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Floating in a bubble in Wicked :)

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@AndreaClarinet @WICKED_Musical @Valerie89Austen :))) thank u!@ElderMcPriceley aww well that ain't true! You're so sweet@xLoveMx xoxo!@ShowButterflyy you're gonna be amazing! Trust yourself!@gpinksen thanks for coming!@BriannaHope23 thank u!@Camp_Ashley16 :)))@ShaleenG thanks for coming!@ValDaubert777 see u there!@lelahrosie so sweet!@JoLily1 for good:) I love my girl, Laurel!@alexeiflores :)))) thank u:)@grantmemywish cute! :))@fangirling_bway at this point, through November:)@clancambeul wow, thank you so much!@October32nd xoxo!@thatpebbleskid what a sweet message:) thank u!@mrw1965 awwww! How sweet! Glad you came!@AmandaAnnexo thank u!@revoltingphan97 @ElderMcPriceley :)))@LKeindel thank you for comin!@JennRobinson101 hope you enjoyed it! Thanks sweet gal:)@erikabubblez13 @madtrum we sure are:)@DavidMcIntyre12 thank you! Glad you enjoyed it:)@LKeindel aww so sweet! Thank you so much! Love the pic;)@EllePhabaa thank you!@StefanJamess thank you! I am super proud of this company. Glad you enjoyed its,@Ekikki89 thank you!@BreannaK0204 thank you for being so supportive while we were there! Xoxo!@Valerie89Austen thank you so much!@lillexasays thank you sweet girl!@steph41493 we had a blast! Thank u!@chriswhitford17 great to meet you too! Had so much fun!@Nick_B_Rad wow, thank you so much! What a sweet thing to say:)@_ssaw @_cathyfung thank you for coming!@Newsiesfansie1 thank you sweet girl:)@eldercunningdam @ElderMcPriceley oh goodness! Sending healing your way!@bwaylover24601 I love it! Thank you!@Rosellard_00 xoxo!@MadameInfamy @WICKED_Musical @Kcmassey1 yay! Break a leg with your last couple shows! Wishing I could be there to cheer you all on!@kallies_life sure am! Unless something awful happens...god forbid@nessyschu thank you!@DanikaCEnad thank you!@yererster awww so sweet!@jenagron43 thanks for saying hello! Xo!@JaneGuintoYYC thank you for coming!@Brooklyn_Newsie @AMRichardson3 :))) much love!@agent_chuckles I almost always meet folks at the stage door:)@BrianneeN16 aww thanks pretty girl!@jeffonjackYYC awesome! Thank you for this!@jenagron43 I'm completely and utterly human:) xo!@kayleyprance haha! Love it! Thank you for coming!@CaityBucks @adambaptie @BACTouring :))) thanks!@TarzanDan @BACTouring wow! Thank you! So nice of you!@CTVIanWhite @BACTouring thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it:))@Phoenixonair thank YOU for coming!
@TommyBracco I love you to pieces! Were your ears ringing? I've been talking about you:). Boy do I miss you!
@CharleboisNYC love you, bday girl!!!
@hollywoodmandy we try to stage door as much as we can!@alanaharbin thank you for your kind words!@meganp2423 thank you sweet girl:)@autumn_hayley xoxo! :)))))@hannahbway98 @chrismchairell you two are sweet:)@JShmig yay! Thank you!@holykneecaps thank YOU for coming!@dustin_cook3 yes I will be there!@gajarchibald thank you!@jennphoenix1 not sure yet!@stephinator87 :)@theatregal1414 no I loved it! You are way too generous! Thank you!@Chele615 thank you SO much for coming! Great to see you both!@lopitz95 @CharleboisNYC thank you hun! We have a great time out there together:)@RyanTbo27 haha! Wow thank you!@EllePhabaa thank you sweetheart!@IridescentJen yay!@ericathanas so glad!@GabrielaAlesia repetition!@live_dead wow thank you so much!@MissKeke1020 :) xoxo!@kalyna_marie you just be the best YOU you can be! I'm still trying to do that.... :)@DianaNatali401 amazing!@CindyLeeSamuel aww thank you!@irwinsgirl13 awww thank you!@sdhalfyard that's right! :)@LKeindel haha!@MzXXVI yay!@OneVoiceOneLife haha! Love it:)@lauraklepachek thank you for coming!@megmeanyxo sure am!@WICKED2NT :)@ShelleyElise13 hope you enjoyed it!@Lauraromamo oh my! Feel better!@broadway_baes thank you hun:)@BreannaK0204 wow thank you so much!@julianaturlee awww thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!@Newsiesfansie1 :)@JennRobinson101 thank you so much! Glad you could come!
@danielaverriere not true at all! Very grateful:))
@AlyssaFox EARLYYYYYY :))))
@princessmgirl thank you for coming!
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