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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. On tour now with Il Divo. Loving my life.

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@hfca1964 Yup! Time to practice my Spanish...Finally, @SheillaHabab26 got good news. Her passport will be returned in the next few days. #afterover2weeksofwastedtimePhoto by Stuart Merser of #visavisvideo. #peabodyoperahouse #ildivo #amusicalaffair http://t.co/IlzixbTSnbFound this lovely gem backstage at the Murat Theatre, Indianapolis. I recognized many of the names on… http://t.co/SMblfowj7Z
Marcus and Stuart visavisvideo at stage left doing why they do best. #ildivo #amusicalaffair http://t.co/MbYBJS75ne@bjdavis Hurray!!!!! Congratulations to all of you!!!Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@bjdavis How was opening night??????@bjdavis @DivoDavidMiller When your mom introduced herself, I had to give her a hug!!!@TheChalkmeister @MuratTheatre @ildivoofficial Sun? What sun???
@davesison Define "we."@lizardladynj Done.@betsytuazon Grabe!!!!!!!!!@jaybeelei Nope, not the US embassy. They've been very efficient and have stuck to their promises.@PilosopoTasy0 Try again. Not them either.@mrbillyadon Oh, she has her US visa, and they handled everything promptly and efficiently. So, I wasn't talking about the US.... all docs are in order. The consul is just "not yet done with the process."Thanks for your responses, you guys. I'm just so frustrated that we did everything for my assistant to get her visa in 3 working days...@gabvalenciano Wala rin yung pag apply niya for rush. I see no rushing happening.@gabvalenciano And she applied for RUSH SERVICE, and was told it would be done in 3 working days. Nothing.@gabvalenciano She applied on April 8, it's now April 21. Does it really, reeeeally take that long to process a visa application???@gabvalenciano Verbal promise. Not to me, but to my assistant. She's getting a visa processed, they said 3 working days. Nothing yet.To the lawyers here, if I was promised 3 working days for documents to be processed but it's taking much longer, do I have grounds to sue?You said 3 working days; it's looking more like 3 working weeks. What a waste of time.@DivoDavidMiller Detroit too, the Fox Theatre was such a gorgeous space to sing in. A treasure of a theater!!!@Batibut Their loss.@Batibut Nope. Everyone knew what was going to happen. It was a matter of how it's be executed on film. #itsinthebook
All caught up on @GameOfThrones. Never was I this gleeful watching someone die. #aerysthethirdisdeadHappy Easter, Everybody!!!@possumsack @DivoDavidMiller They were Disney fans. And mostly male.And again, without fail, a Jesus documentary has succeeded in reeling me in. #AnnualLentenTradition #HappyEasterEverybody
My favorite subject looking at the river. #denver http://t.co/pTbk1wOui7Random bridge over the Platte River. #denver http://t.co/HMz9smETf8That's right, we went to Downtown Aquarium. http://t.co/HgtepG5PXvGorgeous Denver weather today!!! #downtowndenver #dayoff #ildivo #amusicalaffair http://t.co/kkHCsXrHv3@bjdavis @GarrettPopcorn Oh my!!!!!REMINDER: @ildivoofficial will be at @RosemontTheatre tomorrow night with @MsLeaSalonga! Get last minute tix here: http://t.co/0LLp2o7ywL
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@Melinda_Chua WHAAAAAAAT??????For a journalist to claim that marriage equality revolution began in 2008 is as absurd as saying civil rights struggle began with Obama.
Retweeted by Lea SalongaHeading to Chicago tomorrow... I got @GarrettPopcorn on my mind. See you all at the Rosemont Theater for @ildivoofficial's #AMusicalAffair!
And this is tonight. #bellcotheatre #denver #milehigh #ildivo #amusicalaffair http://t.co/hTOMpkogz6This was last night. How exciting was that?! #esarena #saltlakecity #ildivo #amusicalaffair http://t.co/sBhcm9LyO0@DENAirport Thank you! And I'll give L&F a call tomorrow afternoon.@DENAirport Thank you. According to the lady at the L&F window, I should call in 24 hours. Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated.Found a replacement for the headphones we lost, at a lower price than we initially paid. Thank you, http://t.co/PmtlRuv7wA.@tenor808 I"m sure a few Androids were in the mix, too, with their uber-bright lights.@vswamp27 I hope so too. Thanks for your concern.@Jennzs1 I'm not holding out any hope. My faith in the human race just isn't what it used to be.If anyone at Denver International Airport spots a pair of white Beats over-ear headphones, those are Nic's. We arrived on Delta. Thanks!
Mommy worked hard on this one, too! #rubberbandjewelry http://t.co/H56iDcrrOOThe iPhone has replaced the lighter!! Beautiful. Well done Salt Lake City!! Thank you for a wonderful night! http://t.co/pJIQl2yONs
Retweeted by Lea SalongaWhat a gorgeous sight! -- “@DivoDavidMiller: Another pic of the iPhones. (Let's make this a thing!) http://t.co/xbBuHXNYeB@colynvidal @kategolezxx FOR THE WIN!!!
