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Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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As @Lawrence always says, the number one reason to vote for a candidate for president is really the US Supreme Court. http://t.co/KXrRJTOAKN
Retweeted by Holland Taylor"My mind is like a bad neighborhood - I try not to go there alone." ~ @ANNELAMOTT@HollandTaylor @QuiltingMuriel …. Absolutely we raise to our escalated wisdom, Who we become is not by accident, but a purposeful intent..
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@JoyTheFranklin INDIA!!@Etzebeth26 @QuiltingMuriel Read "The Good Earth," for the 2nd time since I was young- 20's. Different each time, yet always a masterpiece.Dear @QuiltingMuriel So grateful for you! Ppl suggest lowering our sights as we age? No, no, no. We must raise them. True to ourselves 1st.I'm 95. If I get arrested 4 smoking pot, how long could I possibly get anyway?
Retweeted by Holland TaylorPot not only takes away back pain without side effects of awful presc. drugs like headache- causing oxy, I also play better Scrabble!
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@steventwilson well, if I could sing, I would!@ddlovejoy He is a beautiful, soulful cat. Loved him the moment I set eyes on him....or, rather, when he set eyes on me.@ddlovejoy CHESTER! Chester...@BettyBuckley Dammit! I am going to be in Texas then. I need to catch up with you in person. When in LA next? Teaching??I guess it's time to reserve my spot in @vickiabelson's bathroom for @HollandTaylor's visit to #WomenWhoWrite! LOL x
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThere is so much awesome in this picture & tweet. Ann Richards would be proud. https://t.co/xH7Ez7txpx via @leticiavdp @HollandTaylor
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Recalling you, as you gather force & followers, headed to the powerful office of LT Governor of TX @leticiavdp Lead! http://t.co/u3PAygAoMQThere are more Americans living in poverty today than at any time in our nation's history. #poverty
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThis is what injustice looks like. Learn more: http://t.co/xgQG5hlTb4 #Justice4Cecily http://t.co/aKiVxtFcW4
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@DanaDelany @HollandTaylor @Urrealism Marcel Proust, Robert de Flers (à gauche) et Lucien Daudet (à droite) vers 1893 http://t.co/KUfOh1vXpe
Retweeted by Holland Taylorvia @LizSmth "46% of Americans believe God created everything in the world only about 10,000 yrs ago. Carbon dating & science mean nothing."
@steventwilson That would be precipitous.@MORNAFAN93 you've GOT to get out more. xo@steventwilson well they can scarcely help it!Is 2pm too early for a martini? Asking for a friend.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir ha ha. Safe bet.@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir My dear friends, I was not musing about the adventure of show business, but about life. You know, with humans.@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir The point is being pragmatic in human affairs could protect you from massive mizry. But then~ a habit of no risk?@travin 'Cos you have good sense! Fortunately, instead of thinking 'why me?' I generally think, "God Lord! Why NOT me?" #GettingOffLight@whatoneloves And, "worth it?" Thank God, that is ultimately a meaningless question of events already played out.@Juniper40 something like that. Not sure there is a lot of choice. Also, I can hardly use the word 'should' anymore.@whatoneloves indeed. Pragmatic I'm not. It's meant suffering. But were I pragmatic, I would not have made my one remarkable achievement.@whatoneloves Well, yes, that's the 1st question to ask. Not for the pragmatic.@Lizzyswelt tell it to the judge.@steventwilson from what I am amused to call my mind.She said~ "I am deprived of my destiny-" but perhaps that IS a destiny, to live without what you felt would be a life, a path ~a story."What the hell is the presidency for, if not to fight for causes you believe in?" - @BarackObama quoting LBJ at #CivilRightsSummit in TX
Retweeted by Holland TaylorMedia is the inflatable doll of political efficacy...
Retweeted by Holland TaylorL.A. yesterday ARS Sr Phyllis Capdevielle interviewed @HollandTaylor re #grit for 5/9 Benefit at 4 Seasons in Austin http://t.co/UipY8I9T0b
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@Luvvie @SoAlmondie so FINE.Yessss Commander-in-Chief of FRESH! RT @SoAlmondie: The President is CLEAN, bruh. http://t.co/XudiJN5nHZ
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@ddlovejoy @berkeleyrep Thinking of you having a wonderful time-eager to make that drive up to visit!! Courage, mon ami, for the work ahead!@DrHornetBupp Yes, happy to say. Hope you have the weather situation handled by then.Free community viewing of the Boston Marathon tomorrow morning at @LCAtrium. Doors open at 8. http://t.co/k4ALRwlOBM #BostonStrong
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@CoquiNegra good morning, friend.
@Bruce35dc I have to agree. Unless you are by nature pragmatic.
@dgohar Of course!@steventwilson Andrew Solomon's book re depression.@KathyCronin007 ha ha!!"Ignorance is bliss" department~ I read that perception testing proved that depressives can be more realistic than those with normal moods.@CoquiNegra no tricks, just a little sleight of hand.
