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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

Full grown, all-purpose woman. Fiercely proud Mountaineer. Original WV Mountain Mama. I love my life.

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Ethiopian women have started naming their babies. @realjohngreen explains why that’s a great sign of progress: http://t.co/At5wA4UDYd
Retweeted by Jennifer™That's my work neighborhood right there. No shortage of love, but in need of lots of tender care.Good folks doin' great stuff. RT @createwv: Neighborhoods in poverty rebuild in Chas. & Huntington, WV. #createwv2014 http://t.co/a1WEQkKh3i@schmutzie Bless you. @hotdogsladies @marikamalaeacc: @charlestoncity #CRW #CWV RT @TheOnion Mayor Hits On Crazy Idea Of Developing City’s Waterfront, Green Spaces http://t.co/F1doNwAuzkIn a world awash in pundits, here's to all the journalists who risk their lives in dangerous places, trying to convey complex realities.
Retweeted by Jennifer™"Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together. " ~ Eugène IonescoThese animals can't silence Steven Sotloff http://t.co/VZoHP5Tz8t via @nationaljournal
Retweeted by Jennifer™If you have to demean one person's spirituality in order to make you feel good about your own, you're doing it wrong.
Anybody read 'A Pocketful of Rye' by AJ Cronin?I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart. {blogged} http://t.co/qkOVZudaGDFool-proof method to ensure your nude selfies and videos don't end up online: don't take them.
Retweeted by Jennifer™@aburnspolitico A man after my own heart. Have you tried https://t.co/3UtZrnAZ8P ? Fantastic stuff.They call me ... the Unsubscriber
Retweeted by Jennifer™We are so screwed, 'Murica. Bless our peaked little hearts. <3LOL How can we solve the world's problems when we can't figure out how not to be trolls and assholes over a politician's choice of clothing?@WestWingReport @HorsleyScott Chinos/khakis? Really? (I was out of pocket during tan suit & now feeling need to catch up aka pile on)
Retweeted by Jennifer™@TheCheekofGod I'll look you up, but please know that my page is quite neglected. :-(@TheCheekofGod I usually hesitate to read the great crowd pleasers. Stubborn streak, I guess. But I broke down over vacation and DEVOURED.I have gotten much labor accomplished today. Thank goodness for days "off." :-)Cousins of #EmmettTill, Wheeler Parker & Simeon Wright, recall killing that changed America: http://t.co/a6g0JIBYw8 http://t.co/c02ylMnynB
Retweeted by Jennifer™@TheCheekofGod Will be interested in your thoughts. I LOVED this book!@dustbury ROFL@toddgunter The reason I watched: I loved the remake. Not too big on Westerns generally, but so good.@toddgunter Watched the original 'True Grit' yesterday. :-)Oh, dear. I'll see you in a few months. https://t.co/70GYoxipp5WVU WR Mario Alford has been named the CFPA National Kick Returner of the Week. #HailWV http://t.co/BY34ftKKfd
Retweeted by Jennifer™For those suffering depression and anyone who wants to understand this awful menace may I recommend An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison.
