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HOT! @MarkieMore Gets Fucked By Cole Christiansen, Steven @NextDoorStudios @NextDoorBuddies >> http://t.co/xhou86Rdya http://t.co/TXxFz41lURThe Queer Me Now Daily is out! http://t.co/BjbXNJMxeW Stories via @CavinKnight @MALEStr8 @jasunmarkHOT! @LeviMichaelsXXX Starts Youtube Channel & Gets Fucked By @TommyDefendi at @cockyboys >> http://t.co/1nEJsIfqeS http://t.co/PpnDX405aWNews: @cockyboys model @LeviMichaelsXXX launched Youtube Channel "Life With Levi" @anthers >> http://t.co/1nEJsIfqeS http://t.co/PYLd7CGQIj@LeviMichaelsXXX I really like the first episode of "Life With Levi" Can't wait for the second! @cockyboys >> http://t.co/1nEJsIfqeSHOT! @AdamRussoxxx and @CutlerX Fuck Bareback RAWJOXXX #GaySex >> http://t.co/725O4CtLcp http://t.co/vS8OGpx7M9HOT! @TYLERWOLFFF and Justin Cruise Flip-Fuck @LucasEnt @MichaelLucasNYC >> http://t.co/3DdAX3L7S6 http://t.co/WKKmsIYZTYWatch @alexmartexxx Fucks @KrisIronsxxx at @ButchDixon @uknakedmen >> http://t.co/tBlZJOV0v6 http://t.co/0im8yg8RGn@CF_Pete @CorbinFisher Moi!
Finally! I got the Twitter Profile Page new design like everyone else.@rayhan_G That's AWESOME!Interview of the babe @LukeAdamsXXX for @QueerMeNow http://t.co/GoSUE1TOYL
Retweeted by Queer Me NowThe Queer Me Now Daily is out! http://t.co/BjbXNJMxeW Stories via @BesametontoXXX @GAYXXXBLOG @xcriticHe's finally on Twitter! Follow him: @AngeloAntonioXX #MuscleStud @wessmarcus @MerleMerlot @QueerMeNow @TheLispBlog http://t.co/DJTwTaddAe
Retweeted by Queer Me Now@FLYFOTO Is he doing more porn?
Look at those bubble butt! @Shay_Michaels >> http://t.co/n8D2fIttox http://t.co/Ose3lZJDOoJason Phoenix (@MrJasonPhoenix) is super HOT! >> http://t.co/n8D2fIttox http://t.co/RA2wdluecFHOT! @MrJasonPhoenix Fucks @Shay_Michaels in @DJChiChiLaRue @C1RdotCOM Searched Surrendered >> http://t.co/n8D2fIttox http://t.co/HKyU2BkBO5For the next 24 hours everyone who favs and RT's this tweet will be entered into a raffle for a free 30day membership http://t.co/UI28RksUHn
Retweeted by Queer Me NowHOT! Kayden Fleming Fucks @RyanRoseXXX in ALPINE WOOD @BrunoBondHF @kenttaylorphoto >> http://t.co/wmt0lGVej1 http://t.co/xT7MKKQmdhHOT! @LandonConrad Fucks Ricky Decker in ALPINE WOOD @BrunoBondHF @kenttaylorphoto >> http://t.co/wmt0lGVej1 http://t.co/VmmkvgiwVRHOT! @AngelRockxxx Fucks @NickSterling69 in @FalconStudiosPR ALPINE WOOD @kenttaylorphoto >> http://t.co/wmt0lGVej1 http://t.co/Re7qMvcEbUHOT! @JimmyDurano Fucks @ChrisBinesRB in ALPINE WOOD @FalconStudiosPR @BrunoBondHF >> http://t.co/wmt0lGVej1 http://t.co/rAj3oXsdUYHOT! @JohnnyForza Fucks @The_Vadim_Black Bareback @BAILEEY1 @ReevesDallas @ReevesDallas >> http://t.co/pB3gH1zBcm http://t.co/zPixSRGmeQCheck out @MarkieMore Exclusive Interview @NextDoorStudios >> http://t.co/qJNd7Vp7Wv http://t.co/vxf3BANXmNThe Queer Me Now Daily is out! http://t.co/BjbXNJMxeW Stories via @TGates6 @theQueerPig @BritXXXmodelsSo sad that my US trip has come to an end... Can't wait to come back!SexCircus in London May 3rd @IssacJones @Martinprincess_ @francescodmacho @GayPornBlog @QXMenMagazine @QueerMeNow http://t.co/I3QbQvvQmy
