life? A new study breaks it down: http://t.co/rpqJyyNtJDDo you need help completing today's #HealthyHabits challenge? Get healthy snack tips from @foodtrainers on our blog: http://t.co/fkAwVAXBYsReady for another #HealthyHabits challenge? Today's is: stock up on healthy snacks! http://t.co/BmGiil6H4e
In case you missed it, today's #HealthyHabit challenge is: Add an extra veggie to your plate! Which will you choose? http://t.co/VlOBkzEkdcIt's week 2 of the Fitbit #HealthyHabits challenge! This week we'll be focusing on nutrition: http://t.co/Wr1CTKGLeW http://t.co/l1NN8TU8naHappy #MarathonMonday! Congrats to every racer & a big shout out to everyone who supported runners from the sidelines http://t.co/bDHzv4Pgt7
Have you completed today's #HealthyHabits challenge yet? If not, get help de-stressing with today's blog: http://t.co/uLLDqY9N0iA goal is simple. Put one foot forward. Repeat. Then, the day is yours. Celebrate #HaikuPoetryDay by tweeting us your #FitkuToday's #HealthyHabit will only take a few minutes: Do an "equal breathing" exercise to help combat stress! http://t.co/cr7Loi1NYM
We have another easy #HealthyHabits challenge today: Listen to music that makes you happy! What's your happy song? http://t.co/bWSofHykoD
Celebrity trainer @HarleyPasternak shares his list of top five foods surprisingly high in sugar: http://t.co/NjGO37nWhfToday's #HealthyHabit challenge is a simple one: drink a decaf cup of tea! Let us know if you feel any less stressed afterwards.
You can now track your outdoor bike rides with Fitbit Surge! http://t.co/yoocB8lrYJ http://t.co/Mrkl21EQJMToday's #HealthyHabit challenge can be done on your lunch break: Go for a 15 minute walk outside! http://t.co/tIRqyUXVUH
Do you need help completing today's challenge to meditate for 10 minutes? Check out these tips! http://t.co/LXlCh65312@michsineath Nice picture! We'd love to share it on our site: http://t.co/0G5sEu1gtaAre you joining in on our Healthy Habits series? Today's challenge is: Meditate for 10 minutes. http://t.co/ZE5Dz61rJ9Get healthy for summer and beyond with Fitbit Healthy Habits, starting today! http://t.co/tGMtu4sPRr http://t.co/3YtbIWxRcd@GritcoIgor support@fitbit.com can answer all of your questions!
24,498 steps and @laura_pierson can still enjoy herself! She topped the leaderboard on last week's #AmazingRace http://t.co/bjtXJWRnIJ
We’re happy to share that @FitStar Personal Trainer is available on the web: http://t.co/dHGd3jStyA http://t.co/ixwk2VPZcN
Kick your bad snack habits to the curb with @foodtrainers ten tips on healthy snacking: http://t.co/6ZOj3gL7gSEvery workout brings you one step closer to your goals. #keepgoing
Are you drinking enough water? Here are 7 tips for staying hydrated every day: http://t.co/MLaLGVFbEo
Are you a regular exerciser? Check out our tips on what to eat to get the most out of your workouts: http://t.co/8TVNVMX8RM
If you're watching basketball today, don't forget to check out our mini-workout! http://t.co/Ui3HsKQtJl http://t.co/B4zzULsL5u
.@MATTofMASH and @ASHofMASH make quite the pair - both on #AmazingRace and on the leaderboard! They out-stepped every other team this week.Did you know in the last leg of The #AmazingRace, teams burned over 81,000 calories? That's the same as 587 glasses of whole milk!@runfreelfc That's amazing! You've totally got this.@sph The plastic isn't meant to be a real clasp, it's just part of the packaging. Move your steel clasp from your old band to the new one.
New research is showing that exercise is the most important factor in preventing weight gain as we age: http://t.co/0FEUnENEDn@Sparky4072 Yes! We announced last week that it's coming soon.