Retweeted by Jennifer™That piece. Wow. Such a revealing look into the demented ways the mind of a politico works. Just nuts.Villanova professor's quest reveals LBJ vendetta against George Hamilton - http://t.co/xyJwkcDVt2 http://t.co/clxae82ZcB via @ArchiveDiggerIn Oklahoma, media outlets are suing for less secretive executions http://t.co/Xp6rMFlxdi
Retweeted by Jennifer™I mean, there is standing on principle, and then there's standing on the shifting sands of blind ideology. Never the twain have met.It's humorous when you can scroll through about 30 tweets in a person's timeline output and find four glaring, overt hypocrisies.Happy Pub Day to my editor and friend, @theferocity. Prelude to Bruise is unmissable. If you don't have it, get it. http://t.co/C8rFCfgnZF
Retweeted by Jennifer™@theferocity Congrats to you! That's significant stuff, right there.The "useful idiot" in this equation is Rick Perry. Not the vast left wing conspiracy using RT button for its intended purpose. Just sayin'.WaPo, B1: People have stopped liking Greyhound racing. WaPo, C1: People spend $$$ on new upscale pet hotel. #notunrelated
Retweeted by Jennifer™
@iboudreau Yes, she is.@JoEllenZacks Agreed. From whom?Late night end of summer supper. Heirloom tomato caprese, roasted corn, and steaks on the grill.… http://t.co/t6KFxcr4wT@AdamsLisa Yes, yes, a million times YES. @Beekman1802BoysOh, Rick Perry. Never change, you classy guy you. Never change. World leader material, right there.Wow RT @GovernorPerry: A2 http://t.co/h1RSlC5XIk
Retweeted by Jennifer™@JoEllenZacks Yep. Meanwhile our economy grows ever weaker and politicians & leaders ride a diminishing industry to empty victories.@JoEllenZacks So true. Union ads claiming that to be a false issue aren't helping ANYONE. Makes me so furious.@JoEllenZacks Husband is in the industry. It's been long time frustration. Both lack of skill & inability to pass a drug test. Real issues.@JoEllenZacks @WestVirginiaHub We've known this industry was building and growing for 40 years. Why are we just now "getting ready?"I have been obsessed with the Jacob Wetterling case for 25 years. I want so much for his parents to find answers.The Jacob Wetterling disappearance case will be featured on CNN's 'The Hunt With John Walsh' on Sunday. http://t.co/5TkWpvE8Fs
Retweeted by Jennifer™Inexcusable lack of vision. Why aren't we ready? MT @WestVirginiaHub WV workforce lacks oil & gas expertise for now http://t.co/Lk0p2HfcUxOf course it is. #EndTimes RT @NBCNews: No, that's not a storm cloud; it's a swarm of locusts http://t.co/eYtr2Ubo2c http://t.co/Kk55cI3BD1What Your 1st-Grade Life Says About the Rest of It http://t.co/Uo5u1abaOX @emilymbadger @washingtonpost #longreads http://t.co/vMBJUiyZX2
Retweeted by Jennifer™The main reason Romney might run: It's possible every single relatively establishment candidate decides not to http://t.co/ahAIuTKZ8C
Retweeted by Jennifer™Three day weekend, day two. http://t.co/NauhPNEsaw
Man, I am so pumped. SHOCK THE WORLD, BABY. It's what we do! #WVU #LETSGOMOUNTAINEERSFantastic job by @Dougitydog on his latest video today, "@WVUFootball 2014 Chapter 1: Our Past Shapes Our Future" | http://t.co/oqHVs1U0x6
Retweeted by Jennifer™@patricksouthern @GFCoyle That's enough Red Bull to kill a small herd of cattle.Holgo's gonna turn it up to 11. RT @GFCoyle: Anyone need a drink? #WVU http://t.co/AlIHpqeDlg
Retweeted by Jennifer™Waiting for game time! @BlueGoldNews http://t.co/oR3oUfC5nx
Retweeted by Jennifer™@mtnadam OMG. That's hilarious.:( RT @MattBloomFilms: The saddest cartoon... http://t.co/4QEz90vHul
Retweeted by Jennifer™We're live tweeting from our tent at #natbookfest all day today!
Retweeted by Jennifer™
Mo Lassrs. @ Live on the Levee http://t.co/BNFapek63EThe Company Stores. Live. Levee. C'mon down! @ Live on the Levee http://t.co/RLGdZznMgnThe signing lines await you. Doors open tomorrow at 9am. #NatBookFest http://t.co/NtALB4WnC1 http://t.co/OtsyySUzNY
Retweeted by Jennifer™Three towns in Louisiana have brain eating amoebas in their water supply. I dunno what to do with that information.The hills are alive... #ReadyForSomeFootball http://t.co/UOta0ANNN0The only other time WEST VIRGINIA has been painted on the @GeorgiaDome field was the 2006 Sugar Bowl #CFAKickoff http://t.co/QgsQXnWWjs
Retweeted by Jennifer™@lizzwinstead Oh my.
