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Marcos_El_Malo @Marcos_El_Malo SMA, GTO, MX & L.A.,CA,USA

Rabid music fan, dog lover, adventurer, now living in Mexico. I guess I should mention that I'm a writer, too.

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Sup, y'all. Anybody get laid? Get in a fight?
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloFor yrs conservatives demanded Blacks distance themselves from "violent Black nationalists" while they cozy up to violent militia movements
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloI stopped fighting it. AA here. “@_Native_Life: Getting called the wrong ethnicity time after time! (Asian/Mexican.. Etc) #NativeProblemsSix years later #p2 #tcot #uniteblue #lnyhbt #teaparty #tgdn http://t.co/vEVleh31Gk
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@Whoozley I’ve seen a dog & bitch indulging in full 69. Males of many species including Drosophila lick female genitals before copulation.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloWorld War Z is probably a good Easter film, no?
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloGabriel Garcia Marquez was honored in 2003 when a street in Boyle Heights was renamed Gabriel Garcia Marquez Street. http://t.co/5yYu4k1jBImay I present: a painting of richard dawkins remembering the time he saw two dogs in full 69: http://t.co/A1cG2BQmXh
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloIn a white room. With black curtains. At the station.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@MagicZoetrope Bored with fantasy sports. I want to start a "Fantasy Militia" league. Who's with me?Why is the science fiction community continuing to provide a platform to bigots, racists and homophobes? http://t.co/jYuiTJFW69 #hugos
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo
@skullmandible @lanyardigan Stop your hotdogging, Jimmy Franks!This was on my FB feed: Native Voices @ the Autry's 16th Annual Festival of New Plays Can't go, unfortunately. http://t.co/ig0Rvp7WQRTHE NEW 10 COMMANDMENTS 1 Laugh. 2 Read. 3 Say please. 4 Floss. 5 Doubt. 6 Exercise. 7 Learn. 8 Don't hate. 9 Cut the bullshit. 10 Chill.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloPhotojournalist shares experience covering Venezuelan protests http://t.co/fwpdR6Dlu1 [@pressfreedom]
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malowatch out for those DUI checkpoints tonight http://t.co/hfsc6icl5A
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloThis is what's going down in America #blacktwitter #injustice #ShaneshaTaylor http://t.co/OYWSFvKALY
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloShanesha Taylor deserves support, not condemnation. SHAME ON ARIZONA!
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo5) Y'all think Malkin's an ally? She wants Muslims in concentration camps. @suey_park @herbert45r @kirikokikuchi @MaxBlumenthal @Tolstoved
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo3) Malkin is using @suey_park to sanitize far more vicious right-wing racism. @herbert45r @kirikokikuchi @MaxBlumenthal @Tolstoved
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloThis, by @Lubchansky, is just *great*. http://t.co/G82cn5p70W http://t.co/LK46j5pYbh
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo"unicorn dick isn't that good, don't believe the unicorn dick hype" --anthony bourdain
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malohi im anthony bourdain i dont like anything and i have cigar eyes and i only eat mermaids and i need a forever home please open your heart
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloBasically, what I'm saying Clive is that you're a biscuit. A dry, lonely biscuit mooching off the public gravy...
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloMy Mexican waiter put my food down in front of another white lady who looked nothing like me. I get it now. Oh wait that's not my waiter.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloDoes having four planners, three white boards etc.in my room prove I am type a?
