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@matejp23 bloody journalists!@matejp23 I'm being facetious ;)@matejp23 you want the league's most expensive wingback?@davidchow @curryspcworld lovely lovely things!Didn't make the bench! "@ChronicleNUFC: Alan Pardew has to be brave and give Rolando Aarons a start at Villa http://t.co/uG3MAtOsoK #NUFC"“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." —Mark Twain http://t.co/x6FLguW9oG
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#FF the most read in Tech: @GordonKelly @maxrogo @erikkain @alexkonrad @_jaymcgregor @ewan @paultassi @kashhill @davethier @ericmack
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@vgul @ManeeshJuneja nope. They say measurements are too unreliable now but *in the future* the potential is there. Simple.@ManeeshJuneja absolutely and many also keen to stress first gen technology does not replace your GP. They make both arguments.This week's most popular writers: @matthewherper @erikkain @maxrogo @gordonkelly @ericschiffer @kbadenhausen @susanadamsnyc @Ewan #FF
Retweeted by Gordon KellyiPhone 6 Production Delayed, Claims Reuters. Risks Troubled Launch @Forbes http://t.co/kKUmckrKMo@ManeeshJuneja of course, they're by far the most pressing things for Apple to address. And 'concerns' stresses 'not unfixable'Big thanks to all my supporters so far! Nessie here I come. But there's room for more http://t.co/T0YYKoLzjt http://t.co/h5BUNxAxMB
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@ManeeshJuneja @vgul they express both concern and excitement about different aspects.
I get the inside story "@ForbesEurope: iPhone 6 alert: Doctors raise concerns over Apple HealthKit http://t.co/1D5VIyZPhK @GordonKelly"@pippuri me too, in many other ways :)@pippuri @Forbes Ah. Not on Android or iOS :p@pippuri @Forbes you mean the page layout? If so an overhauled website is on the way.iPhone 6: Doctors Raise Concerns Over Apple HealthKit @Forbes http://t.co/eiRfGtJD8ZHere it comes again "@ForbesEurope: Iceland volcano alert: Eruptions, ash cloud, & travel essentials http://t.co/fuPm9e2pvO @davidmacdougall@davidmacdougall simple one: get the headline right. Bad headlines are where good copy goes to die.But they *are* cute! "@ehaaramo: LeeLuu nighlights aren't just cute, but help children afraid of the dark http://t.co/bh3SJBreFL"@davidmacdougall @ForbesEurope welcome to Forbes David, good story!
Death of the car: The tech behind Helsinki's ambitious plan to kill off private vehicles http://t.co/nGuLeawmFS - by me for @ZDNet
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Cigarettes were promoted as being good for health, till early 1950s. http://t.co/bxo3w28utT
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@ChrisScott__ ban adjusted to allow training and playing in friendlies. Length of ban unchanged.@ChronicleNUFC you're definitely not the tech person ;) Every podcast has a URL which can be subscribed to - for eg: http://t.co/pjAkMPrgeT@ChronicleNUFC don't use iTunes. It's about having a podcast feed you can subscribe to with any player. No-one uses iTunes these days ;)@ChronicleNUFC got a podcast URL I can use? Bit naff having to listen in a browser.@heathriel @jameslhbartlett agree, even if the quote sounds like a reference to the oldest profession in the world.
I’m running Great North Run + Loch Ness Marathon to support @CharityDEBRA http://t.co/hsNmgw1My0, Help us to support people affected by EB
Retweeted by Gordon KellyUSB Type-C: A Guide To Technology's Most Important New Standard @Forbes http://t.co/rRwq1hBjwI@SonnyDickson prefer the change? :) Fixed, thanks@akosner haha, always on the record :) Looks good.iPhone 6 Leaks Show New Cable Design. Apple Redesigns USB @Forbes http://t.co/724l1L9LIR@akosner maybe now. Could be an announcement, but I don't see it. Over complication (in this case with resolutions) is not an Apple trait.@akosner it could just design iOS to dynamically adapt to different resolutions. Android has done this for years.@akosner far but then both phones should be 1080p and clearly the 4.7-inch is not.@akosner I didn't. As I said (2nd of 2 tweets), I'd be stunned if Apple introduced two new resolutions. Create app carnage.@akosner PS 'more pixels' like the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. I can't see Apple creating more confusion with 2 new resolutions.@_MisterHappy_ it may be that Microsoft has closed the workaround. I don't use XP to be able to test that and I'd you to upgrade anyway.@akosner clearly both, surely? Didn't really think that was a question. Every phablet offers that.
@wonky_donky @RiyadEmeran Dier... that was ridiculously fortunate!@RiyadEmeran absolutely. Rough start!
@fplhints with Ramsey and Rooney scoring? I think 30-35 will be more like it. Siggy on my bench!@FFPundits goes nicely with my pairing of Blackett!@tomfenley @FFPundits @FPLAvids @spiderm4tt if any consolation I fell for the standard play-Bojan-bench-Siggurdsson move.@tomfenley @FFPundits @FPLAvids @spiderm4tt @FFScout @FFCheat sooooooo the Costa team!@matejp23 yup, at the last minute #facepalm@FPLaddicts @fplhints need to be with Mata playing and having Siggy on the bench!@FPLaddicts @fplhints not if you have Mata!@FFPundits @AccaTrackerTM seem Forza? Vastly better.@wonky_donky @rostow101 likewise, but opted for Ramsey.@rostow101 @wonky_donky Barkley never on my radar funnily enough. Premium 3rd striker or power midfield has been my dilemma.i mean, it's not as if i've been friends w/ @GordonKelly for ten years and NEVER BLOODY BEATEN HIM. it's fine. FINE.
