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Prelinger Archive video descriptions are the best"Anti-pornography film linking pornography to the Communist conspiracy and the decline of Western civilization."From the new book by @BenoitDLewis: "The People Who Are Scared of Dogs." http://t.co/qPaJ9k420W
Retweeted by kevin lincolnI wrote about the Disney-fication of the Ray Rice story a little while ago. http://t.co/3mjKnOnrHv It's getting worse.
Retweeted by kevin lincolnthey went with "multilayered" and not "club"? COME ON RT @thisisjendoll: just gonna leave this here http://t.co/LLp4woObsMRay Rice getting two games for knocking out his fiancee looks even worse when you consider that Josh Gordon got suspended A YEAR for POT@en_cohen the fact that it comes from a track called "Strong Island" is just a bonus
@yksnpnwrbrhsa @GrahamDavidA 💪💪💪@GrahamDavidA listicle of listicles of listicles of unlocked @NewYorker stories 1. https://t.co/hFcgVY8Kfa 2. @KatzM https://t.co/NDwDTUPEgF@KatzM @rwohan @WaltHickey @Awl round up? more like round down. we're not giving A's away in this classhmmm, well well well http://t.co/CcBHUR10MNoh god http://t.co/aJvNV0EHf4Scrolling through Weezer's Spotify page at this point is just... confusing"WHY HAS THE SHE-CELEBRITY NOT BROUGHT FORTH A PLUMP, JUICY BABY FOR US TO EAT?" — @PAPPADEMAS http://t.co/P4UmI0VUoWAlso, I just bought @AlexBelth's Kindle Single, which is more of the same, because I want more of the same http://t.co/NoE6wByqSK@grivo242 this came out right after I published the story, it was TERRIBLE timingTo say I'm nerding out reading this behindthescenes Big Lebowski piece would be a grave and dangerous understatement http://t.co/PJxwc61bV7Human beings die too, CNN@falsebinary yes, you can apply any condiment you wish@jbasher then you're in luck@c_heller someone could try to be a little bit more openminded, couldn't someoneWould you eat this http://t.co/jb7iTQqP44Would you eat this http://t.co/SiC1JHWQnIWould you eat this http://t.co/vPW3N1yG4t@GrahamDavidA can't imagine where the inspiration for that came from. just no ideaSO I've been working with BuzzFeed Videos a bit and the first video that I co-wrote is out. DATING + LYING https://t.co/Vk5EFtAI98"camo sweatshort"@katienotopoulos @cwarzel you'll have to pay for the pants, thoNow I just can't imagine why these pants are 10 for $100 http://t.co/DHHEfazc9a@rachelysanders @mylestanzer @silviakillings @mkruvant @jwherrman @bafeldman @ktheaney red her home and tried to ask her 73 questions@rachelysanders @mylestanzer @silviakillings @mkruvant @jwherrman @bafeldman @ktheaney yeah she acts like a real human would if someone enteWho would you ask 73 questions? I would like to ask Jake Gyllenhaal 73 questions, or at least as many as I could before he went insane@en_cohen prayer-hands emojis all the way down@mylestanzer @silviakillings @mkruvant @rachelysanders @jwherrman @bafeldman @ktheaney "I JUST HAVE 73 QUESTIONS TO ASK" "well, ok"e— Today is Wednesday but I'm listening to Thursday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ — also today is in 2014 but I'm listening to Thursday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯@mkruvant @rachelysanders @jwherrman @bafeldman @silviakillings @ktheaney her dress is cool, i like how it has literally every color in it@silviakillings @jwherrman @ktheaney i only watched a minute and a half of it. i stopped when they got to the cupcakes. i can't watch more@jwherrman @ktheaney ahahahahahahhahaha this is SO WEIRD but she is pretty charming? i feel like she handles it well
By @reeveswiedeman RT @finebaum ICYMI (For the first time, this is now available): King of the South http://t.co/58T0o5d7Rf … via @NewYorker
Retweeted by kevin lincolnHey guys I co-wrote this video https://t.co/sLkUjHAYJusome good New Yorker fiction choices right here RT @mylestanzer: @KTLincoln http://t.co/bTaUZGJvML@itsashleyperez sometimes they both say dude@A_W_Gordon @rwohan @samsreiss @Nick_Schwartz brazil or bustWent bowling with @JoyceManor and got my ass handed to me. Also learned about the OC Ska board, so it evens out. http://t.co/cBU0VgfFtJ
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@TheTomasRios http://t.co/AqcSktg51Ydang i missed this cord jefferson thing on the ‘friendzone’ but it’s so very very good http://t.co/nToF2Jrn5A
Retweeted by kevin lincolnToday, be the sneezing panda you wish to be in the world http://t.co/9YXz8kRnsSGreat piece by @KStoeffel about the bullshit criticism constantly flung in the direction of women's mags http://t.co/xETuXGYbDT
