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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

Full grown, all-purpose woman. Fiercely proud Mountaineer. Original WV Mountain Mama. I love my life.

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My Easter bear. @ Waggmore Manor http://t.co/T6hoiVnqPh@UWRiverCities @ASourAppleTree Sweet! I just meant I was # 300. :-)@UWRiverCities @ASourAppleTree I think it's me! :-)Mercy, Boston. #Lu'It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown' starts in 5 minutes! @Snoopy will be live-tweeting all hour long! http://t.co/dsz1zsEQy6
Retweeted by Jennifer™@BeingHolli LOLI'm plotting for a Mother's Day date featuring three films (2 w/subtitles) and burritos. Think I can pull it off? #WatchThisSpaceIf you haven't checked out the @WVIFF schedule yet, get on that. Some amazing films coming to town that week! http://t.co/VXUZaIIv39@eJoelWatts @smhyde Yes.@LaurenLMcGill It's Loiusiana gold. Delicious.K-cup nirvana. @ Moorehead, KY Kroger http://t.co/b79rTeIckAHappy Easter! http://t.co/umW1XibiL4Christ the Lord is risen today. Alleluia! @ First United Methodist Church http://t.co/mLBr5Lt60X
@mdawriter I wish someone would still make me one. LOL@mdawriter Heh. My kids are 31 and 25 and they still get Easter baskets.Heaven on Earth. @ Fresh Market http://t.co/fnRYvtjFouRecord Store Day shout out to Sullivan's on the East End http://t.co/OC4vTOFPoq
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"What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it." - Gabriel... http://t.co/0os4WY5DRf@trickyfish @charlestonwvnow if u r EVER in Charleston WV u must eat the hush puppies at @trickyfish ....OMG #yum http://t.co/wNQJ4enpgc
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"And perhaps the most important form of technology is right here in front of you, you’re looking at it..." http://t.co/8vGJACEFb8Inspired Maundy Thursday service tonight. “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."BREAKING: Gabriel García Márquez has died http://t.co/OYgN2XorUt
Retweeted by Jennifer™Archaeologists say these cave paintings indicate that early humans had “some pretty heavy stuff” on their minds http://t.co/6AcTfqDORE
Retweeted by Jennifer™FABULOUS news!! RT @wvpublicnews Theater W.Va. Will Return for 54th Season http://t.co/dvZCGpJU8T http://t.co/HXzTvaFAia@BrandeewineB Awww! Happy birthday to your boy!
@helgagrace That's beautiful.You guys. I just put my money where my mouth is. I'm a little verklempt and a lot excited. :-$@ErinLShaver Geez. I'd say. Go home!It is completely impossible to take anything Eric Cantor says seriously. Someone give him his animal crackers, some milk and his nap mat.Totally changes a song for me sometimes.Listening to my "faves" channel on Spotify. Struck by how many songs that made the cut because I've seen them performed live.Midweek Creek. Time to crack the wax. http://t.co/gDZoxToZo4
Retweeted by Jennifer™5 Reasons Why Indie Bookstores Are Perfect Models for Small Businesses "The secret ingredient is love" http://t.co/BP2ObUewoW@MindBodyGreen I did appreciate it. But it is not long, was my point.Via @nprnews: 43-Year-Old Cold Case Closed: South Dakota Girls Died In Accident http://t.co/SUlSRxrd8Q25 Happy Faces Of WWII Veterans As They Arrive In Washington D.C. To A Huge Cheering Crowd http://t.co/mEit7HHBZw
Retweeted by Jennifer™Always wait until Mother's Day to put your winter coat away.
Retweeted by Jennifer™"I'll pay 20 extra cents for a hamburger" is why I love America: http://t.co/b7XWsCYAp3
Retweeted by Jennifer™@morningmika My mother, for her indomitable spirit, cool head, and warm heart. She is my touchstone.This pleases me. :-) || I got Charlie Young! Which "The West Wing" Character Are You? http://t.co/09eV6fI3Fe via @flahertykeely
Um. RT @NBCNewsPictures Nebraska Toddler Reported Missing Found Safe in Arcade Claw Machine http://t.co/ew0H1QN0N4 http://t.co/ubmP1ZvXBv@LaurelMK Yes! Yes, I am. Change is GOOD!@pnuts_mama I just went through this with my kitty. Except I was the 6yo. So hard. Bless his heart. <3 And yours!Can't help it. I love this show. RT @NBCAboutaBoy The sign says it all. #aboutaboy http://t.co/VODHXyynYJWest Virginia Library Stars - Know one? Add them to the list! #NationalLibraryWorkersDay http://t.co/KtBkZ2tr4E@ASourAppleTree #OnPointLittle known fact: I am a wee bit obsessed with the brass tacks of Bonnie & Clyde. Literally and figuratively.Bonnie & Clyde, ca. 1933 http://t.co/lTTHCwpdru
Retweeted by Jennifer™@LaurelMK HA! :-)I admire them for sucking at it so bad. I'd admire them more if they'd just quit being so pitifully bitter about sucking at it so bad. :-(Certainly not anything wrong with that. In fact, it gives them the vastly higher ground. Or would, if they'd quit trying to play politics.Romneys just won't ever get it, I don't think. Bless their hearts. They - and we - are better off having them out in the world in service.Why doesn’t Mitt Romney e-file? http://t.co/jDXwLpGGUK
