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Bully The Merciless @ImDaBully North Carolina, Raleigh

What up its your boy BULLY follow me ....promoter/host club phantom #ICEBERGENT #PHANTOMBOYZ #NCTWITTER #PHANTOMLIFE CALL ME #THEGOAT

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!!! PRESS PLAY !!! @icebergent @alladreamnc #FlyGuyEnt Presents TAHIRY At The Luxurious Club Phantom… http://t.co/ktnP4oz8Yp
Retweeted by Bully The MercilessCome see the absolutely gorgeous @therealtahiry this Friday at club phantom in Raleigh NC http://t.co/E11PomxoYAWhen u starting “@TheLizzyShow #ThirstTrapThursday“@ImDaBully Hanging out wit da bae today or Nah lol “@LosoCorleone Turning my phone off for the rest of THEE day.””U gotta Salute all self made professions if u know wat time it is out here. Don't worry bout how ppl get wat dey got. Dey put it on da line
Retweeted by Bully The MercilessUp blessed and thankful
Retweeted by Bully The MercilessProstitution Will Never Stop. 1 Out Of Every 5 Girls u See Online Dunn Put Dat Box On Da Line 4 Sum Typa Financial Gain
Retweeted by Bully The MercilessGM http://t.co/NUwKfBoiGVRaw or nah “@Diona_910 Fuck Ya Feelings”Gonorrhea or nah “@gullymackNC Bet you they both got some fire RT @ToeKnee2GX: http://t.co/2R2rVEiFu4
Dwight Howard / Charles Barkley“@ImDaBully nigga look like she bout to hike him a football @Diona_910 http://t.co/8FiJw7pYL2””WTF he doing “@Diona_910 I don't like the way he's positioned he look real stank http://t.co/8FiJw7pYL2After this series him and Howard should give Houston a refund “@gullymackNC Is it me or does it seems ... http://t.co/uOCgeqcBQDBae play too much or Nah“@gullymackNC You just trying to watch the game and tweet and here she go sitting in your lap blocking the tv 😒”Come out and support your chica #niquestyles and meet my boo @therealtahiry up close and personal and… http://t.co/9rksq428d1
Retweeted by Bully The MercilessNever “@LosoCorleone @ImDaBully dis nigga want ever get a ring”“@LosoCorleone Dwight Howard some butt, end of story CHARLES!”Remember the titansThis nigga trash! Smh. Dwight gtfoh
Retweeted by Bully The MercilessHey“@milankiyokli .hey y'all 😊”Feel like olive garden tonight“@Diona_910 Ok I'm back”@iam_JASZIE let a nigga dream 😭😭😭😭#sextape or Nah lol“@iam_JASZIE - I'm so bored I think I might just fck around in drop my video on this beautiful day 👀😎”Hell yea “@King_Eog1984 @ImDaBully lemon pepper or Nah”So ain't nobody find the picAt wing stop bout to get a 10 peice “@King_Eog1984 What y'all on”Hey Dee“@Diona_910 Hey yall”Tgif “@Tendin2 What y'all eating for lunch?”@KaraPublishes check out @YoungBreedCCC Duval wsup... http://t.co/7c7wSuKzFi
Retweeted by Bully The MercilessThis“@KaraPublishes I love the Southside of Raleigh, but people gotta get out that box man. It's bigger than 27610 .”“@EBT_overHOES If you can fuck my bitch you can have my bitch 💯💯💯💯”Bout to go get my feet worked on its almost #flapseasonY'all be at the gym working out with no panties on or nah ladiesEwwww“@louchie_lou So ya'll coochie just in ya'll jeans no protective barrier? ... Smh nasty”Lol “@louchie_lou Walking around for no reason with no panties is nasty. Shit not cute all the time”Workout videos code word for Mimi sex tapesI'm going to the gym.... Translation I'm going to cheatI think gym is code word for cheatingMurder rate might go up #chillcliff lol “@CC_34 If more men started looking like women search , o boy ..”100% Accurate .. “@MsTiff22: Women cheat too. Women are just better liars and a lot of men are too proud to search and question”
Retweeted by Bully The MercilessEverybody always at the gym but I never see group pics what gym y'all go to and how many different gyms in RaleighLol“@CC_34 Yall take so many pictures at the gym , you want us to know you working out bad ..”Money just changes the folk around you more then it changes you ..
Retweeted by Bully The MercilessYou get a little money , success , fame , your clientele changes , definitely the women around you change ..
