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the Bank @Jflor84 California

Entrepreneur, maverick and all around fun guy. Always happy to meet new peeps and love money, travel, jewelry and great food!

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If you don't want Me watching you have sex then don't call My name.
Retweeted by the Bank@AmberLily so your going to this year's wondercon too? It's my first time! Maybe I'll see a familiar face or two lol
Funny or die! Guess ladies should add 1 more thing to their bags lol http://t.co/j8ITKVfHzQ@Ms_KendallBanks so brief but so worth it my dear!
@RubberDoll I actually know what you mean cause I work with a lot of latex in my office! Sounds like you'll have a great weekend though!Only 2 hours of sleep but feeling satisfied. N it's friday. Nothing like being an entrepreneur n making your own destiny! #accomplished@RubberDoll Good Morning to the prettiest lady on twitter! How are things on your side of the coast?
@sanguin_carter @WonderCon sweet. Got some to look forward to that Saturday!
@RubberDoll very sexy and intimidating. Reminds me of the Terminator! I'd still ask you out though lol@RubberDoll man that sounds so nice compared to cali. So I've decided to be out in Florida be the end of the year n go see you! Lol@Ms_KendallBanks hey are you ok? Haven't seen you in a bit.@RubberDoll Buenos Dias! How are things on your side of the US?
@RubberDoll I got pranked twice so far and I am doing 2 right now!@CourtneyCummz any fun plans for April fools?It's April fools. Can't wait to see what mayhem can ensue with the friends. Let the games begin!@DiannaAgron @GarberStyle sweet ring. I bet I could buy one for a girl like you in about 10 years lol. #challengeaccepted@RubberDoll anyone pull a good prank on you this April Fools?
Trying to finish registering for health care n the site goes down. Great job #coveredCA. SmhWhich baseball teams are most popular in each U.S. county, according to Facebook: http://t.co/lHy5lcUT9w http://t.co/GpFK283Nvm
Retweeted by the BankBarney & Robin tie the knot in a matter of days! Have you RSVP'd to the #HIMYMWedding? http://t.co/NNT4EdGj0V http://t.co/T7VUv7QLgm
Retweeted by the Bank
@Ms_KendallBanks not fair lol@FallingSkiesTNT a. Season 1 he had been harnessed prior to the show opening@Ms_KendallBanks I miss seeing you! Nice view thanks I needed thatI think I am addicted to @BattlestarShow @battlestarcause I'm waiting it again on netflix for a 4th time. #intervention
@KevinSpacey #AskHOC now that you resolved all the issues in the last episode as president, are there any political reforms to make?@Ms_KendallBanks ok that works too.@Ms_KendallBanks why not just show you the love?
@Ms_KendallBanks I love you too. You should come to California n visit all of us.
@AmberLily options would be great! Maybe I'll hit up your website as a temporary fix lol@AmberLily I'd love to but for some reason they cut my account! Their customer service doesn't really help. I'm having amberlily withdrawal
@CourtneyCummz it's been been a while since we've enjoyed your company here in california. Any plans to visit? We all miss you!
@AmberLily how's it going? It's been a while since I've seen you lol.
@Ms_KendallBanks wow. I'll be sending you the bill to repair my jaw!@Ms_KendallBanks aww thank you. It warms me up here in Chicago amid the snow flurries!
Waiting for the next 3 hours for my flight to chicago. @SouthwestAir no more cancelations please! http://t.co/pdbb7iJ4PyWaiting for the next 3 hours for my flight to chicago. @SouthwestAir no more cancelations please! http://t.co/y1ippoY8kz@SouthwestAir 2 rescheduled flights in less than 2 hours?? Looks like there's less love in the air. Disappointed #delayssuck
I think it's the perfect day to watch #HouseOfCardsSeason2 and celebrate @KevinSpacey being our VP! He's almost #POTUS by a heartbeat!
So tired. Need sleep. Why won't my brain shut off?@Gia_Nova cool. So when are you going to hit us up in southern California?
@Ms_KendallBanks I think we are admiring the view lol@Ms_KendallBanks I'm glad to hear that. I've heard you've had great time maybe even a new friend or two? Thing are good I'll c u soon
@Gia_Nova lol then you should come to California. It's t shirt weather out here. I don't think we'd mind@Ms_KendallBanks I feel like it's been forever since I last saw you. How are you doing?@Gia_Nova good to know! So is it bikini weather in Florida yet or are you covering up the goods? Lol@RubberDoll sucks that I will be in Chicago when you are in Salem :(@TheScienceGuy loved hearing the debate. Thanks for keeping it real and classy!@Gia_Nova how are you surviving the cold out. I'm nervous about going to Chicago and turning into an ice sculpture lol@EmilyRiedel23 ok i have to ask cause i keep hearing statuesque describing you. How tall are you?
