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Model / Actress / Reality TV star / Model Coordinator. The Official Twitter Account For Brooke Haven My Amazon Wish http://t.co/RWrOYeWlgP

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Just got home from Burke Williams for a little much needed pamper time with my bestie sarahjessie420… http://t.co/q4GnsWbUvDDZ has a stunt double that is black... hey @MISSBROOKEHAVEN , um, nevermind.... #NotGoingThere... HA!
Retweeted by Brooke HavenOn my way to get bestie pants @sarahjessiexxx for spa night #burkewilliams massages and facials 👯💆💅👯@IanLGreenberg @DirectModels we should catch up“@IanLGreenberg: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @DirectModels ohh ya what’s been up” stranger danger“@AkiraLane: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN I’m in line. 😘” IDE do a scene with u all day every dayAfter seeing the two new sexy boys that @DirectModels just signed I’m seriously thinking of coming out of my retirement drool 💦💦💦 seriously@roughcutfilms1 followed :) I’ll give u my email in DMI'm loved !!!!!! ❤️ best bestie ever @sarahjessiexxx http://t.co/LB5qAbQHN2“@jeffleroydavis: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN Nighty night hot shot.” 👌@MISSBROOKEHAVEN Awww...i wish i could get that
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN is on twitter!!! Doin it too much # lovedat
Retweeted by Brooke HavenSigned items going out to some of my sweet followers #mail #autographs thank u for shopping for me on my wish list ❤️ http://t.co/KgfDEr5x7w“@MilesNaismith_: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN hello preciosa. I’ve reviewing some of your pics, and I’m really really hard” 💦👍“@THEREALKELVIN_8: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN May I have a reply or hello please?” Another one ? Lol
“@HeartBreaKid_M: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN any hope for a reply from my angel” replyGoodnight loves xo #missbhaven #hugsandkisses #sweetdreams http://t.co/eCI5ILXHpZ@Jlabaise @MrRegularMe 👍👍👍 thank u ❤️@MISSBROOKEHAVEN @Jlabaise @MrRegularMe Heh, I think that goes without saying.
Retweeted by Brooke Haven“@MrRegularMe: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @Jlabaise I don’t think this question is relevant. Brooke’s a legend end off.” 👑❤️❤️❤️😜😜“@Jlabaise: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @MrRegularMe Do you think you’re life will be different if you weren’t hot ?” Wait r u saying u think I’m hot 🙋“@MrRegularMe: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN always been hot but I’ve always had a thing for ya hair :)” many times I’ve had hair comiments today 💇“@HooliganUSA: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN oh my I remember that one. Didn’t the club have it while you worked there?” Sure did good memory#magazinecover #playtimemagazine #arizona #military #censored http://t.co/ngqMGrNVRIThis is an oldie one of my first magazine covers !!! #youngbrooke #earlymodelingdays http://t.co/PlOe00JDiF
@AmyFreeze7 @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @JenSelter http://t.co/r6V7Dq4E6i
Retweeted by Brooke Haven
someone tell @MISSBROOKEHAVEN its bbq time!
Retweeted by Brooke Haven“@Gusbus125: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN oh my !!” 😘🙈Stop taking life too seriously - no one makes out Alive … Smile live love laughHappy frisky Friday http://t.co/XhEKp71YvW
“@phreebassist: Already dating @MISSBROOKEHAVEN she just doesn’t know it yet.” 🙈“@raven1220: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN order the mayweather fight sat and I’ll bring the martinis!” Working satI'm online and available to talk! Talk to me live at http://t.co/sfrd5LGcEp“@ezcondition: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN i just seen a scene with you, nice vocal interaction.” I’m a dirty talker@cin39132 at home .Throwback Thursday when I was an official #arizonadiva model #model #blonde #arizona #scottsdale http://t.co/e1u940iErL@MISSBROOKEHAVEN Hopefully we never have to see something like that anymore (terrorists are cowards).
Retweeted by Brooke HavenIn the remembrance of 9/11 here are a few important firefighter friends and family in my life malaga8… http://t.co/sTxISvXEqY“@LukeHawx504: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @dontfollowrc @raven1220 hope all is well…… except with Raven bahahahahha” same to u babe@dontfollowrc @LukeHawx504 @raven1220 Luke it was def the best blind date I’ve been on adventure Frozen margaritas suspense handcuffs lol“@dontfollowrc: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @LukeHawx504 Yeah, ummm…😁” so maybe I should thank u I do love my officers and sexy detectives ❤️❤️❤️@dontfollowrc @LukeHawx504 I always love when my introductions lead me to the detectives bureau … #memories“@dontfollowrc: @LukeHawx504 @MISSBROOKEHAVEN You misspelled, ”You’re welcome.“” 🙈“@LukeHawx504: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @dontfollowrc @raven1220 i introduced you to Rashad. I apologize for that haha” haha miss ya buddy“@MadridMedoJ: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @raven1220 @dontfollowrc @LukeHawx504 Rashad is this Arabian ??” I’m lost on this one“@dontfollowrc: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @raven1220 Well, ”introduced“ is rather interesting phrasing… I kinda strong-armed that meeting.” True“@raven1220: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @dontfollowrc ?” U introduced me to @LukeHawx504 who introduced me to Rashad@dontfollowrc lol you can say that again wow - we can thank both @raven1220 and @lukehawx504 for that memorable dayToday marks the 7 year anniversary of me meeting @MISSBROOKEHAVEN for the 1st time! One hell of a day...