@rwohan @OED got that Valley Independent sourcingThat moment of the day when the five gchat windows you have open all go inactive is the moment when you stare oblivion straight in the mawI also spoke with @annanorthtweets about writing and money and writing about money: http://t.co/F2qd7IFis9
Retweeted by kevin lincolnokay, what the SHIT is going on with this shirt on Blake Lively's website http://t.co/0fYUnd18XI@mylestanzer oh that's a good idea, i would also like that.@_jessebarron on "the most unusual and beautiful portrait of trauma to come out of the last thirteen years.” http://t.co/30DKDXqyGv
Retweeted by kevin lincolnPoint taken re Cameron Diaz, sure, but with the caveat that THE COUNSELOR isn't just a good movie, it's a great movie http://t.co/WuJQifzt2G@BAFeldman @cwarzel YOU BETCHA@cwarzel so damn excited for this albumnew spoon new spoon new spoon new spoon https://t.co/6zy0RuxE9n@GrahamDavidA i am amused by the difference in our timelines at this moment http://t.co/eNzIA1O9QbJAKE JOHNSON AND I PUBLISHED SOMETHING IN THE SAME PUBLICATION ON THE SAME DAY. JAKE JOHNSON AND I ARE BEST FRIENDSJAKE JOHNSON WROTE SOMETHING FOR GRANTLAND http://t.co/nYhJO1Cep2@A_W_Gordon the next step of this would be me just googling "fire gif"@A_W_Gordon http://t.co/gfzInocUHtYouTube just sidebar-recommended to me "The Newsroom - Opening Scene (Wow!)" and now I need to light my laptop on fire@minakimes i was trying to figure out what the pattern is. an EKG, maybe?please let me know if you are aware of any tenure-track positions in this field RT @jiatolentino: The Dark Web http://t.co/N2kQt30vrt@FantasyDouche @TheJustinBecker yeah I have nothing against the content or whatever, it was just funny how well it fit that frame@lfitzmaurice i think it's kind of sad@lfitzmaurice i think it's kind of funnyThis unlocked NYer archive is like some some magical combo of Chanukah and Shark Week for Longform. Our 25 favorites: http://t.co/XWtbZwXjsK
Retweeted by kevin lincolnChecked in on what all 32 NFL QBs are up to. Geno Smith's been going to the Cheesecake Factory http://t.co/3X5wuRFdQQomg RT @TheJustinBecker: @KTLincoln Oh i found ur Palmer/Warner article and its as ridic as u would think http://t.co/2sIsspNGdXWatch Weird Al Put On A Kanye West Mask, Lock Himself In A Closet With Ten Grams Of Psilocybin, And Sing 808s And Heartbreak From Memory@falsebinary i ain't sharing that #clickbaitWatch Weird Al Parody Franklin Pierce's Plummeting Reputation After He Issued The Kansas-Nebraska Act@maxlinsky @newyorker Ariel Levy on how we're unknowingly breeding cats to destroy us is amazing http://t.co/cJmOUIP1CP
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@maxlinsky @newyorker I really loved the one about the thermonuclear reactor they're building in France http://t.co/wKWE2JUQbQYou’re already reading @xzachbaronx’s Kanye interview, but just in case: http://t.co/ILgwVitCwp
Retweeted by kevin lincoln
This @annehelen piece on SNOWPIERCER's greatness and the appeal of weird beauty is fantastic http://t.co/kQcNbgNGuy@dannychau @jeremypgordon oh my god
.@embot is one of the best tech journalists if tech journalism is even still a thing & if so knows it looks like this http://t.co/r8KFyiNiJ1
Retweeted by kevin lincoln
@hreins huh, i just assumed this was the Shins@silviakillings see "geezer" for reference@silviakillings jeezPretty sure I just witnessed a drug deal in which a dude asked his dealer if he had Venmo.
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@TheTomasRios notedThis is a fun Riff, sort of like a New Yorker cartoon brought to life: http://t.co/D4fVscLTQY
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@BAFeldman both fantastic@jeremypgordon these are great selections@A_W_Gordon good point@TheTomasRios ;ljasdf;lbas;ofdhia;sodihf;asdnf;alshdfalhsdf;lasdhf;ahlsdf@A_W_Gordon NOT A VIDEOQuestion: what's the funniest internet video you can think of? Like, video that lives on the Internet — could've originated on TV, tho"I am now an active participant in the casual fun TGI Friday's atmosphere." http://t.co/kp3EQCW5Ti@danceremix the movie as a whole is kind of like a snapchat from a college philosophy student, so it makes sense@lfitzmaurice yeah! I totally understand that opinion, but the straight unanimity of reviews/response has been v surprising to meOnly been a few days, but have already endangered a few relationships with the opinion that BOYHOOD is really good, but not greatThe best way to make fun of my style would definitely be, "Hey, shouldn't you be out on tour with fun. right now?"New Yorkers: go see @IsaacFitzgerald interview @_catherinelacey, whose book is one of the best I've read in years http://t.co/PWRMOoWlff@bobbyfinger good man
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