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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

And I feel quite foolish sometimes when I pray, but my thoughts are all I got so I try to make 'em brave. And I know...I know...it's gonna be a good day. #Hello

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.@Pontifex Francis blasts life sentences as "hidden #deathpenalty" http://t.co/oVT0PjAA8J
Retweeted by Jennifer™Yikes! MT @chrisgeidner Viral Meningitis at U of MD — but officials "will not say the exact number" of cases. http://t.co/pvSbNVbwqICool job alert: “@Mediabistro: Broadway Across America is #hiring a Director of Marketing in Baltimore, MD. Details: http://t.co/DBXTEXarKP
Retweeted by Jennifer™Always get ads for @nytimes home delivery but when I go to subscribe they say, "Sorry! We don't deliver there!" THEN STOP ADVERTISING TO ME.From Laura Ingall's house to Poe's cottage, here are 10 authors' homes worth visiting: http://t.co/g4KUxSHCfQ http://t.co/vi7e8iHjcC
Retweeted by Jennifer™Chimp anthropologist Jane Goodall is still important & mesmerizing, but for a different reason http://t.co/US65Y8FGn3 http://t.co/QfOlqp82d2
Retweeted by Jennifer™'We will always stand together' - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper http://t.co/1o70e8ikvy http://t.co/5cWpNoTUkc
Retweeted by Jennifer™@JonAcuff http://t.co/38e3iG7agxY'all ... the Charleston Walk to End Alzheimer's is Saturday and it's crazy up in here! Join us - @fightalzwv ! It's gonna be great!Maker of Camel cigarettes bans workplace smoking http://t.co/eYFgFJho0C
Retweeted by Jennifer™Create West Virginia emphasizes importance of young people http://t.co/e9hXe9PiPZ via @amtino
Retweeted by Jennifer™@morningmoneyben Now there's a million $ idea...Up hours too early for street corner antics. Too old for this. Also: get offa my lawn. #LOL
Everyone is so bitter. Have a cookie. And a nap. It's gonna be okay. I promise. xo...I guess I'm supposed to be okay with the stupidity that passes for "discourse" in my timeline. But I'm not. So, whatever.When aspiring presidential candidates can feel comfortable calling the sitting president playground names...@robertgp421 Best piece of advice I've gotten: get off Twitter.But, hey. If you feel somehow entitled to call my character into question just because I don't support the same ideology as you, have at it.My crook is no better than your crook. And your candidate is no less human than my candidate. They all bleed.Another reality? Those folks are also human beings, with families, values, and a life they have to live, just like you.Reality is? There are carpetbagging, cheating, sexist, corrupt, dirty politicians serving, or seeking to serve, on both sides of the aisle.And disagreement from other minds is just an opportunity to perform for your cheering section. Different point of view? TROLL!Everyone who engages in politics on twitter is performing echo chamber theater. Rah rahs from like minds somehow equates to self-esteem.It's such idiocy. I'm embarrassed to remember how vivaciously I embraced the idea that character assassination equals "good strategy."There's no humanity in what passes for "politics." Zero sum game of: who can plunder the other guy's character first? Spoiler: we all lose.Watching grown ass people call each other names on the internet and deeming it "politics" is among the most depressing things in the world.#ISS #Exp41 #spacewalk set to start at 9:24 am ET. Watch live starting at 9 am: http://t.co/5zlXroPSMN http://t.co/Nq1lZRD0iK
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@happyappalachy That definitely helps. Also, take out all the 'the' and 'that' fluff.@happyappalachy I try to limit my word vomiting to my blog. Kinda quarantined in isolation there. #HazardousWastelandIf you didn't watch the premiere of @MichaelRapaport's #WhenTheGardenWasEden, DVR it -> it re-airs tonight at 12:30am on ESPN2.
Retweeted by Jennifer™"Show your guests you care by attending to things that might otherwise go unnoticed." Really?… http://t.co/picTKCgF9D@betheljd Well-played marketing. Cheers to you (or your social media team.)@happyappalachy @ErinLShaver !!!!"For Benjamin Bradlee, journalism was more than a profession – it was a public good vital to our democracy." —Obama http://t.co/yIDIuB1Jqx
Retweeted by Jennifer™@ErinLShaver I'm sorry. But one of these days, you'll have all that AND be capable of changing the world. <3@ErinLShaver LOL :-)I saw Stedman Bailey share this earlier. Still awesome these two guys are still together. @CoachGalloway7 #WVU http://t.co/i5NeFVBvog
Retweeted by Jennifer™@RobertSBoone I love it. I'm only four eps in, but the cast is stellar and the storylines are building.Don't make 'em like Bradlee anymore. RIP, Sir. #WaPoLegendary WaPo editor Ben Bradlee, who transformed The Post, has died. http://t.co/knqnRGG8yF
Retweeted by Jennifer™The husband is away (for a couple hours) so I am binge-watching @MadamSecretary. I adore @TheTeaLeoni.@BuzzFeedAndrew I see a little Max Headroom.I think I am being passive-aggressively punished for something I had nothing to do with whatsoever. That's always fun, right? #JoyfulNoise#WVGirls #BestInTheWorld RT @HuffingtonPost Jennifer Garner took down Hollywood's sexist double standard last night http://t.co/5XZhBl5cAn@dustbury Ha! I wish I could drain mine on occasion. Maybe a list of 13 things that matter to nobody is in order...My heart is so full today, I can barely sit still long enough to type a sentence. So much work to do! #LoveThyNeighborNow Available—G&G's new book 'Good Dog' http://t.co/5E3XWOEJaX a collection of more than 50 of our favorite essays. http://t.co/vwGACZCFwr
