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HHS IG: Maryland must pay back the $28.4 MILLION that it misallocated for health exchange: http://t.co/XkwHvsnbft #ACA #TCOT #TGDN #PJNETBlast from the old beat, @GovernorOMalley administration misallocated $28M in federal $ for flawed Md health exchange http://t.co/JXszJCs0Pd
Retweeted by NouvelleYesterday the Senate voted 100-0 for my amendment, signaling strong support for Kirk-Menendez #Iran sanctions bill: http://t.co/Yrr4KTZ0OM
Retweeted by NouvelleSchumer "built his career in large part based on his ties to Wall Street. And he has given the Street what it wanted" http://t.co/UvtGfj35XG
Retweeted by NouvelleSenators: Obama ‘Disconnected from Reality’ on Mideast - Tea Party Command Center http://t.co/nMJ2Hnqg05
Retweeted by NouvelleGood news 4 us, bad news 4 Searchlight NV - Harry Reid's coming home #ff @joethefatman1 @rmcmartino1 @PolitixFireball @NouvelleNom
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Loganville (Georgia) soldier gravely wounded searching for Bergdahl http://t.co/0LYCS5tYRu via @sharethis http://t.co/oRKBRkUKxA
Retweeted by NouvelleMark Allen was severely injured during the search for Bowe Bergdahl. I'd much rather see this hero in my twitterfeed http://t.co/pV2DLbxnT6
Retweeted by NouvelleVoted in favor of @SenJohnThune’s #budget amdt to eliminate the #deathtax. Passed 54-46. #VoteARama
Retweeted by NouvelleEducation is a Local Issue: @PattyMurray I’ve seen how early learning can inspire—& I believe we should invest more in our children,not lessSen. Hatch just voted for Leader McConnell's amendment to slow burdensome EPA regulations. #CutRedTape @Senate_GOPs http://t.co/Qpzd2HpEow
Retweeted by NouvelleIf POTUS is unwilling to walk away from a bad deal w/#Iran, Congress must have the authority to reject it. http://t.co/6SDV0uxnHG
Retweeted by NouvelleVoted in favor of @SenCoryGardner’s amdt to safeguard private lands/permits from water-related federal involvement. Passed 59-41. #VoteARama
Retweeted by NouvelleMcConnell amendment slows EPA regulations http://t.co/rtbCzoMuz4 via @thehill #Kentucky #coal
Retweeted by Nouvelle@SenWhitehouse @ClimateDepot @SenateDems -And you are all idiots. I'm not a part of the UN plan to rape America through this climate scam!
Retweeted by Nouvelle@SenWhitehouse @ClimateDepot @SenateDems love these utterly unsubstantiated statements: http://t.co/6wdTVJtp7M
Retweeted by Nouvelle#HOAX #Lies @SenWhitehouse @SenateDems voted to #ActOnClimate, joined by 7 Repubs. For the rest of our colleagues http://t.co/9rGA9tTlpwThe #Senate is now voting on the McConnell amendment to protect states from EPA overreach on highway funds.
Retweeted by Nouvelle#TBT to the time when 1/3 of SD farms weren't threatened by the Death Tax #DeathTaxRepeal http://t.co/32Q3wBy4h2
Retweeted by Nouvelle.@BudgetGOP’s budget would balance in 10 years by creating an effective and efficient government. http://t.co/E08Rjy3SD5
Retweeted by Nouvelle@SenBennetCO @ScottRTipton STOP wasting my money on your pet unproven science...climate change! Congress members are a waste of Oxygen!
