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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

Full grown, all-purpose woman. Fiercely proud Mountaineer. Original WV Mountain Mama. I love my life.

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Mo Lassrs. @ Live on the Levee http://t.co/BNFapek63EThe Company Stores. Live. Levee. C'mon down! @ Live on the Levee http://t.co/RLGdZznMgnThe signing lines await you. Doors open tomorrow at 9am. #NatBookFest http://t.co/NtALB4WnC1 http://t.co/OtsyySUzNY
Retweeted by Jennifer™Three towns in Louisiana have brain eating amoebas in their water supply. I dunno what to do with that information.The hills are alive... #ReadyForSomeFootball http://t.co/UOta0ANNN0The only other time WEST VIRGINIA has been painted on the @GeorgiaDome field was the 2006 Sugar Bowl #CFAKickoff http://t.co/QgsQXnWWjs
Retweeted by Jennifer™@lizzwinstead Oh my.
Gee whiz. http://t.co/wGxBUqK6Lw@RobertSBoone I'm slow, but I'm catching on...Obama's job killing war on coal. Because coal industry just started dying in 2009, evolution isn't real, and dinosaurs are 2000 years old.Join #WVU's ALS Clinic in an #IceBucketChallenge & help "ice out" #ALS! http://t.co/hS74bWUnVL http://t.co/WpxCeBlBMO http://t.co/Rv76fVjVfF
Retweeted by Jennifer™The moon smells weird. http://t.co/kW8DKRquAa http://t.co/Iopvm0TE18
Retweeted by Jennifer™I'm alright with you leaving us behind. In fact, I'll offer up a prayer as you go: don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.Please let us know how green, green, green that grass is for you on the other side. LOL51 hours! http://t.co/EgJrjFPdoc
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Why do so many women talk on the phone in their cars? Can they not take a little bit of time and not be talking?
Retweeted by Jennifer™@toddgunter The distillery is in my mom's backyard. Worth a visit for the tastings alone!@toddgunter Many thanks, my friend. :-)Happy to see @OpenBookJen get publicity for a great new charity: Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley! http://t.co/tbj4P7AFLZ
Retweeted by Jennifer™@stevenadamswv LOVE them. Have seen them twice. They are so good.OMG!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!! RT @charleywest Everclear to headline 10th annual Oktoberwest http://t.co/Ao1khwHojE via @DMLocalGov@chucktodd @SenJohnMcCain Thank you for asking. Too much for a tweet. See attached pic. http://t.co/xUELCmWeho
Retweeted by Jennifer™A7: Some employers are offering geriatric care manager services, who can help with care plans. http://t.co/pbHCs4d7LO #CultureOfCare
Retweeted by Jennifer™We heard something about a big game this weekend ... Who are we kidding, we're counting down the seconds until kickoff!!! #BeatBama
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So exciting! @FIAofGKV is in the news! | New volunteer group helps adults remain independent http://t.co/lENL5aA79e via @sharethisThe college majors most and least likely to lead to underemployment http://t.co/llIe0y79Wa http://t.co/IKIZSI0CwL
Retweeted by Jennifer™Leonard Hofstadter just ate out of a peacock blue Fiestaware bowl.This guy is all smiles after a walk/run at Coonskin Park and a lick (or two) of ice cream. Happy… http://t.co/lOXIcPqg4OMedia outlets should be vulnerable to lawsuits if they accept and broadcast fact free advertising. Especially of the easily checked variety.That Capito ad I just witnessed was tailor made for the gullible. Good lord, what a fact free 30 seconds. She's bettin' you're buyin' tho.@KenJennings Why ya gotta take down the Myth of Lassie on National Dog Day? Harsh, man. Harsh.This is going to bum you out but Lassie never rescued Timmy from a well. BOOM, DEBUNKED. http://t.co/UfuTtiPimX
Retweeted by Jennifer™In 1936, John Steinbeck's dog ate an early draft of Of Mice and Men: http://t.co/8H1hKKfR2K
Retweeted by Jennifer™@Johngcole LOL
Hillary Clinton has nothing to say about Ferguson. That’s saying something: http://t.co/t8pWqsSpqa
Retweeted by Jennifer™@dutchdogdad Not sure he cares. LOLThe Micky Mouse Club, 1930s http://t.co/l8CrLbLkM3
Retweeted by Jennifer™Julia Louis-Dreyfus father, Gerard, has an estimated net worth of 3.4 billion. With a 'B'. #EmmysIt is striking how much "Orange Is The New Black” has, merely by existing and being great, diversified the #Emmys red carpet.
Retweeted by Jennifer™LOL Oh, the arrogance of politics. Ain't nothin' like it. RT @TheFix Rand Paul says he scares Democrats. Should he? http://t.co/9tLV9eoJlLNext time someone says they're tired of seeing ice bucket challenge or whines about its integrity, show them this: https://t.co/9yfwVOmOfcIf you're in DC this weekend, check it out! http://t.co/Bt7vx8CJ5aNational Book Fest is back to one day and moved INDOORS! Not sure how I feel about all that, but it's always a spectacular event.
