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Bully The Great @ImDaBully North Carolina, Raleigh

What up its your boy BULLY follow me....#NCTWITTER #THEGOAT

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Them crackers in Georgia will bust yo assU must be in Georgia “@LosoCorleone Mad unmarked vehicles on I95 ......#CruiseControlHate my Lakers got sorry soft ass boozer “@GoOdMiNsKi Plumlees , Brand , boozer”Parker nor Hood has played in a real game yet “@GoOdMiNsKi Kyrie , Parker, Hood”Homo gon try but it's his word vs everyone else fuck him he has no credibility “@GoOdMiNsKi Mccants ... http://t.co/3ipiIPDqvNOnly thing I know is #WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@KarelessWorld @ImDaBully u be knowin or nah?”Bout to look for a venue now so we can get an early start #WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@GoOdMiNsKi ... http://t.co/5hJyU3i8Mm#Questiontheyneveranswer “@jaji_si Wat r ur intentions?”Not until u name 3 from Duke “@GoOdMiNsKi @ImDaBully name 5 beasts from unc in tha league now”@GoOdMiNsKi we should do a day party for St Aug homecoming@GoOdMiNsKi what up tho#FuckDukeJust not in the NBA “@GoOdMiNsKi The main duke bball is successful is because coach k's take care of ... http://t.co/jyOLbdSGFCGood morning young world #WeAintBegginWeBuyin Oh “@KarelessWorld Counting down cause I gotta knowwwwwww”😔😔“@xoDASxo It's prob a sex bump..damn drought I'm in 😒”#TrustIssues #WeAintBegginWeBuyin #BullyDontOweYouNothin http://t.co/mfYwecfipz
🎤🎤U can have a piece of my love its waiting for youI'm bout to start the #baesweepstakeDo Chicks who smoke loud packs have good box or nahNah it's levels to that shit “@NanasiaMusic Is meek out of county yet”Oh “@NanasiaMusic Turn off the lights and light a candle. ... nicca why I can't see the lighter or candle”Oh “@bhillyaheardme Dark skin niggas take forever to get ready”Lmao “@bhillyaheardme Pulled up to Fridays and seen bout 3 powder heads outside...Fridays is so Raleigh 😂”#DontDoThis “@TheLizzyShow What if you found out all those nice gifts your girl bought you she got from selling pussy?”Lol “@TheLizzyShow “@gullymackNC If that man rub your feet after a long day at work let that man put a car in your name.””Slide in the 🐱 like a 🏄...
Retweeted by Bully The Great Support my movement #WeAintBegginWeBuyinTricky when you dealing with rats. You either gotta kill em' or walk away. They got the real cheat code.
Retweeted by Bully The Great I'm good and u “@Hydi_Mitch @ImDaBully how you?”OK “@TheLizzyShow @ImDaBully When i put on clothes I am... I got a picture for you...”U got your shirt on“@TheLizzyShow @ImDaBully about to get something to eat.”$500 CASH GIVEWAY💰💸💵 TONIGHT>>> @mochacrush Be in line BEFORE 11PM FREE ENTRY & BAR til 11pm… http://t.co/REtOXofk5R
Retweeted by Bully The Great Where is @TheLizzyShow And Bae 😂😂“@juicyjazz220 @King_Eog1984 @ImDaBully RT @_lowkeysadity: Okay !!! Myself 💁 http://t.co/wmnzC0nz9qIs it rotten “@Geeky_Sheek I got a sweet tooth just for you @TreySongzOh “@ElleChanel Never heard that complaint again lol”Oh 😂😂😂😂“@Bang_Pretty And move RT @ImDaBully: U fuck a crazy bitch raw u gotta start hiding your car and shit”Oh “@ElleChanel I had a guy tell me years ago I didn't give good head. Did I take it personal? Fuck ... http://t.co/anrqasgq51If all yo pics under club lights ma... It's safe to say u have No Goals! ✊
Retweeted by Bully The Great Oh “@SweetYella_Rose Humble yourself .”U fuck a crazy bitch raw u gotta start hiding your car and shitAnd your dreads long “@King_Eog1984 Long as my bitch's love me!!!”Shit wild “@King_Eog1984 God gave the craziest chicks the best pussy ain't he something”Bae pulled it off “@King_Eog1984 I must slept wild bc I woke up and my du rag was off my head”“@YoungBreedCCC A true Loser will find excuse for Failure! A true Winner doesn't accept Failure! #ThoughtsLol “@MobbEntOmarr “@KaraPublishes: It's not breaking and entering if yall had sex before.” 😳”Main nigga either “@LosoCorleone yall women have no chill today lol”Thanks bro lol “@JB_ThaDon @ImDaBully lmaooo it's should kill on contact and spray from like 20-30 feet 🌾👀🌾”Young Breed feat. Rick Ross & Fat Trel - Game Over (Explicit)’ https://t.co/jKGkTBCf7f #GameOver http://t.co/xMB7QLIiwH
Retweeted by Bully The Great Old age “@LosoCorleone Wdf wrong with me...i been getting hot as fuck lately.”!!! TONIGHT @alladreamnc @icebergent !!! $500 CASH GIVEAWAY...EVERYONE FREE BEFORE 11 BE THERE !!! http://t.co/MjQ4MpCePM
