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Freelance tech journalist for BBC, Wired, TNW & TR. Forbes contributor. Media consultant. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring novelist, aspired smartarse.

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I hated One Hundred Years of Solitude when I studied it at school. Then I grew up. RIP Gabriel García Márquez http://t.co/Vk9Xovd5z4@CMRLee @ForbesTech cheers matey. Amazing week!@kashhill @ForbesTech @erikkain @PaulTassi @ericmack @maxrogo @shotsheriff @robhof @alexrkonrad good point :)@alexrkonrad @ForbesTech @erikkain @PaulTassi @ericmack @maxrogo @shotsheriff @kashhill @robhof "basically" as in it's Thursday? ;)FT?! "@ForbesTech: #FF most read in Tech: @GordonKelly @ErikKain @PaulTassi @EricMack @maxrogo @shotsheriff @kashhill @robhof @alexrkonrad"@dancolasanti @ForbesEurope updated now http://t.co/W13p61kQgh@dancolasanti @ForbesEurope great spot, thanks. Finally it sees sense! I'll put an update on the post :)@andrew14ad @LukeEdwardsTele @CaulkinTheTimes I know. They're both good but the endless sniping from Luke annoys when following both.@andrew14ad because @LukeEdwardsTele is not half the writer @CaulkinTheTimes is. Professional jealousy *disguised* as banter. Tiresome.
@KilamonKlmal ditto. Below the line.@Euphony101 @My_Truth_Today @OpPinkPower @linuxmint try this http://t.co/gMJxclHYR5@sarahplusone @ladygeek @Forbes which is exactly which a 30 day window to apply Update 1 is madness. I'd suggest contacting Microsoft.@wonky_donky @CMRLee it's brilliant and surprisingly insightful. The near universal praise from reviews got us there.@wonky_donky @CMRLee it's all about learning that the world is imperfect and that's OK. Well worth it! ...I went in the evening ;)@CMRLee @theage @wonky_donky undermined by fact he hasn't seen Lego Movie. Song is a brainwashing anthem the evil boss uses on population.@KilamonKlmal cretinous. You haven't read the post start to finish have you.@bestwp7appsblog @you talk nonsense. Why would Windows 8.0 security eligibility be 7 months longer than for 8.1? Read the article!
@InviseSolutions it is 100% accurate. You best read it again.@Detroit_Al Windows 8 is actually a very good OS and 8.1 Update 1 is the best yet. Giving users 30 days to upgrade is crazy though.@dancolasanti @ForbesEurope and they should have to put up with a 30 day upgrade deadline why?Microsoft Abandons Windows 8.1 and needlessly shoots itself in the foot, again. Me for @Forbes http://t.co/B0HCeoGk6l@dancolasanti @ForbesEurope best read the article first ;) Key issue is for businesses.Microsoft abandons Windows 8.1: take immediate action or be cut off like Windows XP http://t.co/wHwg9Gbse9 @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@mrjimmartin @Forbes star, thanks :)@mrjimmartin @Forbes ooooh. Help my eyes...@dangrabham congrats Dan, just saw LinkedIn. That's a great move!'Microsoft Abandons Windows 8.1: Take Immediate Action Or Be Cut Off Like Windows XP' - Me for @Forbes http://t.co/W13p61kQgh
The shame. "@NUFC_Stats: The Alan Pardew ‘Blame Game’…. #nufc http://t.co/CUzg8wW6wm"Oops! "MT @conradhackett: A 10 yr old noticed this problem, prompting a full recall. http://t.co/3fYljDs1Z3 http://t.co/wN6HimNGhl"@Yirrelli can't. You don't follow me *shock+horror*@Yirrelli Oi! :)
@dissimile PS ah completely missed that!@dissimile true, but I'd suggest customer perception of hygiene for a product you put in your eyes is important!Hygiene is at the forefront of our thoughts... http://t.co/PWiqxAjjgD
@the_dan_pratt interesting. Still got FB Messenger?Who verses who in what...! #BPL #CL http://t.co/5i4PMP3JxO@dissimile and closer http://t.co/uZXyhBXUgl
"@ForbesTech Most read in Tech this week @PaulTassi @ErikKain @JamesLyne @GordonKelly @EricGoldman @Parmy @kashhill @DaveThier @maxrogo #FF"Most read in Tech this week: @PaulTassi @ErikKain @JamesLyne @GordonKelly @EricGoldman @Parmy @kashhill @DaveThier @maxrogo #FF
Retweeted by Gordon KellyAs usual the #bestcarrotcakeinlondon doesn't last long in @brownieboxon247! http://t.co/dDPK0X6sKH@RosieHattersley didn't know you wrote those, congrats!@joanikin thanks, I saw. Will check properly when I get some time over the weekend.