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Nothing makes my day more than a visit from the one and only @ryandriller at the office all the girls 💛swoon💛“@wetttmellissa: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN How r you doing today bby ?” Great mellissa . You ?@GregSmokey1122 @NikkiDiamond69 showing what ?“@blinddog007: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN how’s your mom duing? Hope all is well sunshine…god bless” better thank u“@THEREALKELVIN_8: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN good morning to you, beautiful one” 😜“@Jose_Kerr: so have you seen the woman in white ghost yet at Hollywood hill? :) @MISSBROOKEHAVEN” not yet“@jonnymalcolm_91: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN hey you ok how you been x” always good“@wildfan1964: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN your so fuckable at any age boobs or no boobs” ha
“@HeartBreaKid_M: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” 👌“@Dreamkast_Music: One day soon me and @MISSBROOKEHAVEN will go to the frolic room and get wasty pants #HollyWeird” can’t wait“@HE3LZiggler: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN love out loud? so we’re finally going public? nice” pretty much“@Jasonrhymes2: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN loving the old skool pics. Such a pretty face.” Thank uhope @MISSBROOKEHAVEN joins next time RT @newagepunisher that @SuperMexCTM & myself vouch for the best white dude ever in @martincasaus
Retweeted by Brooke Haven“@HE3LZiggler: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN stop trying to act like you don’t love me ☺” lol@MISSBROOKEHAVEN Motherfuckers with polish roots cant be defeated. Alwayes takes top and clean all other places
Retweeted by Brooke HavenCurrent frame of mind. @MISSBROOKEHAVEN is the next gf(WIFE) tho. http://t.co/oBBBrkw23R
Retweeted by Brooke Haven#janikowski #raiders http://t.co/IcRiXw979D#raiders #xmas #2000 #janikowski http://t.co/xhQkJT92tL“@Spr_Dave: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN ditto! And glad to hear mama is recovering well 🙏” ur so sweet and thank u very muchGirls like dances too I’m on the right bootsy boory booty http://t.co/AXf4JXJoYA“@Spr_Dave: hahaa loving your trip down memory lane today @MISSBROOKEHAVEN 😁” awe miss uWith … Ron http://t.co/azzpU2br49Just ….. Ummm yeah http://t.co/qk6oBANR0yFace eating #2 http://t.co/9nStGpSVnBThis is how we do http://t.co/Zl0BQkL1Es“@NikkiDiamond69: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN thanks Loveeee 🙈💗💗💗💗 We may be neighbors 😜💋 Xo 💎@NikkiDiamond69 💎” …. Oh really ? Tell me moreFace eating http://t.co/cwU9DPdjZWAlways getting jumped from behind lol http://t.co/ypyZ5bFuwB@NikkiDiamond69 back at u gorgeous 👏👏Studio 54 #snake #vegas #club http://t.co/0wRYRXJeoKWith jimmy Flynt Larry’s brother - I was just a kitten here so young #hustler http://t.co/a9hORGjOJFWith Larry Flynt in San Francisco #hustler #club http://t.co/EtYgjVhdkzShowtime for finals … http://t.co/pZPwaZY7bCAnother showgirl competition night finals http://t.co/dNZAEeSJ4eHi officer I’ll sit on ur bike http://t.co/EHiFosCdN2“@mzhornitsky: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @THEREALKELVIN_8 ill even ask how are you? lol you are one of my favorites of all time!!!!” Ty“@justenhand: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN That’s tough news about your family. The class picture was so great! So many faces.Have a good night.”“@mzhornitsky: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @THEREALKELVIN_8 ill say hello to you lol” lol one hello is always enuffDancing http://t.co/GaYSEkwriQBoxer set for showgirl of the year competition http://t.co/zAuHKOdt3zWinning showgirl of the year title http://t.co/zP2Oz8RWm0“@THEREALKELVIN_8: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN Well goodbye then! I get no hello back” ✋Cuddle time http://t.co/t1RlnN4M30@GerhardTimothy awe 😉@MISSBROOKEHAVEN met a historian of where I live your name popped up as well as the firecracker female who left the area and became an icon
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@ThaNerd lol“@LondonKeyes: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN I have a pretty open weekend! Let’s do a pool day boo thang” yes letsWith jimmy Flynt in New Orleans http://t.co/ijH2FLyyd2“@LondonKeyes: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN I love all your throw back pics!!! Miss you cutie” miss u more 😘“@dogMs61: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN hi there” hi“@Seamus3000: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN Wow, quite a throw back mood you’re in. Love the glimpse into your memory lane.” Xo
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