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#chillthefout designers “@JamesVictore: Headline I've never seen: "Poor Kerning Leads To Jersey Man's Death." Feck Perfuction.”
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@SpamDino You got a big But..@GiveTendr I've been called lots of things. 'Prolific' ain't one. But, I'll take it. Cheers, James.Headline I've never seen: "Poor Kerning Leads To Jersey Man's Death." Feck Perfuction.@greatdiscontent Such a good story. I could read it again and again."Your work is a gift." —@JamesVictore http://t.co/cufi7zgkxg #weekendreads
Retweeted by James VictoreTake the drama out of your dharma. @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James Victore@philsmithdesign You rock, Phil. I love your commitment!. Cheers, James.Totally Live! Ceramic platter. Makes a great Holiday gift? http://t.co/ioVY3Di2PV@caseyakelly You rock harder than Bach, Casey. Thanks for your continued support. Cheers, James.This black sheep just bought “Never Obey” by @jamesvictore on @cottonbureau — https://t.co/MDWYDwZ5G6.
Retweeted by James VictoreCheck it out: “Never Obey” by @jamesvictore on @cottonbureau — https://t.co/7g6Vfrz8bS. Only 12 days left!
I got your "Obey” right here: https://t.co/7g6Vfrz8bSFuck OBEY! What are ya? Sheep? @cottonbureau — https://t.co/7g6Vfrz8bS. Only 13 days left!
I'm your New Year's resolution! Jan 12-13 'Bold & Fearless' @CreativeLive. RSVP Now! https://t.co/Ws4jv1QeIvCheck it out: “Never Obey” by @jamesvictore on @cottonbureau — https://t.co/7g6Vfrz8bS. Only 13 days left!rich or poor, I will always buy my wife flowers.Writing isn't hard, the sitting is hard.Writing all day. Reminding myself, "This is FUN." is the hard part.Help the kids @projectloop Here's the vid: https://t.co/hGYiDZRonnDone is better than perfect. Feck Perfuction.Never OBEY. Following is what sheep do. http://t.co/eJkOClG6XrNew T-shirt. NEVER OBEY. Here's the URL just in case you need it:… http://t.co/nBddvOYD6h
Thanks @jamesvictore for the wise words #VSCOcam #vsco #calligraphy #handlettering http://t.co/zelyewGy8W
Retweeted by James VictoreInk on paper blows my skirt up. http://t.co/CQ0ASnnFSA@PaulJun_ Nice work on the @99u article. I'm happy to be included. Cheers, James. http://t.co/sQFOUv8wVY7 SOLID pieces of #advice that will change the way you work. http://t.co/hnDrtXcOmS @99u featuring @JamesVictore http://t.co/rc1a9q7xNj
Retweeted by James VictoreYou missed the evening with the amazing @wastedrita ? Too bad. http://t.co/3buCVri9EY
This is not a book. It’s a sledgehammer. Now, go make a dent in the Universe. http://t.co/GMPiHvt3c6 @99uMy answer: "It seems you are waiting for someone (your crap job) to give you permission to be creative… freedom is something you take."@tinaessmaker Hiya, didja get me email about tonight?Gearin' up for the cold with my badass @mailchimp hat. http://t.co/KyJg5nOthxI just published “When there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.” Lessons from my divorce. https://t.co/s0ctYKZdqD
Retweeted by James VictoreNext @cottonbureau shirt? http://t.co/eyNccXUAve@LaurenGemmaHay @Dorkfeatures Yeah, Thanks Dorkfeatures! Cheers, James.This is not a book. It’s a sledgehammer. Now, go make a dent in the Universe. http://t.co/GMPiHvt3c6Fixed it! http://t.co/eGWfQPyffK
Retweeted by James Victore@PaulJun_ FOR love!As an artist and designer, my job is to tell small lies to illustrate the larger truths.Our new book from @99u launches today! Chock full of insights...a business book for Makers not managers :: http://t.co/Dtq2qleVET
Retweeted by James VictoreIf your work sucks, it's probably cuz you don't use Cooper Black. Just a thought.
Can't hear my self. Too busy following trends. http://t.co/XiSFwOLbDy"@JamesVictore: Complaining is not conversation."
Retweeted by James Victore.@gavth Thanks for your kind words and warm thoughts, Gavin. Cheers, James.Burning Questions with @JamesVictore never disappoints. Damn.
