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Cartoonist, puppeteer, ukuleleist, eater of chocolate mousse.

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@jaymarcydaman thanks jay! So glad you dug it.@jaymarcydaman you liking it?The new @lucyknisley is here! *throws confetti* http://t.co/Ku3VAjDUQL
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyTwo weeks. http://t.co/ocPiMuBsoU
@evinisawesome awesome!!!Got solid gold Booklist reviews for @squinkyelo's How to Be Happy, @LucyKnisley's An Age of License + Woodring's JIM: http://t.co/hTWlyA2YPl
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley
No newspapers for you, I'm afraid. http://t.co/sf3B0FHd7u@mygiantrobot yyyyesssssFuture pickles http://t.co/pZ4x79YvkyThat's a real crock. #pickles! http://t.co/5N3qfHCBuhGold ink, glasses, sunflowers, green walls and my new book! Coming very sooooon. http://t.co/bts5X9Zrzo
@jmebressler I CAN HEAR YOUUUUU
"Women in Clothes" by @SheilaHeti @Shaptonia & @HeidiJulavits: "To be stylish is to be poised on the precipice of reality and fiction." 💖There's not a lot of certainty in this crazy world, but if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that… http://t.co/VaKfIVfIx9
This workout helps prep you for the cuteness of the book! “@Scottlava 90-Second Hugs. Peace to everyone. https://t.co/eB8BNCff2d"
@LucyKnisley book talk for @FIT Common Read program! #classof2018 #freshmenyear #graphicmemoir http://t.co/yNFjKS1YEe
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@m_hags my pleasure! Seriously, so fun hanging with you guys, if brief. Thanks for the food recc!@SwanSoupp thank you! So great to meet you too! Seems like a rad class.@jeennnifuur HA YES! except with tacos!@kohshkah aw thanks!
Pack sketchbook in easily reachable spot: no desire to lift pencil. Pack sketchbook at the very bottom of suitcase: need to draw NOW.
COMIC NEWS INSIDER 562! SDCC w @LucyKnisley, @yoms & @CoreyBrotherson! Reviews:Lady Zorro/Sensation Comics/Outlander. http://t.co/gbligM13rH
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@Michael_Cho thanks, Michael!Photo: I’m headed East tomorrow to prepare for this thing that’s happening in 3.5 weeks. A lot is going on... http://t.co/B8fPLNrjey@aniistoll @faitherinhicks Kittwins!@prettio_cgm d'aww. Kittwins.Head scratches https://t.co/yWvkjGn8yV
@rainbowrowell @mygiantrobot @oblongirl Don't tease me! Book launch/wedding would really cover a lot of to-dos!@mygiantrobot @rainbowrowell @oblongirl I'm sorry— ONE girl? One? You really thing there's only one at this shindig?@dcorsetto @billba @ashuping @lubellwoo @erikamoen yeah! Handy.@rainbowrowell @mygiantrobot I know! @oblongirl is gonna be at my wedding, too, as well as Calista! You'd know so many people! Book wedding!@mygiantrobot @rainbowrowell psst: It's my wedding. Rhinebeck: center of the universe.@billba @ashuping @lubellwoo @erikamoen @dcorsetto I like my Brother MFC-6490CW— Big scanning bed and print size (11x17).Slimming down for the big day. https://t.co/RNZDBUKCOZ@tonybreed HA amazing. Thank you!Hey wedding guests. I hope you like Pat Benatar. John left me alone with the playlist.
@squinkyelo YAYYYY! Well deserved!
For those wondering how @LucyKnisley and I interact, this gif captures us perfectly (including the infinite repeat) http://t.co/Cd76PfyqeI
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@lonniecomics @johnhorstman Always.Fender bender! https://t.co/jxILVnhC2K
MT @jackfrombkln: These two pictures were taken 50 years apart. Behold our progress. #Ferguson http://t.co/ltaDfef8mA
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyAt the Rhinebeck Aerodrome, circa 1991 with my fellow Knisleys. Check out that killer babe behind me… http://t.co/rZcpvfTtZvPhotoset: fantagraphics: "Knisley’s candid storytelling, deadpan humor, and clear-line storytelling make... http://t.co/KDB5dqvT4D
Photo: “My cemetery is in Key Biscane. It’s one of the prettiest in the world. Lovely trees, the sky is... http://t.co/RMAyjKfRPr
@oblongirl YAY I'm so glad you liked it!@oblongirl Oh gurl. The guest list is exceedingly… select, shall we say.I have to stop singing the Tetris theme while working out wedding seating charts. Or do I?23 Female Cartoonists On Drawing Their Bodies - Let’s get naked! “We need women’s bodies in our stories,... http://t.co/ZbOYe7k4tt
@nilesformayor nothin but the finest.@boxbrown breakfast sandwich!Post-bachelor-party mercy package. The glasses I found in the bathroom sink. http://t.co/q1jX2wvQSRJohn got home from his bachelor party last night at 3:30AM. Time to break out the John Philip Sousa, as is tradition.
