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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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Great news, amazing news. Hope for Isla and Jude is live around the world in ITunes. I'm getting mine.… http://t.co/EwHmAVYNH4
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@jeanne06alvarez Which means if something that simple is not understood... sige finish that sentence for me.@chellepot_06 Un-fans will always raise a stink. Hayaan niyo na.@chellepot_06 All I said was that because I haven't listened to the album yet, I can't comment. But congrats just the same. Yun lang.@giulifish You know what, I can't remember! So I guess any and all would apply!Isla & Jude have a fatal disease with no cure. There is HOPE and it starts with YOU. PLEASE SHARE http://t.co/i16EtG1NzZ #hopeforislaandjudeMy friend @sebdivo produced a single for two special children named Isla and Jude. Find out more at http://t.co/N9mxqnfm75. Good job, Seb!.@GentlemansGuide original cast member @JK_Ready to assume role of Monty Navarro → http://t.co/qzVvB7kwXX http://t.co/feNzL0JHaM
Retweeted by Lea SalongaBackstory's out! http://t.co/FzHhzd5vDd
@YourSHINberry http://t.co/Y3KPstiNWs. Reliable enough for you?Read the news on the slaughter of school kids in Pakistan. There are no words to describe the horror and senselessness of this.
@kleinfloyd oops. Can't comment.@kleinfloyd I haven't heard it so I can comment. But congrats to her!Yay to Australia! #IllRideWithYou is restoring my faith in humanity.
Only one more weekend of Battles left, and only one Steal left for me. Who is going to get it? Abangan! #TVOP2 #TheBattlesPH@charcatbagan09 Me too! #TeamJeRaJem and Thara trend worldwide after #TheBattlesPH at The Voice of the Philippines. Recap: http://t.co/g6GmuNC2q8 http://t.co/0JIdBlsR8e
Retweeted by Lea SalongaJust finished tonight's episode of The Voice of the Philippines... ninenerbiyos pa rin kahit alam ko na ang resulta! #TheBattlesPHAfter Rated K, it's #TheBattlesPH na naman!!! Salamat po sa pagsubaybay!!!21 mac & cheeses that are better than a boyfriend http://t.co/msmP6M4zSb http://t.co/cJZBCO7CpO
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@AldysLover No worries! I felt it my duty to clarify. Have a good night!@AldysLover But both guys gave strong performances, which I appreciated.@AldysLover That missed lyric wasn't Nino's. And I even thanked him for not jumping in to cover it up because he would've looked bad.@AldysLover Nino didn't forget anything. Karl did. I know how that battle was constructed so if anyone made mistakes, I'll know who did.
@JustSarahG @realeriksantos @LaniMisalucha @4eversinging4u @SuperCharice Sharing the stage with you is a privilege like no other. Homegrown!@vicegandako is making me tear up with his touching Christmas monologue. #ABSCBNChristmasSpecial@TanhuecoKarl I believed in you and still do. You always know where to find me if you need me.There is more coming up sa #ABSCBNChristmasSpecial ... Tutok lang, Kapamilya!!!Damn, the ABS-CBN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA sounds great!!!!!! #ABSCBNChristmasSpecialDearest Casper, WELCOME TO TEAM LEA!!! #TheBattlesPHNakakapanindig balahibo!!!!!! #TheBattlesPHLike I said: ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. That Karl-Nino Battle was HOT!!! #TheBattlesPH@chayt33 But if there's no talent to begin with, the hard work will be all for nothing. You need the right raw material before you work.
Stay safe and dry, California... if anything good comes of this, may it be that the reservoirs are filled again.We have a show tomorrow at EDSA Shangri-la Mall! See you there! 🎄🎅
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@KayeSagun27 True talent cannot be learned.
@jheannemari @IAdelaCruz TELLTALE HEART dapat! Oh... dear...@mscarmeland @Gerard_Salonga That is not our dad. That is photographer Jacinto Tee. #angsourcesniyomali@raymundisaac Ikaw naman... galing mong mambola.@BasherKilla Or blocked ka na. Ang mag-react, guilty!
@LittleEla7 Talent.@BasherKilla Oh my... I wonder if a rebuttal is on its way. Standing by.@OfficiallyAriG No actually. But it's a good thing to remind others of. Throughout my career I've witnessed it. It's disappointing.@ruthcoleen__ Given that it's a TV network's Christmas special, I should hope so.Outsize talent is not a good enough excuse to behave like a jerk.Talent first. All else is secondary.It's interesting standing on stage amongst the size 0 glamorosas of ABS. Then I remember, my voice was hired first before the rest of me.@DirekJoey You are too, too kind.@kaihonasan Let me know too since I seem to be somewhat involved.@chitomirandajr @Gerard_Salonga Inggit nga ako. I think I might have to make the pilgrimage too.@LittleEla7 An abundance of both. Talent is nothing without hard work and discipline to hone it.My brother, @Gerard_Salonga, is a badass. Words cannot express how proud I am of him. My vocabulary can't handle it.
@JayhanFe Hang on... what is this about??? I can't reply properly without context.@PerezHilton He's out there!!! You gotta CLAIM IT!!!!!!!
