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Bully The Great @ImDaBully North Carolina, Raleigh

What up its your boy BULLY follow me....#NCTWITTER #THEGOAT

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Salute to kingofthehookahs....custom #WeAintBegginWeBuyin T-shirt.. For yours contact @niqueluvualwayzhttp://t.co/yZIfLLzgUDSalute “@TyDiggie RT @ImDaBully: I can't go commercial THEY LOVE ME IN THE STREETS #WeAintBegginWeBuyin ”I will not be attending any bougie parties ever...@ElleChanel I'm in Raleigh this weekend can a pick up a bottleNeither beggin but what they buy is different 😂😂😂“@EBT_overHOES “@ImDaBully: I really do ... http://t.co/SudgmaFWRDElle didn't fix my tweet or mix me some shampoo but she cool with me lmao #WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@ImDaBully @ElleChanel no I only listen to myself so I didn't hear anything #WeAintBegginWeBuyin ”I really do think I got an angel and a demon on my shoulders smdhLadies pay attention “@Only1MrGreen If you are grown, you know no straight man just wants to chill.”I can't go commercial THEY LOVE ME IN THE STREETS #WeAintBegginWeBuyin Call me #blackbottlebully #WeAintBegginWeBuyin If u think in one hand and shit in the other... Which one gon fill up first #WeAintBegginWeBuyin All White Everything tomorrow night @ Phantom !!! #MovieTime #EpicEvent #PhantomLifeShit
Retweeted by Bully The Great @ElleChanel do they come with a table dance or nah... #bullywannaknow 😔😔😔😔One thing u know bout me and my team #WeAintBegginWeBuyin 😔😔😔“@bhillyaheardme Man dat "aye bitch nigga" shit was funny to me”Good morning young world #WeAintBegginWeBuyin Like what “@Bang_Pretty U gotta do something for me to want u...”@DJSNS gonna have club phantom live this Friday night #pullup #whiteparty @alladreamnc bday bash http://t.co/INfoNxl8t6Love in the club remixU spelled and get out wrong “@Diona_910 Head and go to bed”!!! This FRIDAY @icebergent @alladreamnc @mochacrush Presents CELEBRITY 1st FRIDAY & The 3rd Annual… http://t.co/cl0ya2RzbM
Retweeted by Bully The Great Ladies rt if u get all hot and botheredGn @xoDASxo Goodnight y'all 👋”!!!!“@NevaehMarkz It's sad seeing people who always ask for help & support .. Get upset when others ... http://t.co/fZCZjxVUiqWhen the DJ play certain songs in the club I know the promoter bout to get some box #promoterperks #WeAintBegginWeBuyin And don't talk either “@King_Eog1984 Lmfao Jazz tried to lay tf down on that pillow and that nigga was nigga was like nahhhhh don't do that”Deyoncé in the building “@Bang_Pretty Good night @Diona_910: I be hearing sirens anyways so I don't need no music”Damn “@Oooh__lala_ You Might Have Just Lost One.......”😭😭😭😭😭😭“@King_Eog1984 @juicyjazz220 told bae I can't see how I'm drive home bae was like http://t.co/sdq5Iv3VqhYo I just died “@Diona_910 EOG got so horny and spelled that wrong”Lol “@Chrisbellad0nna @ImDaBully exactly what I said .. And I said how do you borrow Instagram”My Pandora be set lol I know when it's coming #WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@Diona_910 Ain't nobody got ... http://t.co/mEcQMqHNss😖“@Bang_Pretty I Love me some Him...(wherever and when I get 1)”Sex education “@Diona_910 I think at school “@ImDaBully: With that said where is the craziest place u had sex””Shawty said she'd do anything for me.. I said get yo ass in the kitchen and fry some chicken... Fat boy need ... http://t.co/HyPkAjTkD0With that said where is the craziest place u had sexWhen we fuckin ion care where it's at long as we fuckin girl #WeAintBegginWeBuyin Wait what lol “@Chrisbellad0nna Nigga asked me could he borrow my Instagram ... Hell NO”And it was paid for #WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@PRETTYINGA They was on a box spring RT @Diona_910 Did ... http://t.co/28R8p4I0YqBye YO u started it just let me be great “@PRETTYINGA @ImDaBully ✌️✌️✌️✌️”I'm dead “@juicyjazz220 LMAOOOO FOMM RT @King_Of_Caps: "@King_Eog1984: @juicyjazz220 dam bae beat and ... http://t.co/BN38xjyguROh “@Diona_910 Music make shit corny 😂😭😭”Ings da bully why u always come for me “@PRETTYINGA @ImDaBully 💤💤💤💤”But I ain't asking nobody for nothing so..... Oh OK “@PRETTYINGA 🚮RT @ImDaBully: Big black nasty nigga but #WeAintBegginWeBuyin ”@Diona_910 nah we were at my house so I put her out 😂😂😂😂Big black nasty nigga but #WeAintBegginWeBuyin Chick Fucked my brains out to that J Holiday put u to bed song once... 😔😔😔Shoutout to da chicks dat can handle being pumped and dumped http://t.co/RHo110r5BI
