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Entertainment Reporter at @DailyMailCeleb. LOVES a scotch egg. https://t.co/40gtqDfRzd

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Watching Mulan. Why is the matchmaker dressing her up like a geisha?
Forgot how brilliantly cheesy Big Trouble In Little China is. Jack Burton is one of the Kurt Russell's best roles for sure.@VictoriaPeckham good choice of metaphor... Cause she ends up with a gold watch too!
Such a good time with hjuddd and @saeshanee last night. They can party! #aboutlastnighthttps://t.co/GcVbFWmnHD
Peace le Peep. @ La Peep Boutique 141 Park Lane https://t.co/M3RMZj4lWPIt's been so long @officialmason can't contain his excitement! #reunion #party #dindins @ La Peep… https://t.co/pxhbq891XMLive long and prosper Mr. Spock #RIPLeonardNimoy #vulcanforever http://t.co/hfU9PHaY3f“@OfficialMason: @HannaInes But you're of tonight Woop” hell to the yeah!Some old guy tried to shame for sitting on the bus when there was a free seat right next to me. The world has gone mad today.Just finished 16 days of work (with only 2 days off) 🎉🍸😃Didn't Keith Lemon say Fearne was pregnant at the NTAs and she denied it? Ooh Cotton you sneaky sausage. #congrats.@CarolineFlintMP say this is not a genuine recovery - and that's why it isn't encouraging anyone to vote Tory #bbcqt http://t.co/UVv1CaeV2R
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@Sathnam @samparkercouk I have my own #llamadrama https://t.co/t0pZS2lqSz@Sathnam @samparkercouk you were kinda asking for that one.Cannot believe the mass news coverage of a story that Kent Brockman would probably report on #thedress@felicity_journo why did they address the letter 'Dear Sirs'?Anyone know how much @ITSJEREMYSCOTT + @Moschino pay to licence the use of brands and cartoons for their collections? #MFW #looneytunes"@kissysellout Working on an official remix for Run DMC today....." That's the coolest thing I've read this year.Great stuff @kimberleydadds http://t.co/NZLH3vXKzsBoyz n the Little Red Riding Hood #RuinAFairyTaleSince September 2012 I've written approximately 2379 articles for @MailOnline. I poured my curves into everyone of them.I feel like #TheDress is just a distraction so that a government can drop a bomb or something somewhere and no one will notice.Forget #thedress... for the last 11 years I've been thinking Napoleon Dynamite said 'Eat the yam, Tina'. apparently it's ham. #llamadrama@Crazy4ComicCon http://t.co/KKEfrmgqGC
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint#thedress has created a new form of colour discrimination this world really doesn't need.
Boy. Better. Know. http://t.co/dmFJ4cXATcAccording to @thepoke's Daily Mail Name Generator I'm a "Perverted Traitor". Pretty accurate. http://t.co/ixpg554peG@Livsdarling 'Madonna might have fallen on stage but her rising sales on eBay still make her Queen of Pop!' #smhPRs are really going into overdrive trying to tediously link their products/companies to Madonna falling over.'If somebody really can pull this off and make a movie out of it, they will be the biggest genius' - Shailene Woodley on Fifty Shades #shadeKim Kardashian once said her only talent is taking selfies. Now she doesn't even have that anymore. http://t.co/vsEWdnOKaG #BRITs2015Left Shark would NEVER have let this happen. http://t.co/sNUVlUA0aw via @DailyMailCeleb #brits3015 #madonna #cape #fail #minotaurI am way more into this selfie than @jackantonoff. #brits2015 #sonymusic #afterparty #bleachers @… https://t.co/LHdUpMXREDEnjoying some bubbly with these gals. #brits2015 #brits #afterparty #warnermusic lilahparsons… https://t.co/bly7DZqu7aHow drunk are you on a scale of 1 to Ed Sheeran? http://t.co/uyYsLGXkiB via @DailyMailCeleb #warnermusic #afterpart #brits2015iammarkronson uptown funking the Sony Music party up #latergram #tbt #brits2015 #markronsonhttps://t.co/7DCz5NhSew
BRITS fun with this one. seamus_duff #metro #mailonline #brits2015 #showbiz #party @ The O2 https://t.co/CxzOVCSQ0OKanye west has a flame thrower to destroy the lack of artistry in the room #BRITs2015 http://t.co/oxI581hF2B@KimKardashian is in the house #datasstho #BRITs2015Bloodstream is boring innit? #EdSheeran #BRITs2015Unless @antanddec perform Let's Get Ready Rumble I am going home from the #BRITs2015 disappointed.@taylorswift13 opening the show #BRITs2015 #TaylorSwift http://t.co/DLJRFUhLxwTracy Emin's lightened things up! #brits2015 #brits #awards #tracyemin #music #artcock #art https://t.co/gZCVKUyh89BRITS TIME. #brits #sony #afterparty #brits2015 #warner #universal #music #awards https://t.co/jV67EuYK9RSure Maxine... Slowing down the ageing process is obviously our top priority #boreoff http://t.co/iDmm8uWZ4k http://t.co/LofikkUfGbGlenda Jackson, Hampstead (2nd job, Queen) asks why PM uses his parly office to answer public letters - against the rules #pmqs
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint#OrangeWednesdayMemories using my @Cineworld card and code so my pals could see movies for free with me.This is how many acts feature women in the @OfficialRandL line-up cc @london_scout #readingandleeds http://t.co/nKi7Uode5C@Kelby_McNally Hey! what's your email? have something to tell you about a piece.Bought two Diet Cokes for £2 yesterday from Boots + hid one behind my computer at work. Just spotted it + have probably never been so happy.31 Reasons “Happy Endings” Should Be Back On TV http://t.co/g42GHXSwPx via @LoganRhoadesAnd so the #BRITs2015 pre-lash begins http://t.co/47vErl3oGs
@msbetiku @MrJasonChester It's like, totally my word of the day.John Travolta still sees himself as Danny Zuko.. everyone else is like "Terl no!" http://t.co/20gOECuavU via @DailyMailCelebBrilliant @TimJonze piece questioning why James Bath... Bad.. oh Bay... was awarded Critics Choice http://t.co/LQHDnRPy9x #brits2015@samwolfson @timjonze I volunteer.Are any other journos unable to access TMZ or the Telegraph from their office?@FrankieDaWriter Disney sent the inviteHanna shall go to the Ball... I mean the multimedia screening! #cinderella #disney #therebestbesongs http://t.co/PF4dTPMAob@mrmarkmillar they might assume that.@mrmarkmillar Not necessarily... one of his powers could be X-ray vision.
