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I miss Noel Sheppard. http://t.co/wJ1DBonBQY@Ron_Sinclair @JoeNBC conservatism is accepting the world as is, not how you wish it to be, and then work for change in that context. #Burke
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughDude, you're deep! RT @flickzilla: @SMW265Bri Difference between you and me is I critical thing. It's not about who wins. You wanna win@JoeNBC joe great comments I like you even though you are a republican
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughYeah. He's something, huh? RT @TomKludt: .@JoeNBC continues to be really impressed with @JoeNBCNope. But I am 1-0 vs Nobel winners. RT @SMW265Bri: @JoeNBC @flickzilla Very high on yourself. I'm sure you won every debate you ever did."There's nothing conservative about this man," amen @JoeNBC amen. @POLITICO http://t.co/tTCpj94RGg
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough.@flickzilla Has he won the Nobel Prize for economics? Because quite frankly, I get kinda bored out debating anyone else while reading SI.You know, media, Bundy vs. BLM could be a story without any heroes. Kind of like Snowden vs. the NSA.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughA Map of Baseball Nation. http://t.co/25vTtr0ZjS @UpshotNYTMrs. Fix has declared herself a Liverpool fan after watching "you'll never walk alone" before Man City game. cc: @JoeNBC
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough
@MensLibraryClub @JoeNBC @mikebarnicle How can you not love Mike?
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughSO great to see some of my fav peeps at Wrigley this morning! @JoeNBC @morningmika @mikebarnicle @WillieGeist #WrigleyField100 #morningjoe
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughNever mind. Obviously more focused on Wrigley. May 3rd event already approved. Looking forward to it!!@JoeNBC really enjoyed this morning's show..break from world's problems...felt great
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@mikebarnicle @JoeNBC Mike Barnicle's opening comment about gloves during today's Wrigley broadcast was an absolute #morningjoe classic.
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@JoeNBC @morningmika @mikebarnicle Great show today from Wrigley, thanks. Hope you got a feel for the addiction that is being a Cubs fan :)
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough.@Hadas_Gold This report is premature. Have to get approval from Standards first.@JoeNBC @Morning_Joe great show this morning Joe. Awesome look back at the history of Wrigley. Loved the advice to get over Steve Bartman
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughWhat stadium in America has hosted more NFL championship games than any other? Wrigley Field @MorningMika @JoeNBC
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@JoeNBC great to see you at Wrigley. My grandfather was a lifelong cubs fan brought back great memories thanks for the tribute #Wrigley
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughLove seeing Red Sox fan @JoeNBC broadcast wearing Cubbie blue!
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@JoeNBC @morningmika @WillieGeist @mikebarnicle @ThomasARoberts You all look good in Cubbie blue - thanks for celebrating #WrigleyField100!
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughErnie Banks is just fantastic. @JoeNBC #letsplay2
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@Morning_Joe @JoeNBC @morningmika Best Morning Joe ever this morning airing from The Wrigley Field on its 100th birthday. #100yrs.
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@JoeNBC thx 4 the entire episode broadcast from Wrigley Field. My favorite team and field. It was a real treat. Ernie Banks interview great
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@morningmika @WillieGeist @JoeNBC Welcome to our neighborhood! @Morning_Joe @Cubs http://t.co/WFRSU3royY
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough.@JoeNBC Wrigley is a sight, one of the grandest things these West Coast girl's eyes have seen, so much history! Enjoyed today's show, thx!
