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Cartoonist, puppeteer, ukuleleist, eater of chocolate mousse.

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@theshq likewise!Photoset: fantagraphics: At Comic-Con last week, we completely sold out of our booth copies of Lucy... http://t.co/csWtNsPWAv.@LucyKnisley's An Age of License comes out to the masses in Sept! Grab it on presale here: http://t.co/pYO8sVb5g5 http://t.co/BRp0VaCTRb
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@avb why is this not televised on every major network
Cartoonist @LucyKnisley proves she has mastered the travelogue/graphic novel combo w her latest “An Age of License” http://t.co/ZkrN9oNhqG
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyHoly moly, Pop Candy is 15 YEARS OLD. Share stories/pics/etc: http://t.co/tPKAwMRisN (art: @LucyKnisley) http://t.co/4ASPV4NOIB
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyWisdom from @LucyKnisley 's new book An Age of License. Replace "wine" with "comics" and you have #SDCC ! http://t.co/5pCXkgptM2
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@katsb likewise! Thank you!
Photo: I’m about six pages away from filling my whole little sketchbook with convention doodles. And... http://t.co/KhVtVMANHYOur last event at #SDCC2014! Come to our panel with @faitherinhicks, @LucyKnisley, @PULPH0PE and @geneluenyang in Room 26AB at 3:30!
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyPhoto: firstsecondbooks: Lucy Knisley signs her wonderful graphic novel RELISH at San Diego Comic-Con! Sold... http://t.co/My9OXX6190@Joe_Quinones @whoajordie I use 100% of my brain to draw comics.@faitherinhicks such wizardry! http://t.co/yjSW3GXcu5@candicegoff it was a pleasure! Thank YOU!I bought literally the last copy! Thanks for letting me geek out in your presence, @LucyKnisley. You rock mightily. http://t.co/R7uhwMR41M
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley
Rad peeps arriving for my spotlight panel, featuring @johnhorstman! Such fun. #SDCC http://t.co/JTxR7K87ONI can NOT believe what a calm, organized show #SDCC is for the insane number of people/feelings involved. Gotta be the great volunteers!After 2 panels and like 9 signings all weekend, I don't have a huge crowd for this one. I signed everything already! http://t.co/wit59j7FTyI may or may not have implied that @johnhtstman and I are boring in the bedroom at my spotlight panel. This is why they usually moderate me!@LucyKnisley & her fiancé, John, are adorable! She is working on 2 books with @01FirstSecond- can't wait! #SDCC2014 http://t.co/hHvMLXgOVn
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyMy spotlight panel is in about 15 minutes in 28DE at #SDCC! I'm grilling @johnhorstman for a bit about being under my comics microscope!One of my tattoos was less painful than the others, and way cuter! Psst it's a temp, from @squinkyelo and I looove it http://t.co/0IhtBXINLrThrilled to do a back story on Harbinger #25! And to sign it at the @CBLDF booth with @JoshuaDysart @VivekJTiwary @ValiantComics!!GILBERT HERNANDEZ, @joshuadysart, @VivekJTiwary, @LucyKnisley now signing @CBLDF booth 1920! @ValiantComics http://t.co/3Rn8rxuvG6
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyCome meet GILBERT HERNANDEZ, @joshuadysart, @VivekJTiwary, @LucyKnisley, 12-2PM, CBLDF booth 1920! @ValiantComics http://t.co/oVw86az5wn
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyDown to the last two copies of "An Age of License!" Get 'em while they're hot!@hrtlesgirl it's a 200 page book with color!Signing "An Age of License" at Fantagraphics (table 1718) for the next couple of hours-- we're running low-- only 15 left!The flip side of "Age of License," "Displacement" is my 2nd travelogue with Fantagraphics! Read about it over at http://t.co/2i8hqCk0F2cover and couple of pieces of art for lucy knisley's second fantagraphics travelogue, displacement, due in '15 -- http://t.co/0b8xBOLLQC
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyMy spotlight panel is at 2pm in 28DE-- come see me, and find out what John says about having the spotlight of my comics turned on him! #SDCCI've got my spotlight panel today! I think l'll bring @johnhorstman with me and ask him about being engaged to a confessional comic artist.
Our second #podcast today is with @LucyKnisley! Hear more about her #SDCC2014 debut and upcoming work at http://t.co/FBV4gaVB2O #comics
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyMy SDCC debut, "An Age of License" is still at the Fantagraphics table! I'm signing it at 12 today and tmrrw. Get it now or wait for Sept!
@amphimandaalso yes! My schedule is on my tumblr-- http://t.co/eh6wy6jeaFWe've got @LucyKnisley, @forlornfunnies and @squinkyelo signing from noon - 2pm at booth #1718! http://t.co/Q7bmN8MIaR
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley. @LucyKnisley signs her fantastic graphic novel RELISH at #SDCC14! http://t.co/C6TL4qaGLU
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleySaw my new book, "An Age of License" last night for the first time. Come see it yourself and get it signed today! http://t.co/CdcuFgreVxSDCC! Signing "Relish" today at First Second booth (11am) and "An Age of License" at Fantagraphics booth (noon).Come by our Booth #1323 at 11:00am for our signing with @LucyKnisley and her book RELISH! #SDCC
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyPreview night at SDCC. Visited Fantagraphics and First Second, drifting like a bee to flowers, taking pollen in the form of free books!
@bemissh You could hang out with me in my personal hamster ball that I'm bringing.@citymousedc @faitherinhicks @geneluenyang Faber Castell PITT in Superfine.