@HollandTaylor I have a restraining order out on Elizabeth... once she gets you in her sights... forgetaboutit...
Retweeted by Holland TaylorHey, one just met you. And this is crazy. But here's one's number. So call one maybe.
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@HollandTaylor : you know, you look a lot like my fifth husband. Orson Bean: how many times have you been married? @HollandTaylor : 4. lol!
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@MORNAFAN93 good one.Four foot plus long rattlesnake, head missing, at edge of the dirt path on my hike this morning. #NotAmused
My point is I'm handsome. @FfmdrmrMichaud: @MrCraigBierko Atheism is narcissism. It's basically saying I believe to believe in nothing.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorYour Silverlake aerie is a gem& you two are the handsomest, most charming Falcons in town. Thanks for lovely time, Brian & @MichaelMedicoLA@MichaelMedicoLA this ice cream is coming to you.@whatoneloves Magical. A beauty to make you blink. And London. Thank you, Mr. Whistler.Bernie Sanders Exposes Koch Brothers' Goals http://t.co/G55l6XLqlw
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@JeffGelberg @HollandTaylor I JUST ran across my ticket and signed playbill yesterday and I also saw Ann in April. How funny!
Retweeted by Holland Taylor1 yr ANN-iversary seeing @HollandTaylor in #ANN. Like to turn back time, or talk her into it again. Working on both. http://t.co/MFDZcMO2JL
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@EdwardRcox3 good one.Hard to imagine a giant like Ann Richards emerging today from the smarm and snarl of politics, where news is in bites & $ is the whole game.
@MissObdurate it's a start.@Sycomore13 The New York Library of the Performing Arts filmed ANN, but not for commercial use~ it must be viewed at the Library. Thanks
@ladyvolhoops I started working in the theatre when I was in college and continued on from there. Very lucky to do what I loved always.@jbbmonster7 everyone misses her.It took nearly 100 extra days into 2014 for women to catch up to what men earned in 2013 for the same work. #equalpayday
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My cups runneth over ~ @HollandTaylor's coming to the living room 4/29. That's one ah-mazingly fine, talented woman! #womenwhowrite #blessed
Retweeted by Holland TaylorTypical male workers made $283 less last year than they did 44 years ago.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor99 years ago today, legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday was born. Watch her sing "Strange Fruit": http://t.co/2fQ868pKgj
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My cat is missing, and my heart is breaking. Last seen in Los Feliz area near Rowena Reservoir. Pls RT. Pls help. http://t.co/QweMNVpQmQ
Retweeted by Holland TaylorDelighted to say... Hope you will join me tomorrow @TODAYshow! My first appearance @NBCNews
Retweeted by Holland Taylor"There is no such thing as love without the anticipation of loss, and the spectre of despair can be the engine of intimacy" @Andrew_Solomon“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThis week on Moyers & Company: All work and no pay – food workers fight for a living wage. Watch preview: http://t.co/2XHq3nZwaD
Retweeted by Holland TaylorWatch Bill Moyers & company for incredible low wages american story.in 1991 Natl Restaurant Ass gave campaign $ for Congress to set fed min. wage for waiters at $2.13 an hour. It has never gone up. via Moyers
@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir @kencen yes. Wonderful, productive days.@falvey_patrick most depressing event in recent memory. Right up there with Citizens United & the Gore-Bush blot on the court's history.@JeffGelberg Yes, I do... it was released before as "Ann Richards' Texas" HBO bought it to re construct. Tons of footage of her, so great.@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir @antiphonist @kencen was about to ask what you are seeing.
@Hilary_Weaver It was. I miss the experience. I'll never have the like again.@whatoneloves so gorgeous in that shot.@Hilary_Weaver and thank you. It was important to do for my sake, too. I learned so much. She was a giant.@Hilary_Weaver i'm glad to hear it!!Northern California http://t.co/6Zt6c7VW74
Retweeted by Holland TaylorA #scandal calls for a #WaveOfAction http://t.co/oB6mqZYdWE
Retweeted by Holland Taylor.@Lawrence: Pres. Obama rewrote the Republican position on the minimum wage to just four words: "Get off my lawn."
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir @antiphonist the medium is the message.
@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir come ON.@brainpicker Perfect. Who would trade the sufferings of love, if it meant one had to give up the love as well? Never had to beg for feelings@JanvierNoir @whatoneloves Girls...
John Roberts is apparently the only person in America who doesn't see how money corrupts the political process: http://t.co/ZRexh3DlTB
Retweeted by Holland TaylorJust met a cat named Bill. An accountant.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor.@luciajacinta @RobertaSaidThat decisions that ignore fairness for the VAST majority of citizens will incur that kind of response.@robteed The TV movie they made about it was extremely good.@HollandTaylor What a completely ridiculous ruling. The rich can buy whatever offices they please and the poor can't even vote.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@robteed oh, no. who over 30 could forget?@HollandTaylor I stopped believing in the #SCOTUS after #BushVGore when they crowned #W our president.
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