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughWhat a GREAT DAY at Wrigley Field with the @Morning_Joe family. Thanks so much for all your hard work!Bill Kristol: The NYT Arkansas poll is "bogus". Here's why: http://t.co/2F7fYEXvczLive from Wrigley! #Wrigley100 http://t.co/k8zGtmqBsL
Frosty night at Wrigley Field but the kids are thrilled. Great atmosphere and excited about the 100th anniversary tomorrow. #CubsInteresting #s. Tight RT @DLeonhardt: It's been a good few weeks for the Dems. Our model has the Senate as a toss-up: http://t.co/082zzFX518Don't expect many swing voters in the 2014 midterm elections http://t.co/QOAIJgmCZ3 http://t.co/PyKSeTzMv2
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough4 Beatles, 2 cathedrals, 7 great museums and one helluva soccer team. Visit Liverpool: http://t.co/bJsIojEun0 http://t.co/fxqIwo7oiK
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughWrigley Field turns 100 tomorrow, and the celebration is going to be glorious: http://t.co/zMcbRXmDDH http://t.co/59IdWIah0M
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough“@JoeNBC: Words to live by. #Aeschylus http://t.co/JkqKlBSll1” And it ain't what it ain't!!
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughRand Paul on WF Buckley's foreign policy that I discussed in The Last Best Hope (2009) & The Right Path. Good stuff. http://t.co/QXOa6o93yo@JoeNBC Neat y'all are broadcasting at Wrigley. At SI in addition to Red Sox mag, we did Wrigley at 100. Rich history http://t.co/5irX8QHZOL
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughWords to live by. #Aeschylus http://t.co/bPZI3ZHnLtExited @morningmika @JoeNBC and @WillieGeist are coming to Chicago for @Morning_Joe tomorrow!
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThis is how she watches the news. @Morning_Joe @JoeNBC @morningmika #DailyScarlett http://t.co/uDSpsDPZjG
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough
.@joanwalsh @ThePlumLineGS As I said this morning, there's no running from ACA if you're a Democrat. No choice but to go all in..@joanwalsh @ThePlumLineGS Do those Ds follow CW that voters will be older & whiter, or run on ACA while trying to expand the electorate?.@joanwalsh @ThePlumLineGS The racial divide you point to in ACA is complex challenge for those Southern red state Ds you discuss.Is the president’s stance on Ukraine too soft? Richard Haass joins the #morningjoe debate: http://t.co/w7fum3qBwL
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughIf Democrats believe the ACA is good for Americans, then why aren’t they talking about it? WATCH: http://t.co/jiU4wMR26NThe @RedSox are 68-50 (.576) all-time on Patriots Day. Boston has won on 10 of the last 13 Patriots Days beginning in 2001.
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@ron_fournier @Muckety A blind quote is as credible as the quoter. In your case that's good.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughTeen birth rate has been on a steep decline since the early 1990s and that trend accelerated during the recession http://t.co/rD5fbfyISJ
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughSenator almost gets hit by speeding train during train safety talk (VIDEO) http://t.co/3hVYoRhSET http://t.co/xkP6tPEnZr
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@JoeNBC @rogbennett Glad to see #futbolfrenzy back on @Morning_Joe Go @Toffees_EFC
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough
I will be on @morning_joe discussing a sparking weekend of football with a no-doubt relieved yet ecstatic @JoeNBC at 7.50 AM ET
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughI'll be there! RT @Toth_Andre: Was I correct in seeing you say that you're to be in attendance at #anfield for @LFC vs @chelseafc? #YNWAGreat piece from @JoeNBC on the best day of the year: http://t.co/2LroUlI8kT
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@JoeNBC He is risen indeed! Alleluia!
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@JoeNBC he has risen indeed
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughHappy Easter! RT @ManaMeadows: @JoeNBC Happy Easter! He is risen indeed!He is Risen!Sterling set up to Suarez beautiful as he scores yet another against Norwich. #LFCSuarez!!!!!!!!!What a stunning strike that was by Raheem Sterling. Stunning.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughStunning strike from Raheem Sterling puts Liverpool 1-0 up and signs of euphoria from Reds.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughMy composed touch-typing has deserted me. I’m all fingers and thumbs. Sorry!
