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@chandleraallen as u wish@chandleraallen love when girls like u say daddyyyy hahaha love it@Boootystar Damn still horny and tryna get it in? Hahah@TrinityStClair Love reading what u write@ChaosChloe 😍😍😍😍 I've missed u....when can I get a goody bag from u??@ChaosChloe I miss u....u missed my bday too 😢@TrinityStClair I love the female to be tiny!!! God I wish I had bank to have lunch with u lol@Mr_Mike_Hawk @Angel_Elexxxus fuck her in those panties and stockings@KimKxxx I do I do I do@actuallyKendall Hahahaha@Lexpece WTF I DO!!!!!
@A1GirlsDaily @jencarpentieri Whoa almost thought this was you lol@Angel_Elexxxus @Faux_Mike_Hawk fuckin amazing. U both are awesome!I said maybeeeeeee.....gunna be the one that saves meeeeeeeeeeeJust sitting in my car jamming out...shit sucks bro haha such an up and down dayDamn son...damnDamn....nothing worse than watching someone grow then fall for them and then watch them fall for someone else...wish u the best still.@daniifbaby99 daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn son!Not that we're biased or anything...but #TeamLothbrok = 😍 #VikingsSDCC http://t.co/SJDc4CP1J2
Retweeted by 》G《RT! It's #FollowFriday! Show @DANCEonFOX contestants @BridgetWhitman and @Dance11Carly some #FF support! #SYTYCD http://t.co/JlXKmSbGH9
Retweeted by 》G《@logan_mccue HOLY FUCK WHERE DO U WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3RT! It's #FollowFriday! Show @DANCEonFOX contestants @DanceEmily11 and @JacqueLeWarne some #FF support! #SYTYCD http://t.co/3kPKnJCGux
Retweeted by 》G《@Air_Scumbag ya but its not pay and just keeping it family and low key so don't worry about it man. know ur prob running a bunch too.@Boootystar you'd rock anything@missisadesantos Wait what??? Did u fuck a daddy??@mikaylax @thejanicexxx @actuallyKendall hahahahaha omg I was trying to be funny...sheesh@mikaylax @thejanicexxx @actuallyKendall & then I grab Janice & make her ride my cock as I grab Kendall's thighs & make her ride my face!
@SummerBrielle idk why but she has me blocked. Can u ask her to unblock meeeeeeee. I'll buy all her porn if she does @DESTINYDIXON@aliceced99 my god perfection
I'm at Fox Studios (Los Angeles, CA) w/ 3 others http://t.co/XNjkj3jbxpMy mom still missing this will be her 5th night! Please re share we need as much coverage as possible #HelpFindEve http://t.co/exH5cM3OJs
Retweeted by 》G《"@Lexpece: I need a m a n" uhhhh.... Hello! Lol jk"@purrbunny: Me in 6 days #boobz http://t.co/LC4EXNQtVZ" haha wtf??? U getting a boob job or something???"@Lexpece: I still love you just gotta do my own thang" I trust u boo lol@Asiaa_Russoo @Lexpece God damn god daaaaaaamn
@Sassy_Linn Not worth it then. Idk why humans chase people who don't want them.@Faux_Mike_Hawk @CamJOBz @_TumejorSonris haha gunna let my friend vent to u when I send her to u?Love when ppl only hit u up when they want something #YupImTalkingToYou #Fake@Faux_Mike_Hawk @Angel_MFC smoke then fuckkkkkk@Lexpece hey u never gave me my bday gift!!!Glen coco killin it http://t.co/TrbmF0mTX0
Retweeted by 》G《@HarleeSpecter @BadLatinaBtches @BombBabes @AlliSeeIsAss god I need u@BibiNoel1 hope this never happened to u@Lexpece Aka you😍 @JenSelter #JenSelterCallMe #JenSelterCallMe #JenSelterCallMe #JenSelterCallMe #JenSelterCallMe #JenSelterCallMe #JenSelterCallMeRetweet #JenSelterCallMe
Retweeted by 》G《@Angel_MFC @Faux_Mike_Hawk Haha tell'em!@purrbunny @Evee__MFC I was just curious cuz u RT a lot of girls ik. So crazy. I thought u were one for a moment haha@Evee__MFC @purrbunny ALYSSA HOW U KNOW SO MANY MFC MODELS??????