@mingdoyle Luff!
@rainbowrowell ONE OF THESE DAYS we'll meet in person and I can gush! It's gotta happen! Loved Landline. Can't wait to see your :01 book.@rainbowrowell We keep missing one another by moments! You're appearing at my hometown bookshop the DAY I'm leaving town from my wedding!My date, my ride. http://t.co/VxcT7dfc8P@spoonifur I am handcrafting them with care! Takes time to hone each panel to a razor edge! But soon!@syndprod I think so! Maybe for preview? Not sure!Photo: Hey hey! I made a new Stop Paying Attention comic! http://t.co/4O8WnObajm
Photo: SDCC! I’ve never been! It’s going to be a busy week, but I hope I get to eat all the food and meet... http://t.co/EZ7iRAHkNdMy students are Pollock prodigies. Also, you're welcome, parents, for the laundry! #comicscamp http://t.co/a0ccW50ODR
The huge panel schedule for SDCC featuring a lotta @squinkyelo and @LucyKnisley! Start planning now! http://t.co/7HLwfmvEi8
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley
Read our exclusive interview with @LucyKnisley on her new graphic novel Something New http://t.co/81htcO6APP
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley
@oblongirl apparently I just missed you! I bought the entire YA section.I flew halfway across the country to buy @rainbowrowell's new book from my hometown @OblongBooks. Ok also to do some wedding prep stuff."Ridiculous cat" by Carravagio. http://t.co/hVUyxISGlw
@ErikaMoen I may have overextended my summer...I'm so excited for this new book, you guys! Wanna help? Come tell me your matrimonial war stories at SDCC and check out my new travelogue!I had a great chat with @LucyKnisley about her new graphic novel, #SomethingNew - interview will be on @TheMarySue Thursday! @01FirstSecond
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleySomething New! - Announcement! How does a graphic novelist DIY her wedding? Why, with a graphic novel, of... http://t.co/zVQSBL8BufThe Mary Sue #Exclusive Announcement: @LucyKnisley’s New Graphic Novel, "Something New" from @01FirstSecond! http://t.co/yJcfL482xS
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley
Me: This submarine looks like an orca. John: It's 10pm, get off the Hammacher Schlemmer site. M: It's $90k. J: *chases me out of the room*
Photo: fantagraphics: Celebrating Independence Day with a travelogue graphics novel other countries! An Age... http://t.co/woSMjWBy9A
It's a fully immersive explosion experience. https://t.co/2kHJs8DMYeGuess what our movie is for our s'more screening. http://t.co/p0ZzD7SiMmIndependence Day with a travelogue other countries! An Age of License by @LucyKnisley is coming to SDCC! http://t.co/SXIlXpRQPn
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleySue impressions: http://t.co/8oOME4QjUqPutting the field in Field Museum. http://t.co/1AeT6jhP2l@Larapic watch the ukulele scene from "the jerk!" Classic inspiration.Breaking out the big guns! “@LonnieComics: @LucyKnisley is spoiling me. http://t.co/3v8otMc3cN
Fancy feet with looneymann http://t.co/jz46c57xlr
Photo: Scoot scoot scoot. http://t.co/6i0hH0usYn
@avb @alsilbs amazing.@ultrafem That person does not understand cake at ALL.Cake cake cake cake cake http://t.co/M0sRTouZ2r
Uh oh, I finally got my hands on some agar— Time to JELL EVERYTHING. You get a jellé! And YOU get a jellé! JELLÉ THE WORLD!
@jennicrain this is awesome-- thank you!@MarkLeeAshmore aw yay! Thank you!
@avb THIEVES@rainbowrowell Books, mostly! All my readings in bookstores— It was too much to resist. I had to ship back all my book loot.@tarabba @sallythompson @faitherinhicks @goraina @rainbowrowell Also sink laundry skills.@tarabba @sallythompson @faitherinhicks @goraina @rainbowrowell I did my month-and-a-half-long book tour with a carryon! The trick is MAIL.@olympicdames I can't tell you how long it's taken me to finally capture this on film.Every morning after @Johnhorstman leaves for work, the sock song must be sung. https://t.co/5YLL78SIOF
Photo: Summer Mode. http://t.co/03Td20pBim
@avb Thank you! Let's go swimming.@ericcolossal Thanks! Swimmy swim!Love this writeup about my new book (out this September) “@johannadc: New CWR post: I recommend An Age of License http://t.co/1eEW0aSPqO@johannadc This is such a lovely writeup— I'm honored and thrilled at your reading. Thank you!Photo: I like swimming. http://t.co/GglkiCsXX6
Photo: fiberistanora: Fancy party lipstick re-application station w/ @lucyknisley #chicagoartistscoalition... http://t.co/xfwGQ4fEW7Hey hey hey http://t.co/VZZAU8CZXXThe best. http://t.co/yZo1U9n5lI
Photo: Adventures in teaching comics! Oh childhood laziness, we could all learn a thing or two from you. http://t.co/bTxxw6pl6m@LGreader @CLMOOC @dearconnie great! Love it! Make more!
@goraina May cause a riot!@CarolynCNowak They're not practiced at disguising it yet. That's what I'm here to teach them.@goraina honestly, dropping your name in this room is like saying I know the president.Photo: I’m teaching a cartooning camp for a great group of 8-10 yr olds this week— here’s a practice... http://t.co/oe99RFn1TU
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