Retweeted by Jennifer™Support @wvpublic radio, our award-winning news team, and programs like #WVMorning, @InAppalachia and @ViewpointWV! https://t.co/SRjKMUwzrV
Retweeted by Jennifer™"You cannot go back." @AnnieLennox on her new album, 'Nostalgia' @MorningEdition http://t.co/XovScVKdPs http://t.co/js4gsi8eP9
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@DawnyPoo60 Thank you for that. xoLegendary psychoanalyst Adam Phillips on why the capacity for boredom is essential for a full life http://t.co/Fhb9J3sejK
Retweeted by Jennifer™Hmm. We'll see. MT @EatThisNotThat These rituals can make even the staunchest night owl a chipper early bird. http://t.co/NqecRSg6nZTaped a TV show today, saw myself on camera. Church directory pics tonight, saw myself on film. Horrible. HORRIBLE. #SelfLoathingInProgressVoted to legalize pot in DC. Seems only fair since the Choom Gang guy lives down the street.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Volunteerism is a strong component of civic life in the US. This @StateIVLP exchange examines our service culture: http://t.co/U4Rq1jTvc4
Retweeted by Jennifer™"Florida mom petitions against Toys 'R Us over Breaking Bad action figures." I'm so mad, I'm burning my Florida Mom action figure in protest
Retweeted by Jennifer™All of that because of 30 free minutes. Hello, Monday. :-)Came home, tossed together a mustard/fresh thyme crusted pork tenderloin, roasting comfortably atop a bed of onions, cabbage, & apples.Unexpected gift of 30 extra minutes to my day. Got a pedi and had my eyebrow situation managed, which frees up more time later in the week.True true true! || 10 Things That The People Who Love Their Lives Are Doing Differently http://t.co/PVtBJ58qC6 via @EliteDaily
Peyton Manning has thrown 510 TD passes to 45 different players. Here's a list of ALL OF THEM. (via @ESPNNFL) VIDEO: http://t.co/6bil6y8key
Retweeted by Jennifer™We use our apple peels to make apple bourbon because we care about the planet. http://t.co/HrhQ2rPXSH http://t.co/m1tECI0X3V
Retweeted by Jennifer™@Food52 But ... no egg?@IamIRONDAD LOLOL I might have to steal this one.Stop wishing. Start doing.
Retweeted by Jennifer™@eJoelWatts Yeah, it's a little weird. I think I will talk to the Mom on Sunday.Biscuits baking, butternut squash roasting in the oven for tomorrow's dinner. Chicken & dumplings on the stove top for tonight's. #YumA kid from my Sunday School class followed me on Instagram today. Not sure how I feel about that. Opinion @eJoelWatts ?I am bone tired. Why is there so much to do and never enough time to do it all?At the Care Fair at Temple Israel today. Come see us!! @ Bnai Israel Temple http://t.co/BY4oDhraAwWorking the Care Fair at Temple Israel this afternoon with @FIAofGKV. Come see us!! http://t.co/vOKUZcAPC9
@SaraLang Oh, yum.#EndTimesAreNigh || Ohio prison inmate diagnosed with leprosy http://t.co/4HuC9fxcNH via @10tv@CRich4 @ANR57 HA!! :-)Wow! So proud of our football team today. They showed so much heart and made Mountaineers all over the world smile.
Retweeted by Jennifer™@morningmoneyben It's not just you.“@P5White: @RGIII you have to sing "country roads" after this upset” Big Congrats to you and your boys man ✊
Retweeted by Jennifer™@RGIII you have to sing "country roads" after this upset
Retweeted by Jennifer™Watched the 4th qtr today with Ms. Betty, a fellow Mountaineer fan, while doing a little cleaning. It was a good day! http://t.co/ySovwbAIGgWhat a day in Morgantown. #HailWV https://t.co/uj8f5EquBa
Retweeted by Jennifer™FREE -- Behind a strong defensive effort, #WVU shocks No. 4 Baylor http://t.co/pPck7hRHrO Game recap. http://t.co/tNFlCrXBY0
Retweeted by Jennifer™#Big12 records update Kansas State 5-1 (3-0 in Big 12) West Virginia 5-2 (3-1) Baylor 6-1 (3-1) Oklahoma 5-2 (2-2)
Retweeted by Jennifer™10/18/14: 90th anniversary of the birth of the Four Horsemen legend. #NotreDame win vs Army inspires Grantland Rice's epic lead sentence.
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NEW! @ Higgses House http://t.co/MCk8F1hB7OThis world, though.Will Mexico close their border with Texas to keep out Ebola? http://t.co/1YDsnGNyCK
Retweeted by Jennifer™My phone has not stopped ringing for three days.We also bought Mommy a Frozen microphone that sings. We might get grounded when we get home. @ Sweet… http://t.co/UgpQBKf2s0
No respect for misplaced arrogance run amok. You do not, in fact, know it all. I've forgotten more than you've ever learned.Patronize me once, and I'll chalk it up to you having an off day. Patronize me twice, and I'll chalk it up to your own ineptitude. #ProTipGreat-grandma and her new great-grandson. ♡ @ Higgses House http://t.co/CRsYqWVEX8In a gentle way, you can shake the world. http://t.co/V3tKs4vIYM
Retweeted by Jennifer™Shopping for strawberries. @ Explore More Discovery Museum http://t.co/RgAjoDWDqe
Apples! @ Henley's House http://t.co/cOlxbsJiTd#Tradition @ Henley's House http://t.co/1lxxTnK0Kx
@costareports Leave the poor woman alone already.Thought it was a hush puppy. It was not. #UnpleasantSurprises http://t.co/ZvumvEdGz9@EHOWV ZOMG. :)Okay, sorry. Had to get that off my chest. :-$ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!
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