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Glory Foxxx @GloryFoxxx Fort Wlton Beach Fl.

BBW Porn Star, Sex Goddess, Proud Owner of http://t.co/cI1U2HSc, Cam girl, Model, Entrepeneur

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@nipatel112 the site doesn't exist anymore@GloryFoxxx I want this movie give me link http://t.co/WPNhdTBCbg
Retweeted by Glory FoxxxOops almost let #AssWednesday pass without posting and @GloryFoxxx. That was close http://t.co/KVih8l42Hr
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The Incredible @GloryFoxxx from a #PlumperPass scene 🙌🙌 http://t.co/iMLpEbz4DZ
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx"@EveryThing_BBW: The Incredible @GloryFoxxx always amazing 🙌🙌 http://t.co/EGZYy0bJHL" I love her 😍
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@POGA9SAL I dunno if that is in the works. It's up to them@ray1087t bring it on!
The Incredible @GloryFoxxx always amazing 🙌🙌 http://t.co/okQP0s11DG
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More @GloryFoxxx for #FollowFriday I really gotta tweet more pics of this one http://t.co/SNKm7yyQbr
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@Jaura450 maybe. It's a little hard to make time bc I work full time and I have my son. But I can try
"@sexyssbbwlove: “@usher_32: @GloryFoxxx http://t.co/JXy6NprgAk”"
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx"@sexyssbbwlove: “@usher_32: @GloryFoxxx http://t.co/NWuXl16kPG”"
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@sexyssbbwlove @usher_32 @GloryFoxxx I wish I could go home and find @GloryFoxxx on my bed 😍
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@ray1087t hell yea bring it on!@ben_mck69 share them!
@blacktiedub would you like a boyfriend application? Lol@blacktiedub fucking sexy!@blacktiedub do not deny me :)@blacktiedub I wanna see!gorgeous @GloryFoxxx http://t.co/bii1vfkbxB
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@GloryFoxxx http://t.co/j27HTS89a2
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@GloryFoxxx http://t.co/Tzy3a9blPb
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@GloryFoxxx http://t.co/lk1IRdWDPj
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@GloryFoxxx http://t.co/CPuTu2RCIe
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@GloryFoxxx http://t.co/0IISuFH0HK
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@GloryFoxxx http://t.co/gKpmdYPGH3
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@GloryFoxxx http://t.co/nirOARixmf
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@GloryFoxxx http://t.co/8BcvqT3Z3f
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@GloryFoxxx http://t.co/66ntISMv73
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@GloryFoxxx http://t.co/SU708ZVb1W
Retweeted by Glory FoxxxTwo pics of the incredible @GloryFoxxx 🙌 http://t.co/YtfcgtjWm3
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The Incredible @GloryFoxxx always amazing 🙌🙌 #bbw http://t.co/XE2lo0JMdT
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@ShaneLA35 im a sucker for a man in uniform@ShaneLA35 love it!!!!Ok I declare today military monday. Where's all my soldiers at? Show me your pics in uniform and get me wet! Mmmmm #marines #navy #army
@GloryFoxxx Best of the best in the earth http://t.co/tjHNjWDvMl
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx"@BBWs4ever: Well @GloryFoxxx requested more pics of her. So what Glory wants. She gets. Pic 3 looks really fun http://t.co/562W8auP8q"
Retweeted by Glory FoxxxShout out to all my sailors and veteran sailors and the @USNavy and @us_navyseals never forget...@GloryFoxxx Look for beauty http://t.co/BOT9HDJDr9
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How about Ya all share your fav jerk picture of me!I just realized I have like 13k followers!! Wow thanks everyone!I was gonna post some @GloryFoxxx for this #FollowFriday. So here's some m ore http://t.co/9V3o5NzYoP
Retweeted by Glory FoxxxRT Watch #ClassicPorn @GloryFoxxx sucking and fucking a big stiff Cock today here : http://t.co/U3QrNV5GnS #BBW http://t.co/qbfO91xNMi
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@Darkjediken323 yesHaven't posted a pic of @GloryFoxxx in ages. And that's just wrong. So here's 2 for now http://t.co/3RSVjfUPf1
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@GloryFoxxx Glory Foxxx pics set: http://t.co/m7RItF20ys http://t.co/9QLsEugqwb
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@GloryFoxxx Glory Foxxx pics set: http://t.co/vP31KvS2oj http://t.co/mumOqEAgWJ
Retweeted by Glory FoxxxTwo pics of the Incredible @GloryFoxxx from a scene with @JeffsModels 🙌🙌 #bbw #Perfection http://t.co/0SlBAl0pOw
Retweeted by Glory FoxxxNueva BBW favorita @GloryFoxxx http://t.co/RX2LQXtLNR
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx#bbw http://t.co/r9zlVjmdNx Glory Foxxx @GloryFoxxx http://t.co/rGcRJONkKa
