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@mattbuchanan you should drink at Fullsteam in Durham, i can tell you that muchToday I recommended my 20th movie. Milestones! There will be more, of both milestones and movies. Subscribe here? http://t.co/zPWgxkpgHP"mom, will you fav me no matter what" RT @Liliana I'm not sure if I should have two children because I don't know if I could RT them equally@c_heller this goat has poise*points at a goat* YOU THE REAL MVP *ranks goat fifth*@erikmal @jaredbkeller ahhhhhhhh THANKS DUDESIf I could buy all of the LISTEN UP PHILIP book covers as posters or art, I would http://t.co/Gor68OR51tHey editors, @ohheygreat is a really good writer and you should hire her to write for you if you need people who write well@williamfleitch @seth_rosenthal I know. Definitely explains why they have such good chemistry. Can't teach that kind of baby chemistry@seth_rosenthal @williamfleitch such a good baby@williamfleitch yeah, your praise for it is one of the reasons why I've kept it in mind. I definitely will at some pointAbsolutely check out @ericnus on an insane Homeland Security guns-out raid to stop the production of Royals panties https://t.co/Zb0Gc2doa1Today I recommend HAPPY CHRISTMAS, and also DRINKING BUDDIES, but mainly HAPPY CHRISTMAS, but watch both, why not http://t.co/h1gtVVz8QQLISTEN UP PHILIP 1) is the funniest movie of the year, 2) has better book covers than most real books, and 3) gave me beard envy
Pouring out a Labatt for Steve Nash tonight, drinking another Labatt, dishing the third Labatt behind my back to Shawn MarionAnd so, children, by flooding the Earth and eradicating nearly all traces of life, God became the first person to "win the Internet"@andrewsharp @sean_fennessey @rwohan i'll bring the merlotTHE STREETS ARE ON FIRE @RWOHAN SEASON APPROACHING AT GRANTLAND NOTHING WAS THE SAMESome sad job news: I'm leaving @PacificStand. Some happy job news: I'm joining @Grantland33.
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@ben_rosen right??? "oooooooooooof" is a good way to put itProfiled William Gibson, tall man and reluctant predictor of some very scary futures: http://t.co/eP24qbZp5J
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@BenMathisLilley i'm going to steal a truck of High Life@BenMathisLilley i'll do what it takes@BenMathisLilley i wonder if those paid-internship programs for rich people could place me with that company@BenMathisLilley was it executive produced by Jerry Saltz?@BenMathisLilley that I did not realize. I legitimately have no idea what it's about@BenMathisLilley "oh, I'll give them champagne" *Wahlberg whips around* "the champagne of BEERS" *Wahlberg roundhouse-kicks a horse*@BenMathisLilley please verify whether you stole the High Life so I can then steal it from you@AndrewKeesee same! and I think they very much are of a piece. he's pursuing something specific, which is cool to see in an actor's workEric André: not a basic. I wrote about his ridiculous, anxious art http://t.co/wV9nFGlGbU
Retweeted by kevin lincolnJohn Wick's co-directors break actors and rebuild them as martial artists. Explains a lot. http://t.co/YRLTNARpS2 http://t.co/o1uATCc7Tn
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@danceremix 🙏@lfitzmaurice yeah, that's reasonable. He's really good — goes for the gold ring big-time. Dude clearly relishes playing sociopathsAnd I'm not sure where Gyllenhaal goes from here and ENEMY. He may just have to straight-up play RasputinNIGHTCRAWLER is sensory-deprivation dark and tonally insane. I liked it, but this movie is going to weird some people out majorly@scott_tobias can't remember the last time a movie got such didactic criticism. every negative review's a lecture
@danceremix ahem http://t.co/PnzqdwjJfm http://t.co/Njwlzke0Gphttp://t.co/PKVXBD06QM@djuntunen this seems wise@JWilks26 that is certainly possibleI am seeing NIGHTCRAWLER tonight and I'm not sure my soul's ready. How do I prepare my soul@dannosowitz https://t.co/seVXnhZjWY"Riding On Motorcycles With Senate Candidates" is my new top suggestion for the name of @marincogan's memoirs http://t.co/clC2sADTku"Because the sea is the sea. And it is dope." @ChrisRyan77 is LeBron in Game 7, Tiger on 18, McConaughey in a Lincoln http://t.co/v1aWfdB6gi@dannychau i can't tell, i blacked out"My neighbors are playing Animal Collective + the Shins at an unsettling volume" sounds like a nightmare I might have, but it's all too real@williamfleitch @BenMathisLilley "I just read Moby Dick and Melville doesn't mention CNN a single time, guess we can count him"@BenMathisLilley PEW HEADQUARTERS: "ok for this poll make sure you interview plenty of babies" "what" "talk to the youngest possible babies"Cronenberg's reading JR right now. I would send him a check in the mail if it meant he would adapt Gaddis http://t.co/uBtr35rehzGet that early 20th century pod transfusion w/ me and @andygreenwald talking The Knick, Fury, Dr. Strange, and BOOKS http://t.co/wXt8bBzSMU
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@JWilks26 they're like Bud Light, Coors Light, etc