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughI'm nervous even though Suarez and #LFC have owned them of late. RT @paulweatherley: Up early for the game? I see a nervy performance ahead.The view from Carrow Road, where it's all quiet for now as we await kick-off... http://t.co/YIolieh1TP
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough
.@cabraapache Only one thing matters to #LFC right now: 3 points at Carrow Road. #BeatNorwich #YNWA“@gfarnan: we win the league you do the show live from anfield” @rogbennett and I in Anfield next week for the LFC/ Chelsea match. #YNWA@JoeNBC stars aligning
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughChelsea loses to Sunderland. Unbelievable.“@thereallorip: @JoeNBC How can I get a signed picture for my husband for Father's Day?” @NBCLOU, can you help? Thanks!!.@JamesTMcCarthy I don't say this about many years outside of the 60s or 70s, but 1994 was a great year for music. Good @RollingStone list!Hey @JoeNBC I am sure you've seen this http://t.co/Vjyaw9Pnon these artists this year could start & end any #90splaylist
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough
No one has been bigger critics of the pathological influence of the rich & connected on a free society than libertarians. #Piketty #Krugman
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough
Speaking at @Yale yesterday at the @buckleyprogram. Great group of students keeping the work of WIlliam Buckley alive http://t.co/9GIl9dQFrgNew edition of @TIME looks interesting re finding God in the dark. @JoeNBC I agree with your take on faith.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughWatching @JoeNBC try to not laugh when Mika talks about Liz Warren is must watch TV...
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough
@JoeNBC, thanks so much for joining us! We had a great time hosting you! Also, awesome Clinton impersonation!
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughNew Haven report on my speech at the @buckleyprogram today @Yale. http://t.co/HhZ05keSUf10/04/69 First prime time college game: http://t.co/qYCd9cYUfC: .@stuartpstevens @OleMissFB Hotty Toddy, baby!!! #ArchieWho
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@mjgru @JoeNBC @mikebarnicle for President!!
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@JoeNBC @mjgru @mikebarnicle I expect you are about 100% right about this man! We need more like him that are willing and able to tell it!!
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough.@stuartpstevens @OleMissFB Hotty Toddy, baby!!! #ArchieWho@DylanByers A lot of us @OleMissFB fans share @NYTimeskrugman pain losing to Ala. Never gets easy. He should take @JoeNBC off schedule.
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@JoeNBC This man probably more than anyone else on #cabletv #news expresses best how "we" the people feel http://t.co/Br0eSRL5OD
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough“@mjgru: This man probably more than anyone else on news expresses best how "we" the people feel http://t.co/z88fs6uFNG” @mikebarnicleProfessor Paul Krugman will cost income inequality institute $225,000 per year. http://t.co/sAZ42qOixr
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@JoeNBC will not stop @NYTimeskrugman from earning $25K/mo for doing nothing much about income inequality. http://t.co/ZMlCD8ize2
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughRT @JoeNBC: .@samthielman @dorseyshaw dude, the correct answer is "Rock and Roll Lifestyle" Wrong! Stickshifts and Safetybelts!
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough"Is that you or your parents in that income tax bracket?" #Cake.@samthielman @dorseyshaw dude, the correct answer is "Rock and Roll Lifestyle"@JoeNBC @dorseyshaw That just made me laugh out loud. Loudly out loud.
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough@dorseyshaw what's up, Dorsey? Favorite Cake song?.@JazzShaw @NYTimeskrugman Doubt it. The last time Paul was on a news show with me, it didn't go so well for him.@Politico: @joenbc responds to Krugman, who "struggled to keep pace" in their debate. #PrayForPaul #PrayForFerris http://t.co/m4favDrwQ0CNN’s “Breaking News” Chyron Is Out Of Its Damn Mind http://t.co/2h1XeF6sw2 via @dorseyshawAfter leaving the @BuckleyProgram at Yale, I heard the Man City score. A shocker that is BIG NEWS for #Liverpool. #YNWAJust had a great time talking with members of the @BuckleyProgram at @Yale. A wonderful program. Thanks for having me today!“@blakehdixon: Just saw joe scarborough talk. http://t.co/R5FTvY3U1W” Did you ask him what's up with his hair?? That's a mop, man.Great speech from @JoeNBC at @BuckleyProgram event. Calling out mysterious new haven weather... Ha #whenisspring #whyhail
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough
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