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Wilted and faded somewhere in Brooklyn.

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@ComfortablySmug @nytimes Was just sending to you...Same. https://t.co/YcXMPyLt9L@united I made it to Austin last night with no customer service help. How do I go about a refund for my cancelled flight??"Nothing is more interesting to New Yorkers than 1) money and 2) living in New York." https://t.co/1IyiexBzCt@Nebrewska I'm a zombie, but I've made it.I'm in a rental car with 3 strangers driving from Houston to Austin thanks to a canceled flight by @united.@iamfiscus Pssst. Get pizza. I'll eat some (most) of it. 🍕@DanePryse His beard is wet so I know he's hydrated.
My go-to flying album. So chill, so awesome: https://t.co/F7Q67xSwnn@montoyan Join? Oh... more wine.@montoyan #2 now, Nick. And pretty sure the couple next to me are getting handsy.@MsBelleBath He wouldn't dare. (Unless he's buying us drinks)@MsBelleBath Ugh. That's the worst! Big spoon me and don't squish me or GTFO of my bed. Same rules go for Abner too.@TadAllagash Indeed. He's done filming now and is excited to relax and rake in the cash.@DanePryse 👆😭It's more difficult than ever to be financially successful in the medical field, & it will only get worse: http://t.co/rs0JY4gdHI
Retweeted by Katie@Ryan_STT Been there (but not the D)One whole weeknd without the baby! What if he forgets me?! http://t.co/zmyKgxmwi95 years later, nothing has changed! 😐 http://t.co/xoY6HTnBoB.@ComfortablySmug Me right now... waiting for flight attendant http://t.co/DICTPFAvVJTime passes so slowly when you're waiting for the in-flight drink cart.Need career advice from like 1000 people. Also need 1000 drinks rn.People that have their email written in their signature... in an email. 😒Love that Blur album cover so much tho @NoiseyMusicStop it!!! https://t.co/q2dVb62zzo@ComfortablySmug http://t.co/uK1V3iPIzf@Nebrewska I woke up to this awful image. https://t.co/CJd5TjMCcD
@ComfortablySmug Lovely! I just bathed the baby, and now I'm packing for a weekend getaway whilst listening to some Holiday.Homeless man found dead on L train, appeared to be sleeping. http://t.co/5q2uvLCUKD http://t.co/jEljabczFb
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@montoyan @hassankhan "No, girl. I'm leaving the Fitbit ON."@RussianBear The ending... "Blow me!"@hilarycakes The answer is no!@BlueShelled22 Roondaboots!
@ComfortablySmug 😂😂😂 This is an incredibly catchy tune! We keep playing it in the office !
‘Veep,’ ‘Silicon Valley’ and the intrusion of real-life events http://t.co/TNk9s7lODN
Retweeted by Katie@ComfortablySmug #thatcouldbeusbutyouplayin@ComfortablySmug Veep too!| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄  ̄| | Silicon Valley | | is better than | |Game of Thrones | | _______| (\__/) || (•ㅅ•) || /   づ"
Retweeted by Katie@ComfortablySmug 🙌🙌🙌🙌@kylef Sometimes he's British, sometimes he's a southern gentleman."Did you take it yet, mum? http://t.co/mszhbbrq4XEast River fish consumption advisory 🐟 http://t.co/zwroWW6OV7@ShanersMD You too! 👍@ShanersMD It's more of a "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone" phenomenon. Also, it's a huge indicator of Spring!I miss Spring in the suburbs when the goth teens emerge from the shadows, wearing their leather trench coats and wander the streets.#RunfortheParks! (at @CentralParkNyc in New York, NY) https://t.co/LQhg3RSc0g
Murray Hill crowd has infested my home base bar. #endofdays
Hanging out with plush animals counts as partying.
Retweeted by Katie@Kater_tot For the record, that was the price of a bottle!Happy Friday, happy prosecco! http://t.co/yo9b8SSQQE@darth @Jessica_Effect @gayannsmith #crimpedhairdontcare http://t.co/QIYgC83aAm@darth @Jessica_Effect @gayannsmith #dorkcity@ComfortablySmug is this your application for the book club?@Jessica_Effect Happy #NationalSiblingsDay, dollface <3 http://t.co/Z0ocLBl1D0Not pictured: Me, today. http://t.co/JZ7Py470Bc@dmarknewman The latter, sir.I tore a hole in two different pairs of tights already today. I should have my womanhood membership revoked or something...@ComfortablySmug Just about to make breakfast actually.. https://t.co/rc42o91nXY@gayannsmith Nobody, ma. Nobody.