@AmberLily looking seductive and dangerous. Always love a woman dressed to kill
@AmberLily nice pearls. But they aren't that distracting in this shot lol
@ariagiovanni I'll take a serving too cause I need to get rid of this cold!@EmilyRiedel23 seems like it's hard to find good employees up there. Where do I submit my application?I hate being sick. Damn you flu I thought the CDC would have a way to eradicate you by now. Bring on #netflix!
@CourtneyCummz hope you have an awesome Friday as well!
@sweet_sk8 how are you doing. It's been a while
It crazy weather when Atlanta Georgia is colder than Anchorage Alaska! Thank god for So Cal!
@AmberLily I remember this set! You looked so sexy in the pj before you took them off lol.@Gia_Nova Christopher walken closets?
@AmberLily haven't tried that one out. How was it?
New Years Business Res. #1 increase revenue streams and productivity
#Gold set for biggest annual loss in three decades | http://t.co/VH6NMZMJFy http://t.co/k7TmoM1RTU
Retweeted by the Bank@Ms_KendallBanks what did you think of it? It made me miss those good old days lol
@AMC_TV loving the #BreakingBadMarathon! ending the year right with #WalterWhite & crew. Thanks for a great show!
Time to watch #BeringSeaGold after watching #Anchorman2 again. My cheeks hurt from laughing too much@AmberLily hope you are having fun!@ShawnBSG impressive spud handling. Shows that the creator of the dredge can make things happen!
"One of the best movies of the year" -Rolling Stone. Get tix to see #TheWolfOfWallStreet now! http://t.co/pCh4o4ji8G http://t.co/koL8iCPEvM
Retweeted by the BankCheck your investments performance in 2013, here are some good ones: http://t.co/K8hxigyaQl Happy Holidays! http://t.co/OoeKmrKApu
Retweeted by the Bank@RubberDoll Good Morning! Hope you aren't spending too much time in airports on the last Friday of 2013. Any fun plans this weekend?@EmilyRiedel23 have fun in Rio! Enjoy the food and sights! Hope you take lots of cool photosTGIF! Need to get ready for the new year. Lots of work to do but ready to enjoy the last Friday of 2013! What are your plans?@ItsTessaLane good morning! Enjoying friday?@AmberLily o0o better than the prom dress? Cause that was classy and slutty lol. I may be home or partying w/ friends but would love to c it@Gia_Nova so what's wrong with cheese? Is it radioactive like the seafood? Seems like what doesn't kill you will make you into the Hulk lol@AmberLily now I feel all special and warm inside like the grinch! Any new years plans?@AmberLily you haven't changed a bit!@Gia_Nova it was good. Spent it with family and made a lot of food. Now to prep for the new year. Lots of plans to make!
@Gia_Nova hope you had a good non denominational solstice celebration lol. Wording courtesy of #Community@AmberLily I know I'm 18 minutes late but Merry christmas! Hope you had a fun one!@JonahHill loved #wolfofwallstreet. Best movie so far. Just wondering how your teeth were so white - almost manufactured ? Great job!
@EmilyRiedel23 Merry Christmas to you as well. Thanks for making us a part of your adventure!@Ms_KendallBanks it's been a while but hope you are great (knee not included) and hope your ready for xmas! Much love!@ActuallyNPH rocking that Tux NPH! The lady in red is smoking hot too!I’m an organ donor, but I’m pretty sure all they’re going to use is my liver for “after” photos.
Retweeted by the Bank@RubberDoll LA as in Los Angeles or Louisiana ?@EmilyRiedel23 sooo, wedding plans lol. Are there any traditions you'd have happen if you did marry on the show?I hit 5,000 followers, can I make it to 10,000? Please tell your friends to follow me! @BeringSeaGold @EmilyRiedel23 @Discovery
Retweeted by the Bank@EmilyRiedel23 had a chance to catch up on the show. Crazy start seeing u jumping off into the water. Hope that gets you 100oz. this season@AmberLily so how did the show go?
@JennVegas what's up with that?@JennVegas and incredibly sexy in them.@HighRhea I think that tee is accurate@Ms_KendallBanks cool
@JennVegas very nice. Maybe we should do that tomorrow!@JennVegas I'd love to go to your gym lol@Gia_Nova nothing wrong with that. Although as a guy I maybe based lolHmm movie week coming up. Walter Mitty, Anchorman n Wolf of Wall street. Am I missing anything?@jesseflo does it have to be small doses?@AmberLily damn you got skills. I can't get the end credits lol. Yes I really need my pc cause I'm bored n alcohol only does so much!
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