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@sarahjbrowne No. It could mean you are into Corporate LARPs.@AskAKorean for a minute there, I thought this was one of those buzzfeed quizzes.Android isn't a market. It's 3+ versions, 4+ form factors, & a bunch of app stores/payment methods. This is why startups bet on iOS.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloHey, asshole, words can express anything. It's not words, it's you.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloI need help. You need help. We all need help. Give credit where credit is due naturally. Know that genuinely helping someone truly helps you
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloWow, this is getting very bad. U.S. ground troops going to Poland http://t.co/mxGpx4zBzP
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloBE SURE to get a "memory book" for your baby so you can show them when they're older how your interest in them slowly dwindled. @kerihw
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloMake any article a Cosmo article by adding ‘in the butt’ to the title.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloI'm so over scary twigs
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloIf any male followers of mine read and share any link that I post this week, I would like it to be this one. http://t.co/cNiNonOk61
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@HippoCecile @tjpieraccini Photos from book, Somewhere Over the Rainbow: the Art of Neon Park. http://t.co/PaJFH1PvOv http://t.co/j7HJbipdNw@HippoCecile @tjpieraccini One more. Actually, 1989 was towards the end of his painting career. He died of ALS 1993. http://t.co/L6gKxAy70x@HippoCecile @tjpieraccini This one is midway during his tape period. http://t.co/NVEIJqfeoB@HippoCecile @tjpieraccini You might need to turn your head, but here is an early example of Neon's tape technique. http://t.co/DXd1JvA98Y*dies* RT @bridgetminamore: "...not ALL platypuses" RT @earthposts: Two baby platypuses wearing fedoras. That is all. http://t.co/RylGRG0TcP
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloPhoto: My headcanon Doctor! Yes, I do totally want a female Doctor, for a bloody change. She’s an alternate... http://t.co/OqwPIFFB2Y
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloGreat artwork! Have you seen tape painting of Neon Park XIII? @HippoCecile thank you @tjpieraccini for RT@stereowilliams hate is a strong word. I'm unenthusiastic about that song. If it was on radio, I'd probably leave it. Why do you hate it?1. You probably think billionaires are a hallmark of a prosperous society. You're wrong. They are a sign of a dysfunctional economy.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloFor just pennies a day you can slowly build an army of penny golems.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloBlogger kills ex-cop who was retaliating with arson against exposing of his corruption. http://t.co/u9YAXZ75Gr
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloSometimes the critically acclaimed stuff doesnt age as well as the pop stuff. There are Salt N Pepa songs that hold up better than BDP songs
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloKim Gordon, Joan Jett, St. Vincent and Lorde at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center http://t.co/r2xVcbdK2F
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloThat was just the opening for my @aliettedb fanfic. Should you be worried? Probably! :).@FroodyWisco First time in Red Cliff, WI last weekend. Someone played Dinah Mo Humm on jukebox. I immediately felt welcomed. #Zappa
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloTo the people who doubted me, good call
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@AndyRichter Did you notice @lanyardigan is a switch hitter?[Scene: Saloon] @aliettedb pushes through the doors and says, "I'm looking for the tree that shot my pa."Just realised that giant sinister trees feature prominently in my novels. Wonder if a tree did something to me, once
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloThe recent hate crime murders in Kansas prove true the concerns of @splcenter We need to stop racism #racism
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo.@bipdooSJ isn't it amazing how guys like this know so much about us & our cultures, & how they would act if they were us @FauxLarryJBird
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Maloback before the web, Theory had to be delivered house to house by the theory man. he worked 14 hrs a day and people tried to shoot him a lot
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloWhy Asian Americans Should Care About Native Mascotry http://t.co/pmzgCuZM9I via @wordpressdotcom #NotYourMascot @BicoastalBitchn #dechief
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloI love it when politicians say "our Jewish friends" around Passover, it reminds me of elves talking about dwarves.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloMore on Keystone XL fight being led by Ihanktowan Dakotas and their Nebraska allies. So proud of my relatives!... http://t.co/UfpQJBPJEr
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@AngrygirLcomics You're so punk rock! I mean that in the best possible way.@RellaC @aliettedb NO!! Don't snort your rice! It will travel to your brain and kill you.When people tell me they don't like noodles I'm like http://t.co/rGqlF2LpoJ
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@aliettedb Diet fads make a lot of money for some people. It's in DietInsiders interest to perpetuate fads & spread bad information/science.Funny how the Western answer to some problems oscillates between two extreme reactions
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo(also, while I agree we eat too much sugar, I don't think the answer to this is to eat ZERO sugar)
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@aliettedb Food is the bedrock of cultural identity. DietInsider can have my Calrose rice when they scrape the sticky grains of my etc.“@aliettedb: 10 foods you should never eat: white rice at #7? http://t.co/nU1oFTnsCw” DietInsider + listicle = shit they expect you to eatWhat my 26 yo brain with an MA will never comprehend is how a grown ass man was able to incite a fight, shoot & claim self-defense. #Trayvon
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloNobody is allowed to shit talk noodles in front of me I will kick you to the moon
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@normbond @loxhobabl It has to be because of the iPhone, not because the poor are getting squeezed so damn hard.@djolder it is heartening to discover that Publishing is not monolithic. It can be changed one editor or publisher at a time.but the response has been so inspiring, from writers who saw their lives in the piece to editors and agents pledging to be part of change
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloDon't know where I'll go. Don't know how long I'll be here. I do know that I'll make the most of today and fight for what's right. #positive
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloIn this case, to move on from the same old conversation into something more ferocious, more radical, and tear shit up #DiversityIsNotEnough
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@nittacci @jfkeeler @Hell_on_wheelz @MahpiyaWaciWin I heard there was math, but also great scope, sweep of history, great writing. True?
