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Evelyn Hannon is the CEO of Journeywoman, largest online travel resource for women+free tip newsletter going to 70,000 women in 240 countries.

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My grandson --> RT @ @YummyMummyClub "Photography is capturing a moment that's impossible to reproduce" ~ my 14yo son #quote
You Have To F***ing Eat: Funny, or Disrespectful to Kids? http://t.co/EjpT4sWx6B via @YummyMummyClub What do you think?
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonSometimes English signs in foreign destinations are hard to understand or just plain funny to us: http://t.co/peppGXp7UY #culturedifferences12 easy pasta #recipes to cook tonight: http://t.co/4bbqjmCua7
So honoured, proud, thrilled that the YMC team won gold tonight for Best Blog at #COPAawards http://t.co/pgH2KGga4C
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonWe WON! Best blog or column. Wow! Thank you #COPAawards @YummyMummyClub http://t.co/jUo8nxYRhd
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@LisaThornbury XOX Thank you. Now to track it down:)@Meltwater Shame on you. I am being spammed because you put me on your database with permission.Me2 @smilenwaven Santa Claus parade. Asked a young boy if my clown lips were still red. He looked+reported .. Ya but they're kinda chapped:)Winter has arrived. My hands are already chapped. What's the best (most effective) hand cream?
Me, too! RT @YMCbuzz I love that @Journeywoman's bucket list wish came true --> http://t.co/r5KHivNjiL http://t.co/1wVz6E7zYg@oddnogginz See: http://t.co/EtiV2zfZ47 for one Santa Claus clown's story + your artwork. http://t.co/EtiV2zfZ47Anybody recognize me in the #Toronto Santa Claus Parade? I was there in disguise and this is what I was doing: http://t.co/bl19YLzY65My true story and I tell all -> The secret life of a Santa Claus Parade Clown: http://t.co/EtiV2zfZ47 #Christmas #Santa #YMC #holidayseason@pinkpangea Meaning?
Are you 60+? Check out -->How my eye doctor surprised me during my last annual check-up: http://t.co/ExMwHbhK0J #DoctorsofOptometry@pinkpangea Chat topic? @NYtravfest @HIUSA @GoOverseas @aimeeweiss @MadeInMoments
@AnnTran_ @VikingRiver And @yummymummyclub will be joining us as well. So looking forward to it:)@AnnTran_ Thank you:)@TPSChrisBoddy I think it's important that you should know that this took place today": https://t.co/Vn4WuzEnjV #CrimeDoesntPay :)I'll be the clown with the red glasses and red bows in my blonde hair. See you there ... #SantaClausParade #SoExcitedBusy day tomorrow!. DD is in the #SantaClausParade walking with Barbie and my mother @journeywoman will be a clown!
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Are you 60+? Check out -->How my eye doctor surprised me during my last annual check-up: http://t.co/ExMwHbhK0J #DoctorsofOptometry #Boomer
How my eye doctor surprised me during my last annual check-up: http://t.co/ExMwHbhK0J #DoctorsofOptometry
I'll never tell-> RT @YummyMummyClub Why my mom never leaves home without her trademark red glasses http://t.co/GULdsMijdy #SeniorEyeHealth@davelackie With the sumptuous Orient Excess Palette+velvet clutch I'd be the finest tiger in the forest:) Serously great name 4 a product:)@davelackie Orient Excess sounds very good to me:) Travel related, too!I'm giving away Giorgio Armani's Orient Excess Palette + velvet clutch! To enter, follow @davelackie & RT http://t.co/wwya5hu4Ci
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonAnybody else dealing with macular degeneration? -> http://t.co/ExMwHb08SF #DoctorsofOptometry@turnipseeds perhaps ... lol@turnipseeds And a bit more ... lol@Dogpaddling @alysonschafer I'm just great, Thx! Hoping the same for you two lovelies:)The skinny on why I wear my red glasses -> http://t.co/ExMwHb08SF #DoctorsofOptometryWe spotted @Paddingtonbear taking this #selfie in front of Buckingham Palace! #PaddingtonsBritain http://t.co/y4Ck5vCavu
