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@allymohun too cute! Happy Birthday mom:)@maridt3 looks like a good night;)@ajmttj: Finally got my Xo, G wine and can't wait to try it!!! @GiulianaRancic @BillRancic http://t.co/eS7MiDRgEC. Yay!!
Thanks. It's topshop. RT @KayFcknCee: I love @GiulianaRancic outfit on tonight's show πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ’•πŸ’•! #ENewsTune in tonight to @ENews @JessieJ teaches @GiulianaRancic & @TerrenceJ her Bang Bang dance moves. Who did it best? http://t.co/iTXWvmNFiU
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicLove it. Cheers!!! RT @vintagegirl111: @GiulianaRancic Cheers to a happy Friday night! http://t.co/GKRwhVnurIShhhh:) RT @vineexp: Thx @TrentoAntonio http://t.co/yMpI2VcrjX Doesn't everyone sneak snacks into the movies? #x... http://t.co/zUPtSiExaP@hoooliiaaa @XoGWine omg. What location is that? Gotta call them and have them stock up quick fast!!! We can tweet u when they do:)Everyone coming over for Thanksgiving dinner? Head to @AshleyHomeStore to make sure your place is holiday ready! http://t.co/rL4MSJTx1KThank u! RT @asarison: Florida LOVED XO,G wine!! I was thrilled to represent your brand tonight! You are amazing! πŸ’— http://t.co/f5ssJlDtha@asarison cheers to U!!!!!For thanksgiving, these taste even better than they look! Check out http://t.co/McqzqxJJmu for your… http://t.co/d604NwI0pp
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic
Xo! RT @azsungoddess1: Finally got my hands on some #xogwine by @giulianarancic. So cool-4 individually wrapped wine… http://t.co/4DGm1fxc64Cheers! @XoGWine RT @RebbyBrown7: Wayyy too excited to see @GiulianaRancic wine out in stores! http://t.co/LrJOpX03qGHiiiiii @ENews is on. Come hang!!!What to watch right now....Grey's Anatomy, Biggest Loser, Real Housewives or basketball? So many decisions and they all start now! Help!Love a good girl's night:) RT @maridt3: found them! #XO can't wait to open them tomorrow at our girls night! http://t.co/MGKdFCCrSg@zapiddy @XoGWine love it!!!! Hope u liked:)Give back! @dfswest POP-up store designed by @LAClosetDesign opens doors today tix http://t.co/2yQ8BWCSXT Get ur holiday shopping on! #SFSLA
So fun!!!! RT @LisaKridos: Amazing dinner at Crossroads on Melrose with @GiulianaRancic @TerrenceJ @JasonKennedy1 http://t.co/4HQHvxlAGZ
@alsamuelson @xogwine the pleasure was ALL mine!!!!@nettethejet u are too sweet! Thank u for ur time today and hope the event Thursday goes great for u!!! #oneperfectglass #xogwine @xogwinePlease help find this young man....he is from my hometown. RT http://t.co/yDiNCsspWL
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicTalking all things @XoGWine on @ktlaENT with @samontv NOW! Tune in! :)
Lol!!! RT @AOB_15: I wanted a @livelokai bracelet before, but now I definitely need one so @GiulianaRancic and I can be twinning πŸ‘­πŸ’•Love u:) RT @SavannahBenton: Editing pictures & having a night cap! Thank u for your @XoGWine you're #amazeballs http://t.co/ILZ6gKjrKkLove my bracelets! RT @_JadeyBabyy_: I love how @GiulianaRancic posted the pic of her @livelokai ! #LoveMine #FindYourBalanceLol! RT @LelaRose17: 14k Chocolate cake! 😍 @rpmsteakchi you're not helping my wedding diet! #RPMSteak #Chicago http://t.co/kuAEb7F6YcGlad u love!!! RT @thepulsesd: Cheers 2 ending a fabulous day with xogwine I have 2 say I am picky about my whites… http://t.co/U2HFyNAqQqYes! RT @Courtney: Sorry I missed u when I return I'm treating everyone to Chicago's best steakhouse @RPMSteakChi we'll catch up then #14k🍰Yay! Best hostess gift & stocking stuffer:) RT @ddbizegirl: @XoGWine Finally found it! Stocking up for holiday gifts! http://t.co/sJ116d6D8dWIN A TRIP FOR TWO TO LA https://t.co/RzJCXPq846 #xogwine
