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Model / Actress / Reality TV star / Model Coordinator. The Official Twitter Account For Brooke Haven My Amazon Wish http://t.co/RWrOYeWlgP

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@Sloane_FV awe thank u gorgeous girl I miss u so much can I please see u soon ?Out with my beauties last night @amiebarsky @vanessacater sarahjessiexxx @tinajordan ❤️ my girls and… http://t.co/TzzwjmklvBGreat meeting one of my sweet fans last night while I was out and about ... I really enjoy meeting all… http://t.co/ehx0FzBqg3@FF @AlexiaESTK @barbarabarry @Brent_Ashley @BrandoSingsLoud @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @mishboivin @DreadCentral @davetango http://t.co/yV6Z1cSA4m
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@deuceswild nice@MISSBROOKEHAVEN Never take a hangover home with you ..they will never leave :)
Retweeted by Brooke HavenI'll be in bed most of my day today rehydrating my hangover but had such a great time with everyone… http://t.co/m5EcxNuz9R
Girls night out hurry up @badboycraven lol http://t.co/uSIT3nWUwl“@FreakaNique: @TheNickHawk @CapriCavanni @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @Penthouse I’m listening. Good convo…” yeah ? How am I doing ? Lol 🙈@TheNickHawk @CapriCavanni @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @Penthouse I'm listening. Good convo...
Retweeted by Brooke Haven“@Dreamkast_Music: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN oh sheet! Down the street” hollaaaaa“@thenutribullet: Introducing the brand new #NutriBulletRx! With Heating Cycle and 2.3 Horse Power Motor. http://t.co/cKGHzChNJC”need itGetting ready to head out to #warwick @warwick_la tonight with my crew !!@girlsNcorpses I wanna shoot with u@MISSBROOKEHAVEN I'm so glad that you had great service this evening! We hope to see you again soon. #DriveSafe
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN Thanks for visiting us at #FirestoneAuto, Brooke! We truly appreciate your business. Have a wonderful evening!
Retweeted by Brooke Haven“@michaeladam13: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN thanks for the update ..my day is now complete…#Good4You” that was just for uGreat service (@ Firestone Complete Auto Care) on #Yelp http://t.co/u52f4hqOMGGetting oil change at @firestoneautoGuess who’s platinum again with bangs !!!!! ???? Thank you to me amazing hair Dresser Ani at #StudioKay #Salon http://t.co/lbBQncCfIO@stevekotarski thank u very much@MISSBROOKEHAVEN @SVRH ....and Women in their 40's who have kept themselves up are the most attractive....yazyaz....see U then....Ms B.
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@stevekotarski nope I’m actually 34 years old :)“@SVRH: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN U only get prettier with getting older huney. U show why women are most beautiful in their 30′s #wcw” TyTalking dirty w/ @CapriCavanni @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @Penthouse Kelly Holland tonight http://t.co/bT0guWNuhj 8pm PST. http://t.co/6izDRZ9fzO
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@VanessaCater @MISSBROOKEHAVEN I know who I'm tweeting if I get lost in LA! Baaahhh :-D
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comeback miss brooke haven make SOME B/G again please i love you so much miss you hope you come back
Retweeted by Brooke HavenSept 5th and 6th some of our fav TMZ staff will be #offtheclock and ready to make u laugh in San Diego - see u there http://t.co/v27Y0E3hxd@badboycraven see u tomorrow fucker
@badboycraven when ???@MISSBROOKEHAVEN @StevieShaeXXX and in the end both can put on one sexy badass show and I'll be the judge and happiest man alive! 😍😎😈 lol
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@StevieShaeXXX sounds good@StevieShaeXXX I teach lessons 100.00 hr :)@PornoDan @StevieShaeXXX thx Dan xo@StevieShaeXXX hi !!! Do u have any experience ?@MISSBROOKEHAVEN totally the best tweet of the night..u better fuckin ROCK it girl
Retweeted by Brooke HavenJust a girl and her #hitachi .. Single ... Who needs boyfriends when there's hitachis's !!!!?? This… http://t.co/tbjZMZLaoH. @MISSBROOKEHAVEN is the Best at giving driving directions from Shotgun...Seriously... take note people! Lol 😘
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN I see that you and Sarah got on camera by TMZ.... I think they woulda got Candy as well, but there is no Twitter..hahaha
Retweeted by Brooke HavenThrowback photo fun from Exxxotica New Jersey xo #blonde #bangs .... Should I go back to having bangs… http://t.co/J8di8EidXiMy kitty is a sleepy kitty 😽 http://t.co/g3mSdfLq4q@VanessaCater ur the perfect partner in crime for my craving adventures 🍮🍩🍳🍞🍡🍢🍦🎂🍰🍪🍫🍜🍘🍥🍣🍱Best morning txt "wanna get donuts" RT @MISSBROOKEHAVEN Dont worry Ill be having donuts latr w @VanessaCater when shes out of training 👹🍩
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@michaeladam13 breakfast coconut strawberries kale and flax protein shake - oiling my machine http://t.co/FHNrtTO8Mn“@DaveneyCalhoun: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @voodoodoughnut awe! Let me know if u ever come! I’ll take u! 💕🍩👻” yay IDE love that !! 👯@JessicaRyanXXX @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @ChristyCanyon11 👍😉 🇮🇹💋💋💋
Retweeted by Brooke HavenI had so much fun yesterday playing with my girls @ChristyCanyon11 and @JessicaRyanXXXBut don’t worry I’ll be having donuts later with @VanessaCater when she’s out of class 👹👺🍩This mornings breakfast kale strawberry and coconut salad and a flaxseed protein shake http://t.co/uXtAXsrXOi@MISSBROOKEHAVEN can't have a beer till your 21. But can fight for your country and die at 16.... And wield guns at 9, makes great sense!!!
