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John Salmons airball threes are the inside-joke fan service of the PlayoffsI bet Greivis Vasquez drives a Dodge Magnum
@danceremix Best Music Writing '00s@en_cohen couldn't agree more. the ratio of great:bad popular-indie bands now is no higher than it is on this list@en_cohen I am listening to the first Hot Hot Heat album front to back as we speak@Nick_NoHeart @falsebinary oh man, I think it was less. that thing couldn't always handle the schoolbus@falsebinary I was young and impressionable and owned a discmanI Think I Once Maybe Paid Money For A Razorlight Album, Ask Me Anything@dynamofire yeah! I'd say I'm about 25% "this is real, good music" and 75% "the NME-industrial-complex was real"@mollylambert @PAPPADEMAS @noz I remember being a dumb 14 year old listening to Razorlight on a schoolbus and still being like, is this real@dynamofire everyone should be forced to say which of these songs they would still voluntarily listen to, that would be fascinatingOh my god I completely forgot that there used to be a band called Does It Offend You, Yeah? http://t.co/dj0t0E0005@_Cooper HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY, i miss littleneck@Mirandapberman kickstarting the movie version@Mirandapberman such a missed opportunity to use the last name Witchowitzhttp://t.co/TPh9H9lomJhttp://t.co/XiagpLTkUm
Retweeted by kevin lincolnI named my bracket in the NBA Playoffs Challenge "I Feel Like Fabo Sefolosha," and I am pretty proud of thisI wish I played fantasy baseball because I just thought up "The Afghan Puigs" and now it's completely wasted@jordansarge @danceremix I'm in one hunnert percentAND THE OSCAR GOES TO [opens envelope] DEANDRE JORDAN FOR HIS PORTRAYAL OF CHARLES BARKLEY IN SPACE JAM http://t.co/xBm05eOwFsOnce all the movies are TV shows, what then? Do we have to make them into video games http://t.co/nxxpPRFbS1
Retweeted by kevin lincolnNicolas Cage plays the Ghost Rider like he's Tim Roth at the beginning of Reservoir Dogs https://t.co/RSIlNi1Hwn
thinkpiece pitch: We Are All Chelsea Clinton's Baby, I Know It's Weird, Just Deal With ItI wrote about Jorge Gutierrez's hair and Air Bud playing two-guard for the Bucks in Grantland's final NBA Shootaround http://t.co/aZZeuIjR4n@ChiaraAtik the leading source for all your Cool Orangutan-related news and analysis@trillotto Sign of the OrangutimesHere's a trend: it's orangutans, being rad as hell@KatzM <3Hey girl, you must be a trend piece, because I can't stop talking about you in a helplessly agonized wayI want to write a trend piece about that supercool orangutan, who wants to publish it@KTHeaney @katienotopoulos @rachelysanders HEEEE-EEEEEEY. HEEEEE-EEEEEEEY.crying RT @TheTomasRios: OH MY GOD. RT @megreenwell This may be the greatest clubhouse prank in sports history. https://t.co/olNRJbIKOs
GREAT NEWS RT @freemaneric: DRUDGE SIREN!!! RT @JoshGershon: New Mexico State sophomore center Sim Bhullar is entering the NBA Draft@bobbyfinger GREAT url: "neil-patrick-harris-snakes-photo"
And now for something different: I wrote @PacificStand about why the Big Bang is philosophically important to us http://t.co/eeGl0N6uACThe Legend of PUIG starts here "He was traveling with three companions: a boxer, a pinup girl, and a Santeria priest" http://t.co/8bAK2njvj2
Retweeted by kevin lincolnIf you wanna peep on something, peep my @Grantland33 piece on American Hero Greg Dulli and "Do To The Beast." http://t.co/aGV8Fe5SYW
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@trillotto another very good qGood Q http://t.co/RCoHvIvsjePlumgod RT @treykerby: Really hate the nickname Plumdog but could definitely get behind Plum Lord.@jordansarge @andrewsharp perfect, pre-pro on that's a little more intense because we have to teach Costner Indonesian martial artsIf you would like to help fund SUPPLEMENTAL DRAFT DAY, please make your check out to either me or @andrewsharpI wrote for Grantland about the sports movies Kevin Costner should make now that DRAFT DAY's out there shining http://t.co/ncxe0iI48X@katienotopoulos @jbasher also happy birthday if it IS in fact your birthday@katienotopoulos @jbasher cool balloons bro@jbasher although he did make a video with Shia LaBeouf which is pretty awesome slash hilarious https://t.co/AQb3wS0hmZ@jbasher no one should ever revel in that CageWe should all revel in CageThat's @PAPPADEMAS from http://t.co/ivwZYPZw0p. I watched Joe last night, which was excellent, so now I'm reveling in Cage"Some actors make their acting invisible; Cage makes you think about what acting is and how weird it must be to do it for a living."But do corgis need special benefits packages? (CONGRATULATIONS) MT @fierman Welcome Maester of Knicks Pain @netw3rk to Grantland full time.@jbasher @leshorn FUTURE FUTURE FUTURE FUTURE FUTURE FUTUREwhole body's palpitating right now RT @corbangoble: "I Be U" RT @pitchforkmedia: Stream Future’s new album, Honest http://t.co/d0P0uYPMr2