#MyDinner tn. Ribs & mashed potatoes. Loving life rn. #DoWorkSon #TeamIDWS http://t.co/JwikfMKsvZ@Sassy_Linn sooooo baddddddd💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦@Lexpece 😢@darriandallas @Lodunn41 @rachelpfeiffer @BrittneyDFit @HShanholtz With pleasure, ladies.@TrinityStClair the princess of the world!!! Princess Trinity 👑👸@Sassy_Linn Im so sorry to hear babe@Sassy_Linn I hate seeing u like this@TrinityStClair Or 10 or 100 🍸🍻🍺@EmilyB_Official wowza wowza wowza ty!!!!!!@TashaReign I love seeing pics of u@Sassy_Linn Shelbs@TashaReign @AdultVirtualCon YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!http://t.co/4DRfYo0qGO VOTE VOTE VOTE 👍👍👍
Retweeted by 》G《@RileyReidx3 Love them! #FollowMeBack u promised lol@RileyReidx3 BABE NOOOOOOO U UNFOLLOWED MEEEEEEE@thejanicexxx @actuallyKendall ahhhhhhh I need to hang with u asap!😞😒 really hate when I'm in the middle of cooking and I realize I'm missing an ingredient. Ugh showering and running to the store...@thejanicexxx Really......? 😢😢😢😢😢😢@Sassy_Linn Hope ur ok....@Sassy_Linn lol wb to me!@polinaOH wahhhh u unfollowed me LOL
@thejanicexxx #BestGifEver@actuallyKendall Word let's go! #DMme@Sassy_Linn DM me back ;)@MsAbigailMac @thejanicexxx Holy fuck this is amazing I can't wait to see this!!!!@Lexpece lol I hate u check yo damn DMs@Lexpece Ohhhhhhhh u that bad ayyyyyy@Lexpece Best & hottest BITCH aroundddddd son@Sassy_Linn 💞@JordanSkyee noooooo why am I blocked lol what did i do???@thejanicexxx That lady is hella lucky to be on those boobies lolhttp://t.co/4DRfYo0qGO
Retweeted by 》G《@darriandallas I stay voting@elsaday21 i think u should follow me... #JustSayin lol all the gorgeous women doI'll never understand people. You ask them something and they favorite or RT it. Like how about a response? That'd make sense. #JustSayin@FreeshiaMFC I fuckin miss u. U never hmu anymore@Sassy_Linn I LOVE YOOOOOOOOOU MAKE ME SAY IT AGAIN lol
@Sassy_Linn Take a ton of pics or its not realLove when its cloudy in #LA for 2 reason. #1 because it stays cool. Perfect 74° rn. #2 cuz it feels like a summer day in #BuffaloNY@Angel_MFC @Faux_Mike_Hawk so tiny and so perfect#BirthdaySelfies lol actually day after but I never post pics of me...idk seems like a girly thing to do. #DoWorkSon http://t.co/YZeeCIYZnhhey friends take a moment & go vote for the sexy @darriandallas 👉http://t.co/crE6yJIwCB👈 #vote #entertaineroftheyear #TeamDarrianDallasIt's that time again👉👉 http://t.co/4DRfYo0qGO #vote #entertaineroftheyear
Retweeted by 》G《@darriandallas ILL VOYE ERRRRRRDAY ALL DAY FOR U@darriandallas 😍😍😍😍😍 for my birthday u should follow meeeeee@SummersRikki wow thanks to @Angel_MFC I found u and so glad I did!!!! Hope to talk to u soon 😉😉😉@aliceced99 I live right along the mountains in LA. Love it!!!@thejanicexxx Sooooo beautiful Janice!!! Hope ur doin well babe. Haven't heard from ya in awhile.@SummerBrielle @mrpetexxx I gotta watch this!!!! Summer is all tied up!!!"@Lexpece: Kiss my ass" hahaha u r a mess@alexmftanner hahaha looking hella young and she fucks....wowza
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