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Katie @Kater_tot Brooklyn, NY

You jump, I jump, Jack.

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@nycsouthpaw Happy birthday, pup!@layla4288 Rudy but spelled "Roody" !@noahsolo 🐽Does everyone else get plus-sized clothing ads promoted in their Twitter feed or am I being trolled?@Nebrewska :( Abner likes to go after my running shoesAngel Olsen unveils 'Windows' video – watch http://t.co/dFyHI0YIdj
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Life goals: Emily Gilmore -- "There's something nice about simple cloth." http://t.co/oNIxvaDWVxWinning trivia team name: Fear and Loathing in Stars Hallow@EllyHB I could have used your expertise for the trivia, Ms. Higginbottom.Rules of the Gilmore Girls drinking game @Videology http://t.co/byhr6oGwl9"Have you ever levitated a Rottweiler?"Ace is about to dominate! (at @Videology for Gilmore Girls Party in Brooklyn, NY) https://t.co/l2vMrDRZec@SoBendito aww "puddled"Cleveland plans 100-gigabit broadband network: http://t.co/9Zeq4iCet7 http://t.co/HmERTwEmIG
Retweeted by KatieLorelai & Rory like our nachos. @pilotbacon @tvhangover http://t.co/f9jHW3Uray
Retweeted by KatieNothing is ever spicy enough anymore.@BrennaEhrlich If you haven't had the pleasure of viewing this already... you're welcome: https://t.co/NxDzz7neaUBrain Scans Reveal What Dogs Really Think of Us http://t.co/O7sJY1DicN via @micnews http://t.co/JQVwDrRAPhWhen getting dressed this morning ask yourself, "Which of Jerry Seinfeld's girlfriends should I channel today?" http://t.co/8KoRxtk3zG
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@MotionToStrike @ragusauce :-/ https://t.co/EO4pahokhHOne of the sexiest songs I know http://t.co/GY7M4F0krA@doug_gross Indeed! Can't flip anything anymore, except my hair. Have to refrain from slamming my phone on the pavement after an angry call.@CFMcG @cnntech @doug_gross There was something cool and satisfying about the action and sound of flipping a phone closed when ending a call
@Videology It's the Gilmore Girl way.@Videology Not anymore! Just snatched it up!@noahsolo May you be the boy with the most cake. Happy birthday!Rivers Cuomo joined Real Estate for "No Other One" on stage in LA (watch) http://t.co/keDQptF26M via @brooklynveganThese Whimsical GIFs Of Cats Are The Perfect Pick-Me-Ups For Your Day http://t.co/8bMVy89LEuTeeny 3-D printed livers are going on sale, helping pharmaceutical companies test new drugs http://t.co/MEZxWooCrI http://t.co/o7zFYNqC8N
Retweeted by KatieGuy Fieri with regular hair inserted into great works of art history http://t.co/gNxo2kAYmS http://t.co/7SqdEN8OaW
Retweeted by Katie#WilliamsburgYelpReviews http://t.co/het5f1QV9p@Kater_tot Let's die, Katie.
Retweeted by Katie@talktoskirt That's horribly cynical and I can't deal with reading that right now, Skirt.@dashbot @julesdwit There's a great @freakonomics podcast about this very issue: http://t.co/ZmufSmaZteJulian Casablancas says The Strokes will record new music 'if the vibe is right' http://t.co/8c4tsEN9kb
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Adorable idea RT @designtaxi: Toy company turns drawings into awesome one-of-a-kind plush toys http://t.co/yz1W6SrpqG http://t.co/jLfnPUGZhZThe 60 Best Songs Ever Written About New York City http://t.co/5TKEjLdbkS http://t.co/AHuQpu2Jth
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@noahsolo @Jessica_Effect Yes, please. We would all love to judge* her boobs** *see **nips@naufalsanaullah That was me for the past 15 minutes. Love LD.@Kater_tot Next-door bodega owner opened it for me! He called me loca!! 😊Well, can't get a container open!!! About to solicit strangers on the street to get this open for me.ONE MAN'S HEROIC, INSPIRING JOURNEY TO ATTEND A MUSIC FESTIVAL WITH A DEAD PHONE. http://t.co/UQmweOD5Q4
Retweeted by KatieThe Strange Dream World Of Singer Peggy Lee http://t.co/6JhmjkIcP9 via @soundcheck
@Mboltonfanatic Frankly, I prefer the frosted tips over that atrocity.@Mboltonfanatic *runs and hides* https://t.co/1gBcNLtmTuMonth-long poop cruise finally docks, promptly picks up new victims. http://t.co/sldebwKUPa
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@Jessica_Effect "But you're not sick of me, right, Jessica?" http://t.co/vcZA1GR15y@Ryan_STT @noahsolo or the female reproductive systemShe warmed up with bowl of soup and two pancakes! RT @Gawker: 91-year-old dead woman wakes up, is not dead. Whoops! http://t.co/9n8sPSZIb7
You might be creeped out by these photos that bring Renaissance paintings back to life: http://t.co/YKXIZXJJ2H http://t.co/mVP53yawQ2
Retweeted by KatieA patient gave me a calender of artwork by artists who've painted with their mouths and feet. :-/ #feet
