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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built WaWas in CT..

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Guaranteed money is the only real thing in the NFL. Everything else is garnish.The Jameis story is absolutely a story. But that doesn't mean it's a big one. Background to premise we already know: not best decision-maker
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@loisasaro this was excellent. Thanks for sharing. Very tough 1-2. But great explanation on Merrill.@DrSamNaismith I do enough on my person twitter feed.The 76ers are fighting planned changes to the draft lottery system, hoping to delay them: http://t.co/aT9NQd0494
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@jhgf1976 @Buster_ESPN they won the World Series last year.According to @Buster_ESPN, Jon Lester will be traded by tomorrow's deadline. Dodgers, Cards, Pirates, Brewers are some of the contendersWell done @dodgers on that Vin Scully announcement. Love the players reax on the legend returning another year.Ahead on @SportsCenter, MLB trade buzz, @Buster_ESPN on 1 ace who will be traded and the issues the Phils are facing before the deadline.Domino effect of a passing league with Qbs getting paid.. CBs Peterson, Haden and Sherman combined guaranteed money is $133 Million..Guaranteed money for a shutdown corner this offseason: Peterson $48M, Haden $45M, Sherman $40M
Thinking back to last weeks gig at ESPN thank you again for being such great hosts! @KNegandhiESPN @JadeMcCarthy http://t.co/4bUT9eTa9s
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiUtley slams. Hamels dominates. Giles closes. For 9 innings, things felt normal.@SirTano that other guy is blocked for a reason. He's a troll jumping into a conversation.@SirTano look forward to you getting a job here. But then again, that requires taking the high road. Good luck to you finding your way.@SirTano majority of the show was about training camp. Talking NFL football. What's to clarify?This is how well Chip Kelly's run game works: This play, with three offensive linemen blocking, gained 10 yards. http://t.co/Nvpt4qaCah
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiWell done RT @Duke_FB: Last stop at #ESPNACC Carwash, @DavidCutcliffe & @StateCoachD comparing 6-packs. @ESPNCFB http://t.co/nsirma5Czv@WorldofIsaac perfect.@BobbyDubbz good luck to him.@BobbyDubbz he's not worth it. Thanks though.@csued37 he's not worth it. Thanks though.@ankpsu12 he's not worth it.@jarrettDhood that maybe a theme for years to come.@jarrettDhood thanks. God Bless the block button.@roshaniel21 education.. Or lack thereofEvery now and then, it's healthy to call out the small minority of ignorant and idiotic trolls. They really have no clue.@roshaniel21 don't be sorry. Idiots infiltrate every fan base.@adamamin and then the classic retweet as if he's someone special.Go read a book on Hinduism. The H comes before the I in Ignorance RT @iWreck_Weaves: @KNegandhiESPN @trackinBlackKev go worship your cow@trackinBlackKev riveting tweets. You don't even understand what hate is. Get a clue. Stop wasting my time.@trackinBlackKev nahhhh. Stay classy.@jamarhudson he will have a big year this year. But when things get tough.. Good luck keeping him happy w a rookie coach and RG3.@jamarhudson oh it's stirred.. Throw a few tough games and bam! We'll see how he feels about it..It's not even August, Desean... http://t.co/LItxfIyPlLAppreciate it Steve RT @Steve_Ecto14: Tie Game is STRONG today! Well done! ๐Ÿ‘”๐Ÿ‘”๐Ÿ‘”Since the NFC South was created in 2002, there has never been a back-to-back division winner..
