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Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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@CoquiTalksTrash @JanvierNoir I knewyou were a scientist-- but microbiology?? What a time for you. My sympathies..@CoquiTalksTrash @JanvierNoir hah! Very good! A long time has its own value..,@CoquiTalksTrash @JanvierNoir ebola meeting??Ugh! Standing on a freezing line at the butcher's, just seven o'clock & it's pitch dark already!! December in Buenos Aires is summer light!@RCJackson0045 luvvy@RCJackson0045 that and a nickel won't get you a ride on the subway any more. But thanks for enjoying....@RCJackson0045 thank you.The race you can always win is the one you run with you.@NevinMertes @fantasmasutura yeessssss
@fantasmasutura I am... trying to coax a friend to come with...@suziqkelley @HBO I won't be able to myself... but it may tour there.@CtLMN @please_continue Oh, c'mon.
@Kaffe_Takk "Bowie" breed is quarter horse i believe.@MsSarahPaulson mmmmmnnnn.@iammelodylopez ooooh! Good one!The bluest eye. http://t.co/LHiMfRaQ8I@Stengelese52 @MsSarahPaulson !@please_continue WOWIE!!!!Can't believe I got this shot of Tasha Watson's Blue Heron with my old I-phone 4. Amazing to watch it soar... http://t.co/2Ddu1FMdZr@MsSarahPaulson I need top buy tickets to Buenos Aires for dec-jan visit. Better wait a few days, doncha think?@HollandTaylor oct 25th. Wish it were sooner
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@craigweirtweets YOW, look at all that hair. Redheads have more hair on their heads than other colors. As for the face... well, yeah. Me.@E_Lee_Saffold ADMIT? (Lord) Having to show a government issued photo ID to vote stops an old or poor person or student w/o one from voting.When is Mercury out of retrograde? Asking for a friend...
"I POSTPONE death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by losing ... " wrote Anais Nin. Thanks to @LizSmth for sharing...@BHSushi I'm not that mature myself.@HollandTaylor crushing Elle woods dreams on mtv #returnonlywhensheisprepared
Retweeted by Holland TaylorEvening approaches in Tesuque. http://t.co/Cs2nUCmkS2@JohnSaunders18 yes@oldpicsarchive GOD. IT IS JUST>>>INSANE.Small. Quality. Perfect. http://t.co/NyJ5Pbn7ucAnd in my hand. http://t.co/7YBD21k4Bv@E_Lee_Saffold read what the position is. It's certainly not the absurdity you're stating.Last New Mexico sky. http://t.co/sqSD9bto9F@bluegrasshaze you want a signed picture of Tom Selleck for your ONE year old?
@elmanomora Pardon? I don't think so...@crzypantskrantz on 285 about 4 mi before St.Francis ex going into SantaFe from the southHarry's Roadhouse Best Tequila selection. http://t.co/Hn7QfryAKm@SAGFoundation hah!@ImaginautEnt @SAGFoundation loved doing that, though really..what do I know?@bluegrasshaze i'm clueless.@RabbiReport That's my point.@DanielleCC1 The ones they offer are better than Patron.Of the 15 or so premium Tequillas at Harry's Roadhouse, outskirts of Santa Fe, NM, Patron does not make the cut. http://t.co/k6u5CNwscW@DrLemboSmile Having read a bunch of your tweets, I can see no thinking person would take you seriously.@MelpomeneThalia Interesting, isn't it.@bluegrasshaze Well, anything to get Carl! Thanks Hazel.