Don Popovich RT @Jonathan_Feigen: Spurs starting Baynes and Damian James. Pop referred to James as 'the new kid, what's his name."@en_cohen plenty of quality options https://t.co/4bsO1lnDsC@zaccrain it's sort of a Holy Trinity thing—in one they are all; in all they are oneMy last three Google searches (all Images): "Kevin Costner sad"; "Kevin Costner sexy"; "Kevin Costner scarf"from last week, still cool: reminder that there's more to eat in NYC than, like, fried chicken made by white dudes http://t.co/uNlksNIHqC
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@BAFeldman I dig the Cloud Nothings album a lot, but I don't really see it as euphoric like Japandroids. different tones of rockWhen is 2014's version of Chvrches or Japandroids or Future going to come out, come on 2014, let's get movingOk so @ModFarm isn't up for any Pulitzers (YET) but I did enter this story in a fashion writing competition http://t.co/0RSwpNBAhf
Retweeted by kevin lincoln
hey @teamziller this Method Man verse is REAL (I think he may actually have been asleep when he recorded it?) https://t.co/HTyCUEeneF
Just heard a Jim Jones rap about checking his BBM, someone please confirm that I haven't unwittingly slipped through a wormhole
@jbasher WHAT THE HELL@andyverderosa Drake is just enthusiastic. about everything.@patrickredford the Based God must WANT to be found@en_cohen @netw3rk personal favorite: "I'm in the luxury box with George Steinbrenner / the owner"Girl, you must be the Based God, because you just wrote a three-minute diss of Kevin Duran— oh, Based God, why are you wearing a wig?@wandcrombeen @netw3rk based god exists apart from all cultural trends. based god is an outlier always@TheLincoln I mean, after all, there are only so many Redwall booksLET WESTBROOK BE WESTBROOK AND LET IT BE SOUNDTRACKED BY BOUND 2. IT'S NBA SHOOTAROUND: http://t.co/uFm778Gkmv
Retweeted by kevin lincolnThe official site of Lassie, The World's Most Famous Dog, is pretty weird http://t.co/0L1pISeFYc@jaycaspiankang 15 hashtag jokes a game, call me nick young@jaycaspiankang this isn't fair@jaycaspiankang I have 5,000 more jokes about this and if you'd just pull up a chair I will read them to you in a low, strangled whisperWait, no, seriously, did Cancel Colbert work. did it. did it work. can anyone hear me. lassie, I fell in the goddam well again@falsebinary GOD HAS SHITTY TASTEQ: DID CANCEL COLBERT WORK A: NO, YOU IDIOT, ONLY GOD CAN CANCEL TV SHOWSHuh, wow, a dog just walked by and said he "can't believe Cancel Colbert worked." so did my coffee table. I took too many mushroomslike, the person, or the character RT @ditzkoff: CBS announces that Stephen Colbert will be the next host of Late Show.In the wake of "Draft Day" and "I Won," I wrote an impassioned plea for more sports-themed rap songs at Grantland http://t.co/PIs66MAMhb@PabloTorre @seth_rosenthal endorse endorse endorse
@corbangoble i like where your head's at@scott_tobias What Jodorowsky's EL TOPO gets wrong about messianic gunslinging loners and subterranean dwarf colonies and also drugsHere's my answer to that white-person quiz: I'm listening to Midwestern hardcore and just changed out of jorts so I can go indoor climbing@MattZeitlin oh totally, i'm just saying that vice is over ten years late to beating this particular dead horse@MattZeitlin http://t.co/dy9iDeMPod@GrahamDavidA @DukeChronicle you love the black keys@GrahamDavidA @DukeChronicle says a white guy@GrahamDavidA @DukeChronicle lolol i just took that quiz and got 19. we're both not white. this seems suspect#barves #barves #barves home of the #barves http://t.co/ia3hl08PHJLiverpool is normcore. RT @Grantland33: Did we just see the end of Borussia Dortmund’s hipster football dream? http://t.co/8P8stWZhmM
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@GrahamDavidA ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaThat @GODMODEINTERNET keeps making hits and this new FASANO LP is a shining gem https://t.co/fx82IQtTqK@_Cooper the world will never be ready to understand the Plumlees@BenMathisLilley this guy http://t.co/EpeeeiX0XoAs soon as JODOROWSKY'S DUNE finished, I wanted to just run it back. One of the best studies of art and creativity I've ever seen
Audio: bang bang http://t.co/fEJmr6zxiI@WaltRMartin right back at you
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