@RichTWarms @BeerBods Ant and Dec? ;)@joanikin sure. firstname@fullname.com@joanikin @Forbes @gosimpletax interesting idea. I'll take a look.@smeguk no way! Wow. Tell me more :)@Yirrelli long time no chat Miss Y. Ask you a qu on DM?@joanikin @Forbes huge market. Really!@joanikin @Forbes there are a multitude of factors. WhatsApp is a big drain too, but every little helps & this *should* help more than most@joanikin @Forbes pleasure. Hope it helps!.@techjpr Fantasy Football winner for March is @AdamRhodes. A £40 Amazon voucher is yours. It's hot at the top & just 5 game weeks to go!A problem which will affect nearly every owner... "@Forbes: How to save your iPhone's battery: http://t.co/iHxnGcptua"@Jengpotski haha yes, also mentions the problem is on Android. Think your battery will be safe on the Forbes site. Probably ;)By me - "@Forbes: Facebook is killing your iPhone battery. Here's how to fix it: http://t.co/5lil81y0AC"@Jengpotski @Forbes if you read the article first you'd see that's actually mentioned ;)
Confirmed: Facebook Is Killing Your iPhone Battery. These Are The Easy Steps To Fix It - Me for @Forbes http://t.co/LJlUS5A7OGCheck out the mess that Google is about to create: http://t.co/jic84S2SDC
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
5 Big-Screen iPhone 6 Problems Apple Needs to Solve - My opinion for @TrustedReviews http://t.co/vCdmD2X2CY@Rungsberry @duncangeere that's the part which is a big deal for me too.Insanity is ‘doing the same thing over & over & expecting different results’. By this logic Android TV is truly mad http://t.co/SiRslSZvSB@Rungsberry @duncangeere how you liking it?@duncangeere ah. Thought the roll out had gotten to Sweden :)Me for @Forbes: 'Mad Google Is About To Mess Up Chromecast With An Apple TV Clone' http://t.co/hsWVEOaqs4@duncangeere bah. Dropbox file share? :)@duncangeere I don't really like the star system! Give me sorting by artist and album :) Got a d/l link?That @Spotify redesign was meant to go live with its announcement 6 DAYS ago... *taps foot*@dissimile yep, but in this case not necessarily.Self-sabotage is the most idiotic kind of sabotage & Google rivals must think all their Christmases have come at once http://t.co/SiRslSZvSB@dissimile closer and closer http://t.co/S3xAWpGQBC@ppiixx then we're in complete agreement! Divide and conquer was not a strategy meant to be applied to yourself!@ppiixx @Forbes my thoughts exactly. Confusing and utterly unnecessary.Mad Google is about to mess up Chromecast with an Apple TV clone http://t.co/5XaO8OPtW6 @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon KellyMe for @Forbes - 'Mad Google Is About To Mess Up Chromecast With An Apple TV Clone' http://t.co/voLdKFpfZe
@dissimile no, many companies make exactly what customers think they want. The majority in fact. The other breed are far more rare.@dissimile which is why Samsung will give it to them!@dissimile we'll see@dissimile at this point I feel like it :)@dissimile smartphones far more aggressive market now and manufacturers are all desperate for a differentiator, no matter how ludicrous.@dissimile I'm feeling confident@dissimile bet looking good for me... http://t.co/2XQVsc1yFKA statement to kill any supporter's dreams... "@NUFC: BREAKING: Newcastle United appoint managing director. http://t.co/8l2NHyNAqG #NUFC"
@AdamRhodes £40 Amazon voucher! Better than a poke on the eye with a sharp stick (which you may be on the end of in Rio!)@AdamRhodes yep. Go check the league table for March :) Impressive work!@AdamRhodes you won last month's FF! Will get prize sorted next week :)@RichTWarms ah nice. Never been to a World Cup, not really inspired for the trek to surround myself with fans! Must one day though.@RichTWarms wouldn't have pegged you for a WHU fan! More rugby and a cider :)@cerievs75 after months of counselling I am now able to use the term 'odd' ;)2 wrongs ≠ 1 right But > 1 wrong #WHULFC@cerievs75 that's still pretty good in my book! I've never been outside top 70k, was 1.3m a few weeks ago! Now circa 200k. Still woeful.@cerievs75 where are you this season?Romelu Lukaku = Emile Heskey done right. #efc #afcThanks to all those pointing out that Felix Magath is actually Penfold (and ta @GeneralBoles for pic) http://t.co/8Q9O1i8ZWt
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@chrisgrayson @ForbesTech the chart, didn't notice the article. Will check it out.
Me for @Forbes "Facebook isn't acting like a tech giant. It's acting like Pfizer, Transamerica or Gulf+Western" http://t.co/ZKqyWZqD6L@3Will1 then we're in exact agreement. Rare that happens online ;)I do the honours for "@ForbesTech: Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and LG Nexus 5 compared http://t.co/ykJ1lNtVxh"@jenkojenkins for Google Now or you for continually forgetting the weather?@chrisgrayson @ForbesTech interesting. It all depends whether Facebook is looking to unify them all like rivals or sees more value apart.Facebook isn't acting like a tech giant. It's acting like Pfizer, Transamerica or Gulf+Western http://t.co/qjvI52v5ZR http://t.co/Or52dbDrMb
Retweeted by Gordon KellyBy me: "@ForbesTech: Facebook isn't acting like a tech giant. It's acting like Pfizer, Transamerica or Gulf+Western http://t.co/BjGsWaiK2y
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