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Coming Soon! @woody_fox Bottoms For Mateo Stanford at @uknakedmen #gayporn >> http://t.co/VU4zzQKUDB http://t.co/N16GZ4aGLzCheck out @JakeJenningsXXX and @MattHartXXX on set @HP_Men @GioCaruso >> http://t.co/VU4zzQKUDB http://t.co/R8Voxcr6wJMuscle daddy @VicRoccoXXX blows his load on set @HP_Men @GioCaruso >> http://t.co/VU4zzQKUDB http://t.co/MgngfHETUJCan't wait! PURA VIDA II Coming Soon! @CF_Pete @CorbinFisher @CF_Sidekick >> http://t.co/VU4zzQKUDB http://t.co/jCCl0384QMHotties @Jaden_Storm25 @JJSwift_ Photo Shoot for @NOH8Campaign @Voyeurboys >> http://t.co/VU4zzQKUDB http://t.co/nvamoBtpTHSexy Porn Stars @MarkieMore @ConnorMXXX Dante Martin @NextDoorStudios @NextDoorBuddies >> http://t.co/VU4zzQKUDB http://t.co/6k7S2PTOKJComing Soon: @RobinSanchezbcn fucks twink Tristan Wood @staxus @MichaelStaxus >> http://t.co/VU4zzQKUDB http://t.co/IJc2YSD64qSexy newcomer Seth O’Malley on set of @randyblue >> http://t.co/VU4zzQKUDB http://t.co/UPs1PWUFXrHOT! @Gabriel__Clark Fucks @LeviKarterXXX at @cockyboys @RJ_SebastianNYC @BennyMorecock >> http://t.co/LXmz5yxHeU http://t.co/zVvEUAvOxXMax Summerfield is freakin' HOT! @OfficialLaEl @dmitrydickov @GayHoopla @Jaden_Storm25 >> http://t.co/1gazPx2iTl http://t.co/74k9XSsFc3HOT! @MarcusRuhl2 Fucks @SeanDuranXXX // @christianowen1 @HotHouseXXX @JoeOrsoPhoto >> http://t.co/8jJDG1E1dM http://t.co/HPOEQhbtowCheck out my exclusive interview with @QueerMeNow http://t.co/LbaZVzIiTA
Retweeted by Queer Me NowThe Queer Me Now Daily is out! http://t.co/BjbXNJMxeW Stories via @Johnnyrealrapid @JeanFranko_XXX @JohnTeganXXX
@GayPornModels Thank you again for everything! It's nice to hang out with you. :-) http://t.co/P1eDjarB6x@TrentonDucati @DavidBenajaminX @DUCATIMODELS You're welcome big guy! <3@BillySantoroXXX @DJChiChiLaRue @TommyDefendi @LandonConrad Newcomer David Benjamin mentioned you in this interview http://t.co/P1eDjarB6x@KillianAdam @MichaelLucasNYC @MarcMacNamara @jasunmark @Menatplaycom Check out my interview with David Benjamin >> http://t.co/P1eDjarB6x@MarcoSessions What do you think about this new guy David Benjamin? http://t.co/P1eDjarB6xDavid Benjamin has a @Raging_Stallion look. Don't you think? @AQR415 @kenttaylorphoto @MrDimarco @BrunoBondHF >> http://t.co/P1eDjarB6x@christianowen1 @JimmyDurano @mrPam @TobyJMorris13 Check out my interview with David Benjamin (@DavidBenajaminX) >> http://t.co/P1eDjarB6x@DavidBenajaminX @GayPornModels I had a great afternoon. Thanks to you guys. The interview is online now >> http://t.co/P1eDjarB6xExclusive Interview with David Benjamin @DavidBenajaminX @TrentonDucati @DUCATIMODELS >> http://t.co/CGs27aFXYN http://t.co/Iuj68UHZw5The Queer Me Now Daily is out! http://t.co/BjbXNJMxeW Stories via @justinwildxxx @LoganBorgir @BlueBaileyxxxWatch #MickLovell Gets Fucked & Creampied By Johnny Bloom @belamionline #belami #gayporn >> http://t.co/PGThoxqOLL http://t.co/57aJytS2hnHOT! @GreyColton @JakeAndrewsXXX and Anthony Verruso 3-Way #condom from @LucasEnt >> http://t.co/8sMEejdaCN http://t.co/D9NvjpnCZJHOT! @AngelRockxxx Fucks @DaltonPiercexXx at @MEN (@DallasReevescom @BAILEEY1) >> http://t.co/SJCIaUAqnB http://t.co/agnK94rJvYWe are going... #HUNKUT PRIDE TIME #BRUSSELS @Lucio_Saints & @francescodmacho & @DamienCrosseXXX & @AllenKingXXX http://t.co/NKTvKPzpSX
Retweeted by Queer Me Now@just_sanch @ATruong_Tweets @PeterFever Look who I'm having brunch with in Washington DC! http://t.co/gBDA0p59GH