Retweeted by Bully The Great “@LosoCorleone But its FRIDAY 👐” #WeAintBegginWeBuyin Rick Ross feat. Young Breed - "My Nigga" Freestyle (Music Video) http://t.co/CGphoCbfdZ
Retweeted by Bully The Great “@ElleChanel Yea, it's Friday.” #WeAintBegginWeBuyin I got it lol nigga still shook “@JB_ThaDon @ImDaBully maaaannnn you better go to the store and get that wasp spray brah it works!”Nigga this shit big af “@JB_ThaDon @ImDaBully 😳”We gonna buy us one u already know... And u said it yourself Cleveland ain't winning “@mcguinn33 ... http://t.co/qQ2ep7rA7zWho me I'm just hoping I don't get stung trying to destroy this wasp nest... Can't find my epi pen#DontDoThis “@lenny_devito Pretty bitches pussys b stanking..... Yal need 2 tightn up”And I wanna wash her 😔😔😔“@KaraPublishes She washed Kim. http://t.co/pdMXelhaeBHe never wants a ring that's why “@GoOdMiNsKi Message “@mcguinn33 @GoOdMiNsKi @ImDaBully if kobe ... http://t.co/cdpCOUBG5MOh “@MARCEAUWINSTON My family from Baltimore gonna be in town for the weekend. Lord please don't let any one try them 🙏🙏🙏”Already “@CC_34 @ImDaBully catch me in the shade under a tent ..”“@NatLotto Your boy bout his Business! !!” #WeAintBegginWeBuyin U saw me lol “@CC_34 😂😭😂 .. “@ImDaBully: I will be at the kick ball game Sunday on an ... http://t.co/lYVAMUTnGQI will be at the kick ball game Sunday on an icecream truck if anyone looking for me #WeAintBegginWeBuyin 😂😂😂“@GoOdMiNsKi Plays song “@ImDaBully Her name is juicy #butthatsnoneofmybusiness“@CC_34 @juicyjazz220 morning Jasmine ..”””“@GoOdMiNsKi Im bout flex my discount at this hotel again. Va beach to DC in a few” #WeAintBegginWeBuyin Her name is juicy #butthatsnoneofmybusiness“@CC_34 @juicyjazz220 morning Jasmine ..”Hey @Diona_910 “@Diona_910 Hey yall 🙋have a good day!!!!” #WeAintBegginWeBuyin So Kobe > LeBron “@GoOdMiNsKi Lebron still my dude. But he will neva win a chip in cleveland. #CursedCity ”Oh “@juicyjazz220 Story of the moral??? O_o lmao im always guaranteed a good laugh frm Twitter”Oh “@juicyjazz220 Rain killed our pool plans again”NYPD kill innocent peopleNYPD don't play “@Only1MrGreen I bet NY cats wont riot but do all that talking…”Big Belly Black rude boi with a big ass beard but I ain't asking nobody for shit... My name is bully #WeAintBegginWeBuyin Lol “@jaji_si Iggy without make up 👎”Oh “@juicyjazz220 @ImDaBully lol no jus sayin ...u on one this a.m huh”My sis @blac_chyna_ just placed an order for a custom #WeAintBegginWeBuyin T-shirt... @D_SkullGang @niqueluvualwayz let's work #flyishonly It's just entertainment till they see me #offhere and realize #WeAintBegginWeBuyin is my life for realOh someone getting mad at u cause u tweeting me huh tellem #WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@juicyjazz220 its jus entertainment”“@kiss_my_tatz Long week” #WeAintBegginWeBuyin Let me look at this avi and see what I can see lmao“@iam_JASZIE even when im off im up -___-” #WeAintBegginWeBuyin Come get it “@juicyjazz220 Lmaooooo man log off im bouta come take ur phone!!! RT @ImDaBully: No wonder ... http://t.co/WlhOaP80QmBut I ain't foolin #WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@juicyjazz220 @ImDaBully bahahaaa man I ain't foolin witchu”But that's what makes me Bully and that's why y'all fuck with meBully never has chill #WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@IsntSheLove_Li Bully has no chill this morning 😣”#BigShit “@juicyjazz220 Aww man lol Bully on his bs this a.m ic”No wonder her ex made friends with her mom #WeAintBegginWeBuyin On your face or nah #bullyjustgettinstarted “@juicyjazz220 Cuz i got juicy lips now logoff lol RT ... http://t.co/ATtrTqs9JuWhy “@juicyjazz220 Log off Bully -_- lol”So is it below average to loose it at 13-14.“@KikiMedlin “@MakeMeBiteMyLip The average American loses their virginity at the age of 15-16.””It's Friday #WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@GoOdMiNsKi Bully wildin early i see lol” #WeAintBegginWeBuyin Did she ever tell us why they call her Juicy #WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@GoOdMiNsKi Wiggins for Love. Cleveland will not win tha championship still. #CursedCity #FuckClevelandMorning juicy lol “@juicyjazz220 @ImDaBully lol gm Bully”
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