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@A_W_Gordon @BryanAGraham sadly@BryanAGraham @A_W_Gordon Glenn Foley, Quincy Carter, and Brooks Bollinger are probably the highlights of my time as a Jets fan@A_W_Gordon i'm going to fight you@A_W_Gordon I knew Jimmy Clausen existed. A few years from now, the only players I'll know will be marginal quarterbacksCutler getting benched for Jimmy Clausen is the kind of thing that only happens in fan fiction and Infowars posts. Naturally, I'm ecstaticAn advantage of this being sort of a diffuse year for music: there are a lottttt of different albums rep'd here http://t.co/k84xTns9eMthis Sony-hack episode of Prince Movies captures the spirit of a more innocent time (yesterday morning around 9 PT) http://t.co/5DukvEJenw
Retweeted by sauncho smilax, esqCHODCAST! RT @davidcho: .@CKlosterman, @phoeber, and I recorded a podcast about the podcast Serial: http://t.co/UD8Gg6lkTE
Retweeted by sauncho smilax, esqThis is your year-end reminder that You're the Worst had the best music + @andygreenwald made a playlist of it: https://t.co/CrBQRgwTRe
Retweeted by sauncho smilax, esq@maxsilvestri "shoehorning Christoph Waltz into Supporting Actor categories for leading-actor roles is the height of Western arrogance"Great piece by @chaykak on the changed definition of the job and our cultural-economic attitude towards it http://t.co/lFhGUF64wR"Excuse me, I'm calling to check on the status of my petition to rename the White House 'The Big Ol' White House'"Get on this train or be left in the past, America RT @scott_tobias: @sternbergh @KTLincoln The Counselor is a magnificent motion picture.@sternbergh @scott_tobias I hope it's just one two-hour slow-zoom into Cameron Diaz's smirking cat-eyes@sternbergh @scott_tobias same! I watched it again two nights ago and it is even more beautifully bonkers and original than I remembered
@A_W_Gordon this is like if I tweeted "purple" and you responded "that's a color"@misterpatches mostly that I'm a cave troll of bougie coffeeshops on the east side of LA and that I'm easily impressed by minimalismMy breathless excitement about this new Silver Lake coffeeshop I'm sitting in is all you need to know about me, reallyJ.K. Rowling Announces That 'Harry Was Heavy Into Coke And Pills From Book 4 On, And Really, Doesn't That Explain A Lot?'@jwherrman Hey,J.K. Rowling Announces That The Real Ending Of Harry Potter Is Kevin From 'Home Alone' Waking Up After A Long Dream About WizardsJ.K. Rowling Announces That Harry Potter Is Actually A DogJ.K. Rowling Announces That All The Students At Hogwarts Had iPhones, She Came Up With The Idea, SeriouslyToday's ~song a day~ was Timi Yuro's "What's a Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You)?" and it bowled me the fuck over: http://t.co/F2SbPKz7EG
Retweeted by sauncho smilax, esqWith the Jeb news today, my Early Bird Guide to the 2016 Presidential Race for VICE is starting to come alive http://t.co/HLnjqHIDrPFew things frighten me more than the chance that I could somehow be exposed to the depths and breadth of Pinterest@audevwhite @rachelysanders @Alannabean "the baby is whatever the baby wants to be... and you are too"@Alannabean @audevwhite wait, this is the first time I'm ever hearing of "gender reveal cakes"@audevwhite @Alannabean The Secret, but for chill@Alannabean like uber, but for chill@gluckstadt she realizes that it's unnecessary@djuntunen @rachsyme Rachel's taste is impeccable across the boardHow to tell if someone has good taste: if their main interest in the Sony leaks is Amy Pascal's emailing style, they have good tasteLast regular HP pod of the year w/ @andygreenwald on Black Messiah, Top 5, Homeland, leaks, and STOCKING STUFFERS http://t.co/KaGhASqe80
Retweeted by sauncho smilax, esq
@chaykak @harmancipants this is punk as hellwould wear to the White House RT @arzE: this item combines all of my favorite things & yet i do not desire it http://t.co/P6wwp8bYcZSounds like Racket was too good to live. Seriously, someone just hire the team to do this somewhere else http://t.co/0BRrWiAemxWrote for Vice about how badly the progressive movement wants Elizabeth Warren to run for president http://t.co/mgE4JbRXtC@svatikirsten ahh, thank you!@AGoot18 good! I'm still aliveFor the first one, I wrote about the Dutch destruction of a Spanish empire in Brazil. http://t.co/x1NYK9bd5z
Retweeted by sauncho smilax, esqAs always, subscribe to my newsletter, which recommends two great movies a week, plus why I think they're great, here http://t.co/gGKwYrek9aWrote about / recommended Edge of Tomorrow, the year's best blockbuster, because I give the people what they want http://t.co/xkG79dIufR@SteveKandell I just wanted to say that this is a really tremendous tweet https://t.co/dgY7CE2A7IBarbara Walters put a Koch brother on her Fascinating list + called the Clooney wedding "one of the greatest achievements in human history"
