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Stevie Wonder @ImDaBully North Carolina, Raleigh

Club promoter/host For booking contact @Diona_910 ...#WeAintBegginWeBuyin #flyishonly #blackbottlebully #nctwitter

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#pulldafuckup #GHOE http://t.co/4YSbX3ik0X@yogottikom just shut the mall down in Gboro... Tonight it's going down at the Triad Event center...… http://t.co/3QJ1buPq6uCruising thru the city.... Raleigh what upSike lmao2NITE WE MAKE HISTORY WITH FUTURE & YO GOTTI triad CIVIC CENTER OVER 2K PEOPLE WILL BE IN THE BUILDING… http://t.co/dy3N4fpKeU
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Fuck it guess I'm going to #GHOE2NITE WE MAKE HISTORY WITH FUTURE & YO GOTTI triad CIVIC CENTER OVER 2K PEOPLE WILL BE IN THE BUILDING… http://t.co/emDECDRaHmOh “@Diona_910 @ImDaBully it's somewhere down my tl it looks stank”Where “@Diona_910 Who that bustin it wide open in a blue skirt on my tl”Lol “@Diona_910 Man @ImDaBully is a fuckin giant”Salute @yogottikom http://t.co/KBeHqIGBzQHey Elle“@ElleChanel @ImDaBully Hey Bully”Oh “@ElleChanel All these pics struggle drunk bloopers”My nigga #Bluetooth popping off early #phantomlifeFriday http://t.co/F0hIFIODne
Come to club phantom and turn up with me I'm buying drinks #WeAintBegginWeBuyinTurn up 2nite at Phantom is real #WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@YoGottiKOM Raleigh NC‼️ Club Phantom❗️ #2Nite‼️ http://t.co/NGFOW0CSAqAttn RDU it's going down tonight at club phantom @yogottikom will be in the building #Allblackparty http://t.co/qIjGExpVTDYo Gotti Hosts Tonight at Club Phantom in Raleigh, NC [tickets] http://t.co/aBXFMKpmbL
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Just posted a video http://t.co/pRgCPllNOuJust posted a video http://t.co/HIX3hBNSMhI don't give a fuck unless she fine with a fatty #WeAintBegginWeBuyinYes “@KaraPublishes @ImDaBully aight, you in Raleigh?”@KaraPublishes I have your shirtThink I'm bout to cut my beardRDU GET READY WE BOUT TO #TTFU AT CLUB PHANTOM... YO GOTTI LIVE IN THE BUILDING... THIS SHIT FOR EVERYBODY#Repost from your.future with repostapp --- Friday October 24th at Club Phantom in Raleigh, NC we… http://t.co/9sC4sC8pOY
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Celebrity Homecoming All Black Affair Fri.Oct.24th Luxurious Phantom Raleigh,NC... @IcebergEnt http://t.co/73sIhpnOgx @TeamGoldiPromo
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Tonight @thereal_b_scott’s G’day bash at Club Phantom in Raleigh, NC featuring @yogottikom & @ThisIsBstacks #YF http://t.co/kdewzZ4ftB
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder But Yo Gotti gon be in Phantom this weekend 😊😍😘😜
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder 29 was good Thank Errybody for the love, now let's go hard tonite at phantom for my B Day bash... Yo Gotti I'm the building
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Retweeted by Stevie Wonder ItsGHOEbabyAndWeDontCare If you're married now yo! Save that for the niccas that care..we just know u from being a hoe in college, it's cool
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder #WeAintBegginWeBuyin #WhoIsYou 😭😭😭😭 http://t.co/ILu85j0vbBHell yeah “@Bigga_Vel05 The yard should be turnt from 12 until today FUCK the extra shyt”“@KaraPublishes #TBT When Martin tried to outsing K Ci 😂😂😂 http://t.co/8ZASBy6ATBWas any women in there “@EBT_overHOES Just walked in the women's bathroom 😖”Lol “@Bigga_Vel05 People betting me that imma let someone in for free tonight if I do so what it's my shyt if I do anyways”Since SAU SO DRY YET AGAIN MYSELF & @Team_LegacyENT gotta put on another BANGER TONIGHT OUR HC STARTS ASTRO MUNDO http://t.co/jAXxPeMc9t
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder T.ake R.isk A.nd P.rosper
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Tkts to see Yo Gotti this Friday night at club phantom are selling fast get yours today @drstylzraleigh @capsraleigh @myperfectpairGood morning
Once u go black u never go backOh ok 😔😔😔😔Y'all not speaking to me tonightWhat up y'all what I miss!!! This FRIDAY @icebergent alladreamnc Presents YO GOTTI At The Luxurious Club Phantom 1505 Capital… http://t.co/4TIN1SOfz2
