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Born on the planet Ziböd, came to earth some years ago, settled in England as it had no super heroes at the time. I have cosmic powered knees.

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Magnus Nilsson is an excellent chef but is he an even better writer and photographer? http://t.co/SuBGwMAXL6
Retweeted by Nat Foremani dreamt about graphic design and '80s synth pop last night. all i can remember now is DON'T YOU FONT ME BABY and ARE FRIENDS ITALICwhen contestants say they are 'originally from' South London &c, how do we know where they are from now #UniversallyChallengedCan anyone explain why NYTimes refers to Gaza siege as "near-blockade"? Is that like referring to the Times as "near-journalism"?
Retweeted by Nat ForemanOnly a couple of weeks until this beauty hits the shelves - beautiful inside and out http://t.co/Pq5GNgKBl5
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my favorite Marcel Duchamp work 'Door,' 11 rue Larrey, 1927 http://t.co/keVbT1IIfw@ubuweb also there's a great interview with Monk in the current 'music' issue of @believermagPeter Greenaway, "Four American Composers: Meredith Monk" 52 min. (1983): http://t.co/yxK2BYq9V2 http://t.co/qWb4tHZwzb
Retweeted by Nat ForemanPS also nice to bump into local farmers Gilly and Richard enjoying Sunday Lunch at @HauserWirth Somersethowever many articles you read praising @HauserWirth Somerset, you must see it for yourself. what a beautiful place
Retweet to win tickets to our exclusive BFI Members screening of Les Enfants du Paradis http://t.co/H66pPHbWzZ http://t.co/cqyENkQkGH
Retweeted by Nat ForemanNewYork @ standstill as 1000s of Jews take over streets opposing Israel state terror & support Gaza #FreePalestine http://t.co/QVhUpM1aDd
Retweeted by Nat ForemanThe UK has a new crime festival! Noirwich launches this Sept http://t.co/gM8sREwvun featuring @eva_dolan & @meganeabbott amongst others
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Are you a master of strategy with a passion for the arts? Join our NY team as a Senior Account Executive, more info: http://t.co/r1AfiIHi9o
Retweeted by Nat ForemanPick up a copy of @fantasticman for a great interview with #thisplacephoto photographer #JeffWall! http://t.co/gIPkVniZPF
Retweeted by Nat ForemanDoing a poetry reading tonight. It's free & full of babe readers. 7.30pm upstairs at City Pride, Farringdon.
Retweeted by Nat ForemanWhat to read now that @NewYorker has taken down its paywall for the summer: http://t.co/OsHgFTta01
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@ChristinaWellor @AntiProfessor can apply to reading them too, e.g. Atomised, by Michel HouellebecqWant to work at Art Monthly? AM is currently looking for a part-time administrator - more info on the AM website: http://t.co/y964gJkoRq
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@katieheart @jazz_age_alice a gif that keeps on giffing! giffonNew Whitechapel Gallery Chief Curator, Lydia Yee announced this morning, starting from 2015 http://t.co/T0SWDNXDOT http://t.co/WnG5l3jgJS
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@MarinaOLoughlin @BarbicanCentre it IS sold out but NB '2nd show added Sat 20 Dec.', went on sale at 10am todayBook of the Week: Elizabeth is Missing by @ECHealey - Watch our video interview with the author http://t.co/JlCx6TRry0
Retweeted by Nat Foreman"Cindy Sherman is my hero. She is number one. She is my Beyonce." -@amy_lombard in this interview http://t.co/PLZVxCxhZl
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
I'm so thankful my childhood was filled with imagination &bruises from playing outside, instead of apps &how many likes you get on a picture
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@garethharr @TheArtNewspaper great news!! well done all@Craig_M_Garrett WEST COAST welcomes careful drivers. have a great nite http://t.co/k1MYRvervvmoorhen chicks are tiny! like a sideburn with a beak on the endEverything of character in East London is slowly being knocked down and twatted up. http://t.co/qlUQlGI9mS
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@HaywardCL @AntiProfessor what i love about the trailer for new 'Hercules' film is it says 'think you know the truth about Hercules'i don't normally get the 214 bus into King's Cross in the morning, so can i ask, is there usually someone eating curried eggs with rice?