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon"Boredom comes as quickly to the traveler who knows his route as to the novelist who is over certain of his plot." ~Paul Theroux
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@Dogpaddling @alysonschafer Two really nice peeps = one nice meeting:)
Why I Never Leave Home Without My Red Glasses -> http://t.co/ExMwHb08SF #DoctorsofOptometryThis man knows how to steal a womans heart lol --> @Travelanswerman says @Journeywoman Evelyn always has great #traveltips 4 traveling women@elliottdotorg Cool. I can't be the only one. Nobody else ?@elliottdotorg Nada Sent you a DM/@elliottdotorg Nope. Just takes me in circles.@elliottdotorg That's what I have listed but it leads to your nomination page. No place to vote.@elliottdotorg Readers trying to vote via our FB page. Having trouble. What is the exact link to cast a vote? Thx@elliottdotorg Really? How lovely. @GoVisitHawaii @NatGeoTravel
Not all #kimonos mean the same thing in #Japan: Here are the facts --> http://t.co/xcXKM7mQRYI travelled to Ypres to see the WW1 Battlefields +1000s of grave markers. These #photos tell my story. http://t.co/TbCbqiZ6Iq #LestWeForget@RealSimple I'm a travel journo (aka journeywoman). For my BD my 12 y/o GrandD. named a star after me so it will guide me on all my travels.@yummymummyclub I stood on the actual battlefield, I saw the poppies+the actual graves. http://t.co/TbCbqiZ6Iq #Lestweforget #photosTrench life at Bayernwald @VisitFlanders #RemembranceSunday #WWI #Belgium #travel http://t.co/PFQ0ircjPg
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@travel_edits Because you were there with me: http://t.co/TbCbqiZ6IqU a woman? U love to travel? Over 75 links just on our home page! http://t.co/vHFf8q4Db3Give A 13-Year-Old Boy A Camera And This Is What You Get --> http://t.co/YNoiWnvfgl #photography@EllenLV Thx Ellen. Those words came flooding back to me as I stood on those battlefields. Suddenly I understood.I look at #RemembranceDay differently now. I stood on the battlefield, I saw the poppies+crosses row on row. http://t.co/TbCbqiZ6Iq #photos
#RemembranceDay 17 pix I took on my visit to Flanders Fields, the poppies + rows of crosses marking soldiers' graves http://t.co/TbCbqiZ6IqIn #Japan some signs will make you smile: http://t.co/peppGX7wMUFashion Forward in #Japan. #photos http://t.co/xcXKM7mQRYSat: Stumbled upon some pretty cool Berlin street art #lostinBerlin http://t.co/xXaqBmnzy4
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@ryderphoto Give a 13 year old boy a camera and this is what you get: http://t.co/YNoiWnvfglOur favorite fun and fabulous travel sites for women! http://t.co/8nK2i2AJ2S @journeywoman @pinkpangea @eyhotours @wanderluster @DonnaLHull
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonDelighted that we are included in the @sixtyandme list of Favorite Travel Websites for Women Over 60! http://t.co/NbuOmgpoo8
Whip up a frozen #coffee delight that is better (+cheaper) than one you can buy at your local coffee shop. http://t.co/5NsMtCjd32 #recipe@LoriMoreno XOXO Thx for thinking of me last #FF. You put me in delicious company:)@margaretthrosby Hello frm Toronto, Can. Listened to podcast - Green Prince. Saw the film, loved it+enjoyed your interview questions. Brava!
MONTREAL - Looking for a charitable organization to pick up contents of condo, women's clothes. Must be emptied by Fri. Please RT.
@RosieSchwartz You there now? Go right back and have another one for me. One is never enough:)Hard work pays off - @WeMoveForward - my passion & purpose - #5 @Journeywoman Hot Pick Travel Experience http://t.co/3wJSSomILJ
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Not a Journeywoman NL subscriber? Check http://t.co/JTKxNkWMHw for our Nov homepage goodies. Something 4 everyone:)Check your INBOX, ladies. All 72,000+ JW Newsletters have been delivered round the world. Contests, Japan Fashion,Fun signs,Best Trips+Tips.