Retweeted by James VictoreWorking with Friends and Family. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions - http://t.co/gRNbMweqGyWorking with Friends, and not losing the relationship. http://t.co/zOMAtjtWE5 This week's Burning QuestionsBe ready. Coming in January. http://t.co/GSpfkqnkIeHow do I work with Friends or Family and not go insane? http://t.co/zOMAtjtWE5 Today's Burning QuestionComps by my main main Adam. http://t.co/4FjaaNGFGQ
How do I work for Friends and not KILL THEM? Tomorrow's Burning Questions.Zippo case study No.1, "Feck Perfuction" indeed. http://t.co/yUUSji1Kkh"No" http://t.co/t42jlr7QJe@wrftr @amiehollmann @MakeshiftSocBK I'm tryin'... stay tuned.@amiehollmann @MakeshiftSocBKI write "Hearts" Cuz I don't do emoticons.Type Safari with @JamesVictore from @MakeshiftSocBK http://t.co/2bdYm9TsyR #typography #tour #brooklyn #queens #nyc #font #fun
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@greatdiscontent But your wife has to agree with this notion..."For better or worse, safety and comfort don't interest me." —@JamesVictore http://t.co/cufi7zgkxg #weekendreads #digital #TGDmag
Retweeted by James VictoreI write "smiley face" cuz I don't do emoticons.
The key to making work that matters has never changed. It just takes guts.The secret ingredient is marketing. http://t.co/867zfHqczTBest funny idea. Best drawing. Best type. Thanks, Luca Victore http://t.co/2hV4fbm7ee
My best idea yet is for @CreativeLive Watch to see how it plays out http://t.co/v338Aa6jRT@creativemorning @cottonbureau Thanks for the kind mention, guys!We ♥ this t-shirt by Brooklyn-based @jamesvictore. A few days left to snag it on @cottonbureau! → http://t.co/fb8laFNw6c
Retweeted by James VictoreRamping up for issue two and can't wait for this again—press check at @HemlockPrinters! http://t.co/gk51GczNtp #tbt #TGDmag /@JamesVictore
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From this week’s Burning Questions Newsletter (Subscribe at http://t.co/FVwVr7h5za) on the question “Why… http://t.co/ldjFxvZ0bs
Why do I poop out at 2pm? http://t.co/vyC2lGSXAh This week's Burning Questions.Sneak peek from the one and only @JamesVictore : There ain't no rules. http://t.co/jf30tkWZOa
Retweeted by James VictoreComplaining. http://t.co/b412xz7gUwMoet Chandon poster http://t.co/mLg3Ja2GQC Ships worldwide.Stop forcing work through a grinder and embrace the downtime. @JamesVictore http://t.co/P4Qjxho6vx #BurningQuestions
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@Signalnoise That came from my HS track days...@fullenglishpint They'll get the order and intention right eventually. Stay hard.@berchman Actually my middle name Brain. But F works, too.I am trite. http://t.co/5RjQgkEowz@davidwhitepond You get those emails, too? Weird.Best email today, "Thanks for being James Fucking Victore. You rock." Shucks.How do I get more creativity out of my day? @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions - http://t.co/koVrmiIEyy“Weird Kid” by @jamesvictore is going to print. One week left to claim yours. https://t.co/PkRL0lGfqu http://t.co/6CrQwkG7va
Retweeted by James Victore@LTallardy Nope, I do it, too.Being creative/ productive on a schedule? http://t.co/vyC2lGSXAh One of many Burning Questions.There ain't no rules. From a secret new project coming soon. http://t.co/2xEvKKdVqH"Why can't I be more productive?" http://t.co/vyC2lGSXAh Today's Burning Question
Weird kids Unite! Available at http://t.co/D1aTcd9tdM @cottonbureau http://t.co/uNaT5KiKCO@Tha_bay_ray A BIT???Now, THERE's an idea! http://t.co/0upoyVhVDuOnly a couple of free tickets left for the #TeamBuilding exhibition talk @islingtonmill this Wednesday https://t.co/116zptrdDR
Retweeted by James Victore...just referred to as " rightfully a massive personality." Who, me?My parents introducing me to film history, starting with Eisenstein through Kubrick. Unwittingly, my… http://t.co/5TtLytBWxy
You can wail and shake your fist at the world-- or you can learn from it. I guess it's all in your… http://t.co/oynHdmQxQWBeing practical will lead you to boredom. Being reasonable will lead you to death. Just sayin'.And why did nobody tell me THIS woman @Storm69 existed? Now, go find her on your own.I'm talkin' to myself, of course.@wesmantooth02 just words. wise is what you do with 'em.Pay no attention to the world's fits and spasms. You have a clear path, and you need to focus on it. love, Victore.Thank you @dobookco @dolectures @JamesVictore for an amazing opportunity to share some info about bees http://t.co/8vnLcvA2RQ 🐝
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A 17 year old Beekeeper now has a THE book on Bees @dobookco http://t.co/Hce5LMb5kQ"I'm trying to get into this whole instagram thing, so I followed you and Victoria Secret. What a weird-ass feed that creates." HAR!
Ships worldwide: “Weird Kid” by @jamesvictore on @cottonbureau — https://t.co/DxS1oqDp1U. Only 10 days left!
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