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Brilliant http://t.co/aLHtTr0kn1
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It's a tie! Nevermind the difference between shipped and sold. http://t.co/3KIj909A53
GoPro is going to capture some amazing footage for the NHL http://t.co/gdfLPj4nrv http://t.co/S1o7gZkC1h
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+1? RT @Scottshuster11: I think listening to Bill Belichick compare himself to Mona Lisa Vito was one of the greatest moments of my life.
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Must watch. RT "@BGlobeSports: How hard is it to detect underinflated football? @billy_baker takes a look http://t.co/J2LnPmk8g0
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$10B paid to app developers in CY 2014. Is that the "stop complaining" stat? http://t.co/XF6UvxgOMJ
@greengart Obvious question: why announce it?@treestman A long time from now in a galaxy far, far away?@reneritchie It's arguably liberal. And aren't corporations people after all? http://t.co/Fn3k2fiFReI admire Blackberry CEO John Chen's moxie: Legislatively-mandated mobile parity. #ok http://t.co/zr6zrNu0eZI hate to be skeptical, but if it's real available concurrently with Win 10, why use a concept video?@reneritchie March, I think? ;)"Kipman, with shoulder-length hair and severely cropped bangs, is a nervous inventor…" Wired or Vogue? http://t.co/ggudtog9sH #oyBlackBerry CEO calls for 'app neutrality', iMessage for all! http://t.co/zjVkXImVZf http://t.co/olAldpz82c
Retweeted by Lessien@gte The moment when Belfiore asks so are you excited to see how we're going to change the PC?!? <SILENCE> #ouch@gte But I'll agree with you that there are some long, awkward pauses in this presentation.@gte So MSFT should learn to plant employees in the audience who are actively encouraged to applaud?@owensd How is this misleading: "…that doesn’t fully account for a drop from 12.5 PSI to 10.5 PSI in 51-degree weather for 90 minutes…"Man, who'd have thought that sports fans would be talking about the ideal gas law: PV = nRT. Thermodynamics FTW! http://t.co/aaOh2AGLCi
An interesting read on the ball preparation process. http://t.co/iclsqESU1z
Retweeted by Lessien“Equal pay for equal work” getting a party-line applause was the most telling moment of the SOTU.
Retweeted by LessienNow I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, and I'll tell you all about how I became the prince of ball air. http://t.co/30q9AQ9m69
Retweeted by LessienBets that next year's #SOTU will be sponsored by Microsoft Surface? https://t.co/q6WhLz5eav“@mmcauliff: Wow. The press gallery over the House floor for #SOTU looks like a damn Apple ad. http://t.co/vhmLQ9l5oR
Retweeted by Lessien@tobys2 It may disprove cheating, pointing instead to something (like weather) that affected both teams.Anyone checking the footballs that Indy used? RT @CSNNE: Report: #Patriots used 11 under-inflated footballs http://t.co/rONGkQ9pMySomeone actually, for real, in this world, paid $100M for a New York apartment: http://t.co/vygilRJjUA http://t.co/cDQw2hXHDU
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@sippey Yeah, that scene was… <shiver> But (perhaps oddly) it was the scene with the kids that I found most disturbing.Man, Snowpiercer is bleak… I'm going to have nightmares about Minister Mason's teeth.@gte @twenty3 @napkinapp Thanks!@gte @twenty3 @napkinapp Well, since I'm using it now, would be great to have a pixelate option.@gte @twenty3 @napkinapp Dude, I didn't know Napkin could redact. Mea culpa. ;)And yes, I know that you can draw a rectangle or cut the content. But meh…Why isn't there a smudge or redact tool in Preview?@chartier :) Maybe they will but voice-commands or other UI methods need to evolve first.@chartier Wrong interpretation. Think long line of iWatch killers that will not be.Remember the long line of iPhone killers that weren't? Here come the watches… http://t.co/bqrn0Q5d5H #doa
Think Blount regrets walking off the field at Pittsburgh?Go Pats!.@RSherman_25 played nearly a full half without his left arm AND they still wouldn't throw his way. Man's a boss!That was the greatest game that I've ever seen. Wow. #SEA@owensd Nope, they're good. :)Most ridiculous ending to the most ridiculous football game I've ever seen
Retweeted by LessienMarshawn Lynch!OMG They won!!!!!Damn! #SEABEAST MODE!!!!!!!!@WarrenSapp http://t.co/TS5fSY0DPW
Retweeted by Lessien@danielpunkass I hope so.@danielpunkass No. Too busy to blog.Baldwin's having a day. #notNice play call there.SEA could use a big time receiver now. You know, like Percy Harvin.
Shadowmatic. Just go get it. One of those apps just blows your mind.
"However, Samsung’s [fingerprint scanner] implementation was the best, software-wise." http://t.co/FumO7xAPrX #ok
"If you’re an aesthete and a minimalist, this probably is the [iPhone 6 Plus] case for you." http://t.co/CA5FNCsRfb
Retweeted by Lessien@SnorkyJr "1984" = The IBM faithful.Re-watching the original iPhone announcement. Still great after 8 Years.