@ricknick59 State issued IDs (Drivers License for example) have a photo & are gov. issued IDs- The State has a government as does the Nation@GreatBigRepub But Carlos, you are speaking of people who think! Thanks, by the way.@DD733 What means?@huladeb thanks Deb.@ricknick59 thanks. It has to be government issued photo ID, Rick. not just "some form".@ShawnMinor3 better to lose you.@ShawnMinor3 Think including an insult gets you taken seriously? The problem is~ millions of people old, poor, &students are without I.D.s@Gregory__Adams there are millions of poor people who don't have cars elderly people who have no means to travel who have no IDs, young ppl.@baseballmom2424 any idea the VAST numbers of poor& elderly who don't & will never have a driver's license & who can't even imagine travel?@FatBrando It's a mystery why political opinions from so many come in this kind of ugly personal attack.& you clearly don't grasp the issue.@rapidcraft you're actually too ignorant and crude to go on with this.@ETboneTaylor of course everyone doesn't have an ID. People who could never DREAM of owning a car don't,City dwellers, Countless older ppl.@rapidcraft oh, Barry.@auntdeb59 you clearly haven't brought the full powers of your mind to the situation and issues.@tonygorton Tony, you and your 11 followers seem to be living under a cloud of general ignorance, not to mention being meaninglessly angry.@WarGamesGuy Well, yes, you are an idiot, you've made that clear. The hill? You mean the one you're stumbling towards, like everyone else?
@Moski1213 Thank you, Moski.@HollandTaylor @mhs58 Yeah the for profit thing has actually completely fucked over my life. For profit health care is watching people die.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@RabbiReport there are so many references to them, what do you mean?@JanvierNoir I beg you, don't.@JanvierNoir @whatoneloves glory, I envy you natural cooks, who like it and know how.@jcoopalla friend of mine, too. Not funny,Could you two be funnier, please.@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir it knows fuck all about American actresses.Tortilla soup and grilled romaine on a chilly day under a warm sun. Santa Fe.Alain Delon http://t.co/KVJJQ9Uo9M
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@KryssiKakes @ariestess69 I usually take common spiders outside.@ariestess69 @KryssiKakes with a hideous bite. Ya really don't want it on your bed.@KryssiKakes @ariestess69 I agree. Just not that it's harmless.@cfahooligan Wolf spiders often confused with Br.Recluses. Wolf spider bite is bad enough, thank you. Take a look. http://t.co/0TLPlZWb3O@KryssiKakes Harmless? Wolf spiders confused with Br.Recluses. Wolf sp. bite is bad enough, thank you. Take a look. http://t.co/0TLPlZWb3O@RabbiReport Wolf spiders often confused with Br.Recluses. Wolf spider bite is disaster enough, thanks. Take a look. http://t.co/0TLPlZWb3O@Juniper40 Wolf spiders often confused with Br.Recluses. Wolf spider bite is disaster enough, thank you. Take a look. http://t.co/0TLPlZWb3O@KryssiKakes Google the species & you'll see it is a brown recluse. There are countless images. I looked before dispatching it.@ariestess69 @KryssiKakes Google the species & you'll see it is a brown recluse. There are countless images. I looked before dispatching it.Brown Recluse? #Dead&Gone http://t.co/gkChexjXtwLeg span over a quarter size in reach. #InMyBedroom@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir don't temp me...@misfer_911 I got my eye on you, Mr. Hawks
@LilyinLDN doxies are superior dogshttp://t.co/kTPOIWdrZ7Glad I carry this. http://t.co/6mEO3M4bIADriving to ranch just after sunset. No lights. No town's glow above, no lit windows, no st. Lights, nuthin'. http://t.co/aAvKiQciLq@MozartandBanjo will check it out. @RobynLeeITM taught me to love rocks 30 years ago! Especially Herkimer crystals. I went to the mine in NY@Overlaid Yes...@tczzzz sometimes when I see something interesting on my own, there is an impulse to share it..@UpstateGalp Tanx!@JeffGelberg Yes, I will share something about Elaine there.@HollandTaylor Pls RT What Is at Stake This NOV & Why the Country Needs American Women to Vote by @BarbraStreisand http://t.co/wdRQkKmheU
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@HollandTaylor Well I can de-Twitter 4 good I have truly seen it *ALL!* Holland Virginia Taylor @ McD's. Earth u can get back on ur axis now
Retweeted by Holland Taylor
Waiting for me. http://t.co/FREg34x3Z7Can't believe I ate a cheese burger when I am soon to be given a rib eye dinner!http://t.co/XKsFP95CuT
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