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L George @LLLGeorge North Bend, WA

Scientist by training, mom & wife by choice; I only houseclean at gunpoint. Fascinated & repulsed by politics. Proud liberal. Nature freak.

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Sherpas are boycotting Mount Everest in protest. Thousands of white men are being forced to climb out of their mid-life crises on their own.
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#boobs http://t.co/bPKXOII4Vc
Retweeted by L GeorgeIf we get rid of affirmative action who are dumb white kids gonna blame when they don't get into college?
Retweeted by L George@SharkAdvocates @WhySharksMatter That is an incredible-looking animal!Grandchild petting zoo. #DailyShow@APBBlue Hmmm, my Lenovo also has trouble holding a wireless signal.**VICTORY!!! @GovBrewer just vetoed TWO bills that would've weakened state gun laws. #GunSense and common sense win!! http://t.co/Z2Wdl6erPI
Retweeted by L GeorgeWe need some lawsuits that bring into question the affirmative action plan known as "Legacy" students. #inners
Retweeted by L George@Sun4Shine76 @jennaemoran @DianeRavitch @HowardMaffucci Plus, We have a poverty problem, not a public school problem.
Retweeted by L George.@realDonaldTrump You need a hobby...By all means the President's visit to the #530slide was a disaster because he mispronounced Oso. That's an attitude that will take you far.#530slide oh dear god Obama was up there all day. He got the story right and the character of Oso right. Get over it.
Retweeted by L GeorgeBe aware: the media will most likely spin the mispronunciation of "Oso" during the speech as something more (Obama heartless!). #530Slide
Retweeted by L GeorgeIt's really a shame that @BarackObama's visit to a disaster area is being overshadowed by a simple pronunciation mistake... #530slide
Retweeted by L GeorgeWe're streaming our 4pm newscast right now at http://t.co/hMR0NOQrV5 but will cover Obama's #530slide speech as soon as it begins.
Retweeted by L GeorgeWe're told President Obama could be in Oso in minutes to speak after touring the #530slide... but our reporter tells us he's not there yet.
Retweeted by L GeorgeHard to believe she'll hatch them all http://t.co/QTwUTOcE31
Retweeted by L George@owillis Clueless old HS classmates call me a lefty in spite of the fact I support private enterprise and like my private property..@secupp 49% fewer suicides by firearm in states w/expanded background checks. Does the NRA high 5 THAT? #everytownforgunsafety #EmptyCupp
Retweeted by L GeorgePat Tillman, who gave up his NFL career to defend his country died 10 years ago today. http://t.co/4FiGLIJRu6
Retweeted by L George@flyingwithfish I am a geologist so I'd prefer a cross-section showing how your admiration for me has changed with time...@flyingwithfish I bet you were working on writing a lovely note telling me why I am so wonderful...Ten Years of Eating #Organic Foods Does Little To Reduce Your Risk of #Cancer #health #nutrition #rdchat http://t.co/ycnMImyYPM @sharethis
Retweeted by L GeorgeAmerican middle class is no longer the richest in the world. http://t.co/XJ6V54QrVR via @UpshotNYT http://t.co/th7ZCp5Ej9
Retweeted by L George#Compassion for those in poverty is #Socialism bt stealing resources frm Govt is standing up 4 ur rights #TaxDodger http://t.co/RGwBXSFqiE
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I don't really care if you believe in God. I care that you want your religion to influence govt, education, and lifestyles of others.
Retweeted by L GeorgeRaising the Federal minimum wage is good for America. It worked in Washington. http://t.co/jpxWKF24aG #RaiseTheWage http://t.co/gTJaBiPCTx
Retweeted by L George@MrDanZak @daveweigel Damn, you are right and I am wrong! Damn I hate typing that...Liberty & justice for all. #SaySomethingLiberalIn4Words@MrDanZak @daveweigel Actually the correct term is Rubensesque... ;-)@MavenMerida Somebody looked into it and found the companies that offer this kind of fundraising are sketchy at best.@MavenMerida Most door to door magazine salesman don't realize they are almost always working for con artists. They made the rounds at home.@Slate Yes.@StephenWolfUNC That's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks.@TheTweetOfGod Awww, but I HATE to floss...@StephenWolfUNC @DaveMc99TA I'd love to know the approximate population numbers for Ds vs. Rs.
wat RT @CBSLA: #BREAKING AP reporting the FBI says that a 16-year-old stowaway survived unharmed in the wheel well of a CA to Hawaii flight.
