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If you take anything I say on Twitter seriously, you have too much time on your hands. WHITE PEOPLE PARTY MUSIC in stores NOW!!!

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http://t.co/TdfVFxmNU6: Nick @ mur.mur http://t.co/hihFaHSo0Xhttp://t.co/TdfVFxmNU6: Halloween at 1OAK http://t.co/5rspPPLLRIWatch DEAL WITH IT Tonight on TBS (9:00pm/8:00pm Central) http://t.co/I5R6P5b4nh
You too can make a difference for the #NcredibleKids of St. Mary's Hospital by texting NICK to 41444… http://t.co/puEbuUSKs6#NickCannon saying hi to the #NcredibleKids at St.Marys Hospital from the Hard Rock Cafe http://t.co/37IjY2ZQcGthank you to @BlackBerry for the all new Blackberry Passport. #WorkWide #BlackberryStudioLook who's here! It's Dr. @NickCannon. We're getting ready for #tributetonickcannon at the Hard Rock in Times Sq. http://t.co/CqFIrC3WQy
Retweeted by Nick CannonOur friends from @chase are having a great time with our kids and dr. @NickCannon #tributetonickcannon http://t.co/Z3PivwWF9I
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#NickCannon talking to rosannascotto about St. Mary's Healthcare Systems event at Hard Rock Cafe New… http://t.co/RlmzJBeDn6
check out this week's installment of #WildNOutWednesdays! http://t.co/olSufvfgc8Your Wednesday is not complete until you see #Drumline: A New Beat's rendition of "Turn Down for What" --> http://t.co/2uCFL8R8oc
Retweeted by Nick CannonLOVE what @tmobile is doing to support the #WorldSeries. Join the #TheBig7th movement! http://t.co/fQShQKo07BWe are off to NYC. We are so honored to have the opportunity to perform at the St. Mary's Children Hospital. @NickCannon @thequintavious
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
@BETRealHusbands @NickCannon That shit is funny you know it
Retweeted by Nick Cannonabout to watch #RHOH funniest thing to hot the telly in a long time personally my favourites are @NickCannon @KevinHart4real love you guys
Retweeted by Nick CannonHey @NickCannon U gonna meet dick and like it! #RHOH
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#Butifil yall ignant on #RHOH lmbo Nick meet Dick....I like Dick @KevinHart4real wth lmbo poor @NickCannon
Retweeted by Nick CannonAbout to watch #RHOH!!! I love this show ! @KevinHart4real @NickCannon @BorisKodjoe @Nelly_Mo and Dwayne!
Retweeted by Nick CannonWatch the Action-Packed Trailer for VH1's 'Drumline' Sequel (Exclusive) http://t.co/JVFus9dhoR via @THR
Help kids like Damani, text ‘NICK’ to ‘80888’ to donate to St. Mary's @NCredible_kids http://t.co/AtWGrRdmlz http://t.co/VvX7VhpfJ9You can’t predict when you’ll be sick, but can be prepared w/ Theraflu® products on hand. More cold/flu tips @ http://t.co/etcbrmvAQb #spon
Tunnel Vision! http://t.co/pGCfTDKoj5A conversation with entertainment #mogul @NickCannon coming up on @hereandnowabc at noon @abc7ny http://t.co/7duvRgyRV2
Retweeted by Nick CannonTONIGHT! the #NickCannon Birthday Tour at @207sd @hardrockhotelsd! Special Birthday shout to Andy Hersch! http://t.co/eXJsi3A7LW
I love seeing @Mission_4Count on Saturday. That r so funny and cute, oh and @NickCannon is so so funny on the show lol 😂
Retweeted by Nick Cannontonight in San Diego, get it in with #NickCannon and @SKAMARTIST! #SKAMlife http://t.co/1Lbo8RQQZi.@NBCAGT is coming to Nashville! Audition for Season 10 on November 5th at Music City Center! http://t.co/vl5bfOCPBL
#NickCannon wants YOU to #PassTheBaton for the chance be on tv during #Drumline: A New Beat OCT 27 + 9/8C on @VH1 http://t.co/m6mXLgIvhR
#NCredibleTraining with chelsiefarah and amandadilks http://t.co/M4Pu9YcbCusalute to @SabahImani. #SickleCell is real. sign the petition. http://t.co/dySsIQbW7x http://t.co/K7HsGYnXkm
EVERY WEDNESDAY an EXCLUSIVE release! #WildNOutWednesday http://t.co/N1cuQBBjdA @ThatDevastator http://t.co/Nw90Q60TRKWild'N Out Wednesdays | @NickCannon & @ThatDevastator #ReturnOfTheMack #TwerkRemix http://t.co/pOSGj0Zcb7
