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Holland Taylor @HollandTaylor New York/Los Angeles

Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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#BlackPanic where running is a threat, toys are a threat, our music is a threat, hand in pockets, etc… yet we're not the ones shooting
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@Cambria_Court follow to dm@thomaseobrien A minute after a big collision, you spring out, looking top form? No way. Important to really take stock & recover!&Thank you@Cambria_Court Have we met? When/when.
Terra Firma http://t.co/XlT4shSa6o@JanvierNoir I don't need to eat it...just kill it.Opening a new friend's refrigerator can give one a start. http://t.co/mBd8dYE3OmBest shower curtain. http://t.co/jkN8pXPRNN
@SierraSturt @DebraMessing Ah, yes, I remember it well...With my guardian Angel & Deep Throat. Ann Richards' exec. Assistant during the NY years. Sandra Castellanos http://t.co/m1O4M4CQxg
My traveling friend who joined me in New York has gotten a cold. She is happily uncomplaining though, as she caught it from PATTI LUPONE
Five p.m.looking out on a Manhattan no longer home to Mike Nichols. http://t.co/WQ91BC3gYZLate Luncheon at the Met The usual, please. Relish, as well. http://t.co/AGaCiWCUF8“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” —RumiMike.
@DrHornetBupp @MadamSecretary appearance by??@10n6inthisstyle well, now...@Cambria_Court ?@garypgarrett @LizSmth yes, thanks .northEast standstill. https://t.co/DfPtlTKjco Used to have a teeny two seater, cloth top, radio, little wipers...heater scorching my shins.Hispanics - the youngest & fastest-growing part of electorate - gave Bush 44% of vote in 2004, McCain 31% and Romney 27%. Bad GOP trend
Retweeted by Holland TaylorAttn. @HollandTaylor RT @CultureTrip: 4 #LA Bookstores That Need Your Love http://t.co/qPNYqZZv5A #bookworms http://t.co/hUvHuG173O
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@bluegrasshaze It was a privilege to be part of the occasion@RCJackson0045 Good picks!
@annettecephus thank you!@Cambria_Court your handle is the street where I lived as a child.@nigelmfs blessings on your house@BettyBuckley oh, my dearie! If only I could sing!! How wonderful to have your gorgeous sound. Love you-- and thank you.
@mprinvale just so.@memoir It was certainly one of the most thrilling and pleasing moments and conversations of my life. A great reward.@JanvierNoir @whatoneloves It was an afternoon thing in the Hirschfeld theatre.@donnapjones1 Thanks so much...@kyrstenlouchen I hope so.@JosephLucas65 Thank you. It meant a lot to be invited to speak. I spent a long time boiling it down, trying to do well by her, for her.@screenwriternyc @BettyBuckley Thankyou. I was lucky--no, privileged to know her. We wanted each other as friends. It was as simple as that.@kevinddaly @LilyMarsWrites God Kevin, thanks for this extRAVagence! I loves it, Baby. Specially the million bucks part. xox@NICKRAFELLO Thank you. She was a one-off. I am so glad we were friends. I'm not sad... she left at a good time, when she was good and ready@kevinddaly I came in Sat for Elaine's thing~ was working in LA Friday nite, one of the last eps of 2.5 men. Then today~~There YOU were!!It's a #StateOfEmergency that black ppl can't mourn a loss in the community without being confronted by military arsenal. #ferguson
Retweeted by Holland TaylorElaine Stritch didn't pay for theater tickets. She'd show up and say "I'm Elaine Stritch." It worked every time. Except "Mamma Fuckin' Mia."
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@kevinddaly SO GREAT!!!!Waking up in New York on a gray day has its own particular beauty. http://t.co/rOYh4CSYbV@RCJackson0045 but I was in my mid thirties living in New York...@AngryBlackLady Barks n Bitches ...yeah, I was planning on checking in there regularly.@RCJackson0045 probably 1978 isn. Not a lot. One was under contract &couldn't be in a play. If the soap didn't use you much, you were stuck.