Great to watch twinshadow with @tyakingbola tonight. Check him out. #lfw #gig #music @ Electrowerkz https://t.co/9yICIidH6XNever going to @RUSHHairBeauty for a haircut again. Got more splitends then when I went in.@JD59103 Thanks!Can someone please explain to me why Andrew Garfield wasn't by Emma Stone's side at the #Oscars2015 ? It was kind of a big deal for her no?Eddie Redmayne parties with Hollywood's glitterati after Oscar win http://t.co/RbwCOuLJ5g via @DailyMailCeleb #oscar2015Note to PRs: Please don't email the same press release three times unless you want them all to go in the trash.is @americanapparel doing evening-wear now? #eltonjohnaidsfoundation #amywillerton #Oscars2015 http://t.co/IaNxjrk7le@onlyonemaryana @Helenography Not the candy sticks! myFAVE.Five time nominee Amy Adams snubs the Oscars but heads to the Vanity Fair party http://t.co/mg4q4Uxxxh via @DailyMailCelebThey put every black person in the Oscar commercial they could think of including Jack Black. Lol. Guilt much??
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Looking forward to @Twinshadow with @HannaInes tomorrow night - bring on the music!
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@PixieLott and @carolineflack1 really look like Romy and Michele at the @HouseOfHolland show http://t.co/5alG86Tfcs via @DailyMailCeleb
@RyanCreed @BuzzFeed erm... where's Leo?If you missed the EastEnders Live Week finale, here's what happened... http://t.co/kEcM6t2KtK via @DailyMailCeleb #EELIVE #BobbyBealePeter Beale is the ONLY sane person in that family. #eeliveI'm so glad Kanye 'overcame his fame' to design all-body stockings. https://t.co/vzH3WXvR4XBrilliant. Maggie Simpson did it. #EELive
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintMy girl @emmaholmes_ being baller on the runway for #fashionforrelief #tackleebola @naomicampbellhttp://t.co/Lf0DssJmkI
Fangirling overtime. #gogglebox #sandy #afterparty #fashionforrelief @ 45 Park Lane http://t.co/YRaRGQHR48@naomicampbell owning the @fashionforelief runway. #fightebola @ London Fashion Week http://t.co/8flFwmOIUlJust met one of my fave actors Jeffrey Wright as he prepared to host Fashion For Relief! @jfreewrighthttp://t.co/UOZCVPJOSLI was really excited about eating my slice of rainbow cake. Then I tasted it.@Qfg. http://t.co/wYegqXY2hiI really wish a publisher would make an anthology of all the 'poems' celebs have written.Have a @NME awards memory of @HannahEP and I only talking to people with curls. Hi Nathan from Fat White Family with the strong badge game.
Journos getting drunk. #mailonline #guardian #nmeawards #hannah #hanna @ O2 Academy Brixton http://t.co/QkbIGRqWOrJust hanging with Tito Jackson and Earl Powell #nmeawards @ O2 Academy Brixton http://t.co/9oSVdnfYqhLet's do this nme awards! @ O2 Academy Brixton http://t.co/bRUUZNq8AtThanks _springlondon for my lovely @mariablackcom gold studded necklace. Doesn't get lost amongst the… http://t.co/9YcCj0Jtgw@IainDale Affact?Happy... http://t.co/klby3mYDjO@douggillen Well I start work at 7.30 so maybe if you stay for a breakkie in the canteen I'll see ya!@douggillen @LondonLive Definitely didn't think it was. But like seeing you on London Live. You know I work in the same building!@LondonLive @douggillen 'most strongest' though?The world's most strongest biological force found...in sea snails @douggillen explains http://t.co/74AwwGRvw9 http://t.co/LbhnfTP0gq
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint#TypesOfRelatives The rich auntie and uncle who give you their children's old toys as Christmas presents.Big Game is exactly the kind of movie I want to see @SamuelLJackson play the President in https://t.co/h1b0i8qMAICan someone explain why we're talking about banning the Chelsea racists, and not talking about arresting them and banging them up.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintThis month I will be giving up my six item breakfast. A £2.50 greasy bargain that to me is a bigger a sacrifice than Jesus ever made. #lent
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