Retweeted by Nick CannonCop my Fam @milaj new EP #MadeInLA available now! #AvailableOnItunesNOW #MilaJ #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun http://t.co/tsAi7Jucbh it's On FIRE!Nick sharing a laugh with little Natalia, one of #stmarysncrediblekids @NCredible_kids http://t.co/h3Sez1v2vm http://t.co/lvg5FU2VguShoutout to @nickcannon and @thatdevastator for this Return of the Mack remix 🔥🔥🔥#NCredibleDJs #WildNOutWednesdays http://t.co/VhNzAaO4xV
Retweeted by Nick CannonIf you didn’t #DitchTheDSLR w/@SamsungCameraUS yesterday, then go to their page to see all the action you missed. #ad http://t.co/jQRbpII7yrAs a TV host/dad, I get the on-the-go life, so I'm sharing Fluprint™ to stop the flu from slowing you down. http://t.co/etcbrmvAQb #spon
I told you to get down here for the #DitchTheDSLR event, but in case you missed it, follow @SamsungCameraUS to learn more. #adtonight¹s the night! #RHOH returns at 10pm and YOU are a #mitch if you don¹t watch! http://t.co/7e6kTJdnd7The line is moving to #DitchTheDSLR with @SamsungCameraUS! Don’t say I didn’t warn you, people... http://t.co/eSVQMBtFxu #adIt's official! @nickcannon is now part of the family. You should definitely come down and #DitchTheDSLR too! http://t.co/jsWXDJdqZ4
Retweeted by Nick CannonPractice makes perfect for @NickCannon's event! @samontv #JessicaHolmes http://t.co/I2f6rEMEVq
Retweeted by Nick CannonTampa! On November 2nd, #AGT auditions are at Tampa Convention Center! Sign up for a slot now: http://t.co/srisNi5Q3jToday I'll be helping @SamsungCameraUS attempt to break the selfie #Guinness World Record! Come join us at @HandHCenter! #DitchTheDSLR #adExcited to chat w/ @NickCannon tomorrow! See my interview with him on @FOX46CAROLINAS! He's trying to break a world record for selfies! :)
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#RHOH Season 3 begins TOMORROW at 10pm! http://t.co/syZ1vpncxaWhat do @NickCannon’s kids want to be for Halloween? He’s telling Rach about their costumes: http://t.co/8h1uAvEKrp http://t.co/QNrK4vPxXE
Retweeted by Nick CannonCake! http://t.co/qieBgqRAzPDon't miss #NickCannon hanging out, break dancing & getting surprised on the @RachaelRayShow this morning at 10am EST!Man @NickCannon was the best DJ I've ever experienced. He had a dope mix #LibraGang
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VEGAS. TONIGHT. #NickCannon at @DraisLV. http://t.co/oyCCB0kGMH
LAS VEGAS: tomorrow night, catch #NickCannon at @DraisLV! more information and tickets at http://t.co/NrFKWQlktF http://t.co/oyCCB0kGMHWhy use a DSLR when u can get an #NX30 or #NXmini? 10/14 come to @HandHCenter to #DitchTheDSLR w/@SamsungCameraUS #ad http://t.co/eSVQMBtFxu
Maxim joins forces with the one-man TV juggernaut, @NickCannon. #MaximMan http://t.co/VbeInDYYgs http://t.co/Z2hBn6MsVp
Retweeted by Nick CannonCome #DitchTheDSLR on 10/14 w/@SamsungCameraUS & you may take home an #NX30 or #NXmini! #ad http://t.co/eSVQMBtFxu http://t.co/40F7fC72zp
Make sure to tune in and catch #NickCannon on @LiveAccess tomorrow at 11am ET!Like the Theraflu® Facebook page to help those in need get flu-ready. 1 Like = $1 up to $100K to @famfightflu http://t.co/MC8c4p9Tya #sponDid you vote for your favorite #SmallBiz in @ChaseSmallBiz #MissionMainSt Grants program? Click here to vote: http://t.co/iDMbwCDR5z #adYou should def watch @MTV's #EMA on 11/9. Like if you wanna see @NickiJonas perform & @NickCannon & @MollyTarlov host http://t.co/4uI4tDxb9f
Retweeted by Nick CannonAbout to go live on The View! @theviewtv#NickCannon having a bit of fun before sitting down with the ladies of The View http://t.co/WeJF7KKPMoIt’s #TGIT and @NickCannon is with us today! Plus, you’ll meet @Cristela9 from the new comedy @CristelaABC. RT if you’re watching this morn!
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Happy birthday, @NickCannon! See you tomorrow on @theviewtv! Send us your questions w/ #NickOnTheView!
