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If you take anything I say on Twitter seriously, you have too much time on your hands. WHITE PEOPLE PARTY MUSIC in stores NOW!!!

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#AGT Season 9!!! http://t.co/8Qlp0aHZr9.@petedavidson's photo http://t.co/jQhVbwbmEA#RealTalk http://t.co/evXwkdgrlnGood Comedy! http://t.co/LcC71dcWyWLISTEN AND SHARE: https://t.co/WdqkHqUSci
http://t.co/TdfVFxEX8e: WPPM Tour http://t.co/bsprRiZkmwTONIGHT! check out my guy @FrankoSpanko737's new show #ChowMasters 9pm on the Travel Channel! http://t.co/ZKN9Zc4Qxw http://t.co/z7etuTrZWdIf I buy you a drink in the club.... bitch you mine! hehehe RT http://t.co/upEdi7jWH5
Retweeted by Nick CannonMy Cool Down! #ncrediblehealthhustle #TryMe http://t.co/TBrKFxiki4They don't believe me. They said they wanna see a video!!!! #ncrediblehealthhustle #YouSeeTheTattoohttp://t.co/0XUbnXQQXpLate Night Workout #NcredibleHealthHustle #GetThisWork http://t.co/fyWlCv182T
They ain't ready for my Versace!! http://t.co/mARZIGsuldThis Fashion Sh!t is not a game!!! http://t.co/f0vZMOAm4KLook what I drove to work this morning! Whip had to match the outfit #AGT http://t.co/iVRglOUS0lHip hop down the bunny trail! Via @Kohls on Instagram. Shop @monsterproducts: http://t.co/LFc3DOHNNj http://t.co/GrRdOCswaU
Retweeted by Nick CannonSome people come in your life as blessings, others come in your life as lessons. http://t.co/OxBh60PkHwI blame me when things go wrong. I give credit to others when things go right. #RealCEO #ncredible http://t.co/0Z2zVdi1oWUp Early as Ass in Beverly Hills trying to keep my skin fly! http://t.co/lARfKrVR5sMost people don't care about your problems and Others are glad that you got Problems http://t.co/p3VjfVGL1UThanks to @PlayStation & @Ronnie2k for the PS4 http://t.co/cXPNpuixQf
Easter Dinner was amazing! Thank you to our gracious hosts. #Family #happyeaster http://t.co/C2tUhv0roPThis week's read. Lessons in business keep my mind fresh! http://t.co/ViHM9B9yxdNow I got to clean all this stuff up!!!! http://t.co/Zq4qD8qzVJMy Angels... Peep me and Roc wrestling in the background #funhouse #happyeaster http://t.co/eElmXXk8ExLast night before the Mayhem!! #happyeaster http://t.co/YKr1uIMtKGThe Easter Egg Hunt was going down!! http://t.co/kjYfbvMD2cSuch a beautiful day! #happyeaster http://t.co/RjBtlIQ16HLove to Nanna for the Easter Bibles #JesusIsTheReason4TheSeason http://t.co/Ftf3lfXkMzThen they woke up like "The Easter Bunny Came Daddy!!!!" http://t.co/Z8TZTDIpZs#Festive http://t.co/yEnkWxQAqtEaster Bunny came and set it off this morning!!! http://t.co/BYAjk3U4uL#Wrap #DaddyIsDone #PassedOut #happyeaster http://t.co/CfFggRPHdbDirty Hands http://t.co/comP6BwgFGRoc & Roe's masterpieces #happyeaster http://t.co/7H1dZZKt1LLate Night Party!!! #HappyEaster http://t.co/A9j7Rnc2heWhat I came home to! Happy Easter! http://t.co/bE45krb8Qe
Amazing time in DC today for the Lupus walk. "I have Lupus but Lupus doesn't have me!" #Ncredible http://t.co/f2vjCxdouY#DClupuswalk honored to be cutting the ribbon with a few friends! http://t.co/RNAgoeuaWobeautiful day for the lupus walk! DC, who's joining me? http://t.co/UnQu9MY5TA
Looking For A Dream! We smashed it ladies!!! http://t.co/FUY7PxvCSZLove to @QLshow for having me on today! http://t.co/awqY4PiWv8The scoop on @NickCannon's 1st album in 10 yrs - http://t.co/AW9sGI5RXP #whitepeoplepartymusic #AGT http://t.co/fW1YJCdBjg
Retweeted by Nick Cannon@WeAreToonz Holla at me y’all! Let’s get it!All in a days work! #ItsAWrap http://t.co/PvKXbbiqnZSh!t just got real!!! http://t.co/WNnVnpMJ4FWhat y'all know about this NASCAR Life?? #WPPM Wooooo!! http://t.co/AkDjggfFgJThey will Try but they will never Triumph over me! http://t.co/AXJU1tgolp#RealTalk http://t.co/Qn5mTMwHrO#EasyerBunnyFresh #GoodFriday http://t.co/98qyupjmMH#Love http://t.co/jR1erLC7Xx@NickCannon thanks so much for stopping by to hang out with us and giving our brand so much #PRIDE! Can't wait to party with you tonight
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