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder I'm scared “@Zhathkya dont do this, fam. RT @King_Eog1984: @ your crazy ex”Who gonna have to pay their rent on the 15th of next month because of homecomingOh “@Diona_910 You Beggin him and he beggin her”Oh ok “@TheLizzyShow Dont tell me what im going to do...”@louchie_lou how has #SotoDay been#HeyGirl #WeAintBegginWeBuyin http://t.co/v3hnxMszrS@YoGottiKOM live at club phantom Friday night... Adv tkts @drstylzraleigh @capsraleigh and @myperfectpair for ... http://t.co/7Yza62rSejHow is #sotodaySnitches get stitches “@Diona_910 I'm bout to call the law if EOG don't stop talkin nasty on the tl”This is true “@King_Eog1984 Gotta lick him like a ice cream first then he will go RT @TheRealMarkitta: ... http://t.co/ocQvHcmRsEEOG swear he gon be fresh as hell if a milf watchingI just fell off the bed 😭😭😭“@Diona_910 EOG bout to have a bed full of old ass bad bitches with ... http://t.co/o0PEjBYJEWOh “@King_Eog1984 Lol only one fucks with me RT @ImDaBully: How many chicks u got cuh ... http://t.co/MNyGihyflE#WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@King_Eog1984 Y'all be good or be good at it ✌”How many chicks u got cuh “@King_Eog1984 Let me go get ready for this great day tomorrow”Oh OK lol I'm sleepy “@xoDASxo @ImDaBully well suh lmao I highly doubt it though”I wasn't asking I'm telling you “@xoDASxo @ImDaBully noooooo lol”They tryna beat “@xoDASxo Having a debate about southern & northern men/women with 2 up north men in here lol”😭😭😭😭“@NC_CAPO919 EOG was dancing to step in da name of love”U spelled electric sliding wrong 😭😭😭“@NC_CAPO919 EOG was running thru them old hags at dat wedding”Bae back or nah “@King_Eog1984 Lol I'm chill before I get in tro”Them shits be so warm “@Diona_910 😂😭😭 church hugs”Lmao “@King_Eog1984 @ImDaBully lol dam who you been talking to”Nigga I bet chicks was giving u church hugs and everything when u had that suit on “@King_Eog1984 I just be cooling it”They ain't gon lie but they ain't gon answer either “@NC_CAPO919 Y'all be fucking friends or nah ? And don't lie”With that white suit on EOG can use sign language to make a chick get naked #dudecleanLmao “@Diona_910 EOG was tryna hit sumthin in that suit cause he ain't have no drawls on”But I know a lot of people who tell sob stories “@ElleChanel Don't think I know anyone who owns SAAB...”I'll be there in a few months “@louchie_lou I'm really 36 😩”@louchie_lou happy birthday #SotoDay
Fuck it OCT 22 will now be known as #SotoDayNiggas done cut Bobby eye out22 more minutes “@louchie_lou My eyes hurt”Did A&T ever get that money from the movie DrumLineHere comes the slow music somebody bout to get wacked #SoaI can't take some women seriously they don't want good men they want ain't shit niggasHell yeah “@bhillyaheardme Knew it couldn't go as planned! They bout to kill Bobby #SoaGood niggas be in y'all friend zone... The he too nice guy
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Lmao “@Sie_Gr8ness They even have the cardboard signs on the side roads "need booty cal 404-xxx-xxxx”What “@xoDASxo I want my tragus pierced.”Shica happy birthday tweets gone shut twitter down at midnightHell yeah “@bhillyaheardme This bitch Gemma done spilled the beans and lil Jax heard it! Lil baby going to kill her”Y'all women some busy bodies or nahOh “@Zhathkya i need a hug. 😔”@ImDaBully #jaszies #chiraqFREESTYLE video is finally here 😙😙😙👉http://t.co/eUcdldd64I 👈 yall go check it out 👏👏👌💯
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder *** This FRIDAY @icebergent alladreamnc #Bscott #RyanMack Will Be Shutting The Entire #RDU Down YO… http://t.co/diod4tvG9d
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Nigga juice on a suicide mission “@bhillyaheardme Aw hell what the hell going on? #SoaOK “@louchie_lou Scratch that other one. It's my bday at 12 on the dot lol”Oh “@PRETTYINGA I'm gon go ahead and tell Shica happy bday now because I might be sleeping hard by 12”Hey Lil mama “@KarelessWorld @ImDaBully wassup”For booths call 9197583830 for tkts go to @drstylzraleigh @myperfectpair @capsurbanwear http://t.co/MgmjC40GEFWTF “@KarelessWorld Future reference ladies never leave ya man around ANY girl. Whether yall ... http://t.co/SJW4b80DH6🎶You better be careful what you say to me 'Cause it might turn around on you You better be careful what ... http://t.co/WHJD5pcIoz
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