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Hanna Ines Flint @HannaInes London via Doncaster

UK Online Showbiz Reporter at @DailyMailCeleb. LOVES a scotch egg.

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Team showbiz (wearing Hoffman dress thanks to @livcordwell) #MOBOS2014 http://t.co/N7Qpis2lMEWith my boy Andrea Faustini and fayavital #MOBOS2014 #xfactor http://t.co/0FnbarU1RzFangirling over @AndreaFaustini1 with @HannaInes - X Factor winner right there #MOBO2014 http://t.co/l5YvRbgRtO
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintHey @samsmithworld #MOBOS2014 @ The SSE Arena, Wembley http://t.co/5mHFgennRRReady for the #MOBOS2014 http://t.co/IIneRnOTIS@KimberleyDadds @louise_saunders @bexnthecity @SaritaJG @ellendurrant getting my nails done innit! http://t.co/6vAa7oF3Ze@KayBurley @F0xyUK well in that case may the force be with you and have a good day :-)@KayBurley @F0xyUK To be fair Kay I was teasing, it wasn't meant to be an insult like yours!@KayBurley I'm not wearing lipstick... or any make-up for that matter!@KayBurley Did yoda write this tweet?I'm screaming out for more! S Club 7 to make a comeback as they reunite for Children In Need http://t.co/D85amgi1mU via @DailyMailCelebBum or Lauren Goodger's chest? http://t.co/RjlyN75AS8@IsaacCarew Argos Catalogue Autumn/Winter 2014Good morning. For those of you who missed it - my 0640 interview on @GMB "Energy customers deserve better." http://t.co/39TtgnqjeN
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Why would ISIS wanna put the black flag on Buckingham Palace? The monarchy hasn't had power for years... Burger King has more power.From the Horns red carpet... Daniel Radcliffe advises Rupert Grint to ignore critics http://t.co/UTzS61XsQt via @DailyMailCeleb
Really enjoyed #HornsMovie It reminded me a lot of Jennifer's Body and I can't help but keep liking more and more of Dan Radcliffe's films.I've written a new @MailOnline column re @MonicaLewinsky & @billclinton - posting soon.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintDan Radcliffe said he liked holding snakes on set... Did he speak parseltongue though? http://t.co/HPpPVPkWRw #HornsMovie #premiere“It’s a long story.” – people who don’t want to talk about whatever you just asked about.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@Gigwise he asked me to do the festival next year a few weeks ago funnily enough and i couldn't do it due to another gig
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintGetting my Stelfox on http://t.co/sRXm1G7EMt @NivenJ1To PRs asking for credits, I'll be more likely to answer your requests if you spell my name correctly!@steveleng @louise_saunders @DailyMailCeleb why thank you, you're far too kind.@ethiopiansun who took the picture?@ethiopiansun Thanks
Actually you know what Eileen, don't come on. Not after that one. #Xfactor2014So Simon says he's the only judge that tells the truth but doesn't say anything about Stevi NOT BEING ABLE TO SING.I feel like Mel B is deliberately trying to sound like Bo' Selecta Mel.Stereo Kicks also known as X Factor: The Clone WarsSo Lauren Platt makes it her own by turning upbeat songs into ballads... Someone's been watching too many John Lewis adverts #XFactorWould be great to hear someone singing The Vapors Turning Japanese during #XFactor80sWeek for once. Enough with Whitney!I love Andreas but enough with the power ballads #TheXFactorJack Walton sounds like he has a lot of phlegm in his throat. #Xfactor2014Time to face the music Derm.They smelled of pubs, and Wormwood Scrubs and too many right wing meetings.
@colettefahy_ by hanging you mean watching her on TV from the office while writing #su2c stories? Yeah me and Omi are havin a stellar time!@colettefahy_ So jelbo that you're at the party! xI think Kate Moss should squeeze in between Sandy and Sandra on Gogglebox from now on. She got the south London moves. #SU2C2014Gwarn Mossy!! https://t.co/AGSnqB5cXr #CelebrityGogglebox #StandUpToCancer #SU2C @heatworld
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintRight get Noel Gallagher on Strictly Come Dancing #noelonstrictly'How many girlfriends do you have?' I love you Becks but kind of an inappropriate thing to ask a young child battling cancer no? #SU2CThanks Ludacris, I can never spell ludicrous right without spell check because of you.