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#PassTheBaton like #NickCannon and YOU might be on @VH1 during #Drumline: A New Beat OCT 27 + 9/8C @VH1! http://t.co/ev5XwRsZYJOne more birthday video for the Ncredible @NickCannon This one brought out the @StMarysKidsNY masses http://t.co/dUdHtQzvJC
Retweeted by Nick Cannon«@TheEmmys Happy Birthday to #DaytimeEmmys Award nominated, @NickCannon! #americasgottalent» Thank you so much!.@NickCannon 🎈 Happy Birthday to a man with an amazing spirit & heart! Thanx 4 all u do for @CMNHospitals! http://t.co/vRRzyiS9dI
Retweeted by Nick CannonLaunching the Fluprint™ program w/ the makers of Theraflu® today to help you get cold & flu-ready! Learn more at http://t.co/etcbrmvAQb«@Morning_Joe Happy Birthday @NickCannon!» Thanks
RT if ur watching the #RHOHreunion w/ @kevinhart4real @nickcannon @boriskodjoe @nellymo @duanemartin_ + @chrisrock http://t.co/yay7h3bQlT
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#NickCannon's directorial debut, #SchoolDance is out on DVD today. Get it here: http://t.co/fYr1Zs9fvBmiracle baby Sydney had an awesome day w/ #DrNick! support St. Mary's - visit http://t.co/AtWGrRdmlz @NCredible_Kids http://t.co/fj4yqlj8bL#YourTimeHasCome. special thanks to @Ronnie2K. #NBA2K15 @NBA2K@Official4Count album is officially released on iTunes! https://t.co/wDUREiqxIh
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
#NickCannon and St. Mary's Ncredible Kids: http://t.co/I7rqH8IvCaNew Music: Ryan Bowers – The Premier (Prod. By DJ Premier) http://t.co/vYlw5va9TRMe and my nigga @nickcannon looking thug. But why we mean mugging tho? Seriously ... Don't THIS nigga… http://t.co/MFqFj8l1WC
Retweeted by Nick Cannonhttp://t.co/TdfVFxmNU6: Nick Cannon's Vegas Birthday http://t.co/BN3uLqd8Aq
Do. Done. Gotten http://t.co/0th4wTWIia
check out @CornwellCasting and http://t.co/VBrnFE0FBD for information on how to get involved with the #NickCannonProjectare you funny? #NickCannon is looking for you! go check out http://t.co/VBrnFE0FBD for how to get involved!
Got a question for @NickCannon? Ask him here and he might answer it on our show! Please include your city and state! http://t.co/GczH9SpIov
Retweeted by Nick Cannon@nickcannon is going Hard tonight!! Man this is the Best way to celebrate your birthday at Playhouse!!… http://t.co/nwj6NLJvxY
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
Ryan Bowers And DJ Premier - The Premier (Official Audio): http://t.co/WtbHOD5x5h via @YouTube
Retweeted by Nick CannonTONIGHT at @PlayhouseHW join the @SKAMartist fam as they celebrate #NickCannon's birthday! http://t.co/ctSn3oQ4H7
#NickCannon wants YOU to upload vids/pics w #PassTheBaton to be on @VH1 during #Drumline: A New Beat OCT 27 + 9/8C! http://t.co/m6mXLgIvhRDrumline 2: A New Beat | #PassTheBaton | VH1 http://t.co/sz0VbLykdbthis Thursday at @PlayhouseHW join the @SKAMartist fam as they celebrate #NickCannon's birthday! http://t.co/evJIqcdv2O
Don’t miss the @BET #RHOH stars LIVE @PaleyCenter in LA on premiere night Tuesday, Oct.14. Buy your tickets now! http://t.co/4MW3QeqyM1
Retweeted by Nick CannonDo you know a small business owner? Apply for the opportunity to receive a $150K grant from @Chase! http://t.co/ImpQSVg2ey #MissionMainSt#tbt to when Nick had the flu while filming. Luckily, he had Theraflu® products on hand to knock out his worst symptoms fast! #spon
#tbt #NickCannon's smile is brighter than all the lights on Times Square http://t.co/bAw3CkVYPCFolks out there are struggling. RT to spread the word about what @AmexServe is doing to help. #LookingForChange #Ad https://t.co/qxzXuQnQG0Nick shooting with @AolOriginals for #MyHero today. Who's your hero? http://t.co/6zRhCtoxoYDo you know a small business owner? Apply for the opportunity to receive a $150K grant from @Chase! http://t.co/ImpQSVg2ey #MissionMainSt
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#NickCannon helping bring UNITY to the Lupus CommUNITY! The #LHandSign is not only the symbol for… http://t.co/YujQPe1tqh
Don't miss @NickCannon on @CW_ANTM tonight 9/8c!! #ANTM #MonsterNTune http://t.co/YgGpspLZLa
Retweeted by Nick CannonSAY WHAT?!? Special Guest #NickCannon will be on the brand new episode of #ANTM #Cycle21 TONGHT!!! Find out why @ 9/8c. on The CW! @CW_ANTM
Retweeted by Nick CannonCheck out the official sneak peek of #NickCannon’s new show @Mission_4Count: https://t.co/1v2o8bRQA7
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