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UK Online Showbiz Reporter at @DailyMailCeleb. LOVES a scotch egg.

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About to watch my first boxing match! #nordoffrobbins #charity #titlefight http://t.co/etsnINSegc@hotpatooties your bump will look great in that!
I wish there was a camera on Noel @NoelGallagher's face during this Boyzone performance. #jonathanrossNoel Gallagher going down the @RichardAyoade route of promotion on Jonathan Ross.Anyone else notice that some of Stevi's dancers were men wearing boob tubes? #XFactor2014 http://t.co/3i55Wv4MGGSheila Hancock absolutely nailing the boredom of dating on Jonathan Ross.Alright slag face Jake! Guilt her anymore for not putting it about? #ImACelebKendra Wilkinson on not completing her task #ImACeleb #anchorman #bricktamland http://t.co/GCkAHksM0xKendra Wilkinson: setting feminism back by years by stating she couldn't do her task... because she's on her period. #ImACelebI love how unimpressed Ant and Dec are. Especially Ant. #ImACeleb@lilahparsons It's like Quinn, Rachel, Blaine and Sam made a band.@lilahparsons That's what I think!Someone should really Stereo Kick them off the show #XFactor2014Does anyone give a Kick? #XFactor2014My ITV player has stopped working. I think it feels ashamed to be showing this performance. #stevi #crap #sitdown #XFactor2014@lobyouknowme but it's ok.FUN FACT: Ridley Scott was the creative director behind Stevi's performance tonight #exodusgodsandkings #XFactor2014Simon distancing himself as much as possible from Stevi's performance tonight.@lobyouknowme I love Chaka but think it's a cop out.Isn't this Chaka Khan? Come on hasn't Whitney got enough great songs to do than a cover she once did? #XFactor2014Bring your family to work day on The X FactorI feel like Simon just doesn't want to sign Andreas so is starting to find pitiful ways to knock his performances. #XFactor2014We know you don't how to do it Cheryl .#keychange #XFactor2014'Take a big deep breath' - Pro advice there. #XFactor2014 #andreasfaustini'There's no-one out there like you' - Maybe there's a reason for that Chezza. #XFactor2014@lobyouknowme The Wild Thornberries!Any otherwise normal people overcome with snobbery during this show? #Thornberries
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintThe girls in Only The Young sound like they are on Glee. Don't like. #XFactor2014Watching that Boyzone album trailer you realise they never actually recorded many of their own songs did they?Just because we haven't heard it before doesn't make it sound good! Dolly Parton would be disappointed #iwillalwaysloveyou #XFactor2014So walking is 'great dancing' now according to The X Factor judges. I'm a bloody pro then. #XFactor2014Does Lauren Platt have to always start her performances slowing down every party song? #XFactor2014Calling Operation Yewtree. You're needed in the States. #Cosby@SarahRapp thanks, I think @samsmithworld makes it.Slept all the live long day and now heading to work. Ah night shifts.@karengillan good morning Jean!@SkylarAstin They can't even because they're odd.
If only there was as much daily anger at the longest fall in workers’ wage packets since the 19th century as there was about an MP’s tweet
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintGreat night with @LucyMaps at Dirty Rotten Scoundrels press night this evening. Had me in stitches! #WestEnd #Musical
Is it weird that I fancy Thor but I don't fancy Chris Hemsworth?@NewsmanDan @alexandramusic I always keep a hip flask handy.@NewsmanDan @alexandramusic also champers in hand like a true pro!@NewsmanDan I'm seriously into what @alexandramusic has to say.To be fair to Gemma Collins... she is a celebrity... and she got out of there.@LucyMaps So calculating!