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"Welcome to my TED Talk on Updog." "What's Updog?" "Not much, how about you? This concludes my TED Talk."
Retweeted by kevin lincolnDon't let anyone shame your tweets. Your tweets are beautiful. Empower your tweetsLiverpool getting into noise rock. Liverpool making arthouse films with no dialogue. Liverpool writing experimental poetryLiverpool currently behaving like your really cool friend who decides he's going to start wearing Tevas everywhere@PAPPADEMAS this city is turning on us@rachelysanders @cwarzel none of this changes the fact that my eyeballs are sweating sweat, not tears@cwarzel I don't cry, I'm too realI think my eyeballs are sweatingHey look, @rwohan and @noahedavis woke up from their bear-like hibernations to finally record a podcast http://t.co/9HW349LmJn@barryap1 as a former employee of BuzzFeed, my response to this would be.... yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepDid not realize until now that Eva Mendes is 7 years older than Ryan Gosling. That's cool and I've already pledged fealty to their childthis is what True Football looks like RT @edsbs: MARK MANGINO IS AN AMAZING COACH http://t.co/nAgBWFaAqSSee @jordansarge in the Kinja comments uttering all kinds of blasphemies http://t.co/vHEGAc1DuuI can't get my keyboard shortcut for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to work. This is the darkest day of my life@JakeSwearingen hmm yes sounds interesting *gets in car* *car starts to fly* *leaves earth's atmosphere*We Are All The Fainting Wide Receiver On Arkansas State@en_cohen that fact that his first name rhymes with "drug" is just a bonusEveryone looks like they're having fun RT @SLAMonline: Ready or not ... here they come! http://t.co/uyVF9AszCw http://t.co/Ud2Xs4tVWL@juliarubin @ben_rosen @hreins @Mirandapberman Julia, you'd make a very charismatic professional skateboarder@ben_rosen @juliarubin @hreins @Mirandapberman this looks more difficult to me than regular skateboarding@sternbergh Adam, have you read any Jean-Patrick Manchette? Just finished the NYRB re-release of The Mad And The Bad and it is GREAT@rachelysanders "It’s like, Ugh. I loved Lie to Me, they canceled that."
Heads up, everyone: tickets to my fundraising gala, "A Sensual Evening With Bill Belichick," should be on sale soon@dannosowitz @mattbuchanan @lindseyweber @jwherrman @ktheaney @rachelysanders @harmancipants @bobbyfinger i just want everyone to be happySeeing a guy wearing a North Face fleece in 95-degree weather is the kind of thing that drives you over the edge of madness@en_cohen yeah I'm in a whole foods right now and I'm never leaving@jeremypgordon I've thought about it. now I'm at whole foods. next best thing@dannychau @paezpumarL yeah, you guys definitely have the advantage right nowWhat is the most air-conditioned coffee shop in Los Angeles, because that is where I want to be right nowThe brilliant @marincogan is now a contributing editor at @NYMag, which is good news for everyone http://t.co/kfAniSUW6VI'm so thrilled to start as a contributing editor @NYMag next month! http://t.co/nyFJPSBxDI
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@A_W_Gordon also my favorite water buffalo pretending to be a human@falsebinary *does eightball in space*In today's newsletter, I endorse "Bad Lieutenant" but not the activities depicted therein, because they are MESSED UP http://t.co/woFRwB5bwr@cwarzel and yet somehow, you're here with us todayIf they're re-releasing Surge, does that mean Sparks is coming back, too? Because that means we're all going to die@nately it's the one-two punch of that and "so many cars DMV thought it was mail fraud"@jordansarge i might make a weird argument for Keef's turn on Hold My Liquor too, if you pressed me@mattbuchanan i think soWe have to at least consider the possibility that Rick Ross' verse on Devil In A New Dress is the great cultural achievement of this decadegood dog https://t.co/yNH5jNtBOCBut tweet ~well~Tweet moreWho wants to go in together on one of these Run the Jewels specialty packages? Eyeing Self Righteousness For Sale http://t.co/CWjk0tK9us@Lana i WISH I had the foresight and coordination to do thatDid my iPad just spontaneously start playing Beyonce when I walked onto a shuttle bus at LAX? yes, yes it did