Check out today's blog for some healthy recipes to help fuel your day: http://t.co/ZXvyiNFUNoCarve your core & zen out w/ our new Freestyle sessions! Try them today for a special badge: http://t.co/wSpiz2UcpL http://t.co/BlnGyi7TBk
Retweeted by FitbitNew styles #ToryBurchforFitbit http://t.co/DCkYxyoOGM http://t.co/xCmwa9OJmz
Retweeted by FitbitReady to tap into something extraordinary? Check out our big news on the Fitbit blog: http://t.co/EnHjDT3ZM5 http://t.co/Xt2UqLXODJ
Our #5Pounds giveaway is now over! Thank you everyone who entered – we'll be contacting the winners tomorrow.Our friends at @FitStar were featured at the top of Greatist's list of best health and fitness apps! http://t.co/9koVxShSdtWhat are you doing this week to climb to the top of your leaderboard? #getmoving http://t.co/apDmfivcwy
If you've mastered the push-up, here's a different take on the classic move - and a great weekend challenge #FitMoves http://t.co/xQPABEPLne@sammiJMidd You can do it right through the app as long as you have a compatible smartphone or tablet. http://t.co/nv9H4AaSUE
Multi-Tracker Support is here! Now you can switch between trackers without missing a step. http://t.co/7oLYFr0ZBB http://t.co/aul9K13pwNBig thanks to the entire Fitbit community for helping us hit this major milestone. We can’t wait to see what's next. http://t.co/IPj7F70ESe@ezra802 Exactly - that's what you've burned just by being alive (or more technically, your BMR)@YvonneDewar The plastic clip isn't meant for use. Take the steel one from your old band.
Congrats to @Benioff, winner of last week's #FitbitForAHA Challenge. $130k raised for the AHA! http://t.co/n2oNKLc6K8 http://t.co/nXX4nfpiqv@JoannaGalli Yes, you can enter through 3/30!
According to our survey, teachers tend to be more active than any other profession! http://t.co/OPV8RwwQpN http://t.co/Fska8xFkQ8
Today is Puppy Day! Do you have a four-legged friend keeping you on your feet? Share a pic with us using #PuppyFit! http://t.co/lrytf7subk
It's the last day of our CEO #FitbitForAHA Challenge, and @MichaelDell has pulled way ahead! Can @benioff catch up? http://t.co/Dn5jDb1LBwEvery day is a great day to thank those who've supported you on your fitness journey. #happiness http://t.co/AffIedEOHKSpring is here, and it's a great time to add to your routine! What will you try? #SpringFit http://t.co/qZ36uMoiSJ http://t.co/Oiq0vNhygd. @MichaelDell & Marc Benioff Face Off in #FitbitForAHA Celebrity Challenge http://t.co/mXLeefYedr #Iwork4Dell
Retweeted by Fitbit@Benioff & Dell are facing off in a #Fitbit Challenge! #FitBitForAHA Here's how YOU can... http://t.co/jNscAX4i4d http://t.co/RX6Nr2TolY
Retweeted by Fitbit
Curious to see how your step count compares to that of some of the top tech CEOs? Check it out: http://t.co/WAJtdH6xEW.@MichaelDell is dominating in this week's #FitbitForAHA Challenge! See how both CEOs are stepping up: http://t.co/JGk0280GmADay 3 still ahead of @benioff #FitBitForAHA #dellbeatsbenioff2015 https://t.co/K5vCD1O1Sl Feeling strong http://t.co/ncBdrn9e9l
Retweeted by FitbitAnother day competing @MichaelDell with travel to/from LA & customer dinner. #FitBitForAHA http://t.co/sa8Z3FrkxA http://t.co/qjOMr6gvmD
Retweeted by FitbitDo you love pizza but want to stay fit? Check out @foodtrainers 10 guilt-free pizza options! http://t.co/MBCdNfryAh http://t.co/GnXFiKmPHp
"Honestly, I would move mountains to see that little icon beaming at me after 10,000 steps." http://t.co/JgIetIq9WUWe're half-way through this week's #FitbitForAHA Challenge, and @MichaelDell has a 33,770 step lead! Follow along: http://t.co/Qj4BCeXaYzAnother hard day competing against @MichaelDell in #FitBitForAHA challenge. The @foofighters saved me. @iHeartRadio http://t.co/CmLGg8wQ8Q
Retweeted by Fitbit2 days, 16 hrs and 50 min left on the #FitbitForAHA Celebrity Challenge @michaeldell is leading with over 82K steps #TeamDell
Retweeted by Fitbit
It's tourney time! Check out these workouts to stay active while watching the games: http://t.co/QF6LDcruZN http://t.co/da8iKGXmbWTough day w customer visits & @foofighters concert! Maybe hard to take another loss from @MichaelDell! #FitBitForAHA http://t.co/sa8Z3FrkxA
Retweeted by FitbitA good luck charm for your arm. Happy St. Patrick's Day. http://t.co/HXWbZ6jnATTX vs. CA? No contest! Support @MichaelDell in #FitbitForAHA battle vs. @Benioff. $1 gets TX 10 extra steps http://t.co/S5T4J9EBiH
