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Rob Hestar(★♋) @Hestar69 Made In Dade(Jupiter,FL)

♫Music Is Life♫/♘Gamer for Life♘ (Xbox/PSN:Hestar69) ✵Anime Lover✵/☣Contest Enterur☣/ ☠Legally Sane.☠ ☓R.I.P Billy MaysX

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@BrianIMdiesel http://t.co/Ojzc0M3jfY@gamesGRABR It says contest is over :(36 @StorQuest locations throughout California! http://t.co/nRURNdk09A@gamesGRABR says contest is over :/#GiveawayTrain 🚞 RT this & be following @pwnedcom to win... 1 - $10 #Xbox digital code (USA region) 💰 #GamerLife 👾🎮 http://t.co/p0PSesRu6F
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)Playing NHL 13 with my imaginary friends http://t.co/Qc2OVxetDO@Mysticfail yeah thats what I did..I said fuck it,their a dollar,if they suck,no big loss lol..also got Tokyo jungleNot at #WonderCon? RT &follow to win 1 of 10 #GODZILLA WonderCon '14 exclusive posters! Rules: http://t.co/PpLaC3MJvU http://t.co/lN5TXQtnFK
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@Mysticfail I never played em either but for a dollar each u can't go wrong I think..RT to enter #Competition to #Win Titanfall full game download code for Xboxone #EasterTreat XBOX one console Titanfall and cod ghosts £400
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)
#GiveawayTrain 🚞 RT this & be following @pwnedcom to win... One $10 #Xbox digital code (USA region) 🎮💰 #GamerLife 👾 http://t.co/3H3HODFrDB
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)I usually don't care about trophies,but just for you @SuckerPunchProd http://t.co/WPKODsu0ks@Chronorayven then let it collect dust on ur shelf :p@Chronorayven yeah in sure the regular game will be 15-20soon@Gxgear damn was it? ahh well,it was only 99 cents.cant beat 5 games for under 5.00@Chronorayven Still got my CE sealed and teh game digtial on psn..one day ill play it,lol@Chronorayven hell yeah! another game for the back log! :Penjoy my 5.00 sony!@Gxgear Ahh forreal :/..Im thining of getting sam and max,Tokyo Jungle, and maybe vikings..u got back to the future an jurasic park?@Gxgear lol,damn thres alot of games on that sale I gotta getENTER: #GOT Giveaway from @theNerdFu & @AwesomeToyzInc! - http://t.co/6ttdlTLC8J Funko Pop!'s, #SDCC Swag, DVDs http://t.co/u9pYbq0yAhwin a custom razer laptop and other Borlderlands goodies http://t.co/zKf0WNbUtBRT&Follow @Nerd4Sure for your chance to win a copy of Titanfall for the platform of your choice! http://t.co/UEI2br9yn4Just entered @GameFrontCom's 10K Twitter Follower Giveaway for a chance to win #Titanfall, Collector's Edition! http://t.co/IoXoyg7M6wEaster Monday sounds like a good day to give away our #CODGhosts XBOX ONE season pass. RT + Follow to be added to the list!
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)Mistah J, I want a Harley Quinn statue from @GeekandSundry! http://t.co/phUAT6rieJ@majornelson ATV #freecodefridayFollow and RT by 11:59PM PDT for a chance to win a #Halo4 Warhead headset from Tritton! Rules: http://t.co/bXe40MclFV http://t.co/r3EEAiLQbZ
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)RT & Follow to #WIN galactic snacks on #FreeCakeFriday w/ @RanchoObiWan! Random winner drawn Monday. http://t.co/9jihuDpeOp
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)RT & Follow for a chance to #WinDrakesCakes. Random winner chosen Monday will receive a mix case of Drake's! http://t.co/NxYoLvcAjd
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)RT to enter #Competition to #Win Titanfall Full game download code #EasterTreat Xbox one console Titanfall and Cod Ghosts £399.99
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@ddbleak https://t.co/sTytggXDZW@ddbleak lmaooo.and thats why no one ever tries to battle eminem anymore..they will loose bad@ddbleak lmfao@ddbleak lmao,love that song but nail in teh coffin...ROFL..THE SOURCE HAS A WHITE OWNER!@ddbleak http://t.co/ptxtxEQ2zd
#PS4 Sony Playstation 4 #giveaway! #RETWEET 2 ENTER! #follow @DL_Co. 2 Followers will win! #contest MUST #RT 5 Tweet http://t.co/jzVkoSQpOT
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@Certifiedninja1 yeah,cant believe I paid 20 for http://t.co/4NAEUlC9GQ it be the firs tfree game XB1 gets with games for gold@Certifiedninja1 hopefully crimson dragon goes on sale for 5-10 and other games for cheap@Certifiedninja1 lol gonna be a long wait :P@Certifiedninja1 Damn,lol what u gonna buy with all that MS money@jaypx85 lol gotta love evil exs@jaypx85 hexic hd hd in 720p!@jaypx85 lol I wouldn't doubt it..and ppl will buy it too@jaypx85 ps4 u can easiy the Xbox external down the road@jaypx85 lol that or they want u to buy a new one@jaypx85 yup pretty sure my Hdd in over 80 full@jaypx85 its the same on xbox :/@jaypx85 woww wrf@jaypx85 ohh nah then they're fine,ps4 ones down?@dualshockers's photo http://t.co/O10HeCK2nP@jaypx85 ihhhh lol,dunno only played trials for 30 mins really@jaypx85 what game bf4? then yes,they are HORRIBLEI entered to win a Xbox 360 code for Trials Fusion from @Marooners_Rock. To enter go to http://t.co/cYFi8MDXmM.Last chance to Follow us & RT for a chance to #win The Art of #Titanfall book from @TitanBooks http://t.co/9dHmm9Mpkx - ends soon!