@thejenya ash! Apologies! Musta been Jacq telling me about YOUR rules!@Michael_Cho you were great! The book looks so good I can't waiiiiit!@faitherinhicks @jordynb thank goodness I am here to capture these important things for posterity.@jordynb @faitherinhicks cosplay dog. The stuff of dreams.@andthankyou that dog!... I'm still in awe.@faitherinhicks I love that moth.@Michael_Cho A pleasure! That was a rad panel-- thanks!Photo: I was incredibly lucky to get to go to SDCC as a special guest this year! I had a rad time, and... http://t.co/NNDhnWpXus@bnprime Can I take a raincheck until after my wedding in a month? I'm a little strapped at the moment, but I'd love to be a part!
@beckkramer eff those effing almonds.I've officially reached the point in wedding planning where I've begun staring into space and losing my train of…@hopelarson I read it, too! She's amazing!
While at #SDCC, I caught up w/@LucyKnisley at @01FirstSecond's booth, and did a quick interview for @comicsalliance! http://t.co/oAaAsvgpu3
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley
Managed to mete out my arc of the new @robinhobb book til now. Reunited with characters I've loved since 1995. Now doomed to await the next.
Video: fantagraphics: An Age of License by Lucy Knisley 196-page black & white with some color 5.5” x 7.5”... http://t.co/AnJpHrm7ck
"Age of License" is a most anticipated book of Fall '14! Out Sept. Buy it for yourself as your wedding present to me! http://t.co/WppV4BPXxf
I scanned all 40 (FORTY) of my pages of SDCC doodles yesterday. Now we wait to see where they'll show up! #bidingtime #SDCC14@bluthquotes Yep, that's my work! I did a whole series of A.D. gifs to celebrate the new ssn: http://t.co/Yq0bsQ8YEG
@theshq likewise!Photoset: fantagraphics: At Comic-Con last week, we completely sold out of our booth copies of Lucy... http://t.co/csWtNsPWAv.@LucyKnisley's An Age of License comes out to the masses in Sept! Grab it on presale here: http://t.co/pYO8sVb5g5 http://t.co/BRp0VaCTRb
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@avb why is this not televised on every major network
Cartoonist @LucyKnisley proves she has mastered the travelogue/graphic novel combo w her latest “An Age of License” http://t.co/ZkrN9oNhqG
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyHoly moly, Pop Candy is 15 YEARS OLD. Share stories/pics/etc: http://t.co/tPKAwMRisN (art: @LucyKnisley) http://t.co/4ASPV4NOIB
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyWisdom from @LucyKnisley 's new book An Age of License. Replace "wine" with "comics" and you have #SDCC ! http://t.co/5pCXkgptM2
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@katsb likewise! Thank you!
Photo: I’m about six pages away from filling my whole little sketchbook with convention doodles. And... http://t.co/KhVtVMANHYOur last event at #SDCC2014! Come to our panel with @faitherinhicks, @LucyKnisley, @PULPH0PE and @geneluenyang in Room 26AB at 3:30!
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyPhoto: firstsecondbooks: Lucy Knisley signs her wonderful graphic novel RELISH at San Diego Comic-Con! Sold... http://t.co/My9OXX6190@Joe_Quinones @whoajordie I use 100% of my brain to draw comics.@faitherinhicks such wizardry! http://t.co/yjSW3GXcu5@candicegoff it was a pleasure! Thank YOU!I bought literally the last copy! Thanks for letting me geek out in your presence, @LucyKnisley. You rock mightily. http://t.co/R7uhwMR41M
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley
Rad peeps arriving for my spotlight panel, featuring @johnhorstman! Such fun. #SDCC http://t.co/JTxR7K87ONI can NOT believe what a calm, organized show #SDCC is for the insane number of people/feelings involved. Gotta be the great volunteers!After 2 panels and like 9 signings all weekend, I don't have a huge crowd for this one. I signed everything already! http://t.co/wit59j7FTyI may or may not have implied that @johnhtstman and I are boring in the bedroom at my spotlight panel. This is why they usually moderate me!@LucyKnisley & her fiancé, John, are adorable! She is working on 2 books with @01FirstSecond- can't wait! #SDCC2014 http://t.co/hHvMLXgOVn
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyMy spotlight panel is in about 15 minutes in 28DE at #SDCC! I'm grilling @johnhorstman for a bit about being under my comics microscope!One of my tattoos was less painful than the others, and way cuter! Psst it's a temp, from @squinkyelo and I looove it http://t.co/0IhtBXINLrThrilled to do a back story on Harbinger #25! And to sign it at the @CBLDF booth with @JoshuaDysart @VivekJTiwary @ValiantComics!!GILBERT HERNANDEZ, @joshuadysart, @VivekJTiwary, @LucyKnisley now signing @CBLDF booth 1920! @ValiantComics http://t.co/3Rn8rxuvG6
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyCome meet GILBERT HERNANDEZ, @joshuadysart, @VivekJTiwary, @LucyKnisley, 12-2PM, CBLDF booth 1920! @ValiantComics http://t.co/oVw86az5wn
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyDown to the last two copies of "An Age of License!" Get 'em while they're hot!@hrtlesgirl it's a 200 page book with color!Signing "An Age of License" at Fantagraphics (table 1718) for the next couple of hours-- we're running low-- only 15 left!The flip side of "Age of License," "Displacement" is my 2nd travelogue with Fantagraphics! Read about it over at http://t.co/2i8hqCk0F2cover and couple of pieces of art for lucy knisley's second fantagraphics travelogue, displacement, due in '15 -- http://t.co/0b8xBOLLQC
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley
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