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@KTHeaney @rwohan easily one of my top 5 enlightenment astronomers@KTHeaney @rwohan i am all about tycho brahe@KTHeaney @rwohan yes EXACTLY, MLB needs a disney movie to have ghosts, bolivian soccer just HAS them@KTHeaney @rwohan Katie Tychobrahe Heaney does have a nice ring to it@KTHeaney @rwohan i believe in the bolivian soccer ghost, katie@harmancipants what kind of animal is thatDO YOU BELIEVE IN THE BOLIVIAN SOCCER GHOSTWrote for Grantland about how the BOLIVIAN SOCCER GHOST highlights the lameness of American sport(s) http://t.co/qCtiOEiIWS@seth_rosenthal I think the Knicks are post-text, if you'd like to write an article about thatv exciting; HARD RAIN FALLING is gold MT @IsaacFitzgerald Jonathan Lethem talks finishing Don Carpenter’s final novel http://t.co/pwTls6Rv0DRonald McDonald out here looking like he's about to have his birthday party at a Sizzler http://t.co/Mc91O7nDM8@KTHeaney @rachelysanders cry-own
@steverousseau Indiana Jones And The Digital StorytellingFirst person to combine quizzes and explainer journalism gets their face melted Ark-of-the-Covenant styleGirl, you must be post-text, because you make me want to experiment with new ways of communicating in a new medium@Lana you don't even want to know what she said about digital storytelling@Lana she wants to experiment with new ways of communicating in a new mediumYour mom is post-textIt only took us three years, but @grantland33 is hiring interns for the summer. Apply here. http://t.co/pnf1XVVj4T
Retweeted by kevin lincolnAhhhh @juliarubin is on a podcast I'm going to listen to this like eight times today http://t.co/Me8H1FqFLX
STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM / THEN THE KNEE RT @BenGolliver: Drake lint rolls his pants during Raptors vs. Nets Game 2 http://t.co/g05Fq9RaES"...Juicy J can't. Hello, I'm Juicy J, and I'd like to talk to you about something else I can't turn down: affordable health care."@JesseDavidFox favorite album of theirs is probably All Hail West Texas, strikes a nice balance btwn early lo-fi Darnielle and later polish@JesseDavidFox here are 11 mountain goats songs i really like! a bit of middle-goats heavy but a good start, i think http://t.co/mWsztuNkg9@GrahamDavidA aka the world's weirdest writer's roomSpent a little time in the sun with Courtney Barnett. http://t.co/rKTEGOtm2f
Retweeted by kevin lincolnForgot and just remembered how visceral an experience it is to hear Werner Herzog say "disoriented or deranged penguins"RT @noz period point blank you are the one watching the culture from a distance if you think "hipster publications" made chief keef popular
Retweeted by kevin lincolnWake me when they invent topical alcohol. Alcohol paste that doubles as moisturizer. Wake me then from my torpor http://t.co/noEpTeHdW8This spam e-mail got me feeling all kinds of things http://t.co/vADmDzCGEUHappy Future day, everyone. I tried to make it a national holiday, but our lame-ass Congress told me "future day" sounds "dumb as hell"New pod w/ @andygreenwald on Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Orphan Black. Features possible #dontgetfired content http://t.co/Zz2UXKDSuq
Retweeted by kevin lincoln
@en_cohen ahh, shitLeading my Defensive POY ballot is Steve Blake, who was VERY defensive when I showed up at his door + asked him to donate to my KickstarterFuture Knicks Head Coach Votes Guy With Negative Defensive Real Plus-Minus as Defensive Player of the Year http://t.co/syUUI8UczF
Retweeted by kevin lincolnReally glad Jim Carrey and Big Sean took my suggestion that they remake White House Down (via @weareyourfek) http://t.co/4XYMCDzt7kThe NBA has announced that there was a missed call in every game, every foul called was incorrect, and that whole grassy knoll thing has a pFINALLY found @andrewsharp's alias RT @malitzd: LOL - maybe slow down juuuuust a bit (via @bavivari) http://t.co/mMJyrLSMzL@NickGreene i mean, just look at this http://t.co/DPVZK5IBaX@NickGreene that's a master@NickGreene please just tweet out every line, this is greatI have "Jim Wise" stuck in my head and it's taking a serious toll on my mental state, please provide counter-recommendations@jeremypgordon "thank you all for coming tonight, I'm Kevin Lincoln, this is Jeremy Gordon, and our thrash-punk band is called Colton Burpo"@KTHeaney what are your thoughts on the recent rumored loch ness monster sightingReading Vlad the Impaler's wiki right now and it's all @KTHeaney's faultfor @PacificStand I wrote about vampires and Renfield's Syndrome, the name given to the compulsion to drink blood o_O http://t.co/K519x1Tr75
