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I'd never registered Cymbals Eat Guitars as much in my head before, but this new cut absolutely burns https://t.co/OHq7jvpSry@sternbergh reserving "It's Obvious, Child" for the title of a pilot@sternbergh Sex Tape is 4 through 10 (2 is Obvious Child)@sternbergh BLUE RUIN is my favorite movie of the year, and SNOWPIERCER is third. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG (but BLUE RUIN is amazing)GR8 VID by @chrisreinacher @keithhabs http://t.co/E6UVUXFxOK via @BuzzFeedVideo
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@hotdoorknobs it is, literally, the best thing everBefore I watched this video, I had a variety of favorite things. Now I have one favorite thing. http://t.co/20XpuGGgdY
Retweeted by kevin lincolnToday's lesson is MEN SHOULD NEVER SPEAK UNLESS SPOKEN TO. This is every other day's lesson alsoJust tried to chime into a conversation about shaving legs and was so far out of my depth I was crushed into a golf ball by the pressure@Alannabean @hreins @juliarubin @wirecutter i've evacuated my soul, you guys can have itNEW POD W/ @andygreenwald ON THE SURFPIERCER TO COMICCON #NWTS #LOTR #KEEPGETTINDEMCHECKSBETTANY #GUILTYREMNANT http://t.co/Jrg19e2YM3
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@juliarubin @hreins @Alannabean I have NO IDEA how it would work on legs but you get 100 blades for like 2 bucks and it lasts FOREVER@juliarubin @hreins @Alannabean http://t.co/0gcgQP9gUD this is the only men's razor that should exist@A_W_Gordon this is slander/libel@A_W_Gordon THAT'S WHY I USED IT@A_W_Gordon wait i wasn't wondering that, I know that's a term@juliarubin uh I would LOVE TO but I think that is a little far away :(. I am going to see them in Hollywood Forever Cemetery!They've got my soul http://t.co/o4ya9roKWZ
This WED at 7PM come to @HousingWorksBks to see me, @jaycaspiankang and Tom Bouman discuss crime fiction. IT'S FREE: http://t.co/On2EqbqflY
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@andrewsharp I watched the first two episodes and the idea of watching another minute was actually inconceivable"I name myself Shiva the Destroyer so everyone in the game will have to say it to me. This never stops being funny." http://t.co/LxqKdMvF14@lllMOERDERlll those sixteenth notes are punk as fuckhttp://t.co/DYI4gnyoWK@lllMOERDERlll http://t.co/Pg0J7uLiXhI will be providing many thoughts on Spoon in the next few weeks, just so everyone knows—whereas all the other Spoon albums have an outward-facingness that makes them ~great~Album sounds like he shattered his own psyche and then collided all the shards together. It's good but singularly weirdListening to Transference in light of They Want My Soul, makes sense what Britt Daniel's said about how he made it alone in his basementAs of today, Soulja Boy and I are the same age once again, and this story by Greg Jackson is very good http://t.co/sjytYQTifuYou know what’s great? This @andygreenwald interview with Jenny Lewis, that’s what’s really effing great: http://t.co/Io2UdxIaJq
Retweeted by kevin lincoln
@rachelysanders it's unlike anything i've ever seen before@sapnam only metaphorically"I could use a funnel to get this quinoa into this mason jar" is a thing I actually just thought to myself, I should be put in jail@runofplay "going to a hoedown with Artaud" ROCKETING up my list of wished-for evenings out with historical figures@rwohan if only our best actors played soccerThis dog's reaction to this woman is basically shorthand for all I want in life http://t.co/hTYJntCIxd*nods* *head falls off* RT @rupertmurdoch Asked is my daughter friend of David Cameron? Don't know, but hope not. Really not my business@A_W_Gordon http://t.co/6bsjNtTjhb@A_W_Gordon IT'S A SPOON LYRIC BROsomeone get popsicles, someone do something bout this heat
I had fun wit my Big Homie Today...#blessed #chillen #countdowntillbday http://t.co/miYDTlrkYT
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@DamianTrillard let's call it a draw@NickGreene godDAMNbook covers don't really come cooler than this http://t.co/XGQn6ssMXgShoutout to the dude in front of me in the Whole Foods checkout line buying Billy Joel's "The Stranger" on vinyl, you are too real
@KatzM @sundownmotel never heard of them@TheTomasRios DO IT FOR THE VINE THAT'S JOURNALISM SON@sundownmotel @KatzM *health score@sundownmotel @KatzM tell the fruit stand you want a new phone. If they refuse, investigate their health store. That's journalism, and it's@KatzM pick up a banana. Eat the banana. Kind of plastic for a banana? That's because I put a phone in that banana peel. Got you goodPick up a phone. Put down the phone. Pick up the phone. Put down the phone. Pick up the phone. Put down the phone. Pick up the phone. Put doPick up a phone. Call your dad. Hand the phone to a goat. Make your dad talk to the goat. It's called being a good son, and it's not complicPick up a phone. Call a talk show. Say you've discovered ~real evidence~ of chemtrails. It's called being cool, and it's not complicated@shockleysmith hopefully not@shockleysmith yep http://t.co/up8B09svbz.@ZachLowe_NBA x @SI_LeeJenkins is a fun chat between two very good guys who are very good at what they do: http://t.co/KDM2Chi1vp