@AshokaESPN worth it. So good.@rickbrownpsu thanks Rick!@Young__GZ health. Always comes first.@MrDanielHynes too slow. Too many stereotype storylines. Feels stale.@Young__GZ good luck.@MrDanielHynes of course. Shows how brilliant it was after 4 seasons.@mdat4040 finished that in 2 days. Very good.@Joe_Fann seasons 3 and 4 will blow you away.Breaking Bad could've ended after 4 seasons and it would've been in the top 2 for me. Hank and Walter put it over the top the next season.@MarkMoreland yes. Next.@DanWeiner good point. Both masterpieces.@Lizzs_Lockeroom not one dull episode or plot line.@AshokaESPN have you watched it?I had The Wire at the top. Never thought it could be taken down RT @ThattBoyGood: second to the Wire IMO, but not far behind by any stretch@REALjoedadura wait til season 4Finally finished Breaking Bad on a 3-day, 16-episode binge... Best. Show. Ever.@loisasaro arrogance. Loyalty.Chip Kelly's response was priceless today when asked why he thinks the NFL Draft is so overrated. http://t.co/8CAD86z5mp
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiPhila DA: Former NBA great Charles Barkley offered to pay for the funerals of 3 kids killed in Tioga carjacking crash @6abc
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@RogersWork haha! Welcome back Jordan. Hope you are entertained.@brianros1 @CoreySeidman it's already back to a football city.@CoreySeidman @brianros1 Phils still had pieces and $45-50M extra money a year. I was critical, but RAJ was right on Byrd.@CoreySeidman @brianros1 fair point but I would've liked to see how that played out. This requires a full house cleaning. They're tone deaf@brianros1 @CoreySeidman they could've dumped Howard as well if they were willing to let go of Lee. Dodgers moved on and took Crawford.@brianros1 @CoreySeidman it brought them a World Series..@brianros1 @CoreySeidman smart GMs realize their mistakes. Don't keep making the same ones.@brianros1 @CoreySeidman that's the point. Salary dump turned the Red Sox around to WS. Admitting mistake, reset in offseason. Build again.@brianros1 @CoreySeidman not moving Lee a couple of years ago to the Dodgers before their Red Sox trade will always burn me.@CoreySeidman he had to outspend everyone before the market dictated that he was overspending. Trying to prove he's smarter than everyone.Bloated contracts featuring vesting options and no trade clauses for older players.. No one does it better than Ruben Amaro.. What a joke..@RogersWork @notthefakeSVP no sweat. I miss the good ol days as well but sports media consumption has changed dramatically.@RogersWork @notthefakeSVP all good. We all read it. Just trying to explain the entire story in proper context.@RogersWork @notthefakeSVP also SC is live close to 18 hours a day.. Different type of programming to back in the day of SC 6p, 11p and 1a@RogersWork @notthefakeSVP don't mean to randomly jump-in but article you referring to about FT & SC ratings was about Tebow. Not current.@SirTano so quick to go on a rant about something which you're proven wrong but no response afterwards? Typical twitter.@THarrZan thanks Tom!@MrWSUCoug thanks for replying. The person who started it all never acknowledged his mistake. Just threw it out there. Not good.@MrWSUCoug clearly you don't have context on the comment. Real football= real hitting. Long offseason of talking. Camps underway.A little late but it's good to have you back Phil MT @SheridanScribe: Eagles Kickers on the field. Weather is perfect for first day in pads.I want to bid RT @darrenrovell: Bid on Clubber Lang's fight robe worn by Mr. T in "Rocky III" http://t.co/H5uLsJXMy9 http://t.co/J26CtWlTAH@Pyknic no, sounds like you are.@SirTano @espn @mls clearly you're stirring it up for no reason. Real football = real hitting. No offseason talk. Nothing to do w soccer.@Pyknic real football = real hitting. Training camp. Don't make this into something else. Ridiculous.@Pyknic clearly you missed my point. Nothing to do w soccer. The guy didn't understand context of a long NFL offseason.@SirTano @espn clearly you missed the point. Real football was a reference to a long NFL offseason. Now we have camps. Nothing about soccer.@Lizzs_Lockeroom @RichelleCarey well you two just made my day.@RichelleCarey @Lizzs_Lockeroom you can always watch a live SportsCenter..@RustyWallace about to join @KNegandhiESPN live on @SportsCenter to talk about the roll Jeff Gordon is on! #NASCAR http://t.co/GryiX8IaS4
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@robg0927 @AdamSchefter completely agree.Back on @SportsCenter all week with @KNegandhiESPN Let's go!
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiBig questions behind Andrew Luck RT @AdamSchefter: Colts waived RB Chris Rainey.Love the old school signs all over campus.. This one found in our ESPN cafe http://t.co/bR460OVRLD
Some teams that are dealing with the Phillies say they are having difficulty gaining traction in talks;not sure if PHI committed to dealing.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@MarkEnnis works every tired stereotype too@dja1982 3rd... Nothing new@JakeMarc23 3... Nothing newOne rival exec says that if he were operating the Phillies, he'd run it like a yard sale and make it clear: Some stuff is going to be sold.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiNot feeling this season of Ray Donovan... real slow...@BrittMcHenry you got it. See you then.@BrittMcHenry I concur. Lucy was awful.@richarddeitsch but eventually those shortcuts will expose you. I think...."There are no shortcuts to success...." -Frank "The Big Hurt" Thomas, 2014 HOFFrank Thomas is laying his heart out. Good stuff.
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