Your mind is reflected in your words.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Feminist, a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes! Perfection @Beyonce 💙
Retweeted by Jennifer™What Jesus knew about income inequality http://t.co/bYcrWBUAWs
Retweeted by Jennifer™Creamsicle from Wilkes County NC http://t.co/cTmVlVbB9j
Retweeted by Jennifer™@aliceinthewater Now you look more like your avi! Prettier, though. :-)Huh. Yakov Smirnoff is not only still around, he's still working. Good for him. I kinda thought his career went the way of the Cold War.There is currently a week's worth of good eats simmerin', roastin', bakin', and chillin' and none of it's for me. :-)Took the long way home. Stopped at the store. Lugged the groceries and all my junk in the house. Hugged Jake. Commenced cookin'.Stopped to take a picture of this charming Methodist church in Churchville, Virginia just as their… http://t.co/3VJRJKkmgY
@dmataconis It broke my heart.@dmataconis Damn you. *shakes fist*The most important book in Henny's liberry. @ Henley's House http://t.co/QytLlyRSyG@sdmunroe @Loricatus_Lupus LOLAs a result of Climate Change, The Golden Retriever migration is now taking place one month earlier http://t.co/j1F5kg9cwJ
Retweeted by Jennifer™I would love the option of listening to Webb make his case. I like him a lot.2016 speculation follows former Sen. Jim Webb to Iowa http://t.co/LZJJYlNCOg
Retweeted by Jennifer™I *finally* got to meet Bessie. http://t.co/qHOkCy9TToMeteorologist Henley Higgs is forecasting snow for the week ahead. Better get your winter gear ready!… http://t.co/2KlJRwMZuG
@DawnyPoo60 That's what I hear!This seals it. I'm writing my own. It will go nicely with the funereal playlist I've already compiled. http://t.co/m7fHFcIfJUGrand-baby asleep. Using daughter's Netflix to watch OITNB, Season 1, Ep 1, which I've been meaning to do on my own Netflix, but haven't.Girl has her own iPad. And she's not afraid to use it. http://t.co/rPfDT6cGsgBrooks McCabe: As An Energy Leader, West Virginia Needs Champions - http://t.co/PzpHXiDpyB
Retweeted by Jennifer™"Want to get up from your nap and play?" "No! I have to finish reading this book first!" Girl after… http://t.co/hfC3dI6rgHThese intimate diary entries about U.S. politicians from the Australian Foreign Minister are priceless http://t.co/xrT0uOQ7iz
Retweeted by Jennifer™It's a Jennyventure kind of morning...here we go! http://t.co/O58dARxilk
When the #Simpsons started I was about the same age as Bart. Today I am about the same age as Homer.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Our pin of the day is a recipe for Dark Chocolate Bourbon Cherry Soda Floats(!) from @howsweetblog: http://t.co/jXax09C8Go
Retweeted by Jennifer™Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you can imagine it. {blogged} http://t.co/t5poIrNQYOIceland grieves after police kill a man for the first time in its history http://t.co/gqIz1q5PLR
Retweeted by Jennifer™“What I miss most is stillness.” Great #longreads on the hermit who spent 27 years in Maine woods. http://t.co/LolElO1qkq
Retweeted by Jennifer™Big news!! We can take donations online now! Our little nonprofit is growing up so fast!! :-) http://t.co/MmlfwrqiN0
Retweeted by Jennifer™Why everyone should be forced to take a vacation. Hit the Reset Button in Your Brain http://t.co/oymJNFDjw2
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5.25 hours trying to install Quick Books. My online version was seamless. This one? WHY????Hikin'. @ Coonskin Park Charleston West Virginia http://t.co/8XW4RSWi27@VeronicaLewis !!!@VeronicaLewis How do you respond? It feels weird to send them a note saying, "Um. And you are...?" LOL@VeronicaLewis Happens to me with alarming frequency.The Ice Bucket Challenge broke an all-time daily donation record for the second day in a row http://t.co/DnbBW54GFD http://t.co/OpjfF8R8VK
Retweeted by Jennifer™@CapitoforWV WV needs a visionary economic driver. Hedging our bets on an industry in a decades old decline is not good governance.@jeffjam #nevergiveup@jeffjam HA!!! :-DMeanwhile, Rome burns. MT @ericampeterson: Can a KY politician win being candid abt coal's decline? Sources say "no." http://t.co/ZboGpLEhbzAlright, folks. We are in the homestretch to 5,000 followers. Do us a favor and help make it so.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Have Facebook? So do we! LIKE our Facebook page and stay up to date on everything Charleston, WV!http://t.co/0Sb2a0agwM
Retweeted by Jennifer™Phone call home: A letter from James Foley, Arts ’96, to Marquette. http://t.co/VDkIfLeUjbApparently, I am torturing myself with running just to break even on the fat fight. Might need a… http://t.co/F0kU82qDOrYoga legend B.K.S. Iyengar has died at age 95 http://t.co/W4eria6Gma
Retweeted by Jennifer™@JustBethanne So hard.Frank Deford On A Baseball Mystery: Why do hot dogs always taste better at the ball park? http://t.co/FuhUrTdE1Q
Retweeted by Jennifer™@robertgp421 So true. Great advice. I appreciate it!
@robertgp421 Good feedback. Thanks!!@dustbury Thank you!@bitmapped @robertgp421 I shouldn't be building website pages at midnight. I need a nap.Fixed! LOLIf you'd like to poke around the ol' site and tell me about any bugs or issues you find, I'll pay you in gratitude. http://t.co/hRn1ZzGIpt@bitmapped @robertgp421 Yes, a typo! Oy, vey! Fixing!
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