@TeamLeaUnited Not true. So please take that tweet down.RT .@ashbeckham takes her niece to meet a princess, is mistaken for her dad. Reasonableness ensues. (via @Upworthy) http://t.co/XxqIP5ia30Please stay safe and dry today...Kahit Wala pa ang Battle nila, ipu-push ko na ito: #TeamJera! Jem vs Thara next weekend! @TheVoiceABSCBN @tharajordana @JemCubil
Watching the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra rehearse. Gaaahhhhh, ang galing nilang lahat talaga. http://t.co/x9VNf929iaBy the end of this weekend I'll have 2 artists through to Knockouts. 7 more people left, including 2 Steals. We have a long way to go.@ellapelonia1 During summer vacation for sure. I don't know the dates yet.@ncupin1990 @JustSarahG It was not a contestant that spilled the beans. Audience. After signing an NDA. Blech.@catherinecierva @JustSarahG She deserves the credit for that one. I didn't see it coming!@YouSonofaMiitch @Gerard_Salonga That would be...... wrong.@wilburryan Masasanay rin sila. I listened to 14 Battles in that outfit.It's fun listening to the band rehearsal recordings of the medleys @Gerard_Salonga arranges, because that's when I get to hear him sing.
@GibbsCue Oh I'm sure it does... and maybe someday I'll find it.@iheartLeaS Oh he's still on my team. Sa TV lang siya mawawala. But my members stay forever. That's my promise to them all. #TeamLeaDon't worry yourselves about the cleavage. Many safety pins gave their lives to keep things together. Focus on the #BattlesPH!!! Thanks!!!Tis the season to celebrate the blessings of love, family, and music. http://t.co/wDrS1cF0m0@Juliatearjerkyy Flattered!!! Incredibly flattered.Watching the live updates on #RubyPH on ABS-CBN. This is scary. To our countrymen in the path of the storm, please stay safe.#BattlesPH is now the top trending topic WORLDWIDE and nationwide. Yipee! Thank you, Kapamilya. ❤ http://t.co/VyrbvvCC0l
Retweeted by Lea SalongaDear @johnlozano10, yung mga outfit na pinapasuot mo sa akin, pinag-uusapan!!! As always, thank you, Bebz!!! #BattlesPHMagbabalik ang tensyon ng best vocal competition! #BattlesPH susunod na, Kapamilya. :)
Retweeted by Lea SalongaThe BATTLES are happening RIGHT NOW!!! #BattlesPH"@Jollibee: Happening right now at the PICC Plenary Hall, it's The Voice Kids All In concert! http://t.co/ZLUgvEq6N8"-Congrats Kids!!
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@CayetanoFrances Get in line!!! @TimmyPavino is super cute!!! #BattlesPHNow THIS, I will absolutely share. Go, Miss Carey! https://t.co/DeSNtFgrFz@DirekJoey Maybe it's her time of month... that would explain a few things.Isa pang birthday boy sa #TeamLea ... To @humfrey007 Nicasio, belated Happy Birthday! #TeamGuapoI am still hoping this is what happens... http://t.co/IZ8VfNv0L7
Retweeted by Lea SalongaYou can't photoshop attitude.@arnee_belle Says the woman who after two children is hotter than ever. NAKAKAIRITA KA!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!@ruthgonzales_ Just asked her... she doesn't have a favorite.What an absolute pleasure this is! Thank you, Mega Magazine! http://t.co/nZNzQjHWbCWe give you the iconic and legendary @MsLeaSalonga on the December issue of MEGA magazine! Grab your copy now! http://t.co/jY37K8DR90
Retweeted by Lea SalongaTo another #TeamLea artist, @MiroEveryday Valera, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!@LeaSalonga9 Hayaan mo na. Baka sad sila sa buhay nila.@YouSonofaMiitch Not just me. 4 coaches, 56 artists, hundreds of staff, musicians and crew. It takes a village to make our show. #BattlesPH21 ka na, @JemCubil!!!!!! Muna sa lahat ng nagmamahal sa iyo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! #BattlesPH@ras_capricious @celestialdust Correction. It's unicorn bile.Parang, ganoon ba kami kababa na puwede kaming tapakan? Hindi ako papayag. Binibigay namin ang lahat ng aming puso at kaalaman para sa inyo.Parang, ganoon ba ang pagtingin sa amin na kusang nagpupuyat at napapagod para magbigay sa mga manonood namin ng isang mahusay na palabas?Thanks, @JustSarahG for having my back. The spoiler leak wasn't just disappointing. We all felt betrayed. We all worked so hard. #BattlesPH
Make everyday a statement. http://t.co/fC2GjwU2IL #PhilipStein http://t.co/nyMOXR77rgTeam Lea is ready for the #BattlesPH. -- https://t.co/A2tC2QSiNWThank heavens!!! “@broadwayworld: Review Roundup - Did NBC's PETER PAN LIVE Fly with Critics?... http://t.co/CgnVL8jt49@effeiydee I'm not saying anything!@ay_Cee01 @TimmyPavino @JPhilippeGo Ako yung panalo dahil sa kanilang dalawa. #LuckyCoach #BattlesPH
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