Sienna, Steve, Bennett, Vanessa #foxcatcher #premiere regram sarahrapp http://t.co/i9pP5Aw0yg
Trying to write a story about David McIntosh but every time I read one of his tweets I want to throw up.Eating saltwater taffy for the first time, and already quoting friends with @HannaInes
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Thanks for a lovely dinner @naomicampbell #teamshonda @ China Tang at The Dorchester http://t.co/nw6TddNyKL@Topshop you're welcome.@Topshop It's her third film actually... she made her debut in Clash Of The Titans and then starred in the British remake of Pusher. #LFFEXCLUSIVE Martin Kemp can't wait to start new Spandau Ballet tour http://t.co/1yv4UZo2Zk via @DailyMailCelebI really can live without John Cleese telling us how awful his life has been.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintIn what world is rape not a violent act Judy Finnigan? http://t.co/EvszKFzqmZ via @MailOnline #loosewomenJust slipped over in the middle of high street kensington station seconds after thinking "wouldn't it be funny if I fell." It wasn't funny.Received 2nd call from @VZEnterprise despite telling them to take me off their call list... How did you get my No. in first place? #fuckoff
Hey Kev. @KevinHart4real http://t.co/UK2joYT8ZsJust had a chocolate massage and facial and I smell delicious.Don't hide birthday girl. @minnaattala @ Soho House London http://t.co/Wnt2DTVfFZ
Guys who tell girls to smile need to fuck off. Am I just supposed to light up when I see their waste faces?Birthday drinks with sarahrapp #happybirthdaysarah #hoxton @ The Hoxton Pony http://t.co/kIUALF0geu@felicity_journo pin straight side back xHench Hanna 💪 #gym #dumbbells #curls #myarmsareflabbierthanthatnormally http://t.co/ItQmND3LA4Any journos working today who get a call from Amanda Bynes just hang up the phone... it's not her.If I had a pound for every time someone puts an 'h' on the end of my name I could buy a third division football club. No second.
Wow. Benedict you were bloody brilliant. #TheImitationGameTabloids always choose the most hideous shots of me and i know it's because I called so many people ugly but I'm not insane
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintAmanda Bynes Twitter right now.Angelina Jolie getting an honorary damehood is yet another reason why the whole Honours system should be scrapped.@BazBam exclusively reveals Lea Seydoux will be the new Bond Girl http://t.co/bot04aPiIB via @DailyMailCeleb #007Just posted a photo http://t.co/UJIEBCs7YyDid they really need to leak those Daisy Lowe pics? I mean, there's enough professional naked photos of her floating around already.@hannahflint_ can you just email me hanna.flint@mailonline.co.uk
Cupcake fail. http://t.co/dhcCp8OqKXHappy Birthday to my beautiful @minnaattala 😘🎈🎉🎂👏❤️ http://t.co/YC8V6wq6I5@ChelseaHandler shared 'boob' picture so her pal didn't beat her to it http://t.co/plOlpYTPT5 via @DailyMailCeleb
This is fucking awesome. http://t.co/dzIyQqE1AeUrinetown was like Crybaby, League Of Gentleman and a Tim Burton movie all rolled into one. Weird but funny. #WestEndKeira Knightley felt like she was back at school while filming The Imitation Game http://t.co/wGumnUM8w7 via @DailyMailCeleb #askbenedictJust chatted to @chelseahandler on the phone from LA while staring at her boob on my computer screen in London. How's your Wednesday?Asked if they're any better at Sudoku after starting in The Imitation Game. Resounding No from… http://t.co/peYgbFi008@filmvsbook 6th row back on the left hand side!Massive queue of journalists trying to get into The Imitation Game press conference. Glad I'm not late for once! #LFF2014
@CarolineFlintMP mum can we keep her please can we keep her!!!Dog w/out collar found on my driveway in Sprotbrough. Donny residents only tweet me w/ description of your lost pal. #doncasterisgreat
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint“@BiIIMurray: I have a condition that keeps me from going on a diet. It’s called being hungry.” He gets me.@TheaBryanna Samesies! See you soon xx@BuzzFeed says I'm the baddest witch in town. They're damn right #AHS #supreme http://t.co/oxiTcRC0FX@TheaBryanna @MoSDiary ooh are you still there? I'll come say hi! XTamsin Egerton reveals to me she's not ready for kids with Josh Hartnett yet! http://t.co/fRhihsWM8o via @DailyMailCeleb #loverosie@felicity_journo @jack_herbert catch up.I'm so excited to be interviewing Real House Husband of Hollywood @KevinHart4real on Sunday night. #ForReal@AndyBizarre The fact that you could even suggest Gordon will ever achieve the sheer level of handsomeness as Becks is worrying.GoldenStye #LesserBondMoviesLoving @hotpatooties's maternity style. It's so bright and fun and makes me want to get pregnant too... well nearly.
@filmvsbook Haha! It was pretty quick so you didn't miss out!Waiting for Suki, Lily, Tamsin and Sam on the Love, Rosie premiere rd carpet. @ Odeon West End http://t.co/czw7Rnjf1tTom Sturridge, Claudia Cardinale and Dakota Fanning introducing Effie Gray yesterday. #premiere #filmhttp://t.co/zkx1uIXO8O@Mullane45 @cassamlooch @stefanpape29 in that case I hope Bryan Cranston gets one for Godzilla. He was fucking epic.@Mullane45 @cassamlooch @stefanpape29 that last 5 mins was the only bit worthy of an oscar though.
Watching The Graham Norton Show and really finding myself distracted by the fly hovering round @GrahNort's wine glass.'@trussliz Met world leading experts at British Trust for Ornithology on how we help birds and wildlife to thrive' : What about foxes?
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