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L George @LLLGeorge North Bend, WA

Scientist by training, mom & wife by choice; I only houseclean at gunpoint. Fascinated & repulsed by politics. Proud liberal. Nature freak.

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Being that no one cares anymore, from now on, all photographs of any type are "Selfies." In fact, so are all paintings. Fuck it.
Retweeted by L GeorgeJohn Mellencamp's Label Wouldn't Allow Jack In 'Jack & Diane' To Be Black http://t.co/gF6VQeloRs via @HuffPostLive
Retweeted by L GeorgeState Farm drops ad starring Rob Schneider over anti-vaccine views http://t.co/fpmNVGrmQ0
Retweeted by L GeorgeI'm calling those murderous shits Da'esh, as we do in Arabic.They want 2b called Islamic State? Yeah, I want 2b called Feminist State
Retweeted by L GeorgeObama mentioned Miami's tidal flooding in his UN speech! Here's a photo from this morning. http://t.co/cNfjt5WjlG
Retweeted by L George#Syria | 2 Syrian pilots seen after #Israel downed their aircraft earlier near Kanaker http://t.co/2gTLxTrmdj
Retweeted by L GeorgeEven worse than seeing women's privacy violated on social media is reading the accompanying comments that show such a lack of empathy.
Retweeted by L George@LibertyBelleJ Fuck yeah.
This guy scooped the world --> https://t.co/4fA5PLZacH
Retweeted by L GeorgeA checklist of "red flags" as you tackle the 'anti' crowd. Thanks @skepticalraptor! http://t.co/ebf0LafjUI
Retweeted by L George@drgrist Easily revealing himself to be the world's stupidest person...Mom of 3 lived for free for 8 years in a forgotten house: http://t.co/ZupjLmr4bD
Retweeted by L George@RosieGray Bombing a country in the Middle East? Another day another dollar...My 4 n 5 yr old nieces n nephews have their stories more straight than the Ravens and they don't even know what day it is.
Retweeted by L George@GlennF Yep. So much smug superiority in her approach.@GlennF She would need to be interested in learning something rather than reinforcing her beliefs.@KSeattleWeather NEVER!! ;-) I actually get it. It will be good to not feel guilty for binge-watching Netflix because it's so nice outside@KSeattleWeather You need to see somebody about your Sunshine Phobia... ;-)An open letter to @Radiolab (which I generally love) from the mom of an autistic son. http://t.co/FvVsTN93IZ
Retweeted by L GeorgeThe Goodell Myth by @matthewjdowd http://t.co/8aXZ5mMKMl #NFL
Retweeted by L George@JuddLegum @ArrogantDemon Then why not watch it when they learned about it?? Do they think we are stupid?Frank Luntz was behind Roger Goodell's response to DV issues, which Frank Luntz praised: http://t.co/y9Fw9Cn1My
Retweeted by L GeorgeSaying "I'm sorry" is the best way to go back in time
Retweeted by L George#TweetAPictureThatYouCantExplain http://t.co/KDePluUEc2
Retweeted by L George@WoodardColin @BurghDiaspora If you have suggestions of articles, books, I'd love to read more. Thanks!@WoodardColin @BurghDiaspora What historical/political events shaped Eastern European immigrants and how did they shape new communities?@WoodardColin @BurghDiaspora My dad's grandparents were Ukrainian and left Europe in late 19th century.@WoodardColin @BurghDiaspora I'm curious about how the politics and culture of immigrants' home countries might've shaped American culture.@WoodardColin @BurghDiaspora Just finished your Tufts alumni mag article. It makes more sense now.@BurghDiaspora Thanks! Quite intriguing.@BurghDiaspora @WoodardColin I'd need to read the book to understand the groupings. The Midlands geography makes no intuitive sense to me.@BurghDiaspora http://t.co/I1SM2BEIeJ@BurghDiaspora Open Google Maps-satellite view. There is a distinctly-light green area...Midwest? It's not perfect, but nothing usually is.@BurghDiaspora When I moved from Kent OH to Columbus, the cultural shift from Rust Belt to Midwest was quite apparent.Vaccines save lives, @MaykeBriggs. It's only privileged, pampered, spoiled Developed World people who think otherwise. @drskyskull
Retweeted by L George@iboudreau Can I help? What are you frustrated with?@JennyPentland Jesus fucking Christ, Jenny, stop!@iboudreau I didn't want to offer advice if you really didn't want it. I wasn't sure.@iboudreau Seriously?Love this: Liam Neeson 'Kill Map' shows his global reign of terror http://t.co/M4a3zvge3t http://t.co/cHh9B6oX7k
Retweeted by L George
@bad__scientist Wow!DRUMROLL..... #Seattle summer minutes at or above 80 for Sept. 21: 226 (High at UW: 81) FINAL TOTAL FOR 2014: 11,676!! 2nd most since 2000
Retweeted by L George@roncjudd @soundslikepuget You're welcome. http://t.co/ionGijlBuI@roncjudd The word gauche comes from French word for left. Also, not used as much as in the past. @soundslikepuget https://t.co/laEYEWiWP9@RockyMntnMike I have golden aspen pictures taken along the trip from Durango, through Ouray, and all the way to the North Rim.@RockyMntnMike Oh man...20 years ago this week, my now hubby and I spent almost 3 weeks backpacking then driving through Rockies. Heaven!@soundslikepuget All due respect to @roncjudd, of course... ;-)@soundslikepuget I believe @roncjudd is too curmudgeonly to issue 'Juddies'...@txvoodoo @iboudreau @D_v_E Article in @seattletimes has some data comparing DV rates by NFL players to gen public. http://t.co/AcStQjY5jS@LVPLopezIsland OMG!!Why does 'orbital insertion' sound slightly erotic to me...? #nasaFDR couldn't walk and was juggling two mistresses while I run marathons and still get fake numbers from PF Changs waitresses #Roosevelts
Retweeted by L GeorgeThe Rockefeller Brothers Fund is divesting from fossil fuels. The Rockefellers! http://t.co/cVKg7EMFbE
Retweeted by L GeorgeSeahawks cornerback DeShawn Shead proposes to girlfriend at midfield after game: http://t.co/xfOXnkImL7
Retweeted by L George@ActivityGrrrl Fall can just take a flying leap this year...I am not interested in anything it has to offer right now...@ActivityGrrrl ::fingers in my ears:: lalalalalalalala....I never want it to end it was soooo fabulous! My ideal weather!@Popehat Oh lord I'm glad I'm not your neighbor...@MikeKOMOsports @komonews At least it's Seahawks colors...If everyone releases nude photos of themselves then none of us ever have to wear pants again.