Love! RT @Melanie_Egan: Hey @ChrisEgan5 while ur gone on business trip #Seahawks I have to try @GiulianaRancic wine! http://t.co/JsZJnx5NKoHappy Birthday!!! RT @JennyOb18: Best birthday ever! Excited to finally try @XOGwine @giulianarancic #xogwine http://t.co/kmaF2c4T8eLove!!!! A+ for u;) RT @Isa_Bella_L: Thanks for making homework bearable @XoGWine @GiulianaRancic 😘 http://t.co/HsDfo6DCDYAgree!!!! RT @cbroz07: @GiulianaRancic can't think of a better way to end the weekend! Can you!? @xogwine http://t.co/1J53COuIpHU look fab in my #GbyGR Showstopper @DeniseWadeTSC! It's avail online here @theShoppingChan: http://t.co/ZwnVDakWxa http://t.co/Zbnh0hcI34Check store locator on http://t.co/qWVkDcJZoX. RT @_jodiesuarez: G has a wine out?! Where have a been!!!! I need to try some of this now! 🍷🍷I love Rose:) Lemme know how u like it! RT @thesedays65: @GiulianaRancic Yes! Finally!!! Can't wait to try:) @XoGWine http://t.co/GbSeNndKTtAmazing! Which location? RT @darby_linda: My local @Walmart clerk said @XoGWine is very popular and almost selling out. Glad I got mine!Fab! RT @liz_tweety209: Wearing my @GbyGiulianaR jacket and so in love with it. Go get your @HSN Love ya G http://t.co/gEpW0eJ7Ki
Thank u girls!!! XoG! RT @tayuso88: it took me calling 7 stores but I found it!! Good times at Bottle and Botega http://t.co/zXuvfPuyc6Lookin good girl:) party! RT @YuRRgirl_MEGAN: @GiulianaRancic #wine #xog http://t.co/MYeTvGr4HsThat a girl:) lol!!! RT @AACTCL: @GiulianaRancic sending my hubby out for some Xo, G...I told him not to come home without it! βŒβ­•οΈπŸ·πŸ·Love it! RT @sslove889: @xogwine @GiulianaRancic just a night out at Bottle & Bottega drinking the best wine EVER!!! http://t.co/WhXtwGO68vUr amazing!! Thank u! RT @Madelyn513: Finally!! Drove 2 hours to get @XoGWine 🍷I can't wait to try it! Thank u G http://t.co/ytMSqVXDS3Which one are u gonna try first? :) RT @valarko: @GiulianaRancic @XoGWine finally found it! πŸ‘πŸ·πŸŽ‰ http://t.co/FlsNEbAd7JWoo hoo!!! RT @jglam15: Doin' a happy dance! #LooksGood #ExcitedToTry #PerfectSize #Wine #xogwine @giulianarancic http://t.co/WdyI4ZharWCANADA! There are still #GbyGR sizes left! Tune in to @TheShoppingChan right now! U can shop online here too: http://t.co/ZwnVDakWxaYay!!!! Cheers! RT @bex0810: @GiulianaRancic @XoGWine Victorious!! #huntisover #xogwine http://t.co/gkcZ2xSiYIThank u! RT @RockeyHumphrey: @GiulianaRancic @theShoppingChan your turquoise blazer is amazing! Christmas gift for my mom! For sure!Hiiii!!! RT @Shaelenesoa8: @GiulianaRancic @theShoppingChan HIWho’s watching @TheShoppingChan?! Tweet me your fav #GbyGR pieces!How fab r u? Ur fierce!!! Xo! RT @ErinTanenbaum: u got me to @Walmart 3 times, finally success! Tastes amazing too. http://t.co/HLFtZjyIH9Check http://t.co/qWVkDcJZoX locator to find closest store:) RT @missleoperez: I need to go to @Walmart and get myself G's @XoGWine !!!!!!!Luv!! RT @AmyCostin7: @GiulianaRancic @theShoppingChan I will take one of everything please! ❀️ #GbyGR2 straight hours of #GbyGR on @TheShoppingChan starts right NOW! You can shop online here too: http://t.co/ZwnVDakWxa@MPopadynec xoxoRT @MPopadynec: Thanks @GiulianaRancic for not forgetting plus size in #GbyGR your collection - I'm in love!Xo! #GbyGR RT @pamm1076: @GiulianaRancic watching The Shopping Channel :DMore #GbyGR on @TheShoppingChan starts RIGHT NOW!Good morning Canada! :) Who’s up and ready to shop?! #GbyGR is back on @TheShoppingChan in 15 minutes!
