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Evelyn Hannon is the CEO of Journeywoman, largest online travel resource for women+free tip newsletter going to 70,000 women in 240 countries.

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Hmmm... lots of new peeps following me today. Is it cuz I know where the #Easter Bunny hid ALL the chocolate eggs. heheh I'll never tell:)Sweet tweet-> @TravelistaTeri @murphytravels @TravelBareFeet @WeBlogtheWorld @LolaDiMarco @SabinaLohr @AOLTravel @MidlifeRoadTripWHERE will you be spending this Easter weekend? Pop by, join the fun and tell us -> https://t.co/dMLqpVl2VTHow to handle hurtful comments - a good read for anyone who writes online. http://t.co/2BhodaaLgA
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@1010ParkPlace @sixtyandme Oh, oh.....BOSSY #TWITTER is asking me to update my profile photo -> http://t.co/CUEsM81xsw No way! I'll never look like that again:)Come live in my heart, and pay no rent. ~ Samuel Lover
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@nugglemama I'm with you, Babe:)RT @sheconsulting: Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine http://t.co/uA5W0pEoxw RT @USATODAY #Ukraine
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@LearnConcern @NicoleBoyHouse xoxHave you discovered @journeywoman yet? What are you waiting for? http://t.co/dynE7JwDyv @sixtyandme
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@1010ParkPlace @sixtyandme xoxA glimpse into our Travel Writing Workshops at @REI -- http://t.co/jMb6sVVMdm! @GoOverseas @MatadorNetwork @Journeywoman
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonMONGOLIA - Take a look at this guy's #photography of a young Mongolian girl with her golden eagle. Superb! http://t.co/F26C2HcH0H@JetsetJB @LuxeTiffany And if @LuxeTiffany likes you, I guess I better follow you, too:)@JetsetJB @LuxeTiffany The feeling is mutual:) Psst... You have a lovely wife!
#Help We need 4-5ppl to sign up by April 29 for the #Travel #Writing & #Photo #Workshop in #SantaFe to make it happen http://t.co/zf4BsHWdMG
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonU a woman? U heading to India? These articles are tailor-made for you-> http://t.co/eUixw3nWyo #food #clothing #safety #shopping #INDIAWhat's the most spontaneous thing you've done on your travels? #travel #question
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonHey Dave + Deb (@theplanetd) Take a look at this guy's #photography of a young Mongolian girl w/her golden eagle. http://t.co/F26C2HcH0HWant to see an incredible female-centered photograph? check out our latest entry at http://t.co/7ZctEDZN1R #NoKiddingSWEET MOMENT AT THE MAGAZINE RACK -Seeing May issue of @zoomermag w/ @Journeywoman's list of household items that are also gr8 travel aids.@Journeywoman Just checked out your www. Great to read such positive comments about Ireland. #WildAtlanticWay Canada is on my bucket list!
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonBest newsletter ever! “@YMCbuzz: Contests, articles, tips and more. Subscribe to the YMC newsletter today http://t.co/yfE1HJatBI” #useful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@Peady Thx so much. I've book marked the site.@Peady @CBC Good! I worry about all the killings/stabbings in TV programs. Now young people are doing it in real life. #CalgarystabbingTV- a medium that can teach such good. Instead we watch violence because thats whats sponsored because that's what WE choose 2 watch. SO SADGood advice from @learnconcern Is Your Child Studying The Wrong Way? http://t.co/Qz6SpTNG0Y via @YummyMummyClub
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@The1LCheatwood @zoomermag Thx Lorene. Appreciated:) xox@TravelistaTeri Look behind. See me waving madly? I'm following you on Twitter:) xox@TravelistaTeri Thank you so much for your support, Teri. Very much appreciated:)Bucket List -->RT @theplanetd: The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom in Ireland. @GoToIrelandCA #wildatlanticway http://t.co/81QSGoICQG
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonSWEET MOMENT AT THE MAGAZINE RACK. Seeing -> the May issue of @zoomermag with @Journeywoman's houselhold travel essentials U must pack.We're driving the #WildAtlanticWay w/ @GoToIrelandCA Let's see why @Journeywoman's readers Love #Ireland! http://t.co/ADcWGk1ylg
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@theplanetd @GoToIrelandCA I can tell you why I love YOU:) xox Thx for that tweet. Have a super time (which can't be hard in Ireland:)My latest post with @pinkpangea -- why I was SO SAD to leave #NewZealand. http://t.co/G6Jm4kYHEA #travel
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonSo yesterday this happened. Tough times at One Yonge MT @jsource: Toronto Star laying off 11 page editors http://t.co/nfgAg6bWcC
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonAnyone travelled with Jet Airways? What's your opinion of them?
