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Floating in a bubble in Wicked :)

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@bri_conley come on ova girly!@rsingerr miss you sweet gal!@rochandda i'm the definition of weird :)@yodaniphantom so sweet!@abbsgarza you can do it!!!@tobigreenberg THANK YOU!!!@SingingMomR @Disney @AJbway i could DEFINITELY live with that! :)@AshleeyN thank you!@bethkeeler11 what a high compliment! thank you!@samlevine98 what a sweet message! you made my day:) much love!@BisforBecca_ yayyy!@PopPrincess08 xo!@macd1982 thank you for your sweet words!@DominiqueDS thank you for coming!@justaglimpse43 wow thank you!@stu180theatre true statement :)@CBCMusicSonica thank you! glad you could come!@juliannah0pe its hard! just relaxing actually helps the most. you can do it!@PopPrincess08 aww thank you!@RaceIsMyERSTER_ no clue:( things happen rather slowly...then quickly in this business. very odd. love!@LiveLaughLeigh awesome! see ya soon!@Airwin33 thank you for coming! :)@StatusMoniz thank you!@michelle_ash aww thank you! very grateful :)@esther8williams haha!!! yay!!!@SARINACYEN oooo fun! so close you could see our nose hairs? :) thank you for comin!@danielaverriere woohooo!!!! see ya soon!@CDNgleek thank you! xo!@SaraCheyanne03 yay!!! thank you for coming!@Spnzr thank you! i appreciate your kind words!@KaraLindsayFans come to toronto! xoxox!!!!@heidihodi oh wow! these are the greatest compliments:) SO glad you enjoyed it.@chrismchairell i love NC! my husband is from there. would have loved to have toured through there too!@fangirling_bway well thank you, girl! xo!@1majorgleek thank you so much!@Chele615 thank you lovely gal!@SarahBumstead Thank you for coming! I didn't pretend to recognize you! I remembered your face:) LOVE@Lauraromamo haha! well, i understand ;)@Lauraromamo awww! well don't do THAT! @madtrum is a pretty fabulous Elphaba, though:) xo!@iKrystalWatkins we should be here! xo!"@BrianSills is the reason I have a job right now playing Glinda in “Wicked”." @KaraLindsay1 #audition #coaching info http://t.co/NZiQoSMk8s
Retweeted by Kara Lindsay@abbsgarza I'm sure you were wonderful!@BabyBroadway LOVE!@BroadwayFreak92 Thanks sweetness!@Wayne_DMan thank you so much! Just come to the stage door and we will be there after all the shows:)@this17girly I'm not on that tour:( I'm sorry!!!@ThespianThings Thank you! so sweet!@shan_fernando thank you for coming!@timparent @morningshowto see you soon! :)
@AdamSKaplan @Aveenjer screams!!!!!! Ahhhh!!! I love you both:)
@canadatie awww thank you so much!@Aveenjer @J_Dawg86 @D_Guzz :((( I miss that too!!!!@JennRobinson101 I am so sorry I missed you! Fighting a stupid cold:( It's been a struggle this week. Hoping you are able to come back!
@iKrystalWatkins please come back!@iKrystalWatkins I am so so sorry! So sad to miss this afternoon:(
@StefunnyStyles so excited for you!!! Have a wonderful time! I cannot wait to see you shine in this role! You're going to be fabulous! Xo!@Newsies oops "touring CAST*" stupid auto correct:)
@NapOnACott @GHawe @AdamSKaplan awwww!!! remember when we tried to do a chimes chopt vine video? I think it took 398 takes... :)Sending love and CONGRATS to the touring cart of @Newsies as they begin rehearsals!!! Enjoy this exciting time! Xoxo!
Toronto bound! Yesss!!!! #letsgoAmtrak #toofreakinslow!
@BroadwayFreak92 xoxo! Much love:)@maia_idina :(@KeenanBlogger just saw this! :((( miss you so....@LizabelLombardi yay ROC! Thank you, girl.@SanJoYouKnow xoxo!@bri_conley :))))@missions104 xoxo! :)@HoogenPenguin aww thank u!@PopPrincess08 oh my goodness! That's amazing!@riaALBA thank you! Love@rem_rem24 xoxo!@klklk2029 how wonderful!@KaraLindsayFans well said! :))))@kdavis310 xoxo!@StirMyCoffee can't wait to be there!@meganp2423 :)))@Catholic_Britt this is wonderful! Thank you!@GabbyBruce thank you so much!@ecrawford27 i do not:( I think there's mailing info on the wicked website? Munchkinland tour:). Thank u!@sulalulu thank you!@lilmsliss thank you so much!@eatoneeds beautiful!@Lauraromamo sending good vibes your way! Yay!@grankled wow! That's amazing! Great work:)@ShowButterflyy so sweet, thank you:)@livia_kirasic nice!@Smooshylooshy awww! I'd be so happy to meet you too! Don't feel uncomfortable! I promise it's painless:)@theNatassiaS just be you... The rest will fall into place. And be kind:)@keepingupwithky haha!@ashleyyescobarr thank YOU! You are way too sweet to give us such beautiful gifts and LOVE:) hoping you got home safely! Xo@sa_broc yay! Happy birthday! Be smart! ;) #21@TwoCortWort awww how wonderful! You are a sweetheart:)@NverlandDenelle happy birthday! Glad you enjoyed the show!@capsmeup awww thank you so much! So nice of you!
My heart is with my Newsies family...today and ALWAYS. What a beautiful journey we had together. Wishing I was there with you today. LOVE@Watermelanie93 I wish so badly I could be there. Hurts my heart to miss this:(
#flashbackfriday #newsiesforever #sorryicantstoptweetingnewsiesthoughts http://t.co/4WxkT2S6vo@hikevmetz missing you:((((@Newsies Hannah/ smalls! And I was was TERRIBLE! @hikevmetz and Laurie were trying to coach me through it:)Had a dream about @Newsies closing last night...all the alumni came back and played different roles for the last show. Amazeballs!
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