Retweeted by Nouvelle@SenBennetCO Al Gore didn't invent the internet, but he DID invent #GlobalWarming. #HOAX@SenBennetCO WHY did libs have to change the name #GlobalWarming to #ClimateChange? Oh yeah,b/c it's a #HOAX. #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAAR#HOAX @SenBennetCO Our ClimateChange amdt passed Senate 53-47.We must be serious abt combating #climatechange for economic & natl secy #TCOT@RepGaramendi "When it comes to covering the uninsured, #Obamacare so far is mainly an expansion of Medicaid.” http://t.co/0K6onsH0BG #PJNETShale won't last, Arctic offshore drilling needed now - Energy Dept advisory council. http://t.co/W27XqsZHe9
Retweeted by NouvelleGore didn't invent the internet,but he DID"invent"GlobalWarming:Scientist Confesses:“GlobalWarming,a $22Billion Scam” http://t.co/xLCxVu6FaUBergdahl's Platoon Leader: 'He's a Disgrace to This Nation' http://t.co/1clp63UxQO @BillHemmer @AmericaNewsroom http://t.co/5PElgaWbNS
Retweeted by NouvelleCRAZY BARRY KNOWINGLY LIED TO US. Without FORCED CANCELLATIONS, nobody would buy #ACA policies #PJNET http://t.co/Gt9yyYLEGY
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Hillary Clinton hit with racketeering lawsuit over emails: http://t.co/UwWw7I1wyt http://t.co/ofsB59CDYO
Retweeted by NouvelleAP“Gov't, more than ever, censored materials it turned over or denied access to them,in 250,581, 39% of all requests" http://t.co/XlAWsd2AXVBi-partisan Senate votes down O's $4 trillion #Budget plan 98-1 : http://t.co/IzGrbTsAlC #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAAR #StopSpending
@SenWhitehouse Social Security wouldn't be close to bankruptcy if Dems hadn't taken Social Security out of the Lock Box, & spent our money!@RepSwalwell @HouseFloor College wouldn't be so expensive if Gov't grants didn't drive up the cost of college. #StopSpendingIt is time to stop talking and start acting. #BalancedBudget http://t.co/nJduTeiAFx
Retweeted by NouvelleNO! #StopSpending! @SenatorDurbin Let’s build on Salk’s legacy by increasing fed investments in innovation, discovery & biomedical researchAdmin's premise on nuke talks is based on verifying nuke prog which is undermined by #Iran blocking #IAEA oversight http://t.co/zBqE9lYBEq
Retweeted by Nouvelle✔️The 8 Times👳Obama👉Found Out About Scandals😱 Through The🎥Media➖If You Believe Him YOU ARE A MORON‼️ http://t.co/zdxqbcEdT4
Retweeted by Nouvelle@TelcoJ Agree.O bemoaned Netanyahu & whether Bibi could be trusted b/c he switched his MilitaryPosition, AS O switched HIS MilitaryPosition!‘But Bush is the dumb one': Obama calls Afghan president by the wrong name [video] http://t.co/hdquiLtsUi
Retweeted by NouvelleFederal Judge Orders Investigation into Illegal Acts By the Obama Administration http://t.co/VPeFMwwVWL
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Great Idea! @shestokas If you're interested in learning more about US Constitution, please visit: http://t.co/AMx25EQLjo #TCOT #TGDN #PJNETMT @ChristiChat: CLINTON 1998 Signed Iraqi Liberation Act. Then thanks Libs for blaming #GOP. http://t.co/GdmAgbZk8D #WakeUpAmerica #PJNET
Retweeted by NouvelleLOL, TED Cruz most hated man in Senate;what a compliment for Cruz.Senate most anti-American senate in history.All but 3(Cruz,Lee,Sessions).
Retweeted by Nouvelle@Kevin3505 @LatinaGOPVOTER Liberals are obsessed with DNA, genitalia, and imposing authoritarianism.
