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Floating in a bubble in Wicked :)

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@AndrewEllestad thank you so much!@PlaybillMattB oh mylanta!!! Well then you best be gettin yo bottom to see the wicked! :)@KaraLindsayFans xoxo!!!@BekahGaga oh my goodness! So sweet if you!@peacelovemagic1 @hollywoodmandy happy birthday to you!!!@RTR_austin thank you so much!@Nicjorgi thank you so much! Glad you had fun!
@GHawe @therealsieber @MatildaBroadway i love himmmmm!!!!!! ugh, brilliance!@livvyg44 awwww!!!! So sweet!@HESilf smoke and mirrors, girl!@danbixby :)))@HayleyLinnea thank you sweet gal!@danbixby thank youuu!!!@BrodyRyan thank u!!! So sweet of you!@danthelen thank you! Glad u enjoyed it!@rochandda thank you so much!@CarlynEJones yayyyy! Thank you!@PlaybillMichael I miss you!!! Love you so so so much! Fridays make me think of froyo Friday with our girl, @nikkibohne love you!!!@13madixoxo hope you have a good time!!!@Trutheatrekid so sweet! Thank u!@bwaydreamer0324 thanks gal!!!@FlyingHighWKD yayyyy!!!@StevieCarlstrom thank u so much!@bailey_ee thank u!!!@nattiecattie000 smoke and mirrors, girl. :) and more smoke and mirrors@KelliAnn84 thank you!!!@Rosellard_00 @WICKED_Musical xoxo!!@K_G_F_ @cbert821 @TwoCortWort thanks y'all! You da best!@TwoCortWort thank you!!!@pancholuvsu ooooo I love me some Florida!@Brooklyn_Newsie thank u! Love!@Rosellard_00 @WICKED_Musical awww thank u!@SophWar2009 :))))@TheresaAnnie heck yeah!!!! ROC!@JoshOBrien95 I love it! Perfect tiara:))) thank u!@khiavdim thank u!@cloudy_lullaby you're so sweet! Thank you!@JennRobinson101 yayyyyy!!!@pancholuvsu :)))) hehe thank u!@monicadivino thank u, hun!@andrizz looking good, ladies! ;)@showchoirshow :)@syd10801 eeeeeekkkkk!!!! So fun!@JMARES_4143 thanks!@seizingthedayy thank you!!!@danielaverriere haha! You are sweet!@avitalmusic aww thank you so much!@grassmahgirl Welp, I like sugar too much:)))@Newsiesfansie1 thank you sweetheart!@IDS_Deeds @WICKED_Musical @morrisoncenter @IDS_DanaOland Thank you! Hope you had a good time! Loving it here in BEAUTIFUL Boise!@grassmahgirl Oh my goodness!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! I got it last night! I already ate half the basket of candy! I am so grateful! THANK YOU!@CharleboisNYC I adore you!!!! thank you lovely!@PlaybillMattB Thank you so much, Matt! xoxo!!!
@broadwayfreak13 happy birthday!!!
@hollywoodmandy thank you pretty girl!@NinaMuldoon xoxo!@Melbell618 so sweet! Thank u!@DreaMag thank you!!!@KatieeBaabyy thank you!!!@jasminewithrice great to see you, beautiful girl!!!@JustYocheved it's so much fun! I'm having a great time!@BAKERYxFRESH well come on out and see us!!! :)))@Em_Chavez03 wow, thank you!!@JeffersonKailey best of luck!@BruskPoetEd thank you so much!@SingingMomR :)))@hawktchr so so sweet! Thank you so much!@anonnewsie I would love that! Ugh!@KaraLindsayFans thank you:)@thelisagodfrey yay!@Newsiesgirl I know, I'm terrible with social media!@m_petey16 happy birthday to Sarah!@HESilf me too! :(@SydneeShabree thank you so much!@ashleyyescobarr thank you so much sweetheart! Your cards brought me so much joy:)@neekster glad you could come!@BabyBroadway I'll take it! :)@jessica_hixson1 thank you so much! Very sweet of you!@lexohlie thank u!!!@ekeogh22 thank u so much!@taylor_stage xoxo!@Revoltingfansie thank u so much!@madithefansie haha!!!! Spot on :)@Newsiesfansie1 awww you are sweet@markcombs11 thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the show!@Schmidt2Joseph aww! I miss it too! But I'm having a great time out here as well!@ingridtheozian thanks gal! Plenty of PB being consumed! :)@BrookeCaroline1 I'm not sure how that works but I'm sure there's a way. Maybe check the website?@broadwaysbabies Hayley!@incredibella awww thank you so much!@RachelE_Potter fave costume? Hmmmmm...probably the pink popular dress cuz it reminds me of a tutu:) hehe
"Hey, Ry" Tommy Martinez at Lyric Tramp: The Songs of Alex Rubin @leastimfunny you are genius! #bwayhungergames http://t.co/PqV3C7QJ0Z
Some tea inspiration for the day:) http://t.co/Xp7zsmymr9@MadelineR411 wow! Thank u! So sweet:)@neekster yay!!!@ewcaitlyn awww you are a sweetheart!@Sam_Ryan97 awww:)@Revoltingfansie @ordinaryFansie happy belated birthday to you! Much love!@hannah_bubbles awww thank u! Glad u enjoyed it!@karinalg thank u so much!
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