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@megreenwell @ESPNMag congratulations held until we know the color and brand@audevwhite @Alannabean roséform@Alannabean @audevwhite well I'm announcing a staff meeting at 3 pm, first priority is to hire someone to deal with catering and booze@audevwhite 1) when do I start 2) how big is my staffDear @ClickHole, if you need a longform editor, please let me know@KTLincoln classic write-around
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@Alannabean looks like someone needs to get their pr team under controlhmm @Alannabean found this article about me, didn't even know they were working on it http://t.co/gBwfKdT4Sz http://t.co/M3eoWZh2kkWrote about one of my favorite comedies ever, THE NAKED GUN, for today's recommendation. Lt. Frank Drebbin is my idol http://t.co/jcPdFCHCFN
@richardsonad but Semi-Pro's always felt to me more like the idea of a movie than an actual movie@richardsonad that's a totally fair point to make, and in most cases I'd agree with you re: Harrelson
@TheM_L_G @A_W_Gordon dogs, all of usI have been a Jewish boyfriend, and I can often closely resemble a dog@acalmdark I wouldn't make that argument personally, but I definitely don't think it's an unreasonable argument to makeFacebook just sent an ex-girlfriend, who, luckily, is still one of my closest friends, a "memories we shared" collage. Bold move, Facebook!I wrote about something near and dear to my heart: how STEP BROTHERS is the best comedy of the last decade http://t.co/oxLHYAWUD9
just decided Thursday Happy Hour (THH) should have mandatory participation @ Mohawk Bend https://t.co/0R5N3qc3H5I could watch Sterling Hayden interviews indefinitely http://t.co/eOWYTBZRP8@rachsyme oh no@rachsyme is there an app for beard-growing because i'll need that@jiatolentino ahhhhh he's so good@jiatolentino oh god Patrick Watson, not Patrick Wilson, Patrick Wilson is very different@jiatolentino it's killing me. also, this Patrick Wilson song — have you listened to Sean Nicholas Savage? They are v much kindred spiritsI like this song "Broken Necks" by Eskimeaux very very very much and thank you to @jiatolentino for finding it https://t.co/qes0Idt5wHPLEASE BRING FAST, AFFORDABLE, AND FUTURISTIC TRAVEL TO THE COASTAL UNITED STATES, KANYEJust misread a Fader hed as "Kanye West and Dame Dash have confirmed they're buying the Hyperloop" and I want that world to be real so badly@rachelysanders i can't imagine Mr. Wonderful doing anything unabashedly awful@BenMathisLilley rap a triptych with a mouth full of cheez its / three a.m. doing donuts in the prius@mauger345 that and City Boy Blues, yep. I guess A Light In The Addict isn't actually that bad, but it's way longPretty sure the unabashed awfulness of MR WONDERFUL'S middle triptych just makes me love it even moreInnumerable great lines in @rwohan's ode to "Thomas Pynchon's idea of the American basketball coach," Gregg Marshall http://t.co/2aA6nqVl5R@audevwhite i'm the jukeboxI did not realize that Twitter on your phone changed "quoting a tweet" to linking to it. That is despicable and I reject it@audevwhite hi aude, the boys are back in townthis is incredible RT @audevwhite: SAME via @VICE http://t.co/w3hgjBBszF http://t.co/Q3yYEifOTfThis @netw3rk Q&A with basketball-movie Zelig Keith Gibbs is so good that I may end up Gchatting every line from it http://t.co/mPad3hPq8z
I wrote for @Hazlitt about war movies and why we make them http://t.co/jbwpGAZ59LBeen back in LA for all of five minutes and have already seen a murdered-out Prius, so glad nothing changed while I was gone
The amount I owe the Los Angeles Public Library is quickly becoming the kind of debt you get kneecapped overnow this is a movie theater @ Cineteca Nacional https://t.co/36byccPtEwI've also become very good at ordering coffeeThrough five days in Mexico City, I've picked up a fair amount of Spanish, 85% of which is names of mezcals
@Alannabean it is uncannyFound a GQ Mexico in a Mexico City cafe and it also has Calvin Klein ads featuring a half-naked Justin Bieber, so the world really is smallAbout to go visit some Mexican pyramids in the pouring rain, so I fully expect to get hit by lightning and become a demigod by EOD@MattZeitlin that would be something@MattZeitlin bingonew Sufjan streaming new Sufjan streaming new Sufjan streaming and you have ONE GUESS as to where http://t.co/7hRglVSQXkThis story by Rachel Cusk about the negotiations and narratives of raising teenage daughters is really excellent http://t.co/B1K5UNfoXQ