@IsaacCarew @CoreyBaptiste only if he posts a topless selfie.Gemma Collins is hosting the Plus Size Awards THIS SATURDAY! Was it her plan to quit all along? http://t.co/mZ1DBlqdwd via @DailyMailCeleb@PatrickHJSmith I whole-heartedly agree. Shaznay Lewis totally underrated songwriter.Wish I was at this! Morgan Freeman attends The Shawshank Redemption anniversary screening http://t.co/KmPtGBaq9S via @DailyMailCeleb@HelenLOHara I actually feel like cancelling my subscription knowing that. How sad. Well I'll look out for your work! x@rickedwards1 Nolan's in talks to produce the movie #TheRedKnightTrilogy@HelenLOHara So disappointing as there are so few women at Empire and in film journalism as a whole. Good luck you're still a hero to me!Essex's educational system is clearly better than we thought. These TOWIE stars are rinsing it. #gemmacollins #joeyessex #imaceleb #paycheck@katiehind star-tling infuriating!Really gotta give props to Helen Flanagan after this Gemma Collin's walk out. Bloody annoying but at least she stuck it out #ImACelebApparently Gemma Collins will still get paid due to a 72 hour walk out clause in the I'm A Celeb contract... Clearly Gem isn't that dippy.BREAKING: Gemma Collins QUITS I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here http://t.co/WaVEQUPpJy via @DailyMailCeleb
Get out of my pub. #peggymitchell #barbarawindsor #eastenders #legend #amywinehousefoundationball @… http://t.co/J8rHa9MJvsBallin' with @theabryanna #amywinehousefoundationball @ The Landmark London http://t.co/G9WXU0RIMuRIP Amy. #celebration #ball #winehouse @ The Landmark London http://t.co/OmLmEh4R6nGlamorously taking the no. 2 bus to the @AmysFoundation Ball.It's her job to talk about social issues on Loose Women but she can't answer one question about her debate with Ed Miliband? #myleeneklassMyleene Klass has just refused to answer any questions my colleague put to her on The Agenda debate. Very disappointing.Lunchtime run to @hm and I have my dress for tonight's Amy Winehouse Foundation Ball. Hope it will distract from my crap hair.@lobyouknowme I don't think me and Ed are pals anymore after finding out where I work! But I'll pass the message along to mum ;-)I do love how Myleene was banging about grannies when really she just doesn't want to pay the tax! #selfinterestShock! Horror! Rich celebs don't want to pay Labour's mansion tax and have a go at Ed Mili for proposing it: http://t.co/S6S6stFMgr
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintBrilliant read: Why Adele was right to ignore Bob Geldof and Band Aid | via @Telegraph http://t.co/5tLopFiyMA @bryony_gordonTwo of my favourite bands are playing in London tonight and I'm not going :-( @WeWereEvergreen @thedrumsforever
@tomcullenactor What was the joke?This is one cult I'd join. #SolangeWedding http://t.co/2WAUOXlRKp
Now that's what I call Sunday night entertainment #xfactorDEAD LOCK DEAD LOCK DEAD LOL
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@LucyMaps Cheeky little falsetto there too - mate he won that sing-off for SUREStevi's best performance ever!I'd rather see one more shitty performance of Stevi than Jay James #XFactorBigBand@nolanfunk Try Dalston on a Friday night.But defo would have given Jessie Ware a solo line. #BandAid30Well that was loads better than the Band Aid 20 version. Loving the heavy percussion... reminds me of Haim. #BandAid30So Real Housewives of Cheshire is a thing now.Loads of top musicians and songwriters in a studio but Band Aid still belt out the same Xmas song. Surely they can knock a new one out?@bellrebeccabell never confirmed!Did Simon Cowell out Louis Walsh on Big Band week of The X Factor? http://t.co/k4WTG01SjO via @DailyMailCeleb@katiehind @KimKardashian @TheSundayMirror Only you could convince me of Kim being a feminist icon.
Why are those YouTube bloggers Zoella and Alfie in the line-up for Band Aid 30?Did Katherine Jenkins just say she didn't want publicity for her wedding? Yeah alright, where did we get those official photos from then?I wish I could unsee Gordon Ramsay's arse.@matthewjh *flips the birdie*@matthewjh Mate I've gotta write two more stories out of tonight's show.Fleur just killed everyone. #XFactorBigBand@chuckthomasuk They'll be on the Big Reunion next.I feel like Stevi is on the X Factor for his dancers. Like take away the girls and you'll see a man not having fun.OH STOP IT... STOP IT RIGHT NOW STEVI.. #xfactorOF COURSE STEVI IS DOING MAMBO NO. 5 #xfactorBucks Fizz 2014 #xfactor #onlytheyoungOnly The Young: 'Thanks parents for paying our way and not making us get proper jobs' #xfactor@davecribb AgreedBen Haenow does not represent my London. #xfactor@VasJMorgan SO BAIT!How hard it is to learn a song? It's not bloody Paradise Lost they're reciting! #xfactor
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