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@jeremypgordon the ad that played before i tried to watch this was promo'ing a death metal album and it was perfect@jbasher i know. Wizards are legit@jbasher yeah, Nene being able to play 35 minutes and score 24 points: pretty important if the Wizards are going to do this!@jbasher office hours are in sessionCelebrating old dudes in the SHOOTAROUND: Kevin Garnett's Eastwoodian rage, kill em Professor, and, ha, Mike Miller http://t.co/WQI2C0g8TSThat's Why They Got Me Here (to write an NBA blurb about the Truth) http://t.co/OpS2KHSbv2
Retweeted by kevin lincoln"The only coincidence is that my There Are No Coincidences, Bro T-shirt is long enough to be worn w/o pants" —@rwohan http://t.co/6roEXoWl0o
1) Is there a support group for people who have seen UNDER THE SKIN, and if so 2) is the room where it meets very well lit
John Salmons airball threes are the inside-joke fan service of the PlayoffsI bet Greivis Vasquez drives a Dodge Magnum
@danceremix Best Music Writing '00s@en_cohen couldn't agree more. the ratio of great:bad popular-indie bands now is no higher than it is on this list@en_cohen I am listening to the first Hot Hot Heat album front to back as we speak@Nick_NoHeart @falsebinary oh man, I think it was less. that thing couldn't always handle the schoolbus@falsebinary I was young and impressionable and owned a discmanI Think I Once Maybe Paid Money For A Razorlight Album, Ask Me Anything@dynamofire yeah! I'd say I'm about 25% "this is real, good music" and 75% "the NME-industrial-complex was real"@mollylambert @PAPPADEMAS @noz I remember being a dumb 14 year old listening to Razorlight on a schoolbus and still being like, is this real@dynamofire everyone should be forced to say which of these songs they would still voluntarily listen to, that would be fascinatingOh my god I completely forgot that there used to be a band called Does It Offend You, Yeah? http://t.co/dj0t0E0005@_Cooper HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY, i miss littleneck@Mirandapberman kickstarting the movie version@Mirandapberman such a missed opportunity to use the last name Witchowitzhttp://t.co/TPh9H9lomJhttp://t.co/XiagpLTkUm
Retweeted by kevin lincolnI named my bracket in the NBA Playoffs Challenge "I Feel Like Fabo Sefolosha," and I am pretty proud of thisI wish I played fantasy baseball because I just thought up "The Afghan Puigs" and now it's completely wasted@jordansarge @danceremix I'm in one hunnert percentAND THE OSCAR GOES TO [opens envelope] DEANDRE JORDAN FOR HIS PORTRAYAL OF CHARLES BARKLEY IN SPACE JAM http://t.co/xBm05eOwFsOnce all the movies are TV shows, what then? Do we have to make them into video games http://t.co/nxxpPRFbS1
Retweeted by kevin lincolnNicolas Cage plays the Ghost Rider like he's Tim Roth at the beginning of Reservoir Dogs https://t.co/RSIlNi1Hwn
thinkpiece pitch: We Are All Chelsea Clinton's Baby, I Know It's Weird, Just Deal With ItI wrote about Jorge Gutierrez's hair and Air Bud playing two-guard for the Bucks in Grantland's final NBA Shootaround http://t.co/aZZeuIjR4n@ChiaraAtik the leading source for all your Cool Orangutan-related news and analysis@trillotto Sign of the OrangutimesHere's a trend: it's orangutans, being rad as hell@KatzM <3Hey girl, you must be a trend piece, because I can't stop talking about you in a helplessly agonized wayI want to write a trend piece about that supercool orangutan, who wants to publish it@KTHeaney @katienotopoulos @rachelysanders HEEEE-EEEEEEY. HEEEEE-EEEEEEEY.crying RT @TheTomasRios: OH MY GOD. RT @megreenwell This may be the greatest clubhouse prank in sports history. https://t.co/olNRJbIKOs
GREAT NEWS RT @freemaneric: DRUDGE SIREN!!! RT @JoshGershon: New Mexico State sophomore center Sim Bhullar is entering the NBA Draft@bobbyfinger GREAT url: "neil-patrick-harris-snakes-photo"
And now for something different: I wrote @PacificStand about why the Big Bang is philosophically important to us http://t.co/eeGl0N6uACThe Legend of PUIG starts here "He was traveling with three companions: a boxer, a pinup girl, and a Santeria priest" http://t.co/8bAK2njvj2
Retweeted by kevin lincolnIf you wanna peep on something, peep my @Grantland33 piece on American Hero Greg Dulli and "Do To The Beast." http://t.co/aGV8Fe5SYW
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@trillotto another very good qGood Q http://t.co/RCoHvIvsjePlumgod RT @treykerby: Really hate the nickname Plumdog but could definitely get behind Plum Lord.@jordansarge @andrewsharp perfect, pre-pro on that's a little more intense because we have to teach Costner Indonesian martial artsIf you would like to help fund SUPPLEMENTAL DRAFT DAY, please make your check out to either me or @andrewsharpI wrote for Grantland about the sports movies Kevin Costner should make now that DRAFT DAY's out there shining http://t.co/ncxe0iI48X@katienotopoulos @jbasher also happy birthday if it IS in fact your birthday@katienotopoulos @jbasher cool balloons bro
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