@yksnpnwrbrhsa I've already changed my name@MattOrtile @bobbyfinger @Alannabean it translates to "look at God"I am certain that whatever woman I eventually marry will demand we give our child at least four made-up names, and I will love her for itTo be clear, I am not mad about that Times article. I love it more than I love oxygen. The Times' real-estate coverage is masterful@rachelysanders @Alannabean Trotskee St. DynamiteAll of the kids in this amazing Times real estate story via @Alannabean have Thomas Pynchon names http://t.co/bCY3aHhMCb@bobbyfinger @Alannabean Skye van Merkensteijn Skye van Merkensteijn Skye van Merkensteijn Skye van Merkensteijn Skye van Merkensteijn Skye@JamesTylerESPN @minakimes @curtisbeast oh it's real@minakimes the @curtisbeast story on this from last year is incredible http://t.co/pX7yPHyQIr
@BobbyBigWheel i'm really skeptical they're even authentically humanI wrote for VICE about Lindsey Graham's possible candidacy as the dad-joking war-hawk http://t.co/SvVN96NF4F@BenMathisLilley you are the second person to guess that, and it actually isn't! older movieA good sign that you're petrified of horror movies is when you keep putting off one you have to watch even though it's two in the afternoonThis seems like a good time to say that I have every word in the OED muted on Tweetdeck except for "cardigan sweater"I think my worst personal quality is that I let the sports-playing abilities of 18-22 year-olds affect my emotional state@patricialee91 i'm trying to prepare myself for the worst so anything else will be greatDUKE ABOUT TO LOSE TO DEGRASSI-ERA DRAKEDUKE BOUT TO TOP THIS BY LOSING TO TEEN WOLFAnd I only have on one Nike checkJust got dressed to go work out and thought "Nike checks all over me," which means I'm now such a cornball that I'm high-fructose corn syrup@mattbuchanan life is just stealing content from god@mattbuchanan wheeeeee http://t.co/8IrGFwQ9IXThe NCAA Tournament, Or: That Time Of Year When I Manically Apologize To Everyone Around Me For How Much I Want Duke To Win Basketball GamesThe Great + Powerful @rachelysanders is now editing stories for BuzzFeed Life, and YOU should pitch her http://t.co/aNGEMuQMkO
@mkruvant @hotdoorknobs you would also think that anyone who orders Arnold Palmers that often would be memorableEvery school should give Kanye West an honorary doctorate, but this is a good start http://t.co/vR1gr8XNFU@ByAustinW reasonableShout out to Tobias Jesso Jr for bringing back the word "goon," by the way. Shower the man with laurelsEither that or I'm completely reading the air waves wrong, which is always possible: I *am* a very particular type of goonThere's something very substantial and resonant happening here culturally and artistically, a tapping inThe album feels important in a way that was no given just because of the artist's rep, especially for a style of music largely out of vogueI really liked Age of Adze (sometimes in spite of itself) but I'm still fairly floored by how good the new Sufjan Stevens tracks have been1. i have a new job! soon i will be sliding from full-time @buzzfeedfood into the DMs of editing stories across all BuzzFeed Life sections
Retweeted by kevin lincolnthis @juliarubin joint on fake national holidays is so good except I am devastated she ignored Onesie Day http://t.co/YwRqjUHz1K
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@SteveKandell @nyknicks why didn't anyone tell me I'm playing point guard for the Knicks
@dtrainor4 I really don't know. this is more about the entertainment-culture aspect of it, I think@dtrainor4 there's a case to be made about a lot of things concerning the ethical / legal implications of it, for sureI wrote about how you can't spoil "The Jinx" because it's REAL LIFE and also the arrogance with which we watch TV now http://t.co/7hfigMW5dj@JoshhTerry UGH I WAS OUT OF TOWN I MISSED EVERYTHINGNEW HOP ALONG SONG THIS IS NOT A DRILL http://t.co/BIgcfyc7SuAlso, if you liked that story, see '71, which also involves a British soldier being helped by Catholics and takes place in the Divis Flats@jbasher totally worth it. it's long but you'll tear through it@silviakillings *was@silviakillings yes I need to read this. I spent a lot of time with ex IRA when I were there. it's stupid to say, but they're so NORMAL... but he so effectively captures the shaken strangeness of that city, and the way the ex IRA and UDF co-exist nowIt's definitely among the best magazine stories I've ever read. And like, I spent two months in Belfast, which hardly makes me an expert ...I can't say strongly enough how incredible Patrick Radden Keefe's "Where The Bodies Are Buried" is http://t.co/xHJJy7ibd1Talked to the master about his new book. How to make a @MikePaterniti magazine story: http://t.co/lto4zovhv3
Retweeted by kevin lincolnI really like this Tobias Jesso, Jr. album! Give me more songs that are just really good at being songsToday's recommendation is Zachary Wigon's THE HEART MACHINE, a *love thriller* that might give you an anxiety attack http://t.co/YmOegoBZZz
@audevwhite @Alannabean @rachelysanders @hreins wait, hillary and alanna and i are on one side and aude and rachel are on the other? HMM
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