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Lea Verou @LeaVerou Cambridge, MA

Research Assistant @MIT_CSAIL, @CSSWG IE, @OReillyMedia author, Ex @W3C staff. Made @prismjs @dabblet @prefixfree. I ♥ standards, code, design, UX, life!

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Programmers: please don't ever say this to beginners ... http://t.co/P1X2eKstxe [ with a shout-out to @guzdial @steve_wolfman and @webyrd ]
Retweeted by Lea VerouEvery time I see a website with syntax highlighted code, I check if it’s @prismjs. Around half the time it actually is! Soo makes my day! :)
@davidbaron I was using Firefox ESR and rebeccapurple wasn't in it FF31 yet. Sorry, deleted the tweet now. /me digs a hole and crawls in
@dommcloughlin Yes it should, the way it works doesn't differentiate between pseudoelements and regular ones.@shatil Physical dimensions cannot be detected via JS. 13.3 is just the default value, you’re meant to edit it.
@gregwhitworth Are you sure this test could not be reduced further? Most people will have trouble rendering this in their head.
@bosmel This doesn’t mean that we should be ok with things like that barbie book though. It’s the next generation that’s our hope to improve@bosmel I’m really not sure what point you’re trying to make. That we haven’t reached gender equality yet? Well, duh, that’s kinda obvious.@bosmel Actually, the book was made by women. It‘s not men causing all the problems. They’re not the enemy. Women are just as responsible.@bosmel This really depends on the company and even country. Not the same everywhere. E.g. I haven’t really faced anything like that.@bosmel There’s a long way to go, but what that book describes is a sexist dystopia, not reality. Reality even today is better than that.@bosmel WTF are you talking about? Did you come from the barbie world described in that book?This is why we don’t have enough women in STEM, far more than scientists’ t-shirts or anything else http://t.co/5gco0Jr8OBLovely fun game of trying to draw rectangles that match given pixel dimensions http://t.co/7ziDpJfgWt I got 160! via @karger@amyvdh Yes, let’s talk about it then, I really hope I can make it!@amyvdh But personality cannot be depicted in a photo anyway. Where is the lack of agency & dignity e.g. here? http://t.co/l4eWgRrGHf@amyvdh Yeah, I get the theoretical definition, but that’s way too abstract@amyvdh So if the purpose of the photo is to arouse, it’s objectification? I’m still struggling to pattern match the difference.@amyvdh …makes a photo objectifying. Perhaps erotic or sexual would be better?@amyvdh I think “sexy” wasn’t the right word, as the inference from your examples is that it’s the amount of clothing that …@amyvdh The first example is not just a picture though. If it was, would it still be objectifying?@amyvdh Also, where does objectification start and sexual expression stop? How would a sexy photo/drawing would NOT be objectifying?@mort If you enter any dialogue with the mindset that hopefully the other person will see why they’re wrong, you’re doing it wrong.@amyvdh Question: How do you feel about images that objectify men?@mort I would, if people like you disappeared. Gosh, you could’ve just pointed to what you meant, easily offended jerk.@tabatkins You hinted at TPAC that there was some progress with CAS, did I misunderstand? If not, any links?@amyvdh I believe that a lot of this is related to women being taught that sex degrades them, which leads to them feeling uncomfortable.@amyvdh Going to the bathroom is also private, but there doesn’t seem to carry the same kind of discomfort and taboos around it.@amyvdh The question is why, why is sex such a special topic that people are uncomfortable about it and e.g. food is not.@amyvdh … It’s not sexist in its own, its only sexist due to the number of such images around and how gender imbalanced they are.@amyvdh Twitter mobbing about his shirt takes the focus a way from his accomplishment. And “sexist” is a stretch referring to it. …@amyvdh Is it possible that women feeling uncomfortable with sexual imagery is more a result of sexism than said imagery? Just a thought.
@mort @christos Um, WAT? Where did I switch to that? Are you imagining things now?@LeaVerou Good article on the topic: http://t.co/zU9LbXwJFM can too much feminism kill feminism?
Retweeted by Lea Verou@amyvdh Note that I’m not saying that the shirt is not sexist. But compared to his achievement, it’s extremely minor..@LeaVerou Rosetta’s comet is up to 26.7x faster than a bullet. So clearly, the real story is the shirt.
Retweeted by Lea Verou@magentaml @probablydom Yes, nothing.@glazou …not to mention their complete lack of perspective.@glazou The problem with feminist bullies is not “the false idea that women are oppressed”. It’s the false positives they see everywhere@glazou “Feminist bullies are so invested in the false idea that women are oppressed that they’re giving all women a bad reputation”@teoli2003 @glazou @fdrlst Yup, of course. I was just bummed cause I’d RT it otherwise :( Such a shortage of levelheaded articles on this :(@mort @christos I have zero respect for someone who argues by calling an opinion “utter and proper bullshit”. Offended? Yeah, no fucks given@teoli2003 @glazou @fdrlst This article is on the other end of the spectrum: It argues that sexism doesn’t exist & women are not oppressed 👎@mort @christos How would that tee look like? Tell me & I’ll explain to you why this is a bad analogy, in simple words you can understand.@emmasax You, the article author (which btw I had already read) and whoever agrees with this, have a perspective problem.When a scientist lands a robot on a COMET and all u see is his shirt you’re the proverbial idiot looking at the finger instead of the moon.@margotmagowan @Shakestweetz there's nothing there I wouldn't want my kids to see but ymmv :) +the genius girl role model is good for them
@juliancheal @tomdale Not mine originally! http://t.co/5TzjT153cg@margotmagowan …a father-daughter relationship. Still fewer women than men though. Would be interested in your opinion.@margotmagowan Have you watched Interstellar? The main scientist that makes the big discovery is female, and the movie is centered around …@fantasai @tabatkins QQ: Is this kind of layout possible with just 3 divs, in flexbox? (i.e. without the .a wrapper) http://t.co/7ZlXBjX1GC
@vasilis CSSConf is short, so probably codemania! Check the length, pick the longest.@vasilis Try to find a video of my talk The Chroma Zone (ideally a long one, not 30mins). There is a part in it that will definitely help!@vasilis Um, you just linked to the algorithm?@tabatkins Happy birthday man!!