Retweeted by Bully The Great Imma make it do what it do “@Bang_Pretty Oh it be bout to go down huh? RT @ImDaBully: Jamie Foxx... ... http://t.co/p2AdMWV0h4Gotta set the move 😔😔“@Diona_910 Oh so yall play music when yall fucking”😔😔“@Bang_Pretty @Diona_910 u wanna be Aaliyah so bad.”In house pussy “@bodybagmoney I want y'all to talk about the positive shit n a relationship .”Looking out the window for bae or nah “@juicyjazz220 Its so foggy out”Jamie Foxx... Unpredictable “@Bang_Pretty @ImDaBully what u be playing?”U can't stop my shine cause I ain't asking u for shit #WeAintBegginWeBuyin http://t.co/zqRlrHXeZfSometimes “@Bang_Pretty Y'all play music when y'all bout to do the Grown up?”Childish bitches RT @CuffsTheLegend: you too old to be giving head underneath the cover
Retweeted by Bully The Great Where “@Diona_910 We can take a ride tonight”Keep me full and fucked I'll take care of out living situation and all the bills #WeAintBegginWeBuyin It's not our fault tho 😔😔😔“@Brit_iAmHer btchs baby daddy's be having cars , but they dnt 😩😭”Oh “@Oooh__lala_ It Ain't The Same Tho.....”#WeAintBegginWeBuyin #flyishonly http://t.co/yawb7VIzVpI know a lot, but there's some things I don't know Don't know no bitch that I can't hit, don't know no chick ... http://t.co/Cv8IaxHsYeEarlier she sang to me this lyric let me sit this ass on u “@Bang_Pretty Bae be singing to y'all?”I don't have a lot of time but u know I'm working so u getting taken care of ladies #WeAintBegginWeBuyin You don't dislike me you just don't understand me...
Retweeted by Bully The Great Pretty girl + fat ass = free bottle from bully.. This Friday at Phantom #WeAintBegginWeBuyin +1 “@JB_ThaDon A real nigga praying hoping God hears me 🙏”Ion drink so someone gotta get drunkWalk up to me be pretty and have a nice booty imma light the club up for u.... This Friday at Phantom... All ... http://t.co/mswBcFGhuNTriangle and surrounding areas I'm hosting at Club Phantom this Friday and will be buying the prettiest girl ... http://t.co/ZJqvd7h4T5@ElleChanel helloTrying to build an empire #WeAintBegginWeBuyin Can't help it lol “@Oooh__lala_ You Steady Always On The Go”Exactly “@ElleChanel What a day lol”Turn up “@Oooh__lala_ I Stay Ready”Shit so real on ig u can feel it in your veins like romelo's pops on suga hillIon drink anymore so the couches might be safe “@CeeOh_theBODII @ImDaBully u spelled on a couch wrong”These will be on my feet this Saturday when I hit starbar with a custom #WeAintBegginWeBuyin T-shirt http://t.co/vgfa5tO6O4
U still talking huh “@AngelUnique88 #goodnight y'all 😘”U was wit them 90's babies huh “@King_Eog1984 Was at the Spanish restaurant the other night and this ... http://t.co/xAc4mBtcsB2 “@AngelUnique88 How many @ImDaBully: Me “@AngelUnique88 Any of y'all have kids? Besides EOG & Darren I know they do”””If a nigga ever told u he loved u during sex your box is great but don't expect a ring any time soonWith your magic bullet or nah 😂😂😂😂“@AngelUnique88 Let me take myself to sleep”Me “@AngelUnique88 Any of y'all have kids? Besides EOG & Darren I know they do”Who“@Bang_Pretty Do you miss me? Cause I miss you.”Oh “@Geeky_Sheek @ImDaBully 😩😩😩”Oh u have big boobs 👀“@Geeky_Sheek I think nipple rings look better on girls with smaller boobs so I removed mine.”@AngelUnique88 and watch a chick doing her thangProbably ain't got their own house to go to “@AngelUnique88 I guess niggas who just lay next to a girl & cuddle are gay too”Last relationship I was in fucked me up now I'm stone cold ....I stun these chicks and leave@AngelUnique88 @ them niggas don't talk me to death lmaoDon't take shit personal and always be great.... #WeAintBegginWeBuyin Where the chicks that rock ponytails... Their box be the best2 wrongs don't make a right and 2 sides don't make a main 😔😔😔Oh “@Addicted2Nadia “@ImDaBully: “@Addicted2Nadia Don't nobody want y'all” yep but ... http://t.co/88GYSlpr4fLol “@CeeOh_theBODII @ImDaBully u know it's true Fam”I put the rubber on tighter #WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@AngelUnique88 Once y'all find out your side ... http://t.co/GtlDrXav1MOnly pillow talking I do with a chick is telling her to change positions
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