Retweeted by Jennifer™@MindBodyGreen It's a meaningful - and disturbing - read. But if it's a long read, I pity this world's attention span. :-(What I Wish More People Knew About Elephants by @derekbeverly. This is an MBG #longread, btw: http://t.co/0Eg1Bd6y8i http://t.co/Ti0mlt4v31
Retweeted by Jennifer™This man took almost 500 photobooth selfies. But who is he? http://t.co/kb8ZfKI2XT http://t.co/DKuaXJmZLF
Retweeted by Jennifer™@kilowattpoet LOL - maybe explains why I hadn't heard of it.@kilowattpoet What is that and when?@mrsmediocrity Make a lists of your lists. #problemsolved #hahaFB Wisdom: "Each time we drop our complaints and allow everyday good fortune to inspire us, we enter the warrior's wold." Pema ChödrönAfter 30+ Boston Marathons together, Team Hoyt is preparing to say goodbye: http://t.co/qqOs7t6ZSW http://t.co/bJuEDVwetc
Retweeted by Jennifer™@pnuts_mama People have come at me from every side on this. The movie trailer intrigued me enough to want to give it another shot.Pretty accurate #allergies http://t.co/W2s8npvS7g
Retweeted by Jennifer™@ListPlanIt Yep - that's my thinking, too. I really hate seeing a movie of a book before I have a chance to create my own vision of it.@wburdette_DM I hear you. I'm going into it this time with an open mind and no expectations. :-)@MsEstep I'm the opposite. I can't stand seeing someone else's vision of a literary work before I have the chance to formulate my own.@LaurenLMcGill That's me exactly. I think I expected it to grab me by the throat and not let go from the first page...but it didn't.@wburdette_DM I got lots of that sort of input when it first came out. I think that's why I keep putting it off...@MsEstep Yeah, that's what spurred me. I want to read it before I see the movie. Gives me a couple of months, right? :-)I guess I better bump 'Gone Girl' to the top 1/3 of the to-be-read pile. I don't know why I keep putting it off.@dustbury It's nuts. My poor spring bulbs have no idea what is happening. Their world is chaos.If your pictures on social media fall within this boundary, please consider using the #lookingatappalachia hashtag. http://t.co/xuIeESAAJz
Retweeted by Jennifer™82 degrees yesterday. Snow today. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ahem. As you were.National Park Service says it ‘dropped the ball a little bit’ in Mall cleanup http://t.co/8M8BvW06bh http://t.co/ycfjvSqTmo
Retweeted by Jennifer™I cannot fathom investing so much personal effort to dwell in the negative spaces. It's more than sad. It's a chronic condition.The pettiness that lives in people's hearts just flattens me at times. What is wrong with you? Why are you so angry? Life's a gift. Smile.@ErinLShaver !!
@gypsy_momma <3"I had the epiphany that laughter was light, and light was laughter, and that this was the secret of..." http://t.co/YniTWMTQlUThis is filled with so much ... happy. HAPPY. http://t.co/tYsI7VpfIw"If God gives you something you can do, why in God's name wouldn't you do it?" (Stephen King) Message received. https://t.co/RpMK99rS7iPope poses for "selfies" after Palm Sunday homily: http://t.co/V7XkpvK1Yh http://t.co/MOiMSvLVF0
Retweeted by Jennifer™Good morning! Buckle up, my friends...it's going to be a whirlwind week!
Twitter is dazed and confused right now. Scaring me a little. I'll just be over here watching a Bob's Burgers repeat on Adukt Swim.Oh my God. Don Draper falling silhouette is Bran falling from tower in GoT Ep. 1. Don is Bran. Everything makes sense now. Drinking, btw.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Via @nprnews: Statue Of A Homeless Jesus Startles A Wealthy Community http://t.co/UknMVrA4AgHappy Birthday to our third US President, Thomas Jefferson. Such a brilliant man... http://t.co/hX2m6YZ35E
Retweeted by Jennifer™Congratulations to Greenbrier Golf Ambassador @bubbawatson on winning the 2014 Masters! ⛳️ http://t.co/tR6KSPWBpx
Retweeted by Jennifer™Love that kid! Congrats @BubbaWatson!Writing thank you notes always makes my heart happy.The hardest story I've ever written, especially as a new dad and someone on the finish line that day: http://t.co/gpBTFYpiPu @BostonGlobe
Retweeted by Jennifer™Best bogey of Spieth's career. Still in it. #Masters
Retweeted by Jennifer™@stevenadamswv Conveniently a fire station next door.@RosieGray That's the saddest Tumblr ever. :-(@artemisretreats LOL - Don't feel bad. It's just as nerve wracking as being under prepared.@randomjeweler @seelolago I don't count it either. So really, leaving home at 18 is a bit of an anachronism these days.Photo: “Be All You Can Be. Read”: Peter Max’s 1969 Psychedelic Poster for National Library Week http://t.co/q6EXlHxQiLIt's pretty cool to see these kids I've had the privilege of learning about through the @GbrClassic do well at Augusta.@seelolago @randomjeweler Even to go away to college? I don't know many who are leaving at 18 these days. My own son was here until 25.As I sit here working on plans for #LongestDay, I'm compelled to ask you to click here and take action to #EndAlz. https://t.co/O3bHyq1UkJ
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