USB 3.1 Type-C powering new Apple Laptop. Cool new technology written about by @DanielEran http://t.co/WdEzkBd9tp
Retweeted by LessieniOS 9. Concept video. http://t.co/GGBWNOL37R
Retweeted by LessienBest pitch I've heard in years - send your enemies glitter. I didn't know glitter was the 'herpes of the craft world' http://t.co/gBwNQvAmdH
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AMD's CPU and GPU unit director "[John Bryne] will be leaving AMD to pursue other opportunities." http://t.co/Nqnpt64wnR@treestman he fired john fox. http://t.co/HPaeqjsuexElway's a cold dude, man. Wow.
That surprised look when you show someone that broccoli didn't occur "naturally" humans bred it from wild mustard http://t.co/84KEFqIusb
Retweeted by LessienFascinating "North Korea's Naenara Web Browser: It's Weirder Than We Thought" http://t.co/ZONt4k6iGY
Retweeted by LessienManning wanted to sign with HOU, but the team was doing well with Schaub, wasn't really interested in making that move at that time
Retweeted by Lessien@mgsiegler would be surprised if he doesn't retire..@GovChristie, do you need a hug now? #GoPackGo #WinninginWisco http://t.co/32zPv6krRy
Retweeted by LessienPresident Christie wouldn’t have allowed that call to be overturned.
Retweeted by LessienStill waiting for the Christie reaction shot. #DALvsGB
Retweeted by Lessien@Gartenberg Feels like a Philz coffee day.@BenedictEvans @aral That's bombastic. Think what you will of the politicians, 1M+ people are marching in solidarity. That's what matters.Don’t let a microscopic layer of scum detract you from the roughly 1.5 million people marching for freedom in Paris. http://t.co/7NO02cc49B
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Actual quote from George Zimmerman's attorney: "It's clear he hasn't been very lucky with the ladies." http://t.co/Peg5ykop4y
Retweeted by LessienWow. That's amazing athleticism.Go Pats!!!!!Not Amendola. Please!
PLEASE everybody, mainly national news outlets, CARE MORE ABOUT THIS, it's barely getting coverage: http://t.co/F0FCESedOr #NAACPBombing
Retweeted by LessienFull video of the Tamir Rice shooting provides this important context: It was even worse than it has been portrayed. http://t.co/6RXQkqO9Dq
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Larry David on Howard Stern. https://t.co/GtgPCqllXSOh my. Steve Ballmer dancing to a live @Fergie performance at Clippers / Lakers game. #LongLA https://t.co/1DSREDjSHh
Retweeted by LessienThe @NewYorker cartoonist's response to the #CharlieHebdo attack: https://t.co/0gseord87R
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“Should we - I mean, this is just." "Print it.” RT @AustenAllred: http://t.co/VDYivzRMZ2
Retweeted by LessienA8 smart watch http://t.co/QDv3M2cdPl
Retweeted by Lessien“Apple would never ship a device that was missing a few screws. But that’s exactly what’s happening right now with…” http://t.co/IsxinN25R1
Retweeted by LessienBest phone of the show? Samsung's Avengers smartphone is powered by movie magic. http://t.co/65bt98ogRo
Retweeted by Lessien"Pono works like an iPod but sounds like God." Neil Young at #CES2015 http://t.co/VmU5UfWQVj
Retweeted by LessienBTW, I'm not counting the headphone jack. Who uses wired headphones anymore anyway? please email justkidding at http://t.co/a0u1EhscKmBehold the hue and cry if the next MacBook Air comes with ONE?! port. Software quality is a warm hug by comparison. https://t.co/wg8lWEVl4dThe logo for Randy Johnson’s photography company is of a dead bird http://t.co/oij5nYezYU http://t.co/Xu4ITAM0sM
Retweeted by LessienShorter article: "Hubris." http://t.co/Bi3O1svJPi #amazon
@danielpunkass Fully agree. And thanks for your earlier post. Much needed perspective.Executive summary of @panic’s splendid year-end wrap-up: everything is super apart from Apple’s App Stores. http://t.co/XUDUJSlg2d
Retweeted by LessienInteresting fact: Only 5% of Monument Valley installs on Android are paid for. 40% on iOS. There’s a sneak peak of data!
Retweeted by LessienSome historical perspective on the notion that Apple has reached a peak of bugginess or that marketing is prevailing: http://t.co/mBY020QHIE
Retweeted by Lessien@marcoarment your blog post was just mentioned on CNBC http://t.co/VTAmWSFK97
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Insightful comment and responses from one former and one current OS X developer: https://t.co/uqFmBYaNQL
Retweeted by Lessien@GlennF @chockenberry I'll chip in one of my own: phone calls using either a Mac or iPad don't work due to a bizarre Apple ID error.@invalidname Thanks.
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