Congratulations to Eimear McBride, whose A Girl is a Half-formed Thing has been longlisted for the @dylanthomprize http://t.co/RaN8aJ5gL6
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@HauserWirth hooray! congrats. i hope to visit next weekend, really looking forward to it@jennylinford never knowingly overlooked! lovely view@JenniEdgecombe well you can still be distracted in a Scriptorium as Abelard and Heloise show here http://t.co/SYvLdX8yf6@AntiProfessor what a delightful creature@jennylinford have only just got into to work, but something tells me i will be looking at this photo for most of the morning.
.@sofauxboho can tell you the optimal number of pairs of underwear to take on vacation. http://t.co/9oThwxrW3v http://t.co/sxYXeALmNQ
Retweeted by Nat ForemanTwo new books received today. Imprint AgainstPhoyography 1975-1990 Ian McKeever &Photography today by phaidon including Willie Doherty
Retweeted by Nat ForemanLooking closely at one of Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills. http://t.co/Odx6V5STEg http://t.co/S12aQUnWgC
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Save 75% on Salon to Biennial - the most comprehensive book on group exhibitions: http://t.co/3vxDwrYan7 #PhaidonSale http://t.co/upuXggTbwZ
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@AntiProfessor @jazz_age_alice kind of you to think so, but i can't take the credit. it was unexpected company largesseThe wonderful Nottingham Contemporary are looking for a new Head of Public Programmes http://t.co/lrKTnsuN5r
Retweeted by Nat ForemanIf you can't make it to Harrogate we've got 3 to giveaway. Simply RT to enter, closes at 4pm. #TOPCRIME2014 http://t.co/wn9CGMPYX9
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@Eva_Rowson @OpenSchoolEast congratulations in the sunshine!@jazz_age_alice @EnBrogue marvellous. and THAT is why they never change their spotshow about those thunderstorms! made Metallica sound like Belle and Sebastian
Thanks for all the kind words about Rio! Please keep on supporting @WFP with @Activia. To donate, head to http://t.co/wim9OQfiJo ShakHQ
Retweeted by Nat ForemanCopeland Book Market is back! Next week, 25-27 July at @BoldTendencies http://t.co/Qbf0GPzds4
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@ubuweb especially for you @CristinaDiGiustLoads of Riba journals going for free as part of our clearing out before moving to our new library. #bartlettspace
Retweeted by Nat Foremanpearrls of wisdom @Pearrls_zine @FaberBooks http://t.co/J0XqugZU9f@frieze_magazine judging by the artwork, er no. why not just do a comic based on a Norse goddessOur door is open. And all our books are on sale. 40% off. I'll say it again. Forty percent! http://t.co/jx6U2yproY
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@AntiProfessor @Sarah_Bakewell well i fancy having a go at writing a Third Act overnightWOLFGANG TILLMANS in conversation @ArtBasel http://t.co/ljr2BKD1N1 #WolfgangTillmans #DanielBuchholz #MarkRappolt http://t.co/yYm3RIzgY1
Retweeted by Nat ForemanImperial War Museum reopens after £40m revamp http://t.co/FXpbUaJRJe
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@Sarah_Bakewell @AntiProfessor gosh i would do, but am, seeing it the night beforeAnyone in London interested in a ticket for Schoenberg's Moses und Aron on Sat 26 July at ROH Covent Garden? DM/tweet for more details
Retweeted by Nat ForemanOH faux pas! Everyone, pretend you haven't noticed. They've all worn the same dress. Oh the shame. #embarrassing http://t.co/dtiprsFSYV
Retweeted by Nat ForemanNot one mention of my shirt (Austin Reed, now you ask) or tie (M&S) in today's newspapers. #everydaysexism #reshuffle http://t.co/hSMwnmenOt
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Actual sentence in the NYTimes: "The developments followed a relatively quiet night, in which the Israeli military bombed 25 sites in Gaza."
Retweeted by Nat ForemanRIP Cy Twombly. Painting up the moon now.