Retweeted by NouvelleIt's"you're,"& yes I am. @TonyRecluse interesting how much he hates govt run healthcare yet he's ok.I bet your "smart" enough 2 vote for himI believe in the power of millions of conservatives to reignite the promise of America. #TedCruzCampaignSlogans #TLOT
Retweeted by Nouvelle#TedCruzCampaignSlogans "Constitution not Communism"
Retweeted by Nouvelle. RT - Boom!!!!!! #TedCruzCampaignSlogans --> #LessGovernmentMoreFun #YAL #Liberty http://t.co/e83SLN2wX4
Retweeted by Nouvelle#TedCruzCampaignSlogans http://t.co/ShjeH4Lsxw
Retweeted by Nouvelle#TedCruzCampaignSlogans "Securing America's future, from border to border."
Retweeted by NouvelleNo one in my administration wouuld say ISIS only needs jobs, then they wouldn't kill. #TedCruzCampaignSlogans
Retweeted by Nouvelle#TedCruzCampaignSlogans I will fund #NASA in space research, not force them to promote Muslim "accomplishments."#TedCruzCampaignSlogans When I say that I will get to the bottom of the #IRS Scandal, I will do it.#TedCruzCampaignSlogans When I say I will get to the bottom of #Benghazi, I will do it.#TedCruzCampaignSlogans When is say I will get to the bottom of #FastAndFurious, I will do it.#TedCruzCampaignSlogans I don't believe the Cambridge Police acted stupidly.#TedCruzCampaignSlogans I believe You CAN Build That.#TedCruzCampaignSlogans I did NOT tell the #LieOfTheYear, and never will.WOW! The "compassionate" libs: @TonyRecluse #TedCruzCampaignSlogans is alive because of Canadian healthcare. Maybe it is evil.Be sure to remind liberals they can never disagree with #TedCruz, because they are racist. #TedCruzCampaignSlogans http://t.co/qjiWaZzNbc
Retweeted by Nouvelle#TedCruzCampaignSlogans I don't own a selfie stick #tcot http://t.co/VJb0lG1eJl
Retweeted by Nouvelle#TedCruzCampaignSlogans The guy who wrote my autobiography didn't bomb the Pentagon.
Retweeted by Nouvelle@Support Here's another algorithm: if an "abuse" suspension turns out to be groundless, ban every last account who reported it. [2/2]
Retweeted by Nouvelle@Jahbalon @ObozoLies @NatureIco "Dead woman walking." Kevin Price. Hillary Clinton's Career Deleted with Email? http://t.co/NotyZc6lx8
Retweeted by Nouvelle#TedCruzCampaignSlogans I Never Ate A Dog
Retweeted by Nouvelle@ThePatriot143 @wanttruth EXACTLY! We know more about one former governor's daughter's ex-boyfriends' mother than we know about our POTUS.MSM Going APE SHIT CRAZY:Everything you need to know about the Ted Cruz ‘birther’ #TedCruz2016 http://t.co/u3X7Y5gHps http://t.co/ipffBuhBew
Retweeted by Nouvelle@stephenstephan Hillary has ALREADY told so many #Benghazi lies, why is she not in jail? #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAAR #Benghazi #BenghaziHillary Clinton’s Aides Reportedly Emailed Her About #Benghazi From Their Personal Email Accounts http://t.co/DqByf54eGW
Retweeted by Nouvelle@mises Today, there are more women in college than men. Do we Social Engineer women OUT of college to make it "Fair?" http://t.co/0UCqDM8G3KSome myths die hard. The myth of the gender wage gap is one that’s had particularly long legs. http://t.co/dg3LUewIf0 http://t.co/JnEDpBrDFO
Retweeted by Nouvelle🔸Class 🔸Values 🔸Principled 🔸Constitutional Patriot 🔹http://t.co/EX5Ch39d44🔹 🔴⚪🔵 http://t.co/UzPqFMRQnx
Retweeted by Nouvelle@NouvelleNom 531 - (IBD) The Race-Baiting Hypocrisy Of #Illinois @SenatorDurbin - http://t.co/zUbk9xO4PY
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@FoxNewsSunday CIA Brennan,'We have a million UBL documents,we've released 7..what makes you think we're withholding anything?' #Lies #Liars@FoxNewsSunday - Brennan does not appear to answer any question honestly.