Why I love #FF RT @Travelanswerman -- @Journeywoman Hoping U are having an exceptional week Evelyn! XOXO #FF #women #traveltipsDear @gwenmccauley XO +XO to -> higuys:) @quirkytraveller @andyjarosz @lisajanPA @DonNadeau @Travelanswerman @Travelwriticus @gypsynester
Best women-centered tips this month - http://t.co/OH9zptV6iH (last 2 days)Pack Light Pack Right - 2 wks in Japan. I small carryon: http://t.co/b2hXvUG3QzMakes my heart sing:) RT @unmarketing @rontite talking about @Journeywoman in his talk. Two wonderful people right there. XO to both of you
Smiling -> RT @GoAbroad I read a great @RoughGuides to #RTW travel. @Journeywoman is a great resource for female travelers! #GoAbroadChat
Buy extra cabdy -> Don't Be A Halloween Buzz-Kill http://t.co/wA9vG0xJTu via @YummyMummyClub
TORONTO - Voting today! Everybody, let's get out there and do it. Make #Toronto strong.
#GoodyTips REALLY EASY dressup hair styles for tweens. How to Video --> http://t.co/w7ASNimGLZ … #fashion #hair #WOWREALLY EASY dressup hair styles for tweens. How to Video --> http://t.co/w7ASNimGLZ #fashion #hair #WOW@thatsjackstoyou @History_Pics Fantastic! Thank you:)
Love you:) @ParentClub xo
She looks like a regular person but under @Journeywoman's sweet exterior lurks a superhero. http://t.co/Tofwi0Zgt1
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonCover blown! RT @YMCBuzz She looks like a regular person but under @Journeywoman's sweet exterior lurks a superhero. http://t.co/ZJfO7xInQs@Montreal With the fab Mtl food I tasted and the events you have planned, you can expect a visit from me in 2015 for sure. WOW! #MtlMoments
The only thing better than chocolate cake is ... Five-Minute #chocolate #cake: http://t.co/gu1I0PZULn #recipe@theplanetd Hey crazy guys! XOXO if you know what I mean:)"I am following in the footsteps of all the other brave women who jetted off in pursuit of dreams." http://t.co/dxR8XBxeHo @Journeywoman
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#TT hugs! @Marilyn_Res @agentcikay @Journeywoman @WanderingEds @prmaria @1step2theleft @thefutureisred @AlexBerger
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonGreat tips by @Journeywoman on packing light-->http://t.co/14gbTgZzr6. I'm all for skipping fashion trends when traveling. #TravelTuesday
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For 17 days in Japan I took 1carryon + a small nylon backpack. Here's the rules that guided my packing choices: http://t.co/b2hXvUG3Qz@ihatetaxis from me to you with XOX -(pg 1) -> http://t.co/byf9885mes@raewhiteaus Well, OK. That makes me feel a teeny bit better BUT not completely better. LOL @vivianvassos @wendy_squires @adventureistaI know UR having fun. Plse have a bit extra for me so I don't feel SO left out:) @vivianvassos @wendy_squires @raewhiteaus @TrafalgarCanadaAt last carryon packing advice that's easy to follow: http://t.co/GEya2Br6ft #travel #packingLooking for a travel partner? She should have these interesting traits. Don't spoil your holiday --> http://t.co/GEya2Br6ftGreat deals on tours for women --> http://t.co/2nsZSnUUws #travel #CheckEmOut
@Heathercowper @MoorlandGardenH YUM!@gavintollman @TrafalgarCanada Wish I was there! I know you are having fun:)Back in remarkable #tourismturkey, creating more #trafalgarinsider memories with old & new friends http://t.co/4xjT2CWzf8
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonWho took my socks in Tokyo? https://t.co/Vn4WuzmMbR
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