Retweeted by Bully The MercilessGirl gon make that ass clapSometimes u gotta just say fuck itLast pair of clean leggings “@pippenaintdead “@killllah: why she even take a picture? RT ... http://t.co/kLuQs9QhudThe Darth Vaders “@lenny_devito 😂😂😂✌RT @SKTV_: PURE TRASH!!!! FK is these the M.Bison 3's http://t.co/kgcu5Jf11IWith the pic or nah “@Diona_910 Ok I'm back”My tl is quiet guess I'll sleep now🎤🎤look at that girl with them daisy dukes on “@Addicted2Nadia http://t.co/O0OR6qsjGz <------ http://t.co/lnpq8miwpU@Addicted2Nadia go to sleep“@1M_C_M1 let me @ Nadia #Bae to go put her to sleep cause she sleepy 😭“@Addicted2Nadia: 😂😭😂😭😂”@King_Eog1984 I stay on the goSo ain't nobody got the picFor what “@Addicted2Nadia I'm waiting tho 😂”Oh“@Addicted2Nadia @ImDaBully 😂😂😂😂 I was gone cuss you TF out but it was too funny”“@ImDaBully Gold bond , James Bond or the kind of bond don't matter long as y'all bonding ... http://t.co/h1LgbsVU53You without me is like corn flakes without the milkWhat she said lol “@Diona_910 @FlashySunrize @King_Eog1984 @ImDaBully 😂😭😭 tweet it”For bae to get naked or Nah“@Addicted2Nadia Nudes are being accepted at this hour 😎 #illwaitLol “@FlashySunrize U Can't Find It Cause I Got It😭 RT @Diona_910: @King_Eog1984 @ImDaBully @FlashySunrize I gotta find it 😂😭😭”Show bully the pants lmao@1M_C_M1 lol#shewannabeat lol “@1M_C_M1 I told this young lady i was not interested in her. She added me on ... http://t.co/HkXccwKsIW“@AngelUnique88 I go to sleep holding this damn vibrator & wake up grabbing for it! Smh. Where would I be without my dildo ?”#shobullydapic“@King_Eog1984 @ImDaBully @Diona_910 @FlashySunrize you have to ask her to tweet the pic ... http://t.co/s1EucU4gCkWhat they did to that dog “@King_Eog1984 Dam shame”What pants “@Diona_910 @FlashySunrize @ImDaBully @King_Eog1984 I think it's at Myst let me go look at the flyer brb”@King_Eog1984 I was in Fayetteville yesterdayI will be “@King_Eog1984 You still out of town RT @ImDaBully: I'm tweeting like imma be in the state this weekend”Sometimes u feel like a nutAnd we be letting them damn“@Brit_iAmHer btchs be tricken nggas into fuckin w/ them 😩😩😩😭”Night “@xoDASxo Goodnight y'all 💋”Wait what pants “@FlashySunrize @King_Eog1984 @Diona_910 y'all pull up. Wear dem pant u had on when u was sweeping dat patio diyona”I'm tweeting like imma be in the state this weekendWhat after party “@Diona_910 @King_Eog1984 @FlashySunrize I'm going to eat I gotta go to a different club on Saturday for that after party”#hegonbeat “@Addicted2Nadia One day 😔”😂😭😭😭“@BULLCITYSWAGG: Never trust a chick who wear rings on ALL her fingers”
Retweeted by Bully The MercilessOh ok “@Diona_910 @ImDaBully I'm not taking it in there I'm just bringing it to Raleigh with me”Security tight “@Diona_910 And I'm gone have my purse”If u go I'm going “@Diona_910 I need to make my way to starbar on Sunday”😂😂“@Diona_910 @ImDaBully 😂😭😭 he must think we know about it”OK “@Diona_910 Anyways I'm gone be in Raleigh this weekend”He must've ate some ass it changed his life“@Diona_910 He been a weirdo ever since he got missing and came back”@Diona_910 I just need a pocket full of money and knowing my kids are good and Im straightOh ok “@AngelUnique88 Nah I'm not taking full body pics for 3 months @ImDaBully: @AngelUnique88 I said #twitpic your sundress damn””@AngelUnique88 I said #twitpic your sundress damnI ain't standing in no damn line for some shoes tho I think that's crazy ion careSize 10 “@Diona_910 Who Me? I shop at express and American Eagle or just wherever I see something that I like”Sundresses “@AngelUnique88 I buy whatever is cute on me & if it happens to be name brand then oh ok”@AngelUnique88 u sleepy or nahIn a hood near u “@AngelUnique88 Coogi still being sold? @ImDaBully: Every groupie wit a booty get a coogi””Don't be mad at me cause u fuckin an ain't shit niggaEvery groupie wit a booty get a coogiJust throw me the ass “@_iamnightlife Just shoot me da 🍞 lol RT @rocky83blue: Ay boo befo u try n ... http://t.co/OEtGvTblOI#whenubreakupwityosidechick http://t.co/LkRoLw4x1G
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