@DavidBenajaminX It's so nice to meet you last night! See you this afternoon.@alter_sin Happy Saturday! You guys are such a HARD workers :-)Queer Me Now at @secretsdc in DC with @GayPornModels and @MatthewKingXXX last night >> http://t.co/0SehFSVv7P http://t.co/HC6ibOiBK4I had so much fun last night! Thank you so much @GayPornModels @MatthewKingXXX @secretsdcExclusive: QueerMeNow on set @MenofMontreal @Gabriel__Clark @pascalaubryxxx @markolebeau >> http://t.co/ouIVdcNQeC http://t.co/yAMYnhXHnNHOT! @BoomerBanksXXX Fucks @AngeMarconiXXX in @Raging_Stallion SF MEAT PACKERS @MrDimarco >> http://t.co/tFtzYDFH0y http://t.co/862nDWZBQ7@dmitrydickov @GayHoopla @Jaden_Storm25 That's AWESOME! Congratulation guys!The Queer Me Now Daily is out! http://t.co/BjbXNJMxeW Stories via @FoxyGirlsBlog @theRIPCOLT @DenisVegaXXX@CF_Pete Yay!HOT! Str8 Mate Caleb Roca Fucks @DenisVegaXXX at @Menatplaycom #gayporn #suitsex >> http://t.co/rZRzQ8GMp4 http://t.co/mPQYX4jXiwBAREBACK ORGY @MichaelLucasNYC @SETH_ROBERTS @SeamusOReilly69 @DirkWakefield from @LucasEnt >> http://t.co/l2qzmTmOpn http://t.co/X0X3zrM5Mu
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Retweeted by Queer Me NowWatch @BryceEvansXXX Fucks @TommyDefendi in @DominicFord SYTYCF 4 Episode 8 >> http://t.co/xk5yiWx7YT http://t.co/MADt7eNDPbThe Queer Me Now Daily is out! http://t.co/BjbXNJMxeW Stories via @DarioBeck @StormStudio14 @mrPam
@Laws_M @colbyjansenXXX @woody_fox @DanBroughtonXXX @Men It's obvious they were having great time!!!HOT! @JimmyDurano Fucks Connor Kline in @Naked_Sword ADDICT TO FAME @mrPam @leoforteXXX >> http://t.co/BEARmE8M7R http://t.co/NAccrOa72RHOT! @colbykeller Justin Matthews Double Fuck @iamduncanblack at @cockyboys @BennyMorecock >> http://t.co/u5gYk688To http://t.co/VZ7JzRasGyHOT! @colbyjansenXXX and @woody_fox Tag-Team @DanBroughtonXXX in @MEN SCRUM 6 @Laws_M >> http://t.co/HwUFUpUtsf http://t.co/goYdfzt7IBThe Queer Me Now Daily is out! http://t.co/aPnuPg5XMp Stories via @JasonSparksLIVE @Juan_LuchoXXX @LoganVaughnXXXOn set of @MenofMontreal with @Gabriel__Clark @pascalaubryxxx right now! #happyblogger #pervertblogger http://t.co/HlnT9gxmAa@QueerMeNow @markolebeau It was great meeting you!! Now, tonight, you get a glimpse of some Men of Montreal in action!! :)
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@MenofMontreal @markolebeau It's so nice seeing you guys last night!Pls RT Mark the dates @Voyeurboys 4/17 @JJSwift_ 4/18 @Jaden_Storm25 7pmPDT @GayHoopla let us #breaktherecord for most user in gh chatroom
Retweeted by Queer Me Now@cockyboys @LeviKarterXXX @MaxRyderNYC @RJ_SebastianNYC Have a nice trip everyone!The Queer Me Now Daily is out! http://t.co/BjbXNJMxeW Stories via @DallasReevescom @joecums22 @SamBarclayXXX@coltriversxxx That sounds interesting :-)WHO IS IN LA WITH A 5D/7D AND WANTS TO COLLABORATE I NEED A CINEMATOGRAPHER WITHOUT A 9-5 FOR AMAZING ART PROJECTS WITH YOUR FAVORITE STARS.
Retweeted by Queer Me Now@LoganMoorePorn It's nice that you're on Twitter. And Thank YOU for the follow. :-) http://t.co/yK59acLQ7V
I think @IvorDuvenhageXX @LoganMoorePorn are hot together @LucasEnt @MichaelLucasNYC >> http://t.co/yK59acLQ7V http://t.co/uCJGQ5MRyhWill @IvorDuvenhageXX be filming with @christianowen1 @HotHouseXXX in Palm Springs in 2 weeks? http://t.co/yK59acLQ7V http://t.co/pGdb1mdWOKHot Newcomer Logan Moore is on TWITTER @LoganMoorePorn & posts his 1st NUDE pic! @LucasEnt >> http://t.co/yK59acLQ7V http://t.co/FyBzOFD3tPSneak Peek: @JJSwift_ and @Jaden_Storm25 in their bedroom @Voyeurboys @OfficialLaEl >> http://t.co/yK59acLQ7V http://t.co/TyMlf7QXqI
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