Unleash your inner cowgirl in the Canadian Outback: http://t.co/bQveScRFfw #horses #ridingPower back ... Life goes on. Opportunity lost: Just minutes away from suggesting we eat all the ice cream in the freezer #TOpoli #darkTO
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@TorontoHydro how about a tweet?
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@JowitaBydlowska @JATetro Me, too. Do you know why it happened?@karimcarthur @Finally50 @BroadsAbroadNet Welcome! Our http://t.co/9WgvDY4Qzf welcome mat is always out:)@SharonDV The only 'Mother Nature' things I now trust are the plastic flowers in my VW Beetle. http://t.co/aHzt88n7zCSWOONING OVER THIS #RECIPE! Lemon parmesan oven-roasted asparagus -> http://t.co/Ic2d14ImMF #ItsAYummyMummyThing
@prchiquita We don't accept press releases:)SWOONING! Lemon parmesan roasted asparagus -> http://t.co/J8A9rudufZ@sweetkeet @YummyMummyClub xox@katruns26point2 xox TY:)Our Passover includes matzo, wine, bitter herbs and Winnie-the-pooh cutlery for Bexie. Hag Sameach:) http://t.co/vwAU4YaIXq
U will thank me for these salad recipes. Choose to ignore me at your own risk:) http://t.co/Zj8Q3NhW7Y #recipe #salads@MyMelange xoxoxoxxxxxTRICKS to eat better for less as you #travel: http://t.co/114vuHiPNSU a woman? U heading to #Paris? Here's 100tips to make your trip better: http://t.co/wHVSKOQKh250 easy ways to stretch your travel dollars: http://t.co/xZJjGXicEw #budget #travelU a woman? U traveling to #Milan? Here's 20 things that you should know before U go: http://t.co/FtBxM64k7x #Italy
The Most Visited Monument in #Italy is...... http://t.co/CbElZaZPjO
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonA Girl's Guide to University Sleeps - http://t.co/mGNUKiQcTV50 easy ways to stretch your travel dollars: http://t.co/3B7sj1w5p7 #budget #travelHe is my #travel role model: http://t.co/dTHt5pqORcWhy 1st dates don't work, and lots more: http://t.co/RYxwAcLvF5U a woman? U traveling to #Milan? Here's 20 things that you should know before U go: http://t.co/FtBxM64k7x #ItalyU A WOMAN dreaming of getting away? Here's 20 ideas from riding in the Cdn outback, Israel Paris Bali Greece Japan! http://t.co/EsLI3X1LtKI"LL BE CHATTING LIVE BY PHONE WITH RUDY MAX THIS AM at 10:33 EDT http://t.co/wZeq9Hu7rX http://t.co/sFDmEJUFel
4/12 guests inc @WeeklyFlyer @boardingarea @nomadicmatt @journeywoman @gutsytraveler @lovecloudvegas @personalityhtls http://t.co/QPuOvQgcSl
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonYUM! delicious company! TY! @TravelistaTeri @TRAVELTHERAPY @AOLTravel @travelchannel @GlorPow @luxury__travel @JohnnyJet @LolaDiMarco@JimByersTravel Hey Jim:) xoxCHERRY BLOSSOMS! 50 things to see and do in #Washington ,DC: http://t.co/ObD8yPfoFz