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx#bbw http://t.co/r9zlVjmdNx Glory Foxxx @GloryFoxxx http://t.co/j5XIDfIsEv
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx#bbw http://t.co/r9zlVjmdNx Glory Foxxx @GloryFoxxx http://t.co/X0n4zDqoRT
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx#bbw http://t.co/r9zlVjmdNx Glory Foxxx @GloryFoxxx http://t.co/qn8SR6rSwK
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx#bbw http://t.co/ZzupHdGJdn Glory Foxxx @GloryFoxxx http://t.co/hxnEWnsdnw
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx#bbw http://t.co/r9zlVjmdNx Glory Foxxx @GloryFoxxx http://t.co/KVdx6duGV8
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx#bbw http://t.co/r9zlVjmdNx Glory Foxxx @GloryFoxxx http://t.co/SgrT8J4iUM
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@ShaneLA35 doing great :)Aaaaaand I'm back...fell into some feelings but It's ok I just washed that shit off. I'm good
@TheMainEvent194 wow very nice! Thank you!@TheMainEvent194 no I'm sorry I've been super sick#FF Another hot @GloryFoxxx pic. Gawd I love this chick http://t.co/KdOWeHQxLh
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For those who wish to get me a bday present my amazon wish list is http://t.co/hDy1ZMIgMt@sean_t_lucas http://t.co/hDy1ZMIgMt@sean_t_lucas yes I do. I need to find the link and I'll send it to you
@Diamondlou702 happy bday to the sexiest man alive!! Oxoxoxo bites n licks@Diamondlou702 @Jeze_BelleXXX @MellanieMonroe thank you!
@TheMainEvent194 awwwww love it@GloryFoxxx Love your feet as always. Didn't really wanna draw the dude so I drew my face on him lol.wishful thinking http://t.co/xZX6IDMUzK
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@DocPurifoy yes please continue to announce to twitter where i live bc I don't value my privacy or anything or my sons safety@TheMainEvent194 love them!@GloryFoxxx another quuck sketch of you. The face is not quite showing up right in the photo your toes are perfect http://t.co/R7cAHN7ap8
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@GloryFoxxx is bringing booty back in this quick sketch. She has such a pretty smile, tantalizing toes and tastyfeet http://t.co/bpYVyLNHC3
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“@Bbwnet: #bbw http://t.co/zr6aJ8aUG4 Glory Foxxx @GloryFoxxx http://t.co/cs8QVU0r8x” BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx“@Bbwnet: #bbw http://t.co/zr6aJ8aUG4 Glory Foxxx @GloryFoxxx http://t.co/g1zExt5v67” ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
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Got off work so I decided to do a colored sketch of @GloryFoxxx beautiful feet. Could lick those for hours on end. http://t.co/H1lAdfq2b9
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@GloryFoxxx quick sketch I did of your gorgeous pretty feet. They look like they'd give a perfect footjob. so tasty. http://t.co/21XdE5r4zE
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx
@BBWs4ever that is me way back in the dayI swear this is @GloryFoxxx. Looks just like her in every way minus the tattoos. Maybe a rather old pic? http://t.co/iBeTxRGuaY
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@johnnybigood85 lol awwwwww@GloryFoxxx respectable woman =D http://t.co/JxkJsytnXt
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx
@TheMainEvent194 nice thank you!!@GloryFoxxx Another quick sketch I did of you this time with color. For some reason im craving waffles right now.. http://t.co/9eu8k2jZ7a
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx
Glory Foxxx http://t.co/O8GQwBMGQ3 I don't get it. I wake up hungry & I wake up horny, too. @GloryFoxxx #breakfast http://t.co/UegkhVKdyW
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@TheMainEvent194 no I'm sorry I don't play video games@GloryFoxxx I need to shade thisbone but I think the outline is looking alright. http://t.co/nZ32dpBPTe
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx@GloryFoxxx anothe quick sketch hooe you like it http://t.co/sL1my6ohkt
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx
@AndrewATrain93 yes@TheMainEvent194 loved it thank you!@GloryFoxxx another quick sketch I did of you . Still needs lots of work in shading, I like your toes and expression http://t.co/JaJjnarfAn
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx"@Bbwnet: #bbw http://t.co/AhJQPUGNSm Glory Foxxx @GloryFoxxx http://t.co/JNBZihLmDx"
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@johnnybigood85 thank you@sean_t_lucas thank you :)@TheMainEvent194 I've never been asked to do them or else I would@2385a1a0ecf8444 awwwww@2385a1a0ecf8444 oh I'm sure you say that to all the ladies lol@TheMainEvent194 awwwww thank you!!! I love it!!!@GloryFoxxx quick sketch I did of you. Really like your feet and had fun drawing you. Hope you like it. http://t.co/EsGnQNt66y
Retweeted by Glory Foxxx
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