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly*got* to stop tinkering with my fantasy football XI. this is getting silly. all i want is to beat @GordonKelly - is that too much to ask?
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@wonky_donky 11.30 and lock down! Let's see how it goes :)
This week's most popular writers: @MelanieHaiken @ericschiffer @ddiamond @zogblog @Ewan @GordonKelly @ScottMendelson @PaulTassi #FF
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@Ewan @ForbesTech @PaulTassi @jeffbercovici @kashhill @killyourfm well done buddy!#FF the most read in Tech this week: @ewan @gordonkelly @paultassi @jeffbercovici @kashhill @killyourfm @tonybradleybsg @antonyleather
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@joshuabaker head + wall + velocity About next week?New research says tourists are online more on holiday. With a proliferation of smart devices & falling roaming costs? Well I never!@CabellaTales @HanoiToon @RemyCabella wow, hiding *that* hair does wonders.
Google Now weather downgrade? WTF! http://t.co/H6jOw0tmSn
Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha: 2014's Biggest Smartphone Fight @Forbes http://t.co/twoiGLKBSg
.@CMRLee traumatised as he realises beer can swallow all your money #gbbf http://t.co/LuWNju92B9@verityburns funny, I was just thinking the opposite. Not the usual ones and hugely inspiring. I guess it could be seen the other way.My local tube station is amazing "@thatbloodyMikey: On the London Underground ... #RIPRobinWilliams http://t.co/E1DtdjP2WU"Everything wrong with modern media in one screenshot: http://t.co/IipUQeVPzv
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@TaylorandBesty @NUFC seems a very grey dayThis https://t.co/fCuJffEtPx
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
@Ewan @techjpr haha, I'll see what I can do next year!Reminder to tech journalists & PRs: @TechJPR Fantasy Football is back. Sign up here: http://t.co/iFoYuExhlS Full post on TechJPR FB page@NinoRosella fair point. Though usually he isn't telling you about money you can recover.Any phone call that begins "Please listen carefully..." Don't.
@TheRabonaKid @BonjourMonAmiNE plus Santon (and Krul is 26).
@lee_ryder Lewis Guy!@ChaseFailey if I had a cat I'd call it Alan.@RiyadEmeran Vista faced the same problem. One good, one comes from Microsoft's willingness to experiment after good IMO.+1 to @GordonKelly: "It’s official, Windows 8 is a write-off." MS can't seem to move on from Vista redux fast enough http://t.co/QcDKzqGIZl
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@IndieForgeMedia I'm taking that as a compliment.
This week's most popular writers: @ScottMendelson @erin_carlyle @GordonKelly @CarolineLHoward @paultassi @antonyleather @ddiamond #FF
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly#FF most read in tech this week: @GordonKelly @kashhill @paultassi @antonyleather @ewan @maxrogo @erikkain @davethier @_jaymcgregor
Retweeted by Gordon KellyMicrosoft Scraps Windows 8 Major Updates. Bets The Farm On Windows 9 @Forbes http://t.co/iZTLCgqwB0
@Zonal_Marking PS that list also misses of Ferreyra and Cisse is coming back from injury.@Zonal_Marking I'd say yes as a squad looking at this: http://t.co/PbxBs9IUoi and emergence of Aarons. CB and CF hunts also still on.@j_mrsich @Forbes thanks. I do think it will be a phone that divides opinion with so many changes & iOS doesn't lend itself to 1 handed use.@Zonal_Marking enjoyed that. I think Newcastle have strengthened since the start of last season though - in squad, if not starting 11.Gmail Finally Adds This Much Requested Feature @Forbes http://t.co/mtVECGm28i
There must be one hell of a story behind this sign. http://t.co/V6uNp3tTLz
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@TheMohawkMan shameful is right - might be closer to 2 years! Actually not got finger on pulse of events, but that evening needs a sequel.Might I recommend once again that you follow @GordonKelly, tech hack with finger permanently on pulse? On Apple: http://t.co/pCq2h9jjUi
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@TheMohawkMan thank you kindly good sir! We surely must catch up again at some point :)Why Stock Android Is Now Available On Every Device -- And Nobody Noticed @Forbes http://t.co/sQmQEoUvdR34 days to go! "@ForbesTech: iPhone 6 is given a September 9 launch date. Here's what to expect: http://t.co/bzqwSn9KRN"@caliiiforniaa_ @ForbesTech trust me, it's nailed on.
iPhone 6 Given September 9 Launch Date. Here's What To Expect @Forbes http://t.co/xpBA3YNNVH"it is the most ideal tool for the precise work" #chinglish http://t.co/Ma4OuzvFoh@JamesNursey @MsiDouglas brought him flowers everyday in hospital?
@Carbonite no worries, just made me smile ;)
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