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)Need a professional logo designed for your business? Tell me your ideas & I can make it happen #logo #graphicdesign http://t.co/fiRcGAkppy
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)#MondayMadness: @MacMall and @MacMall_Deals are giving away a @Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB drive! http://t.co/eBki892Z2bWow! @MacMall is giving away a @Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB drive on Monday for #MondayMadness. Check it out! http://t.co/an4lQYcC63Glad I'm following @MacMall and @MacMall_Deals so that I found out about their @Seagate 1TB drive giveaway. http://t.co/gKYm1jhYJq@IntelUSA The iBuyPower Revolt #IntelCluesLoud, Fast, Sideways Giveaway http://t.co/qDwFLCVB1tJust got this offer - Loud, Fast, Sideways Giveaway http://t.co/t0tQlueaR1 from @ClarionUSART to enter #Competition to #Win Full Game download code for Titanfall on xbox one #EasterTreat XBOX one Titanfall and Ghosts £399.99
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Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)A happily heroic Tweepstakes! For your chance at 1/3 currency codes, follow, RT, & get your details here http://t.co/PDlXd6VBT4 ^PC
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)RT to enter #Competition to #Win Full game code for Titanfall on xbox one #EasterTreat
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)RT to enter #Competition to #Win Digital code for Titanfall for xbox one Full Game #EasterTreat
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)lizzie gone crazy #TWDNOOOOOOOOOOOO come on amazon,dont start charging tax on may 1st..fucking Tax BS
36 @StorQuest locations throughout California! http://t.co/AngReSJN39Final Fantasy fan? @ExGameOn has three PS3 copies of X/X2 HD that you can win! Details: http://t.co/Xes2RUUf3pRT&Follow @Nerd4Sure for your chance to win a copy of Titanfall for the platform of your choice! http://t.co/KzZEky64H1HTC One (m8) giveaway: win a custom 32GB HTC One (m8) from http://t.co/bMQdQUgyhB http://t.co/xYvIcz2sEg https://t.co/JVVU9C0zyKI want FFXIV for PS4! Follow @GeekandSundry and enter here: http://t.co/zNrMlYQuxXJust entered @GameFrontCom's 10K Twitter Follower Giveaway for a chance to win #Titanfall, Collector's Edition! http://t.co/OxxTT89LplI entered the @gamesGRABR contest to win a copy of #SecondSon, have you? http://t.co/Ub5WExoy1AENTER: #GOT Giveaway from @theNerdFu & @AwesomeToyzInc! - http://t.co/OZ4pvIGzz7 Funko Pop!'s, #SDCC Swag, DVDs http://t.co/u9pYbq0yAh@BHGLiveBetter fingers crossed! #WalmartWednesdayIn a word, how would you describe these creative Rectangular Mirror Sconces? RT to #win #WalmartWednesday http://t.co/4uAq2r1aVM
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)#GIVEAWAY #TeamSCUF Must RETWEET & FOLLOW @ScufGaming for a chance to win! http://t.co/VZ48iiLDOF http://t.co/ySYdamHu7c
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)36 @StorQuest locations throughout California! http://t.co/7WZT1ltwKS@HeyPlayStation "Everybody's gonna wanna ride your Chocobo!" Chocobo :P #WinItWedFINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn for #WinItWed today! RT this & answer the following question to enter. http://t.co/tBRLoxvrVn
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)Looking to expand your @PlantsvsZombies garden? Retweet and follow for a chance to win this #PvZ Sunflower plush. http://t.co/xRM4Z6qwk0
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)Enter to Win a Canon EOS Rebel T3 SLR! http://t.co/cgwEaOw10K@jaypx85 lol tried,but they are loyal to teh xbox brand..Why me and my friend brian had to get the xbox at first@jaypx85 lol,same why I got it for Xb1.My friend whos all into trials got it for that so I got it to play him in the MP@jaypx85 Ahh gotcha.I got it for Xb1@IntelUSA iBuyPower Revolt #IntelCluesI just entered to win a Moto X and goodie bag from @Gogo. You can enter too at: http://t.co/CSFgKPBQBWWin an NVIDIA Shield from MAINGEAR! http://t.co/fiHtXEXvXeWe were going through our warehouse and found some signed gear. Who would be interested in getting their hands on it? http://t.co/BgrP7UZajJ
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@jaypx85 damn forreal? I thought u were gonna get it online
@EASPORTSNBA Wont be in the playoffs for the first time in awhile #TriviaTuesday36 @StorQuest locations throughout California! http://t.co/l7P8ZDM4pI@H2OAcidic LOL..I wonder how many ppl think thats the game their getting when they download that@jaypx85 damn thats right,the Dlc wont be on the disc at it hasnt been made yet..I didnt even think of that@jaypx85 I went with the disc..So I could throw that against the wall lol@jaypx85 lol, I've only thrown/broke one controller and that was a 360 controller years ago,wouldnt do that again.@jaypx85 cant wait to scream at my TV,lmao.
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