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I'm a little lamb who's lost in the wood.

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LOLs @Jessica_Effect that gif thoI'm bros with the Tony Soprano of my neighborhood which is always a good place to be. I have no other choice.@SarahNEmerson It means because we have to endure strange men saying, "hey baby, why don't you smile," we can do whatever we want.Hey, hey! Marry meee, Archieee ❀ This is terribly cynical and wherever you got it from stop@naufalsanaullah Lucky for you "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" is still availableThis never happened so say BYE KATE & LEO.@Mboltonfanatic Of course, this classic can never be ignored!
But more importantly... Blue moon moon Can I be the puffy to your mase?✌legit✌quit@lastbadasstion #keepsavingcawhere is frank ocean
Retweeted by Katie@MsBelleBath Bad bitches is the only thing that I like. My pearls and heels ensemble is a waste in BK. 😩😩😩@nycsouthpaw @k_ved See you both in 15.Summer Fridays are great, but if everyone else is working (if a tree falls in the forest), do I even make a sound?@FriendlessMean cc @msbellebathWhen you rush back to office after lunch and they announce you're having a summer Friday... @lastbadasstion Truue. Radiohead, Kanye, and Weezer is our soundtrack and I'm πŸ’•β€@lastbadasstion Pssst. We're eating oysters and it's a month that doesn't have an "R" in it!Impromptu lunch with Belle @MsBelleBath 🌸 Sushi and sake! See you soon <3@MsBelleBath Meet me for lunch instead!@ComfortablySmug I see what you did there and it's NOT ok. @gayannsmithTitanic party at my place. TONIGHT. HURRY. me alone, @GooglePlus! No one likes you anyway!
@grisuy yes!! 🎺🎢 And I'll DM@Jessica_Effect Uhh... I kind of do that without you around Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―Awesome playlist and fun fact today, courtesy of @Spotify NETFLIX N CHILL (can't ever chill)@erinscafe @ATTCares @ATT @ATTOnlyModeratelyCares @ATTReallyDoesntCaretbqh LOLs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@erinscafe This policy truly infuriates me like no other. WTF is my plan unlimited if it's actually limited?! @ATTCares@jabriella Congrats, Gabs! πŸ’πŸ’‘@naufalsanaullah @Forbes @EMostaque Agreed! Technology/digital innovations have the ability to transform healthcare like no other industry.@montoyan I knooowww. It's killing all of us. Either way, Channel Orange is boss.@michaelhafford @DeirdreKoala You know, the incognito tabs reference-- where all the mobile porn is viewedFrank Oceaning in the office today. 🌊❀@DeirdreKoala Girl, don't swift shame yourselfCVS And IBM's Watson Cloud Pursue Ways To Predict Patient Health via @forbesIntimate Vestiges-- so fascinating and bizarre DJ Mr. WorldwideMusic gives some people "skin orgasms"
Retweeted by Katie@gayannsmith He was bad, mom! Dogs need discipline! 😠🐾@k_ved good #tbt beats, kved.β€œAnonymous pleasure hurts nobody.” β€”Vladimir Nabokov
Retweeted by Katie
@darth HE'S GROUNDED!@darth he's a bad boy, darth!I caught him red-handed scratching the drywall!Dog jail! music videos in unds at 6pm because it's too damn hot to think or do anything else.@MsBelleBath πŸŒ²πŸŒ³πŸ€πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒ±@MsBelleBath U know U gon end up at my apt, girlWhat does music look like? How to visualize music in 8 cool album covers. That looks like a little brussels!Romanticizing the misery of winter
β€œHow odd I can have all this inside me and to you it’s just words.” ― David Foster Wallace
Retweeted by Katie"All relationships are cheats of convenience, but NYers are cruel enough to neglect a bond due only to trackwork on the L."😎 I'm IN! Unless you're wife'd up by then... <3Hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof!He always stops us to say hello and teaches Abner español!LIVE photo from my dog walker-- This is Abner's best friend and abuelo on the corner!
@tinkermellie @SoBendito @grisuy Exhibitionists.. like Will Arnett in sntc! cc @jabriella 😜@SoBendito @tinkermellie @grisuy Can't believe you LEFT!@MsBelleBath Reminds me of your artistically crafted salads Dalí's rare, erotic vintage cookbook
Retweeted by Katie@hassankhan πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ = health care providers of choice for millions of Americans annually #NPsLead
Retweeted by Katie@ComfortablySmug Oh wow! Paul, your hair is so luscious and your musical composition and performance skills are on fleek!@nycsouthpaw That's already covered by @Gothamist.@Jessica_Effect Oh look. And dad timed it up so perfectly 2 years later πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ (@Nebrewska)
@Jessica_Effect He said he was going to take me to πŸ‡΅πŸ‡· πŸ˜•@stphnbckr @noahsolo @SoBendito @georgepearkes Def coming!Papi just told me I need to stop wearing sunscreen because I'm too pale πŸ‘»Superb illustrations inspired by vintage horror posters by John Perlock
Retweeted by Katie10 great audiobooks that will make you smarter about business
Retweeted by Katie
Lush bridge to the heavens #livingpyramid @ Socrates Sculpture Park TRUβ€œThe weather is too devilish hot to talk about love.” β€”Mark Twain via @parisreviewDelight in #MauricePrendergast's balmy "Late Afternoon, Summer."
Retweeted by KatieI had a dream I was hoarding bottles of seltzer, then I woke up dying of thirst
@Jessica_Effect @MsBelleBath @michaelhafford You all are invited to my place, fyi. πŸ™†πŸ’@hassankhan πŸ™‹Have you seen this unicorn? I'm done! I bounced!Is this what being a millennial is-- having a conversation via Instagram comments on a meme acct?Won't anyone wander around Calvary Cemetery with me??@SarahNEmerson I was thinking that same thing yesterday! So much Korn love.@juanyfbaby At LEAST 10 ft@lastbadasstion I feel the need to send you all things @U2 related @ComfortablySmug That is why we πŸ’– each other.@MsBelleBath @ComfortablySmug While this is true, I've always been sassy. And I'm not tolerating Smug's smugness today!!!!!@ComfortablySmug I get neither options from you..A little boy can't do it by himself! Sheesh.'ve already mentally checked out in braless, related news..
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