Retweeted by kevin lincoln"'Sunny Sweet,' a cartoon prune, gives us a tour of prune growing and processing operations in California." https://t.co/q2MRFxInMe@GrahamDavidA rip me@Lahlahlindsey @barstoolsports i can feel my life seeping away. it's seepingIs there a vaccine for what happens to you after you read any words on @barstoolsports or am I going to die.@barstoolsports you’re trash. go fuck yourselves. http://t.co/efFQ7oSNhd
Retweeted by kevin lincolnwatching this again https://t.co/EURPpVAahd
Retweeted by kevin lincolnSharon Van Etten is not of this world http://t.co/xwd2jsy0dHIf the whole new Iceage album sounds like "The Lord's Favorite" I will probably never stop playing it http://t.co/vJyT07KMRN@samsreiss *svenonious@samsreiss is there any subject you wouldn't read svevonious' marxist take on? i'm thinking literally noneThe Nation of Ulysses' Ian Svenonius rants about Apple, defends hoarders. Probably isn't a fan of Soylent either. https://t.co/3Vhnizgl0j
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@jiatolentino http://t.co/qt0EkRPSjQThis "Rude" shakedown/breakdown by @jiatolentino is worth reading for the music-video screenshots alone http://t.co/AUFu9TdoEB@A_W_Gordon @Deadspin your health insurance premiums would skyrocket@A_W_Gordon @Deadspin that is factually accuratewhat the hell @A_W_Gordon RT @Deadspin: Aaron Gordon crosses a little girl to the ground, flees the scene: http://t.co/CkWVn0rDX3Lil Wayne and Ronaldo working together on a management company a good excuse to post this http://t.co/UOoPPc9i4l http://t.co/ES9UMtxb69
Retweeted by kevin lincolnHere, @TaraAriano identifies, then dissects, an influential new genre of television: Bonkers TV: http://t.co/8p4UBSLHdo
Retweeted by kevin lincolnMan, @annehelen's work since she joined BuzzFeed has been consistently remarkable http://t.co/8G0jCCKfiC@SteveKandell @BenMathisLilley @iboudway @A_W_Gordon few have ever asked longer questions than I do@BenMathisLilley @iboudway @A_W_Gordon if Ben transcribed my interviews in addition to cutting my rap metaphors I think he wouldve killed me"[D'Souza] arrived at screenings across the country on a tour bus emblazoned with a giant image of his face." http://t.co/irdhiK7g3v
@JakeSwearingen @harmancipants is a hero probably off drinking sweet berry wine somewhere@JakeSwearingen http://t.co/weJA1TfWHiI literally cannot believe this is still up. https://t.co/sKQRzcYGbh
Retweeted by kevin lincolnCan't wait to hear about how they removed Jake Gyllenhaal's skeleton from his body and had it act in NIGHTCRAWLER http://t.co/hWCm11ZjkYHere is an insane video from the 60s trying to raise awareness of the postal service implementing zip codes https://t.co/C9ghXZGVhJ@SpikeFriedman @a_w_gordon @rwohan https://t.co/eoqUu3kc5c uh huh, ok, got it, totally makes sense, that's definitely english@A_W_Gordon it also doesn't resemble the english languageRUSTIE. [explodes] https://t.co/IHi4J8VzSF
Retweeted by kevin lincolnPrelinger Archive video descriptions are the best"Anti-pornography film linking pornography to the Communist conspiracy and the decline of Western civilization."From the new book by @BenoitDLewis: "The People Who Are Scared of Dogs." http://t.co/qPaJ9k420W
Retweeted by kevin lincolnI wrote about the Disney-fication of the Ray Rice story a little while ago. http://t.co/3mjKnOnrHv It's getting worse.
Retweeted by kevin lincolnthey went with "multilayered" and not "club"? COME ON RT @thisisjendoll: just gonna leave this here http://t.co/LLp4woObsMRay Rice getting two games for knocking out his fiancee looks even worse when you consider that Josh Gordon got suspended A YEAR for POT@en_cohen the fact that it comes from a track called "Strong Island" is just a bonus
@yksnpnwrbrhsa @GrahamDavidA 💪💪💪@GrahamDavidA listicle of listicles of listicles of unlocked @NewYorker stories 1. https://t.co/hFcgVY8Kfa 2. @KatzM https://t.co/NDwDTUPEgF@KatzM @rwohan @WaltHickey @Awl round up? more like round down. we're not giving A's away in this classhmmm, well well well http://t.co/CcBHUR10MNoh god http://t.co/aJvNV0EHf4Scrolling through Weezer's Spotify page at this point is just... confusing"WHY HAS THE SHE-CELEBRITY NOT BROUGHT FORTH A PLUMP, JUICY BABY FOR US TO EAT?" — @PAPPADEMAS http://t.co/P4UmI0VUoW
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