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You're not following me on Instagram? Whaddya crazy?@RdoProd You are Brazilliant!So, like... If I really wanted Instagram followers I should be a half nekkid Brazillian fashion model... this may take some time....
@ninacornwall @_sojourn I AM yer boss. Love ya, James.Powerful friends rock https://t.co/ZEZIyeN3YC @_sojourn@JamesVictore I hope you don't mind... https://t.co/YbmI7pLy1E
Retweeted by James Victore@_sojourn Wow. How kind of you. Thank you for your kind words and warm thoughts. Cheers, James.And thus, it begins. First skbk to Wyatt. Telling all the truths taking all the laughs. https://t.co/X9U89iybuSA big HOWDY to my pals at LEE's Art Supply on 57th street! Nice meeting you!LIFE (better than Work) http://t.co/gHgcnSMwKY.@_sojourn The Dinner Series will be early October! We'll announce next week. My site? Yikes! Send help! (I'll get on it, thanks)thanks @jamesvictore for @mailchimp stickers. prefect for the photoshoot with @erinroz tonight. the… https://t.co/eQAUerLve3NEVER ride stock. On the bike stand, Coolest baby carrier in town. Thanks seriousron @powergestaltunghttps://t.co/PM0bJUKNpiYou're already a better designer than me. Just trust yourself. http://t.co/9brSO3xRMZ
@Point31 Ed Zachery!Did I just read, "Designing Brands with Heart"? A brand with 'heart' are you fucking kidding?Beware all advice. Even mine http://t.co/gqpx5tkulQ Burning Questions
WWJVD? http://t.co/gqpx5tkulQWhat Would James Victore Do? http://t.co/gqpx5tkulQ@youbinlele Needs a better VO... Thanks and cheers, James.@SkyNebula good title, right JF?What Would James Victore Do? @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions - http://t.co/66rZByfk0JOn display @DesignMuseum shop London /cc @JamesVictore :) http://t.co/Ezvnb91J3W
Retweeted by James Victore@DoBookCo It's a little James Victore Exhibition at the @DesignMuseum HEY, that's not a bad idea...@annaraffNYC You betcha, Anna! Cheers, James.'Books make you stronger' @jamesvictore original for us in @thisisycn mag (and couldn't resist a run… https://t.co/PSu2Aw21zq'Books make you stronger' @jamesvictore original for us in @thisisycn mag (and couldn't resist a run… https://t.co/LYa9ykBi6H
Retweeted by James VictoreAre you judging your routine against the 5 or 7 or 10 "Habits of Highly Successful People”? Listen,… https://t.co/jVXIuSMejUI donated pencils in all of my favorite colors for the YG13 award cubes! Red, red and red. 8 days… https://t.co/SKTXmIokKtIs it easy to "Know Thyself"? http://t.co/gqpx5tkulQ Today's Burning Question
From shindigpaperie Monday morning & another one from the new holstee + @jamesvictore collaboration https://t.co/hwCxkyll1H
Even before my first son, Luca, was born I started writing to him, compiling my thoughts in sketch… https://t.co/m2AlE7PUJ1
@Jarrikmuller @Stedelijk Thanks for the phot, @JarrikmullerA warm welcome by @JamesVictore at the entrance of the @Stedelijk library :) http://t.co/loINRR4ePr
Retweeted by James Victore@ninacornwall @CreativeLive Excellent! Thanks Nina. I love your spirit. Cheers, James.@therevdoctor It's good for you-- just like acrylic paint.@kodiebeckley !
New line of small letterpress prints by @jamesvictore for @holstee in the shop #shindigpaperie #letterpress http://t.co/ATf9rZCBfI
Retweeted by James VictoreAll of my posters and prints are available in Small, Medium and BigAss! http://t.co/qN6bsl2mgW https://t.co/sKrsgF1qbm7 hours left! Feck Perfuction at http://t.co/fEya6AWmz2 https://t.co/JMn1US07njNeed a @JamesVictore fix? We have you covered with a rebroadcast of Bold & Fearless Poster Design in 1 hour: http://t.co/gfkbfPwJEA
Retweeted by James VictoreNobody says “Feck Perfuction” liek @jamesvictore. Last day to join the movement. https://t.co/TlcY9Gsc6a http://t.co/A2olffEATu
Retweeted by James Victore"When the student is ready."Being open, conscious and prepared are essential to learning. Otherwise… https://t.co/QbJCvmC2beOn the gas, never coasting-- even on Friday.New line of small letterpress prints by @jamesvictore for holstee in the shop #shindigpaperiehttps://t.co/j9ZmRx2wHj
We're all dealt our cards at birth. The question is how well or poorly you play them. Be strong. WCVTo be an artist or designer you just have to be yourself-- but that's the hardest thing in the world to do.