@Jessica_Effect I love you sister. 😘 Can't wait to discuss #Serial (🍲) with you tomorrow.@Jessica_Effect You miss me.@MPH777 @talktoskirt Seeing him next Saturday!@nyctaper @glasslands Whaaa? Are they closing?!The Feral Cats of Disneyland http://t.co/uuXEcdfcNQ via @viceA fun photo series of dogs doing ‘jump shots’ http://t.co/JCRnWG2ane http://t.co/pc3pj0IaiZ
Retweeted by KatieA new book catalogs the entire art collection of the NYC subway system http://t.co/uLJ9e75wwn http://t.co/dAYNxaOhAV
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" Maybe the star doesn't even exist any more. Yet sometimes that light seems more real to me than anything." http://t.co/qlAh2O7Pfq@ComfortablySmug @darrenrovell @_youhadonejob Wow. Forget the outfit. He 'stached every year but one. Impressive."Normally I don't like a man's hair that short. It makes them look like a convict or a masseuse."@ComfortablySmug ❤'d This is How You Lose Her"Everyone knows ugly men make the best doctors!" -- Richard Gilmore wisdom@hilarycakes *squeals in high-pitch voice* "OK Abner. You go potty right now. Go potty. Go POTTY. GO POTTY ABNER!"Get your Gilmore Girls on at Videology. http://t.co/MSH2ed7ck3
Retweeted by Katie@Jessica_Effect @A_MICHELLI 🐾 RT @_Cooper: Paws goin' up on a Tuesday https://t.co/acGuANOHHF
@montoyan @ARTownsend @pollyNYC My middle school bf was married, has a small child, AND divorced. #life@k_ved @juliakatherine Mr. Chainz is better. Don't fool yourself, kved. LOOK BACK AT IT!@raisedinthecity ...from some guy on Twitter after furiously searching her name all day for that reason!@raisedinthecity Just Sam, but he was excellent. Stage set-up was perfectly set in the center. I emo'd out hardcore. Got a ticket day of...@raisedinthecity you missed a great waxahatchee and her sister show last night at le poisson rouge. She's playing again sans sister 12/10.Listen to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' @KarenO cover the Christmas standard "Marshmallow World" in a Target commercial http://t.co/PGRUgoDTx5
Retweeted by Katie"a pleasant kind of unpleasantness" RT @thescienceofus: Wallowing in sad songs is the best, science confirms http://t.co/7P5fuobmXoIntimate and unforgettable performance by @k_crutchfield last night at @lprnyc http://t.co/nNUHyg3sAx
<333 (@ Le Poisson Rouge - @lprnyc for Waxahatchee and Radiator Hospital in New York, NY) https://t.co/Y73Mf34jxEPopcorn and prosecco for dinner because #EMOnday.@BAFeldman Yes!! I do!@Videology Movie showing proposal: Stuck on You. Underrated comedy with two great actors! https://t.co/y4wtyafPZYDNA clues for how cats lost their fear of humans and learned to crap in a box. http://t.co/BNXr690HXE http://t.co/Qs8ca30WgL
Retweeted by Katie@k_crutchfield From one Katie to another: Need just one ticket! Would love to see you and your sister play in NYC tonight! #waxahatchee@A_MICHELLI Baby jammin' out on a Tuesday https://t.co/7k0ve9RbUl
Happy #NPWeek to more than 192,000 nurse practitioners who care for millions of patients in US annually! http://t.co/kaxRbGRWTR
Retweeted by Katie@lprnyc Are tickets still available to purchase in person for the @k_crutchfield show tomorrow?@Jessica_Effect I'm not. It's on Netflix! Tremendously more convenient."Did you just eat a Three Musketeers?" No. "Are you sure? You really smell like nougat." -Kirk@SoBendito omg Abner is way cuter than that dog! Are you at Union Sq now?Trending: Dog Protects Baby from Shadow http://t.co/tt7GutQlvo http://t.co/ckmB1lvfAo
Retweeted by KatieSaturday night satisfaction http://t.co/z5UaxpLtpI
I didn't realize the various health benefits in addition to being delectable! | How (and Why) to Use Bone Marrow http://t.co/sCxv0ybC9R@ComfortablySmug Indeed. But I have to maintain my girlish figure!@ComfortablySmug Doomsday prepper pro (pun most definitely intended)! I've vowed to not eat any more sugary cereal until next October.If you build it, he will come. @ McCarren Park http://t.co/fhB0ueAqdEWill the good @kingjames bestow upon Cleveland $500 million? http://t.co/tiHgP8IS9q
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The history of Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn’s longest street. http://t.co/KnCrKn06vs
Retweeted by KatieA heartwarming, tearjerker this is <3 MT @mymodernmet: This commercial, featuring a penguin http://t.co/21slMJc4PP http://t.co/SusrRvyb5PDoes Your Dog Love You? How a Dog's Brain Responds to the Smell of a Familiar Human http://t.co/uhqRQ73eCVI hate the smell of stale beer reeking from a stranger's pores on the train. It's just too much in the morning.Larry David's Guide to Social Etiquette http://t.co/wXONAKxvjV via @ComplexPop
@montoyan If we're talking literal island, then sure, Champagne may be a bad choice. But for any other circumstance, bubbles every day.@Munderstruck @garyward It appears that you're just listening to shitty music.
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