I have vocally blamed everyone short of the federal gov't for Manziel's performance today, but I am working on an idea about the TreasuryThis Browns drive is like the football equivalent of an Eric Andre episodeJust sang an impromptu Jonathan Football theme song. It wasn't good, but the free market appears to have failed us once againMoto panacaku
@silvermanjacob that would be the best possible worldI want a Giannis jersey
Wrote about 'Hard Eight,' PTA's first movie and under-seen noir delight, for today's recommendation http://t.co/S3uN823fSb@lindseyweber messed up@lindseyweber sleep... with... poet... laureate? has lindsay done this?Joaquin Phoenix truly is the Greatest AmericanAlso oh my god I totally missed that Joaquin made up a story about getting engaged and told it on Letterman http://t.co/y7p1XcZHkeAt Grantland, @durgapolashi is thorough, perceptive, and great on the depth and duality of Joaquin Phoenix http://t.co/axrukRoB5r"Bud Light Platinums featured heavily." @atmccann's great on the Beer Mile, aka the frontier of human achievement http://t.co/6QmwXphJCO"There's an old joke in the NFL that everyone is either born-again or alcoholic. Scot McCloughan isn't born-again." http://t.co/ZH03SzVpUo
Retweeted by sauncho smilax, esq@mdwy1 I respect this suggestion, but at no point in Half Nelson is Ryan Gosling beaten to a pulp by a karaoke-singing Thai policeman@mjkiebus unimpeachable@clarestein it feels like an ancient spellTop five Ryan Gosling movies: 1. Only God Forgives 2. Only God Forgives 3. Only God Forgives 4. Only God Forgives 5. Only God Forgives@katiebakes @weareyourfek look, just saying: i've never seen them in the same placeOh my god, if you spend enough time looking closely at the name "Joaquin" you will lose your goddam mindTop five actors named Joaquin: 1. Joaquin Phoenix 2. Joaquin Gumbo 3. Joaquin Joaquin 4. Joaquin Don't Fail Me Now 5. Joaquin ObamaBan @andrewsharp. http://t.co/p7zmjE4bZH
Retweeted by sauncho smilax, esqRyan O'Hanlon (@rwohan): terrorist or messiah? You be the judge http://t.co/2F2h7PvSmGoh my god RT @harmancipants: "Techapella" http://t.co/eW6UPjOY7L@NATELY that's my dream jobWrote for Men's Journal about the changing landscape of TV, marked by the going-away of the last major Difficult Man http://t.co/IneCoAlhPrOpen your heart and let Johnny Manziel in, because on Sunday, the NFL season finally starts http://t.co/tQID7B65em
baez: come over me: I can't http://t.co/lqZCByn5EJ
Retweeted by sauncho smilax, esqWHO'S READY TO FILL UP THE TANK AND PUT THE WORK IN. WHO'S READY TO FILL UP THE TANK AND PUT THE WORK IN http://t.co/nBXpvtmpxlA transcript of my dialogue alone at home today would be the word "mailchimp" repeated over and over, in different voices and pronunciationsNBA After Dark. Not cool power rankings, Knicks, and NOT SAYIN, JUST SAYIN with @julietlitman @ChrisRyan77 http://t.co/Ki8oLLwDep
Retweeted by sauncho smilax, esq@megreenwell I did make this, though! http://t.co/n9hp9VVTyS@megreenwell I ONLY HAVE SO MUCH TIMEThis song is so pretty http://t.co/jCyvunU2FO@AmosBarshad that pudding isn't mineI would say that's that, mattress man http://t.co/J1DzHtomRW
Retweeted by sauncho smilax, esqHere's an essential @spoontheband playlist to pair with the pod. The thing about these songs is that they're so good! http://t.co/y75i0vjA3k
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New Mad Max looks like some lunatic hybrid of 'Dune' and 'Clockwork Orange' and I am so on board https://t.co/zSVnsM27h1Wrote about one of my favorite young actors, Sarah Gadon, and her Cronenberg-assisted rise http://t.co/jxGO5Svb5iIT LIVES http://t.co/14sHRkTfMD @FrenchAlexM
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@ben_rosen while you're at it, ask them what they think of voxtrotbaby's first cracked iPhone screen http://t.co/X9FsWyUH5IJust dropped and shattered my iPhone screen because I was overprotecting a fried chicken banh mi. My priorities were in the right placeIf someone doesn't say "Migos are better than the Beatles" to William and Kate while they're here, we've failed as a country#tbt when everyone thought the CIA was cute https://t.co/VSTyIIa0vn
Retweeted by sauncho smilax, esqgive this person a pulitzer RT @pattymo: This is from the IMDb message board for THE GUEST, which rules. Good night http://t.co/SZHXxaOPXu@jessmisener the key is keeping very little food in your apartment"Enhanced interrogation techniques" is like something George Orwell and Noam Chomsky spent a week in a wine cellar dreaming up@jiatolentino THAT ARTbtw..here's mine http://t.co/uX8yRRiJ0e (sharing is scarier than i thought; who knew)
Retweeted by sauncho smilax, esq@rachsyme OK I GIVE. I profiled Whiplash director Damien Chazelle for Grantland http://t.co/bSpzC4HL50New song from Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, who made my favorite album of 2013 https://t.co/IgW2bSJGjg@rachelysanders what an ArtistBecause why would they, right? But also, HAHAHAHA oh man
Karlie Kloss is dating Jared Kushner's brother and people are posting about it and not mentioning that he's Jared Kushner's brother
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