My Brooklyn Bruiser Wyatt Cecil Victore. https://t.co/OvhsTZ7FUu
The "Show Me" State of Mind. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions - http://t.co/NFG1df2joL@yosefitche !!I ain't rich, but as Joe Walsh says, "Life's been good to me so far." https://t.co/hZc6Ue4rfMWhen I first opened my design studio, we were still called “commercial artists.” And as much as I… https://t.co/2CbD3shjbFWhen is Inspiration just Distraction? http://t.co/Hvve9lXS6d Today's Burning Question'Make work that you want to see out there, not work that you have seen out there' @JamesVictore on looking at other work #BurningQuestions
Retweeted by James Victore@StefanGBucher For you....@_kim_anderson Kim, I did like that line. Thanks for reminding me. Cheers, James.@Signalnoise "Scorpion"! YES.Half Kiss ME! I'm half Irish!"...right now, baby’s name is 'Up All Night Victore'…"Stop looking outside for answers! http://t.co/Hvve9lXS6d Today's Burning Question.
What makes you weird? (Because it also makes you great.) #design by @jamesvictore for Holstee. Get it… https://t.co/px0NTZgHlcA designer who can't make magic? WTF?My answer to client, "we're magicians, we can do ANYTHING!"I pity the fool who doesn't believe in magic.
Make no mistake, “Feck Perfuction” by @jamesvictore goes to print in about a week. https://t.co/FqSi1JTIQY http://t.co/zgVtS4BIKp
Retweeted by James VictoreThe prefect long sleeve sweater https://t.co/83VXA59rgl … 7 days left. http://t.co/XjEH0Pg2bS
@harleyf @Modern_Hostess I hope you two like it.Just received this amazing gift from my homie @jamesvictore! cc @modern_hostess http://t.co/MOePWXdcZk
Retweeted by James Victore
"So be authentic, be in the particular, and pull from what’s inside of you." — @JamesVictorehttp://t.co/i98YiHr4Rr http://t.co/QPgSoAu3hp
Retweeted by James VictoreBrace yourself for the hardest workshop in the world: http://t.co/iv932iQRrU #ADCFestival http://t.co/c2K7wCRfe8
Retweeted by James Victore@mlmcmillion That's brilliant, Matthew. Thanks.Hello World. My new son. Little baby V was born at home March 12th at 5:33pm after 3 hours of labor.… https://t.co/u8sDjjNIYJ@SeanBuzi Excellent!! \0/Ask for more. My mother used to say, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” I’ve always tried to take… https://t.co/4wPQ2OHo59Done is better than prefect https://t.co/83VXA59rgl Available now. http://t.co/lUFMtBjpY3My kind, curious and funny son No.1 Photo by @markmannphoto https://t.co/nsHa6vRTI9
We agree with @doorsixteen: @JamesVictore is an all-around hero http://t.co/tWCBdUzOYT http://t.co/TwTEdv6SxP
Retweeted by James Victore
Babies and Work http://t.co/fUYOZr16De A timely Burning Question.@mikebrondbjerg Ya know... this 'Giant' your daughter has drawn has as much meaning as Matisse's work, it just ain't called "a Matisse"@rovert_sivad @LVictore Er... umh.. yes?.@mikebrondbjerg Your daughter is obviously a Genius. Don't let school teach this out of her.@mikecostanzo Ditto here.#Toronto garbage snow. You represent everything wrong with the modern world. http://t.co/XMwDTDdCIf
Retweeted by James Victore@bradleydurham Tell me about it. I'm in the 4+ year transition plan.@SkyNebula @LVictore Perhaps.@daverocksart @LVictore Also, 'Patrick Swayze' is a good name.@d3mian Dude, That makes me very happy. Thank you. We've got some good ones coming down the line.James Victore's TOP GUN is CANCELLED due to circumstances beyond our control. Stay tuned for further… https://t.co/cF6OsDjE98@daverocksart @LVictore Cool news, Dave. 'James' is a good strong name...
Work, Pregnancy, Babies, and Jessica Hische @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions - http://t.co/k3gGGY2dbsWork and Babies http://t.co/fUYOZr16De on Burning QuestionsThis week’s poster special. FREEDOM IS SOMETHING YOU TAKE, Signed by me to YOU. Original poster, not… https://t.co/Ebw092mf5dBabies!!! It’s that’s time of year. Birds are followin’ birds, dogs are sniffin’ dogs, and everyone’s… https://t.co/XH0y9JGcxcWork, Babies and @jessicahische on Burning Questions http://t.co/fUYOZr16De@GollyMiss Happy to oblige, dear.Note to self: Watch for Poo. https://t.co/LmGA6xCaCb
@DOFgb I like your thinking.Burning Questions is pregnant! https://t.co/FvkrOGuHJ0 See it tomorrow.A brilliant interview on the price of making work that matters http://t.co/nm8vSjNY1h Bravo @henry_thurlow Thanks @therevdoctorAn excellent doc film on art, it's mystery and it's price. Micheal Heizer's http://t.co/tpJ7mNRPFr
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