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@CSSWG Invited Expert. @OReillyMedia author (ETA 2014). Ex @W3C staff. Made @prismjs @dabblet @prefixfree. Passionate about standards, code, design, UX, life.

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How about flying a #drone with 16 lines of #JavaScript? Find out how from @juliancheal at "Dancing with Robots" talk http://t.co/Nrp4UruFNZ
Retweeted by Lea VerouEveryone is pissy pants because they wanted a fight for equality but all they got was some bullshit workplace drama.
Retweeted by Lea Verou
How Stripe uses animation to improve the checkout experience. Lots of good points in this! https://t.co/nVbvuwYazh (via @brad_frost)
Retweeted by Lea Verou@juliancheal You give up too easily. ;)@juliancheal your sarcasm generator needs calibration ;)@juliancheal In the future? ;)
Prism now has Node.js support, thanks to this lovely pull request: https://t.co/t4nxvKZVnC :)
Retweeted by Lea VerouEver submitted a new language/theme/plugin for Prism? Now you are properly credited on the download page! http://t.co/bM5sX0gGjo
Retweeted by Lea VerouCurrent Easter status. Roasting goat, kokoretsi, and 20C+ weather. http://t.co/qpeNzUuwnO
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Happy Easter disco. https://t.co/ocYtsL4JAv
Retweeted by Lea VerouToday’s #xkcd is a very fitting reply to all those citing free speech to support Brendan Eich in the recent debacle https://t.co/FyYHMGaZBN
@mprabhat_trionn yeah, I know, you just used developer tools. *I* suggested you edit the tweet, since you seem to have no problem cheating.Another belief of mine that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise. —Margaret Atwood
Retweeted by Lea Verou@alexstewartja @html5hub @getify That question is nonsensical. All standards evolve, and since CSS features can't be changed, they increase.@gregkare @juliancheal Yay!!! So happy for you two!!! :D
@mprabhat_trionn You lose all the fun by cheating with dev tools. You may as well edit the tweet and get even better scores.
TIL there are 2 justification algos, a good one and a crappy & fast one. Browsers use the latter. http://t.co/jwaZrE3S7q by @elliotjaystocks@roboticwrestler Looking forward to it too!! It’s pronounced Lee-ah, and it’s actually short for my unwieldy Greek first name “Michaelia”.@edwardbenson I am joining :) Thanks!@mateuspv @dudleystorey Speaking of which, the HTML in that form is almost as ugly as religion itself.@klout Bug: Your “audience size” metric measures followers for twitter but friends for facebook. Audience size is followers for fb too.A bit disappointed there’s no Chaplain for the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster on the @MIT campus :P #fsm http://t.co/z4Oq9V9ckx
@KAYAK Bug: Filtering by Star Alliance also includes “Multiple Airlines”, even when none of them are Star Alliance.@momondo Love your app, but really missing @KAYAK’s history feature, which saves tabs with previous searches. Anything similar planned?@lukebrooker @juliancheal @DylanLacey Yup, we're now in Greece! Was great hanging out with y'all, we had a great night!
Re: cat café, pffffft. In Greece, every outdoors restaurant/café is a cat café by default. :P And for free too (except your food scraps)! :DTIL: A cat café is a theme café whose attraction is cats that can be watched and played with. There’s one in London! http://t.co/v1oSnGstKdI'm in a Verizon store and this lady is complaining about hackers getting her password. She looked at me and I smiled. Only if she knew. LOL
Retweeted by Lea Verou@dfflanders @juliancheal I regret not coming, I heard u two had fascinating discussions! Re:sp, no i. I'm not a Star Wars princess, sadly :p
@benschwarz @cwrightdesign @chriseppstein @stubbornella @connors @cgiffard @simurai @necolas we have plans but we'll try to swing by later!
@sujaykrishna Yup, thanks!@sujaykrishna Oops. Could you please file a bug?"44 years ago we put a man on the moon -- but we still can't vertically center things in CSS." ~Luke from @simurai's presentation @cssconfau
Retweeted by Lea Verou#cssconfau has so far had amazing content, a great venue & food but absolutely dreadful projector hardware. :/ Still a great conf though!@pwcberry No, but there's always http://t.co/0JTUyghpjU Not that it resembles coffee in any way…If you want to know more on antialiasing in css read this great article by @aerotwist http://t.co/TA8n2aE4Ak #cssconfau
Retweeted by Lea Verou@svgeesus Yup, here: http://t.co/XxwIP6xVRL Though the demos are interactive, so many of the slides don't make sense on their own.Thanks for the lovely feedback for my #cssconfau talk! https://t.co/GUHuuS4g6L If u have questions, come & ask me, I’ll be around all day :)@taitems It’s not black & white. I sometimes use a preprocessor, sometimes not. Depends on the project.@svgeesus Hehe, I talked about that extensively, but these tweets were before that point in my talk ;) @stubbornella @cssconfau@tabatkins Get better soon man! We at #cssconfau miss you!
@sarasoueidan Awww, thanks :DThe best thing about pregnant women is the free Wifi http://t.co/DozRPXnulg
Retweeted by Lea Verou@chriseppstein Haha, I said the same thing about sheep when I went to Wales recently. Btw, are you coming to the zoo party tonight?I've been in Melbourne for more than 24 hours and I still haven't seen a kangaroo. WTF. #cssconfau
Retweeted by Lea Verou@miksago That was a very weird thing to say Mike. @juliancheal@stubbornella Congrats! I expect lots of visits, since Boston is very close :D@ruidovisual_ Thanks! Seems a bit overkill to use a sugar for this, but I might give it a shot, as the native go to line is super slow too.
