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Evelyn Hannon is the CEO of Journeywoman, largest online travel resource for women+free tip newsletter going to 70,000 women in 240 countries.

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In a rush? You'll thank me. Here's the 5 easiest Christmas cookie recipes: http://t.co/rgo9RB9w7x@holeinthedonut Love to chat with you. Let me know when you are ready:)Cruise News Rodeo Roundup: Holidays, Names, Cuba http://t.co/ZIJxTnBUDt
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@SharonDV @KathyBuckworth @Dogpaddling oh, oh.....100 smart ways to prepare for your trip to #Paris: http://t.co/SiRRISgBJP …”@SharonDV Tell me about this exercise ball, please.@holeinthedonut Merry Christmas, Barbara:)I bought stuff in Europe's Xmas Markets + now giving it away at http://t.co/dni698Rsdx. I invite you to try your luck. #travel25 reasons to #travel solo: http://t.co/cySj0TFeFnHow to respond to begging children as you #travel . To give or not to give? http://t.co/ene6cgx6cFGrandma is one of Santa's clowns: http://t.co/MhRH27vCn1Cool things I learned about #SanFrancisco : http://t.co/yXeVWbt0u9100 ways to prepare for your trip to #Paris: http://t.co/SiRRISgBJP@ChickyMara I hear you:)6 good reasons for a woman to visit #HongKong - http://t.co/bKIHVthq2OFab 😀 RT @1step2theleft: *NEW* My 7 Favourite Photos of 2014 ➤ http://t.co/5gzj7Q19cm #Photography #Travel #TTOT http://t.co/N7LXZroC1D
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonWhat makes a good travel partner? http://t.co/4PHspTNVaAPack Light. Pack Right: http://t.co/qcKPIaAw6dSome signs in #Japan will make you smile:) http://t.co/NTfH2kSXQS12 travel tips by women for women: http://t.co/3L1BfcKQKb
Parent's Worst Nightmare: Private School to Drug Addict http://t.co/oagvTKu5rX@GDgeek @YummyMummyClub We're back that's why Ms. Ehm is tired! Had gr8 time. Erica's an A-1 travel partner. Knows how to go w/the flow:)HELP: Mini - 1- 2 cup travel rice maker. Anybody have one? Know where I can get one?TOTALLY COOL! A complete make-ahead Christmas morning breakfast: http://t.co/5RuDggigdI cc: @YMCbuzz
How R all of U? @Nancydbrown @InTheLoopTravel @BlBrTravel @OrlandoChris @CailinONeil @CruiseFever @SandiMcKenna @AnnTran_ @RickGriffinThx:) #FF XOX to each of U. @InTheLoopTravel @BlBrTravel @OrlandoChris @CailinONeil @CruiseFever @RickGriffin @Nancydbrown@senyoritamyx xo #11,999 :)I am now only 2 away from 12,000 likes on http://t.co/bR3jO1EIoS. All organic which makes me very happy.Happy #FF! @suzanne_boyd @kimizzo @Journeywoman @MosesZnaimer @vivianvassos @JimByersTravel @BecJager @KathyBuckworth @DerickChetty @Zoomer
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Are you a mom who celebrates Hanukah? Check out this collection of blog posts - recipes, family fun and traditions: http://t.co/ej8k4TGA6PWho makes the best potato latkes in the world? My daughter, @LeslieEhm who carries on the tradition from her grandma. http://t.co/9NZjgowE6B@Dogpaddling Off to Montreal this A.M. :)@Dogpaddling @Sherriemae23 @KathyBuckworth @TracieWagman @Peady @TracyRedefined Jetlagged me is up too. Hi Kiddies. Have a great day:)Best Journeywoman #Travel #Tips for the month of December: http://t.co/n6w3X4aerc
@donnainsma @turnipseeds Yay Team Chocolate:)Bought box of chocolates at Duty Free in Amsterdam. Jokingly asked for gift wrapping. 'Of course,' they said + did it for me. No extra cost.@turnipseeds I love your idea of a good meal You are my kinda girl:) Beans = protein!@KathyBuckworth Inspiration? More like 'tired inspiration:)' After this one I'm home for a while.@turnipseeds Exactly:) Cookies = lentils. Luvit!Just home frm Europe. Laundry tonight. Leave for #Montreal tomorrow. Empty fridge but bought gingerbread cookies in Germany. That's dinner:)