9 life lessons kids learn from #travel : http://t.co/lc5KwOHv05Are you prepared if you become sick on the road? I hope you will read this practical advice: http://t.co/Kp3AHbe5f3 #medical #travel26 creative ways to make friends as you travel: http://t.co/YxEhgBsufwSee how 12 women writers incorporate foreign #travel destinations into their mystery series: http://t.co/cecSLdhRbh #books #mysteries@cmacgarvey Flanders, in May. To attend remembrance ceremonies for WW1, fallen soldiers.@RossanaWyatt Rossana -> XOXOX@ToqueCanoe Hi Kiddies! I hope all is well w/you. And xox for your kind feedback:)@cmacgarvey Ooops .. I meant I appreciate THAT not thay (which is not even a word) LOL@cmacgarvey Thx so much, Clarice. I appreciate thay. xoxImportant for travelers -> 20 tips to make you feel at home in a new culture: http://t.co/6IXl94AmMWWant more legit #twitter followers? Don't pay someone to teach U. Just read this 74 y/o grandma's blog+pay nothing .http://t.co/8K1ER1hpf4Granny's secret - How to get little ones to ask for seconds in carrots and eggs. So simple! http://t.co/r9k2ixXw7U #recipe@artemganalonjr are u a real person? Where's your photo?@rudymaxa Look behind you. See me waving? I'm following you on Twitter:)CYBER 'PACKING' PARTY. Women round the world took part. Here is the result-> http://t.co/TW4pVDa1Yi
Flight attendant explains 'the best times to use the washrooms on an aircraft.' http://t.co/8RI0vcReOYGive a 13 yr old boy a camera and this is what you get: http://t.co/d80rueDC9c #photosGranny's secret - How to get little ones to ask for seconds in carrots and eggs. So simple! http://t.co/r9k2ixXw7U #recipe25 important things women should know before visiting #LasVegas http://t.co/0nUIKll0LVWant more legit #twitter followers? U can pay someone to teach U how orU can read this 73 y/o grandma's blog +payZERO http://t.co/8K1ER1hpf4Want more #twitter followers? U can pay someone to teach U how or U can read this 74 y.o. grandmr's blog + pay ZERO: http://t.co/8K1ER1hpf4@Journeywoman Best Travel Tips Submitted by Readers http://t.co/t5y0wHh4Xl #traveltips #travelskills #women #solotravel #besttravel
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@Journeywoman Ms. Biz -- She's Culturally Correct in China http://t.co/AK7ANqycAG … #culture #biztravel #china #women #manners #customs
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@AtHomeInLondon Maggie, at 21 I had absolutely no idea of what I was doing. TY:)I am a proud mama -> http://t.co/x2hI7c0Axy
“@Listen2Lena: Trending #2 in Canada less than 14 minutes in? I'd say that's EGGcellent! Thanks partiers! #EggsAtEaster” awesome!
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonProud to announce our #WITS15 hotel and dates for @WITSummit --> http://t.co/2wFJVX92tC See you there?? #girlstravel http://t.co/v863W7Ti0n
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonThe welcome mat is always out at the JW FB. Come by+visit. If you LIKE what you see then LIKE us+keep coming back... https://t.co/dMLqpVl2VTBrief stay at this beautiful apartment on Candlemaker row in Edinburgh, courtesy of @embracescotland http://t.co/clopqngUt6
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@karensd @StratfordON I was there in the winter and they were nice then, too:) Stratford is a juicy city, indeed!Oh oh @Sunshine_Villas Following? We will lead you astray:) TY! @Bridesmagazine @ttg_digital @VirginAtlantic @GlobalTravel @CyG_TravelAgent@MeditatingMummy @SharonDV @LisaThornbury You may laugh but .. I can see a change in my body. I've gone up one dress size. Does that count?
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