Retweeted by L GeorgeShe said yes! @dshead24 proposed to his girlfriend Jessica!! Centerfield after the game!! #Seahawks http://t.co/9WZGhQC1Gg
Retweeted by L GeorgeSeahawks cb Deshawn Shead proposing on the field after Seahawks beat Denver. http://t.co/HBbr6O0waC
Retweeted by L GeorgeOuch! “@KING5Seattle: Marshawn Lynch's dreadlock torn out by defender: http://t.co/VDyWAepQQY #k5sports #DENvsSEA http://t.co/yLMKcpZj5STHIS was the Super Bowl we were all denied. #Broncos #Seahawks @Craaaazy
Retweeted by L George@AmFmJen ==> “@NateSilver538: Broncos' win probability had fallen to 2% according to Advanced NFL Stats: http://t.co/IasrQEPZK0” ;-)@AmFmJen I was wondering if you were gloating...In football, a brief hand-clapping is sufficient applause for a good play or even for a victory. It is not necessary to be boisterous. 1921
Retweeted by L GeorgeThis. http://t.co/3fRPCC1YLd
Retweeted by L George@fewspokenwords Hilarious!@LibertyBelleJ BTW...I'm telling Myron...@LibertyBelleJ You're going for Witches of Eastwick reputation, aren't you...?! ;-)@LibertyBelleJ That's a fucking metaphor for SOMETHING...goddamnit...;-)@txvoodoo @iboudreau @D_v_E My husband agrees more w/ your position than mine.@txvoodoo @iboudreau @D_v_E I completely respect your position. But I suspect it comes from a place of not liking sports--which is OK.@txvoodoo @iboudreau @D_v_E I guarantee you there are executives who beat women, children.@txvoodoo @iboudreau @D_v_E Peers meaning same demographic group by income, race, education, etc.@txvoodoo @iboudreau @D_v_E I honestly don't believe that the DV rates of football players would be *significantly* higher than peers.@txvoodoo @iboudreau @D_v_E No. I mean musicians, actors, Hollywood.@txvoodoo @iboudreau @D_v_E Exec office suites at Fortune 500 cos aren't filled with white men because women, minorities hate $ or power.@txvoodoo @iboudreau @D_v_E the Catholic Church?@txvoodoo @iboudreau @D_v_E Entertainment?@margarita If this was a minority family, we would be reading a lot of BS articles about pathology in X community.@LibertyBelleJ You will not regret fighting for the money you deserve and need.@AmFmJen I'm a nearly 50 yo married mother of 2 and I hate to admit how betrayed I feel that Ryan had a baby w/ Eva Mendes...@AmFmJen Shirtless Ryan Gosling is a balm for the soul...@AmFmJen http://t.co/wbneQe8IzJ@AmFmJen Won't work either... ;-) https://t.co/eiOODsjKjD@LibertyBelleJ :-(@GidgetWA :-("He did not have the ball long enough." Dumbest rule ever. Ignores the skill level of the players. They guy turned to run.
Retweeted by L George@iboudreau @D_v_E @txvoodoo and at the same time keep pushing people and institutions to do better.@iboudreau @D_v_E @txvoodoo I'm not excusing any terrible behavior by any player or by those in charge.@iboudreau @D_v_E @txvoodoo These problems exist in many institutions including the military and, to a lesser extent, academia.@iboudreau @D_v_E @txvoodoo There's racism, sexism, homophobia, violence in pro football because it exists in society.@iboudreau @D_v_E @txvoodoo I'm not that familiar w/ teams other than the Steelers. To say the Rooney's don't care a/b Pittsburgh is crazy.@iboudreau @D_v_E @txvoodoo That blanket statement is big enough to cover a lot of territory!Twenty years ago if you sent someone a picture of your face & an omelette you went to an insane asylum
Retweeted by L GeorgeAmazing. RT @dgardner: A symptom of advanced partisania. One of my favourite graphs, ever: http://t.co/pBxSgUSgdO
Retweeted by L George@iboudreau @D_v_E @txvoodoo It's a messy mix of childhood memories, family tradition, local identity and tribalism...human nature, really.@iboudreau @txvoodoo @D_v_E It's...complicated...Breathtaking. Flying through a red #Aurora, with a green one right beneath us. http://t.co/1GW12YF7LR
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