Goodnight Canada! More #GbyGR on @TheShoppingChan tomorrow morning at 8am ET! U can also shop online here: http://t.co/ZwnVDakWxaLove u too!!! RT @CarynDrew: Enjoying our #xogwine on a Friday Night! We love you G!!! @ashdrumheller @XoGWine http://t.co/AxRx6ft6Zk@GiulianaRancic @theShoppingChan WOW!! Guluiana I'm impressed by your @theShoppingChan did you made all those fashions? ten thumps up
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicCanada! Tune in to the @TheShoppingChan NOW!! #GbyGR http://t.co/ZwnVDakWxa15 more minutes until more new #GbyGR pieces from my latest collection are back on @TheShoppingChan! Tune in and don’t forget to tweet! :)If ur a fan of RPM....please vote here for @rpmsteakchi!!! Thank u!!! http://t.co/SYgd4aduxlMe too:) @theShoppingChan RT @butt_wanda: @GiulianaRancic I really love the trench coat in both colours!Lol! @XoGWine RT @abcook33: You are a FREAKING GENIUS!!! Pinot noir & pinot Grigio in the same 'bottle' AND portion sized? Must buy now.Yesss! Have fun! RT @mrsschipani: What else do you bring to a bonfire besides some @GiulianaRancic wine?! #nightmade http://t.co/lMrrwIhFTUWho's watching @TheShoppingChan right now?? Tweet me ur fav #GbyGR pieces!Delizioso! RT @jeski1173: This @XoGWine Pinot Grigio by G is on point! How do you say delicious is Italian!! http://t.co/9TF1eI1i9bToo cute! Love!!! RT @MichaelAHubatch: Got a @XoGWine pyramid ready for my fiancΓ©. Hope she thinks it's #AmazeBalls http://t.co/Xi9CEdW0PnTune in to @TheShoppingChan RIGHT NOW Canada!! U can also shop online here: http://t.co/ZwnVDakWxa #GbyGRFriends in Canada! My new #GbyGR collection debuts in 30 MINUTES on @TheShoppingChan!! Be sure to tune in!Sending prayers to family and friends of @DiemBrownMTV. What a fighter & inspiration. U can donate to her cause at http://t.co/vHYyorpVPaYay!!! RT @xtina_marie0804: We FINALLY found our @XoGWine! Can't wait to try it @GiulianaRancic! http://t.co/4K0KCzRLtYToo cute!!!! XoG RT @4KidsOnMyBlock: I left XoG as a surprise for my friend who just got home from a trip-how cute!! http://t.co/fjKgBvrZk0Love this! Thank u @TheWrap:) http://t.co/BogOhJd4H9 http://t.co/7xbd0UpryaLove! RT @MarenOrdonez: Its five o'clock somewhere! TGIF! Went to @Walmart today to get some fab @XoGWine Love rose http://t.co/tp93ZIIxyXFans of RPM....please vote here for @rpmsteakchi!!! Thank uuuuuu!!! http://t.co/SYgd4aduxlMany more @Walmarts have put up their @XoGWine displays! Check store locator at http://t.co/qWVkDcJZoX and tweet me ur pics for retweet:))Love!!!! Cheers! RT @katie_zawadzki: mayyy have been at my Chicago @Walmart at 8am this morning buying @XoGWine! http://t.co/SXWVwrnGgz
Use the store locator at http://t.co/qWVkDcJZoX RT @TanyaMelis: I wanna try @GiulianaRancic's wine so badd! But where can I find it at?!?@RealBadassBravo lemme know if u find it. Send me a pic!Love!!! RT @vdepace: Busted a move just like @GiulianaRancic after I finally found @XoGWine! Can't wait to try it! http://t.co/ygm2opg1qx@RockeyHumphrey @leahkayjay lol!!! Thank u:)Happy Birthday! RT @jennaveeve13: Happy 30th Birthday to me! @XoGWine AND @RPMSteakChi all in one day!! #Perfection http://t.co/37gnnNN1GmMine too:) RT @LynnDuhh: My weekend plans include; me, myself & some of @GiulianaRancic's @XoGWine 🍷Cheers! Enjoy:) RT @CindiGrevlos: Cheers from South Dakota! @GiulianaRancic 🍷🍷🍷 http://t.co/LvkhJUbhul #xogwineHey Dallas! I hear many of your @Walmart locations are starting to get @XOGWine! I know Retail Road def has it! #xogwineHey @Walmart! It would be SUPER if any of your stores in New Iberia, La or surrounding cities would get @GiulianaRancic's wine! Thanks!!
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicCheers!!! RT @stacie55: @XoGWine @GiulianaRancic LOVE IT! It's 5:00! Happy Hour in my living room!! http://t.co/aSwczHYNM0WIN A TRIP FOR TWO TO LA https://t.co/mccpfeVlbp #xogwine
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicGood luck;). Send me a pic when u find it! Xo! RT @LysBrynn: Going on a hunt to find @XoGWine! Wish me luck! #ilovewine@GopherLove15 the Rose is delish.Hiiii! @ENews starts now! Tune in y'all :)@CamilleCorum @XoGWine every single @walmart in Chicagoland just placed order last week so give it a few days. Let me know:)Thanks girl! Xo! RT @rogersbns_beth: @XoGWine Im so excited finally!! I only had to drive 56 miles to get it! 😜 http://t.co/ueF0JKVCcc
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