Retweeted by L George@liberalandold Games of Thrones: Next Generation...Remembering the 13 lives lost in the #Columbine HS shooting 15 years ago. Our hearts are with the family & friends of the victims.
Retweeted by L GeorgeWe serve nothing but the purest, most authentically artisinal ideology. We hand-pick every trope to produce that perfect blend.
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RT if you remember "The Lame List" #AlmostLive http://t.co/Ige3IG6JqU
Retweeted by L GeorgeA tip for CNN: When Stephen King thinks you've told a story for too long...
Retweeted by L George#Disrupters: 4M with #mentalillness won’t be covered in states that don’t expand #Medicaid http://t.co/xixIqyCtRO http://t.co/XBHi4K10sT
Retweeted by L George@AngryBlackLady @BlackCanseco @T1theinfamous @sherifffruitfly That hair is definitely not on the FN 'Acceptable Hairstyles for Chicks' list.@T1theinfamous @BlackCanseco @AngryBlackLady @sherifffruitfly LOL! Something tells me you never met their 'criteria'...@BlackCanseco @AngryBlackLady @sherifffruitfly @T1theinfamous I'm telling Fox News on y'all...@shannonrwatts In general, ppl who advocate for unrestricted Open Carry are insecure bullies. I am not anti-gun, just pro-community.#MSNBC "The power #moms wield to shift gun debate" http://t.co/tHB4UDUv0H #MomsDemand #gunsense #nerdland
Retweeted by L George@BlackCanseco @emptychampagne ::snort::Maslow, updated. http://t.co/Kscc7QEan4
Retweeted by L George@pamplainandtall I'm in Mount Vernon, OH in Knox Co. to help my mom-in-law rehab from major surgery.@pamplainandtall That's where I went to grad school! McGilvrey Hall was my old stomping grounds...that and the Venice Cafe for $1 bottles...Imagine if a thousand armed Black people showed up after the Zimmerman verdict and pointed their firearms at cops. #BundyRanch
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Imagine not paying much attention to Chelsea Clinton's private life. It's easy if you try.
Retweeted by L GeorgeThe correlation between single motherhood & poverty is a policy choice. http://t.co/4M0oyy7o8B http://t.co/euszfxZvMQ
Retweeted by L GeorgeAgain: #BundyRanch is neither Cliven Bundy's nor is it a ranch. Discuss.
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Retweeted by L George@MicahGrimes @Tweetbrk Must have both!@heyprofbow Ha! Yep...On another topic: This is incredibly stupid. No one would ever write this dumbass article about a MAN running. http://t.co/1OQsmDGIPY
Retweeted by L George@heyprofbow How many damn grand kids did Romney have? I never heard anybody wondering if Romney shouldn't run so he can hang w/ grand kids!Approx. 100 soldiers cont. working with 15-20 specially trained spotters at the #530slide disaster site. http://t.co/32PvwX0rPT
Retweeted by L GeorgeI think it's time to re-read A Hundred Years of Solitude. I read it years ago. I can't remember much except being mesmerized by the story.Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died. He was 87: http://t.co/yOLZuClpDW
Retweeted by L George@LuthorCEO Thanks for introducing me to a new word (harridan). I'll pass it along to my teen when he takes the SAT... ;-)
@LibertyBelleJ Depends. Plan is to stay to help MIL w/ move from hospital to nursing home. That timing is still up in the air.@LibertyBelleJ Mount Vernon, Knox Co.The fun part of doing my taxes was writing off Cliven Bundy and his cows as dependents.