It's A Different World! #DewayneWayneFresh #WheresMyShirt #WhyAmITakingSelfieshttp://t.co/aHCLuKt9xfWhoa! @djvice #tbt for real! Straight Genie in a bottle days! @xtina LOL http://t.co/SF7YdKTeaeSpinning with excitement in my first marketing meeting for the film I directed lionsgate… http://t.co/BZPYi2QXu5We turning up! Get that new @Anjaliworld #WeTurnUp feat. @FrenchMontana on iTunes! #Ncredible http://t.co/Pt4jR9ztwd#like this page on @facebook for your chance to win an #Ncredible Prize Pack!!! https://t.co/3wbPfVkRWa #WPPM!!!!!! http://t.co/JpOdwyJ95H
#RealTalk http://t.co/KctyDWRXal#ncredible http://t.co/tiD0rYBOo8@NickCannon is the sweetest guy EVA. U completely made my daughters day when u told her she was amazing.Awesome meet n greet @allthehitsQ92
Retweeted by Nick CannonNick Cannon is literally the nicest celebrity I've ever met. Never got tired of meeting his fans. @NickCannon #ocala http://t.co/p3VBLTVzNs
Retweeted by Nick CannonAutograph line still around the block! I apologize to all the people I didn't get to meet but I got to… http://t.co/IVB8dohT9WShout out to the meet n greet with allthehitsq92 and @viclatino #wppm #Ncredible http://t.co/QvsADWLZnZBig congrats to @NickCannon, the winner of the Celebrity Entrepreneur of the Year Shorty Award! http://t.co/ATYEjSWjGJ
Retweeted by Nick Cannon"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" Jimi Hendrix http://t.co/WHpB5k95htIt's Going Down! #wafflehouse http://t.co/mdFwF2NjxZYes sir!!! Back at the best restaurant on the planet!! http://t.co/b69ybgUtiyIn Ocala Florida today w/@NickCannon collecting food & promoting #wppm catch us on @allthehitsQ92 @FloridasParty #lookingforadream
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
#SoYouJustGonGoAgainstTheGrain and not get #WPPM on @iTunes? http://t.co/XrvDYLFib2
http://t.co/TdfVFxEX8e: WPPM Tour @ Flight Fridays http://t.co/nsU7fSoC5HI'm not a Savior. I'm a Lover #Ncredible #SuperHero http://t.co/xvPcR6GaqmJust posted a photo http://t.co/9G99rPA6VhThanks to @RobinThicke and @NickCannon for a crazy Saturday night! #endedupat1oak #vegas #celebrities #1ofakind http://t.co/xzDmXAb3KV
Retweeted by Nick CannonThe more self aware I am The more power I have over reality #ncredible #SuperHero http://t.co/4SBrBhlqoWI am a Super Hero... My Special Power Is LOVE! #Ncredible http://t.co/oVQ6JIHD6jThanks for joining us @1OAKLV over the wknd, @NickCannon & @robinthicke! [Pic: @denisetruscello] http://t.co/P02cckvNbC
Retweeted by Nick Cannon"Sometimes it's to your advantage for people to think you're crazy" #Monk http://t.co/lcIXspUZFg“@Fattspmny: See, Google isn’t lying. This is 100% true. @NickCannon @NcredibleSquad 😉😊❤️👍 http://t.co/8qBt1sC8wA” Ha! That’s pretty cool@JSlym83 Thanks it’s an honor!My Lesson for this week. #FoodForThought #SuperBrain http://t.co/Vmq8kjJlOaJust posted a photo http://t.co/6A2WtBTfzY
Last night Flashing Lights!! http://t.co/qREEkLOKrm#Ncredible http://t.co/emICFBN54BI asked God to protect me from my Enemies and I started losing Friends. http://t.co/Y1Nk1O1hrJEncore weekend #arsenio ---> @NickCannon
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#Repost Tonight @1OAKLV http://t.co/M6ZNMIlrBX@1OAKLV we about to do again!!!! Let's go Vegas! http://t.co/XOgGjNMDAe#Metamorphosis http://t.co/uNDeKiUufXAbout to Erase All The Negative Energy in My life... So if YOU don't hear from ME no more. Know YOU… http://t.co/mveSARGftI
I just read the Dopest, most Amazing, most Insightful, most Ncredible book!! #MustRead #ProofOfHeaven http://t.co/0SWSyeKPJ0Sitting on this Plane on my RUN DMC Sh!t http://t.co/0rbnWBPZJI
Say Good Night!!! http://t.co/Um47EZacZ6We All got A.D.H.D #NotFocusingOnTheMovie http://t.co/1HaUThe3XvMovie night! #KungFuPanda http://t.co/YPoBvCnqu5Had fun hanging with my new friend Ella today at Setauket Elementary where I took over as Principal http://t.co/wx8Ky9UqOENick Cannon, 'America's Got Talent' host, plays Long Island principal - Newsday http://t.co/vlujb0YSWw via @Newsday@NickCannon this is my fave pic of you and my daughter. Was she trying to get your phone? (",) http://t.co/L2OGGMrfxO
Retweeted by Nick CannonWhat's a Principal to do? Used to spend a lot of time on the other side of the Desk in the Principals… http://t.co/OG3JMgIIGIThese students helped @LongIslandCares raise over 140,000 lbs of food for me to be their Principal… http://t.co/WrgnMMWKfdGreat day! Took over Setauket Elementary as Principal with @Party105fm @LongIslandCares @FeedingAmerica http://t.co/7tGk8NYJp9
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