...and now actually indistinguishable from the original, but using nested lists and generated content http://t.co/BUEU40tdgg
Retweeted by Lea VerouNew features: 1. Syntax highlighting & previewers in HTML style="…" attributes 2. Previewers in inline CSS Demo: http://t.co/KjeJdkUIcb
Retweeted by Lea VerouJust discovered that you can get a free month on Hulu by clicking “cancel my subscription”. Hopefully I can still cancel after that month :P
@shanehudson Oh thanks for offering, but there are many other tech reviewers too :) I just thought it was funny to share :)@thomasfuchs That’s so brilliant.@sturobson Obviously. My point is, saying you’re confused without saying what’s confusing, is not particularly helpful in any context.Tech reviewer comment on a chapter of my book: “I did not understand the last 4 pages”. Umm ok… How on Earth am I supposed to address that?!Today I saw the widget in @Firefox dev tools that uses some of my open source code and I felt very proud :) https://t.co/JrdVsePDnh@LeaVerou Just saw some of your cubic-bézier inside of @FirefoxDevTools and liked it! Feel like I owe you one! (insert party emoticon here)
Retweeted by Lea Verou@aral @derschepp It wasn’t either, just some guy with a funding campaign (indiegogo or sth) that seemed like a good cause.
@pausehere @buritica @rockbot Not necessarily backend JS, but definitely client-side JS and probably quite well too.@pausehere @buritica @rockbot Sorry, I meant “frontend engineer”. “developer” is more vague.@pausehere @buritica @rockbot I expect any “frontend developer” to be versed in JS, otherwise different job titles would be more appropriateDear @macys, Sending 1 email/day to your customers is NOT a good strategy. It’s SPAM of the worst kind. Esp. if you don’t obey unsubscribes!@chriscoyier Yes, unfortunately it's the earliest I've found so far. I was hoping it would be some blog post, not a stackoverflow reply :/@chriscoyier @codrops Yeah, I saw that, it was http://t.co/pi71cU3fhH but http://t.co/eXAYV6KWfh is 2+ months earlier.@overflowhidden @chriscoyier Yeah, but that’s not the same method. I was trying to find the origins of the translate() trick.This is such a brilliant little trick. Emulate gooey circles that blob into each other with blur & contrast filters http://t.co/w1VFEHWC7yPlease be nice, trim the number of decimals in generated code. People might actually look at it and 677.6542515245121545421 is visual vomit.
Retweeted by Lea Verou@chriscoyier Trying to find the earliest source for the translate vert. cent. trick. Did u really post this in 2007?! http://t.co/hs4Ug6AxsW@dirkschulze @tabatkins Corruption, everywhere!!@tabatkins Yay!! :D
Going one-way into space isn’t something you can bail on when it turns out not to be what you want. http://t.co/qP0CprUx9J
Retweeted by Lea Verou@sturobson Yes, exactly like that, thanks!@petronbot Thanks!@dstorey It was in my More CSS Secrets talks, which I’m sure you sat through at *many* conferences :P@dstorey @dudleystorey padding: calc(50% - width/2)@dstorey @dudleystorey Why did you have to use wrappers to center?@dstorey @dudleystorey Yes, although I was looking for a) more popular ones b) where the content is centered@dudleystorey http://t.co/l5MoAypKDV does it but I was looking for something more popular.@dudleystorey Wow, did I explain it that badly? :( I meant this sort of thing: http://t.co/yJjFX5igzF I’ve seen it tons, but brain is stuckHelp: Recall popular websites with the pattern of multiple sections w/ different backgrounds, fluid section width, fixed content width? Thx!@rjleopold @haacked Read more carefully, moron.@rjleopold @haacked Also, the source is mentioned in the infographic, so calling it “a picture on the internet” just reveals your laziness.@rjleopold @haacked Similarly re:caffeine, google it. “Ask a doctor” is neither a source, nor an argument.@rjleopold @haacked http://t.co/Yhpmck0Bt5@rjleopold @haacked Which two?Hedy Lamarr, born 100 years ago today, invented the technology behind the wireless internet http://t.co/I0FDx2IUPx http://t.co/mXfP1ojJte
Retweeted by Lea Verou52 common myths and misconceptions debunked in one gorgeous infographic: http://t.co/XotW1POLnS I admit to being a victim of a few of these!
@matijs It was used as symbolism in my tweet :p@glenkpeterson I’ve tried that in the past, they usually don’t get it and try to paint you as evil who doesn't care about the cause.This @Oatmeal post finally helped me understand #NetNeutrality and I’m shocked it’s even an issue. Comcast must DIE. http://t.co/vlCzL62430
@tabatkins I see Chrome’s rendering algorithms have affected you in a much deeper level :PThis #xkcd perfectly explains why I’m inefficient http://t.co/gIJSMsUzL1@briankardell @hober But in any case, I was looking for specific examples (or screenshots).
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