@en_cohen @freedarko but if god had an ipod, he'd be on his playlist@marathonpacks @teamziller @freedarko for sure, and he definitely gets extra credit for working the word "gone" in that many times@teamziller @freedarko don't hate the Consequence verse though, especially considering it's one of two verses i've ever heard from him@teamziller @freedarko my favorite part is how Kanye jumps BACK on the track afterward and goes nust, like he didn't want to leave it there@erikmal i still love you erik@erikmal yeah but you can wish a happy birthday to people in their memory—feel like that's not at all uncommon? they also share a bday@erikmal he was really close with Amy Winehouse and put a feature with her on one of his albums posthumously :(@freedarko first thing that comes to mind for me is Consequence on "Gone" with Kanye and Cam'ron*opens DMs* hey girl want to come over and watch that Dog With a Blog Season finale? got that shit DVR'd *clicks send*Person across from the aisle from me on this flight reading a book called "Defensive Handgun Skills." It's a paperback@Mirandapberman looks like my kind of guy@Mirandapberman I like his hat@Mirandapberman cool bear@yksnpnwrbrhsa what do you want from your god@minakimes real talk@mahon_e "well, nobody's buying these fucking things, so let's fllm the car being driven like Kubrick might shoot an orgy"@minakimes what if Tom Brady actually ~wasn't~ looking for someone to high-five? What if he just really likes walking around like that?@AdamTrot scientists have been pursuing it for decadesWhat if every time someone started talking about fantasy football they agonizingly turned into Bill Pullman and then Balthazar Getty@mahon_e John, I can tell the difference between a character and an actor. I am at this moment whittling a Lone Star can into a human form@A_W_Gordon yo I think god is Papa John SchnatterI'm seated at the right hand of some guy wearing wranglers and eating pork rinds out of a paper bagManziel took a snap for the Browns. If you need me, I've ascended into heaven@Darbmilne the director's cut would extend the commercial to 90 minutes and not add a single line of dialogueThese McConaughey Lincoln ads directed by Winding Refn are so tailored to me that it's a miracle I haven't started living in an MKC yetHere's the powerhouse longread on misogyny & the atheist movement: http://t.co/1Sd46K8wIM via @buzzreads
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@en_cohen that's amazing. did he say namaste at any point?@en_cohen Devendra Banhart just woke up from a years-long slumber at the sound of this tweetLooking for a man to be in my performance-art project, Simon and Hall, in which we hit each other with increasingly large kitchen objects@en_cohen "anti-Garfunkel and Oates" sounds like the logical next step from "anti-folk"@hidayna watched this http://t.co/taV374bGRj and now i'm figuring out the earliest possible time i can see them liveThis band Girlpool is incredibly cool http://t.co/vHbIzcIBGp"I'll never understand / what it means to be a man who is white / because he never has to fight / paint me colors" http://t.co/taV374bGRj@mariskreizman i got 250 pages into book one before i choked on my own tongue and died, so i understand@A_W_Gordon THE JETS ARE A GOOD AND FUN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS ORGANIZATION@mariskreizman *whispers* what book is this that you hate"Just like women to dream up an imaginary rent gap in Monopoly and then spend all their time in free parking" #boardgamergate@chupchap @atulkarmarkar thanks for pointing that out! will change@nately bruh i got my own sheep"yeah uh are any of the Catan development cards girl knights I DIDN'T THINK SO" #boardgamergate@MaraWritesStuff *opens coffin* games are important and art *turns back into bat*
Jordan Futures, Gaddis, Spongebobs, Lawsuits, George Bush, @NYCSanitation onesies, ETC http://t.co/Vk0SXyexkF http://t.co/FyfCoBaIDO
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@jbasher @SteveKandell i think there is someeeee resemblance but i'm not the best to judge@jbasher @SteveKandell i'm not saying it wasn't, i just didn't realize@SteveKandell @jbasher http://t.co/S0XYYnTbaa@jbasher you discovered Paul Reiser?Guys, @jeremypgordon's show Dog With A Blog has its season finale tonight, I learned this from Tiger Beat http://t.co/Q7S2j4dysG@ohheygreat @PacificStandard hey! congratulations!! that's great!!! hey, @nbj914, good job, you should write about your jeepHow is that possible?Adrian Peterson case has led @A_W_Gordon + me to discover that 19 states still allow corporal punishment of kids??? http://t.co/VarjeC4pvShttp://t.co/CGMlj3nEyR@shockleysmith @jordansarge oh my god i think you're right@jordansarge @shockleysmith if that shirt wasn't real we'd have to invent it🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 RT @andrewsharp: NBA After Dark. We needed this now more than ever @julietlitman @ChrisRyan77 http://t.co/BUs77hzUZd
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