Retweeted by NouvelleFrom the #LieOfTheYear Admin.: @FoxNewsSunday #CIA Dir.Brennan on UBL documents:If anybody believes we're withholding documents....is wrong.@FoxNewsSunday Brennan,CIA Dir.,said AlQaeda was on the demise,as if ISIS is foreign to AlQaeda.Guess it depends on what the def of ISIS, is
Muslim Teen terror suspects attended exclusive elite school http://t.co/3o7PDj2xYq
Retweeted by Nouvelle@TreeTreeTweeTs 642 - (IBD) The Race-Baiting Hypocrisy Of #Illinois @SenatorDurbin - http://t.co/zUbk9xO4PY
Retweeted by NouvelleObama Wants Mandatory Voting People Can Vote Themselves More "Free Stuff" #WakeUpAmerica 🇺🇸 http://t.co/a1Ef6BRwKS http://t.co/Ivd1risSTW
Retweeted by Nouvelle@jimEastridge1 Ditto :)Obama is ‘Chipping Away’ At Guantanamo Bay While Perpetuating Jihadist Propaganda - http://t.co/TvUOMpvubb @fairtaxnation @NouvelleNom #GTMO
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@MaxineWaters Loretta Lynch is as partisan as Holder. BTW, when can we see the results of the #FastAndFurious investigation?@RepMikeQuigley Please #Abolish the Dept. of Ed, the #IRS, and implement a #FairTax. Thank You! #TCOT86% of the House (360 members) signed a letter to the White House in agreement: "A final comprehensive nuclear... http://t.co/w3Jff5DeSH
Retweeted by NouvelleThe Obama admin’s top-down fracking regs are burdensome, duplicative, and a direct attack on American energy, jobs: http://t.co/1GzpdwnwrU
Retweeted by Nouvelle@RepRoybalAllard We want a #FairTax. #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAARStop Buying Votes w/OTHER PPL's $: @RepRoybalAllard This tax season, make sure you're aware of EarnedIncome TaxCredit http://t.co/uGfcYejHqH@SenSanders Top 100 Political Donors=$389,196,440 $251,744,115 or 65% went to DEMS $102,692,333 or 26% went to GOP https://t.co/QtF44SktqHHUGE: Obama's ATF chief resigns after failed ammo grab. http://t.co/06KjAajFVf
Retweeted by Nouvelle@NouvelleNom Thanks for following! If you’re worried about our healthcare system, hope you’ll check out A Quiet Death http://t.co/e5OUc1NDBp
Retweeted by NouvelleCan we see #FastAndFurious Investigation results? @JacksonLeeTX18 I commend FBI,DOJ,MBI for promptly investigating death of MS man hanging..Unacceptable. RETWEET if you agree Hillary Clinton must return the money she took from countries that oppress women. http://t.co/BfJEZtDETa
Retweeted by NouvelleDemocrats are the new party of no http://t.co/i520Yu48mY
Retweeted by NouvelleThe @HouseGOP budget blocks Obama from raiding #Louisiana's coastal funds. http://t.co/u57CxPBW67 http://t.co/NF9syWJmuY
Retweeted by NouvelleNO! #StopSpending! @RepBarbaraLee Historic post offices belong to the community. I’m fighting to stop @USPS from auctioning off our heritageTHANK YOU, SIR: @JohnCornyn Why I was one of 47 senators to sign the letter to Iran http://t.co/SzQr0ATOyj #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAARSen. John Cornyn: Why I was one of 47 senators to sign the letter to Iran http://t.co/v3Qpj5nQVI
Retweeted by NouvelleOn Benghazi, a timeline of State Department obstruction http://t.co/QTgOIqOVei via @DCExaminer @LVNancy @JVER1 http://t.co/N5p8ddv3H8
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