@k_ved Hope that created a karaoke itch that needs scratched when you return, kved.@talktoskirt Airport bars are some of my favorite places on earth.@dasan That is a terrifying thought, technologically speaking.My neighbor probably thinks I watch weird cartoons all night considering the various voices I use to speak to Abner. ?@scootes @erikhinton "Only in New York..."@_MissVP @SoBendito omfg. WHO ARE THE TWO PEOPLE THAT LIKE THAT!?Emoing out in the office to throwback @taylorswift13 <3 https://t.co/zRY9ZBAHJ9Something for a rainy day: Lemon Macarons from our pastry kitchen! http://t.co/Qo6wNQYvJA
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@Jessica_Effect #eurotrip RT @WIRED: Go inside the quirky, futuristic spa towns of Germany http://t.co/jnxR1KppAa http://t.co/pXiopHT2kvNoisy upstairs neighbors finally reveal what they're doing up there http://t.co/p12Q7IMj66 via @mashable "Their ceiling is our stage."The cast of 'Silicon Valley' on how they topped the "hand-job math" scene this season: http://t.co/qMB8KV9NCM http://t.co/Cqp7KVDiPp
Retweeted by Katie@darth Nope. I'm not mature enough to appreciate it as a noun, Darth.Really love all uses of the adjective "succulent"@erikhinton @k_crutchfield Still getting acclimated to the new album! If you want the ultimate ceiling-staring track, try "Swan Dive" also.@erikhinton Waxahatchee for the win! cc @k_crutchfield"None of My Boyfriends Know We’re Dating http://t.co/PW1PdimXmB via @manrepeller" I'M NOT ALONE http://t.co/WaXi1LRo0G
Retweeted by Katie@ara1c black!It's 12pm on a Wednesday.One of my favorite, elderly female patients grabbed my chin, examined my lips and said, "Who you been kissing?!" 😳 WHAT?!
@jp730 @hgwnyc Congrats! 💎😳 RT @nypost: It costs $7,500 a year to buy carrots for this gigantic rabbit http://t.co/kxK5Gg3H7t http://t.co/62Vhl542QtNothing more embarrassing than the Sex and the City theme song blasting from your TV when you've misjudged the volume.SAME. @brooklynmag: When we die, please bury us in cheese + wine @pairwinecheese http://t.co/3HsVYRUvZK http://t.co/61tfnkyOSy@donalderyan @Jessica_Effect I do! I miss her every day! And I get to see her in less than 2 weeks!Billie Holiday (died 1959) was born 100 years ago today: #Gottlieb http://t.co/Jjxiiz5Pls
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Why isn't "barfing cat" sound a home alarm? I think burglars would think twice about coming into a room where there's a barfing cat.
Retweeted by KatieIn a perfect world, runners passing each other on the bridge would give one another encouraging high fives. cc @nbrooklynrunner@ilkandcookies @k_ved "C'mon, man. Don't let your mouth write a check your butt can't cash!" <--- that's awesome.@ilkandcookies I'm not, Wilkins!!Everyone is smoking weed down by the water http://t.co/aXZ2OXLX0hWait. What's going on with almonds?? Almonds are essentially the base of my personal food pyramid.@BromonaTheBrave @k_ved @ShanersMD @montoyan Whatever you guys are referring to, I want to eat it.@montoyan @k_ved @BromonaTheBrave Don't forget Bottomz Up!@montoyan @k_ved @BromonaTheBrave You guys moving to wburg soon then??
@k_ved That first one is a fave 👍Depraved French film. Happy Easter to me! (@ Walter Reade Theater in New York, NY) https://t.co/PNjUZrLdww@ComfortablySmug @infatuation @DelawareHudson Let's go!Happy Easter, from my bunny to yours! 👯 http://t.co/wzdRxwlEO2“A story can be like a mad, lovely visitor, with whom you spend a rather exciting weekend.” —Lorrie Moore http://t.co/ozlYkH4w71
Retweeted by Katie"I dare you to train for a marathon, and not have it change your life." - Susan Sidoriak
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When I accidentally tap the @Seamless app instead of the @netflix app, and just go with it.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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