@Hell_on_wheelz @MahpiyaWaciWin @jfkeeler eight o'clock and I haven't made dinner. Nice chatting with you all. Hasta luego, adios!@Marcos_El_Malo @Hell_on_wheelz @MahpiyaWaciWin 1938 was the year to be born-men born in that year had the highest mobility ever in U.S.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@Hell_on_wheelz @Marcos_El_Malo @MahpiyaWaciWin Yep, Mad Men generation. Glass-Steagall was still the law and Unions were strong.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@Marcos_El_Malo @jfkeeler @Hell_on_wheelz Political economy, yes! Might consider this read as well: http://t.co/htYpa7uRhz
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@MahpiyaWaciWin @Marcos_El_Malo @jfkeeler *g* 1 of my degrees is in econometrics. intervention to maintain balance is imperative.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@MahpiyaWaciWin I just put it on the wishlist, thnx for the link! Looks super interesting.@jfkeeler @Hell_on_wheelz @MahpiyaWaciWin I'm going to buy this book when I have the money to spare: http://t.co/LS818ZurqvTell me how does it feel to refer to self and others as niggers but never was spat upon and called nigger by a white man as I was in 1967
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@jfkeeler you saw this, right? http://t.co/WmGqWBHzyO #Nov2014 #FightHarder
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloEconomic mobility was done 10 years ago. Further back, according to some analyses. @Hell_on_wheelz @jfkeeler @MahpiyaWaciWin #MythofMobilityWhy is it low hierarchy WP identify w/ elite power? Do they really hope to join elites? @jfkeeler @ZZLaowai @Hell_on_wheelz @MahpiyaWaciWin@MahpiyaWaciWin you are being kind by calling them potential risks. Ruination of water and environment are LIKELY consequences, no?I reject modern conservatism. To me, a conservative is also a conservationist. @Hell_on_wheelz @jfkeeler @MahpiyaWaciWin@charstarlene for example. Let me rollerskate for half an hour, and I'll give you this pot of lentils I just cooked.“@charstarlene: I don't have a lot of money” I'm sure we can work something out.@ZZLaowai is blocked for that last one. Maybe someday he'll use all his oil money to buy a clue. @Hell_on_wheelz @jfkeeler @MahpiyaWaciWinI'm not angry at @ZZLaowai just bored with the same discredited arguments. Brainwashed by the AEI. @jfkeeler @MahpiyaWaciWinAnd other happy horseshit that false conservatives tell themselves. @Hell_on_wheelz @ZZLaowai @jfkeeler @MahpiyaWaciWinOil is infinite and global warming is a hoax, donchaknow? There are no limits on growth @Hell_on_wheelz @ZZLaowai @jfkeeler @MahpiyaWaciWin.@ZZLaowai No, I believe you don't know the difference between your rear end and an oil well (hole in the ground) @jfkeeler @MahpiyaWaciWinI'm fairly certain @ZZLaowai is either a troll or has a very limited life experience. Trapped in his own cage. @jfkeeler @MahpiyaWaciWin“@tejucole: I can't believe planes.” To be curvilinear is to be misunderstood. Your brain is lying (with its straight lines), not your eyes.#nokxl Stand with the Lakota! No pipeline HONOR THE TREATIES http://t.co/7S6RlA10cD
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