I miss my mom at *Hannukah http://t.co/lAAawkUyxh #holiday #Jewish #food #recipes@TravelbySherry Without comparing I can tell you that @VikingRiver does an incredible job. I recommend it highly.@TravelbySherry Have not yet sailed @Uniworld :)@Dogpaddling Need a story? Mother - daughter take time off work :)@zengarden17 Look it up on Google:) Yessssssssssss!@Dogpaddling Gold Star:)@zengarden17 Hema only in arrivals:(Hands up anybody who thinks it's way more fun to on @Vikingriver Danube Cruise than to be at the airport going home to reality #VikingsocialThe Best Way to Keep Your Kids Internet Safe http://t.co/jXE9GNdr1f via @YummyMummyClubDear @awhitver - @yummymummyclub + @journeywoman had to find our own food at the airport. Not fun! May we come back? LOL #VikingSocialTO @VikingRiver Cruises, It's a BIG shock to get to the airport +have to find our own food. May @yummymummyclub and @Journeywoman come back?@WAVEJourney @VikingRiver @YummyMummyClub Right backatcha!
An honor sailing on @VikingRiver this week w/ @AnnTran_ @BlBrTravel @charissafay @InTheLoopTravel @journeywoman @wavejourney #VikingSocial
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonQ.9 Best? Fewer tourists+so authentic fun w/locals is easier. Worst is shlepping a BIG bag becuz winter clothes are so bulky. #travelskillsQ.8 So easy to shop online for last min. winter #travel deals. Everybody's in the Caribe. so I can go to London+Paris 4 less:) #TravelSkillsQ.7 My all time favwinter trip-Rotterdam Film Festival in Feb. Films every aft+evening. Site-seeing every morning. Best time! #Travelskills@JohnnyJet :(Q.6 Each cruise season has something to offer. Spring is best when Ma Nature starts to showoff her newest floral arrangements. #travelSkillsQ5 Hot chocolate is my drink of choice EXCEPT at Xmas Market time in Europe. Then mulled wine keeps me warm and VERY happy:) #TravelSkillsQ.4 Europe rocks at Xmas. So what is you need to wear a scarf + mitts -- there are fewer tourists around. U can hang w/locals #TravelSkillsQ. 3 Been to Xmas markets in Amsterdam+ London. You mention 'em and I am SO there. This Viking Xmas Market wk has been GR8. #TravelskillsA1. Christmas markets in Nuremberg #TravelSkills http://t.co/Ykm790NR5E
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@EverywhereTrip Agree! #travelskillsA2 Regensburg Germany with #VikingRiver Cruises - beautiful, cozy and festive. #VikingSocial #TravelSkills #ad http://t.co/qEsmF7K7YA
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonRT @VikingRiver: A2 European Christmas markets are where the spirit and romance of the holidays come alive. #TravelSkills
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonA2: Nurenberg, Germany is a great place to ignite the Christmas spirit! @nurenberg_info #TravelSkills #vikingsocial
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonA2 #Germany knows just how to get us in the #ChristmasSpirit. #TravelSkills #VikingSocial http://t.co/7Lg5eCd9hs
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonA.2 I love Charles Dicken's London post mean Scrooge when everybody is happy:) White Christmas in Ottawa, Canada. Fabuleaux:) #travelskillsA.! Budapest at Christmas time ROCKS! The markets, the food, the people. YUM:) #travelskillsA.1 I'd come back here and do this Viking Danube River Cruise. #TravelSkills @YummyMummyClub and I loved it. Still much to see.#TravelSkills@Breathedreamgo @rutaagayire @Sairee @myhappytrips Where?@Journeywoman @rutaagayire @Sairee @myhappytrips ps Really enjoying your updates about the mother-daughter #VikingSocial Cruise :)
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@Breathedreamgo @rutaagayire @Sairee @myhappytrips U talking behind my back. I'm in Budapest on a @VikingRiverCruise. #VikingSocial@Breathedreamgo @rutaagayire @Sairee @myhappytrips U talking behind my back? LOL Regards frm Budapest where I'm doing a #VikingSocial Cruise