@RCJackson0045 I decided not to renew on EoN the year before all the soaps started really paying some dough. I think my pay was $300 an ep.@RCJackson0045 was only on one season.@JanvierNoir Not terribly. I'm back & forth 'getting ready for bed," hateful chores, and pecking away at notes for tomorrow. Skeert.Tard.xo@ReignOfApril @bstokesmitchell No, actually I know him personally from the @TheActorsFund & he & his gorgeous wife visited back stage @ ANN. @JohnLewitzke Where I was so evil I was actually murdered by my own father while dying from natural causes. But Dad couldn't wait. (EoN)@AngryBlackLady I want a chihuahua mix~like Chihuahua with mini dachshund. Great combo of characteristics. Potentially. 10 lbs. Air travel.@JanvierNoir @CheriPhi @Ron_no_Burgundy A@AngryBlackLady ohhh not much help here. But I could take her the dog and then go get her...@AngryBlackLady need to know what woman... getting a dog in Jan..@CharlesMBlow "But vulnerability is the leading edge of truth. Being willing to sacrifice a false… http://t.co/FoG7Zcdr8b
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@AngryBlackLady where got?@AngryBlackLady look it that great dog...had him/her long?Stokes!!----!!! @MadamSecretary@ReignOfApril @carolynedgar @MadamSecretary @bstokesmitchell we're ALL in love with Stokes.@JanvierNoir @whatoneloves i'll be tucked in 20 mons from now.@RCJackson0045 yes.You are missed! @JanvierNoirTrout. Monkfish. @lincoln http://t.co/Y9ClOVugNdAmuse-bouche. But I was already laughing. http://t.co/el7p1HPKvqWith my favorite balletomane. @whatoneloves excited. Enthralling. http://t.co/4ngbSFRrQ8My i-phone 4 just drew commentary. Yes, yes. But. What I WANT is my old honking, big, black blackberry. An early model. Heavy. Buttons.@mprinvale & generous, as I am perpetually welcome in the guest suite of his dear cozy penthouse tucked in behind the Natual History museum.Peep. @whatoneloves.@TheQueenBlogger look how wrecked my signature is. Playing ANN was a wonderful Everest. 151 times! I'm guessing that perf was a high #
@JanvierNoir @quietude we'll do it.@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir i've always dreaded seeing (not seeing) plays at the Golden. Insufficient audience rake &seats aren't staggered.@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir aaahhh, Patti.Guesting with friend. Bedside table coaster in my room. http://t.co/F59DqTlbvK
Reading this put me in a good mood. http://t.co/Hy0NclLsd5 For those who want reasons, for some reason.@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir gut@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir glad you can come to thing...@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir perceptive guy!@RobertFalls @TimGuinee @MarthaPlimpton @stephfredricks @hollyfulger @reynadecourcy @HESherman BOB!!!!!!! <3@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir Ou bist du?
@cfahooligan it's hard for many to think they're beautiful. It's too bad-- it's a factor in their resistance to the ones in love with them!@pianomcg Very good@whatoneloves ah yes.Cozy with Marilyn Bergman. Rich contentment. http://t.co/56xFRLCgeYCozy with Marilyn Bergman. Rich contentment. http://t.co/u4stUrYr0a@whatoneloves I can feel the day. So glad we can be there at the same time!!!!!!"I was emotionally wide open when recording “Blue” and incapable of guile." ~Joni Mitchell@CharlotteNB @MissObdurate ooof, doesn't sound cool.@CharlotteNB @MissObdurate What about your own experience, more connected than with male clients?@CharlotteNB did you see my thread with Beatrice? yesterday afternoon... wish you'd weigh in.@CharlotteNB love the classification; I'll be using that.
The effect that various drugs have on the web building abilities of the common garden spider. http://t.co/KIllEIlR64
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@SciencePorn scary the they are most fucked up on coffee.@AngryBlackLady ooooooh.@mallelis Do you know its history at all? Where is was painted. of whom, or what house?@AngryBlackLady yeah.., and- ?@mallelis thanks! Fascinating. Oddly appealing.@mallelis who painted it, when?@montrealbbfan Beaucoup plus depuis ANN~aussi en train de la recherche. &Pendant L'epoque de Kennedy quand j'eté jeune, c'est un temps fou.@RCJackson0045 Frightening and grotesque.@DD733 Thank you. Not sure they'd agree, But thanks!
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