Retweeted by Nat Foreman#ArtworkLocations: Do you know where #StephenShore took this photograph in 1972? We will reveal the answer tomorrow http://t.co/nhJlE3FOQV
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
Saddened to hear Nadine Gordimer has passed away - one of the great writers of our time
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@dandad @Junkculture i went to see 'United States' by Laurie Anderson in 1984 included a long sequence of US flag spinning in a dryermusic issue of @believermag has landed in the UK & where better to buy it than @HousmansBooks in a recycled bag http://t.co/FIkTP4gtoHSIGNS OF THE TIMES opens this Wed @Beetleshuxley. PV 6-8pm. http://t.co/Vf1D8QiTTQ Collaboration with @RocketGallery http://t.co/0HGzrzczEA
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
Must-watch video of #JeffWall talking about his work via @ArtGalleryWA http://t.co/Lbplz2xrSx
Retweeted by Nat ForemanThe Mind is a Muscle. see it in action at Yvonne Rainer: Dance Works @Raven__Row http://t.co/yfLvsi7qBbi can't go i will go ON KAWARA http://t.co/32U5vP7YoV
Sad news just came in: On Kawara has passed away.
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@frieze_magazine very sad news indeed ... i love his workNobel Prize in Literature winner Alice Munro, who is 83 today, on what makes a great story http://t.co/RzMJn7Sj91
Retweeted by Nat ForemanWhat Future for London's @OpenSchoolEast? @artnet News http://t.co/HZ8mvmUAXs
Retweeted by Nat ForemanSIGNS OF THE TIMES PV, 16th July, 6-8pm @Beetleshuxley http://t.co/Vf1D8QiTTQ A collaboration with @RocketGallery http://t.co/a8nwO2l7bd
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a petition to stop future heavy construction on Hampstead Heath, London https://t.co/IRIz4voqhH via @38_degrees
#FredericBrenner discusses his inspiration for #thisplacephoto http://t.co/TPZY6HxOcY
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Complimentary meal on Bastille Day @BrasserieZedel if you wear a blue & white shirt and beret http://t.co/g8h2FGK2OL http://t.co/qqvJPEnfqS
Retweeted by Nat ForemanRT @artdubai: New residency for #Emirati curators: apply here http://t.co/BhChpYnObF #AIR15 @Tashkeel @DubaiCulture @delfinafdn
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@Craig_M_Garrett i blame Roy Rogersthe first story i ever wrote goes: "One day a boy and a girl. the End." http://t.co/3HwWDcV840@jazz_age_alice i will only tolerate this word in the context of this http://t.co/SlOA1BSlEh@BFI yet to see a photo of Audrey that didn't make me sigh. 'A Short History of Cahiers du cinema' by Emilie Bickerton @verso #filmreads
I want to be a firecracker up the ass of imperialism. Happy 4th.
Retweeted by Nat ForemanTweet a project from http://t.co/hBx6EvTO5r & get a 7 day free pass to over 130,000 images, drawings, & plans for 3200 projects
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@jazz_age_alice @bloglovin they say everyone has a novel in them. and many of us work in an office. so this post is win-win / read-readWe’re looking forward to "Constructing Worlds: Photography &Architecture in the Modern Age" @BarbicanCentre | #Gursky #Ruscha #Shore #Becher
Retweeted by Nat ForemanWin a @Phaidon Focus: Cindy Sherman iBook for iPad by entering our new Facebook competition: http://t.co/lKDQtUVn0U http://t.co/Vuin29acIv
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@MrTimDunn @AntiProfessor it looks like one of the giant sandworms in David Lynch's "Dune"
La Rabbia: the film Pasolini withdrew, was lost, but now is found: Thurs 10th @ICALondon Panel incl Marina Warner etc http://t.co/HXJypLTlIp
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We are on depop, all our most beautiful books will be for sale there... http://t.co/cLE8NpHFDI
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@zoeturner01 @AntiProfessor so you can refer to it and not get it mixed up with other 'untitled' works. i blame Wilkie Collins 'No Name'
@PennedintheM @ace_national well deserved! congratulationsfavorite review copy request ever: Old World charm from the New World (Lolita Lark in San Diego, to be precise) http://t.co/iuz8AEoR55Alaskan bear crashes through skylight, steals cupcakes. Polite Canadian bear waits patiently for service. http://t.co/mEQlg3IriV
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My latest piece for @TelegraphMen is online now. Cycling, snobbery and why the two should never mix. http://t.co/mncMvm4j5c
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an Englishman in New York http://t.co/wtEJLOufpg @hattiehattiePassages: Douglas Davis (1933–2014). Sarah Hromack on Douglas Davis (1933–2014) http://t.co/HyGeUeSeLU
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