Gee whiz. http://t.co/wGxBUqK6Lw@RobertSBoone I'm slow, but I'm catching on...Obama's job killing war on coal. Because coal industry just started dying in 2009, evolution isn't real, and dinosaurs are 2000 years old.Join #WVU's ALS Clinic in an #IceBucketChallenge & help "ice out" #ALS! http://t.co/hS74bWUnVL http://t.co/WpxCeBlBMO http://t.co/Rv76fVjVfF
Retweeted by Jennifer™The moon smells weird. http://t.co/kW8DKRquAa http://t.co/Iopvm0TE18
Retweeted by Jennifer™I'm alright with you leaving us behind. In fact, I'll offer up a prayer as you go: don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.Please let us know how green, green, green that grass is for you on the other side. LOL51 hours! http://t.co/EgJrjFPdoc
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Why do so many women talk on the phone in their cars? Can they not take a little bit of time and not be talking?
Retweeted by Jennifer™@toddgunter The distillery is in my mom's backyard. Worth a visit for the tastings alone!@toddgunter Many thanks, my friend. :-)Happy to see @OpenBookJen get publicity for a great new charity: Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley! http://t.co/tbj4P7AFLZ
Retweeted by Jennifer™@stevenadamswv LOVE them. Have seen them twice. They are so good.OMG!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!! RT @charleywest Everclear to headline 10th annual Oktoberwest http://t.co/Ao1khwHojE via @DMLocalGov@chucktodd @SenJohnMcCain Thank you for asking. Too much for a tweet. See attached pic. http://t.co/xUELCmWeho
Retweeted by Jennifer™A7: Some employers are offering geriatric care manager services, who can help with care plans. http://t.co/pbHCs4d7LO #CultureOfCare
Retweeted by Jennifer™We heard something about a big game this weekend ... Who are we kidding, we're counting down the seconds until kickoff!!! #BeatBama
Retweeted by Jennifer™
So exciting! @FIAofGKV is in the news! | New volunteer group helps adults remain independent http://t.co/lENL5aA79e via @sharethisThe college majors most and least likely to lead to underemployment http://t.co/llIe0y79Wa http://t.co/IKIZSI0CwL
Retweeted by Jennifer™Leonard Hofstadter just ate out of a peacock blue Fiestaware bowl.This guy is all smiles after a walk/run at Coonskin Park and a lick (or two) of ice cream. Happy… http://t.co/lOXIcPqg4OMedia outlets should be vulnerable to lawsuits if they accept and broadcast fact free advertising. Especially of the easily checked variety.That Capito ad I just witnessed was tailor made for the gullible. Good lord, what a fact free 30 seconds. She's bettin' you're buyin' tho.@KenJennings Why ya gotta take down the Myth of Lassie on National Dog Day? Harsh, man. Harsh.This is going to bum you out but Lassie never rescued Timmy from a well. BOOM, DEBUNKED. http://t.co/UfuTtiPimX
Retweeted by Jennifer™In 1936, John Steinbeck's dog ate an early draft of Of Mice and Men: http://t.co/8H1hKKfR2K
Retweeted by Jennifer™@Johngcole LOL
Hillary Clinton has nothing to say about Ferguson. That’s saying something: http://t.co/t8pWqsSpqa
Retweeted by Jennifer™@dutchdogdad Not sure he cares. LOLThe Micky Mouse Club, 1930s http://t.co/l8CrLbLkM3
Retweeted by Jennifer™Julia Louis-Dreyfus father, Gerard, has an estimated net worth of 3.4 billion. With a 'B'. #Emmys
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