W/@YummyMummyClub @SandiMcKenna We had the best windowtable @ THE Cafe Landtmann overlooking the park! OMG the Sacher Torte;) #VikingSocialPhoto: Having the best time in Vienna w/ @journeywoman & @EricaEHM at Cafe Landtmann #vikingsocial http://t.co/ffCEJn19Lh
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@SandiMcKenna @Journeywoman I want to go back and try a different coffee! #VikingSocial
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon
PASSAU GERMANY - Christmas Market Cruise - How does this hat look, Mom,? asks @yummymummyclub. #VikingSocial http://t.co/Y29D2c6LaCRegensburg was amazing! Can't wait to come back to this Christmas market. #CruiseChat #VikingSocial http://t.co/VjfUXpwNpM
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonA visit to Passau, Germany with @VikingRiver . #VikingSocial #joingermantradition http://t.co/MfHQeCHxST
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon"Taste of Austria" onboard the #VikingDelling. #VikingSocial http://t.co/epVDzOc6vh
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonEarly mornings on the Danube are made quite enjoyable thanks to the gorgeous scenery. #vikingsocial http://t.co/9a8L977RCv
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonViking Delling casts off from Melk for Vienna, Austria. #VikingSocial #Travel http://t.co/WCTiqZmCl3
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonLooks like we're in Austria! #VikingSocial http://t.co/tZ5w9YKJDv
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonGood bye →Passau: is a town in Lower Bavaria, Germany. "City of Three Rivers" #VikingSocial #JoinGermanTradition http://t.co/kT9tbnTTHO
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@cruisefever working the event on the @vikingriver #VikingSocial #cruise in the river Danube http://t.co/cHtxCuCqhd
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonThis is our view right now as we sail toward Vienna on @VikingRiver Delling. #vikingsocial #spectacular http://t.co/qaIkt4fSvL
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonAustrian castles from my riverboat window while lunching w/ @AnnTran_ & @journeywoman. #vikingsocial #pinchme http://t.co/cGMJpCX6fq
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A7: I'd host a xmas mkt w/ a gluhwein & gingerbread tasting tour. It'd end w/ raclette! #vikingsocial #cruisechat http://t.co/b8HNKg8P9A
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonQ5: My fave treasure xmas Market treasure is the time I've spent with @Journeywoman so far #vikingsocial #CruiseChat http://t.co/kjs6NRLz8V
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonQ7 I'd offer a taste of #Canada - beavertails, poutine, MapleSyrup+everybody sings O Canada before each excursion. #SocialChat #VikingSocialQ.6 Get your Christmas shopping done without fighting crowds and you get unique gifts. #VikingSocial #CruiseChatsQ.6 Your hotel floats along with you. No packing and unpacking. No shlepping your bags.Gr8 girlfriends getaway. #Cruisechat #VikingSocialQ.5 I collect angels - It's mandatory for every single Christmas market to offer angels in some form or other. #CRuisechat #VikingSocialQ.4 Do I have to choose? Each country is so unique - customs, foods, carols. Each one is a treat!Q.3 gingerbread, turkey, cranberries, lots and lots of whipped sweet potatoes AND of course, candy cane eggnog. #cruisechat#vikingsocialQ.2 Christmas markets == hot mulled wine, hot chocolate, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food! #cruiechat #VikingSocialQ.1 Winter season in major European cities are much more authentic. There are fewer tourists. #CruiseChat #vikingSocialQ.1 My favourite part? In the winter you have more terrific choices - you can pick a warm OR a cold holiday' #VikingSocial #CruiseChatOMG German sausages are fantastic - Erica Ehm+I couldn't resist. 'Dear Goddess, plse let me fit into my jeans by cruise end.' #VikingSocial
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