Retweeted by Fitbit@MistyatDell It started yesterday, and looks like both CEOs are doing well over 10k!We love a challenge! Go #TeamBenioff! 💪 @Dell @MichaelDell @Benioff #FitbitForAHA
Retweeted by FitbitTo help kick off this week's #FitbitForAHA challenge, we did a Q&A with @MarcBenioff and @MichaelDell! Check it out: http://t.co/Pam0H0LPJiThis week's challengers are leaders of global tech companies, but only one can lead the scoreboard. #FitbitForAHA http://t.co/EhVhIEPruc@MichaelDell is in the lead! #FitBitForAHA I'm about 20k steps behind. Need to catch up to the boss! http://t.co/jSBoraRRwm
Retweeted by FitbitPresident O'bama is ready for St. Patrick's Day. http://t.co/ngf50W4Ntu
Retweeted by FitbitToday is done. Worked out for 4 hours. Not enough to beat @MichaelDell, however. #FitBitForAHA http://t.co/sa8Z3FrkxA http://t.co/8YeIvWy4m4
Retweeted by Fitbit
Which CEO do you think will top the scoreboard in this week's #FitbitForAHA challenge: @Benioff or @MichaelDell? http://t.co/TzuL2e9VLKChallenge accepted! Facing off w/ @Benioff in #FitbitForAHA step challenge. Support #TeamDell at https://t.co/R8xsstmr8y
Retweeted by Fitbit.@Benioff We back our hometown teammate in the #FitbitForAHA Challenge v @MichaelDell Go #TeamSF! #WeAreHeart
Retweeted by FitbitIn this week’s #FitbitForAHA battle, we’re throwing our support behind @MichaelDell #GoTexas #TeamDell #AustinisWhy http://t.co/S5T4J9EBiH
Retweeted by FitbitMust be 18+ and reside in the US to enter. The giveaway will end at 11:59 PM on 3/30. View the official rules: https://t.co/qGEYwveQpmWe're giving away 20 copies of @HarleyPasternak's new book, 5 pounds! To enter, tell us what your fitness goals are this year using #5poundsTech giants @Benioff and @MichaelDell face off in this week's #FitbitforAHA Challenge! http://t.co/fCWETXY5oa http://t.co/eV1YkEID1pVisual confirmation of President @BarackObama wearing a Fitbit Surge? Roger that. #CommanderInFit // via @LRD90 http://t.co/Q84fRkjvLr
From running for his fanny pack to getting down on one knee, it's no surprise that @MATTofMASH topped the step chart again! #AmazingRaceIn last week's #AmazingRace, the teams took over 215,000 steps! That's about 165 laps around Phuket Wake Park. http://t.co/LqQNkqpsgxCheck out our tips on how to turn lunch into a meal that's both satisfying and nutritious! #EatFit http://t.co/Ujd9H0EUf6
Let's see a show of hands: have you been wearing a Fitbit tracker for 4+ years like Marc Benioff has? http://t.co/NtwsxvGWP7
We're constantly amazed by what Fitbit users can accomplish, like going 40 miles in one day! Read Carolyn's story: http://t.co/XAvZjhWK4H
Here's 6 tips for staying fit and getting more active during your 9–5: http://t.co/5j43vFzV2y http://t.co/Z25PvvWIUn@Amy_Carbohn Sorry about that! You can DM us now.
Did you know that Arizona has the most consistent step count all year long? Learn more: http://t.co/33GDbrlGzk http://t.co/BarVU20ut0Interested in seeing where the magic happens? BusinessInsider is offering an inside look at Fitbit HQ! http://t.co/3Mbufv6b6s
In tonight's episode, @MATTofMASH of #TheHairstylists stayed a cut above the competition by taking 39,456 steps in one day! #AmazingRaceLast week on the #AmazingRace teams burned over 99,000 calories, which means they can go ahead and slurp a few more bowls of ramen.
@ProudLatinaTX Congratulations, you've won a copy of Cook Your Butt Off! Please DM us your shipping address so that we can mail it to you.@Amy_Carbohn Congratulations, you've won a copy of Cook Your Butt Off! Please DM us your shipping address so that we can mail it to you.@herc780 Congratulations, you've won a copy of Cook Your Butt Off! Please DM us your shipping address so that we can mail it to you.@cruella607 Congratulations, you've won a copy of Cook Your Butt Off! Please DM us your shipping address so that we can mail it to you.@smitherrific Congratulations, you've won a copy of Cook Your Butt Off! Please DM us your shipping address so that we can mail it to you.@Tifflonn Congratulations, you've won a copy of Cook Your Butt Off! Please DM us your shipping address so that we can mail it to you.@Allisone84 Congratulations, you've won a copy of Cook Your Butt Off! Please DM us your shipping address so that we can mail it to you.
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