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Victore After Dark. THAT was awesome. Ignacio from Chile, Danny our Aussie, @GoodDsgnAdvice @playlabinc @alsorae Thanks see you nxt...
.@TheSarahDoughty Trust me. I'm a professional.Best thing I did all day, taped two ideas together. Then, it was, like, KABOOM! Magic. True story. http://t.co/xAkJqVMOH3Victore After Dark. Join Me and Jason Bacher of GFDA Tonight at the Woods, 48 South 4St , 6-9. Drinks… http://t.co/0u1haUZLuZHere's some of the best lettering out there http://t.co/Kk4LSdobK8 @@mrseaves101
.@TheSarahDoughty Don't wait for permission, Sarah, Go make some damage. Cheers and best, James@jamesvictore I can't contain myself. Where are some sharpies when a girl needs em? Hell, gimme duct tape. Anything. #inspired #skillshare
Retweeted by James Victore@guzintaskiran I feel like @JamesVictore is empowering to so many! I wanted to share how terrible events can be the catalyst of (+) change!
Retweeted by James VictoreHang out w @GoodDsgnAdvice & @JamesVictore tomorrow at the Woods, 48S 4th St for drinks & conversations! 6–9 #victoreafterdark #gfdathursday
Retweeted by James VictoreIf you love it so much, why don't you marry it? http://t.co/eR3XtxsXyiHang out w GFDA and @JamesVictore tomorrow at the Woods, 48S 4th St. for drinks, conversations & stuff! 6–9 #victoreafterdark #gfdathursday
Retweeted by James Victore"Fail bravely. Fail by taking chances." @JamesVictore on failing well: http://t.co/WDTeVHyT89 (via Inspire Magazine) http://t.co/T9wsC9eK1B
Retweeted by James Victore@atbabel On my list. Thanks for the reminder, el Bab. Cheers, James.Inviting Mara to Tea... be sure watch the vid http://t.co/w24jCf0PSH #jamesvictore
Retweeted by James VictoreOriginal johnbecksteel T shirt now available! http://t.co/82H7dlPAOU! @celinecelines A dangerous idea, indeed.New work with our beautiful comrade http://t.co/TYDzzJ7xE2 http://t.co/DUR6ZAqrAj@celinecelines Looking good, Celine!fresh off the press! @jamesvictore they look amazing! #citiesbynight http://t.co/e9aI2HhhNA
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@psahre Yup. Hard for me.Control is a myth. Life happens, and we're along for the ride. Relax and let go. http://t.co/vJ2qllerOTVery busy writing my next book. Nachos, sports bar, g-free beer (ugh). Your Work Is a Gift. Next best… http://t.co/KTPPyQ4KFyLadies & gents: a three sentence manifesto. RT @JamesVictore: Have an opinion. Love something other than yourself. Make work that matters.
Retweeted by James VictoreAdvice for James at 21. #BurningQuestions - http://t.co/TQIYpEbLZfWell said and cheers to Kate Kiefer Lee and Nicole Fenton. "Writing for the web with style and purpose." http://t.co/NrSqrwKiqq@kodiebeckley Right on, Kodie. Cheers, James.@MissMMcCarthy Thanks for the kind mention, Dear. Cheers, James.If you've lost your mojo, your fire, or even your mind get along to @JamesVictore's "kick in the pants" event https://t.co/WcrUhRFr1q
Retweeted by James VictoreHave an opinion. Love something other than yourself. Make work that matters.The firestarter; we like your flames. Making design happen. @JamesVictore. Check out his Burning Questions. http://t.co/7IW9oASiMI
Retweeted by James Victore@BarlowDoherty Thanks, gang. And I love your product.@a_willbruno Thanks for the kind words, William. Cheers, James.Today's Burning Question is from the road. Travels with Luca. http://t.co/bxyfEDtXU5@DRME_STUDIO "With a view" I like that.On the road http://t.co/YNpjNLRtu7 with Burning Questions.
Dear Body, - Thank you for intuition - my internal compass and divine guidance.  Love, JV http://t.co/rvql2flrrg
Retweeted by James VictoreSearching for authenticity. Sometimes work feels like work. http://t.co/oAiCNB9YVwA beautiful film with heart and fighting. http://t.co/tY3FnhX0tU by Jin-Ryu.Your forklift doesn't stand a chance. #johnbecksteel @jamesvictore #customfurniture #letsrun'em http://t.co/UKU2qieUw4
Retweeted by James Victore@JamesVictore read your interview on @greatdiscontent and wanted to thank you for sharing your story. In short, humbled the fuck out of me.