There are maybe 10 tickets left for @cssconf wink wink. If you are on the fence, start moving to decision time! https://t.co/qpn4U5vhm6
Retweeted by Lea Verou@pronebird If you don’t use any rational arguments, don’t expect any in return.@pronebird …and to lose.@pronebird Then I feel sorry for you and your tiny brain.@g16n Wow!Huge thanks to everyone who voted for me in #thenetawards! I was shortlisted for both Outstanding Contribution & Talk of the year! <3 y'all!@pronebird = lazy ass who didn't read anything but still wanted to reply.@oliverlindberg Will do, sorry!@cbandes @nytimes Claire emailed me and asked what my current ID is. I think she genuinely thought the MIT thing was more important. Dunno.@cbandes I was surprised by that too, it makes it sound like I have zero work experience! Maybe I gave the wrong impression in our emails.“Women in tech are talked about in the context of being women, men are talked about in the context of being in tech” http://t.co/ae7d4bHXP7
@juzzy_za @shanselman caniuse is about browser support, not future intentions.@juzzy_za @shanselman not the same thing. I wish those people who are too lazy to read would also be too lazy to tweet a reply.@brianleroux @juliancheal Actually, can we make it 8?@brianleroux @juliancheal Sure, sounds good! Let's meet at 7:45 at the hotel lobby?I really like http://t.co/R3YAd9YYOz : Check whether your fave web platform features are (considered to be) implemented in @IE /via @dstorey“The most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile, but that it is indifferent” —Stanley Kubrick http://t.co/uEw6oBepQ8@brianleroux Hey, did you go to Waiheke island yesterday? If not, wanna join us later today? Otherwise, dinner/drinks tonight? +@juliancheal
@mpaluchowski It resembles a text only browser because it’s greyscale?!Protip: Designing websites with sufficient contrast isn’t only useful for colorblind folk, but also for Kindle users.LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Kindle paperwhite!!! BEST speaker gift ever @code_mania! <3 @ Langham Hotel http://t.co/LKxEkGbPim@Phil_Wheeler not really, I'm still hungover :(@kiwipom HOLYSHIT that's the best speaker gift EVER!!! I always wanted a Kindle but was stingy as I read on my iPhone. Thanks so much!!!@kiwipom we're both too hungover to go downstairs (I went to breakfast but feel worse now). :( Any chance you could leave it at reception?@grahamguy "as much". If you're gonna quote me, do it right.@grahamguy since when are men only responsible for sexism? Women can be very sexist too.I just published “More Efficienter JavaScript” https://t.co/Ww65EXpQGO
Retweeted by Lea Verou@grahamguy @aral it's a "lighthearted comment" to u, because ur not affected by sexism as much. The road to hell is paved w good intentions.@grahamguy @aral @koding and what's even more infuriating is that the existence of female devs didn't even occur to them while making it.@grahamguy targeting only straight guys/lesbians like there's no way women/gay men would be interested in @koding is textbook sexism. @aral@brianleroux @juliancheal changing our stomachs would be more effective@CurtisTurnerWD I have read a lot about it. We even have friends in common who verified it.@CurtisTurnerWD he is still holding the same views.@CurtisTurnerWD no, not now. you were born like that. The only reason I'm replying to you is because it's amusing but I'm getting bored.@CurtisTurnerWD yeah, I have no empathy for bigots with zero empathy who try to restrict others' life and make them miserable.@CurtisTurnerWD oh give me a fucking break. You're too stupid to hide your views as well as you think you do, but too dumb to realize that@CurtisTurnerWD wtf? I was replying to your comment that you don't know anybody else that thinks he's a homophobe.@brianleroux @juliancheal is hungover. I'm hungover too but hungry so going for breakfast soon. Let's meet there?
@kiwipom thanks!! same as my workshop room?@kiwipom yes!@CurtisTurnerWD well, bigots like bigots, so the people u know are probably similarly minded to you. Everyone thinks he's a homophobe.@SimonSapin unfortunately not :(@dudleystorey Thanks Dudley! New Zealand is gorgeous as always. Hope to explore it a bit more on the weekend!New blog post, inspired from my talk at #cm14: Dynamically generated SVG through SASS + A 3D animated RGB cube! http://t.co/MYIJsDDX0O@curtisturnerwd Ever heard of Occam’s razor? Also, he never denied it, despite the whole universe accusing him of being homophobic.@curtisturnerwd You’re trying to restrict others’ rights because of their sexual orientation, so yeah, homophobe by definition.@curtisturnerwd Should I accept racists and nazis too? Or is homophobia somehow less serious bigotry?@curtisturnerwd Everyone has the right to express their opinion, and lots of people used that right. Nobody “caused” an uproar.@curtisturnerwd For somebody who doesn't care, u seem to spend quite a lot of energy arguing that laws around marriage should stay stagnant.@curtisturnerwd Maintaining the narrow definition of the institution that YOU have in your bigoted head. In mine, it’s just about love.@curtisturnerwd It’s not the "aura", it’s that they shouldn't have to resort to a different thing. Their union is not in any way inferior.@curtisturnerwd Often, people want to get married for very rational reasons, such as taxes or being considered a relative in an emergency.
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