Retweeted by Brooke Haven“@DaveneyCalhoun: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @voodoodoughnut did u go to Portland?!” No just want to lol“@johnbarnes123: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN Have you ever had cinnamon bun waffles before?” NoWhere’s my sports fans ?? Check out my fav site to catch all the best sports scandalous stories @TerezOwens !!@DaveeGreyOwl exactly where it is@DaveeGreyOwl an amazing place in Oregon@MarcLaSoil did u consider the fact that there are minors on twitter when u made the choice to pick out ur avator photo ?@MarcLaSoil I would hope the next parent that considers taking they’re child to Uzi machine gun lessons …. Reconsiders it till they’re older@TerezOwens lets go@MarcLaSoil an impact of my opinion that a 9 year old has no place handeling an Uzi ? Or craving donuts ?@TerezOwens lol helllllp … Lets go get some donutsI wish we had a @voodoodoughnut here in Los AngelesOn a lighter note …. I’m craving donuts !@King_GameSlayer not going to continue going back and forth with u … 9 year old girls shouldn’t be shooting an Uzi machine gun -end of topic@King_GameSlayer the photo was posted when u first started this topic …. Maybe u just didn’t see it@King_GameSlayer saves my life ….. Know ur facts before u speak so you don’t look silly@King_GameSlayer I’m just letting u know you misspoke …. And then attempted to insult me saying I would feel differently when that child@MISSBROOKEHAVEN @King_GameSlayer The key word is operate weapon safely.If the weapon is to big or she can't handle the kick how is it safe
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@King_GameSlayer …. I stand firm when I say a 9 year old is too young to handle an Uzi machine gun … Tell me again how in wrong by saying it@King_GameSlayer http://t.co/VqgBU6cPtj@King_GameSlayer I posted a photo of the news story please check my entire story before u but in with ur two sense otherwise you miss speak“@King_GameSlayer: bet you don’t have an issue when that same child saves your life because he knows knows how to operate a weapon safely”@King_GameSlayer that little girl didn’t save anyone’s life handeling that weapon she accidently took a life because she’s only 9 too young@King_GameSlayer clearly the child wasn’t able to operate a weapon like an Uzi or the instructor would still have his life #getagrip@tommygunzzexper lol noooo@cin39132 he wasn’t down range he was behind her - read the story get your facts“@cin39132: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN But here is the Question why was she using weapons that is to big for her and has a good kick to them ?” ??@cin39132 I would say that“@RobKovach999: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN this world is becoming more disturbing as they years go by!” Smh@MISSBROOKEHAVEN but in comparison why is any instructor teaching a child that? Why is that okay in America but not ok in Africa? Tragic.
Retweeted by Brooke Haven“@phreebassist: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN parenting failure 101 amirite” awful@MISSBROOKEHAVEN how is it you don't need a license to be a parent. what would a 9 yr old need an uzi. it is beyond belief
Retweeted by Brooke Haven… School allowing this to take place !!!! This is his kids end up shooting guns in school rampagesWhat on earth does a 9 year old need lessons to shoot a gun let alone a Uzi machine gun ???? Isn’t this terrible ? Shame on the shooting ..http://t.co/pXPvVow6iP… Instructor while her parents watched. This 9 year old girl was being taught to shoot an ooozy machine gun when she couldn’t control itLaying in my bed this morning watching the news and one of the top stories out of Arizona : a 9 ur old girl accidently kills shooting ….
@XXXHOLLYHALSTON @bar545 please stalk me holly@lorenzogreggi1 hi@michaeladam13 is that real“@bar545: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN Some nut now is going to stalk a P.O. Box lol” lol@MISSBROOKEHAVEN remind fans to send SASE's thats a must i always have asked for that (cuts on postage costs!)
Retweeted by Brooke HavenMy mailing address (not where I live) is : 1626 N. Wilcox Ave Po box # 312 Hollywood ca 90028Ok were gonna try this again“@steveaustin36: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN some people actually post their home address online #stupidity” not this girl lol“@JaimeB80: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN well do you sell any signed dvds or photos?” Of course :) always !!Hahaha people people relax the address I tweeted is a po box address not my home address lol c’mon people !!! Lol“@michaeladam13: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN cows,sheep and goats produce milk..seeds and nuts do not #trixisforkids lol” I like nuts lol 🙈@JaimeB80 my ❤️@MISSBROOKEHAVEN says @WarMachine170 BLACKLISTED FROM PORN ... After Alleged Attack at Porn Party http://t.co/8ihegtgqbG #WarMachine
Retweeted by Brooke Haven“@michaeladam13: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN do flax seeds have tiny udders? i think not ..lol #almondsalsohavenomilk” I’m pretty sure they do
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