Retweeted by James Victore@EvanRoper @mgoldst @iA @GoodDsgnAdvice @Ashthorp @hellomuller @EndofaYear Evan, Glad to be of help. Keep fighting the good fight.@PaulJun_ @greatdiscontent Glad to be of service, Paul. Cheers, James.I don't ask much of my readers, just that they take their fucking lives seriously.Join GFDA and @jamesvictore at the Woods this Thurs for drinks and conversations and stuff! 6–9 #victoreafterdark #gfdathursday
Retweeted by James Victore@therevdoctor @GoodDsgnAdvice A good reason to skip, perhaps...@Decent_Design back atcha, DD. Cheers, JamesJoin me and gooddsgnadvice 7/24, the Woods, 48 S. 4 St, Williamsburgh 6-9pm drinks, chat. http://t.co/EQ7b3QEwhcBest business practice is @MailChimp Hire smart talented people and let them do their job. Cheers!Tomorrow's Burning Questions is a travelogue. http://t.co/5bCNr00gv6LEGS' first full-length album! The final push http://t.co/gRzk2m0Ygo via @kickstarterNear London? Come work with me for a day http://t.co/xZv51TwPaW Hard answers for easy questions.Skillshare teacher @JamesVictore inspires us to think big and break the rules. Who inspires you? http://t.co/Sp1kEcbKf2
Retweeted by James VictoreAn artist signs his work. @dobookco Right, @davidhieatt ? http://t.co/6DyvIbq0HQBraggadocio. Yup. http://t.co/RsfH6EprMOPrep for Monday. Got some ass kickin' to do. http://t.co/KXGDQNQmX1Graphic Designer Comes Up With Witty Rules For Typography http://t.co/Jmg4JKCdD3
💋💋💃💃❤️😜❤️ is my favorite note from my wife @LVictore. #luckyguy@JasJTakanikos @johnmaeda @Patrick_Spence You betcha! Everyone's favorite designer. Mostly.@eyebrowface Is that a good thing?@LTallardy Sorry, Laura, They only sell it in Japan. I thought of doing a @cottonbureau version, but it has bad words on it.@AudaciousMuse @DoBookCo We did them all. It's a great series. How'd you hear about them?@randyjhunt Dinner soon?T for Yohji Yamamoto. My "To do list" @YohjiYamamoto http://t.co/jdddZj0jgoLoving this @slowfactory_ collaboration: @celinecelines @JamesVictore: http://t.co/5sKHUMHJTm via @carlyayres | http://t.co/V2DGdeCeYs
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@JamesVictore comes to London this September. Do not miss out! #takethisjobandloveit http://t.co/MDDXYhL6e1
Retweeted by James VictoreI must admit, Playschool did a pretty good job with my action figure. Not sure about the tights, though. http://t.co/wxihuzqzpH
Fun at I Hop. http://t.co/hZ63uaDpLkKnights, samurai and the Jedi. http://t.co/Ysj9ddBFlu.@drawjosh "Mustached Sage" I like that. I've also been called a Blue Collar Guru and a cross between Dart Vader and Yoda.A week of counting telephone polls. Utah, you're beautiful. http://t.co/4DseIUrhC6Stuck in the American Dream? http://t.co/ISHYJq4mPP You always have a choice.@Chris_J_Doyle Now you gotta read the damn thing... to get the full effect. Cheers, James
@tannerc I'll let you know when we get into town. It may work. James. Drop me your phone at james@jamesvictore.com@tannerc In Lehi for the cave tomorrow morning. Heading to SLC tomorrow for a late flight.@mtownsendw 'Magnificent' I like that. Thanks, Michael. Cheers, James.Travel. Hiking. My family. Sushi in Utah (questionable) and working on my next book. I've got the best… http://t.co/RPk4nzuWH0250 exits in one shot. Thank god for cruise-control.This aticle proves I'm nicer in person. http://t.co/33j6KWOQtC @missperiel@bigmuttonchops @greenape @evilgordon You boys making plans without me?@iancul Hard answers for easy questions, Iancu.Our beautiful client @slowfactory_ @celinecelines is featured on @Core77 http://t.co/SSsTAKuiKd@carlyayres @celinecelines @core77 Celine and I thank you for your kind mention. Cheers, James.A lovely collaboration by @celinecelines + @JamesVictore I wrote about on @Core77http://t.co/AMNgvtsjTI http://t.co/0lIMXl2pUb
Retweeted by James Victore@LaRossa I'm glad you dug the class, Brian. Cheers, James.@SkyNebula @gartner I look forward to seeing you two sweeties there. Go, team Sky Nebula!And @jamesvictore said: You always have options. Figure out which option you have the balls to do and then go for it http://t.co/oT2QgkWCDN
Retweeted by James Victore@IanSanders Thanks for the mention, Ian. I dig the new headshot. Cheers, James.I'm coming to London in September! http://t.co/xZv51TwPaW Bringing fire with me,Road repair calligraphy makes me happier than any beautifully set Bodoni. http://t.co/TsXButyb8e6:30 am. On the road in Hurricane, Utah. As Whitman said, "Make the work." http://t.co/f3diw5d6oD@evilgordon @bigmuttonchops Yup.
A beautiful Interstate ballet. http://t.co/6uiZfKzJg5Strong, Confident and Creative http://t.co/ISHYJq4mPP Burning QuestionsThis week's #burningquestions episode is a corker! You tell 'em, @JamesVictore #helltotheyeah https://t.co/S4T9YRz0a7
Retweeted by James VictoreI'm a good designer, but a BETTER teacher http://t.co/rmvJ8wJIPa@o_fishel "POW" You are now Daniel "DZ" Fishel! Just like that!I want to call myself Daniel "Danger zone" Fishel now! via @JamesVictore https://t.co/eBWyIy9nUy
Retweeted by James VictoreLearn to draw with @jamesvictore in three easy steps. Buy now. Unless you’re… chicken. https://t.co/zKZLGdcdnO http://t.co/DoLMcerwu4
Retweeted by James VictoreDawn, South rim Grand Canyon. Filmed a Burning Question here. http://t.co/fub3Ju0cK5"Make shit happen in your life. Don't wait for permission" — @JamesVictore : http://t.co/85wrESvgra
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