@vivien_chardawn @benaroyahall @ildivoofficial Tapos na.The only Lords for me: Jesus Christ and Vader. In that order.@kcatevelasco Oh I have patience for human beings. Until they start acting like idiots.Early morn frustration: when I post a photo labeled with the exact location, only to get asked, "where is that?" On Mars. That's where. Oy!Brand new bonding activity with Nic: watching Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) rock our world on #Cosmos. What an amazing show. #NatGeo@richellepadin Exactly. It smacks of arrogance and an assumption of being better than everyone else. I don't like it. Ms. Lea na lang pls.I asked "how". No answer yet.Uhmmmm... how on earth did I get the title of "Queen"? To be honest, it makes me uncomfortable.@Jennzs1 Nic made one for @DivoDavidMiller at the start of this tour. Blue with glow in the dark white. She hasn't made any for the rest.Mama got crafty. No loom needed to make this. #rubberbandjewelry http://t.co/6xOlkMozUuTalk about breathtaking! Salt Lake City delivers! #amusicalaffair #ildivo http://t.co/oAR0RwR39eHello, Salt Lake City! Time for a nice day off today to rest up for #AMusicalAffair tomorrow night! @ildivoofficial
@DivoDavidMiller It's not your birthday yet, you could very well hit 31K by midnight!Canada road trip staple. Next stop: Calgary! #ildivo #amusicalaffair http://t.co/yjWqeSonEI@DivoDavidMiller YOU HIT 30K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A glass of red wine and a nice supper with one of my best girlfriends in Edmonton. Perfect way to end the day.And Pacman has done it again!!! Mabuhay ka!!!Edmonton, AB Catch @MsLeaSalonga and @ildivoofficial tonight at the Northern Alberta Jubilee. Pick up Lea's CD "The Journey So Far" there!
Retweeted by Lea Salonga
We have signed books! -- wickedtin's photo http://t.co/tBWzNOdJ3l@4eversinging4u Ahhhhhhhh! Yes indeed.And while you're at it, Spelling?Might I suggest a refresher course in Reading Comprehension?@4eversinging4u Okay then... I'll be back mid-June.This priest FOR THE WIN!!!!!!! What a gorgeous rendition of a Jeff Buckley classic. -- http://t.co/4Dktc7jnZq@4eversinging4u Oh really! What can I do for you? I won't be home for a while though, if that's what you're wanting to ask about.@4eversinging4u Reasoning with haters again, I see?@AinjTorres @JLo Way to go tagging us on a hate tweet.@CJethol Huh. I wonder why.Beer and Botti. Perfect combination for relaxation. @chrisbottii #vancouver #lifeontour@CJethol Won't be back in the Philippines until mid-June.
Operatic pop-vocal group @ildivoofficial plays the Queen E. Theatre tonight, with guest @MsLeaSalonga http://t.co/HmpxfVx06F
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@MsLeaSalonga will be touring the UK with @ildivoofficial in Oct! Don't miss this chance to see Lea in the UK! #misssaigon #lesmiserables
Retweeted by Lea SalongaMy Vancouver backyard. See you all tonight at the Queen Elizabeth for A Musical Affair! #ildivo http://t.co/sZvFYXKJSP
Road trip to Vancouver!!! @ildivoofficial @DivoDavidMiller #NicoleChienBackstory's out! -- http://t.co/Wu8safGGfqDavid watching Nic's iPad. She's obsessed with Minecraft videos on YouTube. http://t.co/KBwPvfdxwSNic and Bubba, part deux. http://t.co/5QCroizIORNicole and Bubba, her new best buddy. Thanks to James and Cay Lim for taking us in for the last few days! http://t.co/TEE98wMFoST minus 9 hours until @MsLeaSalonga and @ildivoofficial take the stage at #BenaroyaHall! Are you ready, Seattle?
Retweeted by Lea SalongaHi! My latest Il Divo dates added: 1 Oct - Wiener Stadhalle, Vienna, and 16 Oct - Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam. See you there
Vienna and Amsterdam, HERE I COME! Thank you, @ildivoofficial, for taking me along for the ride! @DivoDavidMiller @sebdivo @carlosmarin_More exciting Il Divo tour news for you... @MsLeaSalonga will be joining the guys for TWO additional shows - in Vienna and Amsterdam!
Retweeted by Lea SalongaIt feels so good when you find what you're looking for, when you weren't looking for it.Attention, Playlist fans! I signed 100 Playlist books and we are ready to take your order. Please email playlistrepeat@gmail.com. Thanks!@DivoDavidMiller @Humidiflyer I think I want one. Another friend that uses it swears by it.
Hey there, everyone, these are the Il Divo guys on Twitter: @DivoDavidMiller, @sebdivo, and @carlosmarin_. Follow them, they're worth it.It is about damn time. -- http://t.co/qxJiIrZ5Mp
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