My phone just tried to autocorrect "McRoberts" to "macro beers," so put that on a t-shirt with my airbrushed face"Can you imagine the shape I was in? I couldn’t have made it to the stage. I was praying, "Please don’t let it be me."http://t.co/GKyiVhUQt3
Retweeted by kevin lincolnDavid Cronenberg: "I'm not virtuous at all." http://t.co/RM1hMsPkJ6
Retweeted by kevin lincolnShout out to all the pear@Liliana some compromises aren't worth making@jordanginsberg i agree w/ you regarding the Chvrches statement one million percent@tuvaorbust @EdwardNorton oh that's fascinating! I can support that"Welcome to Los Angeles" is just the sound of a car horn@rwohan you'll pay for this@jwherrman hey John, let me tell you about this magazineSo, uh, I did not realize that the name of Shia LaBeouf's character in Disturbia was KALEI could be the first http://t.co/uNqMkg40k4@jared_jsolomon thanks! But yeah, mostly focused on his award-recognized stuff from that era. Rounders a bit overshadowed by Fight Club, X@lfitzmaurice I feel this way about Only God Forgives, but I actually thought Drive was just as great the second time"'This is how, uh, Rwanda happened.' His publicist, a young woman, leaned forward preëmptively from the back seat." http://t.co/Yt3MtTY9YZ
Retweeted by kevin lincolnSigned up for Oyster, and v impressed with the catalog. They have Vollmann's An Afghanistan Picture Show!@nbj914 I definitely understand that@nbj914 oh man, I can't even think of that many movies I would've wanted to see in theaters this year. I'm impressedWith LISTEN UP PHILIP on VOD tomorrow, good time to recommend watching Alex Ross Perry's excellent THE COLOR WHEEL http://t.co/AaNHIB14fPI wrote about Edward Norton's stellar, career-redefining performance in BIRDMAN, a movie that I profoundly disliked http://t.co/xweEi6xVFR
Just spent 90 seconds confronting the reality of being trapped in a coffeeshop bathroom before forcing my way out. I'm a different man nowother VERY GOOD 2014 movies: Enemy, Gone Girl, What If, The Rover, Coherence, Boyhood, Under the Skin, Happy Christmas, The One I LoveTOP FIVE MOVIES OF 2014, Oct. 18 Edition: 1) Whiplash 2) Blue Ruin 3) Obvious Child 4) Snowpiercer 5) The GuestI do think that Edward Norton is fantastic in it, though, to the extent that he should be the focal point over Keaton and on par w/ LubezkiWay, way out there with @scott_tobias on BIRDMAN, a film that I really profoundly disliked http://t.co/SN7AZSmSNE
@SpikeFriedman a lot can happen in 90 minutesOK http://t.co/4TptCz29YNAlso, fast coming to terms with my insatiable appetite for coverage of FuryI'd never listened to @misterpatches/@davidehrlich/@kateyrich's podcast pre-today, but it's really good! http://t.co/X1KI4aVNFI@MattZeitlin @annehelen you are entitled to your opinion but I think Jude Law is very handsome + has good taste in tweed@annehelen @MattZeitlin pfff Matt are you seriously trying to say Jude Law isn't good looking http://t.co/XgyKHpC9VwAs Peanut Butter Czar, I cannot allow smooth peanut-butter to move across state linesI am the Peanut Butter Czar. I will legislate all peanut-butter-related dilemmas. For example: no more smooth peanut butter. It's dumbKevin Morby might low-key be our best young wandering-American-troubadour type. This new album is a damn monolithOn my last day at BuzzFeed, I published a post with the dek "lol"| @hreins and I started at BuzzFeed on the same day. Now she's leaving, and her final piece is unsurprisingly great http://t.co/wz0sBIdJRv@juliarubin ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what@Ryanj899 @rwohan whaler@SteveKandell @hotdoorknobs their last album was like Tom Petty karaoke-ing Elvis Costello, so this makes all kinds of senseAnyone with even the smallest interest in movies should read Jeremy Saulnier's account of Blue Ruin's insane creation http://t.co/OlidZfOtLtI kind of love all genre mash-ups but I'm especially a sucker for sci-fi westerns. So, very intrigued by YOUNG ONES: http://t.co/u1yB7SII2H
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@seth_rosenthal ahh bummer, it used to be on Netflix but I guess it got removed. you can rent it for $2.99 if you're feeling deep-pocketed@KTLincoln Helpful Primer companion chart if you have a few years to spare http://t.co/ZwAXGTK82M
Retweeted by kevin lincolnThis weekend, maybe watch Shane Carruth's $7,000 sci-fi masterpiece "Primer". Here is how I feel about Primer! http://t.co/zGsIS59xmSMorning. Enjoy a cup of @nataliesurely's amazing story about contracting, and living in isolation with, TB at age 23. http://t.co/kOOIkaZrYi
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Losses aside, at least the Jets are sticking to their plan of "Sheldon Richardson, Mo Wilkerson, and 51 guys we found in a Queens bar"NYCers: Birdman, Listen Up Philip, and Dear White People open tomorrow; Whiplash continues. 2014 won't bring a better movie weekend.
Retweeted by kevin lincolnMy 2nd novel, THE LIFE AND DEATH OF SOPHIE STARK, comes out May 2015 & you can now preorder it! http://t.co/BZHs5ymhKv
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