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Hanna Ines Flint @HannaInes London via Doncaster

Showbiz and Entertainment Journalist at @DailyMailCeleb. LOVES a scotch egg.

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@PerezHilton's action just show why he'll always be a blogger and never a journalist. #medialaw101 #copyright #privacy #JenniferLawrence@Live_for_Films I shouldn't be laughing, but this is great.The only way to win in light of recent events http://t.co/jkjCZCS5ml
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintThe lesson here is to... http://t.co/UOtTRzhLz5Is this really all the work of one hacker though? #CelebLeak@lilahparsons Literally never want to record anything on my phone. iCloud sucks.@lilahparsons Oh gosh that's awful.Upon further reflection and just sitting with my actions, I don't feel comfortable even keeping the censored photos up. I am removing them.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintLatest on the mass celebrity nude photo leak on Internet http://t.co/tpuMKlSVaI via @MailOnline #jlaw #jenniferlawrence #victoriajustice@hotpatooties I never trusted the cloud.
@PerezHilton You still don't have the permission to post the photos censored or not! Have some class. A few strategic dots is not enough.@IsaacCarew get your cheque book out Carew."The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence,” said her spokeswoman.'Nobody understands the cloud. It's a fucking mystery.' - first said by Jason Segal, now every female celebrity.To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@lilahparsons Yep true - there's a list of celeb names + the guy is selling them for bitcoins. Apparently he has a JLaw blow job vid too.Apparently a load of celeb's phones were hacked because of an iCloud leak. And I thought Sex Tape's storyline wasn't believable. #JLaw*deletes all questionable photos off phone* #hacked@JayBestX EVERYWHEREOh my god nudes of Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice have been leaked too! IT'S A NAKED MASSACRE!And the Oscar for best leaked naked selfie goes to.... #JenniferLawrenceBe proud JLaw - you look bloody banging. #goodnakedselfiegame@SarahRapp Red lights will guidddde her home.Oh Jennifer... babe.@SarahRapp erm I reckon there's a British actor who might be slightly disgruntled by her choice of new manWe've supported Kitten and the Hip #XFactor
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@SarahRapp HAHA obvi ;-)I made some really good friends at London Film Festival in 2012. Shout outs to @HannaInes @LondonFilmFan @montimer @FilmFan1971
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintOh bloody hell, Linzi. Guess that's why they're a Girl Thing of the past #Xfactor2014Someone buy this man a pug. He deserves it. #Xfactor2014Can we get subtitles for this French audition? #Xfactor2014BNP/UKIP are about to launch a campaign against X Factor - look at all the Internationals #Xfactor2014Wish Brian Blessed would stop bloody shouting. Seriously, we get it. Gordon's alive. #hellmansKitten looked like a Japanese school girl threw up on her. #Xfactor2014@felicity_journo He's in the Guvnor which has just come out?Has Perrie Edwards ditched Little Mix? #Xfactor2014 #OnlyTheYoungXF@felicity_journo Richard Blackwood initI'm 'be-awed' shock about that one #xfactor2014 #whatstevesaidSteve definitely just got four pity yeses #xfactor2014New softer tees with heavy embroidery you won't find anywhere else, Alice tee and Belle tee back online tonight! 💙❤️x http://t.co/EbmtoOrkDx
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintOh God. RT @CarolineFlintMP My #icebucketchallenge for MNDA my noms @MontanariRob @JulieElliottMP & @VictoriaPeckham http://t.co/Z0pVKwVIef
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintMy #icebucketchallenge for MNDA http://t.co/DJYWA2g5uG my noms are @MontanariRob @JulieElliottMP & @VictoriaPeckham http://t.co/QyX27GxsbW
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintLast day of summer. Massive veggie roast lunch in a beer garden with @HannaInes. Doing Sunday right. http://t.co/ItmXx6H2VW
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintSunday scotch. http://t.co/xkWzpZ5FMC
I reckon Leigh Francis is Keith Lemon's alter ego. Think about it... the perfect way to be rude as fuck but passing it off as an act.Cheryl's advertising L'Oreal. Mel B is advertising Costa Bingo. Just sayin'.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintJay James #Xfactor2014 http://t.co/emib1ZkDPZHe's just talk-singing right? #Xfactor2014Cheryl you're in England, put that bloody fan away. #Xfactor2014@JayBestX you love a lot of things in that car ;-)Wow I'd be nervous too if my first date was at McDonalds #notlovinitStill pretty sure that @SimonCowell is just @Robinthicke in HD #xfactor http://t.co/Ta5xZOXzsF
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@HannaInes Your updates are better than the show...