Retweeted by L George@LibertyBelleJ She needs to transition to a skilled nursing facility for about 2 weeks or so until she can go home. I'm staying till then.@LibertyBelleJ Luckily she is improving daily. The boys and hubby are heading back home tomorrow. I'm here for a few more.@LibertyBelleJ I'm in central OH right now. Our family was on vacay in Mexico when we got news MIL needed emergency surgery. It was scary.@BlackCanseco @thetrudz My 15 yo son plays blues, jazz guitar. He absolutely worships Muddy Waters, Son House, Blind Willy Johnson.@LibertyBelleJ Happy Birthday Miss J! Seems like it's been a tough year. I raise my glass to you; here's to a year filled w/ inner joy. :-)So damn cute. RT @LearnSomethlng: This is what a newborn bunny looks like. http://t.co/UPrRSKdYwa
Retweeted by L GeorgeHey #tcot here's the selfie that destroyed the dignity of the presidency forever. You're welcome. http://t.co/LVfnzbgPgb
Retweeted by L GeorgeIve been inspired by Rancher Bundy. I now send my dogs over to the neighbor's house to do their business. Whats hers is mine. Cause freedom!
Retweeted by L GeorgeHigh min wage state. “@WA_OFM: Labor market getting better in WA, UI rate (6.3%) continues lower than US overall. https://t.co/v5S4iozrG7"Extremist Views Go To War, They Don’t Come From Them" Another good post from @jaykirell http://t.co/REXWSQQ8Qk
Retweeted by L George@brianstelter @TVNewsLab One of many ways the GOP is trying to get more women's votes.
Almost too obscure, but clever nonetheless. “@UncleDynamite: Don't just pray for Owen. Pray for ALL the meanies.”http://t.co/ySmZATPmju: Harry Reid, Chinese Company Behind Nevada Ranch Standoff http://t.co/EJSkdEFEnz via @po_st
Retweeted by L GeorgePeter Bergan at @CNN is right: If Jewish Center shooter had yelled "Allahu Akbar" from cop car, Fox News would still be in DEFCON 2.
Retweeted by L GeorgeBasically conservatives define "tyranny" and "oppression" as someone stopping them from doing what they wanna do. That's it
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wow @usairways you guys celebrate passover differently huh
Retweeted by L GeorgeNot to be outdone by @USAirways, @AirCanada replies with it’s own image. http://t.co/aEJZH534Fk
Retweeted by L George@iboudreau Brave stand... ;-)Which corn do you want to eat? #GMO (top) or the borer-damaged, sprouting molded regular corn? http://t.co/yUvqpTQCo8 http://t.co/6mwa1S0EXn
Retweeted by L GeorgeA #GMO labeling quiz! If you can answer correctly we should #justlabelit ! http://t.co/OPdYS7c8nZ
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@RosieGray "they just think I'm trying to let make them look bad."@RosieGray Great follow up on your earlier Twitter exchange. I think you may have a typo in a quote in paragraph 5.Prayer is ritualized whining.
Retweeted by L GeorgeUm guys infectious diseases are a bigger immediate threat than genetically modified crops
Retweeted by L George@MavenMerida Or work 45 min, reward is one Netflix show. Repeat several times. A little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing.@MavenMerida Set 30 min timer. Have goal of sorting laundry or whatever. Take a ten min break to music, dancing.@KagroX No. Of course not but it completes a (false) narrative so nicely that it doesn't seem to matter... ;-)
@scATX Seriously??
MT @StephenRamaley: #530slide fundraiser Papa Murphy's delivered by Seahawk Gregg Scrugs, who made time for a selfie. http://t.co/n4J7zU9Nl8
Retweeted by L GeorgeI have five words for you: Letterman. Leno. Odd. Couple. Remake.
Retweeted by L GeorgeWelp... “@awallenstein: Jon Stewart's contract ends in mid-2015, Colbert end of 2014. Conan's contract ends November 2015.”Charles Koch thinks ending Social Security, Medicare, and the federal minimum wage will lift people out of poverty.
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