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintSHUT UP MEL YOU HAVE A FAB NORTHERN ACCENT. NEVER FORGET IT @OfficialMelB #Xfactor2014@samwolfson @billiejdporter SAME.@JonHornbuckle @CHLOEJASMINEW Spoiler alertFuck right off Chloe Jasmine. #Xfactor2014X Factor does Granny porn"You've taken pain and put it into songwriting" Yeah writers have been doing that for years Simon. #Xfactor2014"I've loved music since I was young" Yeah like most of the 6 billion people on the planet #Xfactor2014Man the fuck up Cheryl. There's no crying in TV talent shows #Xfactor2014How long until someone songs Let It Go? #XFactor
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintMaybe if these kids studied instead of wasting time on talent shows they wouldn't be working in betting shops #justsayin@laurenlaverne what happened to getting an education first... 14? Have they even done their SATs at that age?@davidschneider @OwenJones84 D:ream for the first live show?Surely Quentin Tarantino would have had to give his permission to use the Wolf in the Directline ad?Oh he's back #harveykeitel@olly_richards just shows how much a pretty face distracts from a bad voice. Her and Chreyl will get along.@AndyBizarre All I hear is LEEDS!@AndyBizarre are you kidding me? We need some more northern twang on TV!those girls are like the female jedward - Louis's gonna love them #Xfactor2014The Room Returns. IMAGINE IF TOMMY WISEAU AUDITIONED FOR THE X FACTOR. #XFactor
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintHow have we not seen any auditions yet? GET ON WITH IT! #Xfactor2014Is it just me or have they ripped off Tom Hooper's Jaguar advert? #Xfactor2014@ronniejoice when you say nothing at all.Ms Dynamite-eeeee @ The Old Queens Head http://t.co/GqQ6gSRZUDOld Queens at the Head http://t.co/O3NMNyma1j
Just shows how much CBB pays for Leslie Jordan to choose it over American Horror Story S4 #madness@professorgreen @millsmackintosh are you doing a reality show? the new Ice-T and Coco?Nice chatting showbiz to @ronniejoice on @hoxtonradio though I couldn't quite hear what he was asking half the time!So this is why @EE's customer service is shit! "Tribunal lifts the lid on 'prank' culture in EE call centre http://t.co/9qOvBShvTu"They got Tutuola and Benson on the case --> Exclusive: NYPD SVU Investigating Bryan Singer For Alleged Sex Crime http://t.co/x9GfB0HbCFThree missed calls from three different people when I woke up this morning... clearly I usually know where the party's at.
@rickedwards1 ask him if he wore Angie's blood in a vial round his neck when he married on Saturday - I here she's into that sort of thing.The verified tick is an implicit seal of approval. Is @twitter proud it's on an account that often tweets like this? http://t.co/SfQxhRk1KA
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@EOnlineUK @catrionaw890 that's so Fetch.Tomorrow on my @hoxtonradio debut show I'll be speaking about Brangelina with @HannaInes, nightlife with @supersonic_stu & more from 2pm...
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintHigh-five to the amazing #Brangelina team on this crazy crazy afternoon @DailyMailCeleb @HannaInes @colettefahy_ @NolaMarianna
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintWriting this was intense! BREAKING: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wed in secret wedding http://t.co/N1UHnJUvCY via @DailyMailCelebBREAKING! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have FINALLY got married http://t.co/a5fkExcK4S via @DailyMailCeleb
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintReunited with my SPC babes at Carnival #redbull #TBT #doubles #basementjaxx #skepta http://t.co/qgO4rdUUTP@lilahparsons @EOnlineUK @victoriabeckham Grateful Dead no?In what world does a British school girl have cat ears and whiskers? Sanrio admit it... you were on acid when you created Hello Kitty.@SirPatStew, @WilliamShatner, @levarburton and Next Generation cast in super Star Trek selfie http://t.co/UwAf9Abd04 via @DailyMailCeleb@AlexBeardTV @LondonLive Sort it out @Burgaffair I'm on the third floor of Northcliffe House!God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates… http://t.co/YMXcmCqHav@AlexBeardTV @LondonLive @Burgaffair can I have a burger?
@kara_simsek are they on your flight? watch out for Mile High club action@kara_simsek you know what they say... The bigger the feet the bigger the chance of verrucas.... Contemplating going door to door Marion